Senator Joe Manchin Praises Trump Trade Initiatives and Policies…

Senator Joe Manchin appears on Face the Nation and highlights his support for the Trump trade initiatives.  The cross-party MAGAnomic support highlights an aspect to President Trump policy that is unique to this administration. [ DEEP DIVE HERE ]

Within the aggregate MAGAnomic policy of President Trump there are two central components: taxes and trade.  With the ‘tax element’ completed, the administration will likely jettison some of the Wall Street crowd as they focus on the trade issues that specifically benefit Main Street.


The application of “economic nationalism” as a policy is adverse to the interests of multinational corporations. The multinationals have been purchasing U.S. policy through DC politicians for decades. However, the last 30+ years have seen exceptionally high increases. (read more)

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62 Responses to Senator Joe Manchin Praises Trump Trade Initiatives and Policies…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    Gee, Manchin sounds like a D-Rat who is running for re-election in a state that loves President Trump… oh wait…..

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  2. MIKE says:

    Maybe Joe is a closet deplorable. Or maybe he has been listening to his constituents.

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  3. AmSa/Mx says:

    West Virginia Citizens is going to remember you VOTED NO on the Tax’s Cuts Joe……

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Not just Tax Reform this same POS voted no for the all the Repeal and Replace Bills. Joe Manchin is absolutely done in WV! Our President is seen as a savior in the state. The Governor realized that fact early on. He decided to switch parties and become a Republican.

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  4. Mercenary says:

    If this truly signals the beginning of America erecting protectionist barriers around its domestic industry, it’s what I’ve been waiting for for decades. It’s the big Kahuna. The effects on job creation literally can’t be measured. 5 million manufacturing jobs were lost in the 10 years immediately after China joined the WTO in 2001.

    Could you imagine if we reversed those conditions? 5 million new manufacturing jobs during the next 8-10 years? That’s what we’re looking at if Trump succeeds, a 25% manufacturing sector, and ALL of the enormous benefits that come with it. I can’t wait!

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    • wheatietoo says:

      And for every one of those “5 million manufacturing jobs” that were lost, we can add about 10 non-manufacturing jobs that were lost.

      Manufacturing Jobs stimulate job creation in all other areas.
      Shops, restaurants, grocery stores and home construction…these are all benefitted when there are manufacturing jobs.

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      • trapper says:

        Yes! Depending on the industry, the multiplier can even be as high as 15. Folks tend to think only about direct upstream jobs supplying the manufacturing plant, and tend to forget all the jobs created and sustained by the manufacturing payroll that is spent in the local economy supporting local businesses and buying goods produced in other American communities. A manufacturing plant in Illinois supports not just the local furniture and appliance and clothing stores, but the American workers in Detroit and New England who built the cars and produced the cloth, who in turn buy the air conditioners built in Indiana, and on and on and on.

        Oh, and I don’t care if Europeans buy our products, because more Americans will now be able to afford them.

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        • Mercenary says:

          Exactly. I don’t understand how that isn’t the immediate comeback to the common lament that prices will rise, or a car will be several hundred dollars more.

          “Oh, prices are going to rise? Well, you’re finally going to have jobs for people to afford those higher prices! Millions and millions of jobs!”

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      • w5ovf says:

        Not the manufacturing jobs” that were lost, but the profound US worker skills that were discarded! Imagine the master metal former that could pound any metal into proper shape, grind off the bumps then polish same metal to ‘luster’ that knocks your socks off! Same master can demonstrate to young ‘dreamer’, willing to learn, just how to pound out bumps before ‘polishing’!

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      • old deplorable owl says:

        Not to mention all of the direct/indirect support jobs for those manufacturing industries. They require materials, tools, technology, training, all sorts of subsidiary stuff. Not small potatoes!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “…jettison some of the Wall Street crowd..”

      I don’t mind. If they don’t like it, let them move to someplace else. Far, far away. Hedge fund managers making a million dollars a day. What are they producing???

      I hear New Zealand is accepting rich people *, They also speak English there.

      Tell you what, I will trade you 5 million blue & white collar jobs with their spin-offs for a couple of hundred Wall Street jobs. I live in NYS, but I don’t care if Uncle Cuomo loses their tax $$$.

      (*) reportedly some oligarchs are buying up sheep ranches, etc. in New Zealand to escape to safety when the SHTF and they have to escape the peasants uprising (us) and BLM rioters in the streets.

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Ruth Bader Ginsburg “threatened” to move there…

        C’mon, Ruth, what’s keeping you? You can catch all the action when the sheep hit the fan…

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  5. elricviii says:

    I live in West Virginia, and Manchin is known as “Lyin’ Joe.” In his next electoral foray, his name will be “Toast.”

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  6. CorwinAmber says:

    I look forward to some HUGE Trump rallies in West Virginia this fall…might even attend a couple if the location is near the Virginia border. Joe had his chance to be a Trump Democrat, but he blew it and now it is time to go…

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  7. Ausonius says:

    Manchin will soon be a man without a party! If Feinstein is not radical enough for the Dems, he had better say that he was drunk during that interview…or maybe the Russians hacked his brain and MADE HIM SAY THOSE NICE THINGS ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

    Sure! That’s it! 🙂

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  8. appadoo9 says:

    It’s a good thing he didn’t say anything negative….
    what a crowd

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  9. technerd55 says:

    Is this the same Joe Manchin that was conflicted about applauding MAGAnomics during Trump’s State of the Union address, fearing the disapproval of his leadership team more than his voters? Thought so.

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    • sickconservative says:

      He really had his chance to change parties when PDJT was elected but that time has passed.
      Hope we have a decent candidate that can defeat him as the lying history is up front and center.

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  10. Ditch Mitch says:

    Joe anti-coal Manchin, sounds like a fair trader to me. More like sounds desperate to me.

    Or maybe Chuck U. approves because the dims are touting Joe as the guy who can reach across the aisle.

    Either way “Joe gotta go.” MAGA candidate there is your bumper!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:


      The democrat leadership will “allow” dissent or casting a vote contrary to toeing the “party line” ONLY when that senator or congressman is in danger of losing the seat to a (R) and they already know they have enough (D) votes.

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      • Or that there is no way they have the winning votes so he has permission to vote with Trump in order to look good to his constituents, who, according to the Dems (including himself, no doubt) are dumb rednecks.

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    • WVNed says:

      Manchin is for an AWB. Well he isn’t then he is and then he isn’t.

      He truly stands for nothing but himself.

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  11. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Every election year, Joe pretends to be a moderate Dem that will buck his Party if he had too. Remember the ad he ran shooting a rifle trying to act like he is for the 2nd Amendment? As soon as he gets elected or re-elected, he is right back to being a liberal Democrat. I hope the people of WV do not fall for this trick again. He is not to be trusted.

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  12. Manchin is a professional politician. If Hillary was in, he’d be celebrating TPP.

    This is a guy who lives on the tightrope of not pissing directly on Trump’s voters in WVA and still being part of Cryin’ Chuck’s crew of anti-Trump obstructionists.

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  13. Athena the Warrior says:

    Manchin is a phony baloney. He voted against the tax cuts and is only trying to save himself for re-election. We need to get a real MAGA person in there.

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  14. L. E. Joiner says:

    There was some talk not long ago about Joe Manchin changing parties, which would mean caucusing and voting with the Republicans. Did he chicken out? If the Republicans can field a popular pro-Trump challenger, West Virginia could well add a Republican to the GOP’s slim margin in the Senate.

    /LEJ (

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  15. Clarioncaller says:

    After he’s voted out of office, Joe has a future being a lobbyist for his daughters drug company.

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  16. WVNed says:

    The Manchins have done so much damage to WV. It would be wonderful to flush them all.

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  17. Celtic Kelly says:

    Ok. This is who is running thus far on the Republican ticket for US Senate here in West Virginia:

    Patrick Morrisey, (he’s our Attorney General). i have to admit I haven’t done much research on him
    Don Blankenship is the other contender. He is the former CEO of Massey Energy. He did some jail time for mine safety violations.

    As for Governor Justice, his hands are kinda tied up with our teacher’s strike, and the Charleston Swamp, so I wouldn’t be expecting any surprise from him, NoJuan.

    I guess, we just do our homework and also see who President Trump will endorse

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    • Go with the convict. At least now he knows where he doesn’t want to end up!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      If they were “mine safety violations” under BHO’s watch, the guy gets a pass from me.


    • wvcoalman says:

      AG Patrick Morrisey is the man I am voting for. He has supported and protected every Second Amendment Bill for protecting and expanding the liberty of gun owners in the State of WV. Morrisey also initiated lawsuits and joined many other State AG’s across the country in lawsuits to stop Obama’s unconstitutional EO’s regulating energy for his massive “climate change” scam. AG Morrisey has been a staunch supporter of President Trump from the beginning. Manchin is a self serving blowhard.

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  18. Funny, he says ” ‘free trade’ hasn’t worked for W. Virginia”

    Wait, what? Uniparty policies have not worked for your state, yet you never said anything until now?

    Trying to keep as many voters as you can or what? Desperate times….

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  19. GB Bari says:

    This policy really pits our POTUS directly against the global corporatists. That cabal has no morals when anyone gets in their way. I pray for the safety of President Trump and his security team. As Sundance has repeated several times, there are trillions of dollars at stake.

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  20. WVNed says:

    He has stolen enough. Let’s retire him.
    He got rich while killing the coal industry with his buddy Obama
    Senator Manchin holds an estimated net worth of $7.89 Million dollar’s as of 2014, making him significantly wealthier than the average member of Congress

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  21. JAS says:

    Excellent thread on twitter. Best I’ve seen in a long time SD. These other countries make me think of one word, and one word only: Remoras.

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  22. starfcker says:

    This thread is hilarious. Joe manchin does not seem to have anybody fooled.

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  23. Nikko says:

    Little joe is a two face weasel.He thinks that the people in WV. are stupid,but he will find out otherwise come Nov.

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  24. wvcoalman says:

    My comment will be dragging out an old campaign ad that ran against Joe Manchin years ago and is more relevant today that ever before; “How Low Will You Go Joe”. Here is one vote in WV you will never get, you phony.

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  25. Mick Turner says:

    “The multinationals have been purchasing U.S. policy through DC politicians for decades. However, the last 30+ years have seen exceptionally high increases.”…I would correct the above statement by adding ‘CROOKED’ in front of DC politicians…but I digress to the truth!

    Seems to me there are lots of CROOKED politicians, Corporate types, hangers on, lobbyists, and Elites involved. They have been selling out America for many years for their own profit. It is way past time to shut all of that down and start putting people in JAIL for such Treasonous activity!

    Next related issue, how Mexico and Canada are screwing us over NAFTA loopholes. I feel they were left out of NAFTA intentionally by the Clintoon Gang so they could do in NAFTA what is going on across the board in our Trade Agreements and Business relationships. There seems to be a strong pattern of bad trade deals that magically put money into the pockets of those mentioned above…

    If you want to see who is involved, look at the Democrap and Republicrap parties first, then follow the MONEY!


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