Next Week Will Be A Very Bad Week For Democrats and Their Media…

Unless the professional praetorian media apparatus can find another ‘sh**hole’ to hide behind, next week is shaping up to be a VERY bad week for Democrats:

The U.S. DOJ Has Begun Taking down the low hanging fruit on the Uranium One Tree – SEE HERE

The Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, Has Begun releasing a years-worth of Investigative Documents to the House Judiciary Committee – SEE HERE

(Great job Dave)

For those that are paranoid about the DOJ/FBI leadership and want to view them as an adversary that is fine. IT WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE. Even if they were opposed to cleaning up (which they are not) they are between a rock (IG) and a hard place (Congress) and will comply. (more)

Even Sean Hannity has discovered the BIGGER STORY behind the OIG Report – HERE

And Chairman Devin Nunes is now openly telling his colleagues in congress that the Obama, Lynch and Comey DOJ and FBI FISA violations are beyond their imaginings:

(Via Fox) House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Republican colleagues in two closed-door meetings this week he has seen evidence that shows clear “abuse” of government surveillance programs by FBI and Justice Department officials, according to three sources familiar with the conversations, raising more questions about whether the controversial anti-Trump dossier was used by the Obama administration to authorize surveillance of advisers to President Trump.

The California Republican made his comments in private meetings with GOP colleagues as he tried to round up votes in favor of renewing a key section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as Section 702, which eventually passed in the House on Thursday.

That part of the law specifically gives the U.S. government the power to get access to communications, such as emails or phone calls, of foreigners outside the United States who may be plotting a terrorist attack but does not allow the government to target Americans.

[…] Nunes said he would “read all 435 members of Congress into major abuses with other areas of FISA and will read members in ASAP” on those problems, according to one of the three sources familiar with the conversations.  (read more)

It is a very good sign that Chairman Nunes is making these assertions publicly IN ADVANCE of Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sending him some of the KEY FBI and DOJ officials for questioning.

If the Intelligence Committee(s) and Judiciary Committee(s) are fully briefed on the FISA-702 misuse, in advance of the witnesses appearing to testify, regarding the full scope of the corruption, the hearings are certain to be filled with fireworks, self-preservation testimony and leaks even with the proceedings taking place behind closed doors.

Far too many people have now seen the evidence and even the redacted evidence is jaw-dropping in consequenceThe BIG UGLY has begun; and the presentations by OIG Michael Horowitz have not yet reached sunlight.

“Consciousness of Guilt”

Carefully overseen“?

Pg 83. “FBI gave raw Section 702–acquired information to a private entity that was not a federal agency and whose personnel were not sufficiently supervised by a federal agency for compliance minimization procedures.”

(2017 FISA Court Opinion – 99 Page Brief)

During Comey’s last year of tenure, someone inside the FBI was giving FISA-702 search results on U.S. individuals to a private entity that had nothing to do with government.   Those 702 (American Citizen) results were not “minimized” and exposed the private data of the American citizen(s).

In addition, NSA Director Mike Rogers, who is also in charge of Cyber Command, discovered people within the intelligence community were doing “searches” of the NSA and FBI database that were returning information that had nothing to do with “Foreign Individuals”.

In April 2016 Mike Rogers requested a full FISA-702 Compliance Review.

As an outcome of that review, the DOJ/FBI compliance officer noted FISA violations. Again, the FISA Court (page 84):

Renegade “private contractors”, with access to raw FISA information on FBI storage systems, delivering results of their database searches to outside government entities?

We do not know how many FISA-702 violations took place prior to NSA Mike Rogers initiating the full FISA-702 review in April 2016.  Nor do we know who the insider FBI individuals were; or what results were passed on; or what was done with the results…

…. yet James Comey says:

Carefully overseen?

“The Fix”



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1,060 Responses to Next Week Will Be A Very Bad Week For Democrats and Their Media…

  1. fred5678 says:

    just testing FISAgate ™ 🙂

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  2. phoenixRising says:

    Judge James Boasberg of the US District Court for the District of Columbia ordered the FBI to turn over Comey’s Trump memos for review. He may decide to release them to the public.
    The government has until January 18th to hand over the memos to the court.


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  3. georgiafl says:

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  4. phoenixRising says:

    WOW!!! She should immediately lose her Committee seat, and more!

    Sneaky Dianne Feinstein Confirms She Leaked Glenn Simpson Transcript at the Request of Fusion GPS’s Lawyers

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Lock her up, she is a disgrace to this country like the rest of the Democraps.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Excuse. Excuse. Excuse.

      She’s squealing. She’s scared.

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      • lastinillinois says:


        Fusion is the only entity involved that does NOT threaten her lifestyle – or her life.
        That’s why she chose to throw THEM under the bus.

        She will NEVER tell the truth. Shes risen too high to be allowed to do so.

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        • Watcher says:

          Feinstein released the info so the msm can get out in front with the parts they think the spin will benefit the most.
          The media (wsj) were asking for releasing before Diann dogooder took over.
          She was probably threatened by blackmail, she got them the goods.

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    • I’m in favor of prosecution at the moment but I haven’t taken a look around the political landscape to be certain of the most opportune timing. I’m thinking that an indictment just ahead of her next election would be good but maybe an intermediate point would be even better. That would limit her ability to fund raise while at the same time drain her current financial resources and political capitol (if she’s likely to be found guilty, the cockroaches will eat each other to get away from her) and reduce her effectiveness on the various committees.

      No need to bother with Pelosi … she’s doing well to remember to turn the light out at night.

      Gaaaack … Sundance … how do you keep track of all this “stuff”? 🙂

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      • brh82 says:

        Why wait for prosecution of someone 84 years old, for heaven’s sake? She’s sitting on Death Row just by virtue of her age, and can do more damage than just fouling an ongoing investigation that is nothing more than a Witch Hunt. I vote for prosecution tomorrow, just so everyone knows this game is serious.

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      • Aguila2011 says:

        “favor … at the moment?” All these sleeze bags need to be indicted and prosecuted immediately and put behind bars! Don’t wait unless there is more to the game afoot for getting others lined up for a fall. I don’t care what her age is. She is and has been crooked for a long time. Taking her, Pelosi, Boxer and others down will go a long way to helping clean up the sick state of CA.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      DiFi’s action is clear obstruction of justice. She is informing all of the people who might need to testify about the matter what Simpson and his attorney said, so that they don’t need to try to communicate directly with other people and get caught up in an NSA net.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Said it yesterday:
      Firm is probably Perkins Coie, and they are probably
      asking for her to leak it at the request of Obama. Hillary
      would be the other choice in who they are shielding.

      Either way. If it’s Perkins Coie, they are acting as the
      middle man for the request.


    • She complains she had a head cold that made her do it. Really? I call BS on that. No excuse. She had no right to make that call on her own. Timing is everything. She needs to be censured! That is a lot worse than POTUS calling real shit holes, shit holes!

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    • Chuck Arnold says:

      she did it to save all the hacks who would have committed perjury, or told the truth, (which would have been a rare thing for a Democrat now days) but now those people will all have the same story. I must say, the level of corruption in the Democrat Party is becoming more mind boggling with each passing day. There is no difference now between the Democrats and organized crime, their all criminals, and now there is no credible law enforcement Agency, OR PERSON, left to prosecute them, because Hillary and Obama have corrupted every single one of them.

      I keep having this flashback of something Hillary said day in and day out on the campaign trail. She kept repeating that 16 or 17 of our intelligence Agency are supporting her, while at the same time saying everything she wants them to say, negative of course, about Trump. Its a sickening thought to see just how close she came to getting back into the WH and destroying what was left of us after 8 years of the most corrupt president in American History.

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    • Gleason Long says:

      No question about it. Lock this crazy COMMIE up TODAY>


  5. indiamaria2020 says:

    And thus, the eminent savvy and wisdom of President Trump. Picks the PERFECT man for AG; Picks the PERFECT man for Deputy AG (Rosenstein knows all about the Clinton Foundation from his previous life under a criminal POTUS; actually prosecuted U1 player, Darren Condrey in 2015, who is singing like a bird awaiting sentencing, and he knows all the dirt on Mueller); picked the PERFECT FBI Director; and picked the PERFECT Nat Sec Advisor in McMaster ( I know, unrelated, but just had to rub it in….heh, heh.)

    If he cuffs and perp walks Hillary and Obama January 21, 2017, it feels good, they go free, and the Bad Guys become martyrs, just like Bill Clinton, Rapist Bill made Kenneth Starr look like the Big Evil, and despite being impeached , left the Presidency with soaring approval ratings. Doing this type of complex prosecution is always better done maturely, methodically and strategically. One more nail in the coffin of impetuous, emoting “CON-servatism.”

    MidTerms 2018 !!! Support Trump !! Remember the ALA (bama) MO !!

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  6. Jim says:

    As I have said before, I’ll start to pay attention when people start to go to jail. Not fines, but jail.

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  7. Harry Lime says:

    Every week should be a bad week for Democrats and their media.

    For all you folks doing the digging and heavy lifting…God bless you. You are making history and reversing the downward spiral that this country was on.

    And God bless President Donald Trump! I truly believe America was on its last legs, ready to topple over and become a third world country (sh!thole) like France or Germany.

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  8. InquisitorLost says:

    I don’t know if this tidbit has been mentioned around these parts, but for those wondering from wikipedia :
    “The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Justice… ….is responsible for conducting nearly all of the investigations of DOJ employees and programs. The office has **several hundred employees**, reporting to the Inspector General. The present Inspector General is Michael E. Horowitz…”

    Several Hundred Employees…

    So subtract administrative, etc. Still a pretty good stable of investigators to throw at this thing.

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  10. chojun says:

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    • This ^ will not fly. Comey was the boss in that chain of command. Exceeding flimsy to say, “my direct report told me not to so I had to obey.”

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      • chojun says:

        Yeah you’re exactly right. But when the ship is sinking, the rats will climb all over each-other to be the first to get out. I think this is what we’re witnessing.

        The buck definitely stops with Comey, but his last remaining defense will probably be “I had no idea what was going on in secret at the FBI”.

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    • MAGAbear says:

      Yes, it was carefully overseen by the 3rd party groups hired by Hillary & Co. Kind of like Bill Clinton not being alone with Monica cuz, you know, there’s people in other parts of the White House. 😉

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  11. Brant says:

    Uranium indictment on zerohedge. Waiting for it to get to drudge then Yahoo. Yahoo since that’s my email thing………then I get to comment there 🙂

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  12. Donna in Oregon says:

    Just wondering if they allow inmates to use Twitter in Federal prisons…… No? Ah shucks, I’m gonna miss JIm Comey’s tweets. The sage advice, words from on high, giving us all direction and purpose. Lordy, what will we do without him? sarc/snicker.

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  13. Our VSG recently held an open meeting with press attending. Michael Knowles gives a great play-by-play on just how President Trump masterfully used that meeting to IMO establish every letter of that acronym. Very. Stable. Genius.


  14. MAGAbear says:

    If leftist abuse of power and the constitution is exposed but 60% (or more) of the nations citizens are either so naive or blinded by leftist idealogy or consumed with modern day life that they refuse to listen to that truth, did anything really happen? The media will do its best to make sure none of those 60% or more people ever hear about it and instead here about shitholes and muh Russia. The hope is we can get the attention of about 20% more of our fellow citizens to open their eyes to what actually went on here.

    Once much of this information that Sundance has put together here comes out to the public, the Mueller “investigation” needs to be shutdown. There simply is no justification for it to continue…….unless you’re a demoncrat or anti-Trumper who’s only goal is to take down Trump by any means possible.

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    • yy4u says:

      Yes the left is trying to take Pres Trump down by any means possible, just as Stalin did in HIS opponents, and they might well succeed. But it also is possible that some of them — the smart ones — are beginning to understand that this is no George W. Bush or Richard Nixon and to take him down might well pull the temple down on all their heads. If I were advising them, I’d say hunker down and accept 4 – 8 years of Trump, the two steps back after you’ve taken your four steps forward. You’d still be ahead in the game having politicized FBI, CIA and DOJ and probably every other gov. agency. Sometimes it is better just to hunker down in place. But who knows? The smart ones are not the press and the press seems to be controlling the Democrat Party right now.

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      • That would be logical and prudent. But we know how immune the left is to that.

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        • MAGAbear says:

          The left currently has one gear: full speed ahead. If we play things out correctly, we can watch them run head first into some big constitutional walls. Today’s left is clever, but not very wise.

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      • LetsPlay says:

        You mention Stalin and then gloss over the mention of his name. The Left has used many means to try to take down our President except one. And that is the one I fear. This is no “hunker down” moment, this is existential for the Left. You are wrong in assuming their losses will be minimal. Trump can undo many decades of damage, especially by replacing the swamp animals that infest our institutions. Look at what he has done in one year!

        I just watched the movie “Gladiator” and he is our “Maximus.” And TPTB will get nastier and deadlier in their efforts as they know they have so much to lose. I only hope and pray that those protecting him are committed, and loyal to our country and understand the fight that is going on and the enemies, both foreign and domestic that are arrayed against this Lion of a man. But he is one man and he needs protection. I pray God will cover him with his grace while our enemies are vanquished.


    • giveadamn says:

      May the “Big Ugly” truly be BIG and UGLY. ALL indictments need to be served on the same day at the same time, regardless of time zone–even if that’s 150 + people (small fish, big fish, etc.). That way, the MSM couldn’t ignore the story, apolitical citizens couldn’t ignore the story, leftists couldn’t ignore the story. Later that day, President Trump needs to address the nation on TV about why this is happening in a way that doesn’t legally jeopardize prospective trials. He needs to talk about the Rule of Law, the Government’s role in a Constitutional Republic, the departure from the Founding Fathers’ vision, how Federal Agencies are running rogue, and offer comfort that things will actually be okay. It needs to be informational, as well as, educational because so many people have zero Civics knowledge. It needs to rally us all as Americans to cut the cancer out and return our Government to the people. Then, as others have said, we need daily, televised Military Trials with real consequences; I learned a lot watching the televised Watergate Hearings and felt that action was being taken to protect our Institutions. That kind of coverage makes an impression and, this should make a huge historical impression upon every generation alive today so, it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay WOKE people.

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  15. nn says:

    Cannot fathom that this level of treasonous, seditious nonsense could ever occur in America. In the end this book will disappoint everyone….few people will be indicted and fewer going to jail as they all should…the government will cover up most of it, the entire truth is too ominous for them…it would destroy the American peoples faith in institutions irreparably.

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    • LetsPlay says:

      I would say our faith has been destroyed over a great many decades now and the truth would be no great shock to anyone. The fact that someone is actually doing something about it, and being effective, is more of a shock. That is why so many are against our President because they look upon him as just another “politician” and cannot understand that he is not cut from the same cloth.


  16. Nessie509 says:

    Moby said CIA asked him to spread the word about the Russians because everything in the GPS Dossier was real. What a joke.

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    • i'm just sayin'.. says:

      Moby Dick swallows whale of a tale….

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    • JB says:

      No doubt he got a jolt and feels like James Fin Bond. I also wonder when he’s confronted with the fact that he was a corrupt govt stooge-tool associated with the most scandalous political event ever, he’ll regret his complicity or justify it in the name of the prog “cause”

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    • covfefe999 says:

      We’re expected to believe that Moby just happened to make friends with CIA agents and he just happened to be having dinner with them one night and blah blah blah …?? Really?? Probably wasn’t CIA, probably was the two adulterous schlubs, Strzok and his drowned rat side piece. Did money exchange hands? Entertainers have for a long time been pimping products for pay, I see they are now pimping propaganda. Shameless.

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  17. Brant says:

    The satisfying relief thing about the OIG investigation is that it is an investigation. It had absolutely no investigating of Trump. That it is said there are 1.2 M pages, it is known who/what administration those pages are on. It’s not on Trump. If nothing going on, why an investigation? If nothing wrong going on, why 1.2 M pages? I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable on a national scale in my life. Top level indictments? I don’t know. At this point I just want some big time humiliation spread around dems and media. Indictments would be icing on the cake.

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  18. Ber Knar says:

    When the hammer drops it will be a glorious day.
    Biting my tongue on the TDS posts of my political friends on FB, unfortunately a majority, for years.
    “Read this thoughtful article on a father’s views of how his children will suffer because people voted that way.”


  19. CorwinAmber says:

    the older I get, the less sure of myself I become; for example, years ago if you told me that cat was spelled with a “K”, I would have scoffed…now I run to the dictionary, sigh. That being said, I caveat almost anything I say anymore with “but I could be wrong” or use “may” or “might” instead of “will”…OTOH, what caught my eye was SD’s headline: “next week WILL be a very bad week” for our foes – man, I wish I had his certitude, but I did go the store and laid in an extra large supply of popcorn jest in case

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  20. Ber Knar says:

    In addition, they still post the MSM drivel and have no clue as to what’s actually going on, since they can’t seem to do any research on their own.

    Behind the curve, BIGLY.

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  21. Comey had a chance to be like Admiral Rogers, but he decided to be a compliant mob figure instead.

    Regardless of what happens to him, his fellow plotters, or his higher ups, what he did was so heinous that he is marked for life.

    I doubt that he can ever move around in public comfortably for the foreseeable future. I suspect that he will reside in a foreign country, because of the problems that his height and recognizability pose in the USA. Good …. they can keep the sucker.


  22. phoenixRising says:

    Don’t know if Dave’s (trumpsoldier) twitter thread has been posted


  23. freddy says:

    I love reading here!!! My brother called from hawaii and said there was a missle launch and he had 20 minutes. I laughed then he read it to me …I stopped laughing…Then his phone went dead….I jumped and thought the worst. He called again and said they had like 10 more minutes. No news covered it nothing. That was a long 38 minutes. Whew…Couple shots of whisky and all better now.

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  24. phoenixRising says:

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  25. Turranos says:

    Keep on praying everyone. Pray for our Nation, PDJT, and the white hats. Pray also for all the people of this nation that they may have the scales lifted from their eyes, their hearts and their minds. May they see and understand the truth. May they comprehend the gravity of this situation and the danger that our Nation is in. May they see and understand the pure evil that has been done and may they demand swift justice. (This is like settling in on the back of a one ton bull. Believe me, it is going to be one heck of ride!)

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  26. Duhders says:

    It just occurred to me that for all the grief TCTH readers “give” to California we actual owe them a huge debt (or at least a small part of CA) for electing Nunes. Thanks CA!!

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  27. HankM says:

    SD wrote-“Unless the professional praetorian media apparatus can find another ‘sh**hole’ to hide behind, next week is shaping up to be a VERY bad week for Democrats.”

    For the good of the USA, I hope that proves to be very accurate.

    During the contrived firestorm, I never heard anyone mention this glaring contradiction in the so called racist paradigm that “Hitler” Trump hates Hispanics and Blacks.

    At the 1st DACA meeting with cordial respectful Durbin sitting on Trump’s right, POTUS said, that legislation to shield young undocumented HISPANIC immigrants from deportation should be a “bill of love.” He also expressed a desire to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

    Some Conservatives, including 2 FNC prime time hosts had hissy fits that Trump was betraying his base and on and on. Nobody on the left praised Trump for his sentimentalized “Bill of Love” that expressed his ‘love and compassion” for appx 800, 000 HISPANIC DACA residents in America. I checked the history books and could not find a similar speech of Love from Hitler about the Jews.

    The next day the alleged “S…hole” or “tough talk” comment about countries (not individuals) was uttered and the previously cordial Dem Durbin ignited the anti Trump MSM firestorm which any Dem politician can do with ease. Trump’s sentimentalized Bill of Love to help DACA HISPANICS was forgotten and the racist slurs flowed like an overflowing flood from every MSM media outlet and celeb Twitter account. “Racist Trump hates Hispanics and Blacks!” was heard across the nation’s airwaves.
    It’s Madness!


  28. bill says:

    Okay Guys, I think I have found something interesting! Help me out

    What if, the CIA courier delivered GCHQ spying information on President Trump instead?

    Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.

    How about GCHQ spy information on Trump instead?

    “According to one account, GCHQ’s then head, Robert Hannigan, passed material in summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan. The matter was deemed so sensitive it was handled at “director level”. After an initially slow start, Brennan used GCHQ information and intelligence from other partners to launch a major inter-agency investigation.”

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  29. bill says:

    AIM has confirmed Judge Napolitano’s account from one of his three sources and found other confirmation of the likely procedure used, from a former NSA/CIA contractor. Judge Napolitano was suspended by Fox News for a week for revealing the GCHQ spying on Trump, but returned saying he and his sources stood by what he had reported.

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  30. bill says:

    Is this President Obama initial spying transcript on Trump arriving at the WH?

    Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice… He used GCHQ. What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database. So by simply having two people go to them and say ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving Candidate Trump, conversations involving President-Elect Trump,’ [Obama’s] able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this.

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    • Kent says:

      The brits have an office on the 6th floor of State/foggy bottom if I remember correctly…it only makes sense that they would also have an office(s?) at NSA…

      Which is cool as long as law and protocol are followed by loyal agents…loyal to the Republic and that for which it stands, that is….

      But there are always those who tip to the dark side…..they see themselves as..something I can’t explain…but there they are.

      Perhaps a different version of ‘Arkancide” will present itself…a new and improved version…

      I’m sure we’ll never hear of it if it happens.

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  31. bill says:

    The decision to insert GCHQ as a back door to eavesdrop was sparked by the denial of two FISA Court warrant applications filed by the FBI to seek wiretaps of Trump associates.

    Could have been wrong.

    How about to fullfill a request by Obama. As Napolitano put it “President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice… He used GCHQ.”

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  32. WT#$##$@!!! says:

    good grief!

    swamp sessions
    swamp horowitz
    swamp rosenstein

    swamp investigating the swamp investigating…

    nothing happening here
    simple as that ‘o’

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  33. freq says:

    good – next week – can hardly wait… rock it hard and tough… BOOM!…

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  34. Pingback: Next Week Will Be A Very Bad Week For Democrats and Their Media – IOTW Report

  35. DDrake says:

    The BIGGEST problem is that the Little British Govt. has access to all of our data. They do not abide by the SAME laws that Govern our People, then turn around and jack everything back to CRIMINALS like themselves, in the FBI, CIA, etc..This needs to END NOW.

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  36. myshariamoor says:

    No DECENT American will shed a tear when the Clitoon-istas & Obama-nations are INDICTED by TRUMP & JEFF-the-‘Pogo-Possum’!
    Yes, a GRATEFUL nation will CHEER!


  37. Bob Thoms says:

    Is this a reference to the recent Daily Caller story that has John Podesta tied to Fusion GPS; looks like Podesta may have lied when he testified he “didn’t know who paid Fusion GPS” ????

    Could we have a coming high level indictment of a Democrat operative? Is this the Sundance reference to “very bad week for democrats” ????????????

    here’s hoping.

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  38. Jackie says:

    #MAGA 💯
    #TrumpNationStrong 🇺🇸🚂🇺🇸


  39. Luke of the D says:

    Alright, honesty time: What is the likely outcome from all of this? Do you really believe The Empty Chair will see justice? Do you really believe Hildabeast or the Rapist will see justice? The Deep State gestapo will see justice? Do you really believe The Big Ugly will work?


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