European Leaders Claim U.S. Corporate Tax Reform Presents Unfair Global Trade Advantage…

If there is anyone who didn’t quite understand the quote: “there are trillions of dollars at stake”, in the context of the 2016 election, well, a letter today from the biggest EU economic nations will provide greater context.

Additionally, as you absorb the position behind their claims, never forget how much foreign governments spend in lobbying the U.S. congress for legislation adverse to the interests of U.S. workers.

Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are claiming the U.S. congress has no right to reform the U.S. tax code because the reforms undercut their ability to hold an advantage over the U.S. in multinational trade deals.

This quote is particularly enlightening:

[…]  The letter argues that proposed changes to the U.S. tax code could give American companies an advantage over foreign rivals.

The Globalist Position: ‘All your tax code are belong to us.’  Yes Alice, the election of President Trump, and the specific economic and trade policies within his platform, are an existential threat to decades long multinational schemes.

CNN MONEY – Germany, France, Britain, Spain and Italy have written to Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin, arguing that tax bills passed by the House and Senate run afoul of treaties and could distort international trade.

“It is important that the U.S. government’s rights over domestic tax policy be exercised in a way that adheres with international obligations to which it has signed-up,” the letter states. It was signed by the countries’ finance ministers.

The letter argues that proposed changes to the U.S. tax code could give American companies an advantage over foreign rivals.

The ministers objected specifically to a new 20% tax on payments from U.S.-based multinationals to their foreign affiliates, saying the measure in the House bill could “discriminate in a manner that would be at odds with international rules.”

They said the provision could also tax the profits of foreign businesses that do not have a permanent base in the U.S.

A second measure also drew objections. It would subject cross-border transfers within banks and finance companies to a 10% tax.

“These two … present [World Trade Organization] problems, said Rebecca Kysar, a professor at Fordham University. She said the measures could be considered to be discriminatory.

The finance ministers said they opposed another measure in the Senate bill that could benefit American companies by subsidizing their exports.  (read more)

For several years CTH has pointed out how multinational corporations and multinational financial structures have usurped American Trade sovereignty.  –Explained in Detail–  Now, for the first time in decades, we have an American President looking out for the unique and specific interests of American manufacturers and American workers.

In September USTR Robert Lighthizer threw down the Trump gauntlet at the feet of the WTO and put them on notice that American economic and trade policy would be advanced with only the U.S. interests at the forefront.

With absolutely no change in intention, earlier today in Argentina, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer again specifically called-out the World Trade Organization (WTO) for their role in facilitating the global schemes of an elite economic power group behind most of the world’s economic finances.

The responses from the nations who benefit most by manipulating trade to the detriment of the United States isn’t really surprising.  However, it is a little stunning to see them so publicly, and openly, broadcast their anxiety over their inability to stop President Trump from reversing their advantage.

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205 Responses to European Leaders Claim U.S. Corporate Tax Reform Presents Unfair Global Trade Advantage…

  1. emet says:

    Dear Germany , France etc
    The solution? You need more migrants, more diversity, solar panels, and speak Esperanto

    Dont thank me

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      We won’t.

      The idiots in Brussels are an UNELECTED oligarchy. Which is what you would have had had Hill-the-BEAST won.

      The everyday people (of which I am one) are fed up. And voting for AfD. But it takes time, just like it did to get rid of Øbozo (and like a bad mold spot, he keeps trying to come back)…

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      • scott467 says:

        “Which is what you would have had had Hill-the-BEAST won.”


        As I have said many times, I am confident that if the Beast had managed to steal the election, she would not have survived to inauguration day.

        It just wasn’t going to happen.

        Too many millions of Americans knew the stakes, and she was not going to be allowed to deliver the Coup de Grace to our Republic.

        She would not have survived.

        DJT was the last BEST option.

        He was not the LAST option.

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        • sat0422 says:

          That coup you speak of is being discovered layer by layer daily except it appears that there are many who walk the halls of congress and are looking out for themselves or the other guys and not the American people. We need 535 Jim Jordans!


      • Kokanee says:

        I’m sorry, but you mispronounced our former president’s name. It’s OBummer. At least in my house. LOL!!!!

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    • CiscoKid says:

      And more no-go zones and turning public streets into outdoor mosques and migrant camps.

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    • Bob says:

      Did they not hear the word or get the memo from President Trump….this is for America, we are tired of paying for your low unemployment with 35 hr work week, and socialist globalist agenda. So when you hear America…look out, cause their’s a train coming and if you aint on it, too bad, cause it already left the station.

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    • Funny thing is our officials could say:

      “Your massive influx of immigrants and refugees is driving down wages in your country, lowering the cost of labor, and therefore providing you an unfair advantage over U.S. companies. It’s important that your government’s rights to control its domestic immigration system be exercised in such a way that adheres with international obligations to which you have signed-up.”

      However, we’re not whiners, we’re winners! That means we will do what’s best for us and they can go crawl back in the hole of their own making. #MoreWinning 😀

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  2. Karmaisabitch says:

    Brussels is hooked on money, Trump reels them in and taxes their over growth. America now has a competitive corporate tax rate, get use to it. If it hurts the E.U. that’s because that alliance is too fat and presumptuous, too bad.
    Let’s see the international treaties they hint to, we’ll renegotiate them as well. If Brussels want to degrade themselves that’s their problem, if they have to split up, get over it, give US a call.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Brucoms are almost as bad as the Rucoms used to be.


      • “The EU is the old Soviet Union dressed in Western clothes”
        Mikhail Gorbachev

        “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe”.
        Mikhail Gorbachev

        “Please remember one lesson of the 20th century. One cannot force happiness, impose happiness on nations by imposing any kind of utopia on others. The Communist model of society was a kind of imposed utopia for which the Russian people in particular paid a great price. Still, sometimes we see that attempts are being made to impose some other kind of model on the entire world – maybe a Westernized or Americanized model… This is not the way to go because this can only create conflict.”
        Mikhail Gorbachev

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    • TreeClimber says:

      Renegotiating those treaties sounds like an excellent idea. xD


  3. KBR says:

    If trade agreements that were formerly signed are in conflict with our current USA tax law needs, then those contracts can and should be “renegotiated” or better yet, we should just walk away.

    And by the way, Germany, France, Britain, Spain and Italy, have you all, as a group, caught up yet with the back-payments owed for decades to the USA for NATO yet? Why no, you have not all done that.

    So, save your whining about “discriminatory deals” and until your NATO back-payments are made in full.

    Meanwhile save your money you spend on lobbyists against OUR laws, in OUR nation. That € might help with your trade troubles.

    Don’t cheat us, don’t lobby us, don’t expect us to support your failing states with our tax dollars.
    We are not your “Servants Industry.”

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  4. FL_GUY says:

    I need to fix the EU statement:
    European Leaders Claim U.S. Corporate Tax Reform Presents …Global Trade Advantage…

    And as the Mask would say: I’d like to THINK SO!!!!!!!!

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  5. ginjit says:

    No $#!+, Sherlock…..The party is over….

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  6. cbjoasurf says:

    Only word that comes to my mind about the European leaders complaining about our tax reform is “WONDERFUL”

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  7. 4harrisonblog says:

    The sound of their displeasure is my pleasure. President Trump and his team are just awesome. So proud to be US legal Natural Born citizen. Both my parents were US citizen at by birth in the great state of Georgia. Anything less and you are just a citizen who can serve in the US Congress but you can’t be a legal US President.

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  8. MIKE says:

    Hey Europeeing leaders; this is for youse guys!

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  9. History Teaches says:

    Utterly incredulous how the EU has been entirely self deluded into believing that their perception of the world corresponds to actual reality!

    Like telling an opposing sports team not to compete to win because a fair playing field isn’t fair! Talk about a myopic sense of entitlement.

    To continue with the sports analogy, the only way losing teams improve is to learn from the successful ones and adapt to what winners do. Obama purposely tried to deplete and negate American strengths to pacify and join the contented losers at the bottom of the standings.

    For their own good and a better world, the EU can’t retreat into self pity and hurt feelings, but needs to change their entire world view. Competition brings out innovation, pride, progress on multiple levels. And when pursued honorably and relatively ethically even the losers have a chance to regroup and come out better and smarter the next time. Many of the greatest winners had to lose and learn from experience.

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  10. The European countries have been taking advantage of us by lowering their corporate income tax rate, while we kept ours high. Our corporations would shop for low tax rates and locate their factories abroad to take advantage of the lower tax rates abroad.

    In 2017, the average statutory corporate tax rate of the OECD countries (mainly European countries) was 24%, while the U.S. rate was 39% (35% federal, 4% state). They considered that to be fair! With our rate coming down to 25% (21% federal, 4% state), our rate will be almost as low as their average. That is *so* unfair!

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  11. Spear says:

    Funny how Germany and France can benefit massively from a depreciated eu vs what would likely be their natural currency float, especially Germany. Germany also massively subsidizes their banking system through the landes banks which are municipality owned, and their mittlestand policies of promoting small and medium businesses through cheap financing from landes banks, as well as promoting Germany first protectionist and internal consumption policies.

    I think Germany should just shut up.

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    • starfcker says:

      Don’t forget, we massively subsidize Germany’s economy with all the student loans and NINJA loans that buy German cars.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Maybe the German people will think twice about letting an ex-communist Soviet puppet propaganda operative become President, shut down their advanced and profitable nuclear industry for no good reason, create energy dependency on the Soviet U…. I mean Russia, and all the rest of that jazz. Maybe all that stuff wasn’t a good idea.

        Speaking of Russia, wouldn’t that be funny if “Uranium Two” happened in Germany? I mean – they’re not going to need any of that uranium. RIIIIIIIIIGHT? 😉

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      You might want to look up what Draghi’s negative(!) interest rates are doing to the landesbanks and the smaller banks. More of a diversection than a haircut… and our retirement funds and savings are disappearing.

      The individual countries do not set fiscal policy, and haven’t since 1992. They are forced to toe the line set by the EC (European Commision, NOT elected), and the EZB (ditto, currently headed by druggie, er, Draghi).

      We could use a few wolverines here, as well as a Trump clone and Gerexit.

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      • wondering999 says:

        Cuppa, I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese TV (CCTV) in the last weeks, including several programs focusing on Germany. My Chinese is still beginner-beginner-level but the subtitles make the videos accessible.
        There were interesting shows on Hamburg, Duisburg, and the Frankfurt Convention Center (Messe Frankfurt)
        Anyway the takeaway is that China is very enthusiastic about working into German industries, with there’s much talk about the Belt & Road project and pictures of shipping containers. I wished I could have been watching with more Treepers and more Germans to get their responses to it all…


  12. They simply hate any functioning democracy. Perhaps it has always been like this, but more information is opening people’s eyes.

    I see the EU is going for a standing army also. That’s what they need the continuing funds to pay for. It is a sick joke.

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  13. Tiana says:

    I believe that we need to become completely self-sufficient, just in case the globalists cut us off from supplies we need and do not have ourselves… and then we need to ally with Russia and kick the rest of the worlds’ butts… the globalists have been trying to destroy the USA and Russia both… us with treaties, trade agreements, etc., and the Russians with sanctions…
    I believe the rest of the world, aka globalists, fear that USA and Russia could become allies…

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  14. Bob Thoms says:

    Chutzpah Statement Of The Year !


  15. ‘ “These two … present [World Trade Organization] problems, said Rebecca Kysar, a professor at Fordham University. She said the measures could be considered to be discriminatory. ”

    1. These two may PRESENT problems
    2. But President Trump is the PRESENT 🎁 that keeps on giving, so go away with your whiney self
    3. And if your worried aboutndiscrimination, Heir Rebecca, you might want to talk to the coffee shop employee snowflake who threw out the Campus Republican Club members at Fordham, who were not even talking politics, not that there would be anything wrong with that, but merely for wearing their MAGA hats….

    I am sorry my details may be a lil’ off but substance is accurate, i have been very sick, no sleep so not pulling back all details clearly.

    But a dear treeper posted the snowflake’s meltdown video at these guys the other day, so if that dear Treeper is on the thread they can comfirm my post. 🇺🇸💖🎄🎁💖🇺🇸

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  16. POP says:

    Your point about Russia not being an enemy is a terrifying concept for the cold war warrior hangovers in Intel and Defence. Yet accurate.
    Russia does not export communism to Africa or Sth America anymore, Russia is fighting ISIS in Syria, what our fixation is with Assad is beyond me, just another ME dictator. The Russian oligarchs are crooks not ideologues.
    PTrump is also going to be an agent of economic change in Europe.
    None can escape.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Russia does not export communism, POP, but China is now, massively.
      Xi has been hitting Africa and the developing nations hard, and after the 19th Party Congress in October Xi has been targeting the U.S., so much so that the think tank talking heads are noticing.
      Suddenly the think tank talking heads have decided they like our U.S.-style democratic Republic.
      Better late than never.


    • NewfTea says:

      Russia attacked Ukraine, a sovereign nation, not once, but twice.

      The first time, they conquered and subjugated Ukrainian territory then “legitimized” it with a crooked, rigged “plebiscite” to return to Russia. Any ballot that shows 90+% agreement is fraudulent, simply by the law of averages and mistakes.

      The Russians are still in Eastern Ukraine, trying to take over even more sovereign foreign territory.

      Finally, Russia is behind the phony dossier used against Trump.

      A leopard doesn’t change its spots, and a nation does not change its culture. Russia has always been imperialistic, warlike, and tyrannical. Nothing has changed.


  17. NewfTea says:

    This stuff is why people came to the New World. Before the Kennedy laws of the 1960s started letting in every piece of flotsam and riff-raff come to the USA to rip us off, people came here for opportunity, to make their way to success.

    John A. Roebling, father of Washington Roebling who built the Brooklyn Bridge, came to the USA 200 years ago because his corner of what is today Germany was so choked by rules, regulations, and bureaucracy that it was impossible to become a success. Sound familiar?

    Of course the Europeans hate us. They could BE us, but they can’t let go of their socialism. They could craft a Constitution like ours (heck, even make provisions for a Monarch as figurehead Head of State) and watch their economies boom.

    But no. They want us to be forced to buy the overpriced cake they sell us, and then pay them again for the “privilege” of eating it.

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    • Switzerland adopted a Constitution in 1874, closely modeled on ours, but they saw the danger of “too much” democracy, so kept the States’ Rights ideas in theirs.

      They also have a provision for Initiative and Referendum, so the people still can keep a pretty tight grip on their representatives.

      Finally, and best, their national presidents rotate annually amongs their seven elected National Council members. The Swiss pride themselves on not “knowing” the name of their President, since s/he only serves for a year!

      And guess which is the richest country in Europe????


  18. Firefly says:

    Hillary wanted world courts. She would have sold our sovereignty out. Every time these nuggets come out I realize how very fortunate we are to have PTrump as our President. America is blessed-historically we seem to get the our best Presidents when we really need them the most !

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  19. daughnworks247 says:

    It’s the best Christmas ever.

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  20. MK Wood says:

    Hey Europistan. We don’t care what you think. Bugger off.


  21. Phil McCraken says:

    Someone told Trump to be careful, a storm was coming. Trump’s reply “I am the storm”.

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  22. JAS says:

    And there is more!

    “France names winners of anti-Trump climate change grants”

    13 of the 18 winners were from the U.S.

    “PARIS — Eighteen climate scientists from the U.S. and elsewhere hit the jackpot Monday as French President Emmanuel Macron awarded them millions of euros in grants to relocate to France for the rest of Donald Trump’s presidential term.”

    It is the whole world against us deplorables :). Does this mean that the Russia, Russia, Russia thing didn’t work, and if so, is Mueller feeling irrelevant now?


  23. sickconservative says:

    Really funny that they can’t deal with a fair playing field, sounds like some states here cutting out our subsidy for their high taxes.


  24. albrevin says:

    these countries have been defacto using US taxpayers to prop-up and subsidize their socialism and their defense. Time to pay up.

    Wait until this administration caps prescription drug costs. What’s happening is that US drug and device manufacturers charge obscene prices here, driving up healthcare costs for US citizens, to subsidize the very low pricing charged in countries with socialized medicine. They will squeal really loud when these US companies have to even out profit margins outside the US by charging Europe and Canada a fair price.

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    • Price caps drive up costs. You just don’t see them. IOW, price caps socialize the cost of drugs in Europe, so they cost the same, but different people pay for them. The overall burden on the economies is the same.

      Remember – govt interference in ANY product INEVITABLY raises the cost of that product – no matter where the money appears to be coming from.

      Also, I agree that medical drugs and devices are obscenely expensive. But getting the government will not solve the problem. Oh… unless you want to abolish the military.


  25. duchess01 says:

    Putting the Robber Barons on notice brings a smile to my face! I understand they used to laugh at us for being so ignorant – guess they are no longer laughing – the grass will be greener on this side of the Atlantic – and the EU will be dealing with a self-imposed migration problem – not the USA!

    We have been generous to a fault – fought in your wars – rebuilt your cities – provided disaster aid and financial assistance – protected your borders from invasion – and yet – you treat us like dirt – cheat us at every turn – rob us of our resources – steal our technology and intellectual property –

    No more – we are leveling the playing field – and guess what – we have the best players in the game – no longer will we send idiots to negotiate our trade deals – no longer will we provide work for your workers – that is your job – and now – you have more dependents than workers – sorry!

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  26. tonyE says:

    Do these Euros realize how stoopid they sound to Americans?

    What? The US Government can not change taxes because it will make American Companies more competitive?

    Are they (a) !d!oits, (b) completely corrupt, (d) desperate that their gig is over, (d) entitled… All of them?

    Don’t they realize that their actions provide the proof of what we always suspected? That in their hissy fits, in their tantrums, they are slipping their masks, they’re showing their cards to the whole world…. After all, the Euros could lower THEIR taxes too, eh?

    The Globalists are screwed. Love it. MAGA.

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  27. CathyMAGA says:

    So, let’s end trade. All of it. We have everything we need here.

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  28. FTWPhil says:

    Boo freakin’ hoo.


  29. “The letter argues that proposed changes to the U.S. tax code could give American companies an advantage over foreign rivals.”

    Funny, the Euro-weenies actually inadvertently gave the world vocal proof that the tax proposals are in fact good for American workers. LOL #MoreWinning 😀

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  30. Would the phrase “cry me a river” be an appropriate response to these groveling lower life forms?


  31. Blacksmith8 says:

    ‘could distort international trade’?
    I mean to distort just like John Paul Jones I mean to sail intro harms way


  32. Some Old Guy says:

    The EU complaint could/should be used domestically as supporting evidence of the plan’s positive impact the US economic position to help sell the plan. Serve’em right if it helped pass the Tax Cut.


  33. That photo of Steve Mnuchin gets me every time!😂👍🏻

    The whole team of smiling MAGAmericans is priceless.

    Thank God for each of them and what they are trying to do for us! And damn prior administrations to hell over the harm they have caused the average American guy, gal, family and business.

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  34. Turranos says:

    This is shaping up to be a great Christmas thanks to PDJT. Europe is TOAST! I am very thankful that I have taken several trips there before the wheels fell off. There are many places that I would love to visit again, but safety is a big issue because mentally deranged idiots have been running the funny farm over there. (The fact that these low lifes are upset with our tax laws is astounding.) Our president is spot on with the moves he is making day by day. I am so grateful for him. Merry Christmas to our Treeper Family.

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  35. Kaco says:

    This is just so unbelievable to me, them telling us how we should tax in our own country. I can’t believe they put the pen to paper on this statement.

    We must keep our taxes high now. Right

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  36. Dawna says:

    Now let me get this straight because I am a bit of a rube – the United States, a sovereign nation, is working on tax reform, hopefully for the betterment of it’s citizens, and people from foreign lands think it is about them and what is best for their bank accounts, don’t like what is coming at them (a Trump Train) and complain???
    Thank you Lord for President Trump!

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  37. Dawna says:

    Now let me get this straight because I am a bit of a rube – the United States, a sovereign nation, is working on tax reform, hopefully for the betterment of it’s citizens, and people from foreign lands think it is about them and what is best for their bank accounts, don’t like what is coming at them (a Trump Train) and complain???
    Thank you Lord for President Trump!


  38. Texian says:

    Take your euro marbles and go trade sand with your favorite third world mongrels y’all like so much that you imported them into your country by the boatload.. Our Uniparty congress that y’all bought and paid for are spineless wimps – they ultimately go wherever the politcal wind blows or just quit – and we are picking them off one by one anyway. Sir Trump has nixed y’alls trillion dollar scams off the backs of the American people and now y’all are stuck having an uneducated mass of mongrel people that produce nothing but hatred toward your former producers that you have intentionally destroyed..

    Don’t like fair trade – then I say good riddance. There are plenty of other countries out there that are willing to dance with us in respectful reciprocity. And you european people, sorry, but your gonna have to save yourselves this time around.. Your neighbor Poland can show you how to get started.. just follow their lead..

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  39. Matt says:

    I don’t know what’s worse. The MSM ignoring this information received from foreign nations upset with what may benefit OUR Nation- these US of A, or the same MSM giving such airtime to Senator Gillibrand, fighting herself out of seclusion to gain attention with her nonsense .

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  40. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Live coverage at Moore’s HQ’s is upbeat currently:


  41. TreeClimber says:

    “These two … present [World Trade Organization] problems,” said Rebecca Kysar, a professor at Fordham University. She said the measures could be considered to be discriminatory.” Uh, you miss Ambassador Lighthizer’s speech earlier, or something???

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    • John Denney says:

      As if discrimination were a bad thing. The opposite of “discriminate” is “indiscriminate”.
      A terrorist kills people indiscriminately.


  42. hippielouie says:

    I’m sorry….I could not help but chuckle. what do they think MAGA means? duh!!!

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  43. Bendix says:

    I’m wondering whether the USPS discontinuing the affordable shipping option for packages has to do with keeping things the EU doesn’t allow out of the hands of people living in EU countries, or to keep them from having items that would be heavily taxed if they were to buy them shipped to them by friends in America.
    Americans don’t have a way that the middle class can afford, to send gifts overseas. It seems to me that the Post Office is obligated to provide us with one.

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  44. Jerry mcbride says:

    Uhhhh…. so… I’m supposed to cry for those bastards? Don’t think so! MAGA!


  45. doc00 says:

    So, the US is supposed to surrender our economy to their whims while they continue to change their anti-trust laws, national and EU content laws, labor laws and tariffs to protect their industrial base and IP. Plus, shut up and take our fair share of free loading immigrants and be happy with the illegals from Mexico. Another reason to thank the deplorables for last November’s results.

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  46. jeans2nd says:

    This one is so easy.
    Withdraw from the WTO as Candidate Trump said, as well as all those treaties the EU says are so stifling.

    Trump Could Legally Withdraw U.S. From Nafta, WTO: Report
    “Peterson Institute report outlines how Donald Trump as president could legally withdraw from trade agreements without Congress’s involvement.”

    “the president’s constitutional power over foreign affairs and…multiple statutes enacted by Congress over the past century authorize the president to impose tariffs or quotas on imports and regulate foreign commerce in other ways as well”

    “at least for a few years, a President Trump would have the stronger legal hand and his actions would very likely survive challenges in the US courts and Congress. US citizens and firms should not rely on the US courts or Congress to shield them from the consequences of Trump’s threats, should he carry them out.”

    Click to access piieb16-6.pdf

    “any contracting party may withdraw from this Agreement, or may separately withdraw on behalf of any of the separate customs territories for which it has international responsibility and which at the time possesses full autonomy in the conduct of its external commercial relations and of the other matters provided for in this Agreement. The withdrawal shall take effect upon the expiration of six months from the day on which written notice of withdrawal is received by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.”

    Click to access art31_e.pdf

    21 Jun 2000, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) said: “We are running a huge and growing trade deficit because American workers cannot and should not be competing with bonded child labor, with people who work in unsafe conditions, with people who work in factories where they dump the toxic waste out the back door. No, that is not what the U.S. represents, that is not what we want to drive the rest of the world to, and it is not what we should be driving our nation to.”

    How times have changed. Now the Democrats have joined the GOPe to form the globalist Uniparty, and we’ve one guy taking on The World.
    Ok, one guy, plus us, and a few of Pres Trump’s nastiest friends.
    Ain’t it great?

    listening to think tank talking heads does have its’ advantages, when used against them

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  47. Kent says:

    Strong USA…strong world….

    Weak USA…weak world

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  48. TwoLaine says:

    A banner on CNBC early this AM said “China Frets Over GOP Tax Plan”. I didn’t have the audio on, but it would seem China might not like our President’s tax reform plans either. Surprise, Surprise. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Repatriation was one of their issues. I did not catch the 2nd.


  49. jameswlee2014 says:

    Unfair advantage? Tough.


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