USTR Robert Lighthizer Outlines U.S. Trade Priorities – Trump Administration Willing to Confront WTO Multinationals…

In about a week Round #3 of NAFTA renegotiations begin in Canada.  Dispute settlement and country of origin rules are widely anticipated to be key points of disagreement.

For those who follow trade and economics closely, the latest Trump trade policy outline from U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is buckets of good news. President Trump, Commerce Secretary Ross and USTR Lighthizer willing to confront the World Trade Organization (WTO), the epicenter of multinational economics and globalism.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The WTO dispute settlement system is “deficient” and has often ruled in favor of free trade that overlooks details of a trade agreement, U.S. trade envoy Robert Lighthizer said on Monday.

Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Lighthizer, a trade lawyer, made clear that the administration was poised to push for major changes to the global trade system during upcoming meetings of the Geneva-based trade body. WTO member countries will meet in Buenos Aires on Dec 10.

U.S. President Donald Trump called the World Trade Organization a “disaster” during his presidential campaign and his administration has sought to unilaterally go after countries like China that it thinks is breaking trade rules.

“There are a number of issues on which there is pretty broad agreement that the WTO dispute settlement understanding is deficient,” said Lighthizer, highlighting problems with WTO staffing and transparency.

“The United States sees numerous examples where the dispute settlement process over the years has really diminished what we’ve bargained for or imposed obligations that we do not believe we agree to,” he said.

He added: “There have been a lot of cases in the trade remedies laws where in my opinion the decisions are really indefensible.”

Since its launch in 1995 the WTO has become the main venue for resolving trade disputes between countries. The Trump administration has begun to launch trade investigations under statutes seldom used in the WTO era, including a “Section 301” probe of China’s intellectual property practices.

Lighthizer did not threaten a U.S. withdrawal from the WTO, but emphasized his own dissatisfaction with some of its rulings.

In a letter in March, the Trump administration made clear that U.S. law supersedes WTO rules — a view that could be invoked should Congress adopt policies that are later challenged by other member countries as violating WTO rules.

“We’ve had tax laws struck down, we’ve had other provisions where the WTO has taken…the decision they were going to strike down something they thought shouldn’t happen, rather than looking at the agreement as a contract,” he said.

Lighthizer emphasized that the Trump administration was reviewing all trade agreements and would seek to renegotiate those that did not benefit U.S. workers and businesses.

“I believe, and I think the president believes, that we must be proactive,” he said, “We must demand reciprocity in home and international markets. So expect change, expect new approaches and expect action.” (link)

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56 Responses to USTR Robert Lighthizer Outlines U.S. Trade Priorities – Trump Administration Willing to Confront WTO Multinationals…

  1. M33 says:

    Ohhhh yeah!!!

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  2. Payday says:

    What’s your perspective on this Sundance? Doesn’t look quite so simple for the wolverines.


    • Johnny Bravo says:

      If I may payday?

      An Asian writer (?), writing about Asian interests, from and Asian perspective, with an Asian bias, wanting Asian world dominance. Sorry if a burst your bubble, dollar dominates world trade, consumers abound in the USA, china not so much.

      Power, financial power rests, in the US and every other nation holds out its hand for a slice of that power.

      Sundance, save your time and grey matter, I got this covered!

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    • JM Covfefe says:

      Yeah, I read that earlier, didn’t bother posting. Strikes me as propaganda by Asian Fund managers, blowing smoke up their clients butts.

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      • JM Covfefe says:

        Think of the logical conclusion of that article. China becomes the world tech leader by stealing US technology, and then what? They continue to improve by continuing to steal our tech? Naw. I have worked for some of the companies talked about, and work with them today. The story has it wrong. We are smarter than that. They do steal the finished designs, but don’t know enough to replicate the tech. And I am probably not the only one designing stuff to make it impossible to reverse engineer.

        Big paradigm change is already underway. Just hasn’t become visible yet…

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        • ok4ayl says:

          We are launching a FRAUD prevention technology in China and our IT guy knows full well they may “try” and reverse engineer it….He said, “its gonna be darn near impossible for them to figure it out”….That’s why I have the patent and invented it…..LOL

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        • Kaco says:

          Wow, I saw your post on another thread on stuff you’re working on. I am looking forward and excited for the big reveal! Thanks for all your work, great to have you on board with MAGA!

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        • Brian Backes says:

          JM Covfefe, I’m intrigued by your comment, “And I am probably not the only one designing stuff to make it impossible to reverse engineer.” I’m designing a relatively simple mechanical assembly that may become the basis for a (my) small business. I obsess about how to make reverse engineering more difficult, but don’t know where to start.
          Where do I find information on this subject, what keywords do I use? Just need a toehold.

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          • JM Covfefe says:

            Wish I could help you, but it is rather a dark art. First rule of Fight Club…
            Easiest thing is to NOT have anything made in China, spread sub-part production across multiple trusted suppliers, so nobody has enough info to make the whole assembly.
            For a mechanical system, you can play some games with materials, tolerances, and construction techniques. But, mechanical assemblies are pretty hard to protect.

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        • Johnny Bravo says:

          To coin a phrase ‘not gonna happen folks’


      • The Boss says:

        Agree. And it’s not just Asian share funds blowing smoke. Emerging markets and EU funds are being propped up by propaganda pieces like the ATimes example. The globalist swine really don’t like President Trump. TS!

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      • TheWanderingStar says:

        “Suddenly, from the South China Sea to the Bosporus, the United States cannot move without brushing up against Chinese influence, if not outright Chinese power. It’s not quite the same as Yamashita’s march across the Malaysian jungle. But if anything, the fecklessness, complacency and incompetence of America’s leaders exceeds the fabled stupidity of the British at Singapore.”

        That last paragraph really betrays the mind-set and attitude against the USA. While past administrations have been corrupt (transferring IP and National Security secrets), feckless, complacent and incompetent (Clinton, Obama, Bush) the current administration possesses none of those characteristics. PDJT administration is a much different beast and China and Asia are just starting to see the USA’s economic firepower. In our history, PDJT’s appearance could not have happened at a more crucial time

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        • 4harrisonblog says:


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        • Coldeadhands says:

          Fascinating! The Chinese boosterism in this article uses the last great humiliation of the British during WWll, by China’s congenital enemies the Japanese, to illustrate China’s dominance over he US. This smacks of desperation.
          The example of Japan steamrolling the Pacific in WWll should hardly be the model for what China is trying to achieve. Do they really want the specter of “The rape of Nanking” resurrected?

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Personally, I think the ChiCom leadership is so unable to see China through foreign eyes, that they are constantly in danger of giving the old “ugly American” stereotype a run for its money. But as for military things, I think they DO have a sneaking admiration of Japanese imperialism – except they think that as Chinese, they are able to do it better and more subtly, Chinese style. North Korea is part of that long-term strategy.

            If Chinese troops committed imperial Japanese barbarity, would the ChiComs be outraged? The only thing one can be sure of – it would get the Tiananmen treatment. “Didn’t happen and you can’t talk about it.”

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    • glk26 says:

      spenglers is a pen name. his real name is David Goldman

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  3. Johnny #5 says:

    Now your messin with a sonofa bit…..

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  4. SharonKinDC says:

    Great post. Enjoyed the video. We’ve got a gem in Lighteizer.

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    Lighthizer is being polite in calling it…”deficient”.

    I would’ve called it an “effing outrage!”

    It’s similar to the way that Leftist Judges here in the US, take it upon themselves to nullify Laws that we-the-people voted for by a huge majority.
    Like when we voted for ‘No Sharia Law Ever’ here in Oklahoma…and a Leftist Judge ruled against it.

    Why do we need to be in the WTO anyway.
    We would probably be better off if we just got out of it.

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    • akearn says:

      Oh dear, I’m thinking of moving back to my birthplace from California … leftist judges in OK, too? Of course. Well I’ve already been to one anti-Sharia march here, so I guess I can just carry on.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Amen, sistah! Get us OUT of the WTO! I remember in the 90s when we were getting into the WTO and the anarchists were rioting in Seattle and I thought, Huh? What a strange thing to riot about… Well, anarchists. Who knows why they do anything.

      I don’t imagine they would riot against it now! More than likely they would riot if we withdrew.

      But I think they had it right at the time. I’m OVER these stupid global organizations. They only seem to exist to hem the US in.

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      • flawesttexas says:

        Always more telling…was that GOP and Dems agreed on WTO/Free Trade/Globalism

        Whenever they so agree on something….you know it’s bad for America

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        Most of the anti-WTO protesters were not Black Block anarchists, though. The Black Block (ANTIFA) were sent in to disrupt and smear the protesters as out-of-control rioting fools.

        I had friends that protested WTO in Miami. After Seattle, they had them in a fenced-off area without port-a-potties in the hot boiling sun–a “free speech zone” about as far away from the meeting as you could get and still be in Miami. I had to work or I would have gone. I hated the WTO from the first time I heard of it. It is an evil, one-world, new world order, globalist scam.

        That it is HQed in Switzerland is no surprise. Remember their satanic celebration when they opened that new tunnel?

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  6. Wend says:

    Those wolverines are PRECIOUS BABIES, especially the first one (Sundance).

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    • Nikki/Chico says:

      Here, here Wend I totally agree with you! God bless Sundance, our President Trump and the AWSOME wolverines 🤜🤛
      I remember in the nineties when things were changing and it just didn’t seem right, and it bloody sure isn’t! Dog gone it! Our “crummy” globalist elected representative work against us/USA, rat-dogs all of them. Like Albert the Aligator said: “We have met the enemy and he is us!”
      Got to get those rat-dogs voted out 😼


  7. Judith says:

    Now, there’s a President who knows exactly what needs to be done. I trust him implicitly. He will always make the right decisions to MAGA.

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  8. ginaswo says:

    Eeeeverything’s coming up roses!!🤗🤗🤗

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  9. EV22 says:

    We’re very fortunate to have someone who cut their teeth on trade during the Reagan administration. Lighthizer’s institutional and historical knowledge on trade is a huge plus for the US during what will, no doubt, be very contentious discussions regarding the WTO’s proper role, China and US intellectual property and NAFTA.


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  10. starfcker says:

    Lighthizer is impressive. Unlike certain other administration officials, doesn’t seem to be any daylight between he and President Trump.

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  11. Grandma Covfefe says:

    President Trump Dream Team

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  12. The Boss says:

    Interesting how Lighthizer deferred answering the question of his mentor in public. (RE: sunset provisions in trade agreements). I’ve watched that bit a few times, and in true Trump fashion, there are no advance signals of any tactical moves. Whether it’s a trade war or a shooting war, the other side will get no leverage. Smart.

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  13. elleb77 says:

    We’ll never know how badly America has been sold out by all of our “presidents”. Disgusting.

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  14. indiamaria2020 says:

    Trade reforms will smooth out a lot of “the lumps”, that’s for sure.


  15. magagirl says:

    This is fantastic news. Puts a smile on my face and a darn YEAH!!

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  16. Blacksmith8 says:


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  17. Brian L says:

    Economics is warfare through trade. Finally a president that understands this.


  18. Glenn E Stehle says:

    Tightening up country of origin rules would be a good thing for domestic producers in all three NAFTA countries: Mexico, Canada and the United States.

    Here is an article that explain why:

    The story of NAFTA, as told from a Canadian auto-parts plant in Mexico

    (make sure an not miss the comments of the plant manager in the video)

    Tightening up on country of origin rules would also create more jobs in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

    Nevertheless, both Mexico and Canada have decided that the interests of the transnational corporations trump those of domestic producers and the domestic working class. This article helps explain what is at stake:

    Auto groups side with Canada, Mexico on NAFTA origin rules


  19. trumpinalongwiththedeplorables says:

    We must get out of NAFTA and the WT. This is all about destroying the nation state.

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  20. fleporeblog says:

    Our President has his eyes set on NAFTA and the WTO. Once again our President through Robert Lighthizer has laid down the gauntlet in advance to the WTO meeting later this year. The conditions have been put forward for them to know what our President will expect from their organization. These Creatures have had free reign because every President before our Lion 🦁 was in on destroying our country. They never ever envisioned a President that only cares about his people and his country.

    I absolutely LOVE ❤️ that these creatures are going to have sleepless nights wondering what the MONSTER might do to them!

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  21. maiingankwe says:

    Every time I see the picture of our President Trump and the caption, “Say hello to my little friends.” And below a picture of our Wilburine, Lighthizer and Mnuchin, I can’t help but smile and hope someone here will post it to the WH, and maybe just maybe someone there will print it for our President Trump so he can see it. Now how cool would that be? He would so appreciate it and I know he’d break out in a big, ‘ole smile.

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  22. Harriet Caldwell says:

    I am very happy with our U.S. President.
    Keeping our country strong for our children.

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