Canada Admits They Will Lobby Congress To Block Trump Withdrawal from NAFTA…

No-where is Trump Derangement Syndrome more evident than in the position of activist Democrats now swearing allegiance to multinational trade deals.

It was only a short time ago when Democrat activists and liberal politicians demanded U.S. withdrawal from TPP and openly discussed how NAFTA was disastrous for the U.S. worker. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ran on pulling out of TPP etc.

Trump gets elected, actually fulfills a campaign promise and promptly pulls-out of TPP subsequently beginning to renegotiate NAFTA (with leveraged threats to withdraw); and suddenly, Democrats are joining arm-in-arm with corporate Republicans expressing their profound love for multinational trade deals. Go figure.

Round #5 of NAFTA renegotiation begins today in Mexico, absent any diplomatic trade ministers, and Canada announces their intent to use their access to congress as leverage over the executive branch in an attempt to work around President Trump:

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada will redouble its lobbying efforts in Congress to block any Trump administration move to pull the United States out of NAFTA, sources familiar with government strategy said, as talks to modernize the treaty run into trouble.

[…] Canadian officials say there is some considerable doubt as to whether Trump could pull out of NAFTA without approval from Congress, which makes lobbying its members so important.

“Should (withdrawal) ever happen … the drive will be to really put the pressure on Congress, and so shift away from the White House,” said one source with knowledge of the government’s strategy, who requested anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation.

“You need the full court press because it’s both a Democrat and Republican issue – it’s as much about workers as it is big business.” (read more)

Again, the customary reminder: There are Trillions of Dollars At Stake

CTH has been talking about the usurpation of trade and U.S. economics just about as long as we’ve been outlining the UniParty therein.  The U.S. House and Senate have been selling out American workers for decades; the recent difference is the exponential speed at which congress has been allowed to take payments for their services toward that endeavor.

Big Business lobbyists pay congress multi-millions to keep the current multinational corporate system in place.   A senator or representative doesn’t gain a $5 million home on a congressional salary.

Think about it.

The current DC distraction narrative states talking to a Russian is a bad thing…

Horrible even.

However, taking millions from Canadian lobbyists to sell out U.S. interests is not only accepted, the announcement of the intent to do so actually runs in the Reuters News Service without anyone even questioning it.

See the example below for a combined dose of: cognitive dissonance, pretzel logic, Democrat hypocrisy and visible principle?

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191 Responses to Canada Admits They Will Lobby Congress To Block Trump Withdrawal from NAFTA…

  1. omyword says:

    I am praying that someone can or will record photographically and audibly the conversations with every senator and rep. which meets with these vermin. I want names, dates, times, pictures and audio giving amounts offered and agreed to, with paperwork to back it up. Then Gives copies to each governor, advising that failure to lawfully address the issues with the states AG and timely investigations will cause a reduction in revenues in the coming years fiscal re-enumeration to the state from the federal treasury. Then copies sent to the US AG, with a note, move on this or else!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jeans2nd says:

    Let’s follow this and make certain that every single Canadian lobbyist, or American who is a lobbyist for Canada, registers as a foreign lobbyist under FARA.

    Same goes for Mexico.
    The law is The Law, and it is about durn time we start enforcing it.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. wvgrandma says:

    Why would we allow a foreign government to meddle in our affairs? 😵 sarc.


  4. Rob1 says:

    I could do without the doctored photo of Romney and Ryan kissing.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. augie2377 says:

    We will need a special counsel to investigate government officials for Canadian collusion.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. canadacan says:

    Canada is a good place to be FROM.
    I promised myself first year of high school to relocate as soon as I could.
    It was time to reaffirm my American heritage. Even at that young age I was tired of the Socialist Mess.
    End of rant


  7. canadacan says:

    Politically Canadians can be an arrogant bunch.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. canadacan says:

    Yes Canada can but there’s a lot of political jealousy hidden as arrogance

    Liked by 1 person

  9. old farta says:

    I think it is time for congressional members to wear a camera.


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