Rush Limbaugh is Wrong – Alabama is Not McConnell -vs- Bannon, It’s Bigger…

CTH has attempted to stay away from talking about the Alabama ‘clown show‘, all of it, since we made our position clear long before the primary run-off race.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes etc.

My concern with the Alabama mess was a very simple MAGA issue: riding horses to polling stations does not establish a connection to the man or woman who hit the necessary alarm clock at 5:15am to pay the bills.  Those are MAGA people. That’s the essence of the Trump coalition.

The MAGA coalition I know has never been predisposed to racism, sexism, nativism, or any other kind of “ism” or “ist”, because we’ve never been not busy. It takes time to give a rats-ass about bathroom police, social justice etc. Time and energy for that, who has it?

The current position of the epic fiasco was/is entirely predictable…. warnings, deaf ears, blah-blah-blah; water under the bridge.  That said, the current race to the exits by all of the fly-by-nights (populist wallflowers) is embarrassing to see play out.

Factually, I feel sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore… However, I don’t have a smidgen of sympathy for the noob-right financial opportunists: Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham, Sebastian Gorka et al, or the political Roberts-The-Bruce: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee etc. Heck, I’m still waiting for the ‘Use El Chappo Money to Build The Wall‘ bill…  I digress.

So why engage now?  Well, today Rush Limbaugh weighs in in using the customary (passive aggressive/mamet principle) approach to frame the argument as: “The Roy Moore Soap Opera is Really About McConnell -vs- Bannon”.   No, no it’s not.

I understand the frame of reference, why Limbaugh views it that way, but that’s not an accurate assessment.

The UniParty is against Roy Moore, not just simply Mitch McConnell and the professional political apparatus within the GOP elitist class.  Things are not what they were in 2014.

In 2014 such a Limbaugh framework would be accurate (though the GOPe cat had his tongue back then).  Indeed, during the 2014 Thad Cochran -vs- Chris McDaniel race the current perspective of Limbaugh would have been accurate.  But that was then, this is now 2017.

In 2014 there were billions worth of personal and party indulgences at stake; in 2017 there are trillions of UniParty indulgences at stake.

In 2014 Mitch McConnell was trying to use Thad Cochran to defeat the Tea party.  In 2017 the entire apparatus of the DC system is trying to use Alabama to defeat the existential risk that is Donald Trump.

If ‘political strategist’ Steve Bannon, or ‘political thinker’ Rush Limbaugh, were half as smart as they say they are, they’d chip in buy a vowel, get a clue and see that.

This is no longer small enough for individual personalities, this is a much bigger zero-sum outcome battle albeit with useful side-benefits in smacking Bannon’s ego down to size etc.  Which, in all honesty, speaking as a person on the same side while watching the idiots on our team giving the enemy ammunition, would not be a bad thing – AT ALL.

Domestic DC battles are to billions what multinational UniParty battles are to trillions.   Alabama is bigger than McConnell or Bannon.  Alabama is now as much about NAFTA, China, renegotiated trade deals, geopolitical alliances and Saudi Arabia, and the trillions swirling around via multinational corporate interests.

The swamp is engaged, self-aware and the deep-state part is self actuated now.  Instructions are no longer needed.  Each cell can operate independently to protect itself from any confrontation.  Thus the arguments are bigger; every angle is weighed as does it improve position, or does it weaken position… way-points are transparent. Globalists don’t need to give direction in feet or inches, the battle is much bigger, more broad – the decisions are about “generalized direction”.

Example: NAFTA Round #5 (Mexico) begins this week:  “lest trade disputes create friction with NAFTA-supporting Republican lawmakers.”

Example: “Republicans” control all senate hearings:

Example: Remember when the Senate voted unanimously to block President Trump from making recess appointments?   That rule required “unanimity”, a single Republican senator could block the Senate from handcuffing President Trump.  Not a single Republican broke ranks.

The professional political class in DC, the UniParty, is not confronting Steve Bannon though he’d probably like to make money off that outlook. The united political apparatus is confronting something far more consequential than the annoyance that Bannon represents; they are confronting the framework of ‘America First’.

That bigger dynamic is what’s adverse to their interests.  Bannon is an annoying gnat.

When you accept that difference you are then prepared to ask yourself the question(s):

♦What would/will the professional apparatus do to protect their interests?

♦How far are they willing to go to oppose anything that appears adverse to those interests?

“Christmas Yearbooks”?

Written in two sets of handwriting?

Using two different inks?

Uh huh.

Go read about a republican operative named Harvey Leroy “Lee” Atwater, and how he trained a young protege’ named Karl Christian Rove in political warfare against other republicans.

Remember, from the Uniparty’s perspective they have nothing to lose in Alabama by getting caught making crap up.  They were going to lose the race anyway…. so why not pull out the black arts.   It’s simply how they roll.

ps. Friends in Alabama, you must fight like an insurgency.

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918 Responses to Rush Limbaugh is Wrong – Alabama is Not McConnell -vs- Bannon, It’s Bigger…

  1. marcyo13 says:

    You are so right, Sundance. Truly our nation is in deep peril. I don’t regard Bannon as a gnat, though, nor do I regard you as a gnat. Wisdom about the uniparty is the pen that is mightier than the pen of the lying media, no matter where those insights come from. We need to hear from our friends in combat about what dirty tricks to look for. You are terrific. Love your website. It’s the real news.

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  2. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    The bottom line is that Roy Moore, still, has not been charged with any crime. Everything else that’s been said is just political; picking flysh!t out of pepper.

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  3. MAGA trump says:

    God bless Judge Roy Moore.

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  4. Sanj says:

    This may be the most brilliant piece written by Sundance in a string of gems . He connects the dots like a maestro!

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      I would only disagree that the uniparty has nothing to lose if they’re exposed… I think a big expose would be nice to have. They’re already overplaying their hand, this smear had a better chance of success if they didn’t reveal their own desperation during the primary. And the sex smear is becoming increasingly like the fake cries of racist racist racist, eventually it gets over used and becomes meaningless. But a big exposure of the machinations of Evil would be great, it’s probably fusion gps or something like them, with emails and bank records. Who paid for it? Somebody did. Trumps superpower is ripping off the masks and exposing everyone for the dirtbags they are. He makes them so crazy they forget about the masks and we see them as they really are.

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  5. In other words, this is not about McTurtle vs. Bannon.
    It is Swamp vs. Deplorable Nation.
    Pitchfork ready.

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    • Pam says:

      Yep. That sums it up perfectly.

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    • FofBW says:

      Been that way since PT rode down the escalator.

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    • cjzak says:

      Yep and we the Deplorables know it. But how many others do? That’s the part that is troubling. The media as usual is blaring their fake horns to the voting public and the truth is being shoved to the back of the room again. Sundance is right again about it. The deep state is self acting and is moving to protect itself and it includes people this time that we thought would not give in. Like Sean Hannity. He has been a staunch conservative and supporter of the Pres. in the face of a lot of flak heading his way. But even he has turned to the deep state forces. Was he ever really not one of them?

      Alabama has the chance to show the world that the deep state will not be allowed to decide their political future. What they do will be very telling for all of us and for Pres. Trump. I am not very hopeful they have the strength of numbers to stand up to the dark side, but who knows how strongly the people of that state feel about all this. And did Moore do any of the things he’s being smeared with? Will that question ever be answered correctly and truthfully?

      Great article and draw down Sundance.

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      • BillRiser says:

        Hannity is a sell out there are more advertisers on Fox ready to fold if they support Moore. Hannity had sexual charges filed against him but it’s about the money. He is upset that Moore was dating teens that were of legal age. Many men & women have done that.

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    • Old Lady says:

      I would agree.
      They have had their gravy train derailed (Saudi princes locked down) and they are fighting for their livelihood.

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    • Jerry Cross says:

      I read on this site every night. Everyone here, that comments (except me), has an untold amount of inside information about things. So what are we to do, sit here and wait for an election that most of us can’t vote in, even though it affects all of us? I myself would rather do something. Like the two hungry buzzards sitting on limb. One looks at the other and says, “Damn waiting. I’m gonna kill something.” Sundance, what do you suggest? And a big thank you all.

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    • sejmon says:

      it is either MAGA or UNIPARTY- pick right one-judge Moore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • calbear84 says:

      Don’t forget your Tiki Torch!


  6. FofBW says:

    Breaking out the pop corn. PT is going to be putting on a big show.

    Stay focused Alabama and above the chaff.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Folks I can’t overstate how important the next three and a half weeks will be! SD is absolutely right! This is an epic battle between the Uniparty and our President. My brother is scared out of his mind. He is petrified that our President will go along with these POS and encourage Roy Moore to step aside. His fear is that in 2020, 50+ women will come forward with all types of allegations. They will tell him to do the same thing Roy Moore was asked to do.

      The RNC this evening decided to pull funding from Roy Moore. All he has left is us deplorables. My brother and I donated $50 each. We have some incredible Alabama Treepers that have valid reasons to be against Roy Moore. I hope they can rally for him given the all out assault from the MSM, Uniparty etc. Hopefully some can help get the vote out so that we can overcome these bastards!

      I still believe Roy will win by double digits but at this point we need to kill these bastards to show them that our President has the backing of the majority of Americans. If there is anything I can do from NY in terms of phone calls, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will do whatever is needed for Roy Moore and our President!

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  7. MaineCoon says:

    If it’s any consolation Sundance you have taught me well. I actually thought this was what all the hullabaloo was about. You have changed my perspective entirely. Many other Treepers know it too, but your article drives the message home.

    “How far are they willing to go?” Nothing is off their dark table. That’s why prosecutions must happen or this will become a runaway train.

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  8. starfcker says:

    And Roy Moore was never the D.A.

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  9. Kid Jupiter says:

    Could they really be that sloppy with this? It’s definitely two different inks and the handwriting is different after the “Roy.” Can anyone obtain a copy of the yearbook to see if there are other “Roys” in her class? Has anyone compared the handwriting to Roy Moore’s?

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  10. TimeIsNow says:

    I know you are correct Sundance, as this is just the Uniparty trying to take everybody in again. Turns me from being a minor supporter of Moore to total supporter.

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  11. bulwarker says:

    There is a special place in hell for traitors.

    How much did Mitch’s NRSC spend on Strange in the primary/runoff? Looks like Mitch gets to keep some ill-gotten loot in his war chest now that he’s blacklisted Moore. And on cue CONservative mascot Cruz came out to condemn Moore (despite Cruz being a target of such allegations last year and not resigning from the Senate).

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  12. starfcker says:

    Anonymoushorse made the point the other day, that Moore might not go along with the 100- 0 vote that prevented President Trump from making recess appointments during Senate recess. How quick might he fire jeff sessions and replace him with Chris Christie in that type of scenario? There are trillions of dollars at stake

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  13. ditzee58 says:

    Thank God, the people of ALabama know a shim sham. When an ABC affiliate did a man on the street segment, not 1 person said they believed the accusations made against Moore.

    Steve Bannon said they have things on McConnell that have never been released. Kind of like the pendulum in Edgar Allen Poe’s story. Bannon is warning McConnell and I’m sure others will take the hint.
    Praying for our country and the honest leasers we have. The rest can go to the devil where they belong.

    On the yearbook deal, it’s signes as you stated in 2 different inks and the numbers are written differently. Also, Moore was not DA in 1977.

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    • Old Lady says:

      I simply can’t believe the turtle could find anyone willing to engage in sexual misconduct with him, so that can’t be what Bannon has on him.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      If The Swamp were not a Swamp of creepy, crawly venomous vipers, we’d leave state and local politics to the states and locals. The Senate Majority Leader wouldn’t have tens of millions to spend against a member of his own party because donations wouldn’t be coming from globalist, America Last organizations.

      Just wish we could come together under the MAGA banner rather than pick apart others that also support President Trump.

      President Trump unfolded a very big umbrella and all sorts sit in its shade. Regular listeners to Rush, not just occasional drive-byes hoping for a line to criticize, know he’s behind this President. Steve Bannon supports this President. Listen to his speech made 5 days ago to the Macomb County, Michigan GOP. And note to Cruz Detesters Till You Cease to Breathe, President Trump loves every single voter that recovered from Cruz addiction and voted for him. He’s a forgiving man. He’ll embrace every single vote he gets, including from the men noted above and other close friends.

      Of course, the Moore situation is Uniparty against we wicked Deplorables. Of course, Mitch McConnell despises Steve Bannon for setting about to primary all McConnell’s pet Swamp Rats and would love to hand Bannon a defeat in the Moore election. Of course, it’s the gay community against Christians that don’t support the gay lifestyle. Of course, it’s the Gloria Allred’s against white conservative men. Of course, it’s the Media Swamp Snobs against the South. Of course, it’s Satan against the Ten Commandments. Of course, it’s all of the above and then some.

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  14. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Tx Sundance. I been saying for a while here the Al race is HUGE to make or break the MAGA agenda.

    I too had been staying out of this blood sport show as it is useless. But deemed time to weigh in a while ago as almost all are consumed by the gnats flying around and missing the Huge picture.

    This is a key battle to determine how much PDJT can get through Congress and his appointments.
    Following he gnats will always get you distracted from what is really important and the real battle.

    This is all hands against the MAGA agenda do your thing now. A win here and they get momentum to block much of the MAGA domestic agenda that has to pass throuh Congress. That would leave PDJT isolated and left to deal with internation and trade issues and domestic regulations. But now more appointments and no legislation through Congress.

    The GOPe is all in to defeat Moore and they know that this will ruin chances for Republicans to look good in Congress and do well in 2018 elections. They are willing to lose massively in 2018 elections to go against MAGA at this point.

    GOPe never wanted to govern with a populist President..

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  15. Pam says:

    I agree with Sundance that this is a sad situation for Mr. and Mrs. Moore. Had I lived in Alabama, he might not have been my pick for the primary but what has been done to him is beyond despicable. For those who may have missed Diamond & Silk’s Facebook live last night, they spent the majority of the one hour session on this topic. There were a few from Alabama who called in who are just downright disgusted by this whole deal and are not pleased by what the UNIparty is doing to him and have every intention of supporting him regardless of next month’s outcome.

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  16. Now they are taking the next step; force Trump to take a position on Moore. I read on another thread that McConnell had called Trump today to talk about Moore.

    This of course will draw all attention away from his trip and trade negotiations and put him in a no win situation. I hope he stays out of it. He has already made a statement; he should just refer people to that and say no more.

    I personally think the decision is and should remain with the people of Alabama…so far, there is no evidence Moore has done anything. I’m not a Moore supporter, but I think I like him now because the swamp is going nuts trying to block him.

    I can’t believe anyone would believe any of this..typical Rove stuff.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Haley Barbour.


      • Beverly says:

        Haley Barbour came to a Repub. donors’ meeting in NYC and hollered at us, “PURITY IS THE ENEMY OF VICTORY!” Red-faced, spittle flecks flying from his blubbery lips. Hollered it twice. It was extraordinary — he was enraged about the TEA Party, y’all. Ranting that they were “ideological ‘purists,'” therefore courting defeat.

        You can’t get much plainer than that, folks. Of course, if you jettison all your cargo — Truth, real Justice, love of Country — what are you sailing for?


    • snarkybeach says:

      Rove was on Martha’s show tonight saying Moore needs to withdraw and recommended some other establishment types (I don’t remember who Rove named) that Moore should get behind.


    • Ditch Mitch says:

      littleflower, as you said PDJT already stated his position. Two things to watch:
      1. Thursday 10 am statement by Moore
      2. Next WH press circus with most of the questions will be about Moore
      From the beginning I said this was a uniparty (read that Yertle) hit job if it was dims only they would have waited till a week before the election.
      First accuser mom and daughter have conflcting stories. Second accuser worked for HRC, third and fourth are anonymous. Have they come foward? Latest will be another Gloria failure and we all know about the yearbook.


    • piper567 says:

      I find it pretty hard to believe that Trump is going to be put in a no win situation…especially by the likes of The Turtle.

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  17. WonkoTheSane says:

    And why would Moore sign DA when he was not the DA at the time he allegedly signed? Apparently he was a deputy DA.

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  18. Phil aka Felipe says:

    I urge all Alabama MAGA voters before you vote (or not vote) to ask yourself this question:

    Which candidate is more likely to help President Donald J. Trump ‘Drain The Swamp’,

    Republican Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones?

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  19. We need to see a full year book and see if anyone attended that school called Roy, and we also need to know if the accuser voted Trump. Hell, we need to find her life story, and quick!

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  20. Charlie says:

    Believe POTUS knows the depth of evil globalists. Surrounding his cabinet with Generals, relationships abroad getting stronger, pounding fake news, tearing down NAFTA, he knows this will be WAR. How far will globalists take this war?

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  21. EveryDayWoman says:

    This website keeps me sane. Praying for our country!

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  22. JuiceMan_V says:

    Was already aware of what this is all about.

    Honestly, this is more Republicans doing this than Dems, though (although, with the MSM involvement, you can hardly tell.)

    Now that we can’t tell the difference between the 2, at least we know that they’re trying to protect power in DC.

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  23. jmuniz1 says:

    Roy Moore will win in a lanslide

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  24. MVW says:

    Nice to see the GOPe ropers come out of the woodwork into the light of day. All of them.

    The absolute panic in the Uniparty is astonishing. Is this election their Battle of the Bulge? $trillions at stake, but is Roy the keystone, the last straw, what is their complete panic about?

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  25. As usual, you’re totally right Sundance but all that needs to be said is that Gloria Allred is involved. Case Closed.

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  26. Publius2016 says:

    Imagine Barron having to navigate high school and college with this insanity? They are lying about everything and do not care! It’s all about the presumption of innocence! If they can shoot down people with unsupported lies, then everyone is a target…

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    • litlbit2 says:

      Has worked for forty years. However today the electorate is much wiser. The only thing lacking in mho is how we can engage the fight from the offensive positions. I believe Moore wins just not sure where to attack the Uniparty after the election.

      Stories already in print of the gop pulling out of election making the election void? BS
      Time to think out of the box. Many, many very smart Americans step Up!
      It would be a great help if the current justice department would be a little forth coming on possible corruption instead of encouraging lying, coverup, msm propaganda.

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  27. ladypenquin says:

    I’ve been appalled at just how bad DC is. I posted this short note elsewhere:

    “We Don’t Need Democrats as Our Enemy; We Have the Republicans”

    “The eagerness with which Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is seeking to dump Judge Moore in Alabama is stunning, but not surprising. Remember the GOP-E attack on Chris McDaniel in Mississippi – they played the race card in that primary. Now McConnell plays the sexual abuse card. We don’t need Democrats as our enemies, we have the Republicans.”

    My husband’s family is in Alabama. They consider this a hit job on Roy Moore. Regardless of his faults – the attempt to take him out by our side has been the last straw – but as Sundance reminds us, it’s trillions of dollars at stake. GOP-E would give up a seat in Congress in order to thwart President Trump and #MAGA.

    DC is totally corrupt.

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      The real enemies are all the people (including conservatives) who refuse to vote and allow RINOs to win primaries, allow dems to win general elections and then sit around whining and complaining about how bad things are. Anyone who is not a part of the solution is a part of the problem.

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  28. kinthenorthwest says:

    TY Sundance for showing us the truths.
    This Judge Moore situation is so screwy…The timing, the connection of the accuser with the Democrats and then there are a few of the other accusations. One accusation supposedly said that it happened in the mid 50s when Moore was barely a teen,
    From the beginning this whole situation screamed liar liar pants on Fire… Then when Alred stepped in that totally clinched it for me.

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  29. chojun says:

    Might I venture to say that the handwriting in the note, especially the signature, appears to be a woman’s handwriting. The serifs in the different colors of ink also don’t match.

    Just sayin’.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I tweeted last night that the handwriting was obviously different. The first inscription is almost micrographic in nature, very small font. Look at the “o” and other letters. The number “7” are written different as well.

      This is made up stuff. Appalling because now we know how desperate and evil our “own” side is.

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      • ditzee58 says:

        It’s about as real as Obama’s photoshopped birth certificate. Not saying he wasn’t born in Hawaii but I am saying that the copy presented as evidence was edited with a program like photoshop.

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    • The printed font in the words Old Hickory House just don’t look like an adult heteralsexual man’s writing either. Too cutesy.

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  30. wheatietoo says:

    This also comes at a time when famous leftists are being exposed for being sexual predators.

    It’s like someone is working hard to create the narrative…”False accusations against a good man.”

    I mean, these accusations against Moore are so obviously false and full of holes.
    It’s like they wanted them to be proven false.

    It’s like they engineered some ‘false allegations’ so sloppily that they are sitting back, waiting for them to be proven wrong.

    So that the narrative of “false allegations” can be applied to all these Famous Leftists to cast doubt about the accusations against them?
    Can’t help but wonder.

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  31. Falcon Koch says:

    Has anyone investigated all these Ladies who are pointing fingers at Roy Moore? What do we know about them and their past and present lives. Someone needs to look into these ladies.
    If we are going to fight we better learn how to close ranks and start showing more unity, instead of fighting each other. The goal of the Commie Left is to keep us divided and so far it looks like they are winning in that area.


  32. rumpole2 says:

    I can’t get past the “Justice” angle.

    Innocent until proven guilty, and the ONUS on accuser to PROVE wrongdoing (beyond reasonable doubt) is a critical foundation of “Justice”.

    38 years is too long a gap to make such an accusation.
    Anybody (and everybody) could fall foul of such an accusation… made up.

    There is one crime alleged (the 14 year old) .. the rest (if true)… dating and kissing teens by a 30 year old guy… is perhaps “creepy” but not unknown. Conflating these incidents with the 14 year old’s claims is a stretch.
    Gloria Allred and a coached extra “victim”… discredits the original claim rather than boost its credibility.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Hearsay is the new standard of evidence.
      Mob outrage, the new justice.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Some of the accusations against Bill Clinton go back that far.
      But…in Bubba’s case, we tend to believe them.

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      • rumpole2 says:

        The Clinton accusations did NOT go back that far.. when first raised., and there was far more evidence. Reports to others closer to the events etc. The women were interviewed at the time (by Sean Hannity)… there was a there was a chance to assess their credibility. The backgrounds of those women was scrutinized… they were not self confessed drug/alcohol users, 3 times divorced, multiple bankruptcy types. At least one was credible enough to warrant a payment settlement…

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        • wheatietoo says:

          There were allegations that Bill Clinton raped a girl when he was at Oxford.
          It was all hushed up, of course.
          But that was back in the 70’s.

          And yeah, the accusers of Bill Clinton all have been way more credible.

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          • Beverly says:

            He raped Eileen Wellstone at Oxford when he was over there to study for the Rhodes Scholarship — she complained to the university authorities, and the University asked him to LEAVE. So the Rapist never completed his Rhodes scholarship studies. The leftwingers at Snopes triumphantly declare this is “Unproven”: meaning none of their team has bothered to investigate it. AS ALWAYS.

            So yeah, Rapist Clinton was a rapist when he was still an undergrad. Probably started as soon as he was physically capable of it. /spit

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        • rumpole2 says:

          And….. the biggy….. Monica Lewinsky’s dress.. and the “Presidential fluids forensics” therein… validated her claims.. and in turn lent some credence to the other women’s claims.

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          • Beverly says:

            Rapist Clinton had a HUGE stack of rape and assault victims in Arkansas, which he ran like a Mafia don, along with a criminal cartel. Had $100 million of cocaine run into the state yearly, and he and his pals creamed off the top. Hagzilla, a.k.a. “The Warden” (the Rapist’s nickname for her) most certainly knew about all of it. They are as filthy as they come.


          • Sayit2016 says:

            Had Monica not had that dress they would have destroyed her…..someday… maybe she will come to see that Linda Tripp saved her.

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    • piper567 says:

      but didn’t you hear Mittens tell us that innocent until proven guilty does not apply to politics?


  33. stenwin77 says:

    As Joe Dan says: Arrest him, or leave him alone.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Gloria Allred represented Paula Jones in her allegations against Bill Clinton.

        I tend to believe Paula Jones.
        But ever since then…it’s like Gloria Allred has set out to make herself the queen of “false allegations”.

        Makes me wonder if Gloria Allred has been getting paid to make herself look ridiculous.
        To establish the narrative of “false accusations”.
        That accusations should not be taken seriously.

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  34. Deplorable_vespucciland says:

    Regarding the fake note in the HS Yearbook. The two capital Ms are different and the words “say” and “Roy” look very similar. Book likely was originally signed by some guy named Ray.

    This senate race is just a taste of what the UniParty has in store for us next year. If their globalist candidates lose in the primaries, the GOPe will work to help get Democrats elected in the general.

    Be prepared Wolverines!

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    • Kid Jupiter says:

      Indeed, I think you’re onto something. It was also a bad attempt at rhyming verse. “Say” – “Ray”


    • Old Lady says:

      Why would a professional assistant D.A. sign a year book? I recall classmates signing yearbooks, but not anyone outside the school.

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      • Beverly says:

        Good point: the only people who sign your yearbook are the ones you GIVE it to to sign; or if it’s passed around in home room, etc. For a grownup to sign it, you’d have to present it to him and ask him to. Hardly the behavior of an “assault” victim, IF the signature is genuine (this one is obviously fake).

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  35. BobBoxBody says:

    This might fly a few years ago. I think however, that the “enraged electorate” could give a damn less at this point. The more **it that is thrown at him, the more that Moore is their guy. I think people have caught on to this scam and aren’t fazed by it any longer. We’ll see how it goes down, but I have a feeling the swamp isn’t going to like the outcome.

    Liked by 3 people

  36. mimbler says:

    And while Moore is far from the perfect candidate, recall that Luther -did- vote to keep Trump from appointing a recess DOJ AG.

    And the uniparty did not pull out all the stops to keep Strange out.

    Liked by 4 people

  37. Vince says:

    How about this for a strategy:
    – President Trump spends some time developing relationships with republican governors. Bring them to the oval office and listen to them.

    – Ask the Saudis for any evidence of bribery to American politicians.

    – Prosecute the politicians who are not up for a vote in 2018. When they resign/are convicted, Trump can use his relationship with the governors for selecting replacements, bypassing McConnell and the dirty tricks during the primary process.

    Liked by 7 people

    • One of the other treepers on here came up with a good reason the uni-party is all out against Moore….because if he gets voted into the Senate he would be the ONE vote needed for president Trump to make recess appointments of his choosing….that would be one big bullet shot at the uni-party…..imagine an AG that went after DC corruption.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Beverly says:

        Dreaming of it, my friend. Jeffrey “Dormouse” Sessions needs to climb out of his teapot and resign — since he’s already declared that he’s Fatally Compromised and is unable therefore to do his duty, he should get the hell out of the way for someone who CAN.


  38. I’ve seen the forgery evidence and it’s good. Problem is that Moore hasn’t said anything about it. He should be pounding them with this, but there’s mostly silence.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Archie says:

    Imagine the CTH message with 20 million patrons! That is why I despise Limbaugh. What a waste to lose the opportunity to really change the republican electorate. Instead the people get the outdated Limbaugh message and the screeching Hannity shtick. Gross and disgusting.

    Liked by 4 people

    • MAGAbear says:

      Honestly, Rush is better than most of the so-called conservative talkers. Most of them have already thrown Moore under the bus.

      Liked by 4 people

    • TheWanderingStar says:

      IMO Rush has lost his lock on understanding the electorate. I hear him talking to callers and not getting what they are saying and I hear him talking to callers and asking questions in order to get a better handle on what is going on in the country. He has lost the base. He is struggling. Rush at best was a 50,000 foot level look at the country, I think in the current environment he might be at 100,000 feet and gasping for air. Hannity just shows every day that he is just a Circus sideshow hawker.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beverly says:

        I know; and it’s worrisome. BUT even a partial blast of oxygen is a heck of a lot better than none at all, and he does get it right a lot of the time. He’s constantly ragging on the lying media, which is useful; he often points out some skulduggery or other, which is useful; he’s actually quite supportive of Trump’s policies and said his Asia trip was “a BRILLIANT success.”

        Remember, the Left understands this really well — we need Every Bit of Leverage we can get in this culture war: Limbaugh is, though imperfect, big leverage.

        Liked by 2 people

  40. May I just add, and not wishing to be rude about the accusers looks, but the claim of her being 15 in 1977 is pretty hard to believe. Does she look 55 to you? I would say 60 to 63 would be more accurate.

    Liked by 4 people

  41. maggiemoowho says:

    She hired Gloria Allred, that is all I needed to know to say she is 100% fake.

    Liked by 8 people

  42. C. Lowell says:

    So Democrats are suddenly worried about importing thousands of rapists from the MidEast?

    Chauvinists, Sexists, Misogynists (Hillary Clinton REMIX)


  43. budmc says:

    Liked by 11 people

  44. treehouseron says:

    The Democrats have done an excellent job of smearing Roy Moore. No doubt he dated young girls (not illegal) but they picked something to focus on that’s hard to defend in modern society. Even though it was fine then now it looks weird as hell.

    So they create fake allegations to pad out that weird little tidbit about him. He dated young girls (true) so make a bunch of stories that he assaulted young girls. The one evidence that’s true supports the evidence that’s fake. Very smart way to smear somebody.


    They did the same thing with President Trump.. access Hollywood tape comes out, he jokes about grabbing women’s vaginas. He actually said that….. so they had a bunch of women falsely accuse him of actually DOING it (the woman on the plane said he eventually grabbed her under her skirt… the woman in the club said he grabbed her under her skirt, etc.).

    They create fake stories that piggyback on the real stories that are a little risque and walk the line.


    we all have dirt on us. President Trump’s was he made a dirty comment. Roy Moore’s is he legally dated some fairly young girls. They take that dirt, and flesh it out to make it sound as bad as possible.


    Remember, the way President Trump defended against it was by admitting the true news (admitted he said that on that tape) and casually explaining away the fake news. He coulnd’t have grabbed the woman in the club, because he’s never been in a club alone! He couldn’t have grabbed the woman on the plane, because this guy was on the plane and saw the whole thing. Nothing happened. He couldn’t have kissed the reporter who wrote for People Magazine, because she would have just wrote it in the magazine.

    Roy Moore and Steve Bannon have gotten all kinds of atta boys for being so smart to beat Mitch McConnell (and by extension, President Trump’s heartfelt, publicly endorsed candidate). Lets see how smart they truly are.

    I hope, for the country’s sake, they’re smarter than I think they are.

    Liked by 6 people

  45. MAGAbear says:

    Wow, I didn’t even notice at first that there were two different inks used on the yearbook. Looks like some guy named Ray or Roy wrote the initial part and then they added the rest, oh, sometime yesterday!

    I’d actually vote illegally in this one instance just to give GOPe a kick in the teeth. Can a Pennsylvanian vote absentee in AL? 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  46. EbonyRapror says:

    Hallelujah! Sundance cuts through the blather and tells it like it is. The swamp wasn’t going to go away quietly – they’re in this to win, at all costs. The GOPe is the enemy of every person that voted for Trump. They want him defeated which is the same thing as they want us defeated which is the same thing as they want America defeated. This is not just about Moore – this is treason against the Constitution that Trump represents. The GOPe represents anti-American interests. They need to be taken out in any way possible.

    Liked by 3 people

  47. WeThePeople2016 says:

    My husband was listening to Mark Levin tonight on his way home from work. Supposedly, Moore has evidence that this whole thing was put together by McConnell. He is supposed to release that soon. I hope that he has the dirt on the Turtle, and that he lets the public know soon!

    Liked by 9 people

    • outerlimitsfan says:

      Moore and Bannon have been saying that for a couple days. They better release it soon. If they don’t, it makes Moore look worse honestly. He needs to do a better job fighting back than his Hannity interview.


    • Pam says:

      There was a lady that called in last night during Diamond & Silk’s Facebook Live (video posted in above comment) who believed the very same thing. I say it’s a UNIparty deal myself.

      Liked by 2 people

  48. kiskiminetas says:

    Outstanding read Sundance! I agree totally with you that it has always been about the corrupt Swamp vs Trump and his MAGA agenda. I want More to win just as you do and your reason for him being elected is correct. It is one of the many battles we need to win for ultimate victory. We are an insurgency and as such there is the need to in some way or another to attack the various strongholds and outposts of the Swamp apparatus. There has been and needs to be continued guerrilla warfare against these people along with a continuing PSYOP to educate the electorate as to the nature and threat that the Swamp/UniParty are to the very foundation of their freedom and our country. This truly is an epic battle that we must win.

    Liked by 2 people

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