“Strategic Winning” – Singapore Airlines Signs $14 Billion Deal With Boeing During White House Diplomatic Visit…

“MAGAnomics” is about gaining serious economic benefits for the middle-class; the “Trump Doctrine” is about securing the national security interests of the U.S. through economic leverage and economic partnerships; put them together and you have Boeing Airline Manufacturer signing a deal with Singapore Airlines worth almost $14 billion and providing 70,000 U.S. Jobs.

During the diplomatic White House visit between Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and U.S. President Donald Trump the leaders of Boeing and Singapore Airlines signed the deal. Watch:


But wait, there’s a strategic aspect to this deal.  In the background, and generally invisible to an oblivious U.S. media, you’ll note the Trump administration (Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary of State Tillerson) are  on the verge of quashing a deal between Boeing and Iran.

“The Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran paved the way for U.S. aerospace corporation Boeing to ink a deal with Iran’s state-controlled airline, Iran Air, which was recently caught using its commercial planes to ferry Iranian militants to regional hotspots.” –link

As we noted when President Trump outlined the Strategy Toward Iran, the labeling of IRG members (Iran Republican Guard) as terror entities opened the door for State and Treasury Depts to block Iranian economic activity.

The Boeing deal today, created between the U.S. and Singapore, fills a financial and jobs void created by a looming cancelled Boeing contract with Iran.

The Big Picture: All-in-all this is another great example of how President Trump, Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary Ross use economic leverage to enhance and secure U.S. national security interests.

See how that works?

…. Strategic Winning !

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174 Responses to “Strategic Winning” – Singapore Airlines Signs $14 Billion Deal With Boeing During White House Diplomatic Visit…

  1. rsanchez1990 says:

    This should show businesses that President Trump has their back as long as they’re America First. While the media keeps getting lost in manufactured “scandals” (that only exist in their minds), the Trump Train keeps rolling on to MAGA.

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    Merry Christmas!

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  3. ElGato says:


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  4. Sharon says:

    Mr. President sleeps very well at night, I suspect. He’s not confused, bluffing, cheating, posing, or pretending.

    Such a pleasure to watch a competent leader give 24/7 for our nation’s benefit.

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  5. kate says:

    WOW, we voted for a winner last year and President Trump nis proving we were right, it couldn’t be better than this.

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  6. pjb535i says:

    I can hardly stand all this winning! Well, by tomorrow I suppose I’ll be ready to handle some more. Thank God for our wonderful President Trump!

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    • Setsuko germanaro says:


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    • sat0422 says:

      I apprectiate that the five remaining ex-presidents gathered together last week. It must have been one huge pity party backstage. But there they stood….thinking that they all did great jobs. I suggest that they all should find a hobby (Bush has become an artist) and stay out of he limelight. However, if they keep up their dog and pony shows together, I suggest that every teachers from Maine to Hawaii use it as a example of those who don’t understand the Constitution and how important it is to Americans….there is a lot more that can be taught about them but that is one of the most important.


      • sat0422 says:

        I do hope they raised money for the cause and that ALL the money went where it was suppose to go. There are a couple of bad apples in that group of five ex-presidents who might believe their expenses and presence needed to be reimbursed…just saying.


  7. pjb535i says:

    I can hardly stand all this winning! Well, by tomorrow I suppose I’ll be ready to handle some more. Thank God for our wonderful President Trump!

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  8. Landslide says:

    Another day in the life of President Trump’s negotiating genius. Eat your heart out, Chamber of Commerce, K Street, and globalists one & all! THIS is real life in Trump’s America.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  9. harrietht3 says:

    I LOVE Singapore — went there in 2009 with my daughter.
    Its people are delightful; the tropics are amazing. Nighttime Jungle Safari stands out as one of those days one wants to relive — and the food court!!! Then there’s Raffles Hotel and its world-reknown Singapore Sling!!

    Love it that we’re doing great business with Singapore — Way To Go, President Trump 🙂

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    • WSB says:

      I was able to stay at Raffles, take a private tour of the hotel complete with stories of tigers crouching underneath the porch back in the early 1900’s, and dine with a private dinner-party en suite, hosted with 4 splendid waitstaff! Wow!

      If ever given the opportunity, do not hesitate with Singapore!!!!!

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      • harrietht3 says:

        Yes indeed, WSB — if one is a traveling sort, Singapore is a must visit.
        Glad to learn of your special treatment at Raffles. What a treat! 😉
        We stayed across the street at the Fairmont (a nice place in its own right but without the history, charm, and class of a Raffles) and walked to Raffles every morning to eat breakfast at their smallish eatery near the gift shop.

        But we did eat dinner one night at Raffles, in their main dining room: an Indian Buffet — yumm. Great memories all around.

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        • WSB says:

          I work in the hotel industry, so my invite was most appreciated! Fairmont is also a most wonderfully run group. So much fun!

          However, never try to lift the veil of Singapore’s judicial arm. Bad things can happen for the smallest of problems. I worked in NY with a Singaporian for years, and caning is still normal.

          I have been to some unusual places in the world, and I so kiss the ground when I have returned, because there is no freer place than the USA.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      Singapore Airlines is the best I’ve ever flown on.


  10. Kalena says:

    You have to admit, Trump is the most effective troll on the net. He trolls the hostile media so they chase the shiney objects he throws out. While their attention is focused on shiney objects, Trump gets things done. I have lived under 12 presidents and feel blessed to watch our lion work his magic.

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  11. fleporeblog says:

    Our President is a complete American Loving Patriot! Amazing how he was able to get Singapore to purchase nearly $14 Billion dollars worth of airlines from us. 70K Americans will be employed because of the deal that was signed earlier today.

    We just recently shipped our first ever shipment of Fuel to India. This is also HUGE because India relied on Iran for a majority of their fuel needs. The Indians realize that in the next 3 to 6 months, our President will do to Iran what he has successfully done to NK. He is telling our European allies to make all the money they can because eventually, the faucet will be closed with Iran.

    It is absolutely breathtaking to see all of this play out right in front of our eyes.


    From the article linked above:

    India is set to emerge as a key market for American crude exports in coming months, as refineries in that country are ramping up “test” purchases of US grades to diversify their imports.

    US exports recently set a weekly record with nearly 2 MMbbl of crude a day sent overseas. But shipments to India have been rare, with just a few deliveries since the US lifted its ban on crude exports in late 2015.

    Indian refineries are starting to increase purchases as the country seeks to secure more supply from outside the Middle East. Refiners are testing both US sweet and sour crudes in their facilities, a common practice when importing crude from new sources.

    In June, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump met and discussed energy exports to India. Since then the Modi administration has been encouraging more crude imports by waiving some shipping requirements.

    Indian refiners Indian Oil Corp, Bharat Petroleum Corp and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited were given a special permission by the shipping ministry to import oil from the United States until March.

    “They’ve been stepping up to be a sizeable importer; they’re looking to diversify away from the Middle East,” said John Kilduff, partner at energy hedge fund Again Capital LLC in New York.

    One supertanker carrying nearly 2 MMbbl discharged in India earlier this month, according to Eikon shipping data, while two other vessels carrying a combined 3 MMbbl are set to arrive in November.

    Prior to this, US crude rarely went to India, with only one month this year—February—showing deliveries, according to US EIA data through July.

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    • Steve says:

      I was just at a wedding of an Indian friend. The family and he are very strong Christians and in keeping with their culture, the marriage was partially arranged by the families. He was raised in the US and she has never been in America before a couple weeks ago. Family members from several states and many from India were at the wedding. One of the impressions I came away with was just how well spoken and cosmopolitan the Indian people at the wedding were. About 20 years ago, I attended a church with many Indian members. Most of them dressed in Early Salvation Army (They could afford better) and seemed to have no care for personal appearance, although they were all very nice people. It seems that their culture seems to have matured greatly in the last several years. I understand that capitalism has taken root in many areas of the country. Sadly, the current Prime Minister is strongly anti-Christian and will probably take the nation into some reversion. I may be completely wrong, but this is my impression from one experience.

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    • JC says:

      Great info, Fle. Thank you.

      Steve, appreciate this insight into Indian families and culture.

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    • ElGato says:

      Now that Iraq is pumping oil again and ISIS has pretty much been vanquished within the country, a scheduled visit from TRex, do you have an angle on how PDJT might stop the influence of Iran on Iraq?

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    • doug says:

      the future alliance for the world will be that between india-us and japan.. western Europe is in major decline… eastern Europe will be the better play there

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    • Thecleaner says:

      Flep, do you know how big the Iran order was?
      Will this just basically replace an already signed order in size…I only ask because airlines book sales when the contract is signed, as opposed to when the aircraft are delivered, so the Iran contract will be booked and will show as earnings for stock value purposes, the cancellation will require a write down on their earnings when the order gets cancelled which will clip the stock price pretty good.
      Simply put is Boeing actually better off here, and would those jobs have been added to fill the Iran order anyways?
      Sounds like a good order though.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Boeing wants to build airliners in China too.
      I hope our president stops them.
      They act like it won’t hurt our job market but we know it will.

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  12. thluckyone says:

    To accuse our beloved Lion of a President of being “rayciss” is not only irresponsible, it also is just plain ridiculous.Why? Because – as Sundance has once again so capably shown us – President Donald J Trump reaches out to and shares the winning with people from EVERY race and nationality.

    President Trump is not only the Greatest President of my weary lifetime, he also is the finest representative that this Great Nation could have.AND the best diplomat I could imagine. WHAT AN EXAMPLE!! After his eight years as President, could PJT take a job with the State Dept? Could he just replace the whole Chamber of Commerce with himself? [I DO NOT want to let go of this man…]

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  13. daughnworks247 says:

    NO ONE delivers a message better than President Trump.
    “That’s about 70K American jobs, right? Because if they are not American jobs, I’m not signing the deal”

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    • Cliff says:

      Just to clarify, that’s 70k new hires, not continuing job security for 70k current employees, correct?

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      • Malatrope says:

        Having worked for Boeing for 30 years, I think it’s probably not new hires. The company goes through major boom and bust cycles because people are laid off when times are lean. But having a contract that keeps the current workforce intact instead of shoved out the door is essentially the same economically as hiring new people, because they’d be new hires somewhere else after they were fired.

        It’s also good for Boeing because, even if their management can’t seem to figure it out, it’s good to keep the tribal knowledge within the company…

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  14. Drewby Doo says:

    Love me some American strategery!!

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  15. Skinner says:

    Our economic might is a million times more powerful than our tier one military. This is how America was designed to be run – not by professional politicians! The Good Old Days are NOW.

    Don Jr for President 2024

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    • Tom says:

      No…no dynasties. Enough with that, no matter how much we appreciate Trump.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        I disagree… if the people that take office after Trump are true MAGA Candidates I do not care who it is.

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        • filia.aurea says:

          We need to return to Constitutional principles. I could give a hoot whose sons or daughters they are. The former spous, Ivana Trump WAS NOT A CITIZEN when Don, Eric and Ivanka were born. The only Trump child who is eligible to be President is Tiffany. We are a Constitutional Republic. Royalty/Dynasties have NO place in the U.S.A.

          • cozette says:

            A natural born citizen means that when you were born you were a citizen through a parent, which ALL of President Trumps children were AND you were a citizen because you were born in America which ALL of President Trumos children were. All of the Trumps have the unique citizenship which makes them eligible to be POTUS. BTW Cruz, Rubio and Jindall all ran despite being ineligible.


            • Bendix says:

              Candidate Trump merely said that Cruz “had a problem”, which he did, and he was subjected to so many distortions and attacks.
              Had Cruz managed to win the primaries, imagine what the Clinton/Bush cabal would have done with that? We’d have seen the people’s choice replaced with somebody like Kasich.
              Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal, all other qualities and qualifications aside, were premature. They saw one green upstart ride the identity politics wave into office, so they all thought they would jump on that, being the “first [fill in the blank] president.
              I am sooo glad we got past that.


            • filia.aurea says:

              Wrong. Both parents must be citizens at the time of your birth. BTW, running despite being ineligible is a different issue.


      • Derek Hagen says:

        There are a lot of things I appreciate in life. I love Trump. But yes, no dynasties. Don Jr. in 2028 or 2032 (how about someone like General Kelly for 8 years?).


      • Skinner says:

        We the People will decide that, if Don Jr runs.

        I do NOT want another political hack in the WH of any color or stripe, military or govt service, while I am alive. They are not their own men, they are owned, bought and paid.

        Don Jr would keep a similar cabinet and the same MAGA mindset, and owe no one except The People.

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    • I want Wilbur Ross in 2024!

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      • Cliff says:

        Almost all his cabinet members were ready to retire when asked to serve. I imagine they
        will do so when PDJT goes. Hopefully they will have mentored at least a few potential
        replacements by then so MAGA can go on 50+ years like Flep says!

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  16. Paco Loco says:

    Singapore Airlines (SQ) is arguably the best major airline in the world. During the 90’s I was a “Preferred Passenger”, having flown the SFO to SIN route (SQ-1) via HKG many times in business class. Lots of air miles and I was eligible to use the Silver Kris lounges worldwide. The SK lounge in Changi Airport was like a first class hotel, great food and ambiance…you can even get a “sleeper” room to catch a few winks. There were times when we’d joke about “moving in” to the lounge it was so luxurious. The SQ airline crew and staff were the most passenger friendly of any airline and I’ve flown on most all of the worlds majors. SQ would send me a birthday card and a small gift every year…serious customer appreciation. For years SQ was buying Airbus equipment and it’s now aging. Upgrading the fleet to the new Boeing Dream Liners will pay off big time as they are more Fuel efficient and a very robust aircraft. Makes me want to saddle up and hit the skies again.

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    • I hope they are buying Dreamliner or 777 I have flown Singapore airline! Best ever!

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    • tonyE says:

      I went to Singapore last year.. Took ANA from LAX because it was an all Boeing flight… three Triple Sevens and a spanking new 787 from Changi to Haneda. 36″ seat pitch in Economy (my company is cheap)… (I try to ALWAYS book on Boeings – used to work there once upon a time).

      At the time, Singapore Air was flying their 380s with a stop in Norita… can you imagine dealing with deplaning/replaning with so many people in the middle of your flight?

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    • bofh says:

      Yup! Singapore Air is absolutely the most pleasant way to take a long trip, even in coach. We went to Vietnam via Singapore on one of their Airbus 380’s and they were great (and the female flight attendants are truly lovely – am I allowed to say that? Even Mrs Bofh agreed about that). We even had METAL UTENSILS for our meals, which were quite decent. They also have a great safety record.

      Now, if I have the option to fly Singapore Air on Boeing equipment, that’d be the icing on the cake.

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  17. SD. Do you know or anyone know what kind of planes they have ordered? Curious minds wants to know!

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  18. magagirl says:

    Wow! Just how impressing to see wisdom. We haven’t seen this kind of intelligence use to do good in many decades.

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  19. Michelle says:

    I love how smart Trump is and how he always thinks out of the box!

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    • harrietht3 says:

      It’s funny you should say that.
      That is, our President Trump’s “think(ing)” on trade matters SHOULD be de rigueur for ANY American president.
      But since our glorious nation has been for so long tethered at the hip by the reins of globalist and international communist (read that GREEDY PLUNDERER) types (riders from hell) and the American people fed — eagerly imbibing same — a pack of demonstrable lies by ENEMIES (you know who you are), it’s little wonder that we might view President Trump’s efforts as “think(ing) out(side) the box.”

      ALL Presidents should KNOW that their chief and ONLY responsibility is the well-being of their citizens; sadly and to our (Treeper types) dismay this critical dynamic has been absent in our presidents since Reagan.

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  20. Jim says:

    PDJT has a stellar cabinet and most of them really have no need to be doing this difficult and often thankless work. I encourage everyone to drop them a line from time to time just to say thanks. They are all listed on whitehouse.gov with links to most social media. A nod of encouragement may mean more than you think. Who knows, you may even hear back from one of them. I have, imagine that? MAGA!

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      I got one from the White House last week thanking me…I have it saved. If everyone did this, you would be amazed at what this President and Cabinet would return…OMG!!!

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      • maiingankwe says:

        I’ve saved my letters from the WH too. I think it’s way past time for me to send some more out there considering how greatfull I am for our President Trump and his cabinet members.

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      • JC says:

        Saved mine, too, eagledriver. Never occurred to me that I’d receive a beautiful reply on letterhead, but I did. I also receive confirmation that my emails are received, as well. Impressive. For the first time in my life, I feel like President Trump is MY President.

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  21. tonyE says:

    Hmm.. it looks like the 777-9 will have just enough range to make it from SFO to Changi.. NO way from LAX. Although with 300 miles to spare on the SFO route I doubt they’d take the risk on Westerly flights. The 787-10 is the newest, biggest 787 and again it doesn’t quite have the range. I’m surprised that Singapore Air didn’t go with the 777-8 and the 787-9 but I guess they’ve committed themselves to size and a fuel stopover in Japan.

    Interesting, as Singapore Air was the launch customer for the 380. I wonder what they Euros are thinking about this.

    Meanwhile Delta is going with the 350. Damn globalists…

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    • Paco Loco says:

      In the 90’s the SFO to SIN flight stopped over in HKG for a quick pit stop. That was a 747 if I recall.

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    • POP says:

      The A380 reality is a costly beast to maintain and fly.
      Qantas is slowly regretting their A380 buy. Time Boeing got back into big four engined aircraft. Four are better than three, are better than two, are better than one, ask any airline driver.

      Range isn’t defined by straight line fuel burn between airports, it involves weather alternates, multiple approaches, ETOPS and holding requirement fuel.

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      • jwingermany says:

        With the A380 comes other costs and inconveniences as well. Catering companies are required to buy new hi-loader trucks to service the larger aircraft…while at the same time airlines are squeezing the catering companies for more service at a lower reimbursement rate.

        Also, many airports cannot accommodate the beast A380.


    • POP says:

      Airbus may yet be in deep doo doo in the US market.
      Secs of Commerce and Treasury might well show deep interest in European nation’s governments covert and overt financial subsidies of Airbus. Wilbur don’t like that one little bit.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      I don’t like the 389s at all. I’ve never flown on one but I saw one in Dubai several years ago. For me it’s just the intimidating size. I just don’t want to fly on anything that humongous.


  22. Watcher says:

    Singapore is a major banking, contracting, and under the table friend of NK.
    KT McFarland was sent there for a reason, she’s in the background. Complicated business.

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  23. alliwantissometruth says:

    I can just imagine Obama trying to get this done…

    Singapore Rep: Wait a minute, what’s all this small print at the bottom?

    Boeing Rep: Huh? What the! All new jobs are required to be filled by 25% Muslims, 25% illegal aliens & 25% transgendered Eskimo’s? All Muslim employees will be given 6 extra prayer breaks a day? Firing an illegal alien will be considered discrimination & subject to heavy fines? All bathrooms must be gender neutral? All work area floors will be free from obstructions so transgendered employees won’t break their high heels?

    Singapore Rep: You Americans are crazy

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  24. Albertus Magnus says:

    Great News! Great President!

    Just an observation, does anyone else ever notice that the same folks here who NEVER miss the opportunity to repeatedly criticize Sessions or promote Bannon or BB, somehow never seem to make it on to the threads where there is NOTHING to be critical of?

    Just musing out loud.

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  25. aristos2017 says:

    Thank God for President Trump! It’s so nice to have an adult back in the WH!!

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    • youme says:

      A former top Clinton administration diplomat who used his political sway to garner support for the Iran nuclear deal apparently was being bankrolled the entire time by Boeing — which is set to make billions off a jet deal with Tehran now that sanctions have been lifted.

      Thomas Pickering, who also served as co-chairman of the board examining the Benghazi attack response, publicly pushed for the nuclear deal before its approval last year. He did so by penning op-eds, writing to high-level officials and even testifying before Congress.

      With the deal in place, Boeing has since moved forward on a $25 billion deal with Iran Air made possible by the nuclear agreement.

      While Pickering never denied being on Boeing’s payroll during the talks, he didn’t regularly disclose it either, according to a new report in The Daily Beast. And that’s the problem, transparency advocates say.

      “In Pickering’s case, he has a direct connection to Boeing, which I think should be disclosed,” Neil Gordon, an investigator for the Project on Government Oversight, told The Daily Beast. “I think it’s necessary for the public debate. It’s necessary for the public to fully realize the participants’ financial interests. Some of them might have a direct financial stake in a particular outcome.”

      Pickering was a former top State Department official in the Bill Clinton administration, and before that ambassador to Russia. He also served as ambassador to the United Nations, Israel and elsewhere in prior administrations.

      When Pickering testified before the House Armed Services Committee on June 16, 2014, the biography provided to committee members touted his military and government services but did not list his business ties.

      Pickering also sent a July 7, 2015 letter to lawmakers urging them to back the nuclear deal but reportedly did not make his association with Boeing known. The letter was cited by the media, lawmakers and the White House in the push to sell the nuclear deal to the public.


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  26. magatrump says:

    Winning!!!!! God bless President Trump!!! Thank God for President Trump!!!!!

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  27. Strategic Winning would be nice in other areas: a recent article claims the Chinese will be out doing the West and the U.S. in particular in outer space and in quantum computing: if you do not about quantum computing, inform yourselves today, and put pressure on your Congress Critters to be aware of the problem.

    Given that the Chinese have either stolen most of their technology from us, or had it handed to them by CORRUPT Dems, with nary a peep from Republicrats about it, we should not be surprised that they have taken our advances and run with them.



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  28. POP says:

    And what Singers got in return for the Boeing contract in addition to aircraft will become known in the fullness of time….or not.


  29. Blaze says:

    Singapore deal = more MAGA economics/polices which pretty much assures another total Trump 2020 White House victory. Democrats don’t stand a chance from 2018-2024. No wonder they are 24/7 msm propaganda.


  30. Sayit2016 says:

    Has anyone noticed that at these events everyone is smiling and happy. I think President Trump’s confidence and good nature rubs off on everyone in the room.

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  31. History Teaches says:

    This is just one example of the result of smart, hard work. And understanding the dynamics that constitute the ‘art of the deal.’ Motivated by an abiding vision but pragmatic and calibrated carefully in precise detail.

    What a unique change of paradigms! Having a savvy, worldly, well tested businessman running things. It utterly destroys the myth that politicians have to follow the conventional swamp path to office.

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  32. Plain Jane says:

    Anyone know which of Boeing’s airplanes?


    • Thecleaner says:

      Maybe Sundance could weigh in with his analyses on the above Airbus/Bombardier merger, and its potential affect on Boeing


      • POP says:

        Careful boys.
        This might well bring the financial and procedural subsidies delivered to Airbus by European govts to the fore.

        Life is full of unintended consequences for Statist enterprises in Europe and China.


    • TexasRanger says:

      Airbus-Bombardier Merger Partnership

      Delta Airlines has a large order with Canadian Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier for their C-Series narrow-body jet aircraft.

      The reason for the Airbus-Bombardier partnership is to avoid a 300% duty-tariff that would be imposed if the planes final assembly were done in Canada.

      Boeing complained to the US Department of Commerce (DOC) that the Bombardier planes were being sold at an absurdly low price due to Canadian Government subsidies. This resulted in US DOC recommending that a 300% import duty-tariff be imposed on the import (sale) of each plane into the US.

      With the Airbus-Bombardier Merger, final assembly of the C-Series narrow-body planes will be at the Airbus USA Mobile, Alabama plant thereby avoiding the US 300% duty-tariff.

      In the end it will result in more Jobs in the US.!

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      • Thecleaner says:

        Thanks Tex…Boeing management is pissed and claims the tariffs will still apply, but I dont think that is their call….more big picture this could be a big threat to boeings regional jet market…embraer and bombardier make exceptional regional and corporate planes.
        With Airbus now acting as a protectorate to Bombardier, and with their scale to produce, reduce costs and leverage their purchasers, Boeing is gonna pop a vein.
        The article mentions they may need to take a run at aquiring Embraer to compete in this space. We shall see.
        Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Let the trade wars begin. Im Canadian, so I have a little interest in this particular issue.
        Maybe Trudeau will order Uranium exports halted for national security issues. The US produces about 3.5m /lbs annually, and consumes 44m/lbs…much of it imported from Canada…lets hope everybody cools their jets and remembers that we have the most beneficial mutual trade arrangement in the world before things get stupid.


        • POP says:

          “Final assembly” in the US won’t negate the fact of the Canadian govt’s subsidies on the manufacturing of all the aircraft parts pre assembly.
          The value of those constituent parts means Boeing has an ongoing case against Canada.
          The parts manufacture is of greater value than the assembly, which is labour only.


  33. TexasRanger says:

    Singapore Airlines has ordered a total of 39 Airplanes including 20 each 777-9 and 19 each 787-10 widebody Jets from the U.S. manufacturer Boeing. The order totals 13.8 Billion US Dollars.

    With a prior order for 30 each 787-10s, the airline now has 49 total on order, making it the largest customer for this type.

    Singapore Airlines also has options for 12 additional aircraft, six of each aircraft type.

    787’s are assembled at Boeing’s facilities in Everett, Washington and North Charleston, South Carolina.
    777’s are assembled at Boeing’s facility in Everett, Washington.

    Boeing currently leads rival Airbus in Aircraft orders for the first nine months of the year 2017, with 498 planes at the end of September compared to 271 planes for its European rival.

    Boeing 787 Dreamliner Being Assembled and Painted video 03:53 Minutes;

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    • Plain Jane says:

      We had a tour of the WA facility in the ’90s, and attended an outside “expo” in St. Louis more recently. Really neat. Thanks for posting the video.

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  34. Abster says:

    What an absolutely amazing President. Those five that were on stage the other night should be ashamed of what they have done to this country.

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  35. MaineCoon says:

    Wow. I never really grasped what it truly meant when then-candidate Trump said we’d get tired of winning. I had no idea the depth of winning he had in mind to do and do it it on a worldwide basis to right this ship back on its rightful course and he was going to do it at warp speed.

    I thank God Sundance has thoroughly explained it to me and all the Treepers who have added to my knowledge. My mind cannot fathom what is to come in the next 7 years. Only President Trump knows. That way he won’t be sidetracked.

    He’s a steamrollers. Get out of the way or attempted to stop at your own risk.

    I will continue to say we are looking at the greatest US President in the history of our country – bar none.


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