President Trump Weekly Address – MAGAnomics Working, Imagine if Congress Was…

President Donald J Trump delivers the weekly address for August 4th, 2017.  Touching on the immigration RAISE act and outlining the ongoing MAGAnomic growth.

In the final analysis, the exceptional results from President Trump national economic policy platform, MAGAnomics, are, unfortunately, a risk to the professional political class who prefer, and have previously structured, multinational global economics as their baseline for controlled U.S. economic outcomes for three decades.

President Trump succeeding in his America-First economic platform undermines the U.S. lobbying community, the Big Club, who pay politicians for control over the U.S. economy.  However, if you follow the flow of their own private capital investments you will notice they are putting their private money into U.S. assets while simultaneously advocating collective financial policy -over your money- that retains a gobalist economic worldview.


MAGAnomics, Main Street economic priority, is slowly working and the signs are as evident as the surges in the second quarter U.S. GDP (2.6%). Just imagine if DC was on board with Main Street? Imagine the explosive economy if DC politicians removed the anchor that is ObamaCare and simultaneously unleashed the U.S. fiscal policy with lowered tax rates on middle-class Americans, sub-chapter-S-Corps., and small businesses. Imagine.

The economy would blow through 3% growth within months and four, five and even six percent GDP growth would be entirely possible. The accompanying wage rates would necessarily skyrocket.

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63 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – MAGAnomics Working, Imagine if Congress Was…

  1. Janice says:

    We must focus on the midterms Treepers! Trump is counting on us to help MAGA!

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    • vikingmom says:

      Forgive my cynicism but if I get told one more time that we just need to elect “a few more” Republicans, I am going to scream!!

      We don’t need to elect anyone else – we need to get rid of the ones who have been there forever and think that The Swamp is their own personal hot tub!

      How we do that without Civil War is the $64,000 question!!

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      • visage13 says:

        Correct we need to primary every last Rep Senator/Representative out and vote in the new one.

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      • sickconservative says:

        Really the R’s are the swamp, at least the D’s have a unified voice to destroy us while the R’s pretend to support us.

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        • Donald says:

          Sickconservative– Your point is enormously important!
          The Dems traffic in an incredibly stupid ideology of socialism, yet have nonetheless gained the upper hand in American politics precisely because our side only pretends to be offended by them.
          In any eventual, violent revolution to come ( if there be any ) it will be Republican politicians whose bodies will sway first, if not beaten to a pulp first.

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        • piper567 says:

          sick…they do?


      • vfm#7634 says:

        We do need more Republicans in the Senate. Voting for Democrats is the dumbest thing we could do. At least the Republicans usually vote with Trump, barring exceptions like McStain and those two liberal women.

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        • G says:

          Unfortunately, that is true. The Dems can never have the majority as long as Trump is president or they will have the means to impeach and remove him.

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          • jonhabart says:

            Worst case scenario we could lose a few congressional seats but retain the majority unless there is a political disaster of some kind, if things go well we may be able to hold or gain 1-3 if we turnout large numbers in vulnerable districts. The Senate is looking pretty good, there are 10-12 Democrat seats that will be targeted, even if we underperform 4-6 seats is likely. Jeff Flake has 2 potential primary challengers and is likely to lose his seat. Im hoping that somebody steps up and challenges Lindsey Graham, if the right candidate emerges we could get rid of another nasty RINO.


            • svenwg says:

              What is need is Real Trump Supporters to be put up against every Rino encumbents as well as every single Demonrat vying for a Senate or House seat. No Demonrat should be allowed to run unappossed as one cannot win if they are not in the game, no matter how one sided it looks on the surface.

              Every single MAGA supporter needs to get involved in their local and state GOP offices and fight tooth and nail to stop the multitude of Primary GOP challengers and put up only one challenger that is vetted by the MAGA people and given President Trump’s seal of approval.

              Hopefully President Trump will hold rallies in every State and where there is a MAGA member running and endorse them on stage while making sure the MAGA crowd know who he wants removed from office.

              Unfortunately President Trump cannot do it all himself and it is now time to ‘Put up or Shut up’ in making sure that the Republic is not undermined any further and the chance to rebuild given maximum support!!!

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      • ALEX says:

        Thing is we need to get the Collins and Murkowski etc out and get real pro-Trump republicans in the red states Trump won…The problem as always is just like Alabama currently..You have two conservatives that would be fine if either won, but they are splitting the majority vote and McConnell boy Luther Strange will sneak in..It goes on and on..

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      • mw says:

        We don’t need war. We need to oust the uniparty and elect patriots


      • scott467 says:

        “Forgive my cynicism but if I get told one more time that we just need to elect “a few more” Republicans, I am going to scream!!

        We don’t need to elect anyone else – we need to get rid of the ones who have been there forever and think that The Swamp is their own personal hot tub!”



        There are at least two ‘major’ strategies that could be employed, and a third that is a combination of the two:

        1) President Trump Pulls the Mask Off of the Big Club, Plans to Replace RINOs
        DJT goes on national television, and outs the whole scheme, where the Congress (535 members) have, on AVERAGE, taken $5.8 million dollar EACH from lobbyists in 2016 alone.

        That shows the American People exactly who Congress represents, and who they really work for.

        Explain how the Republicans LIED for 7 years, purposely and with malice aforethought, about repealing Obamacare (Eric Cantor just admitted it openly:

        If there are ANY ‘good guys’ or ‘white hats’ in Congress, note who they are so everyone knows.

        Once it has been established that the remainder, the GOPe, is complete, total and utter scum, announce to the American People that DJT will be sponsoring and supporting primary challengers, candidates who want to MAGA, against every single incumbent Republi-Con up for re-election.

        The drawback: hard to find enough qualified candidates in such a short time period, but at this point, even a blind squirrel would be better than 95% of incumbent Republicans, so nothing to lose by trying.


        2) President Trump Pulls the Mask Off of the Big Club, Plans to OUST RINOs
        This is scorched earth strategy. DJT goes on national television, and outs the whole scheme as in Strategy #1.

        But instead of mounting primary challenges to nearly all incumbent GOPe skunk-monkeys and crapweasels, he tells the American People to vote out ALL of the Republic-Cons besides the (maybe) 5% worth saving.

        Most elections are won or lost by 10% or less. If Trump supporters simply stay home on election day, the Dems will win nearly every contested seat in the House and Senate.

        Wipe out the RINO Party in one fell swoop. Have a WH team (or newly formed RNC staffed with Trump supporters) spend the next two years fielding qualified candidates for DJT to support in 2020, when the American People through out all the REST of the corrupt Congress (remaining incumbent RINOs and Democrats). This strategy would leave President Trump with majorities in both Houses of Congress again, only this time with Trump SUPPORTERS.

        The drawback: two years of dealing with Democrat super-majorities means not only does nothing get done, but the criminal Congress could override presidential vetoes, so this strategy really can’t be employed.


        3) Combination of 1 & 2: President Trump Pulls the Mask Off of the Big Club, Repeal & Replace Congress

        DJT goes on national television, and outs the whole scheme as in Strategy #1 or #2.

        Field as many Trump supporting primary challengers to incumbent RINOs for 2018 as possible, and tell the American People to vote out all the rest. That may end up giving control of the House and Senate to the Dems for the next two years, but not by much, nowhere near a super-majority, and the incoming Republicans will be Trump supporters, so DJT’s position would actually be stronger than it is now.

        Have a WH team (or newly formed RNC staffed with Trump supporters) spend the next two years fielding qualified candidates for DJT to support in 2020 against all remaining incumbent RINOs, and go after every potential Democrat seat available too.

        DJT starts his second term as president with a strong majority of Trump-supporters in BOTH Houses in January 2021.

        The drawback: ?



      • Vince says:

        “How we do that without Civil War is the $64,000 question”

        Money, that is how we do it. The uniparty loves money, and obeys its donors. Always will. So we need to create our own PACS, our own lobbyists, and buy the best congress money can buy. President Trump is bringing factories here, which means CEOs are making long term investments with a lot of money. They have an interest in MAGA now, a position to defend. We need to organize them, organize their political donations, and then focus on primaries and 2018.

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      • Frankly Ben says:

        Civil war? Brother and sister against brother and sister, parents and children shooting and killing one another? Please stop this madness about civil war!

        We fight within the confines, the fences of society. We get off our duffs and actively promote candidates who honestly promote the Trump agenda.

        It’s all about the primaries – for the Trump agenda the primaries are the general election.

        We must find out who the real Trump agenda candidates are and who are the fake, Uniparty plants.

        Once we find out we volunteer, we spread the word, we canvass, we use social media, we do anything and everything – within the bounds of civil society – to help get those candidates elected.

        But time is already running short. The Uniparty deceivers are implementing their devious plans of subterfuge while we sip our morning coffee.


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        We are all frustrated vikingmom; but you are gonna hear that repeatedly until after the 2018 election. “Electing a few more Republicans” is code for REPLACING the BAD R’s, (no matter their senority) with a fresh, new R.

        We DO want the R party to stay in majority….because this is the register party of our POTUS. We must get him some HELP in Congress. For two long, too many have sat on their bottoms and just bitched. Time to GET moving. Talk to people you think might be willing to run for the job. (Start with any of your State reps who you’ve been impressed with, if you can’t find any one else, or run yourself.)


    • In my opinion (for whatever y’all may think it’s worth), anyone in Congress (senators included), regardless of nominal party affiliation, up for reelection in 2018, who has been in office at least 12 consecutive years in total, ought to be placed on the business end of a proper primary challenge . . . no exceptions . . . win or lose, at least the message will be sent.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

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  2. WeThePeople2016 says:

    POTUS is working tirelessly for the American people to keep his promises. It is a disgrace that the GOPe are not; however, they have been exposed and We the People are livid. Cold Anger indeed.

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  3. ElGato says:

    I am in awe and feeling awfully proud.

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  4. Dan says:

    That was perfect! Now stay on message Trump..this is why we voted for you. Hire the nastiest surrogates you can to battle the Uniparty globalists who wish to destroy you behind the scenes, but you stay on message!!!

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  5. alliwantissometruth says:

    If only the people understood

    Even corporations are understanding a MAGA agenda means money in their pockets

    Only the hardcore globalists are against this

    The entire weight of the democrat / Marxist illusion would collapse if the reality of Trumps agenda came to fruition

    If only the people understood

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  6. magagirl says:

    I like that cartoon a lot, it explains everything he is doing by himself. How blessed we are, but we need a lot of prayers to keep fighting against evil. MAGA!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  7. rsanchez1990 says:

    He’s painting a target on the backs of Congress. They set McCain up as their sacrificial lamb, but they should *all* be worried for their jobs, even the senators who don’t face re-election till 2020 or 2022.

    I saw this theory written somewhere else. The President is boasting about Wall Street daily, claiming the upside. Previous stock market rallies and crashes have taken place after action from the Fed, but the current unprecedented rally has all happened since election night when Trump won. Everyone is hoping and betting that Trump’s MAGAnomics will bring about an economic boom in America. Trump is owning all the upside, and setting up Congress to own all the downside by continually pointing out their inaction.

    One way or another, this will lead to Congress passing Trump’s policies. Either their instincts for self preservation will kick in and they’ll appease their constituents to keep their jobs, or it will turn out they were very well taken care of by their handlers in the CoC and they will drag their feet till they get replaced in upcoming elections.

    I just hope they don’t put the American people through too much pain before finally coming to their senses (or being replaced).

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  8. RickA says:

    This is a war with all globalists and the treasonous Republican establishment! The wounded and battle weary American middle class is screaming for help ….. calling General Jeff Sessions!! Help needed, quickly: Criminal charges, handcuffs and televised perp walks. Now!!!

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  9. FL_GUY says:

    It is really wonderful for President Trump (I LOVE saying President Trump!) to take the time every week to give a status report to We the People. With all the garbage he has to deal with everyday, he takes the time to make contact with us every week. Then of course, he makes the time to have those fantastic, inspirational rallies. There has not been a President in my lifetime that has connected with We the People in this way. President Trump has already earned a spot on Mt. Rushmore as far as I’m concerned. President Trump,President of all Americans just like the founders intended. MAGA!

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  10. sickconservative says:

    First I’m Trump all the way but don’t see how we get past the MSM, D’s and globalist R’s at this point.
    I am a self employed businessman in a skilled trade that has trained many in the last thirty years, but now can’t find or recruit qualified to even spend the time needed to train at this point.
    I really hope DJT can make a difference but the deck is staked with Globalist in the republican party.

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    • One thing that seems to be happening is people are absolutely furious about average citizens paying for the platinum health care packages of Congress.

      This has turned our country into two camps almost over night, us and Pres Trump against Congress.

      We a very angry at being forced to pay for the subsidies not only for our wealthy Senator and Representatives, but for their staff.

      People who can barely make everyday ends meet and are doing with out their own heath care are paying for McCain’s expensive cancer surgery at the Mayo clinic.

      Many people who were Hilary supporters are not one bit happy about this.

      Have you run onto any one who says ” O now what does it hurt. We are a rich country. Lets go ahead and pay their subsidies” .

      None of the old propaganda talking points are even being tried here by the liberals.

      No one in Congress wants to bring it up.

      This is an issue, if used right, can tie Congresses hands and put huge pressure on them.

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      • sickconservative says:

        Really reading here at this point just see Rainbows and unicorns while I don’t see anything good coming at this point.


      • magagirl says:

        Plus we are paying for the free healthcare of illegal immigrants too. Hardworking americans can’t go to the doctor, but illegals can go and get the healthcare they need without paying a penny. Plus include the fees of translators the tax payers pay too.

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        • Yes magagirl the whole thing is a huge boondoggle.

          So much of the money does not even go to the actual medical care of the patient.

          I can not even guess how much of the money flowing through obamacare actually goes to medical care for people.

          Probably just a fraction of all of the millions that the program sucks in monthly.

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      • CleanhouseinDC says:

        I wish POTUS would. All he needs to do is cut off the congressional subsidies and the insurance co reimbursements, and both sides will furiously scurry to the table and negotiate a new HC bill. Killing the insurance subsidiaries will be the final nail in the Exchange’s coffin, and congress will have to reach into their own pockets to cover their staff, if they want them covered. Win/win/win

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        • The taxpayer subsidy for the insurance companies and for Congress have to end.

          There is just no way around it.

          I have a feeling Pres Trump was just waiting for the right time to spring this one and he will end it.

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      • fangdog says:

        You said the magic words, “used right”.
        Believe me it is a huge hammer Trump has poised over their heads. The hammer will be used at the most effective time.

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    • Grace Anne says:

      Baloney! Changing your name to something hopeful would be a good start. Change your name to Dream Big and go from there.

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    • piper567 says:

      sick…we HAVE gotten past the msm…Trump has made them irrelevant, and their ratings are pathetic.
      The Dems are also irrelevant, as per Trump. He’s twice now tweeted (to 135M people) we will get NO votes from Dems, and he is working, and we need to also, on the globalists.
      That’s what the big deal is about knocking out the Uniparty in mid-terms.
      Gotta start somewhere.


  11. psadie says:

    The Republicans need to be “primaried” and the Democrats voted out of office…my Dem friends are finally seeing the light! MAGA.

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    • Grace Anne says:

      It’s happening!


      • Irons says:

        It is happening Grace Anne. Even my father, a fox news parroting closed minded neocon has realized over the past few months that the people he believed in and defended have NEVER been on on his side. NEVER had his best interests in mind and have been flat out lying for decades.
        He is understandably furious. Partly at himself for being taken for a fool and mostly at the republican party for betraying him.

        I think this awakening is happening in huge numbers all over the country. MAGA!!

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  12. TexasDude says:

    It’s as if GOP certain Senators and Representatives do not care about the American worker.

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    • sickconservative says:

      That is the point I’m trying to make at this point, D’s aren’t the problem.
      We need to defeat the swamp and that is a tall task.


      • dalethorn says:

        Democrats aren’t the only problem, but they are a huge part of the problem because of how they block-vote against us. Who would run as a Democrat these days, except someone who doesn’t believe in America and the Constitution? Kucinich maybe? Then ask him why he wants to be in the party that hates America. Granted that many Republicans are corrupt and vote against Trump’s initiatives, but the majority of them are more patriotic than the average Democrat. Repeat: They don’t just vote randomly against us, against America – they vote in a block.


      • piper567 says:

        can’t be any taller than the task TRUMP attacked in winning The Election !!


  13. Paul says:

    Mean while u have this big fraud phony chuck Schumer talking bout a better deal.


    • fangdog says:

      As long has Schumer been around making a “bad deal”. What makes Schumer think he now knows of a “better deal” other than a “Trump deal” as does everyone else with half a brain.


  14. georgiafl says:

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  15. chooseamerica says:

    The economic news is great and Trump is doing well on immigration but theres an underlying problem here. It wouldnt take long for an Obamaite to come into office and quickly undo all of it.

    What we need is a central command post for Trump supporters to get organized.

    The Big Ugly with taking down the deep state is not going to happen without us. Other than immigration, Sessions is not going to do anything to leakers or Comey, Lynch, Holder, Obama, Clinton et al. without us pressuring him. Congress is going to go on their merry establishment way unless we take a stand, The Obama holdovers will remain in office until we take the fight to them. Theres no reason for Trump to put his life on the line when we can divide that risk amongst millions of us.

    What we need is someone with IT experience who will design a Tump Supporters For Action website. We need the states listed where all Trump resisters in office who are up for re election and grassroots people in each state to find the candidates. The rest of us can donate and we can Cantor the establishment. You know we can do it.

    The website also needs to be able to send action board letters to us with pre written letters to congress people, justice dept, cabinet people etc stating what we want them to do.

    Numbers USA …against illegal immigration….has the most effective website of this kind I have ever seen but its only for immigration. We need something far more broad based.

    When Numbers USA emailed that it was urgent with something going on that day and a congressional vote…they said call…and we called…in the hundreds of thousands. We jammed the switchboards in DC. When they sent an action board email, we read the letter they had prepared under our name, approved it and it was robofaxed to DC. Many congressional votes were called off when they saw how many were opposed to their actions.Donations supported the website.

    We can do this and take out the underbelly of the government through our action and our friends actions. There have to be millions of us who want to do something to help Trump and our country.

    D.C. Was shocked at Trumps recemt W. Virginia. support and the enthusiasm. Treepers, I say they havent seen anything compared to the firestorm we can create.

    Sundance, do you know anyone who can help us get this going. We need to turn deplorable, cold anger into some very meaningful results.

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    • piper567 says:

      choose America…
      I like the idea of a central website, but don’t care for pre-printed letters. If I were on the receiving end of 123 pre-printed letters, the only thing I would notice is where they originated…I’d probably give them one “tick”.
      We can each make our own printed letter (s), and they will then be unique, and be an individual response.
      Maybe others disagree…but I do not see CTH as a political action site, and do not wish to see it diluted…the superior analysis should be our motive, for we understand stuff, thanks to sundance.
      But said website would be a great place for that sort of encouragement.


  16. mamajen says:

    MAGAnomics is the reason I can just never get too worried, no matter what “controversies” are swirling. Money runs the world. If the economy takes off and everyone is doing well, there is just no way people will want that to end. I guess it’s the same line of thinking that Scott Adams has shared — everyone will start to grudgingly admit that he’s good at his job, but they don’t like it. Thankfully there is an awful lot that President Trump can do, and has been getting done, regardless of congress’ shenanigans.

    My family has yet to see any immediate benefit (ie. salary increase, lower healthcare costs), but our 401k and IRA are rocking! They were virtually stagnant for the 8 years that Obama was in office. Low(ish) gas prices are helpful, too. I am optimistic.

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  17. Donna in Oregon says:

    Thank you Sundance for highlighting the positive. I watched an interview with Arthur Laffer former Reagan Economic Policy Adviser. He is so optimistic about the Trump economic plan.

    Congress is a Swamp, and is holding up progress. But Mr. Laffer talked about how President Reagan wasn’t able to get his real changes done until 1984 election when Mr. Reagan won 49 out of 50 states. After that shellacking, Congress got in line for tax reform.

    Art Laffer said you have to hit Congress in the head with a sledge hammer. I like Mr. Laffer, he is a happy warrior. 🙂

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