Paul Ryan and “Big Club” Begin Positioning Comprehensive Immigration Platform Narrative…

Almost no-one has watched Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Eric Cantor, John Boehner AND republican leadership of the House Freedom Caucus admit they intentionally hide their support for amnesty and immigration reform because they know the electorate doesn’t support it.  Yet it’s right there on camera: video showing exactly that. –SEE HERE

The video is highly controlled by PBS and Frontline (legal), and in my opinion tightly controlled because PBS fully understands what would happen if the story of republicans in that video reached the larger awareness of U.S. voters. –The Last Hour is Critical

There is only one political party in Washington DC.  There are two wings, but only one political and ideological apparatus.  An accurate frame of reference for watching this border wall video released today from Paul Ryan is only possible with the understanding from that FrontLine video in 2014.  What you see below is 100% political manipulation:


House Speaker Paul Ryan is attempting to pull off the Alex Castellanos strategy through the utilization of political policy; it’s a strategy the UniParty uses effectively.

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241 Responses to Paul Ryan and “Big Club” Begin Positioning Comprehensive Immigration Platform Narrative…

  1. Immigrant says:

    “Get this done?????”

    What exactly; you SOB????

    Why not say, “Lets get wall Funded and done; ASAP?????”

    Your mere existence on the planet should infuriate your Mother. But why should she????
    “Traitors gives birth to Traitors”

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  2. Betty says:

    I am so proud of myself, this morning – it being the first of the month – I donated my measly $10.00 to Paul Nehlen.

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  3. MissingAndrew says:

    FRONTLINE Immigration Battle


  4. MissingAndrew says:

    Rep. Mick Mulvaney Chastises Fellow Republicans on Immigration |
    Immigration Battle | FRONTLINE

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