Wunderkind Macron Threatens Putin/Assad With Unilateral “Red-Line” Action…

President Trump’s EU strategy is swimmingly effective. Truly, President Trump’s multinational approach is jaw-droppingly transparent (they’ve obviously never read any of Trump’s books), and today France’s Emmanuel Macron showed just how thoroughly disconnected he is from understanding his own position.

Wunderkind Emmanuel Macron, following the exact same advisory recommendations which planted egg on Obama’s face, threatens Vladimir Putin and Bashir Assad with a red-line of military action if chemical weapons are used in Syria:

“Any use of chemical weapons would results in reprisals and an immediate riposte, at least where France is concerned,” Macron said, standing next to Putin in the Versailles palace outside of Paris.  (link)

Emmanuel Macron threatening unilateral action if Syria’s Bashar Assad uses chemical weapons? Hilarious, if it wasn’t so substantively dangerous.

The orbit of influence surrounding the wunderkind (all caviar liberal socialists) have convinced Macron that now is the time to project a strong EU image to compensate for President Trump’s bold stance pointing out the EU need to step out from behind the skirt of NATO and provide for their own defense.  Politically, Macron’s yapping might play well with a domestic or EU centric audience….

…However, in reality France is one of the worst offenders in not funding their own military. France contributes 1.79% of their GDP toward NATO’s common defense; but that amount only reaches approximately 4.9% of all NATO defense spending. By comparison the U.S. provides over 76% of all NATO military spending.

Simultaneously to Macron’s militaristic shaved-chest thumping, the EU continues to import Mid-East and North African economic migrants that will continue to put severe financial pressure on their multicultural social experiments.

Just yesterday a ship containing 250 families, but more than 1300 single males between 16-35, arrived in Italy. Millions more are anticipated.

The Drs Without Borders ship dropped off the “refugees” and now act as a ferry between North Africa and Europe.

President Trump, along with the common sense world, can see the looming social and financial collapse headed directly to the heart of the EU. Brexit will remove £1.5 billion per month from the EU wealth spreading coffers. The economic planetary consequences are aligned to deliver a cold dose of reality to the caviar socialists.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin can also see this coming.  The EU is essentially killing itself.  There’s no reason for Russia to attempt to push their influence upon a region that will soon be in a weakened state and begging the U.S. to save it from itself.

President Trump, and the broader U.S. electorate, are in no mood to step in -yet again- and save the EU from the consequences of it’s own undoing.   The lack of the EU NATO alliance to take the funding demand seriously will simply provide President Trump the leverage needed to avoid any requested intervention.

The Trump administration is focused on the elimination of terror threats from our own shores and supporting allies who are not being stupid.  Remember, when candidate Donald Trump said: “these people are stupid”, it was not a talking point.  He, along with anyone else with a lick of common sense, can see the future of these EU policies.

The U.K. (Theresa May), Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) and Egypt (Fattah al-Sisi) are examples of countries not being stupid; although the U.K is still in flux.  The larger Mid-East alliance, sans Turkey, are also now awakened to this dynamic.

If France is stupid enough to take on Russia, while they are in the midst of an economic social crisis of their own making, they’ll end up looking for fellow fools like Recep Erdogan (Turkey) to join them.

While President Trump stands with Theresa May and watches; wunderkind Macron won’t find a militaristic ally in Angela Merkel (Germany) who is only an advocate for multiculturalism so long as she can spend other countries money to afford her political and social indulgences.

Will prince rainbow sparkles, Justin Trudeau (Canada), ride in on a unicorn to rescue the EU from their own feel-good globalism?  Maybe.

However, when Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary Wilburine and Trade Rep Lighthizer are finished with an economic NAFTA refresh, Canada will have just as big a series of economic problems.  The Canadian electorate, amid an increasingly predictable era of austerity, will most likely be turning the grinder on their own Prime Minister.

Donald Trump is President Trump because he, like all well informed and astute economic people detached from politics, can see and accept predictable consequences from current behavior.

Most politicians act upon their orbit of influence which is never focused further than the next election cycle.  President Trump has a much, much longer perspective; and because of that fundamental paradigm shift in outlook – he can position the U.S. for the best outcome.

If you watch closely you can break the entire geopolitical dynamic into two groups:

  • Group One – Those international leaders who understand the bigger picture in the distance; and
  • Group Two – Those who are focused on the next media cycle to gauge the success of their own political brand image.

Remember, politics might be downstream from pop culture – but pop culture is well downstream from economics.  Group one focus their attention where it really matters; group two focus on image and optics.

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441 Responses to Wunderkind Macron Threatens Putin/Assad With Unilateral “Red-Line” Action…

  1. Benson II says:

    As things continue to unfold it’s difficult not to be thankful every single day that Trump is president. However we the public who support him can help we better get crackin.

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  2. tampa2 says:

    “Red Line” my a$$… Pink, just like O’s.


  3. jbrickley says:

    As if the former head of the KGB has anything to fear from man-boy Macron? Putin wrestles East Siberian Brown Bears (ancestor of Kodiak Bears) shirtless for kicks after downing ten shots of vodka. Meanwhile Macron, sits on his wife’s lap being praised for finishing his vegetables.

    Meanwhile, Syria already used chemical weapons and Trump destroyed the origin stockpile via many cruise missiles giving Russia only an hours heads-up warning. There was no need to declare a red-line! Syria crossed a line that has existed for a very long time and there was an immediate military action without any discussion. BRAVO! Syria will think twice and maybe thrice before they do it again and it sent a message to the world. Trumps not playing and he’s no weakling like Obama.

    In regards to NK, there are now two aircraft carrier battle groups nearby and a third on the way as well as hidden nuclear submarines which no one talks about. Trump hinted that was the case recently and it makes perfect sense. A test ICBM was fired from California and anti-ICBM interceptors are to be tested soon. That’s how you send a message. You don’t make a speech and declare a red-line. Actions speak louder than words.

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  4. as prior finance ministry position in last French Presidency, Macron really really is really really responsible for forging most of the debt investments under Hollande – and Sarkosy (sp?). Another historical mess of a poorly run country (that then always, when the insanity explodes for them, cries, “help me, help me” to those who they belittled before. Always! And it always is the United States since our inception) they come to, to get them out of their self-imposed issues; after they demeaned us (first) for not being as progressive as “they are.”

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  5. decisiontime16 says:

    Thinking about Trogneaux, Macron’s wife.

    She was an older married woman with three children who also was in a position of trust and authority as his school teacher when she began molesting him when he was 15 yrs old. She betrayed everyone as a sexual predator.

    There are and have been many women and men in this country like her that have rightly been arrested, charged and convicted of sex crimes with minors and serving sentences as well as being registered as sex offenders for life.


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  6. tommyd22 says:

    I would have given a lot to see Putin just laugh at the French Pres, and just state flatly “This is what you elected to lead your country?” lmao..
    Drop the mic and walk off the stage laughing..


  7. dayallaxeded says:

    Looking at the picture at the top of the post again, it’s laughably obvious that Vlad is a micron away from grabbing Micron’s frail finger and snapping it right off. By not laughing openly or really even addressing PJ boy’s tantrum, Vlad showed, for the umpteenth time, that regardless of how evil, ruthless, and/or untrustworthy he may be from a USA perspective, he’s got class and competence as a national leader that was unmatched, until PDJT.

    My family has two male bull terriers, both with excellent dispositions, but if you know anything about the breed, they’re crazy strong, hard-headed, and though they usually won’t pick a fight, they’re 100% designed to win, if a fight comes to them. When they spar-play, it looks and sounds like a combination of no-rules wrestling and fencing with chainsaws. Usually there is not even a drop of blood when they’re done (rarely just a scratch or a little nip–they don’t even notice), just two well-exercised dogs, ready to go in and eat. I’m thinking that PDJT and Vlad may work kind of the same way. Dayum, gonna need even more popcorn! And maybe some treats for the pups.


  8. Ronny says:

    Haaaa, shaved chest thumper, wears his significant elderly’s granny panteez too. Macron needs a good backhand from President Trump. Macron reeks of sissy du jour.


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