President Trump is Right To Call Out NATO Countries – U.S. Paying 76 Percent of Total NATO Spending…

President Trump’s political opposition, including Most Swamp Media (MSM), have claimed he went too far in calling out NATO members for their lack of funding their own military and security apparatus.

During President Trump’s latest trip to NATO he stated publicly they needed to improve and do it quickly.  The media expressed a position that President Trump was too direct; however, what the media never shows is how far out of balance the entire financial system is for NATO.

The members of NATO agreed to spend at least 2% of their GDP on their own internal defense and security.   Most people are probably familiar with a graphic such as below which appears on CNN website explaining the dynamic:

However, what is rarely added to the discussion is the scope of the U.S. GDP in comparison to other nation states.  For us to spend 3.61% of our massive GDP ($18.5 Trillion) is actually $670,344,000,000  That represents 76.11% of the entire NATO budget.

In the graphic below I’ve added the GDP and extended the math to show how much the United States actually pays in whole dollars in comparison to the top 10 NATO member nations:

The US is providing $670,344,000,000  – That’s 76.11% of the entire NATO spending on military.

When you extend the amounts out you can see the fuller story of how big the disparity is between the entire NATO budget and who is contributing.

Greece, Estonia, the U.K, and Poland are the only nations meeting their promise to spend at least 2% of their GDP on the “collective defense”.

It is ridiculous in the extreme for the United States to be paying 76 percent of the total amount spent on NATO collective defense.

President Trump is right to call them out publicly.   Heck, he should go further.  I would suggest reducing our own contribution until ALL nations catch up.

Nice new fancy NATO building you got there Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg!

Caviar Socialists love to spend money that’s not theirs.  Boy does this video make more sense against the backdrop of how much our military is carrying for them:

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243 Responses to President Trump is Right To Call Out NATO Countries – U.S. Paying 76 Percent of Total NATO Spending…

  1. cbjoasurf says:

    America should reduce NATO spending immediately to the agreed upon 2% of GDP. In order to reach that goal NATO spending, military forces, and material should be reduced in ONLY in member nations that are NOT PAYING their FAIR SHARE.. Also, for those nations that aren’t paying their FAIR SHARE America should suspend any trade in “MILITARY GOODS” until such time as they have honored their financial obligations to NATO.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    • laurelmarycecilia says:

      First off: I am for the strongest American defense possible – so strong nobody will bother with us. That being said: With respect to NATO, part of the problem is, the American Military-Industrial Complex and the International Banking Houses don’t care who pays – as long as they get their $$$$ SCUM !!!

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  2. SharkFL says:

    The GDP of Montenegro was 3.993 B in 2015. That is “3,993” if added to the chart. It is so small as not to make Sundance’s chart.

    In percentage, Montenegro is 0.021% the size of the United States economy. That is TWO-TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT.

    I would’ve pushed their Prime Minister Markovic out of the front row too. President Trump is right again.

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    • today is Sunday 5/28/2017
      it is the day liberals called Trump a success (that is obvious)
      so the Narrative today is he is great … BUT
      they they continue w/their Trump horror stories
      Melania won’t hold hands OR trump is pushie

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      • guitar107 says:

        We need to face the fact that the enemedia (they ARE the enemy within) will continue to fabricate stories to put down Trump and his family.
        I used to get ticked off about it but now I accept it.

        Someone in the new admin should start thinking about how to CounterPunch each fake story of the enemedia.

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        • MouseChop says:

          Yes,with a sure and swift shot from the “Clinched fist of TRUTH” direct to the smose! The smose lies directly between the nose and mouth. I think that quote was on Joe Dan Gormon’s IFU.


  3. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Never heard obumba talk about NATO paying their ‘fair share’. Trump is the man for calling out the euroweenies. Pay up, or we pull out! Maybe now, the euroweenies will grow some sack to defend their own turf?

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  4. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Initial proposal
    Immediate clawback in the aggregate amount of the deficit of nations under funding their stated commitment and a 10 to 20 year incremental rollback from current U.S. over-contribution level to target 2% – 100s of billions recovered over term

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  5. litlbit2 says:

    Bout time to clean up the books, those that owe the USA start burning the amount of USA treasury bonds held. No more taxpayer interest payments to free loaders.

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    • e.Germany Merkel hates paying their bills
      deadbeats we call them in USA


    • Rich Harrington says:

      The other NATO countries don’t technically owe us anything. The other NATO countries pay their fair share of NATO’s operating expenses, including the new building. The issue is that many of the NATO countries are not spending 2% of their GDP on their own military as agreed. It’s somewhat of a two edged sword. Do we really want European countries with large separate armies again considering the history? On the other hand, in the event of conflict, the US will be required to take a disproportionate share of the burden.


      • You make an interesting point, however considering how soft these socialists have become, not even willing to protect their citizens from being raped by Muhammadan savages, is there really a fear that they might return to their historical penchant for constant war?


  6. TwoLaine says:

    Great News! This means that the U.S. taxpayers own the NATO Building too. Just like we own the U.N. Building. So, next time you take a vacay in either of these cities, you have a place to stay. Just pitch your tents in the yard we also paid for, and crash. I bet they have really nice bathrooms too, and offices with showers, and couches for beds. We know they will have plenty of hookups for your electronics.

    Don’t worry about any trash you might leave. We’ll let the numbgnats who signed the worthless Paris Climate Agreement clean it up. That is, of course, what they need “refugees/immigrants” for, right?

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    On the video, someone really didn’t want us to hear what Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in defense of President TRUMP. Only about 1/5 of that, at best, has audio.

    It reminds me of watching President TRUMP live at the Western Wall ceremonies in Jerusalem, and all of a sudden the feed was cut. When they brought it back, you would never see him praying and touching the wall. They even implied that he hadn’t, wondered the why about it, and commented there wasn’t enough time for him to have touched it, or left a prayer. Someone didn’t want this to be seen across the world. They never corrected this either.

    It wasn’t till I saw it later that I KNEW EXACTLY what they had done.

    They did the same thing with many of the speeches we saw him make with along with other dignitaries speeches. On some we got a translation, and on others we did not, with no seeming rhyme or reason.

    What is up with that, and especially on We spend trillions on translating crap for illegals and others, and we can’t afford it for the American people on feed?

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  8. Rodney Plonker says:

    Look whose bottom of the pack. Hint – it is not a European country.

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  9. oldarmyblog says:

    Seems like France and Germany have plenty of money to throw at the Muslims and Syrian refugees but can’t come up with enough scratch to pay for their own defense. My wife has some relatives in Germany, good solid blue collar types. They are plenty pissed that the “refugees” get free housing and a nice sum of cash each month. Enough cash that they are making more many retirees. Germany has tried to impose severe austerity measures on Greece and Italy (they are in serious trouble) in order to qualify for EU financing. President Trump is right and, after all these years, some plan talk is in order.

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  10. mrt721 says:

    “The members of NATO agreed to spend at least 2% of their GDP on their own internal defense and security.”
    By 2024!!
    In 8 years.
    Just try calling your mortgage, or car loan company and tell them,
    “I know I made an agreement, signed a contract to pay X amount, but for the next 8 years I’m only going to pay half, or maybe a quarter of it. We cool?”
    What B.S.

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  11. Erin says:

    “MSM” = Most Swamp Media * BWAAAAH-HAAAAAH-HAAAAH! thanks for the laugh today.


  12. Bob Thoms says:

    Pres. Trump said alot of these countries are in arrears; anyone have the dollar figures how much each country owes?

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