Trump Administration Approves Arming Kurdish Fighters in Syria…

Last month President Trump took a great deal of criticism for calling Turkish President Erdogan and congratulating him on the narrow referendum victory. Many critics of Trump said he was congratulating a dictator, without also recognizing Turkey is a NATO member.

As long as Turkey is allowed to remain in NATO the entire member nation alliance will always be compromised by the self-serving Islamic interests of Erdogan.  The EU and the political left, demand President Trump recognize the value of NATO – and hypocritically denounce Trump for speaking to a NATO nation’s leader.  This is the mindset of the idiots in the EU and their defenders amid the political left.

Today, the Trump administration announces they are arming the Kurdish fighting forces in Northern Syria. President Erdogan hates the Kurds and considers them as adversaries and political opposition to his control over Turkey.

Within the dynamic you can see a multidimensional problem. The Kurds are fighting short-term against ISIS and Bashir Assad in Syria; however, in the larger Kurdish goal they are also attempting to establish their own independent state, Kurdistan.

Erdogan opposes Assad, but Erdogan more strongly opposes the Kurds and any Kurdistan formation efforts because it would destroy his goal of establishing the new Ottoman empire he dreams of leading.

President Trump wants ISIS defeated.  Additionally, long as ISIS is still around, Assad is safe and can work on killing his political opposition under the guise of fighting ISIS.

Unfortunately for the goal of destroying ISIS, Bashir Assad uses “fighting ISIS” as a foil/ruse. In actuality there’s no motive for Assad to fight ISIS, it’s against his current interests to do so.

SYRIA – President Donald Trump has approved arming Kurdish forces in Syria in the fight to reclaim territory from Islamic State, a decision made over strong objections from Turkey, according to the Pentagon.

U.S. military officials have argued that Kurdish forces are needed in the effort to retake Raqqa, the self-declared capital of Islamic State. But officials in Turkey, a U.S. ally and NATO member, maintain the Kurdish fighters are linked to militants in their country that the U.S. classifies as terrorists. (read more)

The Associated Press adds this report: […] The decision is meant to accelerate the Raqqa operation, but it clashes with the Turkish government’s view that the Syrian Kurdish group known as the YPG is an extension of Kurdish terrorist organization that operates in Turkey.

The U.S. sees the Kurds as its most effective battlefield partner against IS in northern and eastern Syria.

After lengthy deliberations, the administration approved plans to provide additional weaponry to the Kurds. A full list wasn’t immediately available, but officials had indicated in recent days that 120mm mortars, machines guns, ammunition and light armored vehicles were possibilities. They said the U.S. would not provide artillery or surface-to-air missiles.

The U.S. officials who disclosed the Trump administration decision weren’t authorized to publicly discuss the matter and demanded anonymity. They described no firm timeline, with the American intention to provide the new weapons to the Syrian Kurds as soon as possible.

A congressional aide said officials informed relevant members of Congress of the decision on Monday evening.

Senior U.S. officials including Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have met repeatedly with Turkish officials to try to work out an arrangement for the Raqqa assault that would be acceptable to Ankara. The Turks have insisted that the Syrian Kurds be excluded from that operation, but U.S. officials insisted there was no real alternative.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to visit President Donald Trump in Washington next week. An Erdogan adviser, Ibrahim Kalin, met on Tuesday with Thomas Shannon, the State Department No. 2 official.

And in Denmark earlier Tuesday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he had useful discussions with Turkey and described the two countries as working out differences over a U.S. alliance with Syrian Kurds in fighting Islamic State militants.

“That’s not to say we all walk into the room with exactly the same appreciation of the problem or the path forward,” Mattis told reporters after meeting with officials from more than a dozen nations also fighting IS. Basat Ozturk, a senior Turkish defense official, participated.

“We’re going to sort it out,” Mattis said. “We’ll figure out how we’re going to do it.” (read more)


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51 Responses to Trump Administration Approves Arming Kurdish Fighters in Syria…

  1. floridahoosier93 says:

    It seems like since Gulf War I the Kurds have been pretty solid allies. ‘Bout time we reward them. Good strategic move by the Trumpster.

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    • I was thinking the same thing floridahoosier.

      Well past time to help them out.

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    • huldah1776 says:

      I read an interesting piece on Washington Examiner that the Kurds have been split and the factions, one siding with Assad and being very dictatorial, and the others are who we envision to be our allies, and they are. The article title: “Is the Trump Administration about to make a huge mistake in Syria?” so search for it. Kind of like the Shiites and Sunnis of Iraq.

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    • I have been saying this for some time. The Kurds are proven allies over time. To be honest, it is that clown dictator in Turkey that I worry about, not the Kurds. I have no idea why we are keeping Turkey in NATO. Does anyone really think they would support the U.S. if the poo-poo hit the fan?

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      • filia.aurea says:

        Erdogan is not our ally. Turkey should not be a member of NATO. NATO’s current composition is a disaster waiting to happen, a sick and sorry excuse to keep prodding Russia. The U.S.A. should also turf Gulen out of his mountains and mines compound in PA, or is someone protecting him there as Erdogan’s replacement? There is no lesser of these two evils..
        Everybody’s dirty paws are in on the deal to Balkanize Syria. Assad is the duly elected President of Syria – STAY neutral, Mr. President, or drink the cool-aid and be responsible for MILLIONS more Christian lives massacred. Who do you think is helping ISIS? – all your traditional and new-found geo-political “allies”, that’s who.

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    • Rainy says:

      Wasn’t it Bush Sr. that screwed the Kurds after Desert Storm. He abandoned them after using them when he promised to keep helping them?
      And wasn’t it our ever so talented 😒 Al Frankin that did an SNL skit about that situation with his Guy Smally the therypist role?


    • shallbe4 says:

      All the Kurds ever wanted was to be able to defend themselves. The forgotten people both here and abroad are being remembered by Trump. God bless him.

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    • Beenthere says:

      The Kurds are solid allies because USA (maybe NATO too) was the one country who kept the Kurds safe in Iraq from Saddam all those years after Gulf War 1.

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  2. Bob says:

    Why do they have AK-47’s instead of M-16’s and M-4’s, where are the Ak’s being purchased…optics not good…Russian supplied most likely…really not good optics.

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    • H.R. says:

      Only guessing at this point, but the Kurds might be getting something heavier than small arms. Perhaps a little transport for mobility thrown in for good measure.

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      • Bob says:

        My point was Obama buying Russian Choppers for tha Afgahn army. Don’t think the Geneva Convention demands that we send tons of weapons made by our enemies, to other enemies. The USA is going broke, but the politicians find some stupid reason to supply foreign weapons with tax payer money. Then they can rip off all the cream they want, but our American gun manufactures have excess capacity. The Convention has no prevision that we should send tons of tax payer money to our enemy, while they continue kill at will.


    • ALEX says:

      They are the most common assault weapon in the world and easiest to supply….They will be getting some of our speciality guns though as well as much more powerful weapons..

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      • trialbytruth says:

        DIng Ding Internet winner Pick the domain of your choice. That was the explanation when we armed the Kurds in Northern iraq In Gulf II. That was the weapons they had and had been trained on.

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    • kurtmandoo says:

      Gun show loopholes /sarc

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    • Steven says:

      I believe Obama Administration refused to sell any weapon to Kurds. May not be long before we see some of American weapons in their hands with the current administration.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        The Kurds have been the one Muslim group in the Middle-East who fought the hard fight against ISIS and Islamic radicalism. They and the Israelis. In fact, a number of years ago, they had a great leader who was trying to get rid of the oppressors and he was assassinated by a supposedly friendly visitor to their camp. A great loss for them, as he was willing to work with the Western World.

        Obama would not help them, and that was a sin. President Trump is doing what we should be doing. Aiding an ally, not our enemies.

        The Kurdish women, though Muslim, are in the 21st century. They’re soldiers – fierce ones – nothing like the miserable feminazis who walk around protesting and do nothing to really free women in the oppressed parts of the world.


    • tonyE says:

      They got it at the Clinton Arms Bazaar in Tripoli.

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    • Brian L says:

      AK ammo is all over the region, easier to maintain and supply AKs than M4s or 16s.


  3. aredtailblog says:

    Honestly, if it screws up the rise of the Ottoman Empire 2.0, I’ll happily see the rise of Kurdistan.

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  4. NJF says:

    Need to come back and pay attention to this, but I just heard about jumbo so I’m

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  5. mikeyboo says:

    Turkey should not be in NATO. Erdogan isnot an ally. His dream is to be the next leader of the caliphate.

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  6. Suzanne says:

    If we hadn’t had the misfortune of having jugears as our “leader”, arming the Kurds from day #1 would have made things extremely difficult for ISIS to expand to the extent that they have. The Kurds are fierce fighters. IIRC there were a couple of Kurdish women who were spectacular snipers a while back

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  7. I could say more but I think this will suffice:

    #MoreWinning 😀

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  8. ALEX says:

    It’s a complicate business, but the Kurds are the ones we know are the best for this…

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  9. Beryl Bomb says:

    If anyone can keep our ally the Kurds from attacking our “ally” Turkey it’s Donald J Trump. Like others, I feel this was a long time coming.

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  10. trapper says:

    A big single finger salute to Erdogan. Beantiful

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  11. Sam says:

    Well finally. The enemy of our enemy deserves our help. The Kurds, while not exactly our friends, are our allies in fighting IS. They, not IS, should be getting arms and other war materiel as well as medical supplies, food and military consultants and relevant intelligence. And now they might.

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  12. graphiclucidity says:

    Not to be pedantic but that NATO graphic is a little off.
    It’s missing around a dozen flags, most obviously the U.K. and France.


  13. graphiclucidity says:

    This gentleman believes supporting the Kurdish PYD to take Raqqah could possibly lead to future war due to the PYD’s tendency to be autocratic in the areas they control.

    After two years of benefiting from the vast majority of anti-ISIS Coalition airstrikes in Syria, the PYD may indeed be the strongest Syrian anti-ISIS force. Yet it is not a force for stability; the PYD’s tacit partnership with Assad, its record of human rights abuses, and its tendency to monopolize power have earned it the enmity of other anti-ISIS groups and ordinary Syrians. PYD officials this week even suggested future plans to attack the rebel bastion of Idlib. Plus, as the PYD’s ongoing hostilities with Turkey indicate, the group lacks the regional buy-in necessary to be a successful holding force.

    The Trump administration will be making an Iraq-level mistake if it continues America’s over-reliance on the PYD

    I don’t know anything about the author but he makes some fair points.


  14. aprilyn43 says:

    Don’t like arming any Muslims, but … the Kurd’s are the one exception. I can’t explain the Kurd’s, but I must admit they seem like the only sane Muslims; & Islam is a type of insanity.

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  15. Ah, the sainted Kurds. When, please tell me, WHEN will we learn our lessons about Muslims of any sect? They turn on us EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!
    From helping Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war.
    To making terrorist Yasser Arafat a BILLIONAIRE off taxpayer money
    To helping Osama Bin Laden fight the Soviets in Afghanistan
    To protecting Saudi & Kuwait royals with our military while they fund terrorists who kill and maim us
    To arming and training the Afghan Army which if they’re not giving the Taliban a heads up on our troop movements or giving the Taliban our equipment just outright shoot our soldiers point blank
    To arming and training the Iraq Army which surrendor billions of dollars of our equipment to ISIS/Al Queada at the first sound of gunfire, while also shooting our soldiers at point blank
    To arming and training Syrian “rebels” who are nothing more than ISIS and/or Al Queada surrogates
    To flushing Iran with billions in cash while letting them go on developing nukes.

    And now the Kurds. Yes, the Kurds were JUBILENT we got Saddam off their backs and are masters at propaganda toward gullible Americans (fly that U.S. flag! show those pretty woment Kurd fighters!). Those same Kurds who were slaughtering Assyrian Christians in Iraq right up through Saddam’s regime. Those same Kurds who are taking the homes and land of the few remaining Christians in Iraq and Syria and imposing jizya on them. Those same Kurds who have slaughtered countless innocents in Turkey for territory. Those same Kurds who were arrested in a massive terrorist sweep in Europe for plotting to blow up a UK diplomat and countless other civilians in Europe, just before the Bataclan massacre, so that story of Kurd terrorism in Europe was conveniently swept under the rug. And don’t forget the police station under Muslim gun fire in Australia where an IT employee was slaughtered before the Muslim gunman could be taken down…uh huh, an Iraqi KURD.

    Kurds aren’t fighting for Western ideals of freedom and equality. They are fighting for TERRITORY.

    At least we supposedly will only be arming them with “120mm mortars, machines guns, ammunition and light armored vehicles” and “would not provide artillery or surface-to-air missiles”….that’s some consolation.


  16. Benson II says:

    Not all decisions have to be part of a long term goal. Arming the Kurds could be a short term objective that coincides with a particular set of circumstances. This could go along with the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

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  17. ladypenquin says:

    I agree. I think the fierceness of the Kurdish women fighters make them heroines in my book.


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