Idiots Quip About Trump Talking to Duterte While Administration Focuses on ASEAN Big Picture….

The media gnats, and some doofus conservative punditry, quip about President Trump talking to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Duterte is also the rotational President of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).  Meanwhile, President Trump and Secretary of State Tillerson remain keenly focused on the BIGGER PICTURE in Asia and how ASEAN policy relates to N-Korea.

Thankfully the grow-ups are in charge.

STATE DEPT – Secretary of State Tillerson hosted the Foreign Ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for a special U.S.-ASEAN Foreign Ministers meeting, reinforcing the Strategic Partnership between the United States and ASEAN and commemorating the 40th anniversary of U.S.-ASEAN relations.

Secretary Tillerson underscored that the Asia-Pacific region is a top priority for the Trump Administration and that ASEAN is an essential partner. ASEAN Ministers welcomed the continued commitment by the United States to ASEAN, including the Association’s community-building and regional integration efforts.

They jointly took note of the 30th ASEAN-U.S. Dialogue, held on May 3, in which senior officials of the United States, ASEAN member states, and the ASEAN Secretariat discussed cooperation on political, security, and economic issues. The Secretary and the Ministers stressed their shared commitment to advance peace, security, and prosperity in the region.

Secretary Tillerson and the ASEAN Foreign Ministers discussed the tensions on the Korean Peninsula caused by the DPRK’s nuclear tests and missile launches, and the grave threat posed to regional stability. They recognized the need for full implementation of all relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Secretary Tillerson and the Foreign Ministers reaffirmed their adherence to a rules-based order in the Asia-Pacific and to the common principles articulated in the 2016 Joint Statement of the U.S.-ASEAN Special Leaders’ Summit, including the peaceful resolution of disputes, with full respect for legal and diplomatic processes, and in accordance with international law.

The Secretary noted shared concerns by many in the region regarding militarization and land reclamation in the South China Sea. The Secretary and the Ministers stressed the need for ASEAN Member States and China to ensure the full and effective implementation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea in its entirety, and took note of efforts towards the early conclusion of a meaningful Code of Conduct in the South China Sea.

Secretary Tillerson and his counterparts discussed economic partnership through U.S.-ASEAN Connect, the Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement, and the ASEAN Connectivity through Trade and Investment program.

The Secretary noted his intent to represent the United States at the ASEAN Regional Forum, East Asia Summit Ministerial, and U.S.-ASEAN Ministerial meetings in August in the Philippines. (link)


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51 Responses to Idiots Quip About Trump Talking to Duterte While Administration Focuses on ASEAN Big Picture….

    • nontroll says:

      Get used to it, Sundance. The press are proving day in and day out they can’t keep up with President Trump. All of this groundwork he is laying is gonna pay of in spades down the road. Those little snowballs he’s starting to roll down the hills are gonna turn into avalanches and the press ain’t gonna know what hit them. It’s gonna look like a Chinese fire-drill, lol

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  1. Sentient says:

    I’m more distressed by our relationship with the Saudis than with Duterte.

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  2. Minnie says:

    We loyal Trump supporters continue to rise above the fray

    👍 🇺🇸

    Doofuses be doofuses, shame on them.

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  3. Stringy theory says:

    Trump and T-Rex don’t listen to the idiot pundits. They have a strategic plan and if it involves talking to Duterte or Abbas or anyone else they deem necessary, they will.

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  4. 6x47 says:

    anyone who calls Barack Obama a son of a bitch can’t be all bad

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  5. starfcker says:

    Me? I can’t wait to see Presdent Trump in a purple star trek shirt. Think that’ll happen?


  6. …some doofus conservative punditry…


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  7. wheatietoo says:

    Duerte dared to say something negative about Obama.

    So of course Barry’s media thralls were outraged…and would probably like to see the Philippines get nuked as a result of it.

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  8. missmarple2 says:

    I can’t take talk radio any more. I just can’t.

    I think Limbaugh gets all of his analysis from Mark Levin. It’s incredibly shallow and one-dimensional. Lots of pearl-clutching, too.

    Levin is beyond the pale. Hannity is an ally but repetitive. Laura Ingraham can’t get over not being hired for Sean Spicer’s job. Michael Savage has lost his mind.

    Those are my choices in this area. I need books on tape or something. LOL!

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    • Wend says:

      Books on tape are excellent for commuting. And never forget good old music…lots of music. Through whatever means. Talk radio will make you as INSANE or INANE as they are.

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    • mj_inOC says:

      Yes, agree: Levin lost me with so many Cruz rants and when he didn’t acknowledge his then fiancé’s kid worked for Cruz; Limbaugh has at least two too many hours to try to be relevant and succinct; Savage too bitter, unless talking about his former research; so that leaves ´Great American’ Hannity who is great when not talking over his guests.
      Fox Business is usually better … It’s not about them!

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    • deanbrh says:

      missmarple2, you’re right about Ingraham. She was against Trump until she was for him, and then he put her in the running and she got all full of herself until she was sure she wasn’t chosen, and then she was against him again. FlippFlopper! He Romnied her, I suspect. Is that what he did with Christie, I wonder?

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    • ALEX says:

      You are not alone and somebody New will fill the gap I hope…I can’t listen to the same people for two decades knowing they have been so wrong about so much, including their basic philosophy…

      I’ve dropped my consumption of right media and Faux News in particular by 90% last eight months or so…It’s stale, boring and just not informative…


    • Beenthere says:

      Try Mark Simone; he’s a close friend of Trump and gets it. Although his market region is NYC.


  9. Pretty sure, President Rodrigo Duterte, is an elected leader. These people, Hot Air, and ‘Reason’ should probably stuff it. Also both of which were vocal NeverTrumpers, so their crowing is probably as expected.

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  10. TwoLaine says:

    Bret Baier interview w/Turnbull didn’t go as he planned. He asked Turnbull what he thought about President TRUMP inviting Duterte to the WH. Turnbull said they are very important to his country and to our country, and as a leader he would expect President TRUMP to do exactly what he did, reach out to other leaders. He seemed to not even understand why there was an issue, so Bret pushed “they don’t share our values” crap, and Turnbull basically blew him off. Said he was sure that at the appropriate time a leader like President TRUMP would discuss these issues. HAH!

    I caught maybe a minute of the interview before that, all good, and all of it quite by accident. The parts I heard were very complimentary toward President TRUMP.

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    • nontroll says:

      Bret Baier has made himself irrelevant. (He gives me a pain where I can’t scratch it)

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    • ALEX says:

      I have stated many times you would have to tie me to a chair and also pay me to listen to one word out of his mouth or any of his show..

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      • G. Combs says:

        Bret Baier is so irrelevant to me I do not even know who he is! I quit watching TV in 1976 and have never really listened to talk radio. Think of all the hours of my life I did not waste on getting indoctrinated. 😁

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      How does he manage to look so child-like, yet old? That chubby-cheeked monotone delivery–all the while looking serious–spewing nonsensical prattle. I always ask myself, “what the heck is that?”. Yellow journalism stinks.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I love that Turnbull slapped Bret Baier around. I have wanted to slap him around on a daily basis at least since the Republican Convention, maybe before, but I can’t reach him through the TV. I used to watch him every day. Now I refuse. Mr. Smug Never Trump dolt.

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  11. Wend says:

    And these fools don’t “quip”. Oscar Levant and George Sanders quipped.

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  12. Weeper says:

    Sooner or later the gnats and the doofuses will realize that PDJT doesn’t take direction on foreign, or any other, policy from them.

    I just love his FP team. The Lion himself, T-Rex, and the cats 😺

    They’ve got this!!!

    MAGA!!!! 🦁

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  13. Kaco says:

    Duterte is allegedly a killer, but it is in our national interest, just like Putin. The media is going to find any angle to make it a negative.

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    • mike says:

      Duterte is dealing with a festering emergency. Imagine night after night of meth driven zombies and robbers that (try to) climb into your house and then wave a butcher knife around for an hour or two. Sort of like Omega Man with Charleton Heston. Driven by tons and tons of Chinese meth.

      First or second time around, even liberals will be Duterte supporters. If you’re still alive.

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  14. TwoLaine says:

    I recently did family history on a soldier’s family who was KIA/MIA over the Pacific, and is listed on the Tablets of the Missing in the Manila American Cemetery, Philippines. The whole cemetery is hauntingly beautiful, and very unusual. There are tons of photos and videos here.

    “The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial in the Philippines occupies 152 acres on a prominent plateau, visible at a distance from the east, south and west. It contains the largest number of graves of our military dead of World War II, a total of 17,191, most of whom lost their lives in operations in New Guinea and the Philippines. The headstones are aligned in 11 plots forming a generally circular pattern, set among masses of a wide variety of tropical trees and shrubbery.

    The chapel, a white masonry building enriched with sculpture and mosaic, stands near the center of the cemetery. In front of it on a wide terrace are two large hemicycles. Twenty-five mosaic maps recall the achievements of the American armed forces in the Pacific, China, India and Burma. On rectangular Trani limestone piers within the hemicycles, are inscribed the Tablets of the Missing containing 36,286 names. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified. Carved in the floors are the seals of the American states and its territories. From the memorial and other points within the cemetery there are impressive views over the lowlands to Laguna de Bay and towards the distant mountains.”

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  15. Rhodiegirl says:

    The Lion King does not take political advise from the court jesters in the Media or Hollyweird.

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  16. Duckman says:

    I live in Cebu city, Philippines. Before D30, under Aquino the druga, (drugs) were everywhere, the addicts lined the streets laying on the sidewalks. AFTER D30 they are GONE! The drug Lords are on the run, rape and murder are coming down, (all associated with drug use here) and the population loves the guy. The media here, hate him, ABSCBN and the others are the CNN of Asia. The UN is trolling around here in country trying to work backroom deals to oust him and do here what they have been trying to do world wide. The Soros and Obama machine is not just active in the US and the EU, it is here. The Filipino people are very patient, until you hack them off. I’m telling you my lovely VERY lovey Filipino wife is patient, but you cross her and you better head for high cotton cat daddy! Same with these globull-ist. Best watch your back Obama, it won’t be pretty when you cross THEIR red line hoss!

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  17. Raven says:

    ‘…doofus conservative punditry…”

    Doofus and conservative is all that has to be said together — to say it all these days.

    Doofus conservative.

    Doofus conservative because they are spineless little boys afraid of their own shadows — and the women who love them.

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  18. andi lee says:

    Apparently, President Duterte is experiencing the exact same kind of political assassination, leftists attacks & MSM collusion, as our beloved President Trump. Hm. CIA blackhats, or should I just call it – Bush-Clinton-Obama shadow blackops.

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  19. ALEX says:

    I’m liking where all this is going and thanks once again that you have turned your talents towards foreign policy Sundance…You mentioned a few months back you were going to do this more and this realm has always fascinated me more than the latest Fake News or Fake Base click-bait…


  20. Trumpelstiltsken says:

    Ahh, the Fat Albert handshake line returns! LOL 😂


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