Senator Ted Cruz Continues Fleecing The Sheeple – Professional “Grubering”…

This is more than a little funny.  Senator Ted Cruz must not be having much success fundraising for his re-election campaign, as his latest publicity stunt outlines:

In essence, the architect of Obama’s Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority bill is using the border wall, which he is paid to oppose, as a tool to “gruber” his sheeple followers.  Judging by the number of people responding to the tweet, he’s found a goldmine.

As many people are aware, Senator Cruz is part of the ‘controlled opposition’ ploy.  As a dedicated UniParty benefactor of the U.S. CoC lobbying expenditures Ted’s role is to plow through the political field giving a crony-constitutional impression of one thing while loyally working to deliver the end result of the thing he optically rails against, like TPP or TPA.

The El Chapo/wall angle as a narrative and fundraising mechanism, is similar to the dead-end ploy previously exhibited by Senator Rand Paul in last month’s ObamaCare repeal narrative used as his fundraising tool.   Both are fallacies of false choice.  Both have no foundation in actual goal or intention.  Both are ruses.

Almost all of these donors are Washington DC lobbyists. All of them directly funding Ted Cruz, not a Super-PAC, his direct campaign. – SEE FOR YOURSELF – The entire statement:

…”I will never get — nor do I want — money from the DC lobbyists”…

…is a flat out lie. It is not a misstatement, it is a complete and total falsehood.

♦ Then take a look at the #2 Bullet Point: “After winning Iowa the Washington cartel is most certainly more determined than ever defeat me”. Again, look at the truth:

sft 3

Stand for Truth is the Super-PAC of Mitch McConnell’s attorney. You don’t get much more “inside the DC cartel” than that. Notice they were funding support for Ted Cruz in Iowa. –SEE FOR YOURSELF – See All Filings HERE

It certainly doesn’t appear the DC Cartel was ever out to defeat Ted Cruz.

This is what we reference when we point out that almost all of Ted Cruz supporters have some weird ideological way to reconcile being lied to based on some odd, possibly religious, need to believe -against all common sense- what is factually taking place.

Even when presented with this factual information which proves, beyond any doubt, that Ted Cruz is lying to his supporters in his campaign letters, somehow they are able to disconnect themselves from the sunlight of truth and retain a belief he’s not lying to them.   It’s odd, really odd.

Additionally, you might remember seeing Senator Rand Paul on TV for 10-consecutive-days (just this past March), proclaiming that RyanCare must be defeated.

Toward that end Senator Paul put on a tuxedo went to the House of Representatives, lobbied them personally, and handed out instructions and books telling Hillary’s Favorite Caucus (HFC) if they simply blocked President Trump and Secretary Price he (Paul) would, within two weeks, provide a clean repeal bill from the Senate.  Senator Rand Paul said he and Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee already had the legislation written for the clean repeal.  Senator Paul stated if the House members simply followed his plan he would guarantee the “repeal only” bill would advance within two weeks.



The reality is the primary opposition to President Trump’s not Democrats in the House and Senate; the true reality is the most virulent strain of opposition to Trump is from the Republican UniParty members.   Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have a role to play in facilitating that opposition.  They’ve been tag-teaming on that approach for several years.

This is the same UniParty that approved Trade Promotion Authority, a Republican Bill, that allowed President Obama to construct TPP and congress reversed the threshold for approval – making it necessary for two-thirds of the Senate to oppose passage to stop it, instead of two-thirds necessary to approve passage.  ♦Why would a republican controlled congress make it easier for Obama-Trade to pass and make it harder to stop?

This is the same UniParty that has refused to accept the ‘Notification of Intent’ letter from Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross permitting him to renegotiate NAFTA.  ♦Why would a republican controlled congress block President Trump from re-negotiating NAFTA?

♦ Why did it take over four months for the Senate to confirm Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue or Ron Rosenstein to be Deputy Attorney General?

When eventually brought up for a vote Perdue passed 87-11, and Rosenstein passed 94-6.

So why the lengthy delay? (hint: it wasn’t Democrats)

And President Trump is still waiting on confirmation of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. ♦WHY?


Go back and look at the lobbying money spent by the U.S. CoC and who they gave it to.

You see, this is where CTH refuses to be co-dependents in our own abuse.  We fully understand, and more importantly ‘accept’, the DC UniParty congress has no intention of: Providing a budget to lower spending; repealing and replacing ObamaCare; allowing enforcement of immigration law to include deportation and a southern border wall.

It can be difficult to accept these realities.  It can be difficult to confront your abuser.  However, until the larger electorate understand the structural concept of the UniParty, there will be hours-upon-hours of talking in circles, and tens of thousands of column inches typed in an effort to reconcile the irreconcilable and avoid accepting the diagnosis:

….Battered Conservative Syndrome !

Codependent no more!

The ongoing K-Street corporate Wall Street legislative agenda consists of broad principles (financial global items) and some core priorities that have been paid for:

  • Comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty.
  • Blockage of any Southern Border Security Wall.
  • Blocking any effort to repeal or renegotiate NAFTA.
  • The retention of ObamaCare without repeal
  • Growth of government to the benefit of the investing class.

Toward those ends, U.S. CoC President Tom Donohue, acting as front-man, has invested over $400 million in advance payments to House and Senate leaders and members.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, along with Senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have a unified objective to defend the W.S. Agenda items. President Donald Trump, representing main street, is opposed to the Wall Street legislative agenda and therefore an existential threat to the entire apparatus.

President Trump’s policies are “America’s Interests First”.  Hence, he is at an ideological impasse with the republican and democrat UniParty.

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweet


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237 Responses to Senator Ted Cruz Continues Fleecing The Sheeple – Professional “Grubering”…

  1. BG2 says:

    “congress reversed the threshold for approval – making it necessary for two-thirds of the Senate to oppose passage to stop it, instead of two-thirds necessary to approve passage.”

    Under the heading of things I didn’t know….seriously?…. Congress can mandate the vote % for approval / disapproval by the Senate?
    If that’s the Founding Fathers attempt at checks and balances they screwed up big time.

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    • Kroesus says:

      it is not legally possible to modify constitutional requirements by legislation…they just pretend it is a mechanism called an “agreement” so they can pretend it has been approved

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    • NebraskaFilly says:

      That was the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority), the required predecessor of TPP, that both Lyin’ Canadian Ted and RINO Ryan jointly promoted and helped pass (note the masterful wordsmithing/doublespeak). Thankfully, TPP was stopped. In addition, there are TONS of “rules” and “procedures” that are changed every year within both the House and the Senate, with varying expiration dates. You would be astonished, believe me.

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    • Maquis says:

      Senator Corker reamed us the same way on the Iran deal, giving Obama his “victory” before it came up for it’s final vote. That’s why I despise Corker as much as any RepublicRAT Uniparty scum.

      I wish Trump could take a steamroller right through a joint session of Congress, with all the doors locked tight. But I’ll settle for the removal of McConnell, Ryan, Cruz, and Rand Paul. Traitors all.

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  2. A2 says:

    I came to this post a bit late, however Mr Booger-eater, Canadian ??, failed constitutional lawyer, and general moonbattery arsehat is what? Teddy-boy, with his winkle pickers shoes, finger up his nose and selling snake-oil off the back of his truck.
    God give me strength.

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  3. The Boss says:

    Since Ted noticed his name wasn’t on President Trump’s list of SCOTUS nominees, he’s reverting to his mean…of being a total schwanzstucker.

    (See old movie Young Frankenstein if you don’t know what I’m calling him).

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  4. vrajavala says:

    So, what you’re saying is that this El Chapo Wall bill is just a ruse? to keep congress from including it in the budget?


  5. Buck Turgidson says:

    Good job Ted!! Yes, the wall, BUILD IT.


  6. I am so angry at Rand Paul, he did state that there would be a repeal bill within 2 weeks, if Ryancare voted down. I did not want to believe that this doctor could be so duplicitous. Now I really understand why he backed McConnell in the election, as conservative as he may appear to be I guess he has been bought out or corrupted by D.C….
    What a shame. People go to DC with such good intentions and become corrupt in no time.

    About Ted we all knew what a liar and slease he was. I started really doing research on him after he voted cloture for the TPA, and what I found shocked me. He is ever so touted as the “Constitutional candidate” and he is the polar opposite in real form.

    But, seriously this should upset every American what they are doing here. It is lies, mis-representation, mis-appropriations and kickbacks. It is NOT about representing the American people, it is simply a great rich scheme as they lie to your face.

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    • Bill Wright says:

      Rand backed Mitch because Matt Bevin would have gotten his doors blown off in an $80 million Senate race. We installed Matt Bevin as governor of Kentucky, so he got a promotion. See how things worked out.

      In the campaign business we call this playing 3D chess, not checkers.


  7. haditwgov says:

    Question for Sundance. When Republicans passed the bill that changed the Senate advise and consent reversing the thresh hold my gut says it is not Constitutional. Opinions? Since the US Constitution clearly lays out the process I maintain CONgress doesn’t have the authority to change or reverse the requirements on their own. It would/should require an amendment process. I realize why this was never challenged, BUT it seems that it should be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court if required so CONgress never repeats same. Open to all ideas and interpretations


  8. Larry Bucar says:

    Absolutely Brilliant.
    Now DRAIN the F’ing SWAMP ALREADY DJT + AG Sessions!!!!

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  9. kp3ace says:

    I guess you could call me “one of those stupid morons”.
    If you don’t believe that people are capable of that kind of evil, (it requires a certain type of mindset) then you are not capable of seeing or believing that it’s even possible for someone to do something like that.


  10. TKA says:

    It may be a lame attempt at fundraising, but it’s a great way to fund the wall. You’re not gonna find many who view Lyin’ Ted as untrustworthy than me. That said, a great idea is a great idea. Take El Chapo’s money and apply it to the wall. If the other side of the Uniparty (Ryan, McConell, McCain, Graham etc) won’t fund the wall, because “That’s not who we are”, let POTUS do what he has to do and keep a campaign promise to get Mexico to pay for the wall. One way or the other…

    Remember folks, there are two sides of the Uniparty. One is in charge, the other is in opposition to those in charge. You can’t have it both ways and whining isn’t a strategy. You have to ask yourself, which side is more in line with what this President is trying to achieve? Pick a lane.

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    • kokopuf says:

      It is absolutely a great idea and one that would not get much opposition from the Uniparty. I get that most of you don’t like Ted, but at least he has presented a good idea to provide funds to start building the wall.

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  11. daughnworks247 says:

    Time for Trump to have a sit-down with Tom Donahue.
    The head of the snake.
    The Chamber of Commerce immediately co-opts Congressmen elected with Tea Party support. It’s all about the time a Congressman has to spend “dialing for dollars”, getting contributions, and Congressman are not going to vote against their own self-interests.
    In other words, “We’ve already established what kind of woman you really are. Now, we are just arguing over price.”

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  12. daughnworks247 says:

    True spot to Sundance.
    McConnell has had his hooks in Cruz since Cruz was appointed to NRSC committee in 2014.

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  13. jw burns says:

    All that’s left is Kabuki theater for the benefit of the squares. The coup is a fait accompli.


  14. Dr. Emmett L. Brown says:

    I don’t care how much a piece of crap Ted Cruz is or isn’t. The idea to use El Chapo money to build the wall is excellent. The Trump admin should jump all over this. Make any opposition have to defend not using El Chapo’s money.

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    • AmSa/Mx says:

      Those monies goes to many States law enforcements which pays for police cars, etc., etc., etc. & etc……They are not going to let go of the monies to the Federal Government. Ted Cruz is full of BS Boogers……


  15. gymcy81 says:

    Its been nearly 1 year since the Primaries concluded and here is a writer looking to bring up old campaign stuff, and jump the shark (instead of uniting)?

    “Why do you (we) look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank of wood in your (our) own eye? Luke 6:41

    What are you proposing for the seized money? (the above article had no comment. hmmm…)
    The linked article below provides a transparent idea – for public discussions.)

    Love thy neighbors
    Mark 12:31

    And yes, we know that there is evil and we know the humans are not perfect.
    See the solid Trump speech at the DC Holocaust Museum, yesterday.

    But, be careful about interim judging, misjudging …and a 50 yr. long demographic Winter that is need of a 100 yr. long Spring thaw etc.

    Generally appreciate the in-depth overview here.
    For some clues and a bit wider perspective…see the book and movie, “The Shack”.



    • sundance says:

      What part of “it’s a ruse” is confusing to you?

      Seriously, Ted Cruz has no intention of creating legislation for such a ridiculous idea; and even if he did there’s no mechanism for any such “bill” (which doesn’t exist) to actually get a vote.

      The entire precept is a con job. Simply a gimmick to raise money and get TV attention.

      Nothing more.

      There is no ‘there’ there.

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  16. marcyo13 says:

    Oh Sundance, you are wise in the ways of the world. Sadder and wiser. I fell for the Cruz ploy. I fell for the Rand Paul ploy. What would we do without you? I think term limits are the only cure for our terminally ill Congress. I think Trump supports that change, too.

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  17. Rob says:

    WHAT wall, Teddy?

    You mean the wall you proposed building while running for President?

    Oh no, that wasn’t you.

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  18. Oh, my – so naive!


    • sundance says:

      So, you’re saying Senator Rand Paul (Mike Lee and Ted Cruz) did actually did present and pass “repeal only” legislation within two weeks of the Friday vote cancellation and everyone just missed it?

      What was the bill number? Who voted for and against it?

      You’re also saying Ted Cruz didn’t vote for the Corker Cardin amendment? Didn’t support TPA with Paul Ryan? Didn’t have the DC machine spending on this behalf in the election? Didn’t lie in his fundraising letters? Etc.

      Oh, but I’ve got a tin foil hat on?…. OK, gotcha.

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  19. sha44ss says:

    The only way the Swamp is ever going to get drained of these gators(traitors) is if 17,000,000 People “Walk like the Egyptians’ did and wrestle them out ourselves!


  20. Bill Wright says:

    Ted Cruz did accept GOPe money; however, that does not mean his El Chapo funding bill for the wall is a bad idea. It is a great idea, along with the over $380 million in seized assets sitting at the DOJ. President Trump and Jeff Sessions can use existing seized asset money to finish building the double layer fence under The Secure Fence Act of 2006. Taking Mexico’s half of El Chapo’s money will go a long way toward making Mexico pay for the wall.

    Mitch McConnell is a GOPe, COC Republican, but what he did on Neil Gorsuch was magnificent. Just because you are on the other side of the Republican tent does not mean we should reflexively oppose all your ideas.

    Lastly, let me remind everyone that PDJT’s administration is full of GOPe, starting with VP Mike Pence and Chief of Staff Rince Priebus. He also has Democrats Jared and Ivanka.

    I don’t care whose idea it is. I just want to get where we want to go. If we have to hold hands with Mitch, Ted, Ivanka, or Rand, then we do it.

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  21. sundance, could this also be a way to DELAY the border wall as seized assets from criminals are HELD, not spent, until after a trial AND all the appeals?? This could take DECADES to get the funding for the wall if we waited for seized assets.

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