Two of President Obama’s Undocumented Alien “Children” Brutally Rape 14-Year-Old Maryland Student During School…

Those of you who have followed the Undocumented Alien Children (UAC) story, which began in the summer of 2014, will note the nationality of two UAC’s who brutally raped a 14-Year-Old Rockville Maryland Student.

Henry Sanchez, 18, originally from Guatemala and Jose Montano, 17, a native of El Salvador, brutally raped a 14-year-old high school student on Thursday.   Sanchez had a pending illegal alien removal case (deportation order) pending, which was not carried out while immigration activists tried to block the deportation.

Sanchez and Montano dragged the 14-year-old victim into a school bathroom where they repeatedly gang raped her during school session.  The sickening story is partially explained in the local news coverage:


You might also remember Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch and Senator Ted Cruz going to the Texas border during the summer of 2014 to bring teddy bears and soccer balls to the future rapists. (See Here and also See HERE)

I wonder how they feel about this story now?

Maryland – […] The victim told police she was walking in a school hallway on March 16 at about 9 a.m. when the two male students approached her, according to charging documents. Montano asked her twice to have sex, and after she refused, he forced her into a boys’ bathroom and then into a stall, according to police.

The student told police that Montano and Sanchez raped her multiple times, according to the court documents. She cried out in pain and repeatedly told the two students to stop, she told police.

Forensic investigators said an inspection of the boys’ bathroom later turned up suspected blood “that may be mixed with male fluid,” the court documents stated.

Sanchez and Montano were arrested at school, police said, and have been held since Thursday.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says they have a detainer on Sanchez, a citizen of Guatemala. The agency could not comment on Montano’s case since he is a minor.

In a letter to parents, Montgomery County Public Schools said school officials notified police immediately after the student reported the assault to a staff member. (read more)

The 2014 UAC Crisis was specifically an out of control influx of “Unaccompanied Alien Children” that were not children, and were not unaccompanied.

There were entire families relocating illegally, and thousands of South American gang members including MS13 gang members, all teenage or early twenties males, who crossed the border under the auspices of being children.  They were categorized as “refugees” and settled in numerous communities throughout the U.S.

UAC Distribution Map by President Obama and HHS

Interactive HERE

CTH was one of a small group of websites that began tracking the location of all the UAC’s that were being disbursed by the Obama administration throughout the U.S.  (See Here)  We also tracked the amount of taxpayer money being used at the time.

Specifically to Maryland the South American UAC’s were sent to:

♦ 2014 Windsor Mill, Maryland – 1 Facility – BOARD OF CHILD CARE OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, INC [Residential Emergency Housing and Care for UAC’s] Address: 3300 Gaither Road BALTIMORE, MD 21244 HHS Grant $2,387,200

♦ 2014 Baltimore, Maryland – 1 facility – LUTHERAN IMMIGRATION & REFUGEE SERVICE [Foster Care Placement] Address: 700 LIGHT ST BALTIMORE, MD 21230-3850 HHS Grant $14,957,523

♦ 2014 Staunton, Virginia – 1 facility – Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Detention Home [Residential ORR/DCS Secure and Staff Secure] Address: 300 Technology Drive STAUNTON, VA 24401 HHS Grant $3,282,893

♦ 2014 Bristow, Virginia – 1 facility – Youth For Tomorrow [Residential Shelter UAC Program ] Address: 11835 Hazel Circle Drive BRISTOW, VA 20136 HHS Grant $8,314,702

What makes all of this worse is that the influx of these “UAC refugees” was not organic in nature.  Exhaustive research discovered there was a specific program in place by the Obama Administration to seed the exodus and create a manufactured UAC crisis at the border – Outlined Here

beck 5

beck 4beck 6

That young rape victim in Maryland is a specific victim of the damage caused by the UAC crisis initiated by President Obama and the blind idiots like Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch and Senator Ted Cruz who were codependent enablers allowing the Obama administration to carry out the scheme.

Dana Loesch presents herself as a womens rights and gun rights activist.  She is currently a leading spokesperson for the NRA.   However, Loesch’s activity with Beck and Cruz on behalf of President Obama in 2014 is what has inevitably, and predictably, culminated in the victimization and rape of a 14-year-old high school student in Maryland – and hundreds more rapes and murders throughout the country.

They too own this outcome.

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334 Responses to Two of President Obama’s Undocumented Alien “Children” Brutally Rape 14-Year-Old Maryland Student During School…

  1. mamadogsite says:

    It is “not news” because this did not happen to any politicians’ daughters.

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  2. Remington...... says:

    TomTom, I agree 100%. It’s essay past time to secure the border with military. Let them hold the fort until the wall goes up. Get the drones up now. Two or three years is an eternity.

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    Didn’t President TRUMP sign an EO that we are to start getting reporting on ALL crimes by ALL Illegal Aliens, “refugees”, “asylum” seekers, “UAC’s”, VISA overstays, etc.?

    I’m sick of hearing that there have’t been any terrorist attacks. It depends on what you define as a “terrorist”, and as an “attack”.

    They have invaded our country like any other terrorist invades a country, and they have done in in droves, for years, with GREAT $UCCE$$. They come uninvited by any law of the land. The minute they step onto our land without proper documentation, and the legal presentation thereof, they are KNOWINGLY breaking our laws. To me, that makes them a terrorist. Gangs are terrorists of the worst kind. ISIS, or whatever you want to call them, are nothing more than a terrorist gang.

    The attacks are plentiful, they just don’t report them anymore, or they leave out all the really key details. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are personal, physical, mentally abusive, financial, demographic, legislative and cultural.

    They are wrecking balls to our entire culture and way of life. They have infiltrated our schools and school systems, our courts and court systems, our Congressional halls, our gubt and our White House. I heard yesterday that there is one school district trying to cope with 46 languages.

    IT IS INSANITY! IT IS ABUSE, and ANYONE who promotes it is an ABUSER! YES, that means Congress and the MEDIA, and ALL of the other self-interest groups AND countries who use the USA and its CITIZENS as their personal dumping grounds!

    H.R. 1041, “The Jamiel Shaw, II Memorial Act of 2015”

    U.S. Citizenship used to mean something. The people wanted to come here and embrace our way of life. NOT ASSAULTING and BULLYING us for wearing OUR COUNTRY’s colors during a high school basketball game, IN IOWA, supposedly because the other team is allegedly made up of refugees wearing ALL BLACK, the colors of ISIS!

    Iowa Students Apologize

    What happened to the Land of the Free and the Brave?

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      The Land of the Free and Home lf the Brave is still here. We need to share this article and the one abt the Iowa high school everywhere possible, including our local TV stations and radio shows. We can help by educating People and making them aware. The media covers these stories up. We need to dig them up and rub their noses in them.

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      two teens assaulted a female student in a bathroom…nothing to see, move along. the family should sue the school, the organization that accepted them into the community and the federal government for failure to protect it’s citizens from a foreign threat. there is valid duit somewhere in there.

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      • hillbilly4 says:

        Exactly. Sue…its the only thing people understand. Sue for money, sue for punishment, sue because it is the right thing to do.

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      • Skip says:

        What do you think President Trump is trying to do with his EO’s which have been shot down by the 9th District Court Judge and now the judge in Hawaii. Until Trump puts his new Justice on the high court, his hands are tied.


        • ontoiran says:

          couldn’t he just ignore the court? everyone (including the court) knows these injunctions are politically motivated and trump is well within his authority. or he could just stop ALL immigration. period.


        • ontoiran says:

          couldn’t he just ignore the court? everyone (including the court) knows these injunctions are politically motivated and trump is well within his authority. or he could just stop ALL immigration. period.


      • louche9 says:

        Not only the parents of the girl, but a class action lawsuit involving thousands of parents from the district, all of whose children have been placed at risk by a policy of reckless endangerment from the top down of the district.

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    • yy4u says:

      “What happened to the Land of the Free and the Brave?” It’s still here, though changed. We’re now the land of the Free (stuff) and Brave (judges whose kids go to private school).

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    • azgary says:


      He lied.


      and he is STILL issuing them DACA AMNESTIES.


      end DACA

      DACA lies mean AMERICANS die.


      • TwoLaine says:

        Candidate/Nominee TRUMP promised to get the bad dudes out 1st and then deal w/what is left. We are just getting started on the bad dudes. Have some patience.

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        • azgary says:


          he promised to IMMEDIATELY end DACA, simple with an executive order.

          DACA has NOTHING to do with deportations it has to do with the ISSUING of AMNESTIES to illegals, which he is STILL DOING just like obama did.

          conflating deportations with ending amnesty for illegals is a specious argument.

          he has outright broken a promise and lied to us.

          we cannot excuse it just because its Trump.

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      • law4lifeblog says:

        Azgary, DACA recipients who commit crimes ARE being arrested and put in removal. I’m an immigration lawyer.

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        • azgary says:

          i dont care if you are a garbageman it doesnt change facts.

          they are still issuing amnesties.

          ending DACA has nothing to do with deportations but ending amnesties.

          Trump promised to end it, hes still doing it


    • Stringy theory says:

      Well said Two Laine. We are all madder than hell about this and our hopes have come dow.n to President Trump.

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  4. whoseyore says:

    How will they feel about this story now? Most will probably never know. Main Street Media will not show this or if they do, they will just say “Two students raped a girl at school”. You won’t know any of the details that can paint a picture. We are blessed to have Sundance to spell out the real truth so that we can be informed. It is a shame what has happened to news.
    My heart and my prayers go out to this precious girl. I pray that she can recover to live a normal life.

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  5. Buck Turgidson says:

    Oh, if it was “legal” then it would be OK. Everyone loves “legal” immigration. Legal legal legal. I say B.S. If the government drops 5000 Somalis in public housing at the end of your street, I submit that it isn’t going to make a damned bit of difference whether they are here legally, or not. You are going to get the same outcomes. We don’t want any more *third world* immigrants, that is the damned problem. If we allow in 50 illegal Polish immigrants, I don’t think that is going to cause major disruptions. 5000 legal Somalis would be far worse. The truth is that is that today, we don’t need ANY immigration. We are overcrowded and have too much unemployment. Time to end all immigration to the US permanently. Let someone else be the dumping ground for the world’s refugees and floaters for a while. China? Brazil? Russia? Upper Volta? We have had too much, for too long. STOP IT

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      99.8% of Somalians are Muslims, the majority belonging to the Sunni branch of Islam and the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence, although some are adherents of the Shia Muslim denomination. Sufism, the mystical dimension of Islam, is also well-established, with many local jama’a (zawiya) or congregations of the various tariiqa or Sufi orders.
      Article 2 of the Provisional Constitution of Somalia defines Islam as the state religion of the Federal Republic of Somalia, and Islamic sharia as the basic source for national legislation.

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    • guitar107 says:

      I vote for Upper Volta and North Korea. 😀


  6. Jim says:

    Reporter says they are in Ninth Grade, as a 17 and 18 year old. The parents of the girl should sue the school, state and feds for bringing in the “children”. Glenn Beck has lost his mind. More public shaming needs to be performed. The names of the school administrators who allowed these two mongrels to attend should be raised up the highest flagpole. Shame on them.

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    • bolshevict says:

      Good ideas.
      There are also lots of private charities in the US that spend all sorts of money HELPING Muslims immigrate. THEY need to be sued, as well.

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      • we300 says:

        Exactly. I have stopped going to Catholic Churches because of this very thing. And I will NEVER give another dime to the CC because they would rather sell out the country for a gov handout. Disgusting.

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          This has been the plan to weaken our churches.
          Remember: the enemy of Marxism is our prevailing culture. To arrive at their Marxist Utopia, they need to get rid of our prevailing culture, one way or another.

          They have figured out that our culture is sustained by a “cultural hegemony.” They cannot simply get rid of “us” by inciting laborers to riot.

          The leading institutions supporting our culture are, to them, this Unholy Trinity: individual entity-to-entity free exchange/capitalism; the Nukelar Family; and Judeo-Christianity.

          Getting churches greedy for, and dependent on, the government teat is their plan for weakening the hold of Judeo-Christianity upon our prevailing culture.

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  7. allhail2 says:

    If these two did this to my daughter, there would be no waiting period for how far my boot would go up their ass.
    Post their bail, neck tie them and pants them, hang them at that the border with a sign stating, “I raped a 14 year old, this is what happened to me. TURN BACK!!!”

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      lead injections needed

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    • Totally Domestic says:

      Yes! Make a public example of them.

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    • Sharon says:

      So you (and some responding to your comment) are recommending murdering them with no other process?

      Gee, that sure looks like the land of the free and home of the brave that I grew up in. Or not.

      Do you really think that murder without due process is appropriate?

      Welcome to mob rule – otherwise known as a democracy.

      Personal self control WAS actually a part of the land of the free and the home of the brave at one time, and it didn’t just apply to the rapists. It also applied to those who wanted to murder them without due process. SMH. Oh, well, based on what I see in these threads these days, there are more with your perspective than there are with mine – so take it away.

      The “land of the free and the home of the brave” actually was a place where the rule of law was primary. It was nice. I remember it well.

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      • allhail2 says:

        I agree with you in part re land of the free home of the brave, rule of law etc. But when land of the free, home of the brave, rule of law only becomes relevant and beneficial to criminals, where does that leave the rest of us? Not in a good place and with fewer and fewer options. To the point that, we the people are sick and tired of this joke of a justice system telling us to trust them. I say Nay.

        You speak of the past quite affectionately and for good reason. I’ve read many of your posts over the years with great admiration for your insight. There was a time when these types of crimes were “handled,” and it was done for the betterment of the town and society at large. Now it seems everybody has an excuse or a reason for everybody else as to why they committed such heinous crimes and why it’s not really their fault and we should try to understand their point of view. Again, I say, Nay.

        “Do you really think that murder without due process is appropriate?” It’s a subjective question with a wide range of opinions, I’m sure. Ok, I’ll bite. Give them their day in court and then turn them over to me. While I do appreciate and respect due process, if one is caught dead to rights in a case such as this, they should get a fast pass straight to the front of line. Perhaps, these two cretins’ lives were saved simply by the police getting to them first and not the girl’s family. Rape is a horrible forcible felony. As such, a forcible felony can be stopped with the use of deadly force. Therefore, if the law allows for that high level of reactionary action during the crime, then it should also be allowed as punishment after the crime, no matter who the administrator is. (imho)

        I am very protective of the women in my life (wife, daughter.). Also, by nature, I will not tolerate any man abusing, at any level, a woman of any age in my presence. This applies to my gang, the neighbor, a friend, a stranger and on and on.

        Sharon, we may agree on things, we may disagree on things, we may even agree to disagree. Nevertheless, as always, I wish you warmest regards as I remain

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        • Stu in Henderson says:

          Outstanding response! My sentiments exactly. The rule of law just didn’t magically happen. Hard men doing hard things led and the evolution of Western civilization were the necessary ingredients. Without the hard men like allhail2, there would have been no relative peace and prosperity in this country – which is being purposely eroded by people who are using our own institutions to perpetrate violence on law-abiding Americans. They have no idea who they are dealing with.

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        • Sharon says:

          Is lawlessness/every man a law to himself becoming the only option to a great number of people? If it is, then we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. If it is, then the election of 2016 and all of the supposed anticipation of actually electing Mr. Trump for what he brought to the table will be for nothing.

          I am taking very seriously the feelings and thoughts expressed, and the continuum to which they lead.

          Is that continuum a result of careful thought or just a reflection of breakdown of law and order? Either way, I guess the result is the same.

          If there are enough who think in accordance with your thoughtful comment here, it’s important that it be carried out deliberately.

          I don’t want to listen to bunch of caterwauling eighteen months from now that boils down to, “Well, gee whiz, we didn’t know (1) we’d all end up in prison, or (2) we would really completely destroy our Republic.”

          Maybe it just doesn’t matter any more. Seems to me the tone and lawlessness coming from our threads isn’t much different that what’s coming from the left. The starting points are different, but the end result – not so much.


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          • allhail2 says:

            Re Trump 2016: the return to law and order as originally constructed is one of the many reasons I and many others voted for Trump. I, like many others, are incredibly frustrated how often the “rule of law” was tossed out the window for any number of political or personal feeling reasons.

            I hope and pray such a heinous crime never crosses paths with my loved ones. (Anyone, truth be told) Also, I am hoping the election of Trump and the justices he will appoint will soon reset the example of law and order, crime and punishment. Having had a good friend raped and another carjacked by three thugs with a pistol jammed into his mouth within the last couple of years and the identified and arrested perps get off with basically nothing, it’s a little demoralizing. (Nobody served more than 9 months).

            Some here have said that his election was our last hope to restoring the Republic. I agree, willing to go down that road with him and am all in. Go Trump!


        • stella says:

          The Rule of Law must stand, as Sharon said. If it does not, those you support will have no legal standing if the “right people” are in power.

          We used to called people who take the law into their own hands “vigilantes”, and people like them used rough justice as an excuse to murder innocent people.

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          • wheatietoo says:

            The problem is…we’ve got vigilante lawyers and vigilante judges who are ‘taking the law into their own hands’.

            Our own judicial system is destroying the Rule of Law.
            This is frustrating people, and the whole thing is a mess.

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            • stella says:

              All the more reason to respect the rule of law. We preserve the law by respecting it and demanding that others respect it. We don’t preserve the law by breaking it. Seems logical to me.


              • wheatietoo says:

                Which law?
                The law as it was…before an activist judge changed it with a new precedent?
                Or the law as it has been changed by their unlawful ruling.

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                • stella says:

                  Law as it is written. Legal “rulings” are not written law. I think you know this, but for some reason are ignoring it. Why are you trying to justify vigilantism?


                • wheatietoo says:

                  I’m not trying to ‘justify’ vigilantism.

                  I am simply pointing out that we have vigilantes in our judicial system who are doing more to destroy our Rule of Law, than our citizens are.

                  They are weaponizing our judicial system against law abiding citizens.

                  We’ve had a president for the last 8 yrs who did a great deal to destroy our Rule of Law.
                  In that regard…one could call him a ‘vigilante president’.

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                • stella says:

                  So what?

                  As your mother probably told you (or should have), “If your friend jumped off the bridge, would you do it too?”

                  If you and I don’t follow law as enacted and written by our elected legislators, then we are no better than every other anarchist.


        • 7delta says:

          rule of law only becomes relevant and beneficial to criminals,

          It doesn’t. The Constitution and the Rule of Law aren’t broken and are in place for the protection/benefit of citizens. The people in power who have accepted the responsibility to uphold those laws have, and are, ignoring or “living and breathing” them into a perverted version of the original law to suit their personal and political agendas. They are committing everything from a felony to sedition, subversion and treason. The Rule of Law covers that too. Holding them to account and seeing justice served is the goal, according to the law they undermined and broke.

          While I do appreciate and respect due process, if one is caught dead to rights in a case such as this, they should get a fast pass straight to the front of line.

          To the front of the court docket, but that’s all. You have the right to self-defense and to defend an innocent, if you are witness to the criminal act and death of the perpetrator was due to a reasonable expectation of the attack being fatal or causing severe bodily harm to the victim or to yourself. You do not have the individual right to execute a person who committed a crime, no matter how heinous, after the fact.

          There have been times when “justice” was handled by private individuals, but it was always a crime and always in defiance of the Rule of Law…even back in the wild west days, which were never as wild as the movies portrayed. The vigilantes who took it upon themselves to serve their version of justice were, and are, people like the KKK, the mafia, gangs, jihadists, communists operatives and others with a screw loose.

          Natural law acknowledges our right to self-defense, and it’s on that law our laws are based. It’s an unalienable right. There is no right to vigilantism or to undermine the justice process. It’s immoral. It’s in our best interest to demand the law work as intended against the day the crazy totalitarian-vigilantes, who think they have the right to harm you and me over things like having a different opinion or wanting our Rule of Law upheld, decide to really go for it. Justifiable self-defense. Vigilantism isn’t justice; it’s murder, even if the victim is guilty, without a shadow of a doubt.

          We may not win every case, but justice will be served, whether we know about it or not. The universe (Natural law) bends toward truth, justice and morality. We cannot repair injustice and immorality with injustice and immorality. We, as a nation, are already well into bending back toward truth, justice and morality. Politicians, their brain-dead operatives and the MSM just haven’t figured that out yet and are doubling down. Not unexpected, but no matter what they do, they cannot stop Natural Law.

          That said, if you witness a woman in your life or another innocent being raped or attacked and you introduce the perps to the concept of the double tap, you are righteously good to pull the trigger. I will stand by you to the very end.

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      • ontoiran says:

        that was when you could get justice within the system. i remember that too.


  8. The suspects are 17 and 18 years old yet are in 9th grade and going to school with 15 year olds.

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  9. bolshevict says:

    Great post. I’d like to see Trump fight for a law that forbids law enforcement and the judiciary from treating illegals as citizens. They don’t have ANY rights here. No benefits, no free lawyers (especially for immigration cases!!) and NO protections as if they are citizens when they commit a crime……

    I was going to post that famous pic of S Vietnamese Major General Ngoc Loan executing Viet Cong Captain Bay Lop as an example of how we should treat illegals who gang-rape our 14 y.o. girls. An emotional response from a Dad of a 14 y.o. girl, I guess.

    I’d read the full back-story about that pic a while ago…I’m sure the well-educated folks here already know it, but for the folks that don’t….Especially because Leftists have been demagoguing it for over 40 years….A picture can tell a thousand lies, as well…

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    • squidward says:

      That was my thought too. I think many others feel the same way, even if they don’t say anything.

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    • frank says:

      There already is a law against treating illegals like citizens. It is called the Constitution.

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    • 7delta says:

      I understand how you feel, Bolshevict. I don’t feel very charitable toward these scumbags either, but there are good reasons for us to extend certain civil protections to aliens, including some illegal entrants. There are laws to deal with each class of aliens…when applied properly. Therein lies the rub. We just need to enforce the laws equally and properly.

      Legal aliens, within U.S. jurisdiction, are afforded due process in matters of law. We do this, and have since the beginning, in order to protect our citizens abroad from unfair or punitive treatment that exceeds the country’s normal laws for their citizens. This doesn’t relieve U.S. citizens of following the foreign country’s laws, nor does it mean hostile countries still won’t treat U.S. citizens badly, but among civilized nations, especially with which we have treaties, fair treatment under the law is reciprocated.

      Aliens are expected to abide by our laws too. By entering the U.S., aliens tacitly contract with the U.S. to be law-abiding visitors or temporary/permanent alien residents. Even though aliens are granted certain civil protections, and in many instances, they are equal protections, they do not, and should never, exceed the citizens’ civil or political protections. Aliens do not have any political rights. If they break Federal/State laws, they are subject to the consequences, including deportation.

      Illegal aliens are a special category in that they broke the law the moment they entered U.S. jurisdiction or overstayed visas. If they break no other laws, they are still in violation of the law and the statutory consequences are deportation, unless they have immediately gone to proper authorities and requested asylum (or visa extension), for a just cause. The proper court (or agency) determines the validity of the claim. The law is clear about how deportation works; who gets a hearing and who can be immediately deported. Of course, these laws only work when uniformly enforced. I’d guess, 99.9% of illegal aliens came or stayed because they could get away with it. Very few are true asylum seekers. However, abuse of the asylum law was Obama’s loophole.

      These two dirtbags are here (semi) legally (probably given a court date they never showed up for), thanks to Obama’s Scam of misusing his executive authority and misrepresenting the status of illegal aliens, since neither he, nor anyone else, verified the majority of the asylum claims, their backgrounds or enforced legal consequences for being court no-shows.

      If true justice can be obtained, Obama, et al., for encouraging and rewarding aliens to illegally enter the U.S., for knowingly subverting the intent of the asylum law, thereby allowing high-risk criminals to enter, without inspection, and for committing multiple high crimes and misdemeanors while in office, will be in a cell next to the dirtbags.

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  10. yy4u says:

    Hummmmm. Wonder why these dudes weren’t enrolled at Sidwell Friends School /s

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  11. truthandjustice says:

    As others have said, I’m afraid this won’t get the news coverage it needs – even on the good “conservative” sites. The immigration apologists will only say these cases are “few” – most are poor victims who are “good” people, yada yada.
    And also, I agree it’s not only illegals that’s the problem. It’s the legal ones too. Comes down to “extreme vetting” of ALL who want to become citizens as they did with those at Ellis Island in the beginning. Check out what they had to go through.
    Ideally, NO Muslims should be allowed, period.
    All should be required to assimilate; patriotism, correct history, work ethic, morals need to be praised and nurtured as it used to be. Laws enforced. But this is all very difficult to keep up because people are…..people.
    Somehow we need to get rid of the Communist/Marxist/anti-America professors, teachers in our schools and Government. You’ll always have “Socialist” groups trying to worm their way in and corrupt. We also have to be more wise in foreseeing harmful “evolutions” – just as Pres. Truman admitted he made a huge mistake with forming the CIA and didn’t forsesee what it would probably morph into, given human nature.
    Ignorance, naivete about human nature, God, the Bible, apathy, are very, very dangerous as we have seen throughout history.

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  12. mdt123 says:

    Trump should visit the school and victim’s family. They are close by.

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  13. kittytrump84 says:

    I live in the communist state of Maryland – very near Rockville and I heard about this on CTH and not in the local newspaper (online).

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  14. georgiafl says:

    I’m for one of these solutions to rape:
    1. Lorena Bobbitt and gelding procedures for all violent rapists so that they have to sit down to P for the rest of their lives
    2. And life imprisonment without parole and
    3. Death penalty if they kill their rape victim.
    4. And if they are illegal or legal immigrants – their whole family has go back to their own country
    5. And none of them can never live here again.

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  15. Bill lee says:

    A lot more of this is going on in the US that’s not even reported family’s have been victimized by the illegals and Muslim Brotherhood,Muslim refuges,and then the authorities say that they have problems assimilating to western culture no shit they rape children,beat rape women, kill men over and over and getting away with it.WE need to start sending them back to there own country or before long it we’ll be to late Maine judge wants another 50.000 extra refuges let in on top of the 50.000 that is allowed this year were is it going to end

    Liked by 2 people

  16. jogreggre says:

    Another outstanding, well investigated and well documented report by Sundance. Thank you.
    These tragedies occur (and will continue to occur) because the Obama/Democrats controlled the information in every way possible. Recall that after a photograph from one of the border centers surfaced showing what were obviously brutal gang members, complete with gang tattoos and aggressive (and obscene) gestures, young men who were certainly not “children”, Obama immediately prohibited the taking of any photographs at the centers, citing “privacy concerns”. Meanwhile, LaRaza the wholly racist and anti-American organization to whom Obama directed hundreds of millions of dollars via our taxes and his bogus DOJ slush fund, was running radio ads all over Central and South America encouraging people to come to America illegally. This was truly one of the most anti-American events, directed by the man who was sworn to protect this country, in our history.And while Cruz etc. were down there for their photo-op, so was Nancy Pelosi and the CBC tearfully welcoming in the thousands and thousands of “children”. (Meanwhile, unemployment rates in our inner cities were (and are) twice the national average. The CBC’s deliberate betrayal of their constituents was absolutely shameful.)

    Liked by 4 people

  17. georgiafl says:

    PLEASE spread this story on Twitter and Facebook with links to the other rapes of children.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Publish email addresses of Cruz, Loesch and Beck.


  19. MIKE says:

    The case will unlikely make it to trial. After defense council drags the girls reputation through the mud and paints her as a promiscuous who-Er we will be lucky if a) the defendants are still in town at trial time ( this is a sanctuary county, regardless of what the judge rules) and b) the perps will be cast in the light of victimhood. Don’t believe me? Remember this is ground zero for the evil Tom Perez (y’all know him now) and the nefarious Casa del Maryland. Importing, protecting, and funding illegals is his game and he is good enough to get on the Clinton-demo-sickliberal radar. Me I will have to still go into my local 7-11, wait about 10 minutes in the line to get my coffee refill whilst a horde of illegals snarf up all the pizza mini-tacos coconut milk and inca cola an EBT card or a wrinkled 20 or 100 dollar bill can buy. I am, ” a stranger in a strange land” even though I was born and raised here, hat tip Ray Bradbury. Thx for letting me vent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SharonKinDC says:

      MoCo is pro-illegal…at least the gov’t. However, they are very anti RAPE and anti GANG. So… it will be a very interesting case. Remember, recently some more of these UAC’s who were MS13 abducted, tortured, and murdered another girl from MoCo, MD. Houston, we have a problem.

      Also, since we’re not Texas, the charming dreamers might be emboldened b/c they don’t think of dads… or moms, as ccw types.

      Liked by 1 person

      • MIKE says:

        Moco is still a very willing sanctuary county. There is a good possibility the 14yo victim is also illegal. The dynamic of our county has changed so much and illegals have driven the change.
        Even DAMASCUS now has an opioids dilemma. My kids knew Christina Reyes the ms victim as they attend ghs.
        Thank you for your response , lol we may have been classmates if you ever attended ‘Harvard on the pike’. I’m a blue devil, ’76.
        God bless.


  20. gary says:

    Obviously, 2 illegals that crossed the boarder and terrorized and raped at school. An 17-18 year old in 9th grade? They probably really don’t know how old these guys are. They could be in their twenties and want FREE education. 9th Grade? I’m sure the other regular USA citizen kids must be “happy” to be in same classrooms as these illegal horny men (pretending to be 12 years old. 9th grade, really. Parents should sue the school for endangering their children. Can Obama’s policies create impeachment of Obama or other’s in some way?

    Liked by 6 people

  21. Patriot Lady says:

    ‘…Loesch a leading spokesperson for the NRA…” Maybe all you NRA members call the NRA, voice your anger and start cancelling your memberships. The big boys at the NRA should be accountable for those they hire to represent them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • shallbe4 says:

      I will never understand why the sharing of bathroom facilities is considered a positive thing. This child will never be the same again. We must protect our children from preditors like this. Its a damn shame that parents have to sue so that a child can be safe in a school bathroom but if that’s the only way their children can be safe — then they need to make sure this never happens to another child.


  22. TreeperInTraining says:

    Sundance, I’m not sure how to contact you…but I wanted to call your attention to this (which is somewhat related to this thread):

    Five Ninth Circuit Judges Issue Rare Dissent Rebuking The Panel In Immigration Ruling

    It might have been something you were aware of, but I’ve seen no MSM reporting on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Meatzilla says:

    Psycho Glenn Beck, agent provocateur Dana Loesch, and anointed-one Ted Cruz notwithstanding —


  24. jakeandcrew says:

    Warning: the police report for this crime is explicit, and very disturbing. Read at your own discretion.

    In an earlier comment, someone questioned the 14yo’s story, wondering how this could happen without someone hearing it and coming to her aid. The bathroom where the attack took place was near the gym. Gyms are usually pretty noisy, and there may not have been any classrooms nearby. Also, she would not have been able to yell during the attack. Read the report to understand why, or just take my word for it.

    This makes me sick.

    Also of interest, she didn’t know the 18yo, but the 17yo was her friend. And he was her friend because the government is throwing young men, rapists, into classrooms with 14yo girls! They can befriend them, and then assault them. Our children are their prey!

    Liked by 2 people

  25. SharonKinDC says:

    Rockville HS is MY alma matter! When I attended in the mid-late 70’s, there was both racial and economic diversity: from country club to public housing. Literally. It was a good school with quality educators. My daughter would have attended RHS, but we went private and then moved to a new home. However, the school then (appx 13 yrs ago for 9th grade,) was much the same, with more Hispanic students edging out some of the black students.

    One thing which I want to know: HOW THE HELL WERE THESE ‘CHILDREN’ admitted? MoCo, having had a good rep for schools ALWAYS was hawkish on residency b/c parents from PG county would want to have their kids ‘live’ w/ Auntie/Uncle or Grandparents in order to attend the better MoCo schools. The administrators darned near required a blood test!

    So… they were placed into 9th grade, had only arrived 2 months prior, no word on with WHOM they resided…and were 17 and 18 respectively…which isn’t 9th grade. SOMETHING has made MoCo change their admission standards and I suspect it can be laid at Obama’s doorstep.

    When we lived over there, we were on the ‘wealthy’ side, which ran from Manor Country Club, to upscale Flower Valley, to less upscale but well built Manor Woods. I lived in the latter subdivision, where stay at home (or part time working) moms ran the gamut from lawyers to a physicist to several biz people, including me. IOW, families CHOSE a good neighborhood w/ quality built homes, with an excellent ES, that were sufficiently affordable, so one professional salary was sufficient to pay the mortgage, etc, and the parents were able to invest TIME into the raising of their kids. That neighborhood hasn’t changed all that much… While some in all three subdivisions went the private school route, esp for HS, plenty still went local. All I can say is those admins are going to have their heads HANDED TO THEM by the professional class of parents who send their kids to RHS. I’d not be surprised to see a class action lawsuit if a couple parents start figuring out there isn’t any ‘vetting’ going on w/ these kids.

    A week or so ago, also in MoCo, a Gaithersburg HS student was found murdered by more of these ‘children’…who happen to be MS13 gang members.

    MoCo is BLUE, BLUE, BLUE… and thus, ‘progressive’. With a Fed Gov based economy in the region, it has been able to enjoy the progressivism as the tax base could afford it. However, inside of two weeks two female students victimized by these ‘unaccompanied minors’? Hope the progressives draw the line in the sand. Also hope there IS a class action suit b/c the stinkin’ govt authorities are directly responsible for providing prime access to predators to HS girls. Pro women my arse.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. LadyRavenSDC says:

    “Refugees are flown in at night and given SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS and PASSPORTS completely non-vetted”

    There is far, far, FAR more in this video than “just” diseases, freebies, being given on day one SS#’s, healthcare and passports – and it is current information.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. LadyRavenSDC says: “One in four schoolchildren in the US is from an immigrant household. An astounding 87% of US population growth is from new arrivals and births to immigrants”
    Informative piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Kelly says:

    This story has stuck with me all day. As a mother, I think of what I would do if it had been my daughter even though my daughter is full grown. You still worry about your baby even when your baby is no longer a baby. When I worry, I play this to remind myself that she inherited her Momma’s and her Nanna’s aim, and it makes me feel better


  29. satmfs says:

    Public castration after they are convicted.

    (that’s the severely toned down version)

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Darlene Witkowski says:

    God Bless President Trump who recognizes that the Washington insiders on both sides of the ‘aisle’ are his enemies. We, the majority of Americans understand that those I speak of are interested in only their self interests. I also pray for them.


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