“Unaccompanied Alien Children” Transfers To Your Community ? – UAC Research – Where Are The Illegal Aliens and “Unaccompanied Alien Minors” Being Placed ?

Using information within the TAGGS system for Health and Human Services we are able to identify the recipients for Grants specifically designated for “Unaccompanied Alien Children”, or UAC’s.

With that data, a few more search tools, some time and a little more research, we are able to identify the locations of facilities throughout the country where the HHS grants are being directed and the UAC’s are being transferred/housed.   There are essentially two broad types:  Residence Care, and Transitional to Foster Care Services.

illegal alien 5

From the FY 2014 HHS Grants we can identify the communities where direct HHS UAC funds have been sent.    We can identify the specific facility, or the organization supporting the foster care placement.  If you live in, or close to, one of the listed cities below, the UAC’s transfers are already in your community.

It should be noted that where possible we have tried to find out the number of children within the agency unit.   For some it was easy, some were listed on the grants, for others it was not possible.   Some are housed in Juvenile detention camps; some are in hospitals with specifically designated beds and dorms.  A large percentage are/were in transitional housing during placement to foster families, and some appear to have gone directly to foster families as the transition to their permanent family takes place.

We have also included the exact amount of the HHS grant for two reasons.   Number one, so that you can see how much this is costing you, the taxpayer.   However, there is a more valuable secondary reason.   We have identified (through extensive research) that each UAC, each individual, is estimated/evaluated at a HHS cost level of around $40,000 per grant (give or take).   So if you see a grant for $2,325,000 you can divide by $40k and find out that’s about 58 (people) UAC’s in that facility or process for the quarter (3 month period), or time they are being transitioned/processed in that facility or organization.

illegal alien shipment

2014 Meza Arizona – 1 Facility – New Leaf Inc. Dorothy Mitchell [Residence Facility for UAC] Address: 868 E. UNIVERSITY DRIVE  MESA, AZ 85203 HHS Grant $387,936

2014 Irvington, New York – 1 Facility – Abbott House Residential Services [Residential facility for UAC “Unaccompanied Alien Children”] ABBOTT HOUSE 100 N BROADWAY IRVINGTON, NY 105331254 HHS Grant $ 2,983,200

2014 Windsor Mill, Maryland – 1 Facility – BOARD OF CHILD CARE OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, INC [Residential Emergency Housing and Care for UAC’s] Address: 3300 Gaither Road BALTIMORE, MD 21244 HHS Grant $2,387,200

2014 Miami, Florida – 2 (possibly 3) facilities each housing 60 children – CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI INC Address: 9401 BISCAYNE BLVD MIAMI SHORES, FL 33138-2970 Most recent HHS Grant(s) $1,675,094 and $748,740

2014 Houston, Texas – 2 facilities – St. Michael’s Homes for Children [Residential Housing via CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THE DIOCESE OF GALVESTON-HOUSTON] – Address: 1111 LOVETT BOULEVARD HOUSTON, TX 77006 Most recent HHS Grant(s) $2,792,549 and $1,396,274

2014 Galveston, Texas – 2 facilities – Galveston Multicultural Institute/The Children’s Center [Residential Housing CHILDREN’S CENTER, INC] Address: 2127 AVENUE M GALVESTON, TX 77550 HHS Grants $4,826,682

2014 Valhalla, New York – 1 Facility – Cardinal McCloskey School & Home for Children [Long Term Housing while awaiting Foster Care Program for UAC’s] – Address: 115 Stevens Avenue VALHALLA, NY 105951252 HHS Grants $1,477,330

2014 New York, New York – 1 Facility – Catholic Guardian Services [Looks like a placement service not a facility] Address: 1011 First Avenue NEW YORK, NY 10022 HHS Grants $2,663,492

2014 Clearwater, Florida – 1 Facility – GULF COAST JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES, INC [foster care placement service] Address: 14041 ICOT BLVD CLEARWATER, FL 33760 HHS Grant $958,424

2014 Auburn, New York – 1 Foster Facility – Cayuga Home for Children DBA Cayuga Centers [In-Home Foster Care Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children] Address: 101 Hamilton Ave AUBURN, NY 13021 HHS Grants $8,376,471

2014 Elizabeth, New Jersey – 1 Foster Facility – County of Union New Jersey Department of Human Services [Foster Placement not a facility] address: 10 Elizabethtown Plaza ELIZABETH, NJ 07207 HHS Grants $825,576

2014 La Verne, California – 1 Facility – David & Margaret Youth and Family Services – [Basic Emergency Shelter Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program] 1350 THIRD STREET LA VERNE, CA 91750 HHS Grant $3,750,000

2014 Redmond, Washington – 1 Facility – FRIENDS OF YOUTH [Transitional Living Facility] Address: 16225 NE 87TH A-6 REDMOND, WA 98052-3536 HHS Grant $1,730,955

2014 Fullerton, California – 1 Facility – Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County [Placement Service] Address: 801 E. Chapman Ave., Ste. 230
FULLERTON, CA 92831-3847 HHS Grant $8,172,157

2014 Chicago, Illinois – 1 Facility – HEARTLAND HUMAN CARE SERVICES, INC [Staffed Shelter Facility] Address: 208 SOUTH LASALLE STREET CHICAGO, IL 606041156 HHS Grant $20,809,351

2014 Opa Locka, Florida – 1 Facility – (Miami Dade) His House Inc. [Residential and Long Term Shelter Facility] Address: 20000 NW 47th Avenue MIAMI, FL 33055 HHS Grant $6,514,232

2014 Los Fresnos, Texas – 5 or 6 Facilities – Driscoll Shelter Care Program, Hidalgo Foster Care Specialized Program, Harlingen Foster Care Program, Brownsville Foster Care Program, Emergency Shelter Care Program, INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC. Address: P.O. BOX 112 LOS FRESNOS, TX 78566-0112 HHS Grant $55,024,914

2014 Alexandria, Virginia – 1 facility – Juvenile Detention Commission for Northern Virginia [23 Beds -various security levels- Assigned for UAC’s] Address: 200 S. Whiting Street ALEXANDRIA, VA 22304 HHS Grant $1,992,900

2014 Schnecksville, Pennsylvania – 1 facility – KidsPeace National Centers, Inc. [Staffed Shelter Facility] Address: 4085 Independence Drive SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 18078 HHS Grant $6,909,809

2014 Baltimore, Maryland – 1 facility – LUTHERAN IMMIGRATION & REFUGEE SERVICE [Foster Care Placement] Address: 700 LIGHT ST BALTIMORE, MD 21230-3850 HHS Grant $14,957,523

2014 Austin. Texas – 2 facilities – LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES OF THE SOUTH,INC. [Emergency Shelter and Transitional foster Care] Address: POST OFFICE BOX 49589 AUSTIN, TX 78765 HHS Grant $8,389,270

2014 Mahopac, New York – 1 facility – Lincoln Hall [Temporary “Reunification” Shelter] Address: 145 Lincolndale Road LINCOLNDALE, NY 10541 $12,067,942

2014 New York, New York – 1 facility – Lutheran Family & Community Services [Residential and Foster Care] Address: 308 West 46th Street NEW YORK, NY 10036 HHS Grant $1,858,700

2014 Syosset, New York – 1 facility – Mercy First [Residential Care] Address: 525 Convent Road SYOSSET, NY 11791 HHS Grant $3,773,763

2014 Portland, Oregon – 1 facility – Morrison Child & Family Services [Residential Care] Address: 9911 SE MT SCOTT BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97266 HHS Grant $3,694,729

2014 Daytona Beach, FL – 1 facility – Neighbor to Family [Residential and Transitional Foster Care] Address: 955 Orange Avenue, Ste M DAYTONA BEACH, FL 32114 HHS Grant $2,727,525

2014 Seattle, Washington – 1 facility – Pioneer Human Services [Foster placement] Address: 7440 W. Marginal Way, So. SEATTLE, WA 98108-4141 HHS Grant $2,075,820

2014 Jupiter, Florida – 1 facility – Sandy Pines Hospital [Residential Care] Address: 11301 SE Tequesta Terrace TEQUESTA, FL 33469 HHS Grant $1,384,703

2014 San Antonio, Texas – 1 facility – Seton Home [Residential Housing for Pregnant and Parenting UAC and their Children] Address: 1115 Mission Road SAN ANTONIO, TX 78210 HHS Grant $2,717,801

2014 Staunton, Virginia – 1 facility – Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Detention Home [Residential ORR/DCS Secure and Staff Secure] Address: 300 Technology Drive STAUNTON, VA 24401 HHS Grant $3,282,893

2014 Manvel, Texas – 1 facility – Shiloh Treatment Center, Inc. [Emergency Medical Housing, Treatment and Transition Facility] Address: 3926 Bahler Avenue MANVEL, TX 77578 HHS Grant $5,103,561

2014 San Antonio, Texas – 1 facility – St. Peter St. Joseph Children`s Home [Transitional residential Housing] Address: 919 Mission Road
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78210 HHS Grant $7,086,020

2014 Dobbs Ferry, New York – 1 facility – THE CHILDREN`S VILLAGE INC. [Domicile Care Facility – Longer Term UAC’s] Address: WETMORE HALL, 3RD FLOOR
DOBBS FERRY, NY 10522 HHS Grant $12,525,435

2014 Phoenix, Arizona – 1 facility – TUMBLEWEED CENTER FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INC [Residential Shelter and Long Term Foster UAC Care] Address: 1419 NORTH 3RD ST, SUITE 102 PHOENIX, AZ 85004-1639 HHS Grant $1,557,966

2014 Kingston, New York – 1 facility – The Children`s Home of Kingston [Residential Shelter and Long Term UAC Housing] Address: 26 Grove St
KINGSTON, NY 12401 HHS Grant $999,200

2014 Poughkeepsie, New York – 1 facility – The Children`s Home of Poughkeepsie, Inc. [Residential Shelter and Long Term UAC Housing] Address: 10 Children`s Way POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12601 HHS Grant $775,361

2014 Woodland, California – 1 facility – YOLO COUNTY DEPT OF PROBATION [criminal detention center – Secured UAC Housing] Address: 2780 E. Gibson Road WOODLAND, CA 95776 HHS Grant $1,682,520

2014 Seattle, Washington – 1 facility – YOUTH CARE [Youth Homeless Shelter – “House of Friends Program” Long Term UAC Housing] Address: 2500 NE 54TH ST, SUITE 100 SEATTLE, WA 98105 HHS Grant $1,182,183

2014 Bristow, Virginia – 1 facility – Youth For Tomorrow [Residential Shelter UAC Program ] Address: 11835 Hazel Circle Drive BRISTOW, VA 20136 HHS Grant $8,314,702

~ The Three Corp Entities Below Are Receiving Grants and Using Sub Contractors ~

BRONZE MEMBER ♦  2014 Washington DCnumerous facilities – Corporate office Facility for U.S. CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS [Working similar to BCFS structure throughout the U.S. No specific residence use available – “Safe Passages Program”] Corp Address: 3211 4TH ST, NE WASHINGTON, DC 20017-1106 HHS Grant $6,761,412

SILVER MEMBER ♦  2014 Austin, Texas*Numerous Facilities* SOUTHWEST KEY PROGRAMS, INC. [This is a large entity like BCFS – Emergency Shelter(?)] Address: 3000 I-H 35, SUITE 410 AUSTIN, TX 78704 HHS Grant $26,822,183 and $95,462,917

kevin dinninGOLD MEMBER ♦  2014 San Antonio Texasnumerous facilitiesBaptist Child & Family Services – HHS and BCFS EMD (Emergency Management Division) Corporate office Address: 909 NE Loop 410 SAN ANTONIO, TX 78209 HHS Grant $280,156,954 !!

[BCFS-EMD is the single largest facilitator of UAC transition throughout the U.S. – specific housing locales unknown] However, we do know as a result of the $190 million grant BCFS received just before the 7/9/14 Dallas meeting with President Obama they plan massive expansion. (Press Release )

BCFS now operates regional offices in San Antonio, Miami,  Los Angeles-area and Houston-area.  We have outlined the massive construct behind BCFS HERE and HERE including their 2012 tax documents and the detail of the Dallas visit with the Obama administration.  BCFS-EMD is bigger than ACORN was.

The facilities, organizations and entities above all received HHS grants to care for UAC’s.   However, some of those organizations may have further sub contracted the actual housing (example BCFS).  

Because HHS is not directly paying the sub contractor (grant funds) the sub will not appear on the TAGGS system.   Consequently some of the facilities actually housing the UAC’s will not have been listed – only the entities being given $$ directly from HHS. 

Some of the facilities above might be included in this map which has been assembled based on “ground reports” and “media reports” of UAC transfers.  

However, many of the facilities listed above will not be on this map.   Many of the recipients for the HHS grants -government dependent non profits- have quietly put the UAC’s into their community facility, or foster program.  Subsequently the community might not even be aware of it.  So both the interactive MAP and the above list should be referenced if you are researching your community:

7-16-14 map


The methodology to update your own research is time consuming but possible with a few bits of information.

The internal HHS coding for Federal Grants related to Unaccompanied Alien Children is #93676.  The types of grants (there are thousands) are numerically listed in the HHS TAGGS tracking system.

There is a search function which you can use to identify UAC Grants by Zip code, Date, Award or Recipient.   The most useful tool for starters is the Award Search knowing 93676 is the code for UAC Grants (it’s 2/3rds of the way down the drop menu).

You can use a reverse Zip Code Search Engine (like this one) If you are unsure of a location of a facility.   Once you have identified the facility you check their “profit status”.   If they are an NPO (non profit organization) you can look up their tax records in the state of their filing.   That will give you details on the type of facility they are and their business context.  You can also find out their organizational structure and their other business interests etc.

You can also see their other governmental business and what additional funding they receive from the tax payers.    With this information you can get almost everything you need to pick up the phone and ask specific questions.

Here is an example of a non profit using BCFS Tax Filings for 2012:

From the looks of things, this is not going to stop any time soon…

BCFS 2014

illegal alien 10

Don’t forget the timeline of the BORDER CRISIS – CLICK HERE

Border stats

Even the Washington Post is CATCHING ON !

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134 Responses to “Unaccompanied Alien Children” Transfers To Your Community ? – UAC Research – Where Are The Illegal Aliens and “Unaccompanied Alien Minors” Being Placed ?

  1. BabyBoomer says:

    Holy shit!!!!


  2. rashomon says:

    Right on, sir!


  3. justafly says:

    Yesterday I was told by an employee at the Schnecksville, PA facility that in January 2013 the facility would be caring for illegal alien children on the taxpayer’s dime. Apparently this influx was planned as far back as 19 months ago.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:



      • justafly says:

        Yes. If the facility was informed in 2013, the gub’mint had to have had this planned in 2012.


      • I’m betting this was planned farther back that 2013 – that’s as far as the footprints lead just now. Let’s look at exactly WHY these particular places were chosen – did they draw them out of a hat? Someone win the New Left Lottery? Perhaps some in on the planning found certain factors that made these places a more betterer place to be parking these ‘kids’.
        Again, why? This was not a chance happening, this took a LOT of planning prior to the implementation – things are going too well and too smoothly to be a last minute slap-dash job, remember this is a government operation and all snark aside they usually do not go this well unless there’s solid prior planning.
        Look at the agencies chosen to be handmaidens in this cultural war – with their regular daily load how are they so able, with the minimal prior warning the Administration would like us to believe they received, to be so on their toes? How did they get the extra staff on and spun up – or did these non-profits have the excess staff just lounging about? Anyone believe that? The buses, the planes, the housing at the receiving ends of the government’s train and now the ready-to-go reception sites at the terminal distribution centers, all in place.
        Obama has those Chicano (and I use the term in its original and Obama sense) radicals in his Administration, even had their CVs posted on the Administration’s ‘these are the fo0lks who are screwing you’ site – but few in the public cared and the press avoided it like poison ivy. Their jobs were to implement and administer the immigration bill that never passed. I believe that instead they got tired of waiting and had this Alinskyish plan waiting in the wings. Just as we did with contingency plans in the military they had this one chocked and cocked so that when it became obvious to them that the bill was going to languish they went with Plan B. They weren’t just sitting around the WH waiting for their checks to come in, they were building that Chicano underground railroad that would railroad the country into having hundreds of thousands of illegals shoved down our throats (I’m being kind here, feel free to pick the entry point of your choice).
        Once again the soccer moms and Starbucks crowd have been bulldozed. We have no real options here but to run with what we got, where we’re at. Congress won’t act and the courts, even if they wanted to jump into a Constitutional crisis, cannot enforce their decrees. Our Alinsky, 60s radical black nationalist, America-as-it-stands hater, neo-Weather-ahole, POtuS is enough of a Constitutional scholar to know that it ONLY works when all concerned agree to abide by it, one person (see Andrew Jackson) ignores it and the entire process goes to hell.
        This ain’t the end of it, he’s emboldened by his illegal successes and isn’t constrained by either public opinion or any legal checks from Congress or the Courts. I’m eagerly awaiting Plan C – or is that Plan Si?


        • Pam says:

          This is exactly right. They are way, way ahead of us. And we don’t know what else they’ve been planning for years that’s getting ready to come our way.


          • Bill says:

            As Sundance has done here in this backtracking of Grant data, would there not be similar data that is a portent of our next storm?


        • Actually it goes back to at least 2012 when DACA was created by Obama via pres order? DACA is “deferred action for childhood arrivals” and then of course the bid for childcare in Jan 2014 seals the deal ? and puts it all in motion with your own tax dollars that are of course used against you in a myriad of ways by this regime. All these docs and links are at the site above.


    • Mel Kaplan says:

      How do you like the change so far? Soon it will get even worse. Would you believe Barack Hussein Obama has been selling off the rubber boats and rafts of the United States Armed Forces to these coyotes for pennies on the dollar? Not only are American taxpayers losing their jobs to illegal alien invaders. American taxpayers are buying the rubber boats the coyotes transport the invaders into Texas across the Rio Grande river. Aren’t you glad you elected Barry in 2008 and reelected him in 2012? Aren’t you glad your Democratic Party Senators refuse to remove him from office? So the only legal way to stop this madness is to remove THEM from office? YES, YOU CAN!! Especially Nevada Senator Harry Reid. Is he worth the gamble? We can still save America, but only if we work fast. YES, WE CAN!!! .


  4. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    But they are just coming here to work. They won’t be a drain on the taxpayers. (/sarcasm)


  5. stella says:

    Just from the interactive map, in my state:

    Bethany Christian Foster (IMPLEMENTED)
    901 Eastern Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0294

    Grand Rapids Housing Males (IMPLEMENTED)
    Last Updated by Melanie on Jul 8
    We found a description for a job opening in Grand Rapids: “Position involves working in a team-orientated, trauma-informed, group home setting for male unaccompanied minors.”
    Location not disclosed.

    Lutheran Social Services, Lansing (IMPLEMENTED)
    This location was confirmed by a source to NumbersUSA. Please email for additional information: moubre@numbersusa.com
    LINK: http://www.lssm.org/lssm/contact-lssm

    Wolverine Human Services Facility (PROPOSED)
    City officials are proposing a 145-bed center in this Michigan town.
    150 Enterprise Dr, Vassar, MI 48768


    • stella says:

      No grants show up for Michigan for specific organizations, although there are grants to state HHS. (Social services block grants)


      • scaretactics says:

        Thanks, Stella. That’s close to us.

        Thank you for your thorough research on this, SD.


      • wTallaksen says:

        How could anyone over look Detroit for a home for the darling little Cloward Piven destroy America by design invaders, after all get them use to what all of America will be looking like soon as long as crap like this continues!


  6. Ellie says:

    this is fascinating. Excellent research. Thank you Sundance! I would expect HHS website to “go down” and the code for unaccompanied alien children program to disappear only to be disguised into something else. The government can only function this way in darkness and if the consent of the governed if distracted with bread and circus. You’re a courageous, patriotic American!


  7. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    In the list above I see a few mention like “Youth Probation Facility”, “Youth Homeless Shelter” “Juvenile Detention Home” and “Children’s Home”. Does this mean that UACs are being integrated into existing facilities and being allowed to mingle with the existing residents? If that is the case, I would be deeply concerned about the possibility of diseases spreading, much as they spread throughout our prisons. How would you like it if your kid got sent to Juvie for doing something stupid, and caught TB (or some other infectious disease) because of being housed in close quarters with an infected UAC?

    Are measures being taken to keep these UACs out of contact with other people already inside the facilities?


    • peachteachr says:

      Justice, in my county, a privately run youth detention center was opened. It eventually closed but the buildings and fences are still there. Who could make money off of youths? They were constantly stopping up the whole county’s waste system. I’m sure that these UAC’s will behave much better. NOT!


    • sundance says:

      LJP, excellent point. IMHO the most serious of all issues relating to community health and possibility of contagious disease spread.

      It would be the first question I personally would ask my local officials. Are these kids quarantined until medically cleared ?

      Thanks for raising the issue. It should stand on the forefront.


    • No concern the diseases are here by bring these people throughout USA soon we will hear of huge epidemics and each American that gets to share in these epidemics sue the hell out of all government that allowed it. We better all fight at the polls give your time to voter integrity groups in your community get people out to vote call communities that have voting now to explain we must stand up for America. The only way impeachment will ever happen if we win the Senate and keep the House. That will not stop the epidemics on our horizon. But we may be able to get America back. God has our back but we must act too He did not make us robots as Obama thinks we are.


  8. Fantasia says:

    This will be the straw, most likely. Once people realize, once it settles in, how long this has been in the planning, there is now no more “shock and awe” defense, anymore. No more, “We didn’t know until we read it in the papers” or “saw it on television.” There is no place left to hide on this.

    The backroom planning and handing off of funds is obvious, their intent is glaringly obvious, and they are in this up to thier chins.

    There will be no denying, either, that this came staright from the WH, the Teflon pResident just lost his coating, and this is sticking to him like glue. No one to throw under the bus, he must be pointedly, markedly, shown to be to blame for this. Without orders from the WH, none of this would have happened. Find thise orders. FOiIA those communications with DHS, if you can, or, someone else must, before they play a la Lerner’s email tricks.

    I will also restate my concerns, yet have not had time to verify and cross check my suspicions on this, but I would lay great odds on it that each of the states that opted out of expanded Medicaid and the ACA exchanges, forcing the Federal government to provide one, are the states involved, aside from California.

    As the law originally stood, corporations AND individuals in those states could NOT be penalized for not having insurance, starting in 2014\15.

    Also, if anyone cares, this may be considered a backdoor way of forcing these states into accepting the Federal Funds, thereby, the hook the admin needed to entrap them into the ACA exchanges and expanded Medicaid and Medicare. People asked why the delays? Now, we know! Someone willing to dig through the bill and the 38 some odd illegal changes since it went into action?

    This admin is sneaky and evil, and I would not put it past them to orceshtrate this as a form of entrapment to head off these upcoming ACA suits. I just cannot get it out my mid, these two are inextextricably linked. Take the funding, take the kids, you are now Medicaid expanded, like it or not, thereby, trapped.

    Any states refusing forward to receive the funding, will have their financial backs broken, intentionally, by the government. It is extortion and blackmail, strongarming tactics, to force them into Medicaid expansion and the exchanges., and eventually, a one payor system. It’s a shrewd, evil, and well thought out plan.

    And it’s been in the works a LOT longer than any of us may be willing to consider.

    Remember ValJar’s warning. If you were not with us, you will pay dearly. Something tells me she doesn’t make empty threats. Even as she made that statement, ahe had the courage of her conviction. Be afraid.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      “This will be the straw, most likely.”

      I can’t count how many times I have seen that sentiment expressed, and how many times it proved to be wrong.

      There won’t be any “straw” that finally causes the camel’s back to collapse because the majority of the people in this country are completely willing to be led like lambs to the slaughter. The inmates are now running the asylum, and are willing to let the whole place burn to the ground in hopes that they can position themselves for some sort of advantage after the inferno.

      “There will be no denying, either, that this came straight from the WH”

      Of course there won’t be any denying. Why would they deny doing something they are proud of doing? They not only won’t deny it, they will actually brag about what they’ve done. This is part of the overall plan to turn America into a socialist society and finish the gutting of the Constitution. Then they will complete the deed by re-writing history to paint the original Republic as the “root of all evil” and use Common Core to drum their socialist propaganda into the minds of every child in America.


  9. Joey Miller says:

    Vermont, probably the Burlington area, can be tentatively added to this list. We have no facility capable of taking a thousand kids, I’m expecting the liberal machine here to produce one just to receive that dubious honor.



  10. labrat says:

    So I was thinking. These are documented instances of services to “UAC’s”. Since we know the number of actual border crossers are much, much higher and consist of adults and “family units” what search code do we use for what we will spend of services to these groups? Have you identified codes for “refugee services”?


  11. carterzest says:

    Oh PERFECT…….

    2014 Portland, Oregon – 1 facility – Morrison Child & Family Services [Residential Care] Address: 9911 SE MT SCOTT BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97266 HHS Grant $3,694,729

    4.6 mi, 8 mins In current traffic: 8 mins

    Incredible research SD. Thank you so much for all you do.


    • Hmmm, there is a U.S. Senate race here in this formerly reliably Blue state. The Republican candidate, Monica Wehby M.D., while not perfect by a LONG shot, is gaining on the incumbent Democrat.


  12. twolaine says:

    Clarification please.
    It’s $40k per head per Quarter, or $120k per year for each person?
    Not including all the Freebies they are handed on top of that?
    Plus, flights, buses, transport, etc.?


    • sundance says:

      The general grant payments are issued and reissued in quarters or 6 month periods. The $40K is just my own estimation having looked at numerous grants and the numbers of participants in the group being compensated. I’m confident in saying that if you divide the total grant by $40k you will identify a generally approximate number of the UAC’s within the program funded. (it’s just actuarial averaging)

      For Fiscal Year 2015 (Oct 14′ through Aug 15′) the grant application window is currently open:



      “Shelter care and other related services are provided by State-licensed residential shelter care programs in the least restrictive setting appropriate for the UAC’s age and special needs. The majority of UAC are expected to remain in ORR custody between 30-35 days, but some will have a longer or shorter length of stay”.


      It would appear the average duration is 30-35 days in custodial care. Where they go from there is anyone’s guess. Prolly united with family, or into foster home program(s).


      • twolaine says:

        Thank You!
        So MIN. $80k per head, per year for UAC’s alone.
        Not “Rufugees”.

        I heard recently that processing could take up to 570+ days for each head.

        System Overwhelmed Already! 😦
        And they are still coming in vast quantities…

        This will be a Jobs and Housing boon for some.
        On our backs, again, of course.
        And gobt overpriced, as usual.

        May even be seeing it now.
        He’ll take credit for that too.
        He’ll get us out of this.
        Phone & Pen… 🙂


      • peachteachr says:

        SD, that’s what I don’t understand. Our foster care system is broken; we can’t take care of our own children with the current system of guardian ad litems or CASA system. So where are these foster homes? How are these “foster parents” getting the stringent training required by law and good practice rules? It simply can’t be done unless there is some sort of WWII uber effort by the citizens.


        • sundance says:

          Here’s my guess, and I remind this is just my GUESS.

          The recipient of the grant must be compliant with all government “foster care” standards, requirements, training certifications, etc….. However, at least to me, it does not appear that requirement extends beyond the original recipient.

          Perhaps the contracted agency ship the kids to non traditional foster care (remember the newspaper ad). There does not appear to be any standard expectation that extends beyond the recipient of the grant. They could sub-contract care to just about anyone based on their own rules of qualification. Not sure, but does seem possible.


          • yc says:

            The relatives of the children are themselves eligible to receive grant money to take care of their own children.


            • tc says:

              Eligibility for the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program for Children Granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status by the Department of Homeland Security

              In assessing whether a child should be placed in the URM program, ORR will make a decision based on the best interests of the child. In making this decision, ORR will consider whether the child has family members in the United States who can care for him or her and whether such care would be better for the child than the care that could be provided under the URM program. Note that even if relatives are available, a decision still could be made to place the child in the URM program if those relatives are willing to become licensed foster care families. If a family member is in a jurisdiction where a URM program operates, and it is determined that a child may be safely and permanently placed with this family member given additional supports, ORR may recommend that the URM program facilitate licensing the family member in parity with the state’s applicable foster care regulations.


  13. twolaine says:

    I don’t know how true this is…
    But I was told Friday that a friend of a friend is making $500 per hour in TX on a Special Project…..
    She is a Nurse.
    Any guesses what that might be?????????? ;(


    • scaretactics says:

      Wow. I am a nurse too. There is no amount of money you could pay me to work with these UACs. Unknown , or rarely seen, diseases and conditions to Americans. She is putting her health at terrible risk.


      • twolaine says:

        Hers & everyone else she comes into contact with after.
        She lives 3 states away and is only “home” in her state on weekends.
        Bet they also pay for her travel, lodging, food and other ancillary expenses too.
        Lotta’ people gettin’ rich on this…
        Everyone has their hands out for the $$$. ;(


        • Dixie Darling says:

          I read somewhere recently that the helpers in the detention centers in Texas were making $5,000 a week. It would seem that everybody has a price. If you offer some people enough money, they will do anything.


      • P.Spinach says:

        The nurse is also putting at risk the health of American children she sees in her work, or at the grocery store and other public places. Wear masks and gloves when you go out especially if you live near these UAC locations. Remember the nurse can also get on a plane and travel to other states.


    • Pam says:

      There is something called Traveling Nurses. They contract out and go from place to place. The pay is very good.


    • mikayla825 says:

      This is my hometown, in fact some of this report was taped a couple of blocks from where I’m sitting right now. Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot fathom ‘fleeing a war torn gang infested hell hole” and leaving my two year old behind.


      • mikayla825 says:

        ps. Now as a twelve year old, this new “immigrant” will be going to Junior High School with my oldest grandchild.


  14. scaretactics says:

    Is there any way to stop this madness?

    Call your representatives in Congress? Call the WH?

    Do we just have to wait until November?


  15. carterzest says:

    I Let lars Larson know about this article and the @93 UAC’s coming to PDX. Here is his reply:
    **I began reporting on Morrison center Tuesday but there’s no confirmation

    Alpha Broadcasting/Compass Media**


    • sundance says:

      Well you can tell him it’s confirmed now. HHS would not be sending $3+ million without the program being a done deal. PERIOD.

      It is not like the facility can take the money and then not take custody of the kids. My guess would be they are already there. As the HHS contract bid parameters state, the average institutional stay is only 30 to 35 days before they are placed in a custodial home outside the facility, though some do stay longer.

      Whether or not he knows it, they are there already.


  16. P.Spinach says:

    These are still illegal migrants and remain the responsibility of their home country. The bills for care of these migrants (families and lone children) should be sent to their respective governments of Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, etc. The only funds the US should provide is to print the bill and buy one-tickets back to their home country and disease control.

    In a hospital, contagious patients are immediately quarantined. It is not a matter of compassion for the child sick. It is a matter of compassion for the other patients which number more, than the one contagious patient. When we allow one sick child to enter a healthy environment and contaminate 3 others, the net result is not humanitarian. Just ask hospital policy why they quarantine. For every one sick child you try to be compassionate about, you make 3 others sick. There is nothing humanitarian about this invasion. (Politocrats don’t care because it’s not their healthy child being exposed). We have to shout this to the hill tops: It is not humanitarian relief in the least to allow undocumented invasion. I find it hard to believe these masses of UACs ALL suffered specific sexual and criminal acts different from generalities unlike others in their own country.


    • twolaine says:

      And Yet THIS IS NOT What You See All Over The News Like SARS Epidemics, Swine Flu Epidemics, etc…


      BTW, Where are Our Centers for Disease Control on this one?
      Shouldn’t they be all over this?
      Warning the unsuspecting public of these grave dangers?
      Precautions we should take.
      Have you seen anyone wearing a mask lately?

      Oh wait, they’re apologizing for mishandled vials somewhere.
      Taking care of the “little children”.

      Hard drive crash.

      Not funny. 😦


  17. canadacan says:

    ALL I can think of is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


  18. Lou says:

    send them all to Madison, WI. too many immigrants already in Miami, and too many libtards claiming I’m a racist because I tell them Miami is already too overcrowded with immigrants. send them all to blue states and let them know what it’s like. when they complain, I’ll joyfully stand up and call the a racist.


    • waltherppk says:

      Detroit is a ghost town, plenty of room for them is there. Chernobyl is another idea.


      • twolaine says:

        No, Detroit residents are being scammed and gouged for water.
        Sitting on the Great Lakes.

        Every time anyone buys a little plastic designer bottle of it, our water bills go up.
        People pay more for it than gas.
        Never complain, not one bit.

        Happening everywhere.
        EPA wants to help.
        Take it all away.

        Detroit had to go to the UN to get anyone to listen.
        No one in the USA from the top down hears their pleas.

        The suits are trying hard to tell you to look away.
        Nothing here.
        They have the money.
        They bring in bags of it to pay.

        Yeah, you’d pay the scam bills too.
        If eviction was next.
        If they take away your children next.
        What choices do they have?

        Look at the pix of The Oh? and his supposedly religious cronies.
        Getting ready to rape the system again, and again, and again.
        And everything that follows.

        BY YOU!!!



      • Dixie Darling says:

        What about Gitmo?


  19. boutis says:

    This all is Chicago scam 101. Most of the money will disappear into pockets and not be used at all. Inflated salaries, no bid no work contracts, costs passed on whenever possible. A complete scam all of it. And much will be donated to Democrats and their partners. Just like the Mafia.


  20. waltherppk says:

    Don’t forget the La Raza affiliated Southwest Key. Look at the map for Houston Texas area.




  21. Ursula says:

    Thanks Sundance. Your are all amazing and your reporting is superb.
    These people must be shipped back and the idiot buffoons in DC should have to take in these people. Then they would send them back.


  22. waltherppk says:

    The U.S. government has designated the United States as a taxpayer funded services provider for illegal aliens, that includes services functions as a travel agency, welcome center, free health services provider, free housing provider, free room and board of course, and whatever other red carpet sanctuary services are needed to complete conversion of the republic into a massage parlor for providing a satisfying and taxpayer sustained orgasm to lovingly stroked illegal aliens.


  23. twolaine says:

    Meanwhile, prices go up for everyone else around them.
    You will pay increased airfare, food, shoes, everything…


  24. twolaine says:

    Maybe we should hit up the crowd that continually is after those who have a legal right not to vaccinate their children, or care for them medically, or in any other way, as they see fit, as a parent.
    This is right up their alley.
    If they were concerned before, this should blow their minds!

    It’s just the latest new racket like:



  25. kim says:

    I am worried for my life right now. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am a school bus driver. When I was diagnosed last year I had to go on medication that suppresses my immune system. Since I was more at risk of catching anything, I stopped driving a large bus (I had over 150 children a day) and started driving a special needs small bus with only 8 different children a day. I am especially susceptible to TB which didn’t really worry me because, hey, we don’t have that here in the USA right? I wonder if the UAC will be driven in the little buses. I know that sounds a little self centered there, but I am sure I am not alone in being at risk because of these illegals.


    • Sarah says:

      I am not scared for my life, but I do have an auto immune disease also and I am a teacher with the public school district. I teach adults at a tech school. So I will get the parents, or the older children. I am in a major city, we already have a refugee program, I cant remember the name, it was housed at our school, but not sure if it was just a school district program, or state or federal. Walmart is probably a biggest source of catching something.


      • Sharon says:

        Walmart is probably a biggest source of catching something.

        That depends on where the Walmart is located. The Walmart we always went to in Minnesota was full of hardworking third generation Norwegian and Swedish and German farmers who have farmed their land for over a hundred years. Not every Walmart is located in a human cess pool.


        • stella says:

          My mom was delighted when a Walmart moved into their rural community. She reported that the customer service was excellent, and the prices reasonable.


  26. lovemygirl says:

    That shelter in ChiTown should be real nice for the young uns. I always make sure I bypass it when walking from the train station due to the types it attracts.


  27. Vickie says:

    With the drums of war starting to beat I wonder how many of these “kids” will get a uniform slapped on them, a gun placed in their hands and be marched off to fight in a forein country? They may just be getting set up for a body count. Since population reduction is the desire of the powers that be, could they be the numbers to be a part of that reduction?

    Once these single mothers get their free medicade birth control and abortion pills will control the amount of kids they will be allowed to pop out. Remember the home visits in the ACA? They are allowed to determind how many kids you can have.


  28. justfactsplz says:

    I live thirty five miles from one of these facilities. Where they were dumped is a highly trafficked tourist area where they would probably blend in. In my small town I have noticed an increase in people wearing masks. I have also noticed a large amount of school busses dropping off what appear to be illegals into nice housing communities, one to three at a time. Could they be using regular school busses to distribute these children into foster care thinking it wouldn’t raise a red flag? It is summer, so why so many school busses on the road? Also in the outskirts of my town a very large complex of apartments or hotel is being constructed behind concrete walls but you can see the tops of the buildings. No signs are up to designate what is coming to town. We don’t have large hotels here or multi story residential buildings. I am surprised Orlando, Fla. hasn’t received any of these illegals that we know of.

    I would encourage everyone get their flu and pneumonia shots. Be diligent about hand washing and cleaning off the handles of the shopping carts. Try not to touch things in the doctors’ offices. Keep your arms off the chair arms. It is really unnerving to think about public restrooms which I try to avoid but can’t always do it.

    College towns pose a risk because these kids go back home to visit. If they have been infected they can infect anyone on planes or in their home towns. This has the potential of disease spreading throughout our nation very quickly.

    Be more aware of your surroundings than usual and warn your children. Sexual crimes are on the rise near me and you guessed it, the perps are Spanish speaking almost always.


  29. Sarah says:

    Beyond awesome. Words can not reflect how grateful I am. Great Job.


  30. joshua says:


    Chicago: 22 shot in 12 hours
    Shamiya Adams was pronounced dead yesterday morning.

    The 11 year old was struck in the head by a bullet as she was sitting on the floor in her friend’s bedroom. The bullet, fired from a gun outside the house, penetrated the wall before killing Shamiya.

    The little girl was one of 22 shot during a 12-hour period in Chicago, a city that boasts of the most restrictive gun laws in America.


  31. P.Spinach says:

    Being imported along with the UACs is the same criminal activity, culture and sexual miscreants. There is no refugee haven when the problems that created the S. American poverty is transported here to overtake N. America. No one is escaping a damn thing there, but evil ways is being brought here. Key word, illegal migrants. It’s already a lose-lose proposition.

    The politicians presuppose FEMA is a good place to put untoward American citizens who obey the Constitution? Maybe G-d thinks otherwise, that FEMA would be an excellent place to house the politicians. Start with B Hussein Obama.


  32. joshua says:

    US taxpayers need to be declared refugees from liberal and democrat financial violence.


  33. twolaine says:

    Anyone else beginning to get the feeling…

    All this free healthcare, etc. “services” being provided for these ILLEGALS,
    May be an appeasement to the insurance companies, hospitals, etc.
    For The Oh?Care EPIC FAIL?

    Another way to break the backs of Americans.
    Rates will be Through The Roof come the 2014 enrollment!
    NO WAY to Stop the bleeding now.

    IF it makes it.

    What was said about the rich getting boutique medical treatment.
    It’s become a lot clearer to me now.
    Versus us little guys.
    Lucky if you we can find anything halfway affordable, and close to home.
    Now probably contaminated.
    Fighting for every treatment recommended by doctor.
    If they didn’t crash the hard drive first.
    Lose the paperwork, or list.

    AND, Also Designed To Force Us Into The Next Evil Healthcare Scam.

    Let’s face it, the OCare page is nothing but a Phishing Scam.
    It’s a page, not a website.
    Never has been.
    It’s Not Even HIPPA Qualified.

    It’s designed to steal your data.
    Use it to send you a dem voter registration.

    Or Heck, let’s just sign them up now.
    Who knows what else is hidden in the code.

    Or what your “Navigator”, paid to lie, tells you.
    Then we can crash the hard drive.

    And People ARE Dying From It.
    IN alarming numbers.

    Just like at the VA.

    Lawsuits are popping up everywhere.
    Even in Harry’s town. 😦

    And they said, “People Would Die If We Didn’t Do It.”


  34. ctdar says:

    Lovely, the New York address is @ the theater district & Times Square.


  35. Is it possible to determine the ethnic descriptions of the folks — the actual people — at the tops of the corporate entities — receiving these grants? These who will no doubt be skimming most for themselves and then asking for more?

    Because regarding what my hunch is, I bet I’m right about the ratios vs. the ratios in the population at large.

    People who look sorta like Joe Wurzelbacher or the Duck Dynasty family sure as heck aren’t receiving any, because DUH, they’re the people who are being replaced. People who look sorta like Paul Krugman or James Hoffa might be, but not much. People who look like GZ, a bit more than Hoffa and Krugman. People who look like Crump and Sybrina Fulton are receiving the lion’s share.

    I also bet there is a much, much larger LGBT population in those desciptions than in the general population, as well.

    Love how they use the words Baptist and Catholic for their corporate front names. That is some seriously sick propaganda right there, and very effective.

    Oh, America. You’re so stupid. Me included. Even I would have assumed that these Companies had their origins in an actual Church, of some physical sort, before this Treehouse existed.

    Thank you, SD.


  36. benzy says:

    This is an interesting and informative link from the Department of Health & Human Services, outling their programs for unaccompanied juveniles (including vouchers for assisted living, education and job training)


    • Renee says:

      Read the first section. They identify the minors overseas for resettlement here. I keep thinking many of these have been brought here by plane or ? This seems to confirm that some are not coming on foot without help from US. Our government first identifies the children in their home country. It is spelled out clearly in above link. I believe there are elements of trafficing involved somewhere in this whole process also. The whole business stinks and makes me sick.


      • Dixie Darling says:

        me too. Our country has become a can of worms and it is very depressing. I want to do something but I don’t know what!?!?


  37. Maisy says:

    Looks pretty bleak. Look for those new recruits to be militarized against Americans. We are financing our own demise.


  38. LibOne says:

    This is the designed, and presently being executed ,”Diabolical Disorientation Plan 101″ by the Tyrant and his Regime to destroy this country. All system’s are working perfectly. WHEN is the public going to say “WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOTGOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE”!


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  40. mdd says:

    The millions of jobs created will be the legal teams to keep them in the country, the medical and psychological teams to stop the suffering and pain from the disease and ptsd, the g-man housing, job, healthcare, food, fostering, wic and lifetime assistance programs. A serious drag on every schoolchild in the country, no matter if the UAC’s are in the district or not.
    All these have one thing in common; not one of these services produces anything but a supposition of feeling better.
    I feel worse


  41. Pingback: Illegal aliens are not refugees or illegal immigrants -Musings of Captain Justice

  42. historianMI says:

    It is worrisome that all this was planned and began to be executed early this year, a devil’s bargain between Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the head conspirator (with his Democrat Party advisers) in the WH. Estimates are that 20% are already criminals. As mentioned, skimming of millions of dollars by Dem politicos and others. And, of course, the diseases brought in that we will not hear much of, except in the non-MSM media. AND the worst of all: this chief psychopath has 2 1/2 more years to destroy (“transform”) this great nation into a third-class country. Pray that the November elections can bring some honest people into the government.


    • doodahdaze says:

      As long as the Fed can keep the free loot flowing nothing is going to change and Obama will rule as King until he is gone. There is no opposition to him in our corrupt Congress. I do not have a lot of hope in the upcoming election doing much.


  43. mathewsjw says:

    search terms “unaccompanied” “transfer” and others from the taag tool


  44. Glenn Nelson says:

    And this is just one part of the waste of our government. The biggest waste is paying our Representatives their $200k per year plus beni’s to help us spend (waste) our tax dollars in all the wrong places.


    • The worse part is your tax dollars are used against you every second of everyday in a myriad of ways !


      • doodahdaze says:

        I think that Boner and his GOP comrades are about to sell everyone down the river with the new improved amnesty bill thursday. It might even be enough to send them back to their coveted minority status. They are going to do it no matter what the citizens want. Sad. Self Assured Destruction. Be prepared and find some hopeless 3rd party to vote for if they actually do this. Because it will be proof they are hopelessly lost.


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  46. Roberta Bebko says:

    Even though the houses who accept these children are receiving grants, these grants are apparently not being filtered to the schools where the children will be sent thus creating an expense to the citizens and the children of those communities. We have not even been able to house all of our American homeless and some cities have even passed laws and ordinances making it illegal to feed our homeless in certain cities such as Orlando. A majority of our homeless American citizens are Veterans and this is sinful to treat illegal immigrants better than the troops that have fought to defend our Constitution and our citizens.


  47. No way this wasn’t in the planning a year or so before the invasion started. It’s better organized than when the ACA


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  49. Pingback: Three MS-13 Illegals Held Without Bail In “Brutal, Barbaric” Rape of 16-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO) – BB4SP

  50. anthdohmy says:

    Genuinely unaccompanied minors would become wards of the state through a foster care process, subject to court review, orders, and social services oversight, even if a non-profit is involved. Wards of the state cannot be ‘handed over’ to a non-profit or anybody else without state oversight, until adoption occurs.

    Social services would have to create placement plans and do suitability studies for each placement -relative or not, once the child entered the foster care system. This is not a 30 day process but rather a months long process just to get to the ‘permanent’ placement plan and even then sans adoption the child is still a ward of the state.

    They can’t just throw these kids out into the wild and hope it turns out okay.

    That is a huge influx of cases into the juvenile courts. In Texas they would need 175 county social workers to handle that many cases and certainly more judges and courtrooms. Then add oversight of and County Counsel for each case and these receiving counties should show dozens of hires.

    I imagine these cases are still subject to oversight, would be interesting to see what the experience from the bench has been.


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