DHS Secretary John Kelly Drops Atomic Truth Bomb in Guatemala Press Conference….

We’ll look for expanded video of the visits today by Secretary Kelly and Secretary Tillerson to Mexico and South America.  In the interim thanks to DaveNYviii for this segment of a press conference in Guatemala.

Woo doggies,…. DHS Secretary General John Kelly drops an absolute truth bomb in a joint press conference earlier today.  Speaking with Interior Minister Francisco Rivas the severity of Secretary Kelly’s words are a stunning reflection of the change in approach.

Minister Rivas’s jaw was visibly quivering as every frightened synapse went simultaneously into apoplectic shock mode.  [Pinch me, I’m in heaven.]

Must watch. No, really… MUST WATCH:


Guatemala City (AFP) – US plans to deport millions of Central American migrants and regional security issues dominated US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly’s visit to Guatemala on Wednesday, his Guatemalan counterpart said.

Interior Minister Francisco Rivas said he and Kelly discussed those issues after the US official, who arrived late Tuesday, held private talks with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales.


Journalists were not permitted to photograph the meeting with Morales, whose office instead provided some images. The officials did not hold a press conference.

Rivas said his talks with the Homeland Security chief revolved around migration and “criminal entities that affect both countries,” such as drug cartels and violent gangs active in Central America.

The Guatemalan minister said a conference about migration affecting the northern countries in the region — Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras — was being arranged. It could take place in Mexico or the United States, he said.

US President Donald Trump’s calls to reduce migration and deport some of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States has unsettled Central American countries, from which many of the migrants hail.

Kelly issued tough new orders Tuesday for a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigrants in the United States. (read more)


…He was a very fierce protector; and he didn’t do it a lot, but sometimes when he growled, the entire continent shook…

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293 Responses to DHS Secretary John Kelly Drops Atomic Truth Bomb in Guatemala Press Conference….

  1. sunnydaze says:

    Absolutely perfect statement by Sec Kelly.

    Truthful, compassionate, and lays out consequences if ignored.

    Having lived and worked in 3 foreign countries, I know from experience that the best ones for foreigners are the ones who make their policy re. immigration, working, etc. CLEAR. That is where you know exactly what your rights are as a foreigner, and where the pay is better, etc.

    The WORST are the ones that say this but do that, which is what the US has been for far too long.

    And when I say WORST, I mean the worst for both foreigners and citizens, not just citizens.

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  2. rorecruit says:

    Ann Coulter says at least 31 Million……

    “US President Donald Trump’s calls to reduce migration and deport some of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States has unsettled Central American countries, from which many of the migrants hail.”

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  3. Reality Wins says:

    “The terrain between your great country and the United States is brutal, dangerous, and unforgiving.” — DHS Secretary John Kelly to the citizens of Guatemala

    Hey illegal invaders from Mexico:
    Our DHS Secretary John Kelly just described your country perfectly: brutal, dangerous, unforgiving. I guess that is why you fled to a civilized nation. Now quit waving those stupid Mexican flags at every protest.

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    • DGinGA says:

      Perhaps those who show their undying loyalty to their home country by insisting on speaking that language instead of English, and waving the flag of their home country ought to be the first ones deported. Clearly they want to go back home.

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  4. Ellie says:


    General Kelly does not back down. Nor should he. These weasels are being put on notice.

    Trump’s cabinet exist and work in the no spin zone.

    Not tired of winning.

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  5. Piper says:

    Daaaa-um!! Whoop-whoop! You dropped a bomb on them baby, dropped a bomb on them… want more of this winning!! Need more!!!….

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    • Lack is not all says:

      I dont blame Guatemalans. It was Obama who advertised to them coming to this country . Obama made them an offer they couldnt refuse.

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      • sunnydaze says:


        And thousands of young kids travelled up thru that Mexican desert. Brutal.

        And they really were kids. Not like the Swedish “child refugees” who are actually men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

        So glad Kelly let them know that kind of dangerous, risky, crap is over.

        No incentives anymore to take those risks.

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    • Smplyamsd says:

      Dear former, fake, President Obamite: THIS is what a real United States of America Government looks like.

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  6. kltk1 says:

    It’s an incredibly sad day in the world when entire countries are fraught with fear that the United States of America is no longer going to allow citizens leaving the horrible conditions of their own country to enter without going through the proper legal process. While those same countries wouldn’t allow any person into their country that isn’t willing to respect their laws and customs. Clearly, we know why Mexico fights to keep the borders open and the illegals flowing, it’s Mexico’s 3rd largest source of income. How sad is that? A major source of an entire country’s economy is dependent upon immigrants, many illegal, from another country sending money back to it. Mexico will soon learn it’s gonna be cheaper to pay for the wall, tell Carlos Slim to get in the game and help clean up their own mess and be done with it. POTUS ain’t playin;.

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  7. Lack is not all says:

    I dont find it sad. Somebody had to tell them that the party is over. They can not live out of the savings of another peoples. They should be happy that it lasted such a long time.

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  8. Sandra says:

    Contrast Kelly to the pussy who used to head DHS.

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    • Sandra says:

      It’s so good to have Kelly and Sessions in high positions. Obama and his pussy posse pretty near destroyed the US.

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      • Patriot Lady says:

        Not so sure about Sessions after his vote for the Corker Cardin Iran deal. That was a punch in the gut. I lost much respect for him.

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        • Smplyamsd says:

          I am not sure what that vote was about, but I am pretty sure that Sen Sessions is one of the Greatest Americans alive today. I don’t want to be rude, but in my opinion without him (and a precious few other R Senators) we would have been done for a long time ago. He has, almost alone, stood in the gap and resisted the Uniparty and their illegal alien invasion.


    • Patriot Lady says:

      Chaffetz is a member of the DC sewer as much as Jeh Johnson. Chaffetz and all but one in the House voted to keep Ryan as Speaker. And I repeat—
      “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” ― Mark Twain
      … and the voters who keep re-electing them. — PL

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      • Libertyvibe says:

        The best thing I can say about Chaffetz is that he is a bulldog prosecutor when it serves his interests. He is a scary dude though, and can’t be trusted. Personally, I believe it is the Mormon connection that has corrupted him.

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    • Libertyvibe says:

      For many reasons, Jeh Johnson needs to go to jail.


  9. Libertyvibe says:

    I wish facebook and twatter weren’t censored now. I would love to send this video around, and let the world know about the compassion President Trump has for all people. If he were “literally Hitler”, this would not be the case.


  10. Stephen says:

    Talk, talk, talk.

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  11. iRock says:

    30 million illegal immigrants some receiving food stamps, free primary/secondary education, SNAP cash, Medicaid, Obamacare, earned income credit and more. Some bring irradiated disease, drugs, crime, prostitution, gangs and mayhem. A day without illegal immigrants? Let’s try a year or ten without illegal immigrants.

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  12. zephyrbreeze says:

    Bloomberg says housing prices may fall when we start deporting people. i see that as a good thing. People are house poor. Young people in their 30’s with good incomes can’t afford homes. It’s another reason they delay starting families. The market is in another bubble. The demand for housing far, far outweighs the supply.

    “If Trump gets the immigration plan he wants, the housing market will get hit harder than any other,” said Alex Nowrasteh, a policy analyst for the libertarian Cato Institute. If “millions of people get deported and more people don’t come in to take their place, then you’ll have downward pressure on home prices, especially in urban areas.”

    Why Trump’s Immigration Plan Could Sink US Home Prices


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    • Tom Perkins says:

      Please consider how many people come into our beautiful country legally and that will increase as pressure slows down the illegal entrys.I love winning.GOOOOOOO Trump


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