Rupert Murdoch Prepares Final Assault on Donald Trump – And Chris Wallace Debate Prep…

…The Real Battle, is For Your Mind

The key to unlock the transparently obvious MSM design is to continually remind your self of the phrase “corporate media“.  Corporate media represents the interests of the UniParty.  Corporate media fills a goal and agenda of Wall Street.  Always remind yourself, “Corporate Media“.

Rupert MurdochWhen you accept the clearly evidenced ideology behind the UniParty you also begin to understand the terms “conservative media”, or, “liberal media”, are programming distinctions only.  Both media wings are part of Corporate Media in the same way that both Democrat and Republican political franchise wings are distinctions within the UniParty.

This basic understanding underscores what is about to become increasingly obvious a Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch (aka “Mr. Wall Street“) positions his media entities to target Donald Trump and remove the existential risk Trump represents.

You saw this begin a few days ago with the heavily manipulated NBC/WSJ post-debate, strategically timed, media polling release.  Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal aspect of this.

It was the knowledge that Chris Wallace was going to be the moderator for debate #3 that required us to tune-in to Fox News this week and identify just how far the executive team is positioning their entity toward the larger Corporate Media goal.

bill-oreilly egoIt didn’t take long to see where they were headed, when Bill O’Reilly announced on Monday the “post debate polling” would be released on Thursday.   O’Reilly is a generally good barometer for where Murdoch intends to go, because Murdoch holds all the leverage over O’Reilly.

O’Reilly’s personal life issues, struggles and severe problems with his family violence provide Murdoch a solid grip on control over the network’s primary pundit.   You’ll notice how all other corporate media backed away from discussing O’Reilly’s legal issues (he lost custody of his kids).  This is not an accident.  Again, think: “corporate media“.

The owners and Chief Executives of the Corporate Media are an exclusive club.  Yes, they have a unity financial agenda (Wall Street) in the same way the DC Republican and Democrat leadership have a unity financial agenda (Wall Street).

It is not a grand conspiracy; there simply exists a natural symbiosis.   This is why the top executives do not target the unity objectives or those key principle agents who can aid the unity objectives.  O’Reilly is one of those agents.  [ Hi Billy ]

A previous well documented example of this actionable relationship can be found in Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  All corporate media were on board with the same unity agenda – Murdoch, via BOR’s  Part of That Discussed Here

So that brings us to today, when we are able to see the initial indications of how far Murdoch is going.

Unusually visible tonight on the BOR show is a fellow named Daron Shaw.


Many of you are already familiar with Shaw because we have outlined him frequently.  Daron Shaw is a big GOPe party operative (TX) with deep connections to the Bush family global agenda and the BIG GOPe elements within the UniParty.  In addition to being Murdoch’s Fox Pollster, Shaw was also the backbone of Rick Perry’s prior campaign for the Presidency.

Suffice to say, Shaw is part of the Bush-Murdoch-Romney-Rubio mold of Wall Street legislative items, and in full alignment with Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Reminder (December ’14 during GOPe road-map construct):

grubering us bush murdoch jarrett

L-R: Jeb Bush, Rupert Murdoch, Valerie Jarrett – December 2014

So Daron Shaw appears Thursday night to discuss Fox’s latest poll (which he conducted because he isShaw Research and Associates” – but they never tell you that part).

The poll result he provides is highlighted in the tweet below from Fox (look closely):


Oh my.  It appears that Trump has been hurt by the coordinated NBC/Universal hit that took place a week ago (the trump Access Hollywood edited tapes). Remind yourself,  the NBC/Universal design was to follow-up with a bad poll.   This poll release dovetails nicely with that messaging.

Unfortunately, it’s fundamentally too easy to see through Daron Shaw’s attempt.

Look at the poll internals and you’ll immediately note the difference between “October 3-6”, to “NOW” is created entirely by the a shift of the sample:


Page #22 pdf Party ID

All Daron Shaw did was increase the number of Democrats and decrease the number of responding Republicans.  The poll shifted by 7% toward Democrats.

  • The “NEW” poll of Likely voters is 45% Dem -vs- 36% Rep (9% more Dem, or D+9).
  • The Oct 3-6 poll of Likely voters was 41% Dem -vs- 39% Rep (2% more, or D+2).

In essence, if you factor in only a 1% gain for Hillary with a 7% increase in Democrats, the actual poll result heavily favors an improvement by Donald Trump.  However, that doesn’t fit the unified (Corporate Media) narrative need.

Daron Shaw delivers the Murdoch agenda for Mr Wall Street [Hi Rupert].

However, the appearance of Daron Shaw in coordination with Fox News Vice-President Bill Sammon (circled below) in charge of the debates, and prior knowledge of Fox’s debate set-up strategy against Donald Trump….  well, now we’re getting down to brass tacks.

Rubio debate 2

Don’t forget Fox’s VP of Political Content Bill Sammon’s daughter, Brooke Sammon, was Marco Rubio’s national spokesperson during his presidential bid.  Remember the debate where Marco seemed to already know a few of the questions?  Well….

brooke sammonDr_Phil_teen_youtube_beating

You can be virtually certain that once again Fox’s VP Bill Sammon will be orchestrating heavily with one of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent psy-ops defenders in moderator Chris Wallace.

The key point to remember is that the vast majority of the viewing audience have been gas-lighted into believing that Fox, via Chris Wallace, will be more friendly terrain than the prior two hostile debates against trump….. au contraire, the exact opposite is true.

Wallace is almost certain to be another Candy Crowley moderator type, only this time with a twist.  We can already tell, from prior statements, that Wallace is willing to stand back and let the candidates go at it.  This means Hillary Clinton can launch, a pre-scripted and well rehearsed attack, against Trump without interruption or interference.

Knowing, by the sheer overwhelming preponderance of the evidence, the accusatory (unified agenda) sexual assault corporate media angle will be continued, it doesn’t take a political guru to figure out Team Clinton will be prepared for Wallace to seed the agreed upon narrative then simply watch the stage show.

At this point, it’s become all too transparently predictable….


However, the good news is – – – beyond all the professional gaslighting there does remain some semblance of reality:



But the truth is, it won’t even be this close folks.  It won’t even be close.

Rasmussen is still using 2012 turnout models for this election cycle.  There’s no way Clinton is driving as much enthusiasm as Trump (regardless of what the media spin), and the turnout for Donald Trump is going to be…


Republican voter turnout projected 2trump hard hat 2

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863 Responses to Rupert Murdoch Prepares Final Assault on Donald Trump – And Chris Wallace Debate Prep…

  1. raw moon says:

    great article. i always want a longer read from sundance …

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Concerned says:

    It Hillary loses, what do you think the next step is? Continued attacks on Trump no doubt. Hillary can’t run again, this is it for her, likewise Bill. They need to keep their fund alive though so need positions of power. Hillary head of DNC? UN?? Chelsea runs for New York Senate seat? Expect continued grifting and continued use of MSM as propaganda machine. We need to attack the MSM first, shut down the propaganda machine. Maybe we can donate to one of the Trump kids to start their own news network. Just like I’m willing to work to help build the wall I will happily contribute to setting up a new network with REAL news.

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    • Old Miner says:

      I’d like to see Trump force the FCC (or whatever agency controls) the cable/satellite tv industry to allow customers to select specifically what channels they wish to have, and therefore not force them to have these propaganda news channels thrust into their homes. If that happens, I think you might see a big part of them go extinct in a relatively short period of time. It would be hilarious to watch them in their death throes!!

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    • John22 says:

      She is done if she loses and probably passes in the next few years looking at her.


    • Una says:

      Judicial Watch president was on OANN today and said that litigation against the Clintons will last for months and they have evidence. Clintons will never rise again. Save America

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  3. truthandjustice says:

    Predictable and clear they’ll bombard him with false accusations from women, one after another. They have a new one that just came out on Fox – I switched channels so don’t know and don’t really care what she said. Sadly, there are plenty of women who will do this – for fame/money – maybe blackmail – who knows. I don’t agree with those saying that Trump should ignore all of them and just talk about jobs, etc.
    No – he should and most of us out here expect and take it as self-defense that non-politicians would do- as we would. So he appears to even more like us that we can relate to. And for me, it just shows his amazing passion about injustice.
    And that is what is needed also in the next President – to hate it so much that he’s willing to take on all the horrible stuff that he’ll be subjected to. Like him deciding to run because of his love for the country.
    Continue telling others how all of this stuff does not matter because of the fate of our Republic (and lives) is at stake.


  4. georgiafl says:

    Before the next debate – a little review of Crooked Hillary’s foreign policy:

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  5. TforTexas says:

    I listen to a few talk radio people out of Dallas, and they say they are Trump supporters but everything out of their mouth is negative. I get so mad, not sure I can take anyone else saying that Trump has to be back on message, give more detail…blah….blah! These people are losers!

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  6. Binkser1 says:

    I’m expecting shortly before the debate, the media will roll out a “rape” story against Trump. Of course, Hillary will already know this will happen and will have prepared remarks. There is no doubt the media in this country needs to be destroyed and replaced. Maybe one of Trump’s friends can buy a news network and install Sundance as the head. He/She has done more research and real reporting this election cycle than all the mainstream media combined.

    Liked by 2 people

    • DD More says:

      Bink – Already in the can, waiting to be ‘Discovered’.
      “I Played Donald Trump In A Fake, Racist Ad for Hillary Clinton” October 10, 2016 Max Insider –

      We know that the Clinton campaign is reeling from Trump’s massive victory last night in the second debate. Their rigged polls can’t even fake it decently. What you might not know is how Clinton plans to hit back. To be honest, we didn’t either, until a man we’ll call AJ contacted us and blew the whistle. What he described was a pro-Hillary Super PAC that existed for a single purpose, earlier in the year: to create fake videos of Donald Trump saying racist or otherwise beyond-the-pale things and then plant them in strategic locations where, after the primary was complete, they would be found by reporters.
      What follows is a terrifying look at what Team Hillary is planning to unveil in the next few week’s run-up to the election.

      AJ: The first week was to play “Donald Trump.” They said they were certain he was going win and they were getting ready. I was just supposed to walk around and brood and get the body language down. It was going to be all these non-speaking or distance shots. They liked it. On week two, we started doing these candids types of things. I’d play Trump on a set and they’d have some other guy chat with me like we were in a club or we were in a limo or whatever. The scripts were funny. It was light–but the pace was absolutely brutal. We’d do 18 hour days of shoots and re-shoots and they had all these experts around who were talking about my cadence and inflection and stuff. I watched like 3 hours of tapes of him just hanging out with the guys.

      RTN: Were you starting to think this was strange?

      AJ: Yeah, I thought it was a little weird but I figured that was just how these political ads went. Also, you know, I was a Hillary person and we were the good guys. I thought we were the good guys.

      RTN: What was the third week?

      AJ: On the third week they had me sign this second Non-Disclosure and it was like a freaking book. I just signed it and they told me I’d get a copy in my email. I never got one. Then they had this set–we did walk throughs and every thing. Over and over.

      RTN: What was the set?

      AJ: I don’t think I can say. It was . . . it was kind of like a club, I guess. Maybe a casino? We were in there and this guy came up–a black guy–and he was all “Hello, Mr. Trump–” like really excited to meet him. Kind of annoying. Then I’m nice to him but when he goes, I’m with the girls and this other guy and I start in with the N-word.
      I made a joke about a ‘porch monkey.’

      RTN: How did that feel?

      AJ: Bad. Dirty. There was worse. They had me yell at this girl who wasn’t going along and lose it and hit her. They wanted me to really slap her hard. I didn’t want to. They leaned on me. I gave her a black eye.

      So if we see a clip of these actions, know it is a staged Black-Op.

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  7. So Clinton is preparing for the next debate which is her excuse for not doing any public rally (well for lack of a better word) for a week. My question is this. Why? You already have the questions and the media and moderator on your side. Why stay home resting, um I mean preparing.


  8. recoverydotgod says:

    Media games….they can’t connect their own dots, except into a dollar sign, IMO.

    Case in point.

    The difference for me between Anderson Cooper questioning Hilary and Anderson Cooper questioning Trump is when Anderson Cooper let “quite a change” because she was a woman…stand as the difference…for why she was different from “Obama”. AC reprompted for a “policy” answer but ended up with a non-answer answer.


  9. Just Curious says:

    Many folks already have their mind made up as far as who they will vote November The debate is just a waste of time and another opportunity for Fox and their ally media to bring DJT down. I will not watch It because it does not really matter to me at this point. I am just another deplorable and irredeemable person who wants to turn this country in the right direction and right the wrongs that many of these evils have done. If Rotten Hillary along with the media can rig the voting machines to steal the election, then more power to them. The country will be lost and some of us will have to make our escape plan to evade this evil from destroying our lives.


    • VVV says:

      The fake polls and media onslaught is designed to cover the massive voter fraud they are planning. I just hope the Russians have something planned in the way of hacking to thwart it.


  10. bverwey says:

    Thanks Sundance, you always seem to calm me down from what I am constantly being bombarded with. You have convinced me of the monster vote and it is going to happen.

    I’m hitting the tip jar …. cheaper than the extra beer these days. From north of the border a fellow like minded traveler 🙂


  11. jameswlee2014 says:

    I would like to see Trump demand one more debate but this time moderated by Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh.

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  12. joejoe says:

    does Trump even need to go to this rigged debate?

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  13. Abster says:

    I am just so disgusted. How could you not vote for Trump. Hillary Clinton, her team and the media certainly don’t represent any Americans I know. Trump 2016


  14. anastasia says:

    If Hillary wins, there would be no point listening to any State of the Union addresses. Would be a complete waste of time. If she does bring war with Russia, I certainly hope no Trump supporters will be fighting. It’s a shame so many of the young are being lured into these wars in the mid-east.

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  15. Merle Marks says:

    I have a friend who wrote and posted this on Facebook…he is a strong Christian, a writer and a speaker…I thought it was amazing and I would like to post it here on a couple of threads. Again, this is NOT my work but I thought great enough to share….

    The ultimate weapon of Satan is lies and slander against a person’s character. Why? His goal is to separate a person from those who are loyal and supportive to that person.

    That is exactly what Satan did to God in the Garden of Eden. When he wanted Adam and Eve to turn against God, he did not point out to Eve how great the fruit was, he just told her that God lied to her. Sadly, it worked. We see how that turned out.

    The left doesn’t care one whit about immorality, adultery, or crude behavior. They make their living celebrating perversion of the worst kind. However, they bank on the fact that YOU still care about these things, and in the worst form of hypocrisy, they hope to use YOUR standards of morality — which they hate and ridicule — to get you to VOTE AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS.

    And, they are not above using lies, slander, and exaggeration to do it.

    Devilishly twisted, isn’t it?

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Nena says:

    Trump is in a 3 front war, Hillary, the state run media & the GOP! However, all of these connected & corrupted entities did not see the tidal wave of support that is coming for Trump! We the people want our country back & President Trump will be the man to do it! Ignore this politically motivated trash that they’ve hurling and speak to us! We want secure borders, Obama care repealed, veterans taken care of, refuges vetted & not distributed through our country, tax cuts, jobs, strong & modern military, our second amendment rights secured, the list goes on & on! We want to MAGA! Vote Trump!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    I’m a woman, but all of you pathetic women that think Donald Trump is terrible because he talked about women to a bunch of guys on a private bus 11 years ago, I guess women never think about men the same way. Yes, they do. Don’t you realize that Hillary Clinton and her Liberal Democrats are paying these women that are making charges against Mr. Trump so he would stop talking about the real issues. These women were throwing themselves on Donald Trump because he was handsome and rich. They were loose women that no man would want to marry. They are considered street walkers. Why are these loose women complaining now, 10 to 20 years ago. Why didn’t they complain then? They are liars who want publicity and money. It’s so obvious the Democrat Liberals and the Clintons are behind this, and you ignorant women are buying into this hook and sinker. Go ahead and vote for Hillary, but you will regret it after you find out what an evil creature Hillary Clinton really is and how she will damage this country with her incompetent and bad judgment. Donald Trump is a different person now and he will make a great strong leader for our country that is going down under the Democrat party. Wake up foolish women of America and act like grown ups not like school girls that are shocked for the slightest dirty word.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Elena Felix says:

    All of these accusations against Trump is so unbelievably that now at the time of election they are now accusing him of these lies. Why now years after the fact. Anyone with a brain can tell this is all a bunch of bullshit. The majority of Trump supporters will not be influenced. In fact I might even believe no one will believe these lies. I even believe the Clintons and the democrates know no one will change over to her. They just want to make the United States citizens will think that this is the reason she wins the election, so they can get away with rigging it. If Trump doesn’t win with all the support I see for him I believe the citizens of the US will not stand for it. Trump 2016!!!


  19. KeithInTampa says:

    Geesh CTH (Sundance); to date, you have been “Spot On”; and sadly, this prognosticaiton looks to follow suit! The polling indicators and Shaw’s increase of Democrats being polled explains everything in FOX’s poll.

    I watched the O’Reilly segment the other night with Shaw; and knew that I recognized him, but really couldn’t place him at the time…..This article surely refreshes my memory! Ugh!

    As always, another excellent, revealing article! Thanks for sharing the truth, and continuing to speak out!


  20. If you have a brain, you are on the Trump Train


  21. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Do not watch these networks: CNN, NBC, ABC and MSNBC. These networks are Liberal Democrat networks and are in Hillary Clinton’s pocket. Also, don’t believe anything you read in the New York Times or The Boston Globe. These papers are also in Hillary Clinton’s pocket because they are also very Liberal Democrat papers. And of course, the very bias reporters are in Hillary’s pocket. The only fair and balanced network is Fox News. Watch Fox News if you want to know the truth. They are the only network you can trust and you need to watch Fox News. Vote for Donald Trump, the only candidate that will keep America safe, bring jobs back, lower taxes, give you good health insurance, good education and so much more and stop the Clinton corruption from destroying our country. Vote for Donald Trump and make America great again.


  22. Technisynth says:

    Because this is next to came out….. I have proof of the hit contract they put out on Scalia. I believe I have found proof in the wikileaks emails detailing the contract Podesta had out on Justice Scalia. I found the “order”
    in the emails disguised in a subtle request for “funding” for a “film idea”. The cost, $1.5 million dollars. They were so brazen that they even sent a URL to a map showing a line to the location in texas where ranch is….a smithsonian map.
    There’s the map URL as it was sent in the email to Podesta (seemingly responding to the contract request)……with the line showing precisely where they would do it at…..the ranch in west Texas and how they would escape, to Mexico through Tecate. Here’s the wikileaks email Podesta was sent:
    There it is, a contract to kill a supreme right there in CIA codespeak with a cute little “movie” pitch idea that would be “I have the script, the budget and a producer for this 2016 political, game changing film project – funding is needed. You would be in charge of the content and selecting the producer.”


  23. Charlotte says:

    Hey @FoxNews — Are you for real with Juan Williams defending Peter Fonda. We exposed your DC Bureau Chief Bill Sammon, do we have to expose others? Get a grip. Your personnel are a disgrace. Clean it up of we will.


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