Erick Erickson Website “Resurgent” Paid By Pro-Cruz/Anti-Trump “Our Principles PAC”…

Thanks to the candidacy of Donald Trump the financial intersection of money and political opinion, as guided by the monetary motives therein, has brought some amazing revelations to the surface.

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryans-ERIC-ERICKSON-large

These financial/media relationships have largely, and historically, remained hidden.  They have damned sure never been publicly, clearly, and regularly stated so the consuming audience would know the presentation was fraught with financial conflict.

♦ The Senate Conservatives Fund (PAC) purchasing massive quantities ($400,000) of Mark Levin’s books in exchange for favorable candidacy political opinion.  Conveniently Hidden by the radio host who avoids mentioning the financial conflict created.

Then again, Levin never informed his audience of his family working within the Staff of Senator Ted Cruz either.  Does Levin’s endorsement, when contrast against the crony-constitutional advocacy, clarify with a little sunlight?  You decide.

♦ Or how about the Breitbart Media enterprise being run via an $11 million purchase from Billionaire Robert Mercer, who also funded Ted Cruz’s Super-PAC “Keep The Promise 1”, to the tune of $10 million.  Little overlooked facts, never openly shared for news consumers to determine source motive.   Pesky Sunlight

♦ Maybe the Ben Shapiro website “The Daily Wire“, being funded by the billionaire Wilks Brothers, Levi and Farris, in Texas.  Who also fund Ted Cruz and his Super-PAC “Keep The Promise”.  Shapiro never publicly disclosed the financial/content conflict, or the extent therein.  Could Shapiro support any other candidate other than who his content owners approved of?  Again, you decide.  (Yep, Pesky Sunlight)

♦ The Chairman of Glenn Beck’s Mercury One charity, David Barton, jointly running the Pro-Ted Cruz Super-PAC “Keep The Promise”; also never put into the sunlight by Glenn Beck or his various media enterprises so the consuming audience could filter presented political opinion through the filter of fiduciary connectionsMore Pesky Sunlight

david barton 3

david barton 2

These are just a few of the politically motivated – financially dependent – revelations we probably would never have known about were it not for Donald Trump presenting a genuinely conservative America-First platform; and as a direct consequence, the faux-constitutionalists having to reverse opinion simply to retain income.

♦ So it perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that Erick Erickson’s media venture “The Resurgent“, is taking Super-PAC money from the (formerly Scott Walker advocates and financial backers) Ricketts family of Wisconsin who fund OUR PRINCIPLES PAC to the tune of $3,000,000 in February alone.

ricketts 1

FEC Monthly Filing ‘Amended’ Date 3/13/16

Look at where the money was spent (pdf link and below):

Yes, it appears there’s another conservative voice who can be added to the list of those whose opinions are conveniently tied to a financial incentive therein.

In addition to all of those in the Salem Media Communications network, along with Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Erick Erickson and anyone who is hosted upon the various media enterprises they front for…. all paid shrills dependent upon political graft.

Interesting indeed how the intersection of financial dependency drives the political ideology of these modern “conservative voices”.   However, this does increasingly explain how those same voices will stand and cheer for Mr. No-Budget/Omnibus, House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“Smaller government”?  Yeah, sure.

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261 Responses to Erick Erickson Website “Resurgent” Paid By Pro-Cruz/Anti-Trump “Our Principles PAC”…

  1. Flush Blimpjaw has been unlistenable for twenty years, since he tooted the kazoo for Clinton’s NAFTA, ignored his Assault Weapon Ban, and ridiculed any caller who dared mention OKC or TWA 800, calling them ‘conspiracy kooks’, on behalf of his paymasters.

    Leviathan is quite taken with himself, and that mess in the jeans and porkpie hat needs to be on a locked ward.

    Laura Ingraham and Alex Jones have integrity, so I listen to them.

    As for savage, he’s through here, our family is done with him after his on-air rudeness last Friday, gassing off about dropping Trump simply because of the NE mistress story. Many here have said Savage is just using Trump to boost his show’s rating, they’re likely right.

    How much of his neurotic, self-absorbed, whining are we supposed to endure re the fifty eight thousand degrees, ninety two million books, all classics of course, his ‘waaaaahhh! I can’t go to England’ crying, the dog, the Chinese food, the wine, wine, wine; his ‘buy my book, buy my book’ routine along with “I know this, you don’t and I’m the only one who’ll tell you this.’

    Savage told me everything I needed to know about him last Friday, when he went off half-cocked – or perhaps completely cocked? – and threatened to drop his support of Trump. Who cares? Let him. What, he thinks he’s almighty Savage now?

    He needs to get off the cross, and on his feet, take more walks, less chicom grub; stuff some oxygen into those clotted arteries.

    No matter, he’s through here, all washed up. He’s proven himself to be unreliable, doing his show only an hour or two a few days a week, the rest of the time is filled by able studio engineers who quickly cut in tapes of prior shows when he walks out in a huff – well known among broadcast personnel for a decade or more.

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    • The great thing about this country is we get to listen to who we want to listen to. I appreciate your commentary but was all it really necessary? Personally, to me, it sounds like all you are saying is you only listen to people whom you agree with 100% of the time. That tends to lead to very narrow minded thinking.

      Also, it it really necessary to make up names like “Flush Blimpjaw” and “Leviathan” When describing these hosts? It’s hard to take you seriously and perceive your musings to come from a mature individual when you stoop to third grade name play.

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      • Pam says:

        I think a whole bunch of people are very disillusioned and very angry about things they are now learning regarding people like Levin, Limbaugh, Savage maybe, many media websites, and FOX News. If I recall correctly, a few weeks ago, lots of people commenting here were all happy about Savage. They thought he was great. Now, possibly, the same people aren’t so happy about Savage. Go back a little further in time, rinse and repeat for all these mentioned above.

        As you said, though, we can all listen to whomever we want.

        It’s been some years now since I stopped listening to these radio people. I never much liked Savage and really never listened to him. About the same time, I cut the cable, so Fox News was gone. I also, slowly but surely, stopped my daily visits to “conservative” websites I had been frequenting. I had some good reasons for my decisions, but I did not know, then, the money angles that Sundance has been bringing into the light for a long time now. Thank you, Sundance, for staying on these revelations.

        Part of what happened to me when I began dropping people and websites and Fox is that I had a reaction of looking at myself and feeling foolish and sort of dumb for having so slavishly trusted and believed most everything “they” had been saying. I specifically remember the “dawning” of the change in mental thinking about Mr. Limbaugh. Yes, I was getting pretty angry, but some of that anger was because I squirmed inside with personal embarrassment. That’s what happened to me, anyway.

        The “made-up names” thing is something I’m not too fond of either. But it’s all over the place. I think it’s silly. Others don’t.

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        • CountryclassVulgarian says:

          I find myself dropping a lot of people and websites I formerly listened too and visited. I still listen to Rush. I don’t think he is a poser or pretender. My problem with a lot of Trump bashers is the continued misrepresentation of Trump and his supporters. For example, I heard a soundbite today of Cruz STILL claiming that Trump is responsible for the the violence perpetrated by Soros’s paid thugs at his rallies and that Trump wants to break up NATO. The fact that people cannot disagree with Trump without lying about what he actually says is just too much. Its not that I don’t listen to opposing opinions. I cannot abide liars and deceivers. If someone wants to persuade me I’m wrong about Trump start by speaking the truth about him.

          I even heard Scott Ott on PJ Media the other day mocking and maligning Trump’s supporters.

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          • Pam says:

            I hear you, Country. All I can say is that I have watched the same stuff you’re talking about go on with politicians and their staffs and their supporters for decades. Both parties do it. This is what people do in politics and elections. They lie, they misrepresent, they cheat, they deceive. Supporters go nutty and descend to the lowest forms of hatin’ on the other guy and his supporters.


        • The reason I listened to all of the above…I thought they felt the way I did about the problems with our politicians…I felt they were behind the American people…that they were getting our voices out there and heard…Call me naïve, foolish, ignorant…..But now the realization of what they are really about….Crushed…..Bastards! They will never earn it back…

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      • RP says:

        Well in defense of the Flush Blimpjaw and Leviathan nickname…if you’ve listened to Rush over the years he more than anyone ~ likely the originator ~ attaches and describes derogatory or demeaning nicknames to other people…Chuck FU Todd, Dirty Harry Reid, Plugs Biden…

        If you can take him seriously then why do you fault the poster for doing the exact same thing?

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        • swissik says:

          The only thing I ever hear Limbaugh say is Dingy (not dirty) Harry when he refers to Reid.
          As for Savage, I’ve been an aficionado since 1994 when he started and I learned over time to dismiss some of his rants and braggings, I just shake my head. He makes up 100 fold for it with other insights. Moreover, he has improved a lot over what he used to say. Nobody is obligated to listen to any of the talk show hosts. We haven’t yet got to the stage where loudspeakers blare propaganda in public.

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          • onehope2016 says:

            I have yet to find a perfect human being, probably never will. Having said that, I love and respect Savage. Sure, he can be a blowhard, an a braggadocio, but so can Trump. And I find this interesting. These guys are super smart, witty, intuitive. The both have successful careers, and infectious personalities. They both love America. They both know these facts are true. Perhaps it these kinds of people are the only ones who will stand up to the bullies, and make America Great Again!


        • Ray Titus says:

          Why lower yourself to that level?


      • Karmaisabitch says:

        I rarely listen to anybody these days. I breeze around. My eyes do some dancing; I got my own beliefs, I like this refuge, think sundance is a couple of geniuses rolled into one, but many of the blogs, here are beginning to bore me, too much whining and know it all, spread among some very talented people. However, it is still the only place I frequent, so it’s not that bad. I’m trying to learn to be nice. 🙂


        • johnps30 says:

          Many of us not in the political class, have been disgusted with #DIRTYFILTHMEDIA since the first Clinton race, when Paul Bagala and James Carville entered the scene back in the 90’s. “It’s the economy stupid”. Still remembered not for how insulting it was to voters, but for how economically the phrase allowed the media to create a cesspool of confusion.

          The Clinton mafia was used not only to get Bill elected but to so confuse the electorate about the details of the Clinton impeachment proceedings. “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is”. No other politician could have survived this without the behind-the-scenes snookering of the media by their typhoon of lies, half-truths, innuendo, phony website stories, and sympathetic on-air personalities.

          Today, although no connection has been made – except for the Soros’ paid ‘protesters’ there is an eerie familiarity to the media blanket of confusion, misinformation, lies, and hidden financial payoffs.

          The Clinton mafia silenced the women raped, assaulted and humiliated by Mrs. Clinton’s husband. A similar tactic is being used against Trump supporters.

          As these financial illegalities become more visible to the electorate, I suggest there is coordination between the Clinton dirty tricks duo and the Amanda Carpenters, Liz Mair, Michelle Fields and other #cruzsexscandal thieves.


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    • Maybe if you didn’t use little made up names you post would actually be worth reading. OKC and TWA 800? On the other hand, maybe not. ****

      (Comment edited by Admin…)

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      • jello333 says:

        You can have any opinion you’d like regarding that post, but what’s with the “little made up names” comment? You’re referring to “OKC” and “TWA 800″… right? Those are about as REAL, and so very NOT “made up” as it gets.

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        • Jello333, I remember watching the breaking news when TWA 800 was being talked about by witnesses on the beach and close-by areas. Until proven otherwise, I will believe that it was an act of terrorism and the plane was brought down by a land-to-air missile.

          I also watched breaking news of the Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City. Several witnesses kept reporting 3 suspicious men at the location. Two light complexioned men and one dark complexioned man of what was described as Near Eastern in appearance. After the story developed, the dark complexioned man “disappeared” from all narrative. I will also believe that this was an early on test of NE terror..they must have been thrilled with the outcome.

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    • lahthoughts says:

      He then backed off and took the focus on the issue diatribe as though the political assassination of Trump is not an issue.

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    • ladyfortruth says:

      Paul Vincent Zecchino:
      I said the same thing last Friday, but then I went ahead and listened to the next show when Mr. Trump came on and explained the whole thing about Lyin’ Ted not objecting to Melania Trump’s scantly clad 2000 GQ modeling picture being passed out by a Pro-Cruz Super-Pac right before the Utah (very religious Mormon groups ) voting began. Dr. Savage allowed Mr. Trump to finally get his story out, unlike the national media, and we see now how unfair Cruz is blaming Trump over the NE story, when it was REALLY Rubio’s team that gathered all that info about Cruz and the “cheating with five women story”.
      There have only been a couple of occasions that Michael has had a different opinion than Donald about things. They both agree on Borders, Language, and Culture (like Michael Savage’s new book).
      Let’s enjoy “Savage Nation” while we can, because until Donald Trump came along, I think Michael Savage, (and WE, too), had almost given up on this country. I didn’t even know why (until Donald Trump explained in his own way) what was going on in this world. I guess I was just drifting in this world–but now we all have some hope that we CAN Make America Great Again!
      Trump 2016

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    • joebal says:

      Who cares? Let him. What, he thinks he’s almighty Savage now?

      Actually I think you are completely wrong about Savage, he’s never cared about the opinions of other talking head show hosts because he doesn’t want to invest himself in their paid off shill work, the likes of Beck, Levin and now Limbaugh are all obvious shills for red state media. NOT SAVAGE.

      If you don’t like his show, fine, DON’T LISTEN, by all means, suit yourself, but mischaracterizing him as simply using Trump, well, he’s a smart man, he could see the reasoning behind what you are accusing him of, but he still has a lot of insight that you won’t find from the standard political punditry.

      Savage understands EXACTLY why the establishment is afraid of Trump.

      Sure don’t listen to him, I don’t care but Trump will be on his show later and you can come here and find out from us what he said!

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      • swissik says:

        Well said thank you.

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      • NewAmerican says:

        You are missing the point on Savage. He got on his high horse and ASS-U-ME that Mr. Trump was behind the NE article and THREATEN a candidate? And then when Mr. Trump responded to Mr. Cruz he again ASS-U-MEd that Mr. Trump did that because he threatened to withdraw his support. Not sure what he was trying to prove with his antic. Maybe he was trying to prove that he is not a shill for Mr. Trump? But then who accused him of being Mr. Trump’s shill? Certainly not listeners like you or me!


    • bumpyride says:

      Does anybody know who specifically funds Conservative Review? If anyone could give me a few pointers on how to research this, I would be grateful and willing to do it all myself. I think this question may have a lot to do with Levin’s uncharacteristic over the top behavior.


    • santomr says:

      This was one of the most informative pieces I have had the pleasure to read in a long long time. Of course I did a little research on my own and uncovered the Dan WIlks connection to Keep the Promise I and his ties to religious extremism. But this piece really peels back the layers and exposes these douche bags for who they really are. I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and was backing Rand Paul this year until he got media-trumped(LOL). So, I jumped on the Trump train because any logical true conservative knows that Donald is really the only choice left in the race that makes any sense (unless I was just going to write in Rand’s name like I did his father’s in 08 and 12).

      The GOP’s focus is on globalism and lining their own pockets. The most ridiculous and unchallenged statement made during this campaign was by John Kasich when he had enormous balls to announce how stoked he was over Communist Chinese building a manufacturing plant in Dayton to hire Ohioans. Shockingly, not a single so-called journalist or any other politician has thrown the bullshit flag on that. The Chinese are using the $500 Billion they enjoy in annual trade deficits to buy America (they recently purchased the historic Hotel del Coronado here in San Diego). Where are our values! Who is benefiting in China from this trade deficit? Certainly it isn’t the Chinese people who are paid slave wages with no benefits in order that American consumers can enjoy super low prices on goods! No doubt, it is the Political Elite tyrants who are reaping the benefits. These elites are buying up America. It’s a disgrace. Truly, the Republicans and Democrats have become the Enemy Within.

      The Democrats, at least are honest about what they want to do to America while the Republican Establishment lies to its membership and to long time registered voting Republicans.

      Daddy Bush conservative? No way, he have us that infamous phrase Read My Lips.
      Baby Bush? Nope, not a conservative, big expansion of Medicaid Part D.
      McCain? Nope. Voted against the Bush Tax Cuts and is a big time worldwide war mongerer.
      Romney? Give me a break, Romney-Care just about sums up this big government liberal. Additionally, this prick earned his wealth through leveraged buyouts and putting workers out on the street. He isn’t even the same class as Donald Trump.
      Boehner the House Crier?
      McConnell and Ryan the Congressional Capitulators?

      Wake up America! Vote these douche bags out of office. Oh, and thanks for the great post here on the Last Refuge. It was awesome!

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    • Patrick Wilson says:

      common thread are complaints about people who are selling something,(iced tea, investments,soap, whatever. They make a living off politics just like politicians. A discerning mind is a valuable thing, believe in yourself and traditional values there are no super heroes to save the world only right thinking and acting individuals coming together can effect real change.


  2. ctmom says:

    Charity book sale coming up. I have a pile of Mark Levin books to donate — if they will have them.

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  3. IfThenElse says:

    A lot of anti-Rush comments. Just chew on this for awhile…what do Donald J Trump and Rush Limbaugh have in common?

    Neither “need” the money – at all. Say what you want about Rush, the idea that he is influenced by money in the same way as these others is preposterous.
    I wish he were a little more Trump myself, but I listen. I don’t expect him to just float along with no sales resistance.

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    • MVW says:

      Can you say illegal oxycontin? What was Rush’s deal to get out of jail?

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    • You omit one small detail: Donald Trump made his money by buying properties, rehabbing them, selling them, operating them to make more money: it’s all his dough. He’s his own man.

      Blimpjaw is not his own man. He works for qWeerChannel, one of the sleaziest among the BigKorpseorate sleazekasters. If he strays too far from the approved ‘narrative’, he’s out of work.

      Trump can support himself. El Lardo needs qWeerChannel’s dough to support his dine-out large lifestyle. And he most certainly is the Formerly Free Talk Host. Enjoy hearing his Caller Abortions and Homeless Updates? Not lately, not in years. You wanna know why? Because as Bob Grant said twenty years ago, management ‘made him stop doing them.’

      They’re owned.

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      • swissik says:

        I doubt that, at this point, Rush needs the money. For all I know he could retire in a very comfortable style. He still adds value though for those of us who haven’t time to research a lot of information. He makes public what the MSM prefers to hide. I find most of his observations about the presidential candidates quite neutral.


    • Searkreb says:

      Yeah I don’t think money influences rush that much.
      I think it’s more about being blackmailed and him not going to prison.
      I listened to him more than regularly even in podcast form up until 3 months ago and have dropped his sorry butt cold turkey

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      • Money is very important to Rush. He’s not going to prison, his case is long disposed, that statutes have run.

        That said, going to prison would mean no show which brings us back to no dough.

        He was a stupid jackass, a man of his wealth and prominence, to be buying dope from his IA housemaid, for goodness’ sakes. That was stupid.

        But to not sniff out the set-up a mile away, that was imbecilic. A housemaid who will sell her ‘rich and powerful’ and all his other self-awarded plaudits, boss illegal drugs? And he couldn’t see that he was being set up?

        He should have been kicked off the air for gross idiocy, never mind the drug beef.

        He’s thick and unteachable. As far as talent on loan from god? Perhaps as an announcer on those screamer used car ads. What talent? Self-promotion?

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    • limbaugh is a CFR stooge, always has been… he needs the daily ego fix and to feel his “glory” days are still alive.

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    • Lulu says:

      Don’t kid yourself Rush needs the money he’s got the hot young wife number 4, the jet, the cars, the mansions, etc. He’s well off, but his lifestyle is expensive.

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    • Perhaps Rush has something else in his closet he doesn’t want out. Some Times it’s the money and some Times its something else or both. There are other things the elite use to control.

      Rush is a Gatekeeper

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      • Colonialman says:

        Ever wonder why Rushbo gave Elton John one million dollars while in Hawaii? Stayed in same room just different floor of same hotel balcony over Elton. Listen to mp3 on Cruz the great deceiver. Gays are starting to marry ( opposites) to provide a cover. Like a fish dinner eat the meat discard the bones.


    • There’s definitely some Rush nazis on here but they’re not going to influence who I listen to any more than Rush is going to change my mind about Trump.

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    • Stringy theory says:

      Don’t fool yourself. Limbaugh is all about making money. He’s just another front man for the establishment.

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    • RP says:

      My take is Rush signed a contract tied to significant $$$ to promote and not promote certain this or thats and is fulfilling that contract. Anyone think that any syndicated television or radio host has free reign over their content is delusional – look at Howard Stern – he moved to satellite and under his terms, one of them being control over content.

      Another darker and likely reason is Rush, like his political friends and colleagues, has one or many prior indiscretions that are being used as leverage for compliance.


  4. mcfyre2012 says:


    Eric Erickson…”The Regurger.”

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  5. barton2016 says:

    Erik Erickson is one of the stooges who sits in for Bush Limbaugh while he’s out golfing. It’s a non-stop Obama/Democrat bash fest with nothing ever said about any of the GOP failures. Can’t stand listening to him for more than 5 minutes.

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    • Stringy theory says:

      Erickson is another fraud, like his paymaster crudz.

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    • pawatcher says:

      Erick is the messiah on The Right Scoop, he supports Cruz undauntingly.
      He is not known to be a TEA patriot supporter, but as long as he defends Cruz and is out to Stop Trump the Cruz supporters worship him.
      The GOPe has paid for the best “conservative” pundits to keep Cruz’ TEA patriots on board his campaign- Cruz supporters are being led to the big “crush” they were promised by the GOPe.
      The last few election cycles showed the strength of We the People and We have become stronger with the Trump train movement. The GOPe is being overtaken and panic is replacing their arrogant, condescending, demeaning, invalidating, and ignorant attitude toward US.
      Cruz and his sycophants are not going to Stop Trump, actually I like go to all the Stop Trump sites to see their weak arguments. It’s pitiful, but fun and a learning experience.

      Trump 2016

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    • benY says:

      When used to listen to Limbaugh and Erickson would sun I’d shut it off. Now that I never turn Limbaugh on I find my foul language getting better.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Erickson made a big show a few years back abt enrolling in theology/divinity school. He said he felt called to pursue it. For awhile, everything he wrote was seasoned with comments abt his faith, Bible quotes and such. Great. No problem with that, but look where he is today? Like Beck, like Cruz, like so many before them, there are men that wear their faith like a shield that starts out protecting them but often ends up protecting their deeds that do not reflect a Christ-centered life.

      Most of us aren’t looking for a Pastor in Chief and as Trump supporters, we know very well that Trump has flaws and has made personal mistakes, like the rest of us. For whatever faults and sins chalked up to Trump’s account, he does not run from them. He knows his personal life has been front page news for 30 years. To me, his pursuit of the presidency may well be a desire to be redeemed–of course, he needs confession and then absolution from God to obtain it but maybe this begins that road for him. He’s nearly 70 yrs old, has seen, done and had everything imaginable to the human mind. He has grandchildren now and highly successful children. He’s at peace with his former wives, both of whom support his candidacy, speak well of him and have admiration for Melania. He’s at a point where donating to charities isn’t enough. From Day One of his campaign I sensed an earnest and authentic desire on his part to apply all he knows, all his successes, what he’s learned from his mistakes toward the presidency to improve the lives of the good people of this country. A country that has been very good to him. He knows the crooks, fakes, liars and phonies in politics and business and as he’s traveled this country seeing 10’s of thousands of common people, the people those crooks and liars make fun of and despise, Trump has become a better man. He wants to champion our causes, to be uplifting, a helper and protector. Spare me the rehearsed legalese rhetoric of Mr. Cruz, I feel far more comfortable putting the safety of my grandchildren in the hands of the Blue Collar Billionaire, who doesn’t talk down to me, criticize me, scold, threaten or insult me. He doesn’t claim an exclusive holy connection to God’s throne, he admits he’s a fellow sinner on the walkway of life like the rest of us.

      Why won’t the media report on Cruz’ sleazy financial connections and expose men given in this article that use the Word of the Lord as a front to hide their own sins, shortcomings and illicit dealings? Why won’t Rush or Mark or Glenn treat listeners with respect and talk abt the CO preacher that supports Cruz and also believes every state should pass a law making the gay lifestyle a felony and then round them up for arrest? Why will they belabor the Lewandowski story as if it is more significant than an ISIS attack, while never talking bluntly abt Cruz’ refusal to say whether or not he’s ever cheated on his wife? Why will self proclaimed ‘men of the cloth’ such as Beck, Barton and Erickson, et al, deceive, misinform, ignore facts, fail to report, on their Chosen One and yet, forget all abt their faith and the teachings of Jesus who gladly hung out with sinners and held the Pharisees, men that believed they were the only ones holy enough to be around Jesus, in contempt? Why is there forgiveness for Glenn Beck after a former life of drugs, alcohol, adultery, divorce but no forgiveness for fellow sinner, Donald Trump? Why is Trump’s braggadocios manner, affinity for attaching labels and calling people names despicable but when Rush does the same, no problem? The Devil is alive and well and resides on the shoulders of many sitting behind microphones. It’s not the will of God they are hearing in their ears and espousing over the airwaves.

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  6. RM says:

    I would love to know who provided the massive amount of capital that Beck used to startup/maintain GBTV and The Blaze. I have always suspected that John Huntsman was one of the backers. Anybody? Bueller?

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  7. corimari2013 says:

    These Cruz super PACs are sure shuffling the big bucks around.
    Wonder if Lyin’ Ted knows anything about it?
    Oh wait—he has nothing to do with the PACs…he isn’t allowed to be involved with them, and so he does not talk to them.
    Recall that pro-Cruz PAC, Keep the Promise I donated a half million dollars to Fiorina’s campaign (there’s a story about an alleged mistress and hush money there).
    Recall that pro-Cruz super PAC Make America Awesome ran the ad targeting Melania (gee, that PAC is run by an alleged mistress).
    The senator is a vile creature with tentacles all over the place.

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  8. Alleycats says:

    Somebody left the screen door open again, little green flies all over the place!

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  9. Rykehaven says:

    Sundance is doing a real service to his readers, and through them, to America.


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    • irenehull says:

      I thank God every day I found CTH and Sundance, reading is so much better for the soul. For 20 years I have listened to Rush, never questioning his reasoning. My husband and I blindly, and subconsciously listening on a daily basis. Cold turkey we have turned off talk radio, our lives are better, and we go with our gut feelings. Excluding Fox was another step in thinking for ourselves!!!!!

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      • swissik says:

        As an independent thinker myself I listen and read all kinds of news sources, including foreign. I believe that one can make judgements and form opinions without having to be slaves to the MSM, but at the same time, it sharpens the mind to analyze what they say.


  10. In fairness, Breitbart has been pretty fair. It actually seems to have a pro-Donald tilt.

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    • Riddick says:

      Correction: POSTERS have a pro Trump tilt.

      Save for Joel Pollack and Milo I cannot name even one BB contributor who is really pro Trump. Nolte has changed, but only LATELY, and was a pro Felito for a long time. Not sure what has changed with Nolte, but same as others I suspect some financial gain for him, for now, since he was beat up by pro Trump BB readers. Probably decided to go with the flow for now.

      BB is heavily financed by Mercer, claiming that Mercer somehow has a pro Trump tilt is nuts, in so many ways. Mercer also finances biggest Felito Super PACs.


  11. WSB says:

    Sundance, my eyes have been clearly opened.

    Watching one of my few holdouts, Stewart Varney. First he had Vicki McKenna as a guest, local Wisconsin talk radio. Stewart asked her why all of Wisconsin media was against Trump. She rattled off a few items, refuting Trump’s claims about Wisconsin finances, that seemed to impress Stewart’s panel. I looked her up…iHeart Radio.

    Then he had Rick Grennell on. Am familiar with him, but do not know his corporate backing. Seems he has a start up from 2011, Capitol Media Partners. Also bashing Trump with the now very tired ‘Trump is a Dem’. Does anyone know where his money comes from? Bain by any chance?

    Does anyone have Varney’s email to ask him to clarify these contributors’ connections as they are pontificating?


  12. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I love the way they throw around the word Conservatism and attack Trump as not being conservative. Yet, this bunch does anything but conserve; they are massively funded with big bucks by donors who want anything but what the true meaning of conservatism stands for. Such hypocrisy.

    Liked by 6 people

  13. mamadogsite says:

    Personally, and imho, never have and never will listen to talk radio, nor do I watch much TV anymore.

    It is all about one person with a microphone , a lot of advertisers and their own personal opinion which, through fancy and well constructed dialogues, they try to convince you, the voter, that they are important, thus they are right.

    So, how do I get my information? Through a variety of online news sites, and of course the treehouse. I even include the BBC and CNN.

    I make my own decision weighing all information presented. Rather than wasting time listening to pundents, I am using FB to post researched, and truthful facts…not innuendo. My goal is to enlighten one voter at a time….and…btw….I am up to 8 “switch-overs” to Trump ….mostly younger WOMEN, who had previously been convinced by the msm that Trump was the devil incarnate. This should be our mission.

    I posted the tearful video of the young, former Miss WI who is dying this morning. My FB friends are not going to see that video on the msm. Nor, the fact that the Trump family very quietly supports and serves many non profit organizations.

    Refer your FB friends to different issues and facts to Google and research for themselves. Especially young women who are daily bombarded with mis- information. Imho…listening to the radio pundents is wasted time.

    Liked by 6 people

    • swissik says:

      Please, please, please: it is pundit, not pundent. For decades it has annoyed me to hear prominent and less prominent people on radio or tv mispronounce this word, now to see it in writing makes me crazy. Thank you for listening and not taking my comment as a personal attack.


  14. benY says:

    Principles and Cruz is the ultimate oxymoron.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Riddick says:

    Wasn’t Bol’sheviks, as in your post, OLIGARCHS versus Putin. Led by one named Khodorkovsky, all fighting to replace Yel’tsin. Main reason we still see remnants of that struggle for control of Russia, with someone like Prokhorov wise enough to step aside and power mad people like Khodorkovsky still not getting the point.

    Bol’sheviks are still in Russia, led by Ziuganov, a rather small party at this point driven by the nostalgy of (what they consider to be great) days of USSR.

    You keep forgetting that Putin was a member of Communist Party as well. As was Merkel.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Larry Bates says:

    Excellent article which really helps to explain why Conservative websites are so bifurcated currently. I also explains why so called New Media websites are yielding to the same temptations as the old media. High costs require high donor support, and big donors want payback.
    Martin Luther discovered the solution 500 years ago. His low cost pamphlets overwhelmed high cost, state-owned book publishers. I suggest that we either create our own, inexpensive, very new media websites, such as (my own), or back those that we can trust. Either way, we need simple, inexpensive websites that act as brochures that we can distribute to voters that still have the capacity to think for themselves. GO TRUMP.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Joe says:

    No one is perfect. What matters is moving in generally the right direction in loose formation. One of the signs that you drank from the well poisoned by the left is a need for ideological purity. It reminds me of the Bolsheviks, Trotskyites, and the Mensheviks.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. dan understahl says:

    The Trump campaign has lead to more information being released than all the other elections in the past 50 years. Fox news globalist and Arab owned. MSM propaganda for the unipary globalist agenda. Just how bad the “conservative Republican party” really has been all these years. How the EU and Democrat Party and world socialist globalism has the US 60% taken over, at least. on and on

    Liked by 2 people

  19. farmhand1927 says:

    Michelle Fields timed her resurgence of her bogus attack in order to keep Cruz’ affairs scandals off the front page.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Martin says:

    I still listen to Rush, because as an ex-radio guy, I’m fascinated by his subtlety. For the layperson, his particular flavor of Democrat bad/Republican good can be received as gospel, being the selling of the “conservative” brand as if it isn’t at all damaged, at least as represented by the GOPe. Consequently, he’s still banging that drum, as if Cruz is the bandleader.

    But from the start of this presidential cycle, I’ve applied an extreme filter, as if I’m watching PBS, because his subtlety is less so, and he really does employ the Schumer Principle: what I say now is all that matters, especially when making a point that asserts his “correctness,” kinda like O’Baxter on FNC does.

    Today, first hour, he compared two “reviews” of the CNN Town Hall, regarding Trump. One a screed from Horowitz at CR, the other he described as a fanzine gush over at Breitbart – without disclosing that CR is Levin territory, and that “TrumpBart” is actually Cruz PAC funder-owned. Did I email a lambast? You betcha.

    It’s hard to let slide an establishment-style omission, when used to sell a failed “conservative” brand. Without Sundance and CTH, most of us would be otherwise clueless.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. georgiafl says:

    Kasich is posing as a nice harmless, guileless, guy – but he’s a shrewd, experienced politician sponsored by Soros.

    This photo shows a bit of the real Kasich peeking through:


  22. cgent47 says:

    Here is a list of neocon enemies of the people. They are lying scum and are anti American. I spit on them. We must rid the Republican Party of these so called conservatives. Most supported the Iraq war and the murder of over 4,000 warriors and over 30,000 wounded. They are not friends of the American people!!
    And the biggest PIG!!

    Liked by 5 people

  23. graphiclucidity says:

    In my opinion, we all need to forget about the GOPe’s stalwarts and their allies’ machinations and manipulations via Old Media (TV, Radio, Newspapers). All attention to draw in new voters for Trump needs to be directed towards the younger generations via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). They, despite their cultural libertarian leanings which may turn many older people off, are our natural allies in this battle against the elite establishment of both political parties.

    We all see the same problems, we just prefer different solutions. We must do our best to convince them that Trump is on their side and is not the fascist/corporatist that the elites are convincing them he is through propaganda and street performance protests. They, like us, see their futures crashing down around them which is why so many are gravitating to Bernie. They can see clearly what the DNCe is doing with superdelegates to deny Bernie the nomination and it is making them just as angry as we are with our authoritarian elites.

    I’d suggest that people educate themselves on what exactly our Millenials did in revolt against SJWs and the Leftist Powers That Be during #GamerGate, they stopped them dead in their tracks!

    Go to YouTube and watch the two-part documentary named “Gamergate the documentary” and see what happened for yourselves: Part 1 – & Part 2 – .
    That incident woke up many Millenials to the nightmare that our so-called “betters” have in store for all of us. And it is still ongoing because the harcore leftists never give up.

    Tune in to the younger generations’ fears and apprehension about the future and help to educate them about socialism’s failures, because they truly have no clue. They have been made ignorant of the past intentionally by our media and especially their teachers and professors. Stop thinking they are just “stupid and spoiled brats”! What they have been indoctrinated with their entire lives isn’t their fault, it’s the older (leftist-elite) generations who have manipulated them to be this way. They are starving for honest information. All we have to do is feed them a morsels of truth and watch their freshly nourished minds light up in needed recognition instead of the numb confusion they’ve been gourged on forever!

    The mask is slipping away from their eyes, slowly but surely. We, who lived during the Cold War, and know the truth, must be there to show them the true meaning of freedom and liberty that we learned from our own experiences. We can’t reach the hardcore indoctrinated, many are too far gone, but for those on the fence who sense the lies and deceit, we should recognize them, and instead of mocking or shaming them, reach out a kind hand and help guide them back to reality.

    If that is done, we may be surprised by how many join us in this fight against Elite Globalism, and for the restoration of the heart and soul of the American republican experiment. This is no longer just a battle between Democrat and Republican or Left versus Right. This is ultimately a battle between Authoritarianism and Libertarianism, between crushing Tyranny or enlightened Freedom. We must battle on those terms and those terms alone. Make clear the vital stakes involved and the terrible consequences if we fail.

    I am hopeful of the beautiful results if success can be had.

    Just my 10 cents (inflation ya know;-).


    Liked by 5 people

    • irenehull says:

      Terrific read, truth burns in the soul!


      • graphiclucidity says:

        Thanks, Irene.
        If anybody is interested, and to further illustrate my points, I’ve got two more videos to share.
        #1 –
        In this video a young white man with dreadlocks is accosted by a young black woman and accused of “Cultural Appropriation” because of his choice of hairstyle. Now, many of us may not like his style either, but I think ALL of us would agree he shouldn’t be treated in this way because of it. So, ask yourself if you feel this man, and many of the thousands like him who are treated this way and are sick and tired of the SJWs and their tactics might be open to joining the side of Liberty? I think he would, and millions of his peers would join him. All they need is the right invitation.

        #2 –
        This video features Dave Rubin interviewing Milo Yiannopoulis.
        These are two gay men having the best intellectual political conversation I’ve seen in ages. Milo was involved with #GamerGate and is a hero to many Millenials because of it. He too thinks that the younger generations can be our allies for “Daddy” Trump (an obviously trollish name he uses to antagonize the “Furhrer” & “Drumpf” tags).
        Trigger Warning 😉 – Milo is a flaming queen, but he’s a genius on fighting in the new cultural battleground. In my estimation he’s the true inheritor to Andrew Breitbart. There is salty language and uncomfortable topics in this conversation, but I still think it is a must-see for Trump supporters. In the end, I think Milo has almost convinced Dave to seriously consider voting for Trump. THIS is what we need to win!

        Thanks to Sundance & Crew for this forum, sincerely.


        • sticknca says:

          Both thumbs up on your post! I only learned of Milo in the past 2 months or so and am so glad I did. He totally trashed my own irrational belief that gay = progressive politics. I would have never thought that a gay white man would suddenly be the “enemy” of the Progs, but he points out that being 1) white and 2) a man trumps his gayness in their eyes. He enjoys both “white privilege” and “male paternalism” that the new breed of feminists are so irrationally hateful towards.

          Youtube has some excellent vids of his college campus speeches and Q&A sessions that he bills as “The Dangerous Faggot Tour” and shouldn’t be missed. For all their other faults, Breitbart has so far not controlled him or his topics. He is also an opponent to the concept of female compensation inequality basically saying “want to earn like a man? Then quit majoring in female dance interpretation and study engineering”.

          Rather than being offended by this flaming British queen, I find his humor, intelligence, strong assertiveness and acceptance of his sexuality to be refreshing in the normally dour world of us vs. them. He is a yuuuuuge Trump supporter.

          Liked by 2 people

  24. Thomas Berwick says:

    It was WAY more than just Libya and Syria. Hillary and Huma went after Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, too. Check out Sundance’s “Operation Zero Footprint” expose. Incompetent Hillary and Huma “I love the Muslim Brotherhood” Abedin where successful ONLY in Tunisia where the king was forced to flee to Saudi Arabia. Egypt is stable only because Sisi overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood. Libya, Syria and Yemen are in chaos. Hillary’s hands are as bloody as they come. It is somewhat surprising that some Shia Muslim hasn’t assassinated her for her attempted overthrow of Assad.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Texmom says:

    Keep in mind that these (Levin, Beck, etc) are the same people who have been pushing a ConCon Convention of States. Do not trust them on that one, either. It’s a scam.


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  28. says:

    Very interesting. I have been amazed and more than a little put off by how rabid Beck and Levin have been of late. As usual follow the money. I recall over the years listeners calling in to both personalities and pleading with them to run for president! Lol. Patriots? The only comparison to George Washington either of them has is their sacrifice. He sacrificed his wealth and liberty and they sacrificed their honor and integrity.


  29. Pingback: GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump | The Daily Caller

  30. redsequin4 says:

    Uh-oh, Levin is having a hissy fit on BB. I guess the sunlight was a little too bright for him!

    Levin: ‘I Am Not Voting for Donald Trump,’ ‘Count Me As Never Trump’


  31. dick l says:

    Media (owners) hate trump because he doesn’t give them his money for ads.

    also Boycott Braeburn Pharmaceuticals facist company and their OPIOD DRUGS they want little boys to go into little girls locker rooms and bathrooms.
    QUOTE FROM Braeburn website about their company – “Braeburn makes it possible for independent minds, trailblazers and innovators to work together in a unique environment that encourages innovation and discovery. We believe this is the difference that makes a difference.”
    YEAH SURE, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals said it is “reevaluating our options based on the recent, unjust legislation” whether to build a $20 million manufacturing and research facility in Durham County.


  32. Letty Bromenschenkel says:

    the books and trinkets purchase has been around since JFK …. check goes to publisher and or manufacturer , dump trucks show up to haul 400,000 books, pens, calendars, hats to the land fill.
    Plus the sponsors of their media activities radio, blogs, newsletters, fees double and are paid for by the Pacs. The talking points arrive to a PO Box in a plain brown wrapper.

    The publisher, manufacturer , ad service forward the royalty checks and the smear, slander, slime fraud and forgery activities increase in intensity .

    the ratings go through the roof, the books show # 1 on the best seller lists which generate more sales from public consumers and the cycle keeps building …

    Next comes the “call” for protests and eventually included are recruiting, hiring, organizing , transporting the violent protesters. The media has been notified far in advance of the agendas and activities.

    Sadly it is all legal . It is a super “con” scam on the good n decent legal citizens.


  33. Letty Bromenschenkel says:

    BTW this is one of the most important articles written , it brings folks out of the fog and puts them on alert .

    we truly need another Woodward and Bernstein.

    time is long overdue


  34. I turn off the program (on my computer) as soon as EE starts on our local (and his hometown) radio station WSB


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