WOW Interview – Understanding The Legislative Intents of ‘Wall Street Funded’ Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz…


In a very important time – This is must listen audio from Steven Miller for anyone concerned about Trans-Pacific Trade (TPP) or Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), or the comprehensive immigration reform platform as it relates to Globalism -vs- Nationalism. (click orange arrow):

TPP trade 2

Reference MaterialHERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

trump rubio and cruz handshake

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655 Responses to WOW Interview – Understanding The Legislative Intents of ‘Wall Street Funded’ Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz…

  1. Howie says:

    All together now..

    Mitt Romney about to enter GOP race

    Romney’s attacks on GOP candidates set the stage for him to steal nomination

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  3. JeremyR says:

    After Krispy came out in support of Trump, The Don had some choice words. “get in the plane and go home. It’s over there. Go home.”
    While Trump is a billionaire and self funding, It appears even he can’t afford to feed Krispy.
    Krispy is a GOPe insider. I suspect his support is more to torpedo the campaign than to help it.
    The media doesn’t get it, or if they do, they are wanting to mislead us. Either is possible.


    • alexander says:

      I believe that was taken out of context.

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      • JeremyR says:

        Not so sure. I have no trust of any of the politically connected. They serve a master whom I do not like instead of the people they are supposed to represent.


        • RINOKiller says:

          It would have been best of you not to post something like this.


        • alexander says:

          Well that doesn’t describe Trump at all.

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          • JeremyR says:

            I don’t trust Krispy, and being that we all know full well he was a splitter and establishment insider, why should Trump trust him?

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            • alexander says:

              One doesn’t have to personally trust Christie, but I would certainly trust Trump’s judgment over someone’s skepticism.

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            • Bull Durham says:

              Actually, all Christie did was promote himself. He never hurt Trump, and if he was a mole (one theory of his actions) then he did what was planned.

              We have to accept him because Donald trusts him.
              You don’t have to like him.
              The impact he had in nullifying Rubio’s attacks was crucial.

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        • Scott says:

          Christie got burned by the GOP-e. Christie is returning the favor. And I doubt Trump thinks Christie may not be what he seems to be. However, trump stealing GOP-E people and converting them to anti-gop-e people can be a pure slap in the face to people like McConnell as now they have to wonder who else will defect? Maine’s governor quietly endorsed Trump too, and he was against Trump early on.When the GOP-e starts losing its members to Trump, they have to have doubts about their own people now.


      • So do I. I watched it live this evening, and I took it as Trump thanking Christie for traveling with him and keeping up with Trump’s arduous schedule for the past day or so. Trump’s statement seemed to me to be someone saying, “thank you. You’ve done so much. There’s a plane over there and the flight is on me.”

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        • Spencer's Mom says:

          RealGaryseven I totally agree with you after watching the film clip. This was not Trump rudely dismissing Christie – although the reporters maybe try to suggest that was what happened because it makes a great story for them. Christie dropped everything to go on this trip to help Trump with the Rubio issues. Trump only needed Christie for a day or two and now he’s sending Christie back to his family.

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          • There’s a comment below by RINOKiller saying that Christie was/is sick. We should all pray for Governor Christie and his family. Being a career politician (albeit not a Washington politician), he has now staked his career and his future on Trump. What he did took guts.

            Can you imagine Carson and Kasich also coming aboard? I can almost see all of them introducing Trump at a rally…

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            • Mark Wester says:

              carson and kasich are already funded by trump. why are they still there….they want the 72 virgins that trump has promised them. sorry bad analogy, but you get the drift. coat tail hangers.


        • feralcatsblog says:

          Exactly! Imagine a friend comes over to your place, especially from some distance and you know he got up early to make the drive, and he’s worked hard helping you fix your car or furnace or whatever, and his job is done, and so you say “get out of here, go home”.

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    • RINOKiller says:

      This article is a TOTAL MISLEAD because Christie was sick.Trump told him to go home and take of things.

      Sounds like The Daily Mail has an agenda.

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    • jedimastertrump says:

      Oh FFS come on people.

      The guy has a job. He did what he was supposed to do and Trump wanted him to get back to his life asap. It was discussed and trump probably had a plane chartered for him to go home so he could get rest and do other stuff. Having him stand on the stage for another hour would have been a waste of time.

      What is this manufactured Bull sh!t.

      I swear sometimes i just want to line everybody up and start bitchslapping.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Trump and Christie have been friends for years. Apparently, this endorsement has left the establishment shaken. When it was made, someone cut the cables on CNN and MSNBC. An ex-GWB aide said he won’t hire anyone who has worked with Christie. Jeb had nasty things to say about Christie and Trump’s friendship. It was nice of Christie to stick his neck out for Trump and go even further and stump for him. Trump was thanking him and telling him to go home to his family and offering him a ride. Christie still stayed to watch his speech. That is what you call loyalty.

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    • srr says:

      Christie has been working with Trump, as hard as Trump, so simply needs to go home and refresh, if he’s to keep working with Trump and not burn out.

      Trump knows loyalty and looking out for those loyal. He had a plane ready to take the loyal and tired man home (who also has his own people who need him), and let’s face it, there aren’t many who are capable of working to Trump’s constant, high pressure level.

      Trump only went up in my eyes, as did Christy, who Trump made a point of showing he was caring for.

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      • jedimastertrump says:

        Apparently Chris was sick. Trump was trying to send him home asap to rest and get better. Chris stuck around anyway.


        How much you want to bet all the insider dirt of what the establishment is planning to do is now fully infront of Trump thanks to christie?

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        • srr says:

          Yep, we have Pro-UN “Economist” Filth in Australia also trying to turn it into a ‘Trump insults’, story rather than what it is; yet another example of the Mutual Loyalty between Trump and those who Support him Because they Know him.

          The desperation to get rid of Trump, is Global amongst the Globalists, who have No Loyalty to their Nation, anyone or anything, but satisfying their own lusts.


        • Scott says:

          As someone who led the Republican governors association, I suspect he knows quite a bit. Trump has moles everywhere ans surely the GOP-e are in constant fear of who is the next mole or who will defect next.


    • American Nationalist says:

      Phony story the media is trying to gin up. Here is Dan Scavino clearing it up –

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    • ZurichMike says:

      I saw the clip. It was more like “Thank, bro, we’re done done here [slamming Rubio] and the you can take the plane and go home now”. I am from New England — Trump’s words were not “negative speech” between fellow tough guys from the New York area.

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    • Totally Domestic says:

      Consider the source, Daily Mail, always Trump hater.


    • Triumphant Trump says:

      You obviously were not a fan of The Apprentice, that was a typical send off from Trump…”Now get out of here”, sometimes after he was generous and gave a donation to the charifty of a losing contestant who was fired.

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    • margarite1 says:

      I think this was said in a friendly way since Christie had been with Trump since Thursday and he was letting him know he had a ride home so he could go be with his family.

      Why are people so knee jerk willing to believe the worst about Trump?


    • Crystal says:

      Christie was allegedly sick and Trump wanted him to get in the plane and fly home. Trump and Christie have been friends for years. I could see him as AG.


  4. TAS says:

    Thought I’d hang with the 3rd shift crowd tonight….got a glass of wine, listening to Tesla…and enjoying the TREEPERS!!!!!!!!

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  5. RINOKiller says:

    The Waterboy is done

    If he isn’t careful, Trump will sue him off whatever wealth he has and his eligibility.

    What an ubiquitous moron!

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  6. Riddick says:

    NUCLEAR EXPLOSION from NYT of all places.

    Fixed Moonbt News
    RUSH <—-

    In pact to drive amnesty through

    No wonder I stopped watching Fixed Moonbat News at that EXACT time frame 3 YEARS ago, this was more than obvious, I sjut could not place my finger on why their entire schpiel changed overnight and right after Morlock walked out a free man after spending ENTIRE DAY at the Dept of Injustice with Holder. I just didn’t see how deep it went.

    Listening to Hannety and Rush became intolerable at that precise moment. And we can easily add Levin to the cabal, no way in hell he was not involved.

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  7. budmc ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says:

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  8. Riddick says:


    Lubio is done, put a fork in him. The only downside to this is that come morning Felito will have a “I told you!” moment while conveniently forgetting that he is also for amnesty, although seemingly not part of this cabal. At least no direct tie in for Felito, although same Goldman Sachs pulling strings.

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  9. kallibella says:

    Thank you Sundance for this posting!!!! THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

    This posting was an eye-opener. It helped me to see with much more clarity the “why’s” of some of Trump’s often repeated statements/points/arguments.

    It also helped me to understand that We The People are in serious trouble BUT that by providential grace We have a candidate who is voicing our concerns and who speaks to us in the very selfsame terms and with the same sense of urgency.

    First, Trump knows all this stuff, obvious from the audio clip.

    Second, Trump has been designing and planning his candidacy for many years, because this stuff takes time to gather and process. Putting together sources/resources.

    Third, Trump is a brilliant tactician. I think he most likely has read extensively about his two most favorite military heroes: MacArthur and Patton. By this I mean, that Trump, knowing all that he has to say/articulate on behalf of the American people, chooses to say it in the easiest of terms as opposed to have a convoluted message with all kinds of policy language technicalities.
    He wants to be clear. He doesn’t want to be misunderstood.

    On the issue of foreign trade, Trump wants other countries to respect us and be fair trade partners. That is a direct counter to all the sovereignty-robbing trade items embedded in those massive agreements.

    On immigration, Trump’s message couldn’t be clearer. We either have a country or not! We must have borders and stop illegal immigration.

    On the issue of legal foreign workers, his policy stance is not to give them preference as has been the case already, mainly caused by obamacare’s imposing labor regulations, which employers now try to avoid with cutting of hours and the importation of foreign workers to whom they are not obligated to comply on obamacare items.

    On the issues of taxes, the economy, unemployment and related matters, he has also spoken clearly.

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    • kallibella says:

      As it refers to the neutralizing the brand of both Marco and Ted, I think he is also brilliant. He could spend time enumerating how these two have sold Us out, but he has sized up his support base, that for the most part we are the ones busy working and paying our taxes [as opposed to Bernie’s supporters who are waiting for the handouts], and therefore gives us the bottom line like any good and successful business person. To me, it’s like reading financial statements’ bottom lines!

      The two opponents are just not presidential material. Though it may sound simplistic it is IMHO a very effective way to disqualify them. The technical details only appeal so the political junkies/policy wonks and so forth, but his to-the-point disqualifying statement is easy to hear and to process. Business people prefer to commit the fewest [finite] resources to obtain the maximum desired results. Details are not all the time necessary although they do shape the chosen strategy and drive the tactics.

      In a way I think I hear him saying, “Don’t worry. I know what is at stake here. I have your back.”
      In on of his rallies on yesterday he said, “I don’t want your money. I want your vote.” That is, “I have the resources, just hire me.”

      He may yet come out and finish them more forcefully, but like all brilliant strategists and tacticians, timing is very important, as in the Christie endorsement after the brutal ganging up he endured the night before. With that he gained tactically because he undercut Rubio’s media exposure and Cruz was not in any media story all day.

      He uses all advantages at his disposal cleverly. I have to read the Art of the Deal; I’m sure his campaign outline is there.

      Patriots, pray and vote Trump. Endeavor to share and educate others; perhaps some may listen.

      PS: I wrote this last night,late around mid night when I became aware of the NYT story on Rubio’s Gang of 8 effort to influence the so-called “conservative” TV and radio personalities. Trump may just be stepping aside and allowing others to do in the little boy from Florida as well as those who oppose him in the GOPe/donor class groups.


  10. wheatietoo says:

    Too many people think ‘Globalism’ is a good thing.
    We were brainwashed by the media and politicians for decades, that ‘Globalism is good’.

    Even when some started to question it….they were shushed by “Oh, just wait, it will be good for everyone. It just takes time.”

    So the term ‘Globalist’ is still not widely regarded as a bad thing.
    And when someone tries to speak sense about globalists….they are gaslighted by the media and made to look like a tinfoil hatter.

    We need to come up with some short soundbites…suitable for repetition…that encapsulate what the Globalists have in store for us.
    Sayings that are tweetable and repeatable.

    Things like….”Globalists want us to be dumb and easily led.”

    Anyone else think of one?

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    • RINOKiller says:

      I thought mergers were a good thing too.

      They really are not

      Destroys competition.

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      • jedimastertrump says:

        Remember when you had more choices for shopping than just Fing Walmart?

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      • KitKat says:

        In the investing world, it’s called financial engineering. Companies lose their mojo and markets, so to to increase earnings and keep shareholders, they gobble up other companies, instead of innovating.

        And you are right about losing competition. I used to hear stories about how every woman in the former Soviet Union wore dresses made out of the same material — no variety. Also low inventories. As a shopper, I’m now finding myself bumping into low inventories more and more, I’m bored stiff by the cheap sameness of so many products, and I’m disappointed that some of my favorite products aren’t manufactured any more. It is regress not progress.

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    • TAS says:

      Globalist = new word for NWO

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    • rodney says:

      So true, most Americans have fallen victim to decades of agit-prop telling us globalism is good for us. Guys like Thomas Friedman, Krugman and the various think tanks all promoted globalism as progress.

      They neglected to tell the ordinary folks in the West, they’d be reduced to serfs as the elites imported more and more 3rd worlder laborers to cheapen the labor pool and destroy our wage levels and our culture as well.

      Globalists must die!

      Seriously though, these stateless actors have openly declared war on the peoples of the Western world and we need to realize they are our mortal enemies. For they seek to become the vile masters of mankind.

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    • “Either we have a country or we don’t.”

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  11. Riddick says:

    Peeps, PLEASE go to Breitbart and read the NYT NUCLEAR BOMB they just released.

    I sent an email to Sundance, but he is on Right Coast I think and probably in bed by now.


    Lubio is done!
    Fixed News is done!
    Hannety is done!
    BOR is done!
    RUSH is done!
    Levin is done!

    I hope that they can also trace this to Feltio, no way no how was he not in on this in some way.

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  12. Stephan Miller is spot on. The only thing I would add to his comments is to strengthen his answer to the last question, the one about why so-called “conservative” media doesn’t give any airtime to the Globalist agenda. The answer isn’t simply that pundits like to virtue signal at Georgetown cocktail parties. The reason MSM doesn’t give any airtime to this issue is that MSM is controlled by foreign interests. Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch, (((globalist))) extraordinaire. The (((New York Times))) is controlled by a Mexican oligarch. (((Twitter))) is controlled by a Saudi prince. (((Facebook))) is Cuckersperg’s megaphone for Islamic expansion/ Merkelism. Don’t take my word for it, do your research and see where it leads. Pundits are simply what their bosses tell them to do.

    God only knows how much it costs to produce multimedia and TV broadcasts every single day; millions? Billions? And yet it is beamed into our homes and phones 24/7 at absolutely no charge. (((Someone))) is picking up the tab.


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  13. American Nationalist says:

    Here is Dan Scavino clearing up the canard being spread that Donald was rude to Christie in Tennessee today –

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  14. We the puppets have been under siege for a long time, what a nightmare

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  15. ZurichMike says:

    Epic rant exposing Rubio — said with fabulous rhetorical flourishes — starts at 14:24.
    Listen, repeat.
    Rubio is a sock puppet of the GOPe.
    And he is a bigger liar than Cruz.

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  16. ssupsky says:

    I am glad that this information is being offered for public consumption at this time. I believe that we are seeing the coalescing of the integrity of Mr. Trump’s plans to garner even more National and Populist support.

    I also notice many comments that seem to be a bit on the worrisome side ( that is some folks are afraid that things will not work out as planned.) Therefore I would leave you with this bit of verse. Pay attention to 46:10


  17. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    We knew in our gut that we were being sold down the river over the past decade or two but still we trusted the process and tried to elect those that promised us the change we demanded. Than although we gave those we elected the power to make changes they did nothing so their betrayal was complete and we were left hanging in the wind! Now we have Trump and I believe that he will TRY to do something to reverse the damage that has been done; we he succeed — maybe not the forces aligned against us are massive but I do believe that he will try — and that is all I ask!

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  18. ediegrey says:

    Does anyone know if one can obtain a compete transcript of this Breitbart News interview with Stephen Miller. All I can find are the parts attacking Rubio, but none where he goes after Cruz and none where he praises Trump. Breitbart likes going after Rubio – but it would appear only really to help Cruz. I would like to have the full transcript as well as the audio. Thanks – this is quite a war!


  19. Totally Domestic says:

    Trump, PLEASE do a TV commercial and radio spots with Stephen Miller explaining
    fast track, TPP, etc. He is clear as a bell and it is confusing to the American people.
    He leaves absolutely no doubt as the where Cruz and Rubio stand on giving American
    sovereignty away. More Stephen Miller please!

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  20. don welch says:

    trump is done. d.o.a. trust me on this. hillary will sweep to the wh with close to 60% of the female vote, 95% of the black vote, 80% of the latino vote plus 35%% of the white male vote just for good measure.


  21. Jeff says:

    goal #45 of these ….

    “45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike”

    Hand US Sovereignty to the World Court !!


  22. jmilamdeal says:

    Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:

    Here is a great short recording of information about what is wrong with Cruz as president and why. I saw him in person and thought he did a good job, but now that I’ve seen what he really is, it sickens me


  23. Coast says:

    Trump needs to be able to explain some of these positions with the same force as what on the recording. I know that Rubio is bad news for America…but a lot of people don’t. Don’t expect Rubio to explain or expose Rubio.


  24. sDee says:

    This Steven Miller is a powerhouse. Trump is surrounding himself with the best

    Trump is not afforded as much time as I just spent listening. but i can see what is behind much of what he does say.

    The Founders required the President to be of citizen parents born on US soil for a reason. Globalist scum Rubio, Obama and Cruz have no loyalty to this nation. They are simply -TRAITORS.


    • Kathy says:

      Nor are they really American citizens as the constitution requires they are Cuban and Obama is Indonesian(he applied for admission to Occidental as this?) The Bushes and Clintons as so many are about money and power, right Megan, Rush, Mark,Sean,etc.


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