About Ted Cruz – Using Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Example…

Just because presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz is an exceptionally brilliant liar, it does not mean those who fall prey to his deceit, his supporters, are bad people – SEE HERE.

Hardly anyone pays close enough attention to politicians, legislative constructs, inner working machinations, and the attached agenda/intent, as would be needed to fully grasp what is going on.  How could the casual follower possibly understand?  It is an overwhelmingly challenging task even for those engaged 24/7/365.

As a consequence it should come as no surprise to find politicians who are skilled at maneuvering around sunlight and keeping their supporters in the dark.  The very best of them, like Senator Cruz, are exceptionally well versed in the dark arts of deception.

ted cruz largepatriot

Senator Cruz is not ‘Robert the Bruce’, he’s far more cunning.  When you combine his honed and sharpened sword with the forged shield of religion (and also accept the severity of his training) you recognize him as an adversary able to lead good people in wrong directions.

Convincing Cruz supporters of this truth is an almost impossible task.  Hence, we have repeatedly said not to even try, just let them awaken on their own. However, that said, there are times when the sunlight needs to penetrate; when urgency becomes vital.  We are closely approaching that phase.

We are nearing the cusp…. final attempts are warranted.

cruz McConnellSenator Cruz previously said the reason he gave up support for Trans-Pacific Trade deal was because Mitch McConnell lied to him.

However, no-one has challenged him on the absurd construct of that claim, as it related to the Trade Deal itself.

Mitch McConnell promised several democrats in the senate he would include re-authorization of the Import/Export bank (December 2015 Omnibus) in exchange for support on the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (June ’15).

This is the McConnell LIE Senator Cruz speaks of when he justifies changing his TPP vote at the last minute from Yea, to Nay.

Candidate Cruz is never challenged on that reasoning.  The I/E re-authorization had absolutely nothing to do with TPP.  It was purely a cover excuse.

You have an in-law in financial distress who urgently needs to sell a boat.  You tell the guys at the local bar you want to buy a boat.  However, you explain that you need six friends to each put $1,000 toward the purchase of the boat and each gain a 1/7th share in the use.

You ask 10 people – four say no, six others agree.

On the day you are going to make the purchase together, one of those who originally said “no” reverses position and says “yes”.

You now have eight yes.

You back out, and send the other seven to buy the boat. You claim the reason you’re out is because your wife is buying new drapes.

Your brother-in-law has sold his $7000 boat and has the money – Goal Achieved.  You didn’t want the boat, your wife doesn’t want new drapes, and no-one from the bar knows the seller was your brother-in-law.

Senator Ted Cruz reversed his position on TPP because he could.  He realized its passage no longer needed his vote. Cruz knew the TPP was controversial, politically.

Remember, this was HIS BILL along with Paul Ryan.

Cruz supported TPP, Cruz constructed Fast-Track Trade Promotion Authority (via unanimous consent) to facilitate TPP. Senator Cruz still supports TPP. However, as soon as his vote was no longer needed to insure it, he threw his vote in the opposite, more politically favorable, direction.

It was, yet again, an example of how Cruz sneaks his way through congress by hiding his motives and intents. It fools many people, including his supporters. However, it does not fool us.

Ted Cruz saying he did not support TPP because McConnell lied to him about a completely different piece of legislation is a complete ruse.

♦  Senator Ted Cruz relies on two essential political elements to keep his “conservative” ruse afloat. The first is that people don’t follow “unanimous consent” passages in the Senate; the second is that people don’t follow “cloture votes” – Both of which are never recorded “roll call votes”, and allow candidates to obscure their intent and later claim a counter position.

It’s a good trick, and indeed fools almost everyone. Unless, that is, you’re tracking them while they occur…

Red Circled Candidates All Support Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP)

GOP candidates TPP

CASE IN POINT – HR2146 (TPA “Trade Promotion Authority” or “Fast Track”): This House Bill #2146 originating April 30th ’15, became the vehicle for passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

HR2146 was originally introduced in the House of Representatives as a bill to address issues with retirement funds of federal law enforcement officers and firefighters.

BACKSTORY – In the beginning of the congressional session, with Republicans now in control of both the House and Senate, in Feb-March-April of 2015, Senator Ted Cruz and House Ways and Means Chairman, Representative Paul Ryan, supported Trade Promotion Authority being added to HR2146.

Their support was most notable when they posted the following Op-Ed which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on April 22nd:


ted cruz 1paul ryan 1

On May 12th HR2146 passed/agreed to in House: On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended. Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (2/3 required): 407 – 5 (Roll no. 220). (text: CR H2848)

The bill passed the house 407-5 because it was not controversial. It was simply a bill for benefits toward LEO and Firefighters retirement funds.

However, as planned, on June 4th 2015, the senate passed the house bill “with changes”. The Trade-Deal was added and notably included an amendment “adding TPA” (thanks to Ted Cruz) and TAA (needed for Elizabeth Warren coalition) By unanimous consent thereby avoiding a roll vote on record.


On June 18, 2015 the House accepted the TPA change (Paul Ryan spearhead) and removed TAA (the financial assistance package for training of union workers – this angered the Pelosi Dems). The Senate Democrats, who generally oppose TPP were hoodwinked – TAA was never originally going to be allowed.

The Democrats in the Senate were furious. They turned to Nancy Pelosi for help in getting the entire fiasco eliminated. However, the White House (Obama Inc) supported the entire construct of the TPP. Pelosi had to be arm twisted by the White House to go along with HR2146 with TAA spending removed – she acquiesced to President Obama.

Without TAA HR2146 passed again in the House, only this time with a much closer vote of 218-208, and went back to the Senate to resolve differences. (Remember because of the way it was constructed, the only difference was the removal of TAA – the training spending)


On June 24th HR2146 (TPA without TAA) Then passed the Senate (Ted Cruz did not attempt to block or filibuster because this was the original plan all along). The bill passed in the Senate 60-38 (3/5ths passage rule).


President Obama now had “fast track trade authorization” to complete the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal and thanks to Ted Cruz Obama only needed 51 votes to pass it.

On June 29th Obama signed TPP agreement with Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and HR2146 became law.

TPP trade 2

Senator Ted Cruz voted for Cloture on TPA Fast track trade authority removing the hurdle and concern of further amendments and clearing the way for passage. Again, like “unanimous consent” cloture votes are not recorded roll call votes. Thereby Ted Cruz could obfuscate his support. He figured to hide, see how that works?

However, Cruz advocacy could not be hidden entirely. On another bill HR 1314 Cruz voted against an amendment to the Trade Deal that would require congress to be consulted if China (or other nations) were to join after the fact:

Senate Amendment 1251 “To require the approval of Congress before additional countries may join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement”…


Cruz voted NAY. Directly saying he did not want congress to be consulted before other countries, namely CHINA, could join TPP.

♦ Notice during November’s debate Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were saying China is not part of TPP; contrast their voices against Donald Trump who was honestly saying TPP carries a backdoor for China (and Russia) to join.

NOVEMBER 4th – In an interview with Russian interstate channel Mir TV, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry invited China and Russia to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“We invite people to come join other initiatives, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP. We welcome China, we welcome Russia, we welcome other countries who would like to join, as long as they want to raise the standards and live up to the highest standards of protecting people and doing business openly and transparently and accountably,” said Secretary Kerry. (read more) State Dept Link HERE

Donald Trump was entirely correct. Senator Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were factually incorrect. They were not incorrect by accident, but rather by complicit ideology.

BOTTOM LINE – It might hurt Cruz supporters to admit what took place, and worse – to accept the transparency of motive behind what drove his decision making; but it makes no sense at all to ignore the truth of what took place.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz is part of the Wall Street purchased construct that is currently infecting our entire body politic. The connections to the U.S. CoC legislative agenda, and Goldman Sachs are evident within action not words, along with KtP and obviously his wife Heidi Cruz [ employed by Goldman Sachs, and adviser to Council on Foreign Relations].

In the video below Ted Cruz Explains why he supports (TPA) Trade Promotion Authority:

@01:56 “I support TPA” ~ Ted Cruz

Don’t pay attention to what Cruz says, pay closer attention to what Cruz does !!


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306 Responses to About Ted Cruz – Using Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Example…

  1. archer52 says:

    I fully expect the censors to delete this, but nothing here is untrue. And let me be clear, even insulated with his huge ego and narcissistic personality, I believe Trump is a patriot and a person who loves America. But that is not a virtue limited to just him. And, yes, if it is between him or HRC, I’m voting for him. But… —–

    You know, Cruz has to be the most frustrated guy in the room. He’s been a serious defender of the Constitution, fighting for the principles of the document in front of the Supreme Court. He’s been the true outsider, hated by the GOP establishment, and entire machine was created to destroy him by pushing narratives that are being still believed today. He decides to run as an outsider and today this is his situation.

    A- The front runner of the race is a five time party switching, now Republican, candidate who is louder than he is, saying things Cruz said first or things that are not true- but often repeated on twitter, but in a sense agreeing with Cruz that enough is enough- and getting credit for being the only guy saying it and meaning it!

    Yet Trump likes Obamacare’s concept. Everybody must be covered. Why? How does that work and who pays? But Trump has no answer for that because there IS no answer for that other than government funded- tax payer supported- centralized medicine.

    Cruz fights Obamacare and is called by Trump as someone who can’t get along with the Left and will screw up everything, and unlike Trump, can’t make deals with Reid and Pelosi and TRUMP gets the accolades as being the outsider!

    B- He accused as being in the pocket of big banks because his wife works for one and he took money to start his campaign- as an outsider so he was prevented from accessing any GOP establishment donors. Trump owes 450 million dollars to the same “big banks” industry, deals with them all the time, will deal with them again (or his kids will) after he’s in the WH or after he’s out, and his supporters think he’ll be the one to bring the banks back in line. With absolutely no proof or history to support their beliefs. Literally none.

    Cruz is accused of being a “liar liar!” over and over by a guy who says untrue things on a daily basis and then shrugs and moves on. Seriously, at what point will someone stop just shaking his head and going “Well that’s Trump” and challenge everyone of the lies or “mis-truths”? (here’s a hint- when he runs against HRC)

    Here is one:


    C- Trump punishes Carson when Carson was ahead in Iowa by calling him names- including being like a child molester and isn’t qualified to be President based on his temperament. Which is a laugh out loud moment when you see Carson’s demeanor vs Trump’s petulant manner!

    Cruz’s campaign- right or wrong- pushes out a tweet about Carson pulling out of the race- which is hardball politics and proven by results not to have made a difference, and Trump suddenly comes to the defense of the “like a child molester” candidate- who Trump thinks is a danger, and Trump gets “attaboys”.

    I’m thinking Cruz has to be suffering whiplash from going “Wait..what?!”

    D- Then Cruz gets the “I’ll sue you because you were born of an American woman in Canada so you can’t be an American running for President. Unless you let me alone, then it’s okay” argument from Trump, and wonders what in the heck is going on. But the barb sticks and Trump is brilliant. (and it was)

    Until today, when Trump disqualifies himself by going after Rubio.


    Trump’s mother was Scottish. http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/donald-trump-things-you-may/2015/06/15/id/650573/

    So how “pure” does a person have to be in order to qualify as President? Both parents born here? Grandparents? One parent? One parent plus a visiting foreigner?

    All the time, Cruz sees what I see. There is no room between the bombastic and often acting like a misguided missile Trump and all that he brings to the party and the new GOP establishment wonder kid- Rubio. Someone who is not a bad guy, but a pure bred from his youth politician. I know Rubio. Watched him for years.

    For every “error or failing” of Cruz, he can point to a half a dozen errors and failings of the other candidates and it won’t make a difference. The anger that Trump it tying into is beyond reason. As one conservative writer pointed out when he tries to get Trump supporters to see his warts it damn near turns into a fist fight. Their eyes glaze over and they stop listening. ( I have two friends, good friends, who are like that now. When I point out Trump’s weakness- that will be exploited in the general election!- they just dismiss it.)

    But one point needs to be made.

    E- When Trump runs- and if he runs the table in March it will be him- your two choices for President will be Trump and his friend’s wife, both who have taken money- a lot of money- from Wall Street and the bankers.

    Both who like big business.

    Both who like government. Dismiss Constitutional restraints concepts.

    Both think their way is the best way and will use government to get it done.

    Both elites who run in the same circles.

    Both rich and have not lived our lives at all so how can they really relate? (Cruz worked his way through college and took loans to make his on his own. Not that it matters.)

    For those of us looking for HRC to spend a little time in jail or be forbidden from every holding public office again- we know Trump will never prosecute his buddy’s wife. Even though she deserves it in spades. Even if Christie is AG.

    For those of us looking for someone the establishment hates because they can’t control him, Cruz is our guy.

    Trump scares the establishment because he’ll RUN the establishment, not change it unless to suit him. The difference for the likes of Schumer and McConnell will be between being fired and being demoted for a time. (Both good btw- it’s just what Trump will do in their absence. Who knows??)

    But to win, he’ll have to take someone with him, like Rubio, to offset his negatives. (Which was Rubio’s goal all along- VP)

    And then you’ll know what we in the conservative arena already know.

    Good luck guys. If Trump gets in, I hope he burns it all to the ground. At least I get to see the pretty flames. But I fear he’ll just keep on going- his way and as pointed out by his history- that will be a trip for 320 million of us.

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    • Choices:

      Jeff Roe
      Glenn Beck
      David Barton
      Robert Mercer
      Ferris and Dan Wilks
      FEC violations see letter sent to Cruz 2/21/2016
      Tells us he is not a Washington insider here in Texas
      Yet he gets a home equity loan from United States Senate Federal Credit Union
      Goldman Sacks and CITI

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    • be says:

      There has not been one change for the better probably since Kennedy some during Reagan and we the people can see this . We are not stupid and guess what Cruz, the Senator… Ryan, the Speake…. McConnell, Senate Leader better watch out .. Burning might be fire, fire, pants on fire for them and all the liars. The flames will be bright…

      There is a difference in the outrageous lies Cruz has and is dealing and someone changing a position over the years .. What have any of those in Congress done? Lie, after lie. The TPA was originally sent from the House as a bill to help firemen and policemen .. It was hijacked and changed.. We, the American people, see this now and this fire has a stiff wind behind it and will not stop.

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    • Jason says:

      No [archer52], Donald Trump does NOT want Single Payer health care.
      *As you read through chapter 8 of “Time To Get Tough” and you read through chapter 7 of “Crippled America” you will not find Mr. Trump calling for “Single Payer” health care coverage anywhere. In fact, in chapter 7 of “Crippled America” you will find that Mr. Trump specifically disavows his tepid and earlier support for a Single Payer system as one of the options he was considering as a person in the private sector more than 15 years ago.
      He also calls for repeal and replace of Obamacare not “expansion of Obamacare” as Senator Cruz falsely states that he does.

      Furthermore, in both books he calls for the following private sector reforms. Some of which are also called for under both Senator Cruz’s health care reform policy proposal and Dr. Ben Carson’s proposal. In addition to federal and state reforms. They are:

      1.) Repeal of the McCarran Ferguson Act so health insurance can be sold across state lines.
      2.) Expansion of Health Savings Accounts to promote price transparency & accountability.
      3.) Tort (or Medical Malpractice Reform)
      4.) Reform of our health care social safety nets such as Medicaid.
      5.) Mr. Trump has most recently added necessary reforms to be made to our broken Veteran’s Administration health care system specifically because it, like all other Single Payer systems is an unmitigated disaster!

      February 20, 2016 UPDATE: It’s no longer just me who is speaking the truth. Johns Hopkins 2015​ Physician Of The Year, Ramin Oskoui​ confirms Donald Trump​ is NOT for Single Payer.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      archer 52, your comment is too long for me to deconstruct, but I deconstructed every one of your points as I read through it, with facts already established. I would recommend others use your comment to do the same thing. I do believe factual, reasoned debate is welcome here.

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    • sheree252 says:

      Ted Cruz a defender of the constitution? I thought that too until he threw his hat in the ring and then I recognized a shredder of the constitution, not a defender. He. is. not. eligible. He knows it. He is an attorney, and the courts have already ruled on this: http://www.thepostemail.com/2015/11/25/of-naturalized-and-natural-born-the-courts-point-of-view/ We don’t need any more rulings, we just need to learn what has already been ruled. Ted Cruz lost my support at the moment he announced his candidacy and I recognized what a scumbag the man really is. This site has exposed even more. Ditto with Rubio. As to Trump’s mother: yeah she was born in Scotland. She became however a U.S. citizen in 1942 and Trump was not born until 1946. Therefore, Trump is the son of TWO U.S. citizens born within U.S. jurisdiction. That is what natural born is. Prior to 1934 Cruz wouldn’t even have been a citizen (that was the year Congress passed an Act allowing Mothers to pass on citizenship) let alone natural born. I btw learned the meaning of natural born 40 years ago in a High School government class. It amazes me how dumbed down our population has become that so few seem to be able to grasp this concept: TWO parents who are citizens and U.S. jurisdiction. Its that simple, it really is. Its not rocket science.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      For those of us looking for someone the establishment hates because they can’t control him, Trump is our guy.
      PS Where did you get the “changed party 5 times”? That’s been countered here many times. Link, please.

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    • zzschnops says:

      Everybody must be covered. Why? How does that work and who pays?

      Before obamacare, everyone had emergency care. no one was EVER turned away from a hospital based on their ability to pay. The cost was carried by all of us, by paying a little more for each bandaid and thermometer. I don’t go to the doctor now, because it is too expensive WITH the darn insurance.

      Cruz fights Obamacare – well he talks about it at least. He NEVER actually did anything. oh wait, he pushed Roberts for supreme court…

      Trump owes 450 million dollars to the same “big banks” industry – they are all secured loans against real property. Teds loans were in exchange for favors for the banks.

      So how “pure” does a person have to be in order to qualify as President – Both ted and r2bo said at different times ” born on the soil of 2 citizen parents” not one, not raised by a grandma who was a citizen.

      we know Trump will never prosecute his buddy’s wife – watch hannity from last night.

      Is there one point in that long ramble that is a fact, and not just your opinion? or some one elses opinion?

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    • Miss BonBon says:

      As a legal expert, Cruz knew his standing as a natural citizen to run for President could be questioned. He sealed his records and rolled the dice. He isn’t winning, but why should he be frustrated? It was a gamble.
      Cruz is a first term senator. I may look at him another time, but he is too green. Politics as total life experience is very limited.
      Trump has proved he is tough in business and loves America. He has taken direct hits and still continued to build a successful business and life. He didn’t want politics from day one. I like that about him. He is clearing out the politically-correct cobwebs that have settled on all the other candidates including Ted Cruz. I don’t blame the voters for Ted. I just wish they could see the difference between the two.

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      • Yup, and video has even been posted here at the Treehouse of him saying he was ineligible to run back when he was questioned about it while running for the Senate seat.

        To me Cruz has one big thing in common with Hillary…he will say anything he can to get votes even if it is diametrically opposed to what he said earlier in the same campaign let alone an earlier run for something else. Today it is that he is going to deport illegals and build a wall when he himself ridiculed Trump for wanting a wall and also said it was ‘not who we are’ to deport anyone. Like Hillary he will do or say anything to get elected.

        Not only should Cruz not win this nomination, he should be ousted from his Senate seat and never elected again. I, for one, are DONE with this type of politician.

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    • John Galt says:

      Tricky Ted Cruz blew his hillbilly Elmer Gantry cover and can’t even beat the Twinkie Kid in a 74% evangelical voter state.

      Luz With Cruz !!

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    • kathyca says:

      I can’t get past your second paragraph (Although I did manage to get past the gratuitous reference to the “censors” in the intro lol) You said:

      “You know, Cruz has to be the most frustrated guy in the room. He’s been a serious defender of the Constitution, fighting for the principles of the document in front of the Supreme Court.”

      Cruz, by his own reading of the Constitution as he, himself, has articulated, is ineligible to run for POTUS. Ergo he is the antithesis of someone who defends the Constitution. That the POTUS should bear all the indicia of undivided loyalty to the US is so essential that Cruz’s duplicitous position that he is eligible makes him, imo, one of the most dangerous politicians I’ve seen — right up there with Obama.

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    • Mike H says:

      After reading the article, I cannot see you can continue to support Rafael Liar. I sit here shaking my head at how you so carefully tried to twist things to fit your utter delusion. I can only believe that you have no idea what TPP is and what is really going on in America. No one that loves America could support Ted or TPP. You just make people very sad.

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    • David says:

      Off topic go post in the presidential daily thread.

      Instead you post a long winded post attacking trump and completely ignore the post.

      Answer this question Did Cruz support the TPP.

      If you wont answer my question then your a troll its simple really.


    • JoeS says:

      I think Archer52 just proved one of the first and main points made by Sundance. Sundance wrote an article that goes to the CORE of who Ted Cruz politically by supporting TPA/TPP and goes to the CORE of who he is as a person.

      The MAIN and FIRST point that Sundance made was about Cruz supporters by saying, “Convincing Cruz supporters of this truth is an almost impossible task.”

      Then we have a poster who apparently DID NOT EVEN READ the points that Sundance articulated so well! How do I know this? Archer52 does not address or refute.

      Instead Archer52 posted a diatribe about Trump.

      Incidentally Archer52, TPP, which Cruz was instrumental in CONSTRUCTING (see above), cedes constitutional authority to foreign governments. Doesn’t that affect your view that Cruz is such a huge defender of the constitution?

      Your support of Ted Cruz is the equivalent of potentially electing someone either in the eGOP or Dems who will do the globalists bidding and we will LOSE OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY!

      Cruz is not electable in a general election, and he can only serve to nominate an eGOP candidate who will give us the equivalent of Hillary Clinton.

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      • John Galt says:

        “Incidentally Archer52, TPP, which Cruz was instrumental in CONSTRUCTING”

        Cruz also wrote the book on amnesty, which he now purports to oppose. Cruz is really the most amazing liar.

        “The facts, according to De Posada and several Republicans who worked with Cruz in Washington and Texas, are that in Cruz’s past work for Bush and later as a board member of the Washington-based Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute, Cruz helped craft policies to allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the country and pursue legal status.”


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        • JoeS says:

          Great article!


        • DanMan says:

          Daily Beast?


          • John Galt says:

            “Ted Cruz is often described by supporters as “the real deal,” a “true unapologetic conservative” and as a “true believer that does not change his views based upon polling data or public opinion.” However, on the issue of immigration reform, polls and public opinion have indeed affected his views. Before he was a candidate for public office, Ted Cruz strongly supported policies to reform our immigration system, which included support for a path to citizenship for immigrants that were in the country illegally.

            Every Latino leader who worked closely with the Bush Administration in crafting a policy to promote comprehensive immigration reform will recall that Mr. Cruz was a prominent member of the Board of Advisors of the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute (HAPI). Mr. Cruz and HAPI were very supportive of the President’s proposal. And we all knew that Cruz was instrumental in helping the HAPI craft its policy and strategy on immigration reform.

            President Bush’s proposal, strongly supported by the Washington GOP establishment, would include a path to legality or earned legalization for illegal immigrants, and included fines, waiting periods, proof of English language proficiency, criminal background checks and other criteria. This in essence was a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. And Mr. Cruz never issued a statement opposing his former boss’ proposal. Why? Because at the time he was supporting the President’s proposal and most importantly, he was not a candidate for public office looking at internal GOP polls.”

            Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/16/on-immigration-reform-its-ted-cruz-2005-vs-ted-cruz-2015/#ixzz41HgdIRGA

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            • DanMan says:

              Instead of sourcing a pro-amnesty repub that goes back ten years for a reference how about talk of things in the present?


              The numbers are cited in a linked WaPo article.


              • Dave Radetsky says:

                The problem with that article’s claim is that the author clearly does not understand how the construction industry works. Trump is a general contractor. His company requires subcontractors make sure that their employees are legal, but whether they always abide by that requirement is a different story. It’s no different than you having a business and saying that you only hire American workers. Then, you ship a product to a customer and the shipping company uses some illegal workers. You are no more responsible for their using an illegal than Trump is as general contractor. He can police his sub contractors, but inevitably he can’t catch every single time the sneak something past him. He’s being blamed for something he has no control over. However, his contract requirements with subcontractors does protect him if illegals are caught working on the jobsite. The liability would fall on the subcontractor because of the contract terms.


            • politijim says:

              Well put. Also he joined Mitch McConnell at NSRC, donated 1/4 a million to candidates who were ESTABLISHMENT candidates, doing nothing to help true small government types WITHIN A YEAR or so joining the Senate to “fight the establishment.”


    • Riddick says:

      You lost me at the But… at the end of your first paragraph.

      What really, SERIOUSLY, bothers me, is how anyone, let alone a supposedly reasonable person like you, can EVER justify even listening to anything coming out of Cruz’s mouth. How can any, let alone a so called Constitutional, attorney claim, with a straight face no less, that he is eligible to run for this office is beyond any comprehension. Cruz, and Rubio as well, made this election cycle a mockery of the Constitution, not that 2 prior election cycles were not a lead up and build up to this one.

      ALL of your, and of other Cruz’s supporters’, arguments MUST STOP at this eligibility issue. NOTHING to discuss any further, and the sooner you guys come to grips with your own faulty logic and feelings the better off the rest of us, and this entire country, will be. I really hope that Trump now will drill this “BOTH ARE NOT ELIGIBLE!” point on TV, radio and rallies, make it an every second sentence in his replies and speeches and brings the MAIN point home. Enough with this “I see notin…” BS.

      Just as Cruz HAD to pass the board to become an attorney, Cruz MUST now also pass the “board” of the USA Constitution, there is no way around it. A “license” of sorts. Applies to Rubio as well.

      Yes, and I really, REALLY do not care if Levin “looked into it”, Levin LIES. Never mind the obvious conflict of interest there to begin with. Rush LIES.

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      • zzschnops says:

        Time to take a different tack. Ted is looking for believers. You cannot reason with a believer. Believers reject the idea that reason exists.

        Best to take them at their word and help them to become martyrs.


        • Dave Radetsky says:

          Totally ridiculous comment. You may know believers who are what you claim, but the idea that everyone who is not an atheist rejects reason is absolutely foolish. Some of the world’s stop scientists, legal professionals, and great thinkers have been believers and they came to their faith after thinking through the arguments of all sides. Besides, Ted’s claim to being a believer has also been proven a sham. Don’t lump people into stereotypes.


    • DJF says:

      As an evangelical minister, I would rather support an admittedly non-evangelical than one who is, but follows an agenda-driven and frankly dangerous theological viewpoint called Dominionism. This and Cruz’ connections with the New Apostolic Reformation (another theological aberration among evangelicals) are what lead to the Messiah-complex he has, the ‘vision’ of himself as literally God’s anointed to bring America around.

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      • Dave Radetsky says:

        I would disagree that Ted is a true evangelical. Yes, he falls into the current false narrative that has allowed many to claim to be evangelical but don’t embrace orthodox Christian doctrine or theology. Dominion theology is part of the New Apostolic Reformation which also includes the unbiblical teaching of prosperity theology. Add to that, his father, who is part of the New Apostolic Reformation as he works for the charlatan Hinns (Benny Hinn says that men can become gods) and Rafael also endorses the teaching of Larry Huch who is also part of the NAR. Huch says Jesus was not the only begotten son of God.

        Add to that that Ted married outside the Christian faith by marrying a Seventh Day Adventist (they reject orthodox Christian doctrine by not believing in hell or the eternal punishment of sinners) and Ted’s “great faith” is exposed by how he lives his life. In that I mean that he does not give much to charity (less than 1%) yet he is a millionaire.

        It’s been reported that when confronted about lying on the campaign trail Ted’s response to his staff was that “it isn’t lying, it’s using words wisely.” He also doesn’t have his staff pray unless the media are around and he thinks it would be useful to get them to see it. Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with not asking your staff to pray. The point is that he uses it to try to impress his followers by getting the media to see it and hopefully report it.

        The proper term for Ted and his father are “phony evangelicals” and they should be rejected by true believers. Far better to just have a man who is who he is than someone who masquerades as spiritual and is not.

        Liked by 1 person

        • DJF says:

          I tend to agree with you. Somewhere else today I mentioned both his Dominion theology and NAR involvement as dangerous. But as you know when it comes to the term ‘evangelical’ in politics, it tends to carry a very broad definition. Ben Carson, for example, who is also a Seventh Day Adventist has been embraced by evangelical leaders, as was Mitt Romney when he ran.

          So if you and I were talking together our use of the term might be very different than when, for instance, Jerry Falwell Jr. uses it.


        • DJF says:

          Hello again, Dave . . . I found that comment I wrote earlier on another thread:

          I’m an evangelical minister. I like Trump precisely because he is is not trying to play an evangelical card to get votes (though he did kinda get pushed into having to hold up his mother’s Bible at one point). Cruz is a Dominionist like his father, and is influenced by the New Apostolic Reformation “prophets” like his father. They see Cruz as a messiah-figure, God’s anointed to help bring about the “wealth-transfer” which is part of their agenda.

          I also like Trump because he is self-funding. Unlike Rubio, who is the power brokers’ #2 choice for the GOP (now that they have lost Jeb), I have confidence that Trump will not be a lackey to the same old crowd that is backing Rubio. We have already seen what an inexperienced ‘nice personality’ senator brings to the White House with Obama. We don’t need another experiment in keeping the good ol’ boys in their comfort zone.


          • Dave Radetsky says:

            Hi DJF,
            I like your comment. And I tend to agree that the political world uses a much broader definition of evangelical then we do. In fact, their definition of a Christian has nothing to do with the biblical definition of a believer. I’ve come to accept that when politicians, media, and even talk show hosts say “Christian” that it really refers to people who call themselves Christian for a plethora of reasons. Even the evangelical movement has been so diluted with false Christians that I personally believe that evangelicalism today is about where the church was just prior to the Reformation. At that point the Catholic church had drifted so far from orthodox Christian doctrine and theology that the true believers had to reject it and break away, thus Martin Luther’s 95 theses nailed to the Wittenburg door.

            Today, evangelicalism is much the same. Many so-called evangelicals accept “Christians” who believe in works righteousness instead of the Bible’s teaching that we are saved by grace through faith. So, when speaking with anyone outside the church I find myself having to accept the terminology the world has set and understand that they define our terms differently than we do.

            I also find it interesting that they want to hold Trump to evangelical definitions of terms when Trump not only isn’t an evangelical, but they also don’t hold other non-evangelicals to those standards. The fact that Trump said he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness is because the church Trump is from (which is the same church I grew up in and so I know it well and after I got saved I understood the difference) does not teach salvation by grace. They really don’t talk about salvation, only about good works. They believe that man is basically good and that we should be honest and good people and when we do something wrong we should make things right, just as Trump stated he does when he feels he’s done something wrong. There is not the understanding of sin that evangelicals have. I don’t have a problem with that because that’s really where many people come from. The question is whether Trump, as a flawed human being like all of us are, is trying to be honest and work hard to live as good a life as he can. The fact is that if people look into it they find that’s exactly what he does. It’s virtually impossible to find an employee or former business associate of his that doesn’t speak highly of his integrity, loyalty, and that he’d great to either work for or do business with. That’s the sign of a good leader and that’s a good reason to consider him for president.

            Liked by 1 person

      • Lindenlee says:

        Yes, it’s a serious heresy, and SO MANY are getting sucked into it. “My kingdom is not of this world”.

        Liked by 1 person

    • cwf60 says:

      The electorate is willing to take a chance with Trump, because the current crop of corrupt politicians have consistently lied to the citizenry. Why would anyone vote for candidates that are current members of Congress? They continue to tell the people what they want to hear with no intention of resolving the critical issues facing the country. I really do not believe Cruz is the outsider as many claim. He knows how to appear as an obstructionist, but what is accomplished? Rubio is for amnesty and continues to obfuscate when questioned about his position. I am tired of the promises and will be happy to have the GOPe relegated to the back of the line if only for a short time.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bull Durham says:

      In spite of your facts being wrong and thus, your conclusions are wrong, no one censored you.

      A long read. Could have done it in bullet points.

      Now go cry in your coffee. Cruz is over.

      Trump ain’t perfect. That’s okay. His intentions are what we want. His experience is what we want. And the odds he can deliver are overwhelmingly good because he has an enormous track record we can examine and see.

      In fact, what makes him so appealing to us is that he is not an ideological guy. He can get things done precisely because he doesn’t have to stand rigid, chained to a pole, immovable, mind closed to options, opportunities and timing.

      Cruz is more suited for sentry duty, not commander-in-chief. He also probably would not make a good justice because he is so disruptive, though with the utter imbecilic justices there now, they deserve his disruptions.

      Liked by 3 people

    • shallbe4 says:

      Cruz is a desperate man who lost the evangelicals in South Carolina as well as every other group due to his constant lying. But he continues to fight dirty because its all he has. I can’t stand the little man and will proudly vote for Trump. There is none so blind as those who will not see. So enjoy your lack of sight, and your candidate’s lack of morality.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Totally Domestic says:

        Agreed! We may not know all of the religious jargon, but we sure can see that his fruit
        stinks to high heaven.

        There is none so blind as the church that had Cruz preach after I called and brought to their attention that he lied and stole votes from Dr. Carson. The pulpit is sacred, but they
        would let a thief and liar preach there!

        This reminds us that in the last days deceivers will come and deceive many. Yes,
        Cruz is a very good deceiver and his disciples are willfully blind as a bat. They choose to be!


    • ssupsky says:

      The blind leading the blind.

      Perhaps if you were to open your eyes, you could avoid falling more into Cruz’s trap than you already have.

      You say Cruz is so great and Trump is a loser. That is your opinion based not upon fact, but on a fantasy.

      Name one thing that Cruz has done to help anyone other than himself. Just one.

      Cruz, so he says, has led the fight on many things. He has been defeated, possibly by his own manipulations, that is, he was never serious about winning.

      General Custer led the fight at Little Big Horn…Cruz has the same track record…utter and absolute failure.

      I think that you need to step out and research more than Cruz’z talking points, he is deceiving you.

      Liked by 2 people

    • YoJoLo says:

      Cruz is owned and ineligible. Thank you for keeping Trump as your second. It is going to come in handy. I was in your position, but I looked at Ted. You are misdirecting yourself.
      Perhaps it is projection? Ted is a globalist posing as a Constitutional originalist. If he wins, he will have usurped the Presidency, dear. Clue in.
      Both Ted and Marco are ineligible. Both hope you do not notice. Marco is a pure anchor baby. Ted’s mom never filed the necessary U.S. consular papers to make him an American citizen (naturalized, not N.B.), so he may well be an orphan of this world. His records are sealed ala Obama. All you get is a Canadian B.C. and crickets. Do your diligence and learn.


    • waltherppk says:

      TPA “fast track” and its progeny are a litmus test Cruz failed and that blunder burned down Cruz and Mark Levin too. There is no “mystery” to solve about the two faced Canadian pretender / televangelist “dominionist” who should just start handling snakes for all the rest of the “annointed” with their hands raised into the air “reaching up” for a handful of that “kindling fire” ripped off from the Methodist church logo that is all pep rally stuff for the “theocracy” of some millennial pentecostal Cruz “cleansing” and “healing”.
      Cruz is on fire all right but it isn’t with the spirit many people think, who are being hoodwinked by that con man “faith healer” who is a puppet owned by his CoC and establishment puppet masters. The constitutionalist preacher clothes that Cruz wears is like a Halloween costume he wears as a masquerade. Some people see through it and some are only hypnotized and mesmerized by the con man. All that is needed now is
      for the people at Cruz rallies to come crippled and on crutches and then run away dancing after he lays on his healing hands and prays over them ……it is simply ridiculous what is the appeal of that travelling circus show and the snake oil that Cruz is selling to his “flock” with his equally lunatic pal Glenn Beck, one faith fraud “annointed” nut case endorsing another.


    • Slybyrd says:

      THANK YOU, archer52!

      I am NOT a trump fan and fear I never will be. The only way he would get my vote is to keep the hildabeast out. I understand, (completely and concur), about trump fans defending him without question. Maddening really. Trading a dictatorial liberal narcissist for a bloviated elitist one. Although I very much value the opinions of this site, I am in a bit of awe at the level of Cruz-hate exhibited.

      I will be the first to admit that Cruz is not a perfect candidate, however, if you weigh the pros and cons………..I’d take him over what trump has to offer eight days a week.

      The negative which will come with a trump presidency far out weighs those of a Cruz, (at least based on track record(s)).


      • Jason says:

        IMHO, the notion that we accept without question is without merit. Most of us, at least here, have taken a very deep look and accept the blemishes that may be there and are OK with them.

        More liberal history? He’s the most conservative on all of my top issues, immigration, trade, economy.

        Big ego? Not PC? I’d rather take his ego and drive to do his best for America than what I see from the others. PC has been killing this country, I’ll take a couple curse words, they’re certainly justified in many instances.

        The rest? Mostly inaccurate portrayals of his policies:
        Obamacare? BS
        Amnesty or touchback citizenship? Total BS
        Take your pick, most… particularly Cruz, are lying about his policies.

        So I fully understand that plenty are weary of what may come with Trump, but just because you’re not sold doesn’t mean we are blind or uninformed. Perhaps maybe it’s not us who are accepting things without question, but you is accept what others say about him without question. Cheers

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lindenlee says:

          The Trump supporters (of which I am one) run the gamut, as is often true of a cross-over candidate. There ARE a lot of people who have projected onto Trump their fondest desires, and are not analytical about the details. Then there are those who look carefully, weigh the options, and ignore the blemishes. And those who have many misgivings about Trump, but understand that any of the other options are worse. That’s me.

          I have appreciated the input of those here, much more than anywhere else (like BB, for instance). I see very few mind-numbed robots here and a lot of deep thinkers, lots of realists. I have some issues with some of Sundance’s moderating style, but all in all, the site’s very enlightening. Especially regarding Cruz. Rubio is easy to read, he is so shallow, but Cruz is another matter altogether.


    • Cruz is not a victim. He should tell the truth about his positions to the voters and EXPLAIN those positions. Perhaps the voters would change their minds, if not at least they’d know he’s being honest with them.


    • waltherppk says:

      Lets take a look into Iowa politics. Ted Cruz wants to bring “gospel” sharia law to the “gay jihad”. What a piece of “annointed” work is Ted “televangelist” Cruz, really on fire with the spirit and “enlightenment” huh. Certainly it is understandable that there is opposition to atheist and homosexual agenda activism that seeks special accommodation and special treatment. But I think most people would stop short of advocating what is analogous to sharia law as a “solution”. A secular society can still be a moral society without becoming a theocracy as the remedy for problems, and most people understand that morality can’t be legislated.


      • politijim says:

        your point is taken but minor note: Liberty University President endorsed Donald.


        • waltherppk says:

          I know Liberty endorsed Donald and it is to their credit that Liberty didn’t buy into the bizarre agenda of “annointed” Ted Cruz and his “divine mission”, which is disturbing “religious?” demagoguery that reminds one of fruity nutcases like Glen Beck and Jeremiah Wright. Such demagoguery is a commonly witnessed credential for sleazy politicians and con men. Those who are “inspired” by such appeals of demagoguery should take a closer look at how they are being played and manipulated is a very old kind of calculating psychology and deception. It is a kind of propaganda made to order for appeal to a particular “profile” sort of customer who will just eat that crap up and be misled by someone who is “handling” them.

          Liked by 1 person

    • politijim says:

      Unlike most Cruz sites like Redstate and the Right Scoop, you’ll notice your opinion is NOT deleted.

      It’s interesting that you “claim” this article is false, and yet don’t give a SINGLE objective fact (regarding Cruz’s TPP flip flops and duplicity) to counter the argument.

      I, on the other hand, will merely take your first charge that Trump is “for” ObamaCare and demonstrate CONCLUSIVELY that not only is he not, but Ted Cruz himself KNOWS he is not. How can I say this? After Ted’s filibuster in the Senate, Trump invited him to speak at Mar A Lago, PRAISED TED’s STAND AGAINST IT, ENDORSED the need to repeal and replace it – and even donated $5,000 to Ted’s PAC to show his support for what Cruz did. Here is the video of Trump introducing Ted and talking about their mutual disdain for ObamaCare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jDHIRNRj6E

      So if you are an HONEST patriot, you have to ask yourself. if I could be wrong about that one thing – could I be wrong on others (like the aforementioned article?). To help you in your research, I provide you this link – http://bit.ly/CruzLies


    • LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

      Long rambling post of nonsense. Sorry you spent so much time on it, because you’re wrong on just about every point. Hopefully you’ll wake up some day.


    • yeah-but says:

      Strange there is not one word in your exhaustive disquisition attempting to convince us Cruz is superior to Trump; not one word refuting the claims made in this post. That must be because every word of the post is true. One of the behaviors communist Leftist Democrat Party members/donors are famous for is changing the subject when they’ve got nothing. Surely you agree you changed the subject.


  2. Howie says:

    Soon, the stupid RINOS are going to realize they are up for election in November. It ain’t going to be pretty for them.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. flowerbelle says:

    I have been screaming about Cruz and his TPA cloture vote and the “ruse” he uses about the ex-im bank and his McConnell promise forever. He claims that even though his staff counseled him against it, he wanted to “believe” in Mitch McConnell’s “word.” If that is indeed the case, it is a GIGANTIC red flag concerning Cruz’s judgement and people skills: this took place AFTER the McConnell run treachery in Mississippi. What man of sound judgement would trust the word of McConnell EVER after that? It beautifully exemplifies the dishonesty of Cruz and what he believes and stands for because that trade bill is actually back door open borders and floods our country with millions more immigrants. Cruz knows this.

    But what appalls me the most is that in our country, in what was formally the land of the free, where our representatives were voted on to REPRESENT us, these people (the republicans) QUIETLY ALLOWED the terms of reading the bill in a secret room under supervision. This to me was the most aggregious aspect of the trade fiasco. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS EVERY DAY PUSHING BACK. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Do the citizen’s get to know what is going on or not? How could our supposed representation have allowed themselves to be put in such a situation? We all know it is because they wanted to keep it secret, their donors wanted it to pass. Their job is representing the donors, not the citizen’s who elected them.

    Trump, and only Trump, is our last and only chance.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Actually, the treachery in Mississippi was orchestrated by Cruz. He was leader of the Senatorial Campaign Committee which pulled that stunt. Cruz is a scumbag through and through.

      Liked by 3 people

      • DanMan says:

        well this little Trumpette lost any credibility he thought he had…

        Cruz caused a shitstorm in the Texas GOPe when he wouldn’t endorse Cornyn in his primary, if you have any evidence Cruz had anything to do with the Barbours and McConnell I’d sure like to see it. Sundance covered the heck out of that race so it should be easy.


        • Hey genius, that’s from 2015. The Mississippi treachery happened in 2014 when he was still on the NRSC. Nice try though. Let me guess, you’re a Cruzbot?


          • DanMan says:

            where’s that link with Cruz’s fingerprint on the Cochran deal? oh yeah, it doesn’t exist. I’m guessing you didn’t read the article, where it mentions Cruz was not invited to return in 2015 because he didn’t work with them.


            • Pure theatre. Just like Cruz claiming that McConnell lied to him about the Ex-Im bank not being attached to the TPA deal, even though the bill was available for anyone to read. We’re supposed to believe that a highly skilled lawyer like Cruz was somehow duped by McConnell who is a known liar and somehow forgot to read the actual bill itself. Ted Cruz is the biggest con artist since Barack Obama and all his loyal sycophants fall for it every time.


  4. Ono says:

    I saw The outlaw Joise Wales the other day and this scene reminded me of a Trump/Cruz exchange that might have happened 150 years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Remember also how Cruz told people like us who were/are against TPA and TPP that we were misinformed by people like Senator Jeff Sessions who was supposedly spreading, according to Cruz, misinformation about TPA and TPP! From a site that is now completely behind Cruz while trashing Trump…. http://therightscoop.com/ted-cruz-jeff-sessions-is-wrong-about-obamatrade-deal-full-audio/ Guess they forgot all about this over at rightscoop.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Jason says:

      very interesting link. Several times Cruz emphasizes multiple times he’s read the entire text of TPP, at the 20:00 mark he mentions that the agreement is 600-700 pages and he’s read them all. Except, the agreement is 5,400+ pages.

      So is this another flat out lie, or are we to presume the agreement our representatives read was only 600+ pages in length and when released, now tops 5,400? If so, why aren’t those representatives screaming bloody murder about this freaking thing?

      Seems more likely Mr. Cruz did NOT read the entire text, and thus his assertions Jeff Sessions is wrong about parts surrendering our sovereignity.


      • Cruz is a pathological liar. Everything he says is scripted for maximum benefit to himself. Unfortunately for him he has lost control of the trail of lies and it is spiraling back on itself now. He will implode soon…as soon as he explains to a news anchor he never said something specifically to that anchor. That will be his downfall for good.

        Liked by 1 person

      • MfM says:

        Trump has said he likes reading contracts. He’s told the story of someone he knew being stuck in what he thought was a bad contract. Trump read pages and pages of contract, bought the company and because he saw things in the contract was able to turn things around.

        I want a president that looks at the details, but also sees the big picture.

        I’d love it if he said I’m not going to sign anything into law that I haven’t read and understand. That might go a long way to straightening out Washington DC!

        Liked by 2 people

        • shallbe4 says:

          Wouldn’t that be something! to actually read what is being signed into law. We need to stop the big money from being offered to our Politicians. Elections should be no more than 3 months in duration and the Government should give each candidate one Million dollars if they qualify to run. The elections belong to the people and it is the government’s responsibility to make sure they are honest. Trump 16 for honest government to Make America Great Again.

          Liked by 2 people

      • YoJoLo says:

        Ted was covering his behind for the day of reconing. CYA is a hallmark of Cruzin.


    • John Galt says:

      How much for a pardon now? Obama Foundation f/k/a Clinton Foundation ??

      Liked by 2 people

      • You can’t be pardoned for something you haven’t been charged with yet. So, she would have to be charged and then pardoned before Obama left office.

        Liked by 1 person

        • John Galt says:

          “You can’t be pardoned for something you haven’t been charged with yet.”

          Yes, you can. Example: Ford granted an absolute pardon to Nixon for any and all offenses he may have committed — prior to any indictment.

          “Now, THEREFORE, I, GERALD R. FORD, President of the United States, pursuant to the pardon power conferred upon me by Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, have granted and by these presents do grant a full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974.”



          • Hm, interesting. However, Obama would either have to give a blanket pardon for every crime ever committed or else know exactly the dates here offenses were committed. And if he didn’t manage to get it all then she could still be prosecuted for crimes falling outside the specified period. The Clintons have committed numerous crimes for many years and covering a broad range of activities.

            And, at least if Obama was forced to issue such a pardon it would be an admission that not only was she guilty but that he had willingly and knowingly conspired to help her cover it up for political purposes. That alone would be a massive victory and I doubt Obama would want to blacken and taint his already terrible legacy with something that overt. The only reason he might is if Clinton had even worse dirt on him and he was afraid she might cop a deal to testify against him.


  6. IMO says:

    Trump’s Famous Colombian Supporter is an Infowarrior

    Great lady put her business on hold to stump for Trump full time. Go Trump!

    Liked by 2 people

    • shallbe4 says:

      You go girl. Thank you so much for your support of Trump. I will never forget your appearance with him.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Michelle says:

      She’s so right to point out (1) it’s racist to think that she should support Cruz and Rubio simply because they are Hispanic and she is too, when they cannot help the country like Trump can (if at all). And (2) to the illegal immigrants from Mexico: don’t come here to hide and earn a low wage–why would you want to do that? Come here legally (and live like a normal person who can advance themselves.). That’s a good point. I have always thought that actually it’s racist to argue that we should keep illegal immigrants here because they do a lot of low paying jobs that Americans supposedly don’t want to do. Translation: keep them here so they can be exploited for cheap labor.


      • Lindenlee says:

        And legal immigrants often start at the bottom of the ladder, economically speaking, after years of waiting, paying the fees, and meeting all the conditions to immigrate here. . They are the ones MOST hurt by the illegals taking jobs. I can totally understand why she feels this way.

        My dental hygienist comes from Egypt (he was a dentist there with his own office), and he waited 6 years to come, and was one of only two applicants accepted out of 184 to get a visa. He is a new citizen and is voting for Trump. He is so excited. We forget how grateful these LEGAL immigrants are to come here and pay a price to do so, and how we should do everything to help them be the true Americans they want to be.


  7. IMO says:

    Texas Billionaire Businessman Calls Out Ted Cruz

    This was last year but if you haven’t seen this its worth a watch. FYI: the other guy is Chuck Norris son.

    Liked by 1 person

    • boutis says:

      Some of them can do arithmetic. And they are getting desperate, making terrible mistakes, and cannibalizing their own campaign. Beck was just a symptom. Rubio is the chosen one now which is really pathetic.

      Liked by 1 person

    • John Galt says:

      I would stay well away from Elmer Gantry and Glenn Beck. They are taking the charlatan thing to a whole new level.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Mike H says:

    Rafael Liar is the biggest snake the world has ever seen. So phony, such a charlatan. That anyone falls for his crazy talk is amazing, it tells you something about America.


  9. urbanpatriot says:

    All these RINOs don’t even want to think about what will happen if Trump gets elected, they have all been dipping into the honey pot, and know they are either going to have to play by the rules or get kicked out, which scares the pants off them.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Grant says:

    Ted Cruz has shown in his LIMITED history of hiring people that he’s just not good at it. Jeff Roe is a nightmare of a campaign chief. Ted also loved John Roberts – remember all those glowing op-eds about him?

    In Ted first major hiring of his career – think about that of a second – Jeff Roe is the first meaningful person Ted has ever hired – as he’s mainly worked off the taxpayers backs for the last 15 years.

    Jeff Roe.

    The stupidity of the Cruz campaign as been on full display.

    After trying to steal votes from Ben Carson a hastily arranged meeting at the CR convention to try and patch things over with Ben Carson, added another layer of incompetence to their resume. They leaked the meeting BEFORE they found out how it was going – assuming what most of us thought all along about Ted – he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. Cue the back-peddling, Ben leaves the meeting and says “we have different definitions of accountability”. Allow a 6th place candidate to openly questions your trustworthiness and setting yourself up to fail seems to be hallmarks of Ted’s style.

    Sending out photoshop photos only to have Rick Tyler deny they were photoshopped only to retract that later to say they were – all while Ted is screaming that he’s being framed, undercuts your candidate’s credibility. I actually felt sorry for cruzbots who were all saying Ted would never do that – only to have them admit that they did.

    Then the bible video. Remember at this point Ted is still saying he runs a fair campaign, and people are trying to created this narrative all the while his comms director is…wait for it lying and creating false vidoes of an opponents campaign, completely undercutting the candidates credibility.

    Most of this damage was self inflicted and anyone who has worked with Ted over the last 20 years know this is EXACTLY his style, and a primary campaign shines a bright light on the true inclinations of a candidate.

    There have been discussions of all these types of behaviours before – whatever you think of GOP Senators they could have told you long ago this was how Ted operated.


  11. LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

    Long rambling post of nonsense. Sorry you spent so much time on it, because you’re wrong on just about every point. Hopefully you’ll wake up some day.


  12. Pingback: Do You Really Know Ted Cruz? | Flurry of Thoughts

  13. twosides says:

    So how does one criticize Cruz for his inconsistencies and, at the same time, place Trump on a pedestal? Trump has a moral compass that is surrounded by magnets (i.e., he doesn’t have one). So far, Trump has campaigned on his ability to make child-like accusations and playground bullying, neither of which makes him presidential material. For evangelicals, how do you support a guy that that’s been married three times with nude photos of his current wife all over the internet? That’s quite an image for a first lady and indicative of the moral decay of our country. Imagine the fun the Clinton News Network will have with the hypocrisy of evangelicals supporting Trump and quite frankly, we deserve it if he’s the Republican nominee.

    Electing Trump on the basis of “hope and change” is just as dangerous as it was with Obama. Donald Trump has made it clear that the one person he cares about it Donald Trump, a billionaire that cannot relate to 99% of his constituents. This election is a win-win for the Democrats – either vote for Hillary the far left progressive or Trump the moderate progressive. Either way, our country and our moral compass continues to decay.


  14. jmilamdeal says:

    Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:

    The truth is out there, but sometimes it’s considerable work to find it, and layers of lies need to be scraped away


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