What If The Turkish Shooting Of Russian Fighter Jet Was Also To Protect President Obama?….

The story of CENTCOM analysts accusing commanders of manipulating intelligence reports on ISIS to appease the White House is a story that has some interest in the mainstream media – but what if it is actually connected to a larger issue?

facepalm-ObamaWashington DC -Allegations are mounting that senior intelligence officials at Central Command not only skewed findings on the ISIS war to please D.C., but tried to hide what they did.

In July, a group of intelligence analysts at the U.S. military’s Central Command accused their bosses of distorting and selectively editing intelligence reports about the fight against ISIS in order to portray that campaign as more successful than it really was. As a result of those complaints, the Pentagon’s inspector general opened an investigation.

Now, the allegations of misconduct have extended to a possible cover-up, with some analysts accusing the senior intelligence officials at CENTCOM, Maj. Gen. Steven Grove and his civilian deputy, Gregory Ryckman, of deleting emails and files from computer systems before the inspector general could examine them, three individuals familiar with the investigation told The Daily Beast.

One U.S. official said the alleged activity could amount to obstruction and interference with the inspector general’s investigation, which began last summer.  (read more)

The presumption within the controversy (as it is generally discussed by the media) is that CENTCOM bosses changed the intel to give the impression of success to please the White House.  But what if that wasn’t the reason?

russian fighter planeObama Racine

What if the BIGGER story is that CENTCOM officers actually gave the White House accurate negative outlook intelligence, but the White House itself was ideologically adverse to the content therein?

Meaning the White House did not want to take action based on accurate intelligence, because the White House didn’t actually want to fight ISIS; they only wanted to promote the illusion of fighting ISIS.

What if, the bigger story is a potential for risk if the broader public became aware the inept U.S. response to ISIS was not based on faulty intelligence, but was rather based on the fact that President Obama, and those within his inner circle, were adverse to fighting.

Intentionally adverse.

Ideologically adverse.

What if the inept and inadequate response was not ineptitude or inadequacy, but rather an intentional and deliberate ploy to appear inept and inadequate.   The faulty intelligence story then is used as an EXCUSE, to hide the real reasoning – plausible deniability.

Wouldn’t an investigation into the claims of those providing the intelligence then be a risk to the White House?

FOUR DAYS AGO 11/21/15  – A Congressional task force is being created to investigate whether U.S. Central Command, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base, manipulated intelligence.

The chairmen of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Armed Services Committee and the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee “are creating a task force to investigate allegations of intel manipulation at CENTCOM,” said Jack Langer, spokesman for select committee Chairman U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, a Republican from California.

CENTCOM received the request from Congress for information on intelligence assessments and, in coordination with the Department of Defense, “has responded accordingly,” said Air Force Col. Pat Ryder, a CENTCOM spokesman.

Ryder said that he cannot comment on the information provided because of an ongoing investigation into allegations that CENTCOM altered intelligence reports to provide a rosier picture of the fight against the so-called Islamic State jihadi group.  (read more)

Wouldn’t such a congressional investigation be considered a risk?  Might such inquiry take the conversation in an entirely new direction and expose a hidden, albeit ideological, agenda?

Essentially, the scenario would be: the White House was provided accurate and specific intelligence of ISIS operations, movements, locations, actions and activities, and yet none of that information was every used to carry out the publicly stated objectives….

….nothing ever done to destroy those ISIS operations, disrupt those activities, target those locations.  Intentionally nothing done.

Two ideological NATO Allies, Turkey and U.S.A., who have leaders with ulterior motives in support of ISIS (aka. for all intents and purposes -politically and ideologically- the Muslim Brotherhood).    President Obama essentially aiding his friend and Islamist BFF President Erdogan through “non action” against an entity benefiting the intents of Erdogan.  But Obama has to keep up anti-ISIS appearances for domestic consumption.

putin and el sisi 2

What if…. say, two months ago, Jordan, via King Abdullah, and Egypt via Fattah el Sisi then frustratingly turned to Russia to discuss how this U.S. anti-ISIS effort is a false fight in media appearance only.   Their specific two countries are suffering, and becoming more destabilized as the radicalization grows.

What if…. President Obama views Abdullah and el-Sisi as inauthentic Arab leaders who exist only as a result of a centuries old euro-Colonialism.  Ideologically illegitimate and unworthy of U.S. support under his leadership.

What if…. an agreement is reached between Putin, Abdullah and el-Sisi, and then a few weeks later – all of a sudden along comes an actual military entity (Russia) who DOES TAKE ACTION based in large part on the same intelligence the White House was ignoring.

Now, with Russia actually attacking the Islamic State, ISIS is actually and specifically being targeted.  Real loses, not the New York Times kind of media losses – but actual, military and economic losses.

Under this scenario now you have real impacts taking place against ISIS that are adverse to Turkey/Erdogan’s larger plan – and as a consequence out of favor with Obama’s overall and intentional willful blindness.

Under this scenario, now you have ISIS actually being defeated – and a genuine risk where the world would see that Russia was so easily able to defeat ISIS in weeks/months – where the U.S. action in the past two years would be displayed for what it was, a ruse.

Under this scenario, Turkey now has a vested additional interest in undermining the success of Putin – beyond Erdogan’s anger of his nemesis, Bashir Assad, being propped up.

Under this scenario, Turkey could now be taking action to be a thorn in the side of Russia, and assisting to provide cover for Obama by helping to keep ISIS around longer as a viable adversary to Putin as long as possible.

Under this scenario Erdogan shooting down a Russian fighter plane takes on an entirely new dimension.  We’ve called this THE BATHTUB PRINCIPLEChaos for a purpose.

Obama Erdogan - Turkey

Now lets evaluate this “what if” and revisit our Occam’s Razor discussion from two weeks ago:

There are numerous pundits and political followers who are quite upset about President Obama’s news conference in Turkey where he stated his ISIS strategy “is working”.

An example of the punditry proclamations can be encapsulated within this commentary of CNN contributors as outlined by NewsBusters:

obama in turkey

On Monday, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and two of her network’s analysts blasted President Obama moments after he ended a press conference where he defended his anti-ISIS strategy. Amanpour underlined that Obama “something that was pretty incredible…that our strategy is working. People do not believe that to be the case. The only strategy that’s working is the strategy that he tends to dismiss — and that’s the ground troop strategy.

Sinjar, Tikrit, Kobani — those are the only ISIS strongholds that have been taken back by a combination of American intelligence and air power, and local ground forces.” (video at link)

Indeed, if you were to google search the various media reports about President Obama’s delivered position almost all of them reflect a similar sentiment. Media scratching their heads and twisting into pretzel contortions wondering why Obama continues to proclaim his ISIS strategy is a success.

What the talking heads all avoid noticing is everything reconciles if you just change position on what the Obama goals are. If you think about President Obama’s goals as NOT wanting to see authentic Islam (ISIS) deconstructed then everything reconciles.

♦ The trucks loaded with oil controlled by ISIS have been driving around Iraq and Syria for well over a year. If Obama wanted to eliminate their financial benefit, he could target and wipe out those transits easily – he didn’t.

♦ Turkey worked strenuously to block anyone from attacking ISIS during the seige of Kobane. If Obama wanted to support the Syrian Kurds in Kobane, and confront ISIS, he could have confronted Recep Erdogan about blocking the use of the NATO base in Incirlik – he didn’t.

♦ If Obama wanted to defeat ISIS in Northern Turkey he could have provided weapons to the Kurdish forces there. Again, he didn’t.

♦ ISIS is now recognized to be a significant entity within Libya, specifically Eastern Libya, a nation where President Obama took action to remove the prior dictator Momar Kaddaffi. If Obama wanted to eliminate ISIS in Libya he would be welcomed to attack them with open arms. He doesn’t. Obama actually makes no attempt at all to engage in Libya.

If you reset your paradigm and accept that President Obama doesn’t necessarily want to see authentic Islam (ISIS) defeated – every contradiction reconciles. It’s called Occam’s Razor:

“The simplest explanation is usually the right one”.

The simplest explanation is that Obama doesn’t want to see authentic Islam defeated.

If you re-purpose your frame of reference, and accept that President Obama is not invested in the defeat of ISIS, but rather sympathetic to the sentiments contained in their misunderstood expressions of Islam, every action taken by President Obama reconciles so neatly it cannot be mere happenstance.

Now, the central element in applying ‘Occam’s Razor’, and determining if the perspective is indeed worthy of merit, is to use the Scientific Method of analysis to attack the hypothesis.

It works like this – the hypothesis is:

President Obama wants to allow ISIS to exist, he essentially supports the expression of their views on Islam; however, he faces a problem where he must hide his intent because his viewpoint is antithetical to the rest of the world.

To test the merit of the thesis – apply the Scientific Method, reverse the hypothesis and look for examples of specific behavior that would contradict the thesis. See if you can identify behavior that proves:

♦ President Obama doesn’t want ISIS to exist and is not hiding his intents.

Can you identify specific action, that means “behavior”, that supports President Obama wanting to eliminate ISIS?

I cannot.

Can you?

Now, please watch this brief video closely. It has been enhanced/emphasized to drive home a point I am unable to deconstruct:

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266 Responses to What If The Turkish Shooting Of Russian Fighter Jet Was Also To Protect President Obama?….

  1. czarowniczy says:

    There’s a really far left-field thought that came to me. Let’s say that you are an active anti-US personage it is somethingthat tickles the mind. whom, once you left your high position, would want to keep chipping away at the country’s base while still living the high life. You’d need money so why not sell favors/influence while you are in that position and solicit ‘donations’ from those you’ve favored through a charitable organization you’d create?
    Granted this has probably never been done before and I’m not suggesting that said hypothetical personage(s) could/would do so but it is something that tickles the mind.

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  2. Paco Loco says:

    It still blows my mind that Obama was elected twice to the Presidency. Are the American people so stupid and blind to not see that Obama is a poser, a man with little integrity, and is a radical leftist, hell bent on destroying the Constitution, our Republic and the Western Alliance of Christian nations. His Freudian slips celebrating his Muslim religion are to frequent to be just gaffs. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. In depth political analysis of his actions and motivation for what he does all seems to point to the same conclusion. He is the Islamic anti-Christ whose mission is to destroy Christianity and the western culture of Greek democracy. The realization that he’s the President of the Unites States for another year, and the damage he will do in his remaining term of office is frightening.

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    • joedelman13 says:

      The American people maybe stupid, but they are not that stupid. Almost half of voting age adults know exactly what they need to advance their self-interest. Throw in the dead people that vote and illegals that by their presence corrupts the electoral college, and viola you got a democrat president.

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    • Establishment Republicans like to push the line that ‘liberals’ forced the military to ‘keep the gloves on’ when fighting an insurgency during the Bush ‘Reign of Error.’

      General Petraeus’s technique of effective counterinsurgency is to keep the gloves on.

      For example, take the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. If there are 50,000 Germans on Sicily and we inflict 20,000 German casualties then that means there are 30,000 Germans left to fight. When fighting an insurgency this is not the case. Much of it depends on what ‘motivates’ civilians to become an insurgent. This is the core of Petraeus’s’ technique. Say you are fighting 5,000 insurgents and you kill 3,000. How many are left? Maybe 2000, maybe 10,000, or maybe 0.


      • Sioux says:

        I agree with your Bush comments, as he and his family are big Saudi Arabia ass kissers. I seriously doubt that Obama won either election because of rampant election and voter fraud conducted by Stalin wannabes (It’s who counts the votes that matters). Obama has told two truths after usurping the White House: 1) He was going to fundamentally change America; 2) His strategy in the WOT is a winning one…it is, but just not for America. He hates America. That is obvious. Just confused as to how his kowtowing to Iran fits into this.


        • I’ve been asking myself where your last sentence fits in all this as well. Unless he and Putin are putting on a good act together since Iran is supposedly aligned with Syria and Russia. I just don’t get the huge push to remove sanctions from Iran and release assets to the Mullah’s fits into all this. If I recall it was prior to Russian involvement. Where they hoping to keep Iran away from Russian alignment? Iran is Shiite which is counter to Barry’s love for the Sunnis/Saudis.


    • amjean says:

      Americans who care about the country and actually
      work for a living are not stupid. Naïve, perhaps.

      The corrupt media created this mess.

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    • Jett Black says:



    • Helen says:

      He was elected w voter fraud.


      • angie says:

        Maybe but maybe not, there are some incredibly ignorant people in this country. I went to a party the other night and a couple of people were strong Hillary supporters. When I said that I like Trump, I go the eye roll. So then I asked them if they were backing Hillary because they wanted more Americans killed in Benghazi. They shut up and no more eye rolls but they’re still voting for her if she’s the nominee. Both women have phDs. Book smart but life stupid


    • Crystal says:

      I do think his slip ups are gaffs; I just think he’s getting too comfortable, therefore, careless in his arrogance.


  3. Rebel Mope says:

    Obama’s Former CIA Director Morell: Obama Didn’t Hit ISIS’s Oil Because Of Environmental Damage:


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    • bertdilbert says:

      Yeah, but if he stopped the oil he would be stopping global warming 🙂

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    • rashamon says:

      Gates, Petraeus and Morell have been all over the media the last ten days covering the tail of the administration and repropagandizing the last seven years. Amazing. But then again, if they repeat the story — the fairy tale — often enough, maybe even they will believe it.

      I heard someone’s making a movie interviewing all the CIA directors since GHWB to give them a forum for informing the public what a difficult, trying, stressful job it is. They even have wives commenting on the difficulty of being married to those who serve the people’s safety. Spare me.

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      • Makes sense they’re doing damage control. If people realize how badly we were lied to about ISIS, they’ll elect Trump. If Trump gets in, CIA domestic psy-ops get exposed, along with Cass Sunstein’s propaganda operations. House of cards starts falling. CIA gets cleaned up to an honorable outfit that keeps its mouth shut and doesn’t lie to Americans. I’m sure the liars in charge find that possibility appalling.


      • KH says:

        It’s not a movie persay it was a Showtime docu-special, it was on last weekend.


    • Doktor Bill says:

      Saddam caused the worst environmental disaster, why didn’t That kill the planet? I guess burning ‘fossil’ fuel without a catalytic converter really isn’t that bad.


  4. 22227z says:

    I really don’t think there is any “what if” to it. It is pretty clear where barry stands, and those in our military that continue to protect him.


  5. LibertatiAutAdMortem says:

    Actually, C.T. you are on the right track but still have not peeled the onion. The neocon AIE and CFR organizations to whom all politicians answer consider Putin the rogue agent and ISIS but a sidebar. The fact that France did not invoke Article 5 after the Paris attacks was telling and why Turkey was then given the go ahead to attack the Russian jet. Why is Russia a rogue agent, because the Crimea or Ukraine? Not in the least bit. The neocons could care less. Russia and Putin have not joined the Bank of International Settlements and therefore does not kowtow to the New World Order. He, along with all his surrogates, must be either deposed or destroyed in order to have this New World Order. ISIS for Turkey is a tool to batter the PKK and Kurds and for the United States a tool to continuously create chaos and diminish Russian influence wherever it might be. Does the United States want ISIS destroyed? Absolutely not. However, this Caliphate is about to get out of its cage to the detriment of these neocon charlatans. The United States would do well to embrace Russia and Putin. We are going to need them.

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    • amjean says:

      Putin dislikes Obama and will never trust the US until
      Obama is gone and Trump is president.


    • Sioux says:

      Excellent analysis – never thought I’d see the day when I would despise my country’s leader and hugely respect Russia’s – I just hope you are correct and this isn’t all major street theater to confuse everyone. It can’t get any more obvious that bad times are ahead…very soon.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Doktor Bill says:

      Would that be Gog and Magog working together?


  6. Arkindole says:

    I always interpreted this as a suppression from the top, inside the WH.
    “Stabbed in the back” has a broad meaning for Vlad’s workings in the region…
    The relationship of gas in this matrix needs to be considered.

    See Gasprom Turkstream project 6


  7. Ziiggii says:

    I have no background knowledge of or the trustworthiness of this, but found it interesting none the less…

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  8. Ziiggii says:

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  9. 240grjhp says:

    Really do not like the wordpress commenting system….

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  10. Mr.Right says:

    I urge anyone to listen to former Obama DIA Director Michael T. Flynn

    Michael T. Flynn recall advising Obama :
    “The accuracy and the warnings that have been provided on the rise of radical Islamists…have been very, very clear.”

    He said to start the intelligence investigation/review from the top…

    Also… Russia is not playing around . they are putting a web of anti air system that can take down any f-16 turkey fly over Syria… and Turkey flew over 2000 mission over syria in 2014 alone.

    We are talking about state of the art cruisers and ground missile defense. The array and range is deadly to any airforce… include f-16 to drones to interbalistic missiles.

    The system include, what some expert says, missiles that make the f-35 obsolete…

    Good luck to Turkey next time they fly in Syrian airspace…. Also Russia will now have dog fighters escort bombers.

    BTW, the reason Turkey is pissed off at russia flying in that southern tip of Syria is that Turkey is using this area as a gateway to infiltrate rebels into Syria.

    The truth will come out… and Obama legacy will be read to be on the wrong side of history.

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  11. bollux2them says:

    Interesting post on Zero Hedge about Turkish jet downed by Syria in 2012, and the marked difference in statements being made by Erdogan/Nato then and now:


  12. Enfant Terrible says:

    The Middle-East is the land of war, since before history was written all the way to today’s age. If the US had any leadership that was not so corrupted by the marriage of money and politics, it would stay out of it, no matter what.


  13. Jett Black says:

    After reading through the post and comments, <0’s treachery shows through clearly, but none of it does a very good job of explaining why this particular incident occurred. Just for the sake of open-minded discussion, we should consider that the SU24 shoot down was orchestrated by U.S. controlled F15 enhanced surveillance aircraft recently deployed to Incirlik, not under orders from <0, but from in-theater command that has grown disgusted with <0’s treason and incompetence. The goal: to sucker hubris-driven caliph-wannabe, Erdogan into poking the bear, so the bear will react predictably. It’s more tactical or micro-strategy, like dropping arms to “moderate pisslamists” that may actually get picked up by Peshmerga.

    It really is too soon and there is too little reliable or even believable factual information to make significant, farther reaching judgments about this incident. About the only thing anyone can say with any certainty is that the minuscule incursion by the SU24 certainly did not merit a shoot down, which necessarily leads to the question, “Then why?”

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  14. Nelson King says:

    Your theory has the ring of truth.


  15. watcher says:

    Zero gave the OK for the shoot down. Putin has him on the ropes and is slapping him around.
    It also is a bright shiny thing for the masses.
    Try to get bright shiny NATO involved and blame the mess on them. The intelligence to fit his plans reminds me of his “found out watching the news” speeches. Always somebody else’s fault.
    We sent F16C fighters 3 weeks ago to protect Turkish air space. By the way Turkey builds F16 fighters.


  16. joshua says:

    I think I am beginning to figure out why the US Pentagon cannot beat the enemies of the USA anymore…

    West Point bans cadets’ pillow fight after 30 injured
    USA TODAY 3:46 p.m. EST November 25, 2015
    West Point pillow fight

    U.S. Military Academy officials said Wednesday they have banned the annual pillow fight by first-year cadets after a bloody clash between “plebes” this summer at West Point left 30 injured, including 24 diagnosed with concussions.

    Officials said they are also pursuing actions against many of those involved in the Aug. 20 fracas.

    First-year students, or “plebes,” organize the annual fight to help the group bond after a summer of intense training.

    The event, which appears to have been held almost every year since 2001, was particularly violent this time. In one case, a cadet was hit from behind and knocked unconscious, according to a West Report report of the incident. He was given first aid by a cadet who was a certified Emergency Medical Technician.

    Other injuries included a broken nose and a fractured cheek. A photograph posted on Twitter showed a cadet wearing a helmet and body armor with blood pouring from his nose and mouth.

    Col. Karl Meyer, who led an investigation into the incident, noted that the pillow fight has not been an officially sanctioned event nor was it based on any recorded tradition. It was held in the campus’ Central Area around 8 p.m.

    Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen said the probe showed that such “unprofessional spirit events” have “no place in the future of the academy or in the development of the Army’s next generation of leaders.” He warned that any recurrence would not be tolerated.

    He said the probe showed “ineffective communication” between cadet leadership and senior military personnel before the fight.

    Clearly this is a lot of microaggression going on at the POINT and the Cadets need some Safe Place to Stay

    Wonder if they could actually SURVIVE a real war engagement?


  17. Mr.Right says:

    Another piece of data. Turkey has 90 nuclear bombs, 40 under its direct control.

    NATO is upgrading the arsenal and Turkey will receive updated B16-12 nuclear bombs and will have its F-16 upgraded.


    When you consider that erdogan say that he will no hesitate to shoot to kill another Russian plane, even its go over turkey by a thousand feet… “NATO.. we have a problem”

    And we are worry about Iran having the bomb, someday ? yet we give them for free to Turkey ? A country with an ideological alliance with ISIS ?


  18. conservativehippie says:

    obama was right when he said isis is a JV team. russia has shown that it is. we could destroy isis and win this war in months. even less with international coalition. this whole entire vile charade and duplicity is so scary because our entire government has not stopped this already. it’s getting worse day by day. I’m afraid to open drudge in the morning for fear of what the trauma du jour may be. with all these terrorists coming in from overseas, the cartel and criminals to our south, the insanity of the domestic anger mobs, etc, etc. all orchestrated from the white house. how can this “lazy” “incompetent” “stupid” president be so efficient, working on so many fronts simultaneously, orchestrating everything evil and wrong? there is so much evil in the world right now and i hate that my country is on the wrong side. that our military is used for evil instead of a force for good. ugh. i don’t want to keep ranting…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Doodahdaze says:

      Welcome aboard. Love yer tag. I am a conservative surfer. Like in Nam we could have taken the down so easy. But noooo. 58k dead instead. We had to hump and stump an deal with the damn mortars in the damn trees.


  19. Media is not covering mid-East objectively, as usual. Russia (with Syrian Army and affiliated groups) are winning in Syria. They have been liberating towns and villages and small airports.
    Displaced Syrians are returning to their homes also.
    Russia is getting its intelligence from somewhere re bombings of buildings. It could be from Israel (a silent partner).
    The best website for ground activity, the good and the bad, is Al-Masdar News. I am reading this morning they are on the verge of recapturing Palmyra.
    Following downed Russian aircraft by Turkey, Putin sent in a warship on the Syrian coast (Latakia). Any Turkish intrusion, even minimal, within Syrian airspace will be dealt with.
    Plus this cute little nugget this a.m.:

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    • ytz4mee says:

      Uh, uh … Russian counteroffensives are liberating towns and displaced Syrians are able to return home? Ruh-roh, that’s gonna put a crimp in Zero’s plan and marketing efforts. And we wonder why the media isn’t “covering it objectively” ???

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Pingback: ZH: Russia Presents Detailed Evidence Of ISIS-Turkey Oil Trade | Western Rifle Shooters Association

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