President Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Indeed Working – It’s Working Exactly as Planned….

There are numerous pundits and political followers who are quite upset about President Obama’s news conference in Turkey where he stated his ISIS strategy “is working”.

An example of the punditry proclamations can be encapsulated within this commentary of CNN contributors as outlined by NewsBusters:

obama in turkey

On Monday, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and two of her network’s analysts blasted President Obama moments after he ended a press conference where he defended his anti-ISIS strategy. Amanpour underlined that Obama “something that was pretty incredible…that our strategy is working. People do not believe that to be the case. The only strategy that’s working is the strategy that he tends to dismiss — and that’s the ground troop strategy.

Sinjar, Tikrit, Kobani — those are the only ISIS strongholds that have been taken back by a combination of American intelligence and air power, and local ground forces.” (video at link)

Indeed, if you were to google search the various media reports about President Obama’s delivered position almost all of them reflect a similar sentiment.  Media scratching their heads and twisting into pretzel contortions wondering why Obama continues to proclaim his ISIS strategy is a success.

What the talking heads all avoid noticing is everything reconciles if you just change position on what the Obama goals are.  If you think about President Obama’s goals as NOT wanting to see authentic Islam (ISIS) deconstructed then everything reconciles.

♦ The trucks loaded with oil controlled by ISIS have been driving around Iraq and Syria for well over a year.  If Obama wanted to eliminate their financial benefit, he could target and wipe out those transits easily – he didn’t.

♦ Turkey worked strenuously to block anyone from attacking ISIS during the seige of Kobane.  If Obama wanted to support the Syrian Kurds in Kobane, and confront ISIS, he could have confronted Recep Erdogan about blocking the use of the NATO base in Incirlik – he didn’t.

♦ If Obama wanted to defeat ISIS in Northern Turkey he could have provided weapons to the Kurdish forces there.  Again, he didn’t.

♦ ISIS is now recognized to be a significant entity within Libya, specifically Eastern Libya, a nation where President Obama took action to remove the prior dictator Momar Kaddaffi.  If Obama wanted to eliminate ISIS in Libya he would be welcomed to attack them with open arms.  He doesn’t.  Obama actually makes no attempt at all to engage in Libya.

If you reset your paradigm and accept that President Obama doesn’t necessarily want to see authentic Islam (ISIS) defeated – every contradiction reconciles.  It’s called Occam’s Razor:

“The simplest explanation is usually the right one”.

The simplest explanation is that Obama doesn’t want to see authentic Islam defeated.

If you re-purpose your frame of reference, and accept that President Obama is not invested in the defeat of ISIS, but rather sympathetic to the sentiments contained in their misunderstood expressions of Islam, every action taken by President Obama reconciles so neatly it cannot be mere happenstance.

Now, the central element in applying ‘Occam’s Razor’, and determining if the perspective is indeed worthy of merit, is to use the Scientific Method of analysis to attack the hypothesis.

It works like this – the hypothesis is:

President Obama wants to allow ISIS to exist, he essentially supports the expression of their views on Islam; however, he faces a problem where he must hide his intent because his viewpoint is antithetical to the rest of the world.

To test the merit of the thesis – apply the Scientific Method, reverse the hypothesis and look for examples of specific behavior that would contradict the thesis.  See if you can identify behavior that proves:

♦ President Obama doesn’t want ISIS to exist and is not hiding his intents.

Can you identify specific action, that means “behavior”, that supports President Obama wanting to eliminate ISIS?

I cannot.

Can you?

Now, please watch this brief video closely.  It has been enhanced/emphasized to drive home a point I am unable to deconstruct:

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306 Responses to President Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Indeed Working – It’s Working Exactly as Planned….

  1. jwmson says:

    Heard an overseas newsman today. Interesting facts that so conveniently are not reported.

    Syrian Christians, NOT coming, are very western. They dress as we do, have professional jobs as we do, are independent & care for their families.

    Syrian Muslims wear full Muslim dress, DO NOT work, beg for $$, are not self reliant or independent & THEY ARE COMING!


  2. Peter B says:

    Walter Russel Mead’s latest, ( though attributing Obama’s actions to incompetence rather than malevolence, is otherwise right down this line.

    From the article, here’s another item that fits right in with Sundance’s bullet points

    “Many Americans who now oppose the President’s ill-considered refugee program have long supported the use of American power to create “safe zones” in Syria so the refugees could be sheltered and fed in their own country. If President Obama seriously cared about the fate of Syria’s millions of displaced people, he would have started to organize those safe havens years ago. And if he understood the nature of America’s role in Europe, he would have known that working with the Europeans to prevent a mass refugee and humanitarian disaster was something that had to be done.”

    Fundamental transformation.


    • David A says:

      Correct, and in Egypt he pushed the M.B.
      In Iraq he turned victory to defeat. In Lybia he took out Gaddafi, and let in Jihadists, and has armed radicals in Syria. The only consistent result from his policy is Jihadists, Shia or Sunni, advance.


    • I’m leaning towards speculation Obama plans to blame his failures against ISIS on the American people, who refused to write him a “blank check” for action in Syria during all the furor that followed the allegations of poison gas being used there. Which, of course, has nothing to do with his failure to have our planes hit any significant ISIS targets, but IMO, that will be part of his post-presidency biography. He was a “Victim of American Racism” dontcha’ know?


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      • zadatn says:

        1) Obama and Hillary, and now with the help of Kerry, have formed the caliphate which has destabilized Europe and caused chaos in the Middle East.
        2) Obama’s Latino criminals, MS-13, and others, have been allowed to cross the Southern Border to destabilize the U.S.
        3) He is allowing an “Army” from Syria to invade America – more destabilization.
        4)The MSM cannot be trusted to report the truth.

        The States and the people must stand up to this Administration, and also the Republicans who have backed him every step of the way, or we will no longer have a Country.


  3. Nanny G says:

    When you read how ISIS used email drafts and in a shared email account as well as gaming sites to send messages, it leaves you wondering what our government can do.
    Our federal employees are place sitters who eat up salary and perks while performing NO tasks well.
    Even Senator Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) and CIA Director John Brennan know they have to go outside gov’t to begin to fight ISIS.
    They are begging Apple to fight ISIS for them…..what?…..over Obama’s objection?
    This week the hacker group, Anonymous, declared war on ISIS.
    I have to wonder, what Obama can do to them for such impunity?


    • This week the hacker group, Anonymous, declared war on ISIS.

      And I hear that it’s having a DRASTIC effect on the upper echelons of ISIS! Why, just this week Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was moved to tears–TEARS I tell ya!– by all the mean things that Anonymous typed about him on 4Chan. And I also hear that next week they plan on launching an #AbusMomWearsArmyBoots twitter campaign that’s expected to bring him to his knees forever! Go ANONYMOUS! /s

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    • Mr.Right says:

      This is to monitor attacks… but the attacks are ordered in the open.

      You dont need to use super computers to decrypt this :

      “52 Saudi clerics, scholars call to battle Russian forces in Syria”

      We have the name of all of them, and where they live, and where they preach their hate.

      And thats just ONE call.

      There is THOUSANDS of imam/cleric that have openly called for war.
      In Germany, Belgium, France, etc…

      The people killed in paris are just foot soldiers, the Islamic State ground troup in Syria and Iraq are also just that.. ground troups.

      We need to go after the leaders…. And we dont need to crack any decryption key for that


  4. How on God’s Green Earth can Predudent Obama not want ISIS destroyed? How could any American, regardless of political association, support or tolerate the existence of a barbaric group like this? Especially the President! Mind-boggling Sundance, but I have no evidence to cite that disproves your conclusions.


  5. Ron Myles says:

    It is so obvious that Obama is not only a Muslim, but he is and has been for a long time a supporter of and an Islamic believer along with a lot of the other people (e.g., his reference to”we”) that he mentioned in his speech. Personally, I think that he is a follower of the devil and, thus, he will eventually receive God’s appropriate judgment!


  6. sulli159 says:

    Maybe he is hoping that ISIS will establish an Islamic Kingdom of the Caliphate and he will be crowned king.


  7. trapper says:

    Putin and Hollande are joining together to fight ISIS. Trump says he would “hit them so hard.” Add in Cameron and holy smoke! An alliance of Trump, Putin, Cameron and Hollande? We’re putting the BAND back together! Hang in there. America is coming … in 14 months.

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  8. UpsideDownFlag says:

    Dixie: I finally found the thread that contains the “WE” video. Thanks again.


  9. justafly says:

    From now on when you listen to B. Hussein’s speeches or his answers to questions, see if you can identify who exactly he is (could be) talking about about when he says, “we” or “they” or “that perverse religion”. I hear an open ended pronoun that just as easily be indicating the opposite camp than the one which he should be mentioning in the statement. When BHO states, “We are winning the fight.” who is “we”? It certainly could not be the civilized world. “My strategy is working.” Is that strategy to win against ISIS or to allow ISIS to win?

    Now after 8 years the MSM is finally scratching their empty heads wondering why he never uses, Islamic Extremists/Jihadists. Also, finally there are questions of why he uses the term ISIL (or now DASH) when everyone else names them ISIS. (Islamic State In the Levant which includes Israel.)

    This is what happens when corrupt political and judicial officials turn over the position of Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military forces to one who does not hold complete and total allegiance to the United States and her values. The so-called birthers may not have been as crazy as ya’ll have thought us to be. Now the Republican Party has/had FOUR ineligible candidates running for office of CinC. I’m not comparing them to Barry Dunham, they may even be qualified to handle the job, but they still remain not eligible as per Article II Section 1.


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