The Curious Case of Oregon Shooter Chris Harper-Mercer – A Social Media Profile Shaped, Modified and Deleted…

The Oregon Shooter is a 26-year-old black male.

Birth Certificate Name is: Christopher Sean Mercer – 07/26/1989.
Mother: Laurel Margaret Harper – 04/05/1951
Dad: Ian Bernard Mercer – 05/15/1960
Divorced in 2006

oregon shooter 10 mom 2-1 edit(Pic Source)

oregon shooter 9 color blackREAL IMAGE (left)  – *CNN IMAGE (right)

On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media. On the right is how *CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him.  Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast?  Why is no-one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper.

[ NOTE: *Since the original discussion thread was posted on Friday October 2nd, the comparative image above has become the matter of some controversy. On Thr/Fri a twitter acct (we did not record who) posted a video vine on showing a CNN broadcast (TV) including that image. Additionally the same source posting a side-by-side as above. We captured the side-by-side image and shared it – as shown.  We did not create the image, we copied it from a twitter feed. According to various comments posted: CNN denies attribution.  Absent our ability to return to source origination for further inquiry, the comparative side-by-side image should be considered suspect, and quite possibly false. ]

Why change to hyphenated name?  Real name is Christopher Sean Mercer.  Media using Christopher Harper-Mercer and Chris Harper-Mercer.

Follow Up to THIS STORY

Several months ago we shared the story of Eric Sheppard Jr. a radical “Black Lives Matter”, “F**k The Police” and Islamic radical who used a philosophy of black supremacy similar to the New Black Panthers.   Sheppard gained brief notoriety when he held a U.S. Flag Stomping event at Valdosta State University.

After his public exposure, and after the police filed a warrant for his arrest on firearms violations, and after he mailed a racist manifesto to a local Georgia Newspaper – while on the run, he was finally arrested in Tampa Florida by U.S. Marshals.

Eric Sheppard’s story disappeared from the headlines and never resurfaced.

sheppard 1Valdosta State Universitychris harper mercer

(Eric Sheppard Jr, left and center – Christopher Sean Mercer right)

Yesterday, while reviewing the social footprint of Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer, (aka Chris Sean Mercer) an almost identical world-view to Eric Sheppard Jr. was evident in Mercer’s social media history.

Chris Harper-Mercer, a mixed-race angry 26-year-old, was essentially the mirror image on social media as Eric Sheppard Jr.

Mercer held sympathetic words and thoughts for the Virginia shooter Vester Flanagan, and similarly raged against white people, and expressed sympathy toward the Black Lives Matter movement.  (Example Below):

oregon shooter 6

However, today almost all of that social media history is GONE -> Example Here.  It is either removed entirely, and/or edited for content.  How it could be edited is a mystery unless there is some other issue at hand.

In addition, as several researchers have noted, anyone who held attachment to Mercer appears to be deleting the content of their association.  Including Umpqua Community College itself.

As D-Man was pointing out Mercer was part of a production class going to present a play at Umpqua Community College named “BLITHE SPIRIT“.  The play was scheduled to run later this month:

From the cache Centerstage Theatre at UCC

Please join me in congratulating the team for our Fall show! This is going to be an awesome comedy to start out the year. This British comedy comes with witty language and spooky effects. We are especially delighted to feature our local star who is now based out of NYC, Josh Carlton!
BLITHE SPIRIT, by Noel Coward
Presented by UCC Theatre Arts Oct 30-Nov 8
CHARLES: Josh Carlton
RUTH: Rebecca Miles
EDITH: Abby Dooley
DR. BRADMAN: Devin Barnett
MRS. BRADMAN: Alexandra Duvall
MADAME ARCATI: Rachel Fitzhugh
ELVIRA, the Blithe Spirit: Chloe Quinn
Understudy for DR. BRADMAN: Benjamin Jacobsen
Directed by Stephanie Newman
Assistant Director: Aaron Carter
Stage Manager: Anna Mae Whatley
Production Assistants: Alex Frier, Joel Macha, Mary Chitwood, Chris Harper-Mercer, Isaac Guerrero, Ashley Jakubos
Lighting Assistant: Devin Barnett
Special Effects: Jim Smith, Keith Weikum
Program/Ads: Fred Brenchley
Marketing: Travis Newman
Other Volunteers: YOU! Get involved and have some fun!

However, everything to do with that production has been scrubbed and deleted.  Including the FaceBook page (since deleted) But visible on Cache HERE and more HERE.

Being part of an Umpqua college production class and performance etc. would run counter to the seemingly preferred media narrative of Chris Harper-Mercer being a loner, no?

Indeed if you were to look for information about Chris Harper-Mercer even being enrolled as a student at Umpqua you might even find contradictions and obfuscations about it.  It seems rather odd that only foreign publications even make note of this fact:

“But he was listed as a “production assistant” in a Facebook post promoting a performance of a Noel Coward play by the school’s drama group” (link) ~ British

“Police think Mercer may have been a student at Umpqua because he was found with a receipt from the campus bookstore showing he had purchased textbooks.” (link) ~ Canadian

While generally there will always be a “fog” about events, as something happens and people rush around trying to identify the full story, one would think it would be really easy to determine if Mercer was a student, and what classes he was specifically enrolled for.

Then there’s this little snippet which might clear all of this up:

Stacy Boylan said his daughter told him the man “gave somebody a box, somebody who lived, and said, ‘You gotta deliver this.’ Somebody has a box. I don’t know what that’s about.”

Law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation told CNN that the gunman handed his writings to a survivor, telling that person to give it to police, but the sources could not confirm the writings were inside the box. (link)

So apparently Mercer has given a “manifesto” (another similarity to E. Sheppard Jr) to a surviving student of the shooting.

Summary:  The immediate on-line web history of Chris Harper-Mercer showed him to be a mixed-race, angry young man in general alignment with various radical racially aligned groups such as Black Lives Matter, Fuck The Police and Fuck Yo Flag – all of which carry a sentiment of favorability and ideological alignment with Islam which was similarly evident in the Ferguson protest movement.

[ Against this backdrop shooting “White” “Christians” makes sense. ]

However, in the course of several hours (one media cycle) – the media narrative is selling a profile of a loner, mentally disturbed individual without any mention of his previous writings (deleted/changed), behaviors (hidden) and social tendencies (ignored).


Perhaps the answer lies within the response to the shooting from the White House where President Obama took quickly to the microphones to decry another school shooting without fully understanding the motive and intent.

Mercer’s possible motive and intent would now represent a political embarrassment against the backdrop of Obama’s speech if it aligns with something other than needed.


Feel free to dump your additional reviews of information in the comments section.  This entire thing is BEYOND SKETCHY.

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891 Responses to The Curious Case of Oregon Shooter Chris Harper-Mercer – A Social Media Profile Shaped, Modified and Deleted…

  1. angie says:

    Watch your branches folks, looks like we’ve been invaded by rabid squirrels.

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  2. Doodahdaze says:

    Don’t mess with those folks at Conservative Treehouse…..Somebody said.

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  3. hitrestart1 says:

    Well, I came here to request Sundance post a link to the CNN page he got the doctored photo from but I see quite a few folks beat me to it. I’m embarrassed I pounced on that photo like a hawk on a titmouse, but after searching every CNN article on the topic I can’t find that photo.

    Please, Sundance, help us out here.

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    • daveginoly says:

      The article doesn’t say the photo was on, it says the image was run on CNN, i.e. on TV “in broadcast stories.” So it’s a screen grab of some kind. You might have luck finding it in the CNN video archive, or possibly on YouTube.

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      • nimrodman says:

        dave said: “The article doesn’t say the photo was on, it says the image was run on CNN, i.e. on TV “in broadcast stories.” So it’s a screen grab of some kind.”

        Fine. All well and good. But then why doesn’t whoever grabbed it from broadcast video attribute the video source?

        If 0Hour1 did the extraction, why doesn’t he give a link to the video it came from? Or if he got the still photo secondhand from somewhere else, why doesn’t he give a link to that source? Why does 0Hour1 repeatedly deflect and fail to answer requests for the source?

        We’re still left with an unattributed photo at the end of the day.

        It’s a serious allegation that CNN altered that photo, and their rep has denied that they did. I’d say it’s way past time for someone to put up or shut up on the source of this “CNN-altered” photo.

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        • Bandit says:

          I happened to catch that showing and yeah it did show the shooters being a white guy, turn out cnn did doctor the pic they had of him, they have since corrected it. Good luck finding anything on the guy, it looks like everything is getting scrubbed out.

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          • I thought I saw him being way too white in one of their early broadcasts, but I could not be sure. There was something else very funky about the broadcast as well. I think it was some of the social media crud that put him on the right. Hard to remember. I laugh at so much CNN propaganda.

            Still, why not a full screen grab with the CNN logo? It’s extra damning, if you can get it.


          • Archy says:

            It’s not possible to scrub everything out nowadays. If it exists, someone captured it. And, the Gateway Pundit references this site.

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      • henryknox says:

        Does CNN consider Barack Obama a white President?


    • LongPurple says:

      Add me to the list of those who want the link.


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  5. I posted a link to the story with a question mark.
    I don’t think it was beyond CNN to lighten a photo. We’ve seen this sort of thing in the media before. But I was thrown by the mole removals. I asked myself “why they would do that? Wouldn’t just lightening the photo suffice?”

    Whether CNN did or did not do this, and whether Treehouse got this one wrong or not, I stand with them. They’ve got wayyyyyyyyyy toooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh capital, with things they have broken and gotten right, to ever let a minor speed bump wreck their vehicle.

    And I’d like to see some of the sites that picked up this story say likewise in their updates, rather than leaving it to look like subtle finger pointing.
    Man up.
    The Treehouse is king.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Thanks Fur!


    • Papa Whiskey says:

      Look closely at the pic and it becomes evident that someone altered his schnozzola, too.


      • LongPurple says:

        Agreed. Nose not as wide, nor lips as full. Somebody “Caucasianed” him.


      • jeffrey melton says:

        Why would they make these racial changes to the killers’ face unless they (CNN) had dog in the fight.

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        • Big Mike says:

          CNN is Oblohole’s key sponsor. They turn everything he does and says in to a great accomplishment for him. Their dog in the fight is that they are helping the Left create a story that “guns kill people” and these “Right wing crazies” need to be stopped. When all you have to do is notice that over 90-95% of these last major shootings were in Gun-free zones. You want to save lives? Remove the gun-free zones so these punks can’t walk in to some place they know that no one else is packing heat and start shooting.

          All along I knew something was up when they didn’t release any info on the shooter for over 8 hours. Makes sense to me. It gave them time to cover up the fact this was another Muslim extremist that Obama is trying to say doesn’t live here. And they turn him in to a Right Winger so they can force their agendas to take your guns. Follow the narrative. 13 guns acquired legally. Must have had an issue with the church so he asked for Christians only. What other crap does Obama’s media say on this one? Nothing pointing to the truth that this was a Muslim extremist with those ties in his background and we are going to let in hundreds more of these types through the refugee system Obama is jamming down our throats.

          Anyone who thinks that letting these people come here is a good idea, is nuts. Look at how Germany is starting to throw their own citizens out of their houses so that refugees can live there. No assimilation, just take over. Why aren’t the Muslim nations taking in their own people? The Christian nations are because we are foolish and kind hearted. This is part of the New World Order that this Muslim President and his Allah-loving followers are planning.


    • It's Raining Stupid says:

      Look at the whitened pic more closely.They didn’t just remove his moles,and whiten his skin,but they changed his entire facial structure to be more white looking.His nose,his jaw line,hair line,shape of his chin,his eyebrow structure,also not to forget,his LIPS went from being very thick lipped,and black,to,average looking white mans lips/small.and pink.. ETC.Those are some of the things I caught when I first seen that pic.Look a bit harder,Fur,there’s more changes in that pic that even I haven’t seen,yet.


  6. Seeker says:

    Thanks for the revelation folks. I knew there had to be more to this story.
    Keep up the good work….we need you!!!


    • marla1 says:

      It would be great to see some of these reporters ,not shot , but poisoned and watch the white democRATS suffer!!! Christians have become such cowards , they would rather their grand kids get killed than to fight and remove some of the slime in America now!!!

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  7. The facebook post were never the shooters , It was hijacked they changed the name its a chick originally not sure who has it now ,


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  9. L.K. says:

    Photoshop for sure! Nose is narrower, lips are narrower. Shame on CNN!


  10. I don’t who did the photoshopping and changed the coloration of his sin, but I do know that it was done. I have several programs, on which this can be done and although it’s good, there are tell-tell signs of having been changed. The right cheek, and the neck, are two of those signs.


    • Bandit says:

      Not only that but if you look the photo on the left there are two moles one one the upper lip and one just under the left eye, the photo on the right is missing both of the moles, this photo has been doctored a lot cnn has done things lime this before.


  11. ANobodyFromFlyoverCountry says:

    Did anyone look at his lip lines pixel by pixel? They look subtly thinner in the “white” photo.


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  13. sdopod says:

    From Gateway Pundit
    “CNN was accused online of altering a photo of Umpqua killer Chris Harper-Mercer.
    On Sunday CNN Media correspondent Brian Stelter refuted the report.”

    Doodahdaze obviously does not wish us well.


    • hitrestart1 says:

      Not sure if you’re posting this link to prove others are carrying the story about the doctored photo, but to be honest the Gateway Pundit cites The Conservative Treehouse as its source for their article on it. Thus the Gateway Pundit is disqualified as a reliable, independent source on this particular subject.

      What I’m looking for is a completely separate source for the photo with a link to the original article or news video run by CNN. The person who originally posted the photo here (since at THIS point THIS is the source of that photo) must come forward with a link or at the very least a viable explanation as to why they don’t have a link.

      Given the mounting controversy this is the LEAST this person can do! I like The Conservative Treehouse and I’m seriously disappointed on how this is being handled.


      • Jim Falato says:

        At least 2 people have Posted seeing the CNN Photo of Christopher Mercer and that he definately appeared White… At 10:46 am on Oct 5th “Bandit” did… At 11:54 am on Oct 5th “tyrannocankles” did… These aren’t sources of the photos… These are ACTUAL VIEWERS OF CNN’s TV DISPLAY OF THE PHOTO IN QUESTION… And to any Responsible Person, 2 Actual Confirmations of CNN’s Deception is More Valued than the source of the Photos in Question, and Harping on their source is made MOOT…

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        • Look for mid-day (10-2) on what would have been the first day after the name of the shooter was revealed. It was AFTER the night his name was out on the web under discussion, and the MySpace and #BLM posts were known. I think it was late the next morning, or around noon. I remember seeing some captions making him out to be right-wing, and the face lighter than the photo I’d seen, but I don’t know for sure about the photo, because I laughed about the right wing stuff specifically, but I seem to recall thinking “did they lighten that photo?”


      • sdopod says:

        I posted the link for the quote: “On Sunday CNN Media correspondent Brian Stelter refuted the report.”


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          All of you guys out there, start watching vids from CNN. If you find it, capture it, then holler. Do some of the work too. Quit bit*hing and get to work.

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          • Mama – I was sayin’ in another post on this page that we need to have people in the minder media keeping feeds of the MSM propaganda 24/7. They have those security systems with petabytes of storage for cheap – it would be easy to keep a month of CNN on a drive, and play it back whenever. Keep the system isolated from the internet, and just record, record, record. Occasionally we’d get big fish that got away like this one, but the routine distortion would be a huge bonus that would pay back on a weekly basis.

            The MSM got away with something this time, whether it was setting up sundance or hiding a broadcast. We don’t have to let them get away next time.

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  14. JesperVK says:

    Thanks for this and the other linked article. It has been SO hard to find any evidence out there (of course from Conservatives, ostensibly the only color blind people out there, even if hands are being forced in cases like this one). It’s like there’s an agreement of “shysh, don’t say anything, would recommend you just describe perp as human, one head, two arms, two legs … that’s it”.


  15. VAG says:

    What about the link to Alex Skarlatos, the American hero who with two other Americans stopped an Islamic jihadist from shooting up a French train this past summer? Skarlato also attends Umpqua Vommunity College. He happened to be rehearsing on Damcing With the Stars the day of the shooting, but I think it would be worth it for the FBI and media to explore that link. It’s chilling, especially for Christians.

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  16. Mahatma Muhjesbude says:

    Good job exposing this. What we should keep in mind when analyzing things like this is that the regime is in a quandary. Their main priority on the totalitarian agenda is to abolish the status of the only country left in the world where its citizens are granted Constitutional authority to fire the government any time they want, BECAUSE the citizens are the largest well armed Free standing army in the world. So they continue to subvert the Bill of rights with illegal laws that promote, spying, and anything else they can conjure up to default the 2nd/A which protects ALL of our rights in their incessant obsessive compulsive agenda to disarm the populate so they could then ‘have their way’ with the sheeple, now corralled in secure control.

    The problem is they are stepping on their own balls with this stuff, and revealing their true ‘colors’ (no pun intended). Obama couldn’t wait to villify guns,(after all he’s only got a few months left before he’s a lame duck) after this tragic incident, BUT, at the same time he doesn’t want to irritate his Muslim voting base, by portraying him as a potential Lone Wolf Islamist terrorist because Muslims offered a whopping 95% turn out rate for Obama in both elections, so they dismiss this shooter’s ‘Islamist bent’ in another obfuscation by marginalizing his obvious ISIS copycat modus operandi of killing Christians if they admit their faith, by changing that to “…He had an animosity toward ALL religions” in their ‘official’ reporting. Even though the FBI knows quite differently after they seized his computer files and social media records and talked to all his neighbors. And of course ‘They’ are already screwing up big time by not speaking out against the politically agenda based race baiters in this country, and in fact condoning some of it, so they also don’t prefer to have such an atrocity committed by a minority, if they don’t have to. Since he was ‘light’ enough in appearance, why not make him a ‘hateful white supremist nazi’ type for good future election value?

    Its now completely out of control, folks. Time to slap yourself out of the soft comfort zone of ignorant complacency and be proactive in turning this country back to an honest Secular Egalitarian Nation ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’…before it’s too late.

    Good investigative reporting/article, keep up the good work!


  17. Henry Patrick says:

    Communist News Network does it again!


  18. Henry Patrick says:

    Moderator, Please remove email! !


  19. Gayl Bennett says:

    He’s half white you morans!!!


  20. DICK says:



  21. Jack says:

    Media should be free to report factual news. Otherwise it should be subject to criminal and civil laws just like the rest of us.

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  22. z bailey says:

    Manchurian candidate for the gun grabbing leftists?


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  24. I applaud the internet community for unraveling the truth. Much of which will emerge from where it is buried.
    Like flowers, plants, etc., etc. start to emerge in the Spring. So will the truth emerge when a Republican president takes office.
    Because a Democrat president will keep it buried as a courtesy to their predecessor.
    BTW – I am a Democrat in case a naysayer rebuts my statement …


  25. Great article! Here’s a possible link between Fast and Furious gunrunning operation and Umpqua shooting. Haven’t seen any news source make that connection. This link in fact only mentions gunrunners busted in Oregon last week.



  26. Smitty says:

    CNN not only lightened his skin it also appears they thinned out his lips. See the lips.
    Black Lives Matter is a hate group. It is responsible for these murders. Also believe that it was hate and there are islamic connections since he was after Christians to murder.


  27. Mark says:

    I made a comment to this article made yesterday ( ) that revealed further skullduggery being employed via Chris Harper Mercer’s Facebook account.

    Here is a follow up summary with all links and analysis made today by Dr. Astro at GLP forum.

    The Curious Case of “Chris Figgalopola :


    • angie says:

      Mark, it’s the way that “Chris” was able to change the names on the FB account that make me believe that the picture in the Sundance’s OP might be 100% accurate. TPTB can do whatever they want to manipulate the internet, especially if they’re trying to discredit someone or their site.
      Sundance has likely been ticking off both the administration and the GOPe with his support of Trump. There is nothing I would put past either of those groups.

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      • Mark says:

        Well, Angie, I don’t know if you are still following that investigative thread at GLP that I linked to, but things just took another bizarre turn. The Facebook URL for Chris Mercer’s account was just changed. The old URL was Now, it reads

        So, whoever is controlling that account just changed the account URL to indicate they are following the thread started by Dr. Astro on GLP. Furthermore, “Chris” posted a comment 20 hrs ago which reads – “Please send me an email with the dossiers of the abovetopsecret and godlikeproduction posters that we were talking about earlier. I would like to see what I can do to control the narrative some more. Please use the secure email address from the agency, not my personal hotmail account.”

        There is also someone trolling that thread at GLP making threats and claims.

        One of Chris Figgalopola’s foul mouthed friends is named Henrietta Planck and has been active on his timeline. 20hrs ago, on her own timeline, she posted a screenshot of a comment here at the Treehouse by a member named “HOPE” and added her own nasty comment.

        “Henrietta” is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Sounds spooky to me.


      • I have a feeling that a lot of the NSA toolkit is now in the hands of the DNC.


  28. Wildguy says:

    If he was not dead I guess Obama would invite him to the Whitehouse also


  29. Facts Matter says: “Mr. Harper-Mercer appeared to have sought community on the Internet, leaving hints behind of his passions, his loneliness, his likes and dislikes. A picture of him holding a rifle appeared on a MySpace page with a post expressing a deep interest in the Irish Republican Army. It included footage from the conflict in Northern Ireland set to “The Men Behind the Wire,” an Irish Republican song, and several pictures of gunmen in black balaclavas. ..In a post published in September, after the shooting death of Darren Goforth, a suburban Houston police officer, at a gas station, the user with Mr. Harper-Mercer’s email address said it was the inevitable result of the Black Lives Matter movement. “In case anyone’s wondering, I’m not on the side of the suspect, I’m on the side of the officer, and generally don’t agree with the black lives matter protests,” the user said.”


  30. Bob Roberts says:

    I didn’t see if anyone posted this, but it appears that the shooters nose has been narrowed as well in the doctored photo.


  31. luciengunn says:

    There’s nothing “sketchy” about this incident if you understand the background … Obama is faithfully following the guidelines set forth by his radical mentors in Chicago when he was a ‘community organizer’ … These guidelines were actually conceived, disseminated, and practiced by Saul Alinsky – who was the original ‘community organizer’ … In order to implement a new social order – the old or original one must be broken down …It began with ‘student unrest’ in the sixties – which led to the hiring and subsequent tenure of teachers and professors teaching from a leftist/progressive/socialist slant … Next the family structure has been slowly eaten away over the last few decades – particularly with the disenfranchised elements of society residing primarily in minority groups as best exemplified with the increased ease to abortion … Now it’s been an assault on religion … These three elements are the foundation of any society and to damage them – damages the house in which we live … Obama, the community organizer, has been the man behind the curtain – pulling the strings … This Nobel Peace Prize winner has done nothing but stoke the flames of societal unrest in order to implement changes that are beyond the purview of average American – changes that will bear fruition not today or tomorrow, but years down the line when yet another generation of children are taught the lessons they will naturally grow into – ‘rightfully’ assuming that this is how things are supposed to be … And the press is complicit as the prostitutes of social information – being pimped by their employers – who all look to cash in on the destruction of the middle class … It is an elitism that runs contrary to the founding principles of this country … No matter how flawed the founders may have been, they understood the concept of everyone being equal at the starting line … And don’t believe Hillary is any better, because she, too, is a Saul Alinsky disciple … All this began with an elitist, weel-to-do white man named, Saul Alinsky … So no, there’s nothing “sketchy about anything that’s been happening since Obama became president …


  32. ONTIME says:

    Looks like Communist Nations Network has dealt another stealthy blow for the art of deception….good to call them out and lt fry in the sunlight….


  33. Trust but Verify says:

    I saw the side by side photo on twitter last night. I started telling everyone about it this today but gave pause and decided I better verify the claim. All articles I find lead back to this one at TCTH. I am not a regular here but I’ve frequently read articles over the years that I’ve found informative and well researched. The purple drank research regarding Trayvon was one of my favorites.

    However, I find it alarming that no provenance of the image is provided other than the claim that CNN broadcast it. A screen capture, a link, a photograph, or at least tell us which news show was broadcasting it.

    I find it especially troubling that if this image is claimed (in the comments) to have been broadcast on CNN news and not put onto the web. If this is true, then how is it that TCTH comes to have the exact digitally altered image, not a video capture? If it was put on the web then that would be understandable, but then give us a url of the source.

    As it stands, I can’t trust this story and won’t propagate it. TCTH needs to state where this image came from exactly and if it may be a hoax, own up to it. Until there is follow up and evidence presented, I will assume this to be a hoax.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      TbV, get it time, if it’s out there it will be found, or we’ll make an announcement that we’ve been punked. Research takes time, {and TPTB are scrubbing as fast as they can}


  34. USPatriot77 says:

    I live in 10 miles from the UCC campus and will tell you outright that you should only listen or read 1% of what you hear from any news media-they ALL have gotten points of this sad case wrong, and all have fabricated or exaggerated facts to embellish their story for the benefit of sales and their readers. I truly believe that the Obama administration is putting their own spin on this story and others like it to bolster their anti-gun rhetoric and case. The media is so leftist that they have sided with BO and done his bidding from the start that nothing that comes out of the media is even worth putting in the bottom of a cat box
    You want the real facts? Talk to the local authorities, hospitals, college staff, students, shooters family etc… This is where the real truth lies, and no where else!

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  35. Bill Quick says:

    It’s a hoax. Withdraw it. You have a generally excellent reputation among conservatives. Why risk that pushing an entirely unsupported hoax like this?

    If nothing else, you could at least tell us where that altered pic came from. And if you can’t, or won’t, do that, why not?


    • Suzy Kiprien says:

      Don’t take all you read re Snopes at face value. A few times, I double- and tripled-checked their claims and they turned out wrong. Look who’s behind Snopes also, there is – if I remember correctly – a Soros connection. ¸
      There is another website for fact checking that sometimes goes against Snopes claims. I forget the name of the website.
      I’m a translator and I’m used to doing research. That’s one field I know about. Therefore, I don’t get had that easily.

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  36. QuiteContrary says:

    This story is all over the internet as a fake. Did no one do any vetting to verify that the source was CNN before running it? File under interesting if true and the fact too good to check.


  37. QuiteContrary says:

    This story is all over the Internet as a fake. Did no one vet this before printing?


  38. JoeKidd says:

    Concerning the revelation that CNN altered the image of #UCC killer Chris Harper-Mercer, not only whitening his face but photo-shopping his facial features as well… This isn’t the first time that so-called mainstream media did something deceitful to fit their racist narrative. Case in point, recall the 2009 incident where MSNBC edited the video of an #Obamacare protester. Here is an excerpt of what happened from Kyle Drennen of NewsBusters:


    On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer fretted over health care reform protesters legally carrying guns: “A man at a pro-health care reform rally…wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip….there are questions about whether this has racial overtones….white people showing up with guns.” Brewer failed to mention the man she described was black.

    Following Brewer’s report, which occurred on the Morning Meeting program, host Dylan Ratigan and MSNBC pop culture analyst Toure discussed the supposed racism involved in the protests. Toure argued: “…there is tremendous anger in this country about government, the way government seems to be taking over the country, anger about a black person being president….we see these hate groups rising up and this is definitely part of that.” Ratigan agreed: “…then they get the variable of a black president on top of all these other things and that’s the move – the cherry on top, if you will, to the accumulated frustration for folks.”

    Not only did Brewer, Ratigan, and Toure fail to point out the fact that the gun-toting protester that sparked the discussion was black, but the video footage shown of that protester was so edited, that it was impossible to see that he was black. The man appeared at a health care rally outside of President Obama’s speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Phoenix, Arizona.

    [End quote]

    What could also be mentioned as to how mainstream media covers (for) Obama is the relatively low number of search results concerning news stories from them (not) reporting the details cited above exposing their racist narrative.

    Source for NewsBusters quote [flashback 2009]:
    #ObamaCare Protesters ‘Racist,’ Including Black Gun-Owner

    Liked by 1 person

    • angie says:

      Remember when an NBC reporter edited the tape of George Zimmerman making it sound as though Zimmerman targeted Martin because Martin was Black? CNN also reported an “exclusive” about the arrest of the Boston Marathon bomber..Jon Stewart let them know in an epic way that they lied.

      If anyone goes back to view the CNN tape, they won’t find the picture of Mercer. It could be that it was never there or it could be that the picture was deleted. No way to know unless someone downloaded the video as CNN was showing it.

      I will say that it’s pretty absurd the way CNN showed pictures of Dylan Roof around the clock but now they say they won’t “glorify” Mercer by showing his picture.
      Many more links, these are just a couple:

      Liked by 1 person

      • JoeKidd says:

        There is this too: In 2009, without knowing all the facts — a theme in this presidency — Obama weighed in on the arrest of his friend “Skip” Gates by wrapping up a press conference with, “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.” Let’s point out some relevant facts that rarely get mentioned: Gates was MUCH more than a friend. He contributed the maximum amount of money allowed under FEC rules to Obama’s 2008 campaign. The lap-dog media failed to report this.

        Which brings us to media coverage of the incident: THE FIX WAS IN. The very last question asked, the question that Obama intentionally saved, was a setup. Obama’s response was already set to be The News, as it dovetailed with a story Gates already had out: his claim that his arrest was a case of racism. Obama’s regurgitation machine obliged him — the only thing most people seem to remember is what mainstream media focused on: the beer summit, with Obama as peacemaker.

        Liked by 2 people

  39. CaptTurbo says:

    That was sneaky of them and I’m sure they fooled all 12 of their viewers since only those with an IQ of 25 or less watch the Communist News Network.


  40. JoeKidd says:

    This isn’t the first time that so-called mainstream media did something deceitful to fit their racist narrative. Case in point, recall the 2009 incident where MSNBC edited the video of an ‪#‎Obamacare‬ protester.


  41. Jack Straw says:

    The night of the shooting I saw somewhere online that the shooter had yelled “Aleah’s Akbar”. I have not seen this repeated, and I cannot recall where I read it. Anyone else see that?


  42. Bill says:

    Well, whether the “Rapture” or the “End of Times” is mythical or reality, our civilization certainly is on a fast-track to oblivion. But then , there’s always Monday Night Football, isn’t there? So don’t let the fridge empty, and wear your colors, for “Colors” matter, don’t they?


  43. wellhell says:

    This was a hate crime pure and simple. Against whites and against Christians. The hate crime was committed by a delusional man who would not take his medications. He had a mother who was in denial. It seems she thought he was autistic? NO. He was paranoid delusional caused by a mental illness or drugs. But the mother had no authority or ability to make him take his medications … he was an adult. Add to that his alleged (obvious) hatred of whites and christians and you have another spree killer.

    We need MUCH better mental health in this country. Doctors are prescribing psych medications and not following up on whether they make a person better or worse. Paranoid delusional people can be very clever and can act completely harmless and sane when they need to. It is a bad situation to have a family member that you are not sure is safe but can’t do anything about because they are an adult. Even if his mother notice he was paranoid and full of hate, she could not have done anything about it. As with stalking something really bad has to happen first.

    Hate crimes are committed by unbalanced people. This was a hate crime but as usual, as long as it is black hating white the media and president do not look at it as a hate crime.


  44. Fred Ward says:

    Been lurking for a few days. Sure are a lot of tinfoil hats commenting.


  45. hp says:

    This never would have happened if Chris Mercer had been out in the fields working. .


  46. JoeKidd says:

    Here is another instance of mainstream media deceitfully carrying out #Obama’s racist narrative. At the very end of a 2009 press conference, without knowing all the facts — a theme in this presidency — Obama intentionally took one last question to pass judgment on the Cambridge Police Department’s arrest of friend Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, saying: “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.”

    Lost in the narrative was Gates contributing to Obama’s 2008 campaign the maximum amount allowed under FEC rules. Also, it seems The Fix was in. The message Obama wrapped up his presser with dovetailed with a story that Gates already had out: his claim that his arrest was a case of racism. The rest is history: mainstream media successfully spun an ignorant and divisive president as being the great peacemaker at the Beer Summit.


  47. Seeker says:

    The truth is hard to come by these days because our judgement is somewhat impaired by political correctness.🚩


  48. northernsentinel says:

    Thanks for addressing the suspect origin of the ‘whitened image’.
    It takes integrity to admit to a possible error and reflects positively upon you.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Congrats on this article Sundance, it has made the new in EU Times:
    “Conservative Treehouse managed to save a better photo of Chris Harper Mercer with his Muslim beard before his profile was taken down by the CIA-NSA. Obviously he was NOT a white supremacist like the American mass media is touting.”


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