Valdosta State University Closes Campus To Support Flag Rally – Eric Sheppard Jr. Remains At Large…

A counter-event being held today at VSU is anticipated to draw 4,000+ patriots in support of the Stars and Stripes. Todays event follows the publicity of a militant black supremacy group who were walking on, and burning, the USA flag for several days on campus last week.

eric sheppard flag

The leader of the student group who was originally protesting, Eric Sheppard Jr., remains wanted by police for violent threats and firearms violations.  Weapons were found in his backpack on the school campus.  Sheppard fled the campus before police could arrest him. It is rumored Eric Sheppard is in hiding amid several organizations sympathetic to his ‘Islamic radicalization’ cause.

The sunlight upon the campus recruitment for Islamic Radicalization has brought an uncomfortable discussion into the backstory surrounding the events. According to local speculation the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party sympathizers are assisting Sheppard in avoiding law enforcement.

Had it not been for an Air Force veteran, Michelle Manhart, bringing national attention to the group – the activity taking place on the VSU campus would never have been scrutinized.

vsu campus 2VSU campus

Eric Sheppard Jr was actively recruiting black students at VSU to take up his cause. Self-identified as anti-Christian and a follower of Islam, Sheppard was advocating for black students to join a violent uprising to destroy the social fabric of the U.S. His hate-speech was permitted on campus under the auspices of “free speech”.

However, the reality of his speech was/is a call for violence.  Once that aspect was identified and shown to campus authorities, their opinion of the event changed dramatically.

Sheppard’s goals align with an aspect visible in social protests that is missing throughout all mainstream media coverage.

As we discovered in the Ferguson “Mike Brown Protests”, the actual agitating forces behind the protest were/are of Islamic origin. An example is the “Operation Ferguson” movement itself actually being coordinated by an Islamic group in Pakistan.

When you peel back the layers of inter-connected activity what you find is Arab Muslims exploiting black sentiment in the U.S. to further what would be best called a “social jihad”.

Young black populations throughout various communities in the U.S. are being indoctrinated to rail against Christianity in favor of Islam, radical Islam.  And as a consequence racism is being used as the wedge to draw a manipulative contrast.

Christianity defined by the various Muslim groups as a “white religion”, and Islam promoted as a “black religion”. If you listen to the justifications within the advocacy highlighted on the VSU campus, or in Ferguson Missouri, or in Madison Wisconsin, or in Charlottesville Virginia, or the latest events in Baltimore Maryland, you’ll find this common theme.

Arab Muslim advocates using wedge issues and promoting grievances to stir up controversy and sell a belief system.  Their goal is actually quite strategic: to attack the U.S. socially from the inside out.

However, their sales pitch is fraught with contradictions and factual aspects that must be avoided; that’s why they generally appeal to younger populations, easier to manipulate. As someone earlier noted if you look to the recent example of genocide via slaughter of black Africans in Darfur, it was Arab Muslims killing black African Muslims. It was pure race hate for blacks just as the Arab Muslims have always demonstrated.

Few young people are able to understand the inherent racism within Arabic ideology toward African blacks. Libya’s former dictator, Muamar Gaddaffi, was the gatekeeper between North Africa and Europe; he was also a prime example of a pure racist even in his terrorist activities.

Islam DemonstrationIslam, in a very direct way, is a political system not a tolerant religious belief. As a consequence it can be used to leverage goals based on deception and scheme. In Darfur the black Africans were already Sunni Muslim but the Arab Muslims killed them anyway, solely for being black.

In the U.S. the current Islamic goal is to promote political anarchy through racism by convincing young blacks to think white Christians have historically oppressed them. This is the message you see throughout Eric Sheppard’s on campus speeches.

Sheppard does this with a simultaneous message to promote Islam as a colorblind religion. Weaving in and out of topics based on historical misguided liberal use of the term “colonialism”. However, the exact opposite is factually true. History reflects Arab Muslims have slaughtered, enslaved and are continually exploiting black people based specifically on their race.

That very identified exploitation and manipulation continues today through a keenly targeted Arab Muslim promotion of “Black Lives Matter”, or “F**k The Police”, or fill in the chosen blank.

The Islamic goal is removal of Western values, Christianity, and ultimately freedom, which all run counter to their political ends.

saint louis flag burning 5

saint louis flag burning 2Valdosta State University

Saint Louis (left) or Valdosta State University (right) the message is the same.

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46 Responses to Valdosta State University Closes Campus To Support Flag Rally – Eric Sheppard Jr. Remains At Large…

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Concessionaires will be selling cold drinks, light snacks, baseball bats and pick handles immediately adjacent to the frat assembly area…

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  2. aprilyn43 says:

    What’s wrong with America or our Universities? The title of this article sims that up! And in case you don’t understand, know …. No school, university should “Have” to close, to have a ralley supporting the flag of our country !


  3. bofh says:

    Insightful and right on target. As many others here have already said, “Thank you, SD” for maintaining this site, and for saying things that badly need saying.

    That said, do you think that Michelle Manhart is in some danger as a result of her early involvement in this episode?


    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      If something were to happen to her, as a result of her VSU actions,

      the hateful, hurtful Muslims would be at the top of the suspects’ list,

      as well as, a bunch more anti USA groups and individuals.

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  4. justfactsplz says:

    America is at war with Islam even if most don’t realize it yet, even though our president say’s we are not at war with Islam. We must win this war or lose our freedom and our beloved country as we have known it. This is no time for tolerance.

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  5. Lou says:

    the flag isn’t a white symbol. it’s a symbol of freedom for all Americans. the media and films such as Selma are distorting history by not bringing up that white people wanted to be separate but equal. now blacks want to be separate, but the media always brings up the phrase “Jim Crow” instead of “separate but equal” which would be a more accurate description of the 1960’s.

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  6. sundance says:

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    • peachteachr says:

      Since I’ve been reading here at the tree house, I recognized the local media’s slant on this Flag Day celebration. You will read that there were @ 1,000 people which would be 3,000 less than expected, and that is a partial truth. I think that number is very low and the media got there by just listing the # of people that were actually in the parade while not including the people who were on the sidelines cheering them on each step they took.
      SD, thank you for keeping this in the news. I think that VSU is uniquely located to punch the BGI in the nose. I’m not saying that we can knock them out, but they’ll know they have been in a fight. Ex: the only time you hear about Kendrick Johnson’s family now is the story @ the daughter being shot and the arrest of the shooter. Sunlight, brilliant sunlight. TY!


  7. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Can someone pull some of the photos being posted at the fb site please ? Thank you in advance.

    Removed by request


  8. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all near-east religions.
    Soon after Jesus delivered the Great Commission, Christians (tradition says Mark) headed off to Egypt, to begin Coptic Christian group, and to India (tradition says Doubting Thomas) to begin the Nasrali Christian group. They also headed into the area now known as China – in Marco Polo’s travel accounts, he notes the various religious denominations they encountered, and Christianity was fairly well represented – circa 1200.

    So, how is Christianity a white religion if it begins with Semitic people, and immediately begins growing in the East and Africa? Christianity climbed into Europe possibly at a much slower rate, and did not arrive on the Americas, where you might find the American flag, until much, much later.

    Sorry to throw all of these facts at ya.

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  9. Jeffrey says:

    Sundance, your coherence and articulation of the written word is phenomenal. I wish I had a tenth of your ability. How what you outline so skillfully here is not immediately obvious to the rest of our countrymen sickening. I am absolutely sickened by profound ignorance of, now greater than, 50 % of the American population.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Proceeds go to Wounded Warriors.


      • ImpeachEmAll says:

        The BIG print gives it to you.

        The small print takes it away.

        some Proceeds go to Wounded Warriors.

        P.S.- Bought mine, just the same.


        • ImpeachEmAll says:

          They are not offered in Tall sizes.

          Portly, yes; Tall, no.


        • peachteachr says:

          On the link above, they said that people all over the US are ordering the shirts. Wahoo! Headed there tomorrow for my granddaughter’s b’day so I hope to own one soon.
          BTW, some NBC reporter, her last name was Chuck (I think) and she left her # and asked the creators to call her…crickets. Others complimenting their shirt or the sentiment got a comment; NothingButClinton reporter got zilch. Woop! Woop!


  10. Les says:

    THIS is how you make change happen!:

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  11. Les says:

    I know people are very concerned with the flag issue, but I think we are overlooking the anti-Christian sentiments. Sheppard tore up a Bible and goes on and on about “white Jesus.” His supporters are all anti-Christian, anti-white. One of his followers lives in the next town over in Texas and goes to the only VA center around here. Do I want to sit next to this person?

    I’m seriously thinking of contacting CID on post to see if these folks are on the radar. What do y’all think? Are these people just stupid or are they a real threat? I am referring to the NBP/5% idiots.


    • Eskie Mom says:

      Les, considering what we’ve seen (How much haven’t we seen- not reported in the media?), I think we should take them at their word: they mean us mortal harm at worst & severe oppression, at least. The answer to your question, stupid or a threat: both. Stupid because they want to/ are killing, their Golden Goose. Maybe not stupid- foolish, definitely.


    • Monroe says:

      Threat because of their actions.


    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      Les, stupid people are a threat ! We all should take them very seriously ! All Treepers are well aware of the dangers that lie ahead for the Christians. Our voices are our weapons! We MUST stand and speak the truth or forever hold our peace !


      • peachteachr says:

        I believe that Moody Air Base has remained quiet because of the harsh conditions they have been forced to endure under this Commander In Chief. They know. You can just bet that the mayor and the chamber of commerce folks are at the base and are all but begging to kiss their butts from sun up to sun down. Moody knows!


  12. lovely says:

    Kudos Sundance, great to see so cognizant an argument made about the reality of the enemy, the tactics they are using and the folly and danger of appeasement under the misguided mantle of tolerance.


  13. lovely says:

    Eric Sheppard Jr was actively recruiting black students at VSU to take up his cause. Self-identified as anti-Christian and a follower of Islam, Sheppard was advocating for black students to join a violent uprising to destroy the social fabric of the U.S. His hate-speech was permitted on campus under the auspices of “free speech”

    The sobering question is, “How many Eric Sheppards are there on American campuses who haven’t run into a Michelle Manhart?” How many Eric Sheppards are being coddled, promoted, embraced, and empowered by American campuses?

    My belief is that Eric Sheppard is just the tip of the Islamoberg.

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  14. Terry in GA says:

    Great job to all who participate, and to all who gather pictures and info for this site. I so wanted to be in Valdosta today, but had doctor’s appointment for my daughter.


  15. LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

    4000 patriots holding a peaceful march is not going to affect change in America. The government is not impressed with that kind of stuff. The radical Left knows how to push for change this country. We on the Right do not.


  16. Knew he was a radical Muslim convert by his shaven mustache with beard! Great book to read is muslim mafia breaks down what is happening to America will open your eyes! muslim brotherhood under their umbrella which has CAIR, MSA (muslim students association) the group that shows up and calls American Sniper a racist movie and shouldn’t be shown! muslim brotherhood is in our military ,FBI (reference to radical Islam has been taken out of FBI manuals) and government. We are seeing the islamification n of our Country!!!!!

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  17. Was thinking about buying a koran carrying it in my back pack. If This situation comes up of a muslim stepping on a U.S. Flag under his 1st Amendment Right. I’ll just take out the koran and calmly step on it like a Captain Morgan commercial and look him right in they eye and say” 1st Amendment BITCH” !


  18. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Black African author John Allembillah Azumah speaks to the history, the deception and political correctness in this video

    based on his book “THE LEGACY OF ARAB-ISLAM IN AFRICA”.

    As Robert Spencer has repeatedly reported at, the Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated in its own words, according to a captured internal document, to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house.”

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  19. watcher says:

    Wonder when this jihadist becomes useful as a martyr, will his protectors drop a dime on him.


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