Erdogan’s Bid To Recreate The Ottoman Empire Suffers A Devastating Defeat…. Maybe!

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, aka President Obama’s BFF, has been working earnestly trying to recreate the Ottoman Empire with himself as the proclaimed head of the Islamist Empire.

erdogan the ottoman

Toward that end Erdogan built himself a grand and opulent palace, aligned himself with ISIS radicals, and provided a safe-harbor for exiled Muslim Brotherhood leadership after Qatar kicked them out for advocating extremist violence.  Yes, even Qatar, home of the GITMO 5, realized the Brotherhood leadership were essentially ISIS sycophants.  However, Erdogan viewed them as ideological brethren deserving of more than a little sympathy.

Erdogan is ‘all-in’ toward his goals of recreating a modern Ottoman Empire.  Nothing was going to stand in his way; even if it meant killing journalists who were exposing his extremist plans.  Erdogan even jails people who make fun of him, and shut down Twitter just because it posed a threat to his power. However, today he suffered a significant, well, actually a devastating, setback. 

erdogan turkey-presidential-palace

(Via Right Scoop)  For the first time in 13 years, the Turkish AKP, led by President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu, has lost its majority hold on the parliament. Just four years ago, the AKP won 326 seats in the parliament, well over the 276 needed for a majority. All they needed was four more seats and they could hold a public referendum on rewriting the constitution to make Erdogan a sultan-like figure to rule over Turkey.

But this election proved disastrous for Erdogan as the AKP lost around 68 seats, enough to remove their majority for the first time since 2002.

The election results are below. As you can see the AKP won only 258 seats, 18 seats below what they needed to maintain their simple majority. The new HDP Kurdish party managed to get almost 13%, which is a big deal because they needed a minimum of 10% to get into the parliament.


[…] The interesting thing about all this is how much Erdogan had riding on this election. He’s been strongly promoting the ‘New Turkey’ he is creating as well as his need for a new ‘presidential system’, almost daily. Indeed, he’s been heavily criticized for holding so many rallies for the AKP, as the president of Turkey is supposed to be a non-partisan figure.

Erdogan had really put himself out there and for his party to lose so many seats, it makes me wonder how he will respond to this.  (read more)

Obama Erdogan - Turkey

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55 Responses to Erdogan’s Bid To Recreate The Ottoman Empire Suffers A Devastating Defeat…. Maybe!

  1. doodahdaze says:

    In my imaginatiom. Everybody he might go to church. Someplace. next Sunday. I AM.

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  2. kpm58 says:

    He will probably get advice from Obama. I can guess what that will be.

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  3. doodahdaze says:

    Now…is the time.


  4. John Galt says:

    Next up, Erdogan declares dictatorship ala Morsi, cuz that’s what Muslim Brothers do.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Up theirs.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I can’t help but wonder if Erdogan’s cleared this with the Turkish military? At so,me level he has to have as they are THE power and king maker/keeper in the country, question’s to what levels. PO that Turk military and some radical, lone wolf militia person just may cut your reign short. Turk military plays for real and there are some games they will not ply.


      • partyzantski says:


        Erdogan has fired many top Commanders in the Army or pressed crumped-up charges they were plotting to overthrow him (hmmm… where else do we see this?)

        The Turkish Army is the rock that holds Turkey together. They have the highest credibility and level of esteem from the Turkish people. Erdogan would need a force, just as powerful, just as well funded (pace Obama) to compete…. that is where the MB/ISIS fits in. He NEEDS the Kurd insurrectionists… he NEEDS Syria to remain in chaos.


        • czarowniczy says:

          When a Mideast tinpot starts winnowing his upper military echelons he starts playing a game that will eventually consume him. If you place your chiefs-of-staff like that you create an atmosphere of fear that at some point may well cause the staff to act/react in a fit of self defense panic, replacing you with someone they feel more comfortable with. There’s also the possibility that you may need that competent upper staff in a war scenario, like Stalin did, only to find that your composting process has left you with a loyal but incompetent team.

          The Turk military’s constitutionally mandated to defend the secular nature of the Turkish state and if he pares away at the general staff until they’re gone he’s gonna end up with a huge mess.

          The turmoil in the area works well for Erdogan as war does for most despots looking for a rally point for the people. He wants the Turk sectors of Syria back, the Kurds reduced to dust or evacuated to US cities where they’ll vote in 2016 for Hillary, the oil fields in norther Iraq would be nice and, Oh yeah, The Bomb. Working with Obama has got him zilch while dangling the prospect of a Turkish delight in front of the Russians seems to be getting him what he wants. I think that once the Russian deal’s brokered (wonder if Erdogan’s trying to hold on to see who’ll win in 2016?) we’ll see some movement and resolution to the area’s mess.


          • smiley says:

            ” Some foreign policy blunder on Erdogan’s part, perhaps with Russia ( in Ukraine) or Israel ( in Gaza), perhaps in the killing fields of Syria, or the gas fields of Cyprus, will likely bring the Erdogan era to its shuddering and inglorious demise.”

            Daniel Pipes June 5, 2015
            “Turkey’s Unimportant Election”



            • czarowniczy says:

              Erdogan’s onething – next question is how much of an inroad into the Turkish General Staff that the Russians have made? There have been hi-level contacts between Russian and Turkish general staff and I’m betting promises have been made.
              Erdogan won’t have those powers he wants without the military’s approval, too many people see the Mideast poobahs controlling the military as we do ours.
              As for Cyprus – have you seen the Russian maneuverings to get a naval base there? To do so they’ve thrown sops to both the Turks and the Greeks and caused the Brits to have a mini-stroke. I believe Erdie’s seeing himself as a pivotal point in Turkish history and decided to ride the tiger.


              • smiley says:

                Russia + Turkey = a “rapprochement” of 2 historical empires.
                Russia holds the cards, right ?


                • czarowniczy says:

                  Yes but Turkey holds the strategic ground. Russia wants control of the Eastern Med and the sole access to the Black Sea through the Bosporus/Dardanelles. Bases in Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Cyprus will control the Eastern Med and Suez Canal, something the West/NATO tried to prevent for decades.
                  I’m betting the deal’s dome when teh announcement of the Russians building nuke plants in Turkey’s made public.


  5. manickernel says:

    One has to wonder, since in the past he padded his results by 15-20%, what the real vote was. Couldn’t even win with his own people running the elections.

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  6. smiley says:

    aside from the constitutional issues at stake in this “referendum”, maybe this is also good news for the Kurds.
    maybe its a start…
    but then…
    Erdogan’s a paranoid maniac.

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    • PatriotUSA says:

      Exactly and his ‘reaction’ will be interesting and possibly bloody. No one here really wonders why he and obamanazi are BFF as most are quite good at reading and understanding what is between the lines or absolute facts.


  7. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    This election result is a surprise so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.


  8. wondering999 says:

    Turkey sits on real estate of enormous historical importance, and there are reports that enormous amounts of heroin money flow through Turkey today (among other things).

    There was a scandal involving a former Iranian FBI interpreter (refugee from the Ayatollahs) who suggested that Turkey wields unrecognized influence in Washington DC through that underground drug money (I can’t remember her name, but remember articles that said her work kept getting “lost” because it involved Turkish people of influence).

    There is also the matter of the Turkish charter schools, the Gulen network that imports an unusually high number of young Turkish men who donate their money back to the network.

    Please keep the focus on Turkey… in our prayers and in our attention to news. Thanks Sundance (and JohnP who posts so much news from that area of the world)

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    • I watched the CBS video you linked. It is amazing. CBS seemed to think there was something nefarious about charter schools that were going up all over the US The schools hire Turkish teachers who, actually, you know, teach kids who actually love their education! And minorities, too! Terrible.

      American teachers could out-compete those charter schools with their own charter schools whose students did even better than the Gulen school kids.

      Yes, I’m being a bit sarcastic. There are a couple of things that are bothersome – the founder who avoids the public eye, for example. Reminds me of the Scientology private school in my county. But, strangely, that school has very high academic standards, too. I wonder if there is underground knowledge about bad things happening to schools and teachers who do way better than average. I know Asian students are starting to recognize some anti-Asian discrimination in the education world.

      Wondering999, I second your motion. I, too, urge TCTH to keep the focus on Turkey.


      • sundance says:

        The Turks created the word “Slaves”, when they took control of the Slavs.

        In the final analysis, history is really nothing more than a series of concentric circles.


      • wondering999 says:

        Investingforone, I know a wee bit about Scientology Schools from a long-ago roommate. The SCN do some very simple (but effective) things:

        (1) they “clear” the definitions of ALL words out of a dictionary instead of guessing or “making up” definitions. When people are confused, it slows them their reading and makes for halting readers who lack confidence in themselves and their comprehension. A lot of poor readers simply “fake it” — there’s way too much of this going on in the U.S.

        (2) They keep working on a lesson until competency is achieved instead of going ahead to stick to a schedule, and leaving the slower kids in a muddle.

        There were a few other things also, but those two practices have a huge impact on student achievement. For example, a former neighbor had an ADD son (on Ritalin) who was forced to attempt division before he was able to do multiplication. Imagine the misery for parent and child, both. The kid grew up but has never really mastered third grade skills, which is a real impediment for an adult with a wife and two kids… I’d better not get started, this topic aggravates the H— out of me. We are ruled by idiots with certificates. I dislike the corrupt Scientology organization, but some of the ideas that they espouse are actually very reasonable — there are a host of people who left that group who could tell you more about what worked (and what didn’t, for example, dictatorship…)


  9. Les says:

    Anybody else think of Mortal Kombat when they saw that pic?

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    • John VI says:



      • Les says:

        It’s hard for me to take them seriously.


        • partyzantski says:

          The Turks are a serious bunch. Discounting them is a mistake. I realize they have no strategic conventional ability, but understand that they engage in subversion on grand scale.
          They do this by:
          -human trafficking
          -drug trafficking
          -covert networks
          -influence peddling
          -corruption via cash

          They may be Turkish in the modern sense, but the culture and strategic foundation are pure Ottoman. They remain so because the Ottomans were generally quite successful. The gap years where the Ottomans were destroyed is an illusion… it was a re-branding of the same product. Think coke-new coke-classic coke continuum.

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  10. Allen says:

    Turkey receives at least $10 Billion from the US taxpayers every year. They refused to allow our aircraft to land and launch attacks against Iraq but the $10B didn’t stop because we have NATO sites within Turkey. I wonder if that amount has increased since Obama became POTUS and why.
    But then again, when did Obama NOT do things to weaken the United States?

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    • allhail2 says:

      Dear Turkey,

      We give you at least $10,000,000,000.00 a year, that’s a pretty dang big camel train of zeros. Listen up. Our planes are going to be doing a little coming and going. Keep your $#\£ to your self and your crap on the ground.

      President Me


  11. franker01 says:

    Are those guys standing on the stairs their equivalent of Seal Team 6?


  12. czarowniczy says:

    Erdogan’s bid to recreate the Erdogan Ottoman Empire may be on life support but there’s a line behind him longer than the one at the men’s room during the 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium.


  13. georgiafl says:

    Erdogan’s use of heavy handed tactics to achieve his agenda is very much Michelle Obama’s nutritional lunch efforts. Neither of them has charismatic personalities or looks. Neither uses proven psychological methods very well. Dictators just don’t have much finesse or wisdom…they are too impatient and self-aggrandizing. It’s all about them and their goals and egos.


  14. JohnP says:

    The new political map of Turkey.
    Purple is such a nice color.


  15. JohnP says:


    Bombs, arrests and intimidation couldn’t stop them from voting, while we complain about rain on election day.


  16. FlatFoot says:

    ohhhhh… so close, yet, so far away. I guess they’re just not as gullible as some.


  17. Jill says:

    Erdoğan said cockroaches in old headquarters was his reason for building new 615 million dollar palace.


  18. archer52 says:

    Good catch. This “caliphate” deal is being pushed by three forces; 1. ISIS 2. Iran 3 Turkey.

    We used to be the foot on the brake in this area, but Obama has stopped that and has disabled the emergency brake as well.

    It is going to get interesting to say the least.

    Darn, I had better brush up on my school aged “Duck and cover” and hide under my desk drill.


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