Stunning Investigative Video Proves Turkey Conspiring With ISIS on Syrian Border….

Last week a U.S. journalist, Serena Shim, was murdered in Turkey for exposing the truth of Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan allowing and facilitating ISIS militants going to and from Turkey into strategic positions around Kobane (Kobani).

Now an independent journalist team have used video to show Turkish police and military meeting with ISIS militants on the Turkish border.

Obviously the brutal reality of this expose’ is dangerous to Erdogan’s deceptive claims to the contrary.


As a consequence, and in an effort to hide the inherent reality while simultaneously deflecting attention from both events, the Erdogan administration is directing Western media to report on Iraqi Kurds (the Pesmerga) being permitted by Turkey to aid their sisters in Kobane:

Arbil (Iraq) (AFP) – Heavily armed Kurdish peshmerga fighters were on their way to joining militias defending the Syrian border town of Kobane from the Islamic State group after setting off from Iraq Tuesday.

Military trucks loaded with weapons were seen departing from the base northeast of the Iraqi Kurdish regional capital Arbil bound for the besieged town on the Turkish frontier. (link)

However, people should not be distracted from the reality that Sunni President Erdogan is working diligently to aid his Sunni ideological brethren in ISIS.

As Egypt’s Fatah el-Sisi continues to outline – the regional influence of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood – it becomes even more obvious that Turkey is facilitating ISIS extremists who are in direct alignment with the Brotherhood. Both Qatar and Turkey are financing and aiding ISIS / The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and beyond.

The regional concern has now extended toward Kuwait.

It has been a month since we first proposed the theory of why Erdogan was willing to watch Kobane fall to ISIS.  So far every action has solidified that hypothesis.

Remember, Turkey is a NATO member 

Obama Erdogan - Turkey


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18 Responses to Stunning Investigative Video Proves Turkey Conspiring With ISIS on Syrian Border….

  1. czarowniczy says:

    OK, so we now have ‘independent’ proof of Turkish cooperation with ISIS, corroborating info that’s been reported for weeks now. As the Turks have delayed the ‘reinforcement’ of the Kobane defenders while ISIS tried to break the corridor between Turkey and Kobane, the ISIS guys have also had a chance to bring in reinforcements. Only thing I’m waiting for is to see how many fighters the Turks allow through at a time and what circumstances will meet them on the trip from Turkey to Kobane. Don’t think for a minute that the details of the Pesh transit won’t be shared with ISIS.

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  2. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Erdogan has already played the “NATO Card”, much to Obama’s joy. That provides him with a degree of “plausible deniability” when he pushes for US policy to fall in line with a doctrine that does not condemn Turkey, out of a so-called need to maintain our established alliances.

    How convenient that will be, for the closeted Muslim who illegally occupies the Oval Office.

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    • waltherppk says:

      He was out of the closet from the moment he armed the muslim brotherhood and that never should have been allowed by congress so something is very wrong there also.

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  3. RJ says:

    Add Obama’s name to this list of those fighting the Kurds.

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  4. sangell51 says:

    Kobane is a sideshow. The main event is happening elsewhere. Assad is leaving ISIS to the US while he finishes off the Free Syrian Army. He’s getting help from al Nusra too who pushed the FSA out of some towns it still controls. At the end of the day ISIS and al Nusra will control Eastern Syria, Western Iraq and Assad a rump Syria. Instead of achieving the stated objective of degrading ISIS and creating a credible rebel force capable of overthrowing Assad, we have become embroiled in the Kurdish/Turkey quarrel.

    Erdogan may not be our best friend be isn’t our enemy either. He wants Assad gone and a friendly Sunni government in Damascus. He can probably live with a Kurdish state in Northern Iraq and until Obama let ISIS run amok was close to getting a deal with his Kurdish population. It is Obama who has screwed the pooch here in Syria and Iraq when he failed to give arms to ‘our’ rebels in Syria two years ago when Assad’s regime was on the ropes and ISIS was not yet a formidable force in Syria ( or Iraq). Now we are focused on a town that means nothing except to the Kurds while ISIS consolidates its position in Iraq and pressures Baghdad. If they can move just a few miles closer to Baghdad they can shut the airport there and put our embassy ( really an American outpost of several thousand people plus 1000 plus US troops) under fire. Watch Frontline tonight. It is going to skewer Obama for allowing ISIS to become the al Qaeda on steroids it as developed into over the past year.


    • Lucille says:

      Turkey “isn’t our enemy…”? Anyone who wishes to rekindle the Caliphate is the enemy of all freedom loving peoples everywhere. ISIS has the support of Turkey. No doubt that Obama’s foreign policy is inept, stupid and possibly criminal in almost nothing to keep ISIS from becoming so powerful and rich in stolen monies and materiel. However, at any given moment in the last year, Turkey could have done something about ISIS. It has not done so. So, “not our enemy”? Oh, yes they are under Erdogan.


    • polk8dot says:

      Your gravatar cracked me up. The absurdity is brilliant. 😄
      BTW, it looks like your baby would fit snugly inside my baby’s ear. LOL


  5. Makes me wonder if there is a connection between this story and the wh computers being compromised………


  6. Worc1 says:

    Erdogan is the one member of NATO that he gets along with and respects. I wonder why that is. Could it be because Erdogan is an Islamist and an Authoritarian and seeks to be the leader of a new Ottoman Empire.


  7. notyours says:

    Or are we speaking of the book of Daniel and the King of the North, Seleucid Empire?


  8. Lucille says:

    From Ambassador John Bolton’s website:

    “Turkey: No Longer a ‘Rock Star’ on Arab Street”
    by Burak Bekdil
 – October 27, 2014

    Quote: Erdogan’s Turkey is no longer an attraction for the Muslim street. Instead, it is, overtly or covertly, on hostile terms with Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Iran — all at the same time.

    In this mind-set, “We’re so superb that we cannot be wrong because what we think right is Allah-given.” If things go wrong, it must be because of something else.


  9. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    This is not a surprise to me since neither the Turks nor the Sunni like the Kurds!


  10. goaloflifeadmin says:

    ISIS is and was CIA trained, in jordan before the max exodus to take over syria, which failed, thus their new assignment to run havok in iraq, only they decided then to take over the oil fields. Which then caused the oil barrens to send in armies to fight them.


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