Follow Up: Exposing The VSU “Protest Group” Marching On Flag… *UPDATE* Identified Group was armed – University Alert – Police Now Seeking Suspect Eric Sheppard Jr. – Video Added: “Armed and Dangerous”…

update-1UPDATE:  Since we exposed the individual(s) and group, VSU has now issued an alert.  Apparently the group was armed during the event, and the primary agitator is to be considered “armed and dangerous”:

Eric Sheppard

update-1UPDATE #2:  Media now beginning to report on Eric Sheppard Jr and here’s a local news report showing him in a confrontation with police while lying about his threats and being armed.

Original Article – Last weekend we brought to light a group of “Campus Protestors” at Valdosta State University who were marching on the U.S.A. flag.

Valdosta State University

Michelle ManhartThe MSM picked up the aspect to the story where Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart confronted the group, picked up the flag and subsequently found herself in a confrontation with the groups advocates and the police. (backstory)

However, despite the media interest, and with numerous media outlets seeking a larger understanding as to the cause of the incident, no-one from the protesting group would speak to the media:

[…] The demonstrators declined to identify their group to The Valdosta Daily Times or speak with a reporter about their cause, but they did engage VSU students in heated debate. (link)

Why would the group refuse to identify themselves?  What is the purpose of the group?  Who, and what exactly, are VSU administrators allowing to take place on their campus?

The protestors obviously want to avoid sunlight, so we dig a little deeper and share what exactly their purpose was.

Here’s pictures of the “campus activists” as shared via their social media:

VSU campus

And this is the group leader: Eric Sheppard Jr.

vsu campus 2

The group self identifies as a Black Supremacy movement seeking the elimination of all white influences upon their lives.  This is the same group who supports the conspiracy theory behind the death of Kendrick Johnson; and these are the same social justice advocates who are the foot soldiers for the professionally black Grievance Industry.

To better understand their position LISTEN HERE (FB Video).   A more vulgar version of their screed (they didn’t know they were being recorded) is AVAILABLE HERE.

When civil rights attorneys Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks, Natalie Jackson,  and media financing entities like Russell Simmons et al, dispatch their calls to the social justice warriors to activate their protests – the group represented at this VSU protest are the people who respond.

Generally in the same ideological vein as the New Black Panther Party:

Black Panther Tweets

….these are the same people behind the “F**k The Police” movement, and the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  They are also aligned with the “Black Brunch” groups who you might have seen disrupting lunches to advance their race-driven causes.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself they immediately respond to advocate for their overall grievances.  Ferguson to New York, to Madison, to Charlottesville, to North Charleston, to Baltimore and to Valdosta State University… the construct of their social justice cause continually looking for an opportunity for an audience; and a complicit media more than willing to sell their narrative.

Perhaps now, with a larger context, the recent sunlight in Memphis Tennessee makes a little more sense:

memphis 6 t

memphis 8 t

memphis 7 t

memphis 5 t

…all connected to the same ideological world view.

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190 Responses to Follow Up: Exposing The VSU “Protest Group” Marching On Flag… *UPDATE* Identified Group was armed – University Alert – Police Now Seeking Suspect Eric Sheppard Jr. – Video Added: “Armed and Dangerous”…

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    Funny how the term “Black Supremacy Group” didn’t make it into the articles.
    But it doesn’t mean some of the media didn’t know. Willful blindness.

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    • bofh says:

      I’m about to give up. Three posts disappeared for ? reason. One last try, tagging on this post.

      The leader guy appears to be E r i c S h e p p a r d, J r . You can google him, look for a link to a magazine named I s s u u and t r e n d s e t t e r.


    • dan says:

      Nice touch with the faux shrunken head. Eric. Guess we know your “roots” now.

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    • peachteachr says:

      I am going to tag in to these earliest comment to give you all some of the latest in local flavor. The protesters claimed to be aligned with the Black Panther Party and really identify with their early views of death to the oppressors aka “whitey”.
      Someone earlier asked if there was a leadership problem at VSU and I shared that the fairly new President had just turned in his resignation. Turns out Pres. McKinney showed up plastered (drunk) to a big VSU function and so he was forced to resign. So I guess the U is somewhat rudderless.
      One last piece of info which is interesting is that Kendrick Johnson’s 22 year old sister, Kenyetta, was shot in a car yesterday at @ 2AM. Just saying.
      Lastly, the mayor of Valdosta is stepping into the breech and there will be a big rally supporting the flag and apple pie on Friday. I’ll share more as I know more.

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      • hoosiergranny says:

        We’ve stayed in Valdosta many times when driving between Indy & various points in Fla. We’ll make better plans from now on…


        • peachteachr says:

          You are so safe in Valdosta when you travel. Please do not judge this fabulous community by a few bad apples. There has always been a triangle of the Moody Air Force Base, the city, and the college that has developed a vivacious community.

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          • georgiafl says:

            I agree with Peachteachr – Valdosta was my hometown for many years and is a safe, conservative city. This perfidy will not stand there. The citizens will rise up and meet this head on. Believe me.


            • Terry in GA says:

              Lotsa good shopping, for anyone interested. But don’t get caught downtown after a big rain storm when the roads are detoured and even GPS is confused.


            • I don’t see the VSU stating that all students involved will be suspended immediately like was done to the Oklahoma students and these students are actually threatening death and violence.


        • Sandra Parks says:

          That’s ridiculous! I live one block from the VSU campus and did not see or hear a thing except on my TV. For your sake, I hope Valdosta, GA is the most dangerous place you’ll ever be!


      • lilbirdee'12 says:

        Peachteachr, I believe I read that the Mayor of Valdosta has declared April 24 to be Flag Day in the City. They are pulling out all the stops to hold back the tide of American Pride bearing down on their do-nothing, tamp-it-down response to the disgraceful protestors.


      • Dr. Mckinney did not show up plastered drunk…get your facts straight…it was a member of his administration that was intoxicated after an event and she resigned. I am a 1982 Valdosta State Graduate. Dr. Mckinney has been under siege due to the commie faculty that was furious that one of their own got canned. They hounded Dr. McKinney and he resigned this month. I should know…I had written Dr. Mckinney about the commie professor and that professor started attacking me as an alumni….Dr. Mckinney shut the professor down for the attacks…..btw I am sure the commie faculty approved of what the black panthers were doing…I hope they are happy now…


  2. Roy says:

    WOW! What a great job exposing those agitators. It’s nice to know the college had no interest in their activity. It must be because someone in admin knew who they were and approved.

    I’m sure their firearms are legal so there’s no need for police to check up on them.

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    • bofh says:

      “I’m sure their firearms are legal so there’s no need for police to check up on them.”
      Heh. Gun-free zone much?

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      • Roy says:

        Look at the time of my comment. It was before the gun carrying update was posted so I didn’t know it.
        Now it will be interesting if any gun charges are filed against them because, as you noted, college campuses are gun free zones. My guess is No, they will not.

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  3. Ursula says:

    Just got off the phone with VSU. The student said she saw this site and sees propaganda written here. This was free speech, after all.
    I was lectured about the evils of the Internet to which I responded that I saw the TV clip and my eyes do not deceive me. I think she got it.
    They set up a line for complaints about this story so many people must be calling.

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    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      Two thumbs up for you.

      Two thumbs down for VSU.

      Two thumbs down for Homeland Security.

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    • Les says:

      Email the trustees:

      David Brown, McLain & Brown Construction Co
      Tom Call, Coldwell Banker Premier Real Estate
      Berkley M. (Mac) Mackey III, Quality Home Delivery Service Inc.
      Phil Alday, Alday, Wright & Giles, PC
      Ansel Clark, Guardian Bank
      Martha Robertson, Coca-Cola (retired)
      Carlton (Carl) Holley, Fowler, Holley, Rambo, Haynes & Stalvey, PC
      James McGahee, South Georgia Medical Center
      William (Bill) Langdale Jr., Langdale, Vallotton, Linahan & Wetherington

      Include the images of the guns and the hashtags. Make sure to put your concerns for the student body and faculty and staff in writing. I’m sending an email right now.

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      • JohnP says:

        That’s the style, Les, that’s the style!

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      • rashomon says:

        Good job, Les. My evening will be busy. Just finished slathering the Senate list over Loretta Lynch, now taking a break to see how Kris Bryant is adjusting to the Cubs, then on to your list. Haven’t done of lick of housework or gardening, but then…what’s important here?

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        • Les says:

          That’s awesome. I’m not sure that’s the updated list, the page is missing from the current website. If anyone finds an updated list of trustees please let us know!

          The college president doesn’t seem to care too much about this. I’m glad he’s leaving. He’s slack on safety and that is dangerous for students. Not every student of color there wants to kill white people, just the crazy ones.


    • She is free to say what she wants, but, it really doesn’t matter. VSU is off any list as a possible college for my family. My sister whose family lives in that state has as well. I believe it is really the only language they understand, money.

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      • ackbarsays says:

        They’re already having trouble finding students, so much so that they’ve announced recently that they now consider students from Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida to be “in-state students” for tuition purposes. I was considering sending my son and stepson there in a couple of years. Now it’s off my list unless they seriously clean up their act.


        • gannasview says:

          Actually every college in the University System of Georgia, USG, is doing waivers for their neighboring states. It is not just at VSU. It’s called a Neighbor Waiver.


    • Armie says:

      They set up a line for people to complain about reality??



    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Ursala – this is a great illustration. The youth are being brainwashed to think a certain way, and not think reasonably.

      I have commented on this phenomenon elsewhere – this is a Marxist strategy to get us to excuse and accept bad stuff, while disparaging good stuff.

      This youtubes can help illustrate this – you can search for Evan Sayet Heritage Foundation


  4. czarowniczy says:

    “…a Black Supremacy movement seeking the elimination of all white influences upon their lives.” Does that include the green money and all of the other free things that flow from the white oppressors? Perhaps they should all get a 1st class ticket on Air Zimbabwe to Mugabeland and see what happens when you forcibly remove all white influences from a diverse society.

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    • Les says:

      That means acting like a freaking animal.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Head for Bimini while you still can.


      • Lucille says:

        Whenever I think of Bimini I think (unfortunately) of that slightly more sophisticated Rev. Wright–Adam Clayton Powell, the late and former Congressman and full-time corrupticrat from Nu Yawk plus sometime preacher at Abyssinian Baptist. And oh how the libs loved him and his phony-baloney lectures on race.


    • Dixie says:

      My thoughts exactly. I wonder if they they choke on the food they purchase with “white” money.


      • angie says:

        No, they don’t choke because we owe them. This attitude crosses racial boundaries. My late uncle by marriage was a miserable s.o.b. who felt the world owed him. He made my sweet aunt’s life and his children’s lives miserable. He died from a gun shot. Some thought he committed suicide but I , along with others in the family, are convinced he went to get that pistol to shoot my aunt, he slipped, and accidentally shot himself.
        Happily, my aunt remarried and spent the last 20 years of her life with a man who cherished her.

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Czar, got my hands on a C-17, with low hours, route and refueling plans lock in, is this with or without chutes?

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  5. ImpeachEmAll says:

    KhalidAbdulMuhammad = Islam slave.

    So sad the dummy is too ignorant

    to realize his Islamic status.

    P.S.- Wonder if name is birth name or
    did he volunteer to become an Islam slave?

    P.P.S.- Strong back and weak mind = good Islam slave.

    P.P.P.S.- Perhaps he will receive bus fare to
    Maryland to build the new Mosque for Turkey.


    • ThankYou,Treepers says:














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  6. Anton says:

    If Obama had a son…wait they are actually his army


  7. Les says:

    If you have a Facebook, share that image far and wide. Make it go viral.

    Group pic from that day:

    Here are the rest of the hashtags: #RighteousPirates #SwahiliSlugs #TheyTookYoShitNowTakeItBack #TheEuropeanHasNoLaw #EmpireRegime #TheKoven #BlackFamInsurrection #SlaughterHouseKovenant #RegainThaThrone #RegimeStyleOverthrow #DeCoonificationProgramming #KovenPropogandaCampaign #BlackTotality #WhiteGenocide #BlackMilitaryTakeover

    Really over these “people.” Ignorant.

    And Egyptians ARE NOT black. And all black people WERE NOT kings and queens in Africa. That doesn’t even make sense PLUS I have seen pics of Africa, not kingly.

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  8. VegasGuy says:

    Obama’s version of MLK’s vision…….

    “I had a dream where little Black childern had Uzi’s and little White childern ran for their lives…I had a dream….Where we all live together in fear …..I had a dream….”

    Needs to “wake up”…..Them dreams are “killing us”



  9. Les says:

    Is there a real way to file a complaint with the DOJ regarding the white genocide terroristic threats? It’s time to hold these people to the same standards as other (white/asian/hispanic) people in this country. If they don’t like the laws, go somewhere else and see how they do. They would starve or be killed and they know it.

    “BlackMilitaryTakeover” my @$$, they can’t even stand in a line or pull their pants up.

    White people need to disenroll their kids until the college cleans up this mess.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      ” ‘BlackMilitaryTakeover’ my @$$, they can’t even stand in a line or pull their pants up.”

      Who is “they?”

      All Black people? The ones at my church each Sunday seem to do just fine in line checking their kids into our preschool ministry. And all the Black men seem ot have their pants on te right way.

      All of the Black people in my workplace, with their various advanced degrees, have their pants up, and seem to be able to wait in the various lines we have here.

      Those that commute with me by bus, carpool, or vanpool have all seemed to have their pants up, and have been able to tolerate the line to get on the bus. Quite cordial, in fact.

      In my opinion, this type of talk transgresses the CTH policy, and will eventually salt the soil of the CTH tree.

      And I will go back in moderation status for pointing this out. Yep, I am the bad guy here.

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      • Sharon says:

        We admins frequently correct/moderate/campaign against and put in moderation those who make the kinds of generalizations you identify described in your comment.

        We can’t get them all. We can’t get them all immediately. We are constantly seeing new commenters who, until they show their colors, we have no way of knowing what they will say or what opportunity they are looking for.

        Why would you go back in moderation status for pointing out the faulty generalizations? Your point is well made.

        It’s impossible to keep up with all the innuendo and crap that people drop into these threads. Unless you really want to be a bad guy, this comment certainly doesn’t qualify you for that status.

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        • Les says:

          “Faulty generalization?” That entire post was about the college and the “protestors.” Maybe they are fine young men and I’m a dirty racist.

          He made a strawman point at my expense. I’m not sure if it was a comprehension issue or intentional, hard to tell from here, but I’ve seen that tactic before.

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          • Hank Rearden says:

            Les is right. LastDemocrat was being righteously obtuse.


          • TheLastDemocrat says:

            Les: you said this:
            ““BlackMilitaryTakeover” my @$$, they can’t even stand in a line or pull their pants up.”

            To appreciate my follow-up, you have to appreciate this:
            1. You do not know these specific individuals, or their specific local group; you have no empirical evidence about their ability to stand in line, or keep their pants up on their hips.

            My response was in the conditional, not the affirmative: “Who is ‘they?’ All Black people?”

            In the final assessment, I believe that an educated,reasonable Conservative would have to conclude that your comment was not about the capacity of these four or five individuals to execute a Black Military take-over of the United States of America; it seems to be about Blacks, generally.

            Suspecting that, I ASKED if that were the case. I did not say; I asked.

            You could have either clarified your point, or you could have diverted the issue by attacking me.

            You chose to attack me, rather than clarify your point.

            –My comments about getting sent into moderation Hell:
            I called out frank racism in comments on CTH a couple months ago, where it was blatant and I copied and pasted CTH rules verbatim, and since that time, all of my comments have been “awaiting moderation” until about a week ago; CTH NEVER sent me a private note about this, and have had no in-comment-stream note about why.

            Hence, my suspicion/accusastion: CTH claims to not tolerate frank racism, but is weak in comment-enforcement of this.


            • Les says:

              Everybody else understood the intent of my post. You are wrong. You can continue telling me what I meant if you want but it speaks to your agenda, not mine.

              I would post what I do and where I work to publicly shame you, but I’m not going to do that. You are taking care of that pretty well yourself.

              Your reading comprehension problem is YOUR problem, not mine. Don’t lecture me about your false construct. And stop trying to drag the mods into it, that’s shady.

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      • Les says:

        The people in the picture that put that hashtag. The group we are discussing. Hence the post.

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      • cohibadad says:

        I took “they” to mean “black supremacists”, the ones trampling the flag and advocating such things as Kendrick Johnson was murdered. I don’t see anything in Les’s post to indicate otherwise.

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      • ImpeachEmAll says:


        Could be these people;

        not your co-workers or co-worshipers.

        “Follow Up: We Expose The VSU “Protest Group” Marching On Flag…”

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      • Les says:

        Um, “this type of talk” was directly related to the topic of the kovenregime. I didn’t appreciate your generalization and attempt to put words in my mouth. I don’t care if you go to moderation status, that’s not my duty. Nowhere did I say “all black people” or “the black people at your church” or “the black people who work with TheLastDemocrat.”

        You assumed wrong.

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      • Jett Black says:

        Who is they? Animals masquerading as people that put ”BlackMilitaryTakeover” or “WhiteMilitaryTakeover” or “BrownMilitaryTakeover” or “RainbowMilitaryTakeover” and similar “hashtag” BS on their messages and generally act like complete fools as the VSU flag desecration thugs did. I’d be willing to bet (though it’d be more of a certainty than a gamble) that none of the nice people you talk about have those kinds of hashtags on any of their messages or would ever think to spout such utter racist BS. Context is everything.

        As I’ve said before and I think overall the tone of comments and postings here shows this is the opinion of the management and vast majority here–there are great people of every color, ethnicity, and gender/sexual orientation. There are also animals masquerading as people of every color, ethnicity, and gender/sexual orientation. It’s about the individual and how they behave, not what colors we are.

        When we all get to the point where we’ll call out someone who looks like us for bad behavior quicker than someone who looks different, we’ll be well on the way to a better world. Defending and being defensive about criticism of bad people who happen to be colored similar to us just perpetuates the problem–it’s racism and one of the factors that causes it, rolled together.

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      • No, not all black people. However, I had 2 things at work which made me pause and reminded me that I should take nothing for granted. I don’t assume I know what anyone is thinking at all times. One, I had to ask my direct reports if they were working on Martin Luther King Jr day. Our company is closed but our dept is open. Any one who works gets free lunch and a floating holiday. One person told me I had no right to ask. It was racist. I told them I was told to ask but thank you for sharing their concern, I’ll let management know. The second, I had a person I have worked with for 25 years tell me I had white privilege growing up. I don’t like to speak about my childhood but I decided to share. I’ll share here too. My Dad was USMC for 10 years, then a CO and a cop. We still were on food stamps for a number of years and money was always tight – I have multiple siblings. I asked if that was white privilege. That quieted that person for a moment but this person said that I got into college and all my jobs because of my skin color. It took me 6 years to get my BS working all kinds of jobs. Both my parents worked by that time and so did I, I didn’t qualify for very much of anything. I told that person they were wrong but I was now uncomfortable with the conversation and walked away. I thought we were friends but I avoid that person now. Both of these people have 1 or more high degrees. One person I know went to an ivy league school on a full scholarship only available to minorities.

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        • stella says:

          This one was in spam. I don’t know why some comments go to spam. Lots of people have been caught from time to time, though.

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        • Hank Rearden says:

          I wouldn’t have bothered explaining anything to either of them. Just take the valuable information you learned about them and use it to govern all future interactions. They don’t need to know anything about you. When a black person brings up race to intimidate you, just roll your eyes and walk away. If whites don’t stop acting like they’re afraid of them, they’ll keep playing the race card. Your response teaches others how to treat you.


      • LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

        There’s nothing wrong with saying “they” . He could have meant Blacks or he could have meant that picture of thugs. It doesn’t matter. He was generally describing a group. In that case one would use “they” .

        Get over your White-guilt.

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    • Eskie Mom says:

      I believe we’ve btdt, Les- with the NBPP menacing voters in Philadelphia. Holder dropped the case. Christian Adams quit his job at the DOJ over it & wrote a book about it.
      I think we might as well wish in one hand & spit in the other. MAYbe things will change after 0bama is out of office. Maybe they won’t. (I doubt it. It’s going to be hard to put this genie back in the bottle short of a military-style crackdown, imho)

      I agree with you, though. Money talks.There again, we may just be pushed (further) out, than we have been already.

      It would be wise- considering what we’ve been experiencing since even before 2009, to take these people (& I’m being generous calling them that) at their word. We are way beyond warned.

      aside to LastDemocrat- Les never said- or implied, “all”. The Black people most of us know in real life would be in as much danger from these thugs as any other White/ Hispanic/ Asian because they “act White”. Look at the man who was attacked for walking the White lady to her car.

      “This group” is specified, repeatedly. “All” Black people is never referenced, stated or implied.

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      • Les says:

        Why is it okay to use the term “white genocide” in this country? It isn’t considered hate speech because all people aren’t protected. It’s time to change that. It’s time for ALL people to be held to the same standard.


    • wondering999 says:

      Yes. Disenroll. And let them know why.


    • rashomon says:

      “White people need to disenroll their kids until the college cleans up this mess.”

      Les, lots of white people need to DISENROLL (how I love that word!) their kids until the college(s) clean up this mess. The “disenrolled” would probably benefit from a JOB where they learn the value of MONEY and the RISK one takes running a business in the world of GOVERNMENT invasion. Meanwhile, maybe the college can divest itself from some of the brainless courses that leave graduates unprepared for working a $15/hour job, not to mention contributing to the growth of our economy.

      Why-oh-why-oh-why-oh, are adults with an iota of brainpower allowing this? Maybe stella’s video on use of marijuana should be reconsidered, now considering some of the decisions that allow such behavior by both parent and child, the community and our illustrious leadership in academia. Deprivation of brain cells?


  10. John Denney says:

    Apparently they don’t find it self evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

    I’m a little fuzzy on the distinctions between “felons”, “traitors”, and “domestic enemies”, and the proper means of dealing with each. Prisons are not the answer.


  11. Les says:

    VSU’s website doesn’t seem to have Board of Trustee information updated. I’m finding email addresses for those who want to contact the college (and not get a snotty reply from a student).


  12. doodahdaze says:

    Crazy people are in charge. Total lunatics.

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  13. czarowniczy says:

    BTW, is it agreed that it’s not fair to use the kiddie posts above in the ‘MARIJUANA! Is It Actually Good For You?’ thread?


  14. Jeffrey says:

    I would be proud to find myself on the opposite side of a battlefield with these ingrates. I wish they would just kick it off already…

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  15. Jim says:

    Minor point of correction. She was in the Air Force, not Navy.

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  16. Ursula says:

    Thanks Les.


  17. bofh says:

    So why have my two posts disappeared without any message or indication? And the earlier thread scrubbed of my initial post although it displayed the first day? WTF?

    I tried to post an interesting link to what appears to be “the leader” based on the photograph.
    One last try, munged a bit in case there’s some filter that’s tripping on the link:

    Look at

    The guy’s name appears to be Eric Sheppard, Jr.

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  18. BobNoxious says:

    A group stomping on the American flag in public in an act of protest (by any standard a provocative, attention getting/seeking act) suddenly does not want to speak about whatever it is that they were protesting about?

    Makes one wonder of these idiots even know that “protesting” is supposed to have a purpose.


    • georgiafl says:

      I think they were RECRUITING as much as protesting, but they were mainly ‘showing their hineys’ as my Mama used to say.

      No respect for any form of hatred for the United States of America – or disrespect for our flag – despite the corruption in DC and this administration in particular.


      • georgiafl says:

        I would feel the same way about any supremacist, hate group and any such disrespect for the flag if they were red, white, black, brown or yellow skinned.

        I have decided to be color blind and expect the same behavior standards of any group, race, creed, etc.


  19. #####.

    edited by admin.

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  20. mcguffin says:

    Did they really use the C word, P words and H word? I’m so offended! Time to call in the White Grievance groups to protest and demand action!!! *

    White ppl are smart enough to not give a rats azz what you call them. I believe thay stems from a strong self confidence and maturity. Which these in your face groups lack.

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  21. JohnP says:

    UPDATE –

    From the universities Facebook page.

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  22. All RHODES SCHOLARS, no doubt.


  23. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    If not for Michelle Manhart, this racist thug’s backpack probably would have never been searched. I think the president should now apologize to Michelle Manhart and reinstate her rights to attend campus functions.

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  24. mekongdelta69 says:

    All RHODES SCHOLARS, no doubt…

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  25. JohnP says:

    Future community activists

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  26. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Also I am not surprised Kendrick Johnson agitators were the ones doing the protest. And on the Kendrick Johnson front his sister was shot, in her car, in her back, by a passenger in her car a few days ago at 2am in the morning. They are saying it is accidental. If so it makes you wonder why they had a handgun out at 2am in the morning outside a convenience store.

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  27. aprilyn43 says:

    It’s odd the college administration had “No” knowledge of this group. I thought campuses were safe, guess that’s a joke.
    The administrations silence shouts volumns about who they approve to be on campus.


  28. Daniel says:

    The stupid just never ends. And I thought this story would be boring.


  29. doodahdaze says:

    Just another pampered group of communist revolutionary’s.


  30. BobNoxious says:

    the hyperlink associated w/ “we brought to light” in the first paragraph of this article is dead and sends me to a “page not found” message. Just FYI.


  31. georgiafl says:

    Thank you, Sundance for your research and putting light on this affair.
    Valdosta was my hometown for many years and VSU two generations of our family’s alma mater along with UGA.


    • rashomon says:

      Best azalea town in the South!


    • Les says:

      Eric Sheppard attended McEachern High School, he’s one of GA’s own. I always think these folks are imported from some liberal outpost like Chicago, but I guess not.

      They call him “EJ Sheppard” if anyone is looking for his social media. Get it all before they scrub it.

      From the few pages I viewed, not everybody supports his crazy militant stand, there are a few standing. Not a lot, but a few. Maybe there is hope.


  32. georgiafl says:

    It’s time for Valdosta State to require permits for any demonstration or exhibit on campus.


    • georgiafl says:

      Hopefully, VSU will revise its code of conduct to prohibit disrespect for the US Flag and any hate/supremacist/violence promoting groups such as these people on campus.


  33. doodahdaze says:

    They trespassed one who had every right to be there. But not those who could be trespassed. This should be fought in court.


  34. Pingback: Lost in the Michelle Manhart Story Was The Identity of the Flag Desecrators |

  35. I Knew it! That marxist BLT(black liberation theology) aka: step and fetch negros for the marxists like bill ayers to push their agenda! Notice the beard with no mustache just like a radical muslim! Sure wish these misguided souls would listen to ex-panther eldridge cleaver interview with charlie rose. Would save themselves a lot of headache! He became a republican towards the end of his life! Here is a example of him talking about the black bourgeoisie IE:obama’s ” That is why the number one task that we have in the black community is a coup d’état against our present leadership to strip them from that machinery that controls the community so that new ideas and new people can percolate up and then we can have a new agenda. But because of the way that it’s controlled right now, the number one task of the black politician who’s got these position should be to politically educate the black community but they didn’t do that because they knew that if the black community was politically educated the first thing they would do would be to get rid of them.

    So consequently the black community is devoid of any kind of democratic process. We’re under the dictatorship of the black bourgeoisie as it has never been before. And so they have federal money now to fund their political machine and keep any new people from moving, any new ideas from moving, and they’re not any more concerned with the poorer black people than the rich white politicians are concerned with poor white people.”


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  37. Nisa says:

    how is he armed and dangerous if VSU PD has a hold on his REGISTERED gun?


  38. Hank Rearden says:

    What is this “trespassing” process by which Michelle Manhart is supposedly “banned” from the campus? It’s a state university, not private property, right? I can’t see how anyone can be banned from state property without due process of law, requiring at minimum a hearing. Who has the power to simply declare her banned???


  39. Berger says:

    Wow that’s ridiculous. And Obama wants to end open carry and concealed carry of firearms. You may end up having to defend yourself from people like this in the near future.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Police officers had confronted Sheppard and his friend earlier today (see video) and questioned him about his threats on the steps of the library. He denied the threats and that he had a weapon. They found the backpack later.


    • Les says:

      What about the other people with him? They have weapons. Are they on campus?

      Now we know why thugs don’t use their real names. And I mean all thugs this time, every single one in every single state in the Union.


      • Les says:

        Look at him laughing in that officer’s face. He knew he had a backpack with a pistol at that moment. He lied like it was nothing.

        Did you see the #EJisInnocent hashtag?

        What is that old expression? Don’t p*ss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

        Liked by 1 person

  41. Indiemex says:

    Forget the Rhodes Scholar jokes, this guy doesn’t even register bare bones minimum intellect. What kind of an idiot leaves his back pack and his gun lying around at his own protest?


    • Les says:

      I’m thinking he left it this morning when students called police because he threatened to shoot people. In the video above (watch it if you haven’t yet) he isn’t holding the backpack. They most likely found it by the library after he talked to the police.

      He lied without blinking.


  42. sundance says:

    If my memory serves me correctly when Georgia began the State Lottery they keenly wrote the legislative authorization to put the proceeds into the state educational system and mandated that current education expenditures must be maintained. Actually, the smartest education lotto benefit in the nation.

    As a result every single graduating senior gets a full scholarship to any in state four year college.

    On the competition end of the construct there’s a highly competitive High School Junior/Senior Summer program for a VSU Governors Honor Program.

    The actions of VSU are not just concerns for Valdosta State University students and parents. You can bet there’s a considerable amount of heat from the outside too. Politically and from the citizenry waking up to the failures of VSU administration.


    • mscynlynn says:

      The HOPE Scholarship has a 3.5 GPA requirement in core classes for graduating seniors. A student must maintain a high GPA in college to keep it.


      • Les says:

        The HOPE Scholarship program was in danger of going broke because high schools have been inflating grades for certain students. Those students then used HOPE funds to go to college/university and never finish because of the inflated grades. The GPA requirement is still 3.0 I think, but they added a requirement that you must maintain a 3.0 in college or lose the funding.

        I’m glad to see they made it possible for home-schooled students to receive HOPE. That was needed.


        • Mscynlynn says:

          Yeah, 3.0. My kiddo had the GPA when he graduated high school to receive it but decided to go to a school in MO on a golf scholarship. He transferred before his junior year to Armstrong but he didn’t qualify for the HOPE. I wasn’t sure of the reason since his grades were qualifying but there are other qualifying factors too.


  43. rashomon says:

    SInce the president of Valdosta is leaving, I am considering the value of notifying the University System of Ga, of which Valdosta is a member. Non-threatening, but asking them to get in front of potential problems.

    In other words, get ahead of the situation. Ideas?


  44. lilbirdee'12 says:

    If memory serves me right (I’ll try to check on this)… EX-Senator Cecil Staton (Rino) will be the new Vice Chancellor at VSU. He is anti-gun. He played a big part in college students not being allowed to carry when bill was introduced in Georgia. He had several embarrassing incidents while representing the state.

    ADD: Oh, and talk on the fb is that Flag Day is Thursday. The bikers are planning to show up on Friday, which is the original day that had been planned for counter-protests.


  45. Dastardly Dan says:

    President of vsu email ! flood his email with this info.


  46. David kominski says:

    Community leader, community organizer, community activist, all equal Trouble Maker.


  47. Pingback: Valdosta State University Protester: “I Am A Terrorist Toward White People” – Downtrend

  48. Wes says:

    If there was a gun in his bag why would it take 24 hours to find it don’t you think they searched the bag before leaving? If not what was the purpose in confiscating the bag to begin with


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