Rand Paul and Marco Rubio Question John Kerry….

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35 Responses to Rand Paul and Marco Rubio Question John Kerry….

  1. canadacan says:

    Rand Paul has 1 of the clearest w minds I have seen in a very very long time It is a joy to watch him at work. Rubio has a breath of understanding thatblows me away who’s got a brilliant Understanding of foreign policy for a man so young.
    Kerry Is the perfect foil for Obama,an obfuscating bullshitter who would trampel on the Constitution in a heartbeat. you could see the a frustration on Paul rands face when he called him on it. he was clearly disgusted.Rand mindset is so independent it’s hard for him to be a member the Republican Party, it shows in face with his body language very interesting. both Rubio and Rand no know that duh carrie is going to Sally’s country out and work and then go out for the outside the terrorists


  2. ctdar says:

    John Kerry’s voice and face is enough to make anyone think about smashing their head into the wall 😦


  3. triage says:

    “Can I get a hunting license here?” Remember he wanted to go goose hunting to show how he loved guns and hunters during the election. Does anyone buy this B.S.?

    I suppose they won’t ask him about how he met with Viet Cong representative and the North Vietnam government (while the war was still going on) at the Paris talks and planned anti war strategy with them. To much to ask for… after all it only fits the definition of treason. After all this time what does it matter.


  4. 22tula says:

    It’s not personal Randy, Johnny & Rubio. It’s strictly the US Constitution.

    “The constitution really doesn’t give this kind of latitude, to sometimes go to war and sometimes not go to war. I though Barack Obama was very explicit, and it’s what I like about him, frankly. People think, oh you know, Rand Paul certainly didn’t like anything about Barack Obama. I did like his forthrightness when he ran for office and said ‘no president should unilaterally go to war; the constitution doesn’t allow it.’ ” – Rand Paul

    “Well I respect that, look you can be absolutist and apply it to every circumstance. The problem is, it just doesn’t work in some instances, when ten thousand people are about to be wiped out by a brutal dictator… ” John Kerry

    What else doesn’t the constitution allow Senator Rand Paul?

    Don’t worry Senator Kerry, there are no “Absolutist” amongst you that I can see, when it comes to the US. Constitution. And that’s the problem.

    The Constitution of the United States of America is the Supreme Law of The Land. Our civil servants/elected and appointed representatives, took an oath to uphold, preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution. They have failed to uphold their oath of office. That is why we have Barack Obama and Benghazi.

    “… goes together like a horse and carriage…”
    The Declaration of Independence & the U.S. Constitution is a package deal. You can’t pick and choose which rights you will defend ex. 2nd Amendment. You can’t have it both ways. It’s all or nothing. Take the whole package or be prepared to suffer the consequences.

    Constitutional License – License to Represent
    All elected and appointed representatives, in all branches of government, should be required to have a “Constitutional License.” We have licenses to practice medicine, to teach, to drive etc. Why don’t we have a Constitutional License? Our civil servants/elected and appointed representatives do take an oath to uphold, preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution. Don’t they? Well you have to know what is in “It,” in ordered to preserve, protect and defend “It.”

    Can you imagine if Coca Cola hired people who did not know the Coca Cola formula. Pot luck, drink at your own risk cola. Well that is what we have here. A pot luck schizophrenic governing body. There is no consistency. This is not good for our Constitutional Republic and for the nations around the world, who have to relate with US.

    Consistency is Honesty. Our civil servants/elected and appointed representatives must know and understand the U.S. Constitution, in order to effectively uphold their oath of office, which is to: uphold, preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution. A “Constitutional License,” will ensure this and create more stability at home and abroad because now we will have consistency. A Constitutional License should be required by all civil servants/elective & appointed representatives, no later than the year 2015. No grandfather/dinosaur clause allowed. Now that’s “Forward” thinking.

    “Rubio Must Disqualify Himself From High Office”
    By JB Williams – January 20, 2013

    JB Williams

    “Marco Rubio and the Anti-constitutionalism and Intellectual & Moral Bankruptcy of Our Time.”
    By Publius Huldah – January 10, 2012; revised Jan. 12, 2012


  5. czarowniczy says:

    I like Rand but Rubio troubles me. Rubio getting into bed with Obama on the reintroduction of the old ‘let ’em all come here’ immigration bill and his lack of fire and smoke regarding Obama’s dictates that have virtually eliminated deportation of illegals doesn’t sit right. One could argue he’s doing this for the Cubans who’d want to immigrate here but the Latin American influx would be, as it has been, far greater that the Cuban one. My Cuban friends in Miami are not too happy with his immigration stand and come reelection time it just might bite him en el culo.


    • Josh says:

      Totally agree.


      • canadacan says:

        This is probably the only non conservative bone in my body but my views on immigration have changed over the last 5 or 6 years for a few dozen reasons. I don’t want to lose sight of our main focus here so I’m not gonna get into an argument with anybody about this. I don’t think Rubio got into bed with Obama . I believe his views on immigration were a

        part of his own personal makeup as a Hispanic not just a Cuban. right or wrong the jury is still out for me on that part of. Rubio’s political makeup

        I think is mine was already there


  6. Josh says:

    (Because Mr. Paul brought him up)
    Shakil Afridi is the name of the medical doctor who helped locate Osama bin Laden’s compound

    Jailed doctor who helped nab Osama bin Laden says Pakistan sees U.S. as ‘worst enemy’

    “Medical doctor Shakil Afridi also says … that Pakistan’s claims of cooperation with the U.S. are a sham to collect billions of dollars in aid.”

    “I tried to argue that America was Pakistan’s biggest supporter—billions and billions of dollars in aid, social and military assistance—but all they said was, ‘These are our worst enemies. You helped our enemies,'” Afridi told Fox News in an interview from inside Peshawar Central Jail, where he is being held.”

    “Pakistan views Afridi as a traitor for cooperating with the U.S. He supposedly led a fake vaccination drive to get DNA samples from children in the compound in Abbottabad where the al-Qaida leader was hiding. The CIA reportedly used the genetic information and compared it with other bin Laden family members to confirm Osama was inside.”

    “He told Fox News that he is being held on “fabricated allegations” and needs financial, diplomatic and legal help for his case.”


  7. Tuduri says:

    Imagine John F’n Kerry negotiating with the equivalent of a Ghengis Khan. God help us. He maligned our troops in Vietnam as a civilian. He maligned our troops in Iraq as a Senator and he will undoubtedly will malign them as Secretary of State. Obama’s nomination of Kerry is an ‘in your face’ insult to anyone that has served in the military. He should be thrown into the Potomac along with his self inflicted medals.


  8. Bongo says:

    I wonder who the hell John Kerry thinks the Egyptians intend to use those 200 M1/A1 Abrams battle tanks against. The only country within range that has any record of animosity toward Egypt happens to be Israel. And the 16 F-16’s going to Egypt will undoubtedly be used against Israel as well.

    Obama claims to be a friend to Israel, yet he arms their sworn enemy. Utter insanity.


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