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Greta Van Susteren Interviews President Trump…

A lengthy interview (recently released) between Greta Van Susteren and President Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Argentina.  The topics include: the USMCA trade agreement; the conflict between Russia and Ukraine; overall global trade; issues within the global climate … Continue reading

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Russia Opens Fire and Seizes Three Ukrainian Vessels…

The Ukraine/Crimea/Russia crisis flares up again today as Russia blockaded the Sea of Azov then fired upon three Ukrainian naval ships who attempted passage Sunday.  After wounding several sailors, the Russians then seized the three boats; igniting another crisis between … Continue reading

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Sunday Talks: John Bolton -vs- Margaret Brennan (N.Korea, Russia, Iran)…

White House national security adviser John Bolton appears on Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan to discuss North Korea and Russia.  Within the interview Bolton says the U.S. could dismantle North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs within a year … Continue reading

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Apoplectic Trade Reactions From German Auto-Sector…

Within the German economy the auto-sector holds the largest political influence.  Because of this dynamic all German politicians kneel at the knee of the big industrial auto manufacturers.  It has been said that losing support from within the auto-sector is … Continue reading

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National Security Advisor John Bolton Press Conference in Russia…

Earlier today President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton met with Russian officials including President Vladimir Putin. At the conclusion of their discussions Mr. Bolton held a brief press conference to answer questions. We anticipate that tomorrow a joint U.S-Russia … Continue reading

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Slick Move By Cronies – Mueller Unseals Virginia District Indictment Forcing Manafort To Defend Two Fronts…

Nothing about this has any relationship to President Trump; however, the DOJ cronies under Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Greg Andres and Andrew Weissmann, made a slick move today by unsealing indictments in Virginia against Paul Manafort opening up two legal fronts … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson Expands on Podesta Source Story – Shares Podesta Group Threats Against Him….

Against the backdrop of the Paul Manafort indictment, Fox News host Tucker Carlson expanded on his exclusive source insight (from a former employee) into the Podesta Group and the lobbying activity on behalf of Russian interests. Additionally, Mr. Carlson shares … Continue reading

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