Hunter Biden Business Associate, Lt Tony Bobulinski, Confirms Foreign Business Payoffs – Trump Invites Bobulinski to Debate…

In a major development in the ongoing exposé of Vice President Joe Biden using his office to gain financial wealth, a business associate of Hunter Biden, Lt. Tony Bobulinski, has confirmed how the bribery and payment system worked.

Hunter Biden was essentially the bagman for the Biden family; and various foreign business interests paid money into Hunter’s accounts as a pass-through to pay-off Joe Biden for his influence on policy that supported their financial interests.  Joe Biden is fully exposed within the sworn statement by Tony Bobulinski.  It is a stunning development:


President Trump is expected to bring former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski as his guest to the final presidential debate Thursday night, Fox News has learned.

WASHINGTON – […]  “I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line,” Bobulinski said.

“The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist-controlled China,” he added.

Bobulinksi also said that he believes that the Chinese involvement in the deal was “political or influence investment” on their part, and that “Hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese.”

The Biden campaign declined to comment. (read more)

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293 Responses to Hunter Biden Business Associate, Lt Tony Bobulinski, Confirms Foreign Business Payoffs – Trump Invites Bobulinski to Debate…

  1. SanJac says:

    When the lefty moderator preforms her wicked gotcha racial moment the President needs to bring up dementia joe and his life long connections to Robert Byrd.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Nobody knows how to get good viewer ratings better than Trump. First he skewers 60 Minutes and then he skewers Biden. The media can no longer claim the laptop as unverified.

      Should be a ratings blowout.

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      • FPCHmom says:

        PDJT can verify it in real time by introducing his stellar guest, the recipient of said emails, who just turned them over to the senate and the FBI.

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      • Harvey Lipschitz says:

        This is a third channel of evidence. Ouch.

        Biden seated on the Bidet today drenched in flop sweat memorizing his lines for tonight.


        • bertdilbert says:

          When Trump called Biden out for spying on his campaign, he held his head in shame. There was nowhere to hide. The body language told the story. Biden should have interesting body language tonight.

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          • Linus in W.PA. says:

            The guy may stroke out with all the chemicals they’re going to juice him up with.

            That vile hag, Leslie Stahl, made it sound like Biden’s hiding out for 5 days for ‘debate prep’ was a noble reason for being off the campaign trail!!!


    • Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

      Better than that President Trump can remind every one that when George Wallace Stood in the doors of a school and said Not in my state. Joe Biden stood in the door of every white school in Delaware and said not in my state “No Racial Jungles” not in my state. Just like Wallace

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  2. The Gipper Lives says:

    MNN BREAKING NEWS…Truck Filled With Hammers Collides With Van Containing Bleach Bit Software in FBI Parking Lot…Govt. Vehicle Containing Biden/Bobulinski Laptops Hardest Hit…Details Not Forthcoming…

    Manufactured News Network: “We Violate the Logan Act Before Breakfast!”

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  3. lolli says:

    Oh my gosh, this will be the most watched debate evah!

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  4. G. Alistar says:

    Having a hard time today deciding which is a bigger scandal. This Joe Biden story and taking kickbacks from Hunters business deals or….the coup against the POTUS and all that goes with it, i.e., FISA abuse, Comey, Strozk, McCabe, Weismann and Mueller, Ukraine impeachment, FBI hiding exculpatory evidence, Obama Administration spying Trump, HRC 33K emails, corruption beyond imagination???

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  5. Hans says:

    Wow just WOW…
    The CEO of a Biden Business… I just wonder how the Democrats and MSM will try to spin this..

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  6. 94corvette says:

    We covered all six of the debate topics in the previous debate. We need answers from Biden, we deserve answers and if he’s not forthcoming, people should take note. Biden owes an explanation to his supporters (as though he really respected them), but you know that is not happening. He is so despicable.

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  7. septro says:

    Trump is basically telling Biden “F@#$ around and Find out!”

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    • More Bore says:

      yup – and just beat this hrose to a bloody pulp for the LIV’s. its all you need to do. The “moderator” “questions” are completely irrelevant.

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  8. fanbeav says:

    I can’t wait to see Biden’s face when President Trump introduces Bobulinski in the audience and then proceeds to state all of the evidence found to date about Joe Biden’s corruption.

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  9. Paul says:

    Well imagine that. More heads will roll. MAGA

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  10. Ernesto Ledesma says:

    What have to call them all what they really, the Biden’s, the media, each and every one of them is a Piece of $hit

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  11. rufnekreject says:

    Dems are already framing this as, ‘Do you really want to pile on poor Hunter? He has a drug addiction.’

    2 Questions to counter their narrative: (A) If he’s so debilitated by his addiction, who was making the deals? Even sober, he has no experience or education for these type of deals.

    (B) If poor Hunter was spiraling, it seems like the most responsible thing Joe could have done was get him into rehab doesn’t it? Instead, he takes a cut of the business.

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  12. rhinobuster says:

    Kaboom 2020!


  13. rhinobuster says:

    Kaboom 2020!

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  14. ILOT says:

    When you willingly play second fiddle to Obama (after two losing attempts) you are “owed”. These kickbacks are joes payments for playing the role and those that allowed him to do so are of equal guilt.

    Biden campaign still does not refute

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    • theoldgoat says:

      He just scolds reporters who dare ask him about this smear job being done on him and his family. They count on Schiff and the rest of Propagandists to spread the lie it is Russian disinformation.

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  15. Ed says:

    DJT aggressively putting a nail in the Biden coffin.
    D’s might try to cancel the election now


  16. MrACC says:

    It’s GO TIME!

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  17. VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

    From previous post

    I need to update what I said yesterday…

    Hillary emails leaked, Weiner laptop leaked, FBI has press conference and… Harvey Weinstein Oct, 2017 story breaks of sex abuse.

    Biden’s emails leaked, Toobin jerks off on Zoom, FBI has press conference and… Ghislaine Maxwell depositions come out.

    Seem strange anyone?

    See above.
    Just glad my last name does not end in “ton” or “en”. Clinton/Biden
    Toobin took out his Weiner on Zoom,
    FBI still involved
    Also glad my last name does not end in “stein” or “stein”. Harvey/Jeffrey

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  18. Zydeco says:

    Why are your memories so short ? Kristin Wanker is going to mute if anything about the Bidens is said.

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    • Billygoat65 says:

      If you think a mute button is going to keep the President from being heard you haven’t been paying attention these last four years. Anything the moderator mutes will get many times the exposure. The Streisand Effect will make it so.

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    • Zoe says:

      President Trump should bring his own mic. It would be hilarious.

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    • FPCHmom says:

      For each question, the candidates get uninterrupted 2 minutes to answer. That is when opponent’s mic is off. After that, it’s supposed to be a back-and-forth.

      PDJT should use his 2 minutes wisely by giving very short answer to question, and then using the rest of his time to inform about Biden’s corruption.

      Any interruption by Welker should be met with “I am re-claiming my time.”

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  19. elgato2020 says:

    I believe our VSGPDJT is about to turn this up to eleven.

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  20. MicD says:

    “Won’t be long now”, the monkey said as he backed into the fan.

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  21. Abster says:

    It’s good to know there is someone within this circle who wants to do the right thing. Hopefully, others will step forward. The Bidens are another powerful family who got wealthy at our expense.
    I hope they all pay the price for their lies, deceit, greed and the hell they have put our President and country through.

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    • puca58 says:

      John Heinz was a good man. Can’t help but feel he would be very disappointed in his son Chris for 1) becoming involved with these people, 2) that Chris has not come forward to shine a light on the corruption.

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  22. VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

    President Trump can hold up huge posters like the Democrats did today on Amy Coney Barrett regarding leaked emails.

    Mute that bitches.

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  23. TwoLaine says:

    Ric Grenell just used the 17 intelligence agencies line against Joe about China Virus coming from China. BRAVO Ric!

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  24. OffCourseNation says:

    Joe Biden may not do very many things well, but he certainly excels at being a bribe taking sell his country out criminal.

    BTW, what is Lt. Tony Bobulinski a Lt. of?

    If he left the Navy after four years, why would he be called a Lt. anymore ?


  25. Eric says:

    Senator, “Lieutenant” Bobulinksi, please.

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  26. jeans2nd says:

    Bobolinsky is also speaking with Rep Devin Nunes’ people, according to Rep Nunes just now on Liz Mac’s show.
    Rep Nunes is also working with the laptop repair guy.

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  27. gingergal says:

    Not to beat a dead horse here, but this would be a good time for our AG Barr to shine. He could come out and announce to the public about the potential for blackmail re: Biden being compromised by foreign nationals so voters can make an informed decision. He doesn’t have to be a meanie and put corrupt criminals in jail, but he could come out and do that before the debate tonight.

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  28. fanbeav says:

    If only we had a DOJ and FBI to investigate this corruption.

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  29. Vince says:

    President Trump needs to bring him on stage kind of like this…

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    • furtive says:

      1977: No “social distancing” and no masks in Manhattan…
      Those were the days!

      Andy Gibb (dead) had the #1 song
      Abe Beame was Mayor of NYC

      Donald Trump married Ivana from Czechoslovakia


  30. Aussie says:

    I truely hope that people see Joe Biden for the crook that he is and that he has been available to interests completely against those of this country for CA$H.


  31. Bull Durham says:

    What are the over/unders on how many times they mute DJT?

    The angry bitch reporter chosen for tonight’s farce should have been rejected when all of the clown were announced. In fact, based on the three chosen, DJT should have rejected all the debates. Then, Joe would have had to come out of the basement much earlier to get some large scale media.

    This is the last election in our present history. If DJT does not win and the Repubs don’t hold the Senate, this nation will be transformed like LA, SF, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Baltimore, New York and DC. And there will be no possible future retake of power in Washington.

    The Constitution will be shredded and the Bill of Rights will be gone.

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  32. rpcoastie says:

    Okay, but does President Trump disavow David Duke? LOL


    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      I think I have a great answer for the “disavow white supremacy” question (which I came up with from watching POTUSDJT). “You know that’s a very ignorant question and you are very unprofessional and unprepared. You are wasting everyone’s time by asking a question that I’ve answered 47 times and you would know that if you knew how to do research.”

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  33. sundance says:

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  34. Dee Paul Deje says:

    One of the goals is probably make Biden snap and have a temper tantrum like he has done so many times when the media actually ask him a question that isn’t about the flavor of ice cream he’s eating. VSG having Bobulinski staring down Biden should help nicely.


  35. msidaho says:

    said it earlier on another thread
    If they mute POTUS’s mike
    Wouldn’t it be fun to watch our LION walk over to the moderator, take HER mike and finish his statement?

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  36. Beigun says:

    Hey Chris Wray…those Russian Bots can Jam!!!

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    • hoghead2 says:

      Look at those commies, there isn’t the hint of a smile amongst them.

      That’s how to tell the difference between commies and socialists…a communist sneers at you as he crushes your skull with his rifle butt; the socialist displays an almost sympathetic “sorry about this…” as HE crushes your skull with his rifle butt.


  37. Pedro says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Trump invited Bobulinski to come up on stage and explain what he knows to the American people.

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  38. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    “The facts set forth below are true and accurate…

    I intend to produce those items to *both* Committees…

    The Johnson report connected some dots in a way that shocked me…

    …I just saw behind the Biden curtain…”

    This is gonna leave a mark.

    Thank you, Sir. Stay safe and GodSpeed.

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  39. OffCourseNation says:

    If Christians should vote their duty to God at the polls, they would carry every election, and do it with ease. They would elect every clean candidate in the United States, and defeat every soiled one. Their prodigious power would be quickly realized and recognized, and afterward there would be no unclean candidates upon any ticket, and graft would cease.
    – Mark Twain

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  40. dwpender says:

    The foreigners contributing to the Biden family in 2017 and later were “investing” in a potential future President of the United States (at least as they saw it). Think all the similar contributions through the years to the Clinton Foundation, which dried up after 2016.

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  41. “It’s the most degrading thing in the world to go out with your hat in your hand and beg for money, but that’s what you have to do if you haven’t got your own resources. I’m worth a lot more than my salary of $42,500 a year.” — Then-first term Senator Joe Biden (D-DL) in Kitty Kelley’s profile for “Washingtonian” (6/1/74)

    “I want to find a woman to adore me again,” Biden says.

    Biden’s friends say he is looking for more than a wife and mother, writes Kelley. “He also needs to find a First Lady,” says one, “a woman who enjoys politics and will help him get to the White House.”

    “Whether you like it or not, young lady,” (Biden) says, leaning over his desk to shake a finger at me, “us cruddy politicians can take away that First Amendment of yours if we want to.”

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  42. Bogeyfree says:

    I’m betting the FIB raids Tony’s place within 24 hours.

    It seems to be their pattern.

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  43. Sonia says:

    Current Daily Mail Online Banner Headline – the pressure on Joe grows…..

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  44. TwoLaine says:

    Today is like chocolate cake day with Chairman Xi. 🙂

    First we have the Stahl Smackdown and now special Presidential guests at the debate. Wowee!

    I’m ready for a 2nd GOP Virtual Convention. I loved the 1st one so much, I could go for a whole new round, and now maybe others are also paying attention.

    I’d like to see something with all of the GOP in the House and all of the GOP in the Senate. Get their stars on stage to talk about why we must go for the whole enchilada, take the House back and keep the Senate, and what we can expect of THEM Over the next 4 years if we give it to them. Get THEM ion the record AS A TEAM.

    We need a new way of doing things more seriously and more expeditiously, that also put them all on notice each and every election cycle.

    We should dispense with debates after 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020. Tonight will be just another BLANK show. We need to end the abuse NOW.

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    • hoghead2 says:

      My fix for debates…the Republican candidate’s crew selects someone of their liking to ask the communist questions. The communist candidate’s politbureau selects their choice to ask the R questions. (which is what they’re doing now).

      That’d make more sense than this crap.

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  45. WhiteBoard says:

    TREASON. ( you dont have to read all this- bottom line FRAME to make or search for an EQUIVALENT crime POTUS may have done SIMILAR to Biden, H, Obama.


    Hunter caught crimes fof Pay for Play
    –Frame DJT Jr. in Trump Tower ( did not know who would be there – Russian allie of former Russian Ambassador for the US there – IRONY) to say its EQUIVALENT

    2) – this was controllable under the russian narrative (DOJ/FBI would collect and hide – anything pops up outside its RUSSIAN)

    Joe/Hillary/Obama (yes his private server email address was on H’s server) Emails of Crimes caught
    — Frame DJT and as POTUS by STEALING presidential Transition emails ( you remember this) and also all emails prior to winning TO SEARCH for a crime to say its EQUIVALENT

    H, biden, Obama – Colluding with Many countries (only 1 country would stab them quickly – Russia) – Frame POTUS as colluding with Russia to make it EQUIVALENT.

    You committed Treason. You were not authorized to pay IRAN in any form. You were not authorized in ANY FORM to surveill or undermind the President after inaugueration.

    rush got mad POTUS said spying on the campaign, and not trying to remove him.
    POTUS is leaving that as the Massive Object in the Room – waiting for it to be brought up. the President is going after Treason period- because it is the only topic he avoids personally speaking of the details of the ILLEGAL PARTS (afterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jan 20 2017)

    (watch him – all talk of Campaign – all about the non illegal parts – because Obama as president most likely can make anything legal)

    (show me a time POTUS talking of CRIMES AFTER jan 20 – and dirtied up the case)


  46. JAS says:

    I just did an internet search on “secret bank account in China”, exactly as written here. Try it. The first 3 pages, ~75 results were about Trumps “secret” and sometimes “private”, bank account in China.

    This is how they want to erase the Hunter/Joe scandal. As in “Trump did it too”. Like that makes theirs right. Well not so fast! It’s all misinformation, as usual. This is how they roll and their followers are so stupid they don’t even read the content, just the headline. All lies. So:

    1) Where did the information come from? Easy, Trumps illegally obtained tax returns.
    2) So, the account was reported to the IRS. Talk about “secret”! Right.
    3) And in terms of a “private account”, another lie. It was a corporate account.
    4) Hey Joe, how about your tax returns? We don’t steal and leak stuff like you guys do. So how about providing yours??

    I am praying to God that Biden brings this up tonight. He will get slammed, Trump style, so bad he will forget his script. Looking forward to that.

    Need I say more?

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      We see their Gameplan – Same exact play over and over – make an “EQUIVALENT” via story, lie, or edited narrative and INJECT it into the TRUSTING petted population.

      We are not exactly smarter then the democrats. We just were OFFENDED FIRST by the media and it ASSISTED US with seeing them for who they are.

      the only way to “keel’ the messenger is to tell the audience the messengers said they look fat etc… (you get the point).


    • Niagara Frontier says:

      That is so easy to deal with; “Joe, unlike you I’ve had a real job for the last four decades, while you collected a government paycheck and never created a single job in your life except make-believe jobs for your family. Businesses and corporations that operate overseas are often required by the host government to hold a bank account in the host country. It’s how we pay our bills and overseas employees. If you had any business sense, you would know that.”

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    • JAS says:

      From Reddit (disclaimer: Not verified)

      “The Chinese account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management L.L.C., which the tax records show paid $188,561 in taxes in China while pursuing licensing deals there from 2013 to 2015.”


    • eweturn8 says:

      “ As in “Trump did it too”. ”
      Just heard Mayor Pete say this


  47. anthohmy says:

    Cold Anger


  48. nwtex says:

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  49. Cam Heck says:

    Bobulinski will be giving a tv address before the debate. Awaiting the 2 minute warning for that.


  50. OffCourseNation says:

    If Joe Biden had any honor at all, he would place the responsibility for all the Biden’s solicitation and acceptance of bribery where it of right belongs: upon himself, not his son. He would step up and say “It is not Hunter’s fault. I made him do it”.

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