Stunning MAGAnomic Comeback – September Retail Sales Jump 1.9 Percent, and 5.4 Percent Year Over Year…

The September retail sales show it’s a super-V recovery folks.  According to Census Retail data released today [LINK HERE] – [PDF HERE] September retail sales jumped 1.9 percent, that result is triple what forecasters and economists had projected.  However, the data is even better.  Need more winnamins !

A September 2020 comparison to September 2019 shows last month’s retail sales jumped a whopping 5.4 percent year-over-year.  That means last month saw consumer spending 5.4% higher than consumer spending before COVID-19 hit the U.S. economy. Keep in mind two-thirds of U.S. GDP is driven by retail sales and consumer spending.

Reuters is absolutely apoplectic with disappointment because their forecasters were only looking for 0.7 percent growth, and the 1.9 percent result is almost triple their expectations.  Despite missing the forecast, Reuters doubles-down on a “dark cloud” narrative and sells a doomsayer message because the globalists/multinationals are sad.

(Reuters) […] Retail sales jumped 1.9% last month as consumers bought motor vehicles and clothing, dined out and splashed out on hobbies. That followed an unrevised 0.6% increase in August.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast retail sales would rise 0.7% in September.

[…] Retail sales have bounced back above their February level, with the pandemic boosting demand for goods that complement life at home, including furniture and electronics. An aversion to public transportation has boosted motor vehicle purchases. Retail sales rose 5.4% on a year-on-year basis in September. (link)

Go read the Reuters analysis and you’ll see they are doomsaying, under the auspices that more stimulus spending is needed or the economy will collapse.  Nonsense. The data is the data… and the data tells a stunningly good story that totally aligns with what I have witnessed in all of my recent travels.

Yes, some more very narrowly targeted and specifically tailored recovery spending is wise and appropriate; but a massive spending package is not needed unless we are talking about the politics of it.  Politically putting money in the hands of workers/consumers is a good move…. but our economic position is not contingent upon it.  The economic engine has restarted and is firing strong; more government spending is pure nitrous now.

(Via Associated Press) […] “We’re optimistic about the prospects for a strong holiday season, as people want something to look forward to and bring joy to their lives,” Shay said. “While it’s been a challenging year for everyone, there’s been an enormous amount of innovation within the retail industry and retailers have demonstrated that we can keep the economy open and operating safely.”

“Retail sales are continuing to build on the momentum we’ve seen through the summer and have been boosted by an improving labor market, a rebound in consumer confidence and elevated savings,” NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said. “A significant number of people remain unemployed, but more are going back to work and that makes them confident about spending.

September retail sales reflect the support of government measures and elevated savings that is being spent now that consumers are shopping again. With less spending on personal services such as travel and entertainment outside the home, some of that money is shifting to retail cash registers. All in all, these numbers and other economic data show the nation’s economy remains on its recovery path.”  (more)

As many of you know I have been traveling extensively throughout the country as I continue to brief groups on background DC, DOJ and FBI information from my years of research. During these travels I make a point to visit sector-specific businesses to inquire about their economic and business growth status.

The disconnect amid a ground reality compared to business reporting and financial media is actually stunning. However, perhaps that is because my physical ‘on-the-ground’ inquires and reports are ahead of the natural lag in the economic data rolling up to the accounting level. Here’s what I can tell you with absolute certainty.

The amount of heavy equipment, industrial equipment, hardware and goods being moved around the country is more than I have ever witnessed or seen in decades of travel. The mid-west, mid-atlantic, southeast, and more specifically the south in general, has more haulers and semi-trucks on the road than I have ever witnessed…. ever…. by a substantial margin. The same is true for rail freight and cargo vessels.

Regardless of what financial pundits and economic media might be saying, the underlying economic activity in the U.S. right now is explosive and moving at a much more rapid pace than before the COVID crisis. Regionally, business owners and operators all report the same thing, and the same need for a larger workforce. All of them are hiring; however, some sector specifics and regional specifics are much more intense.

So here’s my final data-driven tip and prediction for you this year.  Do not share it with anyone except your closest family and friends:

#1 – There will be a severe shortage of holiday gift items for purchasing this holiday season; a severe shortage.  Make your list of presents now; and go buy them as soon as possible.  Trust me on this… stuff will be scarce and you will not be able to find in mid-late November and/or December.  Demand will be off-the-charts.

#2 – There will be a severe shortage of staple food items for holiday meal cooking.  If you do cooking or baking for your family this year, buy your shelf-stable items early.  Purchase your ingredients and shelf-stable food and beverage items early.

Wait for the fresh product purchases as normal, those are unaffected.  However, the side items and shelf-stable food products (flour, sugars, dry spices, condiments, dried fruits etc.) will be in very limited supply.

In all consumer purchase sectors existing inventories are already too low to support the normal holiday demand..

Purchase early and avoid the panic.  You will be a hero for your family.

The third quarter (July, Aug, Sept) GDP figures, which will be released on the last Friday in this month, are going to be record-breaking.


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96 Responses to Stunning MAGAnomic Comeback – September Retail Sales Jump 1.9 Percent, and 5.4 Percent Year Over Year…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Can’t Stump the TRUMP. 🙂

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  2. PaulCohen says:

    I was talking earlier today with a local Libtard who was telling me that we are teetering on the brink of a Great Depression….. unless Biden wins, ofc…… I don’t find it worthwhile to get into politics with this guy, but it is pretty funny to see this article/data when just a couple of hours ago a neighbor was trying to tell me that Trump is sending us into a Great Depression.

    I just love the left…… full of delusions and unable to consider any other info.

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    • TonyEuropa says:

      Facts don’t Matter.

      A group of people that get their information in 128 bytes or less.

      Assertions with no facts.

      Appeals to “common sense”, “everybody knows”… ( variations on “appeal to authority”, hence logically invalid ).


      Facts Do Matter ( FDM ).

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    • Chas says:

      That’s kinda true. If Biden wins, we won’t be teetering on the brink anymore, we’ll be plummeting into the abyss.

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  3. helmhood says:

    America has one Boss, and it’s not that guy from New Jersey.

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  4. barnabusduke says:

    Great News Sundance!!! See ya’ll, I’m off to Publix! 😉

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  5. TonyEuropa says:

    We helped… we just got the CC bill.

    Paid for Lasik for one kid, bought new dual convection ovens ( with microwave on the top ).


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    • sundance says:

      Nice ovens. What brand did you choose?

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      • TonyEuropa says:

        Kitchen Aid. Matches our built in 48″ fridge. Expensive… but very nice.

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        • oldersoul says:

          We have KA convection units. Solid performance so far, and good bakers (so I’m told). Dual Mieles were eye-watering too expensive. So we opted for the ‘cheaper’ KAs … if you consider $2,000 ovens ‘cheap’.

          I wish you many happy holidays with them.

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        • gabytango says:

          We have the Kitchen Aid Dual Convection Oven as well. Can never go wrong with Kitchen Aid.

          Our first one lasted 27 years and we only had to replace it a couple months ago because hubby accidentally broke off the handle to the lower oven and they no longer carry the replacement parts!


          • oldersoul says:

            Twenty seven years ago, they were really Kitchen Aid. And the very best dishwashers in the business.

            Today, underneath all the stainless and sleek electronics, they are Whirlpool. Still a very solid product. And still US made.

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          • TonyEuropa says:

            Yeah, we had GE Monogram: an Advantium oven and a full convection oven, both 30″ wide. They both worked but we couldn’t get parts anymore and the glass in the Advantium was shattered -but still holding together. The current Advantium oven no longer matches our older Monogram, and to boot, GE doesn’t make matching Advantium and normal oven… the handles are different.

            That’s plain stoopid.

            So, this time we got a somewhat larger Kitchen Aid main oven ( the cavity is about 1 inch larger in all dimensions ) and the “microwave” is also an electric convection. I bit deeper than the Advantium. The ovens are separate, the cabinet is custom, so we had to get a custom fit job. Pffft.

            Not cheap at all. But the problem with consumer stuff is they stop making parts. If we ever get to build another house ( we rebuilt ours ) I’m gonna put a 14’x10′ Costco Room with large True fridges, and full commercial ovens and dishwasher – between the garage and the kitchen.

            And then we’ll be so old all we’ll cook will be TV dinners. ;-P

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  6. czecharthur says:

    Our situation is not as rosy, my family is not helping this number, we are about to lose our home, we buy just basic food and nothing else to try to survive as long as we can. The situation in Nevada is not great. We are going thru our saving with alarming rate. Good news . Not one member of our family had the Chinese virus.

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    • Ausonius says:

      Do you have your own business? Is it possible to leave for a more sensible state?

      Best Wishes and Prayers to you!

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    • nats1mom says:

      Praying. Sending positive vibes to you and your family.

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    • Somebody says:

      Arthur, I’m so sorry to hear that. Agree with others if you own a business can you take it online? Do you have family or friends in another state where you could at least work temporarily? I’m in FL and there are now hiring signs all over, but mostly retail type positions.

      I’m sorry your governor is a jerk. I’m sure in 3 weeks he’ll start opening everything up no matter the election results. Little consolation I know.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      What is or was your profession? Any hobbies that could be moneymakers? There are people with money to blow, if you have what they want. Not necessarily what they need, but that too.

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    • BByrd says:

      Can you establish a GoFundMe that people can contribute to? We’d chip in when you get it set up.

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    • WSB says:

      Sorry to hear. Were you able to take advantage of PPP or have you applied for unemployment? In NY, the Labor department is extending benefits for another 20 weeks on top of the original 26. If you can, you should see if you can apply.

      Have you tried to apply for forbearance on the mortgage? You should try that with your bank if possible.

      And prayers for you!

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    • I’m not in nearly as bad a situation but just got paid for the first time since March… so I could give it all to Uncle Sam.

      Are your only options waiting it out?

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    • BigTalkers says:

      Tourist destinations (esp those with Dem pols in charge) are not faring well sadly.

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    • gabytango says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this, czecharthur! You will be in my prayers.

      Have you looked into the mortgage options available? You’d be surprised how flexible they have become and willing to help you work it out.


    • grenell2024 says:

      Do you have anything you could sell? eBay sales are out the roof this year. Prices are strong and demand is high. If anyone in your family is the least bit tech savvy, there is enough money to be made to cover monthly expenses and the mortgage. If you need any tips, I would be happy to steer you in the direction for helpful learning groups you could join.


      • czecharthur says:

        Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. Our situation is compounded badly by the whole family working in the same field, working in high paying banquets department of casinos, so everyone lost their work.
        Luckily we had savings so we are still surviving we just have to sell our house because mortgage is too high, hopefully we will sell before we run out of money. Some of our friends are doing much worse so we are counting are blessings.
        We are also going to lose our health insurance soon.
        We are not blaming Trump at all, we already voted for him!!!

        Thank you again all for your kind words and encouragement.

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        • Somebody says:

          I hope you sell your house for top dollar quickly Arthur, if that is what you want. It takes months to foreclose and right now banks are offering grace due to covid, so check your options before doing anything drastic.

          If you decide you want to move, Orlando has a lot of convention/banquet business. I live a couple of hours north of there, but I have a friend that travels down there to work banquets during the holidays and she makes a ton of money. She makes more in a few weeks than someone working minimum wage for a year. She hustles though, works her tail off, then comes home in time for Christmas.


    • Robert Smith says:

      The election is right around the corner so this craziness should end either way.


  7. readyandable1 says:

    When my fancy pants lease is up next year, I plan to buy a new car if APR is still low like now. I’m fine paying over 5 years to own.

    I own one CAR, but my big SUV mom-mobile my wife has I always lease. I find leasing a better model for cars dealing with Kids etc. I don’t want to worry about servicing them, keeping them super nice for long term ownership and having features go out of date.

    However, while I pay for the higher mileage leases and typically under use, I don’t find the mileage limit to be a wise choice in this new non-air-travel world. I don’t think it is wise, moving forward, to “financially restrict” one’s self to mileage limits anymore.

    I don’t know what I’ll actually buy. I like having the big storage room we have now with a 3 row sized SUV. Who knows! I certainly won’t even consider buying GM or Chrysler, but am open to Ford brands. Though, typically I prefer Japaneses vehicles. I’m almost 40 and I’ve only bought and driven Honda Motor cars/trucks myself. Never had a SINGLE issue of any kind. Drove one 1998 stick shift Civic from Boulder, CO. to NYC area back and forth over 15 times in a two year span and it was already well used. Held up amazing!

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    • Bee says:

      My family has had good luck with Kia brand vehicles. The new model of their minivan is quite sporty looking too. Should be out just in time for your purchase!


      • readyandable1 says:

        My wife was considering checking them out as a brand actually. South Korea makes decent electronics/semi-conductors, so I don’t see why not with cars.

        Thanks for the insight, much appreciated.


    • Somebody says:

      I just went through this my Honda van was long in the tooth. I ended up getting a Nissan Pathfinder platinum, I’m very happy with it. It’s not as “lush” as a lot of SUV’s but an upgrade for me with the tech. When you start pricing them I just couldn’t justify spending 10 to 20 thousand more, in some cases 30 to 35 thousand. There are a lot of things I can find to do with that kind of $$. Check it out. The hottest ones out there are the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride.

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      • readyandable1 says:

        Thank you. This is helpful information. I know exactly what you mean about the extra 10-20K. While I can afford such things, I am what some call thrifty in general and it is hard for me to stomach that stuff as well.

        As you say, there are a lot of more worthwhile ROI things to put that kind of cash against, IMO. Thanks for the tip on those models.

        Funny thing is I am the bratty one who likes the bells and whistles, my wife could really care less. She is a good woman, for sure!


        • bcsurvivor2 says:

          We have purchased our cars, 2015 jeep patriot 4×4 and 2017 Toyota Avalon with all the bells and whistles, at hertz rentals here in Florida.Both were only a year old and superb vehicles. Never one problem. Low interest. Already paid off the jeep. Have driven it to Colorado, NC and now to Tennessee. Not one problem. highly recommend this route to purchasing a late model vehicle.

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        • Somebody says:

          🤣 I’m “thrifty” too, it was my husband that wanted more, more, more🙄 Pathfinders are big with rental car companies so there are plenty of used ones with relatively low mileage, not many platinum trim though. Platinum is the top trim. I happened to get one that had just under 12,000 miles that was used by a dealer employee. Bought it a few months ago during height of pandemic, been looking and figured sales were slow and I could make a good deal. I was right 😁

          I haven’t driven it much though, hubby always seems to drive🤣 He enjoys the tech, like the 360 camera. I’ve just now figured out the radio🤪🤣 Bottom line, he likes it even though he was steering toward more expensive models.

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      • oldsnuffy says:

        Buy America hire America

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      • Dekester says:


        Great post able1 if you are reading this the Hyundai Pallisade is a terrific vehicle.

        Full disclosure of course.

        Our youngest son is a G.M. at at Hyundai dealership. They sell or lease many of them.

        He has the pick of vehicles, and very few months he takes another Pallisade.

        Check one out, and see what you think.

        Great rally again today, watching PDJT live is so inspiring.

        No way this man loses in 2020.

        God bless PDJT


    • Robert Smith says:

      It’s really funny to me that CV-19 reminded people that America is about freedom and the ability to hit the open road – not get on mass transit.

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  8. GB Bari says:

    FTA – “Yes, some more very narrowly targeted and specifically tailored recovery spending is wise and appropriate; but a massive spending package is not needed unless we are talking about the politics of it.

    That has been my thinking as well, based partly in what SD has observed, by what Treepers have posted in the Comments, and by my own observations in my local town.

    But yesterday, when pressed in his interview with Stu Varney, President Trump said he would love to “go big” in the next stimulus package, even exceeding the $1.8Trillion currently proposed by Republicans. That sort of set me back, because the country is so tragically deep in debt already.

    I guess POTUS believes “the politics of it” are more critical now than the debt load in the future. He must be seeing an increase in federal revenues that hasn’t yet been publicly discussed very much.

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    • readyandable1 says:

      I think perhaps, in the medium term, he is operating under the MAGAnomics assumption of the massive amount of wealth we will create by returning to economic nationalism in the long term. Things like these stats and others likely bear that out. If we actually brought back manufacturing as a mainstay, and pharmas and all that on-shoring, plus nationalistic price markets like Sundance’s piece last night describes are possible, that is more than enough future revenue, I suspect.

      Even if we fail, if we go towards socialism debt means jack-crap anyway. Who cares at that point, we’ve got a lot bigger problems and our debt holders like China won’t care anywho if we are socialist! Remember, its all one “Globalist” system, so it isn’t like anyone will come a calling once we are socialists!

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      • GB Bari says:

        I agree that those are very likely some of the reasons behind the President’s willingness to “go big”. Those improvements will certainly add to IRS revenues and help pay the debt..

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        • trialbytruth says:

          Another important point i have not heard anyone discuss is that …Trump sees both money and debt differently then you or I (I never had a billion to waste on a jet.) (never owed a bank so much that if they foreclosed on me they would go broke) Billionaires worry about servicing the debt not the debt itself. Debt means money to invest and to leverage.

          Keeping that in mind no politician ever thought of using the leverage of our GDP to borrow money at near 0% to put cash in the pocket of the voter to spend. Politicians merely took our money and then gave it to others to leverage us out of more money.

          What has surprised me most is that the campaign hasn’t countered the free college tripe of the left with a refinance of new and existing college debt based on .25% above fed rate. They are near zero risk loans they can collect from your income tax returns and your estate.

          One more thing I suspect that after we move a little further down the road with the decoupling from China. China may see a huge seizure of assets. But don’t tell the Chinese

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Remember, Chi-nah is going to pay us back for it anyway.

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    • unconqueredone says:

      A very conservative financial guy I listen to on the radio explained it like this: he hates the debt and fears the long term consequences. However, so much damage has been done by the lock downs that the amount of more stimulus money pales in comparison to the initial damage. “You need to save what’s left”, he said.


      • GB Bari says:

        I agree in theory but thousands of small businesses especially local non-chain restaurants were permanently bankrupted and wiped out months ago. I don’t think any stimulus can get them back.


    • Robert Smith says:

      Realistically, if Congress wants to do a big stimulus and Trump blocks it, it will be a big political liability. This is also true for the budget process which is how we got to this point.

      The best Trump can do is guide it to more productive purposes rather than Democrats socialist aims and UniParty slush.


      • GB Bari says:

        Agree! My take was that POTUS wants an even bigger stimulus than the Senate wants.


        • Robert Smith says:

          I think Trump is whipsawing them. Because he wanted, originally, a smaller targeted one for CV-19 relief. But since the horse is out of the barn, and Trump and the country benefits from the stimulus, go big – as long as the money doesn’t go to a big urban bailout.

          In addition, I think that is the exact correct political thing to say, even if his negotiators are making it tough to stary away from CV-19 relief programs.


  9. TradeBait says:

    Super V. I agree, sundance. Live in the tourist mecca of east TN in the Smoky Mountain. I cannot describe adequately the boom that is going on here. Today – there were more shoppers and visitors at the big Tanger Mall than are there on Black Friday. Dollywood is operating at half mast with social distancing. It is packed to the maximum the Governor will allow. As an example, September tax revenues for the county were reported to be over 5% more than a year ago, which was a record a year ago. There are an incredible number of commercial and residential construction projects underway. The highly travelled I-40/I-75/I-81 corridor has nearly as many tractor trailer rigs traveling it as cars. RV’s and camper trailers are everywhere. Unbelievable – it’s been like going 10 MPH to 100 MPH with the economy around here.

    FWIW – many are wearing masks. However, they are not socially distancing and not staying home in the basement. People are still getting COVID, but they are not losing their minds over it like a few months ago. Kids are in school and all of the expectations that they would have to close are gone.

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  10. oldersoul says:

    I’ll have to make sure we have our mincemeat a little sooner this year. The type with brandy, of course.

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    • NC Mom says:

      Can I come to your house for a slice??? I love, love, love mince meat pie…use my late Mom’s 100+ year old recipe…but my family acts like I am poisoning them. I end up eating it all with a few slices to the neighbors. At my age I can no longer afford the extra calories so I sadly do without.

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      • oldersoul says:

        Cookies. Not sickening sweet store cookies like we have today. Mincemeat rolled inside a very dry, light and thin pastry dough shell. Not sweet. Years ago they might be dusted with powdered sugar for the children. But I now prefer them plain and unsweetened. My wife makes them from my great grandmother’s recipe. It’s her gift to me every Christmas.

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  11. pgtsndthinker says:

    Tried to buy premium loose leaf tea Monday. They are out of stock on 7 of their most popular. Even though their 3 big trade shows were cancelled, their in-store sales are up 6%. Thankfully, the Christmas spice tea was available. 🙂

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  12. vikingmom says:

    So Sundance, do these numbers translate into votes for the President, in your opinion? Still trying to get a better picture of how much cheating the Left will have to do in order to steal this election…and praying that they will fall dramatically short of that number!!

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  13. cherokeepeople says:

    we helped too. ordered a new refrigerator about 3 weeks ago,just came in yesterday.also in the market for a new vehicle.

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  14. Charlie Currie says:

    FTA – “Yes, some more very narrowly targeted and specifically tailored recovery spending is wise and appropriate;

    I’ll admit it, I’m selfish. I want another stimulus check. I have a ’66 Falcon wagon that would like some upgrades. LOL

    • TreeClimber says:

      Indeed, I’m with you there. We’ve got 2 grand in medical bills to pay off and 15 grand left on our Durango – we’re going to defer the payment for November to be able to do Christmas for our boys. A stimulus check would wipe out our medical debt and allow us to keep current with the car, while also doing Christmas for our children.


  15. Leon Brozyna says:

    Well, the final numbers coming out just before the election are sure to put a damper on Biden’s victory watch party on 3 November.



  16. our sales are our best ever RIGHT NOW.


  17. Mike in a Truck says:

    Frieght rates are up. Demand for available trailers is spiking through the roof but there aren’t enough drivers to fill seats. Down 40% in new drivers coming into trucking. The Chinese Pox shutdown many trucking schools and company schools took a pause. Then with a booming economy who wants to live in a Truck for 3 weeks a month when local jobs are available and home every night. Shortages in some consumer products ( ammo) ( computer supplies-kids at home) are due to high demand because of the manufactured situation. There are/will be spot shortages in some consumer goods because of hoarding I think. I’m refusing work- I can bend the rules a bit and time travel cause still running paper logs but even super trucker is still human.Hey Im supposed to be retired!

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  18. rayvandune says:

    OMG! Are we sure the Russians didn’t hack the stats? I mean this morning I see the first mention of the Hunter Biden scandal online, as a footnote in the breaking WAPO blockbuster that Rudy G. has been “used” by the Russians! Is there nothing these commies cannot do to distort the truth? Thank God for our beloved journalists, protecting our sacred right to know exactly what the DNC wants us to know, and not a drop more!!


  19. Anyone else believe the latest unemployment numbers were a complete lie? 864,000 jobs lost?
    If there were a place to wager on the revisions hereafter I would bet on nearly a million job difference, possibly putting the number into the positive.

    Happy shopping everyone!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I don’t know if they are a lie or not, but the economy is going through a forced CV redesign. There will be much more virtual jobs in the future and a great number of in-person jobs will be lost. At the very least for the time being as companies get ready for the new norms.

      While the economic shutdown was unwelcome, I also believe that it served to provide some cover for an economic “soft-spot” and set up the economy for a monster run once we get back to normal.


  20. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    This is a result of voter confidence that #Trump2020 is going to win with a sea of RED.

    Other wise they would be stuffing their mattresses. Seriously.

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  21. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    Tyrant Governors: DeWine Ohio says pandemic spiraling out of control. Wolf PA won’t sign bill allowing restaurants & bars increased capacities. They’re following orders, crushing their citizens is merely ancillary damage. Control is everything. These criminals are destroying lives, should be exposed then punished.

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  22. T2020 says:

    Thank you Lord for Pres Trump and his amazing team!!!

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  23. Marcia says:

    Retired Magistrate here: We just got back from a trip to an apple/pumpkin farm and it was packed; people were buying a lot, carts were full. On the way home we stopped at an antique store and purchased an item. The clerk said that the owner was out doing an antique show and that her business has been really good. Also, saw a guy selling Trump flags, so I bought another Trump flag to add to my growing collection; this one a Trump Train flag.

    A couple of days ago we had the front stairs on our second story deck replaced and the carpenter said that due to covid about 50% of the lumber mills had shut down and probably would not open back up again. Fortunately, he has a friend who has connections in the lumber industry and he is still able to get good lumber when he needs it. I wondered why so many lumber yards were having a hard time getting lumber; I just thought it was due to home project demand. Well, that is part of it but the closed lumber mills explain the rest.

    All of the small businesses I support are back up and running albeit with masks, social distancing, etc. Yes, Ohio Gov. DeWine (RINO) is trying to panic everyone again, but it does not seem to be working. People are fed up and want to get back to living their lives.

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  24. Sentient says:

    I just heard Obama’s going to be campaigning for Biden in Pennsylvania. Thank God! That should ensure a Trump win there.

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  25. Vince says:

    I agree about stocking up on food. This year, we had the lockdown, which as Sundance explained, created an imbalance in the eat-out/ eat-in sides of our food industry, which caused grocery stores to draw down their warehouses. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt supplies are back to normal yet.
    Then on top of that, the floods in China flooded and polluted a lot of farmland in China, and a plague of locusts ate a lot of crops from Ethiopia all the way to Pakistan. Then even in Iowa a freak storm took out a lot of US corn. Food will be expensive for probably the next couple of years until it gets balanced out again.


  26. numbersixdance says:

    Real Estate developer here…sell developed lots to builders in Texas…business is off the charts…2.7% interest rates from builders for a new home priced in the $300K-500K range. Reasons:
    1. Lowest interest rates in modern history.
    2. If people are going to work from home want a “technologically” advanced house with two home office rooms and space for kids.
    3. People moving out of Democrat run Cities into suburbs offering solid schools, services and “family ” values to raise kids.

    Thank you PDJT!

    Liked by 2 people

  27. thedoc00 says:

    Just more proof the big Wall Street Banks and Investor puppet masters are using their mega wealth to purposely whipsaw the market and cause volatility unrelated to actual economic fundamentals and metrics.

    If we had an AG, the FTC and SEC would be looking at this stuff to keep them honest. for the next round of tax cuts the hedge Fund holders need to be properly taxed and trading rules regarding speculation as well as short trading need to be adjusted.


  28. SteveC says:

    Not pessimism, I think it’s a good thing, but I wonder what percentage of that is going towards guns and ammo? They can’t seem to keep anything on the shelves in SoKal.


  29. TonyEuropa says:



  30. TonyEuropa says:

    Currently we have a Passport Elite. Before we had a Ridgeline BE. Then a bunch of RDXs. We also had four Odysseys… two of them were “Type R”s – start with an Odyssey, add good tires, take an OEM Integra Type R sticker, an Exacto knife and add 100 bhp with just that sticker.


    The Passport, and Ridgeline, have rear torque vectoring AWD. It’s fantastic. Pretty much what Acura is doing with SH-AWD but a bit more front biased.

    …Hopefully on Nov 4th this mask BS will go away. The Commie governors are not getting money from Nancy so they can’t hold on much longer.

    We’ve lost almost a whole year now… every time I look at a light post I dream of Gov. Loathsome swinging from it, Il Duce style.


  31. calbear84 says:

    I deal with a lot of small business operators here in the People’s Republic of Californistan, and they are all busier than they can handle. Come to think of it, so am I!
    God bless President Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. doyouseemyvision says:

    Literally everything this man touches turns to solid gold.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. UpToThere says:

    Too bad most of the blue states aren’t participating.


  34. ATheoK says:

    Just some suggested websites for food, though local Big box stores are good for a lot of food; (I seriously considered a 25lb. bag of King Arthur flour at a Costco last week. I didn’t buy it, the regular King Arthur flour makes lousy bread, great cakes and cookies but lousy bread. I figured I’d pick up another 10lb. bag of King Arthur’s bread flour)

    – Quality clean beans.
    – reasonably fresh spices.
    – Good coffee
    – excellent tea! I’m partial to the imperial jasmines and gold or light teas.
    – chocolate money
    – I’m a wild rice fan
    – Good Meats.
    -Concentrates and extracts
    -Vanilla beans and flavor extracts, natural and synthetic.

    If you’ve got good online links for ordering food, share them.


  35. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Reuters is sad? That makes me happy.


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