Sidney Powell Discusses Today’s Flynn Persecution Hearing With Lou Dobbs – Where is this going, and why are we in a handbasket?…

The hearing today in the courtroom of Judge Emmet Sullivan was an abject showcase in judicial nuttery.  The one good thing to come out of the adversarial arguments was that millions more Americans got to hear first-hand just how broken and corrupt the federal system of the judiciary has become.  The judicial farce was only exceeded by the legal nonsense exhibited by Sullivan’s extra-judicial prosecutor/amicus John Gleeson.

At one point in the proceedings Sullivan even threatened Flynn’s defense attorney with a referral to the BAR association for her letter of introduction to AG Bill Barr during the transition between defense counsel.  Yes, the judicial activism was that ridiculous.

Yes Alice, unfortunately the fiasco is scheduled to continue… Sidney Powell discusses the day’s events with Lou Dobbs:

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209 Responses to Sidney Powell Discusses Today’s Flynn Persecution Hearing With Lou Dobbs – Where is this going, and why are we in a handbasket?…

  1. This has to change Nov 4, or all my trust was unfounded.
    No more excuses.
    Full on legal take down, cheered on by millions of Americans.Hang in there!

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  2. noswamp says:

    The most angry I have heard Ms. Powell. She is righteously indignant.

    And with good reason. I am confident that the motion to disqualify will succeed at the appellate level.

    A federal judge this reckless has never been seen before.

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    • John Post says:

      noswamp@8:32….Woody Harrelson’s dad might have had the right idea!

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    • Super Elite says:

      I listened to the whole thing. The judge treated Ms. Powell, the defense attorney, like she was a hostile witness. I was shocked at how our so-called justice system is run. There seems to be little to no justice in it.

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      • SanJac says:

        Duncan Hunter of California and Chris Collins of NY were prosecuted in a heartbeat doing the exact thing most Demorat’s do everyday.
        Ilham and the whole “Squad” has done 10 times what these two did put together including citizenship fraud, Campaign finance violations and money laundering and her long list of crimes and she spits in our face while on a campaign of ballot harvesting and it’s all crickets from every law Enforcement agency in this country.

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      • Joemama says:

        You appear to have little experience with the legal system in the USA today. Out of the 6 or 7 judges that I have had experience with in CA, only one seemed even remotely unbiased. That one died a few months later, before the case could be settled and we got a totally biased @hole to replace him. Case is over about $140 and has been going for 5 years. Covid is probably going to make it take another 2 or 3 years for us to win.

        There is no justice in the USA today. The process is a crime and the punishment. If you get taken to court you lose regardless if you “win”.

        Judges are arrogant @holes that do not care one iota about the injustice they dispense daily by allowing frivolous cases to go on forever and ever and ever. They find it entertaining and humourous.

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        • JiminCO says:

          Your case surely is in State Court, right? (Amount in Controversy for Federal Jurisdiction). But, I agree with you that litigants in most federal court (and some state courts) do not get a fair shot at fair justice (Judges more concerned about moving dockets than full/fair hearings and access to the court room.

          Why would they? Federal Judges are well paid, have substantial staff help, are political appointees and don’t want to work all that hard (This is not a broad brush indictment however— there are excellent, efficient federal district court judges, but you don’t get to choose the judge assignment.


        • Super Elite says:

          That my friend is the definition of EVIL. Just read about the French Revolution and those same courtroom attitudes were working to destroy a whole country. Looks to me like USA may be in for a similar bloodbath.


    • matthewpmusson says:

      She was madder than a wet hen! But,after listening live to the proceedings, I don’t blame her. It was a joke. Sullivan is a joke.

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    • moosemalloy says:

      Time’s 1973 “Man of the Year” John Sirica, would be a close second to Sullivan. Both were or are owned by the DC Swamps of their era.

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    • JiminCO says:

      Federal District (Art.III) Judges are cloaked with immense power. As a practicing federal court attorney, I often believe they have TOO much power. Nothing about this recent Flynn hearing surprises me. The Circuit Court oversight of Judge Sullivan is needed here.


  3. jus wundrin says:

    The US has become a banana reublik.

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  4. Chewbarkah says:

    On 8-31-20, the DC Appellate Court ruled against Flynn’s request for Writ of Mandamus, on various arguments, but the main point was that “an adequate alternative remedy exists.” Sullivan hadn’t had a chance to dismiss the case yet (ignoring the fact that he had demurred for weeks when he could dismiss the case in five minutes merely by so ordering). And, aw shucks, even if Sullivan abused the crap out of Flynn’s rights and the law, Flynn could appeal the unjust decisions.

    So now Sullivan has made a mockery of the pretense that all he needed was a chance to issue the order. Sullivan and the DC circuit’s plan is to rule against Flynn, force him to appeal, and hope that a new corrupt administration re-asserts the frame-up of Flynn. The Republicans must take the House in November and open impeachment proceedings against Sullivan on the first day of the next session.

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  5. Realist says:

    Sullivan is CORRUPT and is just a Democrat Operative

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  6. PaulCohen says:

    It ain’t over yet, but Sullivan is in worse shape than he realizes….

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  7. Joemama says:

    Emmett the biased tank engine:

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  8. Retired IG says:

    Thank you Sidney and Lou D. Sullivan (I am not even calling him a judge anymore) as he is not even pretending to be a Judge.. It is beyond my ken to even imagine a man who took an oath to uphold the Constitution has absconded that pledge for some purpose. Can only think that
    Sullivan has some deep and stinky fish in his past rulings. He is an an enabler of an agenda. His court agenda is certainly NOT freedom and justice for all. He’s making things up as he goes along. Have to wonder, and I do, was Sullivan a visitor to Epstein island? What is his personal agenda that he keeps using the U.S. courts for against General Flynn.
    His actions are not making sense anymore. If they ever have. Hey, dude Sullivan I don’t care if the hue of your skin is violet, indigo, yellow, orange, or red. Give we the people and General
    Flynn an October surprise and just RESIGN. Quick and simple. The boat you are riding on has long lost the wind behind its sail. There is no safe shore for you anymore. Give it up already.

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  9. Pam says:

    I actually listened to this and even I who has some experience with this had trouble believing it. I can’t even imagine how loudly someone like Shipwreckedcrew might have been screaming during this. I think my favorite might have been when this judge said” I don’t know the answers to the questions” I’m asking. Right….

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  10. moosemalloy says:

    Emmet Sullivan is obviously very cozy with the Covington Burling outfit:

    “Covington Hosts National Bar Association
    and Greater Washington Bar Association
    Program “Pathways to the Federal Bench”
    This Spring, Covington welcomed guests to its
    Washington office for a discussion panel entitled
    “Pathways to the Federal Bench.” The event was
    hosted by the National Bar Association (NBA) and
    Greater Washington Area Chapter Bar Association
    The panel included three distinguished sitting federal
    judges: the Honorable Emmet G. Sullivan, United
    States District Judge for the District of Columbia;
    the Honorable Richard W. Roberts, United States
    District Judge and soon to be Chief Judge for the
    District of Columbia; and the Honorable Reggie B.
    Walton, United States District Judge for the District of
    Columbia and Presiding Judge of the United States
    Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

    Click to access diversity-update-summer-2013.pdf

    The National Bar Association has had some real winners in its ranks including William A. Borders who was Jimmy Carter’s rep for DC Judicial nominations. Borders was convicted of offering a bribe to his buddy Alcee Hastings via DC mob boss Joe Nesline back in the 1980s.

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  11. gsonFIT says:

    Yesterday was a great MAGA day and I thank Sundance for our wonderful hangout and his leadership. I thought about all day. I also listened to the entire General Flynn hearing and I was amazed that a National Security case does not require privacy. Seems like the whole thing could have been handled in the Judges Chambers just like in the movies

    But when you consider this was the Director of National Intelligence for the United States of America I am shocked it was so out in the open. I truly believe that a Trump Doctrine is attempting to scale back wars and sovereign conflict in our world. Airing our dirty laundry can do nothing to support this new paradigm.

    Checks and balances are not used to better our country, but to enrich one party over the other. This enrichment could be financial or political, but it is not for the greater good.

    I think I know the answer but why in Heaven’s sake was this so public other than MSM hate porn. Sullivan could have knocked this out in private very quickly. He could have found other healthier ways to drag this on

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  12. regitiger says:

    the “issue” seems to be that sullivan and all other lawfare corruptors are actively campaigning in the courts to set a precedent with this case. this issue is something they hold only in very narrow cases. they want to EXPAND that issue and the power that comes with it to serve the larger goal.

    which is that judged can take on the mantle of prosecuting cases.

    they see this case as such an opportunity. they believe that separations but equal powers in the three branches needs an update.

    prediction:. either Powell and or DOJ sends a more vigorous WOM to Appelate. one that contains the demand for Sullivan recusal dismissal.

    1. the Appelate may very likely as agree but with conditions. those conditions allow a special judge appointed by the Appelate to review this entire case…end to end…and to use amicus curae actors like gleeson to report to THEM directly his findings and recommendation.

    2. Appelate will then allow sentencing of Flynn for perjury on the most flimsy of legal reasoning. but they don’t care about flynn or his justice…the bigger goal is to see this case before SCOTUS to attempt argument and the desired precedent of gaining more.judiciary power…broadly. its obvious that’s what gleeson and Sullivan are now seeking. i believe the Appelate wants this too. they are arguing forcibly that fokker does not fully address their “issue”. fokker to them means “rubber stamp”.
    .they are not satisfied with this and what it means for future cases. they want more special rules that allow a more broad and lethal use of rule 48 by the courts.

    3. I believe certain actors in SCOTUS also want this also. i believe what this really represents is a power the judges can use in their discretion to direct the path of justice should they choose. it becomes a last layer of defense against outcomes that are undesirable to the corruptors. they will sell this of course as gleeson has…as Sullivan has in a fashion to seem like it creates a more just court experience and their own corrupt acts. .

    its about power … that is what thr Flynn case is now about.

    judge Sullivan is aiming to setup up a SCOTUS argument that federal judges need more power..they will use this case to make that argument.

    SCOTUS will entertain that argument.

    again… we are about to face another round of serious corrupt reinterpretation attempts to alter the very foundations and principles of the CONSTITUTION.

    BE guarded.

    its coming.


  13. ATheoK says:

    Sullivan has gone on record that he believes Flynn is guilty.
    And Sullivan has tried to argue that Flynn is guilty.

    A) It is not Sullivan’s purpose to declare a defendant guilty, unless the defendant waived a jury of his peers trial.

    B) Sullivan is on record as one of Flynn’s accusers!
    • I) Subpoena Sullivan to testify as a hostile witness;
    • II) Subpoena all of Sullivan’s phone/communication records and examine them for tampering with the Judge (e.g. Obama).
    • III) Subpoena callers and called. Cross reference key callers/called with Sullivan’s statements during the trial.
    • IV) Depose under oath all callers and called.
    • V) Swear Sullivan in and cross-examine Sullivan!.
    • • a) From when Sullivan decided Flynn was guilty,
    • • b) why Sullivan believes Flynn is guilty,
    • • c) where/who Sullivan got the idea to appoint outside lawyers as prosecutors.
    • • d) why Sullivan refuses to accede to DOJ’s ceasing the prosecution.

    Winnow through Sullivan’s testimony.
    Recommend perjury trial for every Sullivan mis-statement/lie.

    Immediately appeal over the DC appellate court to a higher court if not SCOTUS;
    cite Sullivan’s judicial malfeasance,
    cite Sullivan’s conflicts of interest (judge/jury conflict),
    cite Sullivan’s judicial abuse and ruination of blind/deaf neutral justice.


  14. TwoLaine says:

    Put the right people on this.


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