Agent Strzok CYA Memo? – Strzok Notes Indicate Obama White House Involvement in Targeting Michael Flynn…

In a court filing yesterday [pdf here] the DOJ provided -initially under seal- the Flynn defense team with more exculpatory evidence.  The filing includes hand-written notes taken by FBI agent Peter Strzok in/around key dates in early January 2017.

The filing was unsealed today, and the Peter Strzok notes are released.

One of the reasons CTH has been slow on discussing this release is specifically because I am trying to accurately determine the provenance of the notes (as below).  USAO Jeff Jensen is unsure of the exact date of the notes.  Either January 3rd, 4th, or 5th… and there’s a good reason for that confusing ambiguity; which I am attempting to filter.

The notes are written by Peter Strzok during a conversation with former FBI Director James Comey; that context is important.  What the notes contain are Peter Strzok writing down what Comey relays to him from conversations with White House officials.

Repeat: The notes are Strzok writing down what Comey relays to him from conversations with the White House.   Comey is communicating to Strzok the status of opinion from various officials; those officials may include President Obama and Vice-President Biden.


However,… it also seems likely from CTH research files that some of the instructions (as written by Strzok) are passing through former ODNI James Clapper; who was in frequent contact with Comey on the key dates within the discussion.

So let me try to make sense of this.

James Comey was not in the room with Obama and/or Biden until January 5, 2017, the date of the Susan Rice memo.  The best guess on the date these notes were written is January 4, 2017, specifically because that’s the date when Strzok is telling his FBI counterpart not to close the Flynn case; and he says “The 7th Floor is involved”, which means James Comey.

We know Comey and Clapper were in conversation on January 3rd and 4th; and Comey provided the “CR cuts” (Flynn is Crossfire Razor “CR”) to Clapper on one of those dates.

The cuts are the rough draft transcript from Flynn’s intercepted phone calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak.  Clapper used copies of the CR cuts to brief President Obama.

Comey would have received the CR cuts from Peter Strzok; and then passed them along to Clapper for use in the White House briefing.  Clapper would then be relaying information back to Comey about the White House position on their Flynn concerns.

The most likely scenario is that Clapper informed Comey about the White House position; and then Comey shared that information with Peter Strzok who is taking notes:

Agent Strzoks handwriting is terrible, and there are big blocks of redacted information.

A plausible rough transcript? [Via Stephen McIntyre]

Again, the background of these notes appears to be Comey relaying information to Peter Strzok about what the White House position is following their reception of the CR cuts. I do not believe Obama and Biden have talked to Comey. Instead the most likely scenario is DNI James Clapper relaying to Comey… who then relays to Strzok.

If my researched position is accurate, the day after these notes, January 5, 2017, Comey then meets with Obama and Biden as scheduled to discuss the Intelligence Community Assessment report that was previously requested by the White House.

It is from that January 5th meeting when the pull-aside took place with Obama, Biden, Rice, Yates, Clapper and Comey.

Jeff Jensen’s cover filing leaves open the slight possibility that Strzok’s notes were taken after the January 5th meeting.  However, I do not see that as likely at all.  The Strzok notes are connected to his LYNC instant messaging on January 4th:

Those instant messages were most likely relayed *AFTER* the conversation with James Comey. ie after “7th floor involved”.  So I would put the date of those notes as early to mid-morning January 4th.

It would look like this:

♦ January 3rd –  Comey asks Strzok to give him the “tech cuts” or “CR cuts” from the intercepted communication between Flynn and Kislyak.  Comey then gives copies (plural) to Clapper upon his request.   Clapper then goes to brief the White House.

♦ January 4th – After briefing the White House Clapper calls back to James Comey (or meets in person) to relay the position of the White House.  This is the substantive information that James Comey then relays to Peter Strzok as Comey tells Strzok: (a) what the White House response was to the CR Cuts; and (b) where to go from that moment.

Strzok then quickly responds by stopping the FBI Washington Field Office from closing the Flynn case as noted in the instant messages above.

♦ January 5th – Comey goes to the White House.

However, I’m also comfortable going to go out on a limb here… ready?

My hunch is these notes are FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s CYA memo for the targeting of Lt. General Michael Flynn.

  • Comey’s memos were Comey’s CYA.
  • Susan Rice’s memo was the White House CYA.
  • I now believe Strzok’s notes are Peter Strzoks’ CYA.

Everyone involved knew the targeting of incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was sketchy at best, seriously political, and potentially unlawful at worst.

The issue was so tenuous, the entire basis for the pull-aside meeting on January 5th was President Obama creating plausible deniability after James Clapper infected the White House with a document trail in the form of the CR Cuts.

Once DNI James Clapper briefed Obama and Biden on the Flynn intercepts, the White House now lost plausible deniability for their knowledge of Flynn being investigated.  The January 5th instructions to James Comey was purposefully the Obama/Biden White House cleaning up that potentially explosive issue.  Everyone was covering their ass.

The outcome of DNI Clapper briefing President Obama, with what Deputy Director Andrew McCabe described as “a summary document” that wasn’t an official “intelligence product”, was the White House now being officially informed of an open FBI investigation against incoming NSA Michael Flynn.  The White House was now infected with knowledge of the investigation…. and that could be a potential problem later on.

The knowledge of an investigation into the incoming administration; and the document trail created by Clapper/Comey; created a need for President Obama to have the pull-aside meeting with FBI Director James Comey the next day, January 5, 2017.

The purpose of the meeting was to create distance from an explosive & political issue.  The outgoing administration needed distance from James Comey.  Everything written in Susan Rice’s memo about the meeting is specifically worded to create that distance.

Susan Rice writes: “The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective”, adding three times that President Obama instructed Comey to handle everything “by the book.”   In essence the way Susan Rice framed the conversation was to place James Comey as specifically responsible for anything that happens.

Now, FBI Director James Comey isn’t stupid, and he would have immediately picked up on how he was being positioned outside the protective wire and completely on his own.  Being a very political FBI Director, Comey would know exactly what the purpose of these specific words and instructions from the President implied.

Rice’s memo, written with the advice of White House counsel, is specifically worded to create distance.  You might say the White House was leaving Comey holding the proverbial bag; and setting him up to be the ‘fall guy‘ if things went sideways.

This is the point where we need to put ourselves in Comey’s very political shoes.  Comey knows the purpose of that meeting.  Comey also knows essentially Obama is saying he didn’t authorize an investigation of Flynn and Obama is not going to protect Comey.

So what exactly was Comey tasked to do on behalf of the White House?

The only thing (provable) the FBI was specifically tasked to do was find out the reason for Russia’s behavior or lack thereof.  That’s it.  Comey carried authority to produce the intercepted “tech cuts”; and as an outcome of the task share them with DNI Clapper. But that’s the end of the White House/DNI tasking authority to the FBI against Flynn.

Director Comey was not tasked, authorized or requested to produce a transcript of the intercepted phone call; and he was not tasked to do anything else with it.  From the perspective of Obama, Comey’s task was complete January 5th, anything more is on him.

The lack of investigative authority toward Flynn is a key point to consider as we look at the internal FBI debate.  Remember, the day before the Obama/Comey conversation the FBI investigators had already determined there was “no derogatory information” and they were going to close the investigation.  Additionally, there was nothing of issue within the Flynn-Kislyak call content itself.

Anything, including legal risk from an abuse of power, after that January 5th meeting was now completely on Director Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s shoulders.

With that in mind, the debate with FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap, and the January 23/24, 2017, meetings where Priestap is taking notes of conversations with Comey and McCabe, take on a new and narrow focus.

As Priestap took notes about his original concerns: “what is our goal?”


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452 Responses to Agent Strzok CYA Memo? – Strzok Notes Indicate Obama White House Involvement in Targeting Michael Flynn…

  1. Cowboy Vito says:

    And not one question from the media about this just released memo to Comey, Page, Strzok, Clapper, Biden, Brennan, Yates, and others. Sickening.

    Meanwhile, Durham is lollygagging and waiting until after the election to give us his ‘report.’
    Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey are closet commies.

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    • hoop says:

      Biden — Look at this photograph – (caught LYING AGIAN)


      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Why do I automatically think of Bill Clinton when I watch that vid?


        • Dee Paul Deje says:

          Obama and Biden both have a “tell” for lying (besides their lips are moving). It’s “period”, as in “If you like your plan you can keep your plan. Period.

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          • 1stgoblyn says:

            Remember when Bill Clinton went on tv and pointed his finger at us and lied, saying, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky…” ? This video of Biden is the equivalent of Bill Clinton lying to us about his Oval Office trysts. And yes, you can almost hear Willy saying “Period.”


    • rickinhouston says:

      I’m probably wrong. But, simply think about the small news cycle.
      You can bet there is a small team of people in a room figuring out how to best get out the information Durham, Barr and others are sitting on.
      Do you drop it in October? Do you drop a piece each week for six weeks leading up to the election?
      It’s all so fantastical (but true) that it must be handled correctly.

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    • 2brknot2b says:

      Pretty sure you can’t call Soetoro a closet commie. He’s very overt about his belief system.


  2. California Joe says:

    President Trump needs to be reelected that’s the only thing that matters at this point.

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    • Ragle Gumm says:

      This is the truth. The only thing that matters is that President Trump is re-elected. Everything else is contingent on this one event, including the future of the Republic.

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    • bentley1blog says:

      That goes without saying. Am changing ‘needs to be reelected’ to ‘must be reelected’. Couldn’t resist.


  3. SoonerGirl1201 says:

    NSA-D-DAG: Flynn calls. Other countries
    D-DAG: team found [?] useless
    VP: “Logan Act”
    P: These are unusual times
    VP: I’ve been on the intel committee for ten years
    and I never
    P: Make sure you look at things – have the right people on it
    P: Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling transition
    D: Flynn > Kislyak calls but appear legit
    Apple – Happy New Year – Yeah right

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    • kittylenoir says:

      Second sentence looks like” lean forward is useless”
      Could mean engaging Flynn is useless?

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      • kittylenoir says:

        Wray said that same phrase ‘lean forward’ today in his interview with Brett.

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        • Ed Holder says:

          I noticed “lean forward” with Wray too. My wild hair… – “D. DAG: lean forward on matiss” (misspelling of “Mattis”)? Mattis fired Flynn in 2010 and was the incoming Sec Def. Strzok often doesn’t cross his t’s. I’m voting for “m” as the first letter. Compare with “committee” short hand, and transition “team”. Doesn’t look like a “u” – compare “cuts”, “unusual”, “but”. The m is not as consistent in unusual “times” though.


          • Ed Holder:
            Director Wray referenced ‘lean forward’ in regards to FBI efforts to keep congressional committees informed re investigations, and he used it with a sense of pride. Hence, if ‘come forward’ means, generally, to provide testimony in response to precise questions, ‘lean forward’ may mean, possibly, to provide general (not specific) information. I presume it’s FBI and congressional jargon, because Wray used it freely.
            In these notes, the notetaker (I’m not really sure who originally took these notes) maintains the first person as if present at the actual event, because it’s easier to transcribe the exact words as spoken. When information is relayed to others, the notes will use third person, because, again, it’s simply easier. Clearly, who ever took the original notes was THERE!
            Notice marking at top: NSA-D-DAG: meaning that words or items came through that channel, and the colon indicates attribution of statement or item.
            Below that we see:(D-DAG: lean forward is useless)which MEANS THAT D (DIRECTOR) TOLD DAG (Deputy DIRECTOR) THAT ‘LEANING FORWARD’ IS USELESS.
            In conclusion, the use of hyphens and colons is key to understanding.
            Just a thought!


            • cont.
              Also, Obama’s question re omitting particular issues in discussion with transition team is followed by a statement by Comey. I believe this should be taken as his answer,i.e that Flynn’s calls to Kislyak should be omitted in discussions with transition team, although (as an afterthought) THEY APPEAR “legit,” to which someone must have said, “Happy New Year!” As if that was the purpose of the call, to which someone (maybe Comey himself) added, “yeah, right!”


              • cont.
                Attribution of the Happy New Year portion is still uncertain. Clearly, the writer scribbled something hurriedly to indicate a speaker, and either crossed it out, or wrote something specific that remains cryptic.


  4. Peter Gleason says:

    Can someone explain to me how this is exculpatory? Either I’m blind, or its under the redaction, which makes the release to Flynn’s defense very titillating…


    • Raptors2020 says:

      Obama will be defended and protected forever, now because they’re protecting Biden, also.

      Comey is the suitable fall guy, but in my opinion, Comey was the driving force in pursuing President Trump.

      Flynn was Obama’s white whale, but Comey thought he could be the giant-killer to get the President.

      When Comey was belatedly fired, the sedition plot collapsed, and his underlings pivoted to impeachment. I’m forever baffled by the people here who think the Steele Dossier was produced to facilitate Trump’s impeachment, prior to the election. The election that was destined to be a landslide victory for Hillary? Uh, no..

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    • trumpetter says:

      What is exculpatory is that Strzok is admitting that Flynn’s calls were were legal, meaning there was no reason to investigate him. Secondly, how did they know the details of Flynn’s calls? There was no FISA warrant out on him.

      Thirdly, “is there anything I shouldn’t be telling transition team” indicates they were deceptive to the Trump team, our elected president. Why shouldn’t they tell him everything, as president he should know it all.

      There’s a lot of good information him. Keep in mind, this is about the illegalities of pursing General Flynn as he was an advisor to the president. This is a huge deal.


  5. Michelle says:

    The line “Flynn—>Kislyak calls but appear legit” may instead be an instruction to get Flynn in trouble for the Kislyak calls but try to appear legitimate doing it.

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  6. I won't back down says:

    It makes a difference who D is

    D director comey


    D = chief of staff Denis McD

    Keep that in mind

    Per a little bird


  7. Zimbalistjunior says:

    The law enforcement side is to be done by the book.
    The intel national security side has no book.

    Obama is telling comey that you gotta get rid of Flynn from the admin. Either by the book through a standard actual legal proceeding.
    Or not by the book through a different way consonant with intel activity.

    Priestap is asking what is our goal?
    To have Flynn lie and then be charged. (By the book)
    Or to coerce him to resign or arrange for him to be fired. (Not by the book but in keeping with national security intel means)

    In the end they did both. They got rid of him through a scam firing and then went after him with a legal proceeding anyway because they needed to for PR reasons and or to get him to get trump.

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    • atomichillbilly says:

      They were panicking.

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    • TPW says:

      So what date did Obama tell Trump to beware of Flynn and how does that fit into the plans? Did Obama actually believe Flynn was a problem? If they wanted to Hurt Trump why would Obama try and warn Trump to not have him part of his administration? Seems like they would have wanted Flynn in place as NSA when they would then indict him. PT would look incompetent or worse colluding with Russia thru Flynn……


      • LeperSandwich says:

        I think the idea was that by telling Trump to look out for Flynn, BHO could (falsely) claim that he was looking out for Trump rather than plotting against him (knowing his advise would not be heeded), and it also planted the seed of doubt so that when Barry’s people later claimed that Flynn had lied to the VP, they’d be believed and Flynn (threat of exposure of IC misdeed) would be removed. I think that by the time Obama said this to Trump, they anticipated springing some sort of bogus trap on Flynn.


  8. Dianne Read says:

    NSA. D. DAG. Flynn cuts. Other countries
    D. DAG: lean forward is useless
    VP: “Logan Act“
    P: These are unusual times
    VP: I’ve been on the intel committee for ten years and I never
    P: Make sure you look ab [about] things and have the right people on it
    P: Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling transition team?
    D: Flynn -> Kislyak calls but appear legit
    Apple – Happy New Year. Yeah right


    • TANGO268 says:

      I read that last line as starting with “Applic[.]” not Apple. Short for FISA application, perhaps?

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    • kittylenoir says:

      I agree with lean forward but agree with SoonerGirl above that first sentene is Flynn calls. other countries.

      Which might mean check into his other calls?


    • Armchair Quarterback says:

      I would like to propose that one of the lines refers to obstruction of justice……as in
      “Make sure you lode (load) ob (obstruction) things ….and have the right people on it”. Meaning set up the inevitable claims of obstruction of justice claims and rally cry with the usual people/groups.


  9. CTH Fan says:

    I see that the opposition has decided to appear at CTH and tries to throw cold water on the facts in the Strzok writings. Obviously they are worried that Former President Obama’s role in all this criminality is being exposed.

    Hannity’s sources say that the blacked out area once revealed will be worse. If this is true, Former President Obama and friends should wise up and stay quiet and not provoke further declassification.

    Just saying. The cat is out of the bag now.

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  10. atomichillbilly says:

    Next is the part where they all start pointing fingers at each other.


  11. atomichillbilly says:

    Next is the part where they all start pointing fingers at each other.


  12. strateshooter says:

    the 64K$ question…
    why were they so fixated on Flynn ?
    Why does he frighten them so much ?
    They knew he was NOT a Russian spy.They KNEW he had broken no laws.
    Yet they set out to destroy him.
    Why ?


    • Conservative_302 says:

      Flynn knew where Obama’s bodies are buried. Also, there was No way they could pull this coup off with Flynn in the administration. He would have exposed them so he had to go.

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    • BoarHouse says:

      They needed to muzzle him, As DNI would have the intel access and expertise to fully expose the criminal activity of zero’s admin

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    • TPW says:

      Could have been to legitimize the Russian collusion hoax….Flynn was telling Russia classified info…= PT= Russia collusion.


    • Linda Wood says:

      Gen. Flynn has consistently opposed the CIA proxy relationship with terrorist forces in the Middle East and was outspoken about it as Director of Defense Intelligence, for which he was fired. Comey is former general counsel for Lockheed and former board member of HSBC, a money laundering bank for terrorism. Flynn represents American military leaders who oppose our treasonous foreign policy, and as such he is public enemy number one to the people Eisenhower warned us about, the merchants of death.

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    • Peppurr says:

      Thanks for asking this.


    • ballgame17 says:

      First, You don’t let the fox in the henhouse ,but you continue to invade the henhouse with rats as a back-up . Ergo, make sure the right people are on it!


  13. Cueball says:

    I R A N……Oblamo needed ( needs ) to protect all info dealing with his deal with the mullahs .

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  14. Carter Burger says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think Barack was orchestrating this is fooling themselves. This goes right to the top. Barack knew that is legacy was in jeopardy and was gonna do anything he could to save it.

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    • jaggggg says:

      Legacy? If Flynn was going to go on a mission to uncover all the database and other intel abuses (as well as uncover any dirt on the Iran deal) it wasn’t his “legacy” that was a problem it was the CRIMES that he directed. Obama has no “legacy” but for whatever he imagines he can get some idiot MSM person to say. What his real “legacy” was, however, was to weaponize the IRS, FBI, CiA and God knows whatever agency he could implant some data “contractors” to dig out the dirt on ANYONE of any standing for the purposes of blackmail by him or future Democrats. Doing that feat insures an awful lot of fealty and RICHES down the line.

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  15. Siba says:

    here “actors”? –> NSA.D. DAG. Flynn cuts. Other [????s]


  16. trnathens says:

    Another option:

    Line 1: Flynn cuts. Other countries.

    (Implicates Five Eyes)

    Line 2: le or Command or moles s

    The first two letters could be acronym for “law enforcement” (le)

    (Are these surveillance options being discussed? “(Law Enforcement); could “Command” refer to NSA database?; and, they used moles)


  17. mark says:

    It’s time for President Trump to call the Judicial branch’s bluff. Put LTG Flynn in the best position possible to expose the corruption that he (Flynn) can. Then tell the Judicial branch to pound sand. The Judicial branch is out on a limb on this one and they need a right hook to the jaw.


  18. Ed Holder says:

    Grasping at straws here… – “D. DAG: lean forward on matiss” (misspelling of “Mattis”)? He often doesn’t cross his t’s, but he isn’t shy of capitals either. Mattis fired Flynn in 2010 and was the incoming Sec Def.


    • Ed Holder says:

      I’m voting for “m” as the first letter. Compare with “committee” short hand, and transition “team”. Doesn’t look like a “u” – compare “cuts”, “unusual”, “but”. The m is not as consistent in unusual “times” though.


  19. Somebody's Gramma says:

    What is interesting to me is no one stood up to Obama. No one that I know of. Clearly they knew they were not only on thin ice, they were doing something illegal.
    Yet, Trump is assaulted and undermined hourly by the #resistance.
    So incredibly hypocritical.
    This is systemic “white guilt” if I’ve ever seen it.


  20. sarasotosfan says:

    Can you imagine now the notes retained and evidence that James Comey is withholding in his defense?

    I can. The Swamp has a big problem.

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  21. TJ says:

    All of these CYA notes tells me, there is no honor among thieves. Corruptocrats, Big-Con Mobs, rent-seekers, extortionists, racketeers, non-profits, NGOs, all in search of public-private gravy trains and drawn to the centralized statist cesspool like sewer flies.

    Middle class taxpaying “dreamers” are the only victims of this predatory class of sophisticated shills, sellouts, and political slaves kneeling to their globalist masters.

    “The swamp is deeper then I thought.” – PT

    With CTH investigative analysis you can always “go deep”. Thanks SD!

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  22. wxobserver says:

    In a Ted Cruz podcast (see 17:00 in the video), Barr says (almost in passing) that the Strzok notes are from Jan 5th. But…he isn’t queried further about it and it’s not at all clear how much stock we should put in that statement.


    • Armchair. says:

      This was very informative and illuminating! Thanks for posting.


      • Anon says:

        Does anyone really believe, now that all of this has been revealed, that what Chuck Schumer said on the Rachel Maddow Show on Jan 3, 2017:

        Chuck Schumer to Maddow: “If you mess with the Intelligence Community they have six way to Sunday to get back at you,”

        Was that really a “coincidence” or a “lucky guess”?

        Strzok’s notes show that “Sleepy Joe” was neck deep in all of this, in addition to Obama, so I wonder now if Chuck Schumer’s name is not under one of those other redacted sections?


    • MACAULAY says:

      He does appear in this video to believe Strzok scribblings were “notes of the January 5th meeting…” But Sundance may have figured out something he hasn’t.

      The part before that comment is another of Barr’s blasts that give me so much hope that Justice is at hand. An honorable man, and I think Barr is, does not say such things as what happened in 2016 was “one of the largest FRAUDS and INJUSTICES in American history”—and then do nothing about it.

      He went on to say that “the Justice Department and FBI were right in the center of it and that was turning the law enforcement and intelligence agencies…against a political opponent’s political campaign” and “I have been criticized for…trying to…hold accountable the people that were involved.”

      Gotta Hope.

      Liked by 3 people

      • TPW says:

        Or Barr is stringing everyone along….saying what we want to hear but anticipating PT loses election…..I know that is skeptical as all get out…..but what we have found out so far is …there is a pile of corruption on both sides….and they are very calculating….hope to be wrong.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          Or Barr is simply making us think he is stringing us along…

          while really he’s planning to reveal everything

          and then say that it’s not REALLY real….

          and was all just a dream.

          The ole “Newhart/Bob Newhart Show Double-Bluff Technique”

          Seen it a million times…….


  23. berniekopell says:

    Comey probably also has his own set of notes. He documented post meeting conversations with Trump and IMO has his private CYA memos/notes (on a personal device/account) that he will disclose only if the time comes when he needs them. What he considers his “get out of jail free” card. To me these notes look like they were taken contemporaneous with what was being discussed, so Strzok was sitting at a desk somwhere listening in and writing at the same time. We have another sample of Strzok’s handwritign in the Flynn interview 302 notes, so someone with more time on their hands may draw better conclusions about the hard to decipher letters/words by comparing that prior sample.


  24. AWM says:

    “On January 22, 2017, Flynn was sworn in as the National Security Advisor.” (Wiki)

    Not just the incoming NSA of President Trump but the NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    And the outgoing administration and its foreign allies illegally and maliciously targeted this guy with every means at its disposal both national and international short of a 6.5mm sniper rifle! As far as we know.

    Yet nobody, well almost nobody, mentions an “international” effort or conspiracy when in effect we know for sure that there is one spanning many countries and intelligence agencies even including the RUSSIAN FSB.
    Has even one of these “perps” had a loaded 1911 45ACP put to their head, or better yet their knee first, and asked not so politely to TALK. When they hesitate we gently squeeze the trigger and move to the next knee.

    Hey, it’s “NATIONAL SECURITY” so isn’t it about time we got to the bottom of this plot to overthrow the US Government or perhaps even destroy the country with a “first strike” during these periods of Marxist inspired chaos.
    That, after all, has always been and will always be “The Communist Plan.”

    Ronald Reagan said the only point of disagreement between the Russians and the Chinese was how to destroy America.


  25. Erford says:

    “Lean Forward” is the MSNBC slogan at the time. Maybe coordination with them was useless.


  26. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Check this out.

    It looks like Obama and Biden got the idea of prosecuting the incoming administration on Logan Act violations from the TV show “The West Wing.”


  27. dustahll says:

    If a big fish ,say Comey, gets squeezed hard with a lot of jail time, Comey would flip so fast your head would spin. Until that is the case its all smoke and mirrors, because that would be the obvious way to crack, IT, wide open.


  28. Padric says:

    While I agree with Sundance that Strzok’s notes are likely the result of Comey re-stating who said what at the 1/5/17 meeting, there’s something about the notes that makes me think otherwise and it’s this section:

    VP: Logan Act Violation
    P: These are interesting times
    VP: I’ve been on the Intel Committee for ten years and I never
    P: Make sure you look at things and have the right people on it

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me that Strzok, who we know already has to go back and clean up his own notes so they make sense to him later, would bother with that “I’ve” if its just Comey restating the conversation to him. That’s the sort of thing you write when you’re in the room with someone and are in the moment, writing contemporaneously, so is the Obama “interesting times” line. If he’s just note taking based on Comey’s re-telling, that’s a complete throw away line, it has zero weight on the conversation as its just the president musing out loud. Further, Strzok would have saved himself time by simply writing: “VP: Been on the intel committee and has never”. Furthermore, that “And I never” reads like he was interrupted or was speaking at the same time as Obama. Also, he’s got quotation marks around “Logan Act V”, like he’s quoting that directly.

    So either Strzok was in the room, or….Comey wore a wire and these notes are Strzok transcribing what he hears either during or after the fact. It’s not that outlandish, really. We already know Comey was willing to record conversations with president Trump so I find it hard to believe, despite his under oath denials that he did so under Obama.

    There’s one other thing that’s been bugging me about this note. Sally Yates. In her testimony she says she didn’t find out about the Flynn investigation until the “follow on” meeting on 1/5/17 and was shocked to find out about it. But according the the 302 of her interview that was recently released, she says its Comey that brings up the Logan Act. Strzok’s note says it was Biden. So who’s lying here?

    Furthermore, based on that same 302, we find out that George Toscas and Mary McCord were briefed by the FBI about the Flynn calls the day before, on 1/4/17, which means that all on that same day you had McCabe, based on the Lync messages from Strzok, making noises about there being a problem with Flynn, him giving the cuts to Clapper, Clapper briefing Obama and somebody from the FBI briefing DOJ. Even Yates in her 302 says that the FBI was way more interested in prosecuting a Logan violation than anyone at DOJ was because DoJ didn’t think a jury would see it as a big deal, which is saying something considering they’d be getting a DC jury.


  29. avocadodipp says:

    If indeed Comey talked to Clapper (who told Comey what was said by Obama, Biden, etc.) – then Comey told Strzok (who made notes)… Did I get that right?? Anyway, there is a 4th possibility:

    This was another CYA statement for Comey. Comey knew Strzok would make notes. The little weasel was probably frantically taking notes as the Great James Comey spoke. A lot of this stuff is leverage – against Obama, Brennan, Clapper… I honestly think Strzok is such a dope, he didn’t try to cover his tracks. He was a useful idiot.


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