Peter Navarro Shreds John Bolton…

White House Trade Policy Advisor Peter Navarro outlines what many CTH readers are aware of.  John Bolton begged for the job and enlisted Sean Hannity and Mark Levin to get advanced recommendations.  That’s how he got in. However, as National Security Advisor John Bolton never understood the President Trump doctrine, using economics to achieve national security objectives.  Underline it, highlight it, that’s the primary issue.

In this interview Navarro goes full wolverine on Bolton, and deservedly so.  What Navarro outlines is the truthful reality.  You can tell because it aligns at every level with what we watched every day while John Bolton was in the administration. God bless Navarro for truthfully calling the baby ugly.  WATCH:


John Bolton felt unimportant in the world of geopolitics because President Trump relied on the economic team of Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary Ross, USTR Lighthizer and Trade Advisor Peter Navarro to achieve national security objectives.

Bolton was the knuckledragger at the end of the table, useful as leverage, where Trump could point to him and say lets make a deal to keep the warmongers like this guy out of the picture. Bolton’s biggest problem was with that Trump doctrine.

President Trump’s foreign policy doctrine is executed through the prism of using economics to achieve national security objectives.

This approach was so fundamentally foreign to Bolton that he couldn’t wrap his mind around how trade and economics could be used instead of dropping bombs.

Note Bolton’s own quote “I had the most futile role of all“.

He was futile because his DC neocon view to achieve national security through military is so far away from the successful strategic deployment of economics that he cannot fathom it.

Bolton had no way to open his mouth at the table because the economic team was speaking a foreign language.

The use of economics requires an entirely different set of skills. The strategic map is not looked at from the position of geographies; the map is viewed from the perspectives of wealth, currency exchanges, trade dynamics, tariffs, rules of commerce and other complex economic contracts that require a completely different frame of reference.

Planning successful outcomes on an economic front requires taking steps, gaming out the opponents financial goals, and taking actions that seem completely disconnected at the time they are happening – but come together much later on.

An example is U.S. energy development: a strong U.S.-Saudi Arabia relationship to coordinate lower oil prices, liquefied natural gas to Poland and simultaneous sanctions against Venezuela. Collectively this type of strategic economic process hurts the affluence of Russia, Iran and China and inhibits their geopolitical influence.

Hurt their strategic affluence, diminish their strategic influence… That’s geopolitical warfare using economics. This type of economic leverage is foreign to the mind of John Bolton who prefers a military approach.

Notice how the strategic economic team are exactly the same as the day the administration began?  The only member who changed in the first term was adding NEC Director Larry Kudlow to replace Gary Cohen after the China tariffs started.

The the economic team are achieving the desired results by following a plan Donald Trump thought about, formulated and expressed for decades. The group has remained consistent because they follow this economic strategy. Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary Ross, USTR Lightizer, Trade Advisor Navarro and NEC Chairman Kudlow are executing a well-defined plan, policy and strategy.

Bolton could never fathom how to be part of that economic strategy.

Bolton is clueless, won’t last long…

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92 Responses to Peter Navarro Shreds John Bolton…

  1. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Never been prouder of Navarro. He decimated Bolton here, and it is extremely well-deserved.

    “There’s something wrong with that dude”.

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    • simplewins says:

      Navarro is truth.

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    • Jan says:

      Bolton has an ego triple the size of the President”s & the word “hawkish” on wars doesn’t go far enough in describing his world view.

      Glad he”s gone.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        When a person has an extremely high IQ, above and beyond most they are or have been around, it isn’t also “ego” that they are projecting as they are correct on most issues. They are just smarter than most around them. I think President Trump has a humble heart, but he’s a tough as nails streetfighter that put him in the Oval Office and can come across to some as rather egotistical. Even so, I actually think he has earned that perspective based on his high IQ and far greater experiences and successes because of it. JMO.

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        • Jan says:

          Personally, I think the press & enemy attacks on the President (about his ego) are not warranted. He’s a successful business man. They’re not. He’s resurrecting the economy as we write, despite the Democrats’ efforts to block & stall.

          I’ve never seen him in public, but I was watching his arrival at an Argentine opera with Melania & the angle of the camera shot gave me the impression that when he looks at whoever he is talking to in an intimate setting, he puts his entire focus on them and the effect is powerful. Ego or not, that is a great leader. IMHAO

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        • p'odwats says:

          The president is surrounded by Judases waiting to stab him in the back at every moment. He can’t be a typical squish Republican like W or his daddy. Hell, even Reagan was far too nice to the Democrats who were constantly bashing him. We have someone in Donald Trump who knows the real enemies of America are, and sadly they’re domestic and homegrown. Not a time for a weakling in the Oval Office.

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        • President Trump being an egotistical person is another MSM created narrative. Just giving two examples from many –
          1) During 2016 campaign, candidate Trump did something, and Savage, the egotistical maniac he is, went bonkers on him. But candidate Trump still went for an interview on his radio show. Mind you, this was the time when candidate Trump was already having thousands lined up for his rallies and he didn’t need Savage to broadcast his message.
          2) Another example, remember that “conservative ” guy virtuously declaring castrating candidate Trump because of NBCs hit job with that leaked audio? I remember President Trump very graciously tweeting to buy his new book about a year or two ago.

          An egotistical person will never do these things, no matter the price or consequences. If you think logically, show me one business man/woman who is egoistic. You will be hard pressed to find one who is successful in business with this “feature “.

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        • Blue Water Fox says:

          Don’t get mad at somebody who knows more ‘n you do . It ain’t their fault.

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    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      OK – fine – but what in the heck was missing with Navarro that he recommended this fu%k to begin with??? And Levin?? What’s the matter with them??? No flipping judge of character!!! No discernment. Enough of us know how degenerate and corrupt the Bush dynasty is going back to Prescott and arming freaking Hitler – and Bolton is a Bushie. Prescott’s grave needs to be spat on daily. I am sick of this president being led to include one after another crap characters in his admin.

      Further – are you kidding me with Bolton?? He looks like a damned fool – Wally the Walrus! Seersucker suit indeed. Beet red face.


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      • CarolynH says:

        Navarro didn’t recommend Bolton – HANNITY and LEVIN did – and I will add missing here – was Lou Dobbs as well. He was on Dobbs almost nightly begging for the job and Lou kept saying he hoped he got the job.


        • p'odwats says:

          I think Levin and Hannity are finally realizing all those CONservatives they’ve befriended over the years in the establishment are all CON men. Anybody connected with the Bush family like Bolton should be looked upon with suspicion.

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        • john says:

          And Lou distanced himself from and disavowed Bolton a couple nights ago on his newscast. Went so far as to say he USED to consider Bolton a friend, but not any more.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      If you have something bad to say about Trump, you get free airtime and advertising. If you are Trump positive, you get nothing. Ann Coulter figured this out early in the game.

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    • George Moomaw says:

      I believe Bolton was brought on for one reason – to scare adversaries. The problem here was Bolton was too ignorant to understand this strategic concept. He actually thought he could waltz in and start bombing some country.
      As Buggs Bunny used to say …. “what a maroon”

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    • When total evisceration is called for, nobody does it better than Peter Navarro!

      He’s like the new AC-130W Stinger gunship firing howitzer round after round of truth at the target as he circles around to his next point. Follows up point #1 with multiple salvos of armor piercing 30mm autocannon rounds at the heart of the target.

      He seems to me to be the most protective fellow to POTUS on President Trump’s entire staff & I sure wish President Trump had more folks like him on his team. I like most of the other folks too, but Navarro is like a Wolverine in the way he gleefully accepts his role on the team.

      I wish he’d be the follow-on after President Trump leaves office in 2024, but by then he’ll likely have seen enough of DC to last two lifetimes.

      What a guy, though!

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    • WOW! Burned Big Lie Book Deal bolton to the ground!

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  2. Magabear says:

    Levin and Hannity. Both pushed hard for Pierre Dilecto on 2008 and 2012 to win the GOP nomination. Both knee capped Mike Huckabee in 2008 but now act friendly towards him. Both pushed hard for Bolton. Both cheered for WMD and the Iraq war. I’m sure I missed a few here.

    No one is always right and we all regret some of our political decisions (I made calls for Mittens in 2012 and put a Mittens bumper sticker on my car 😲), but like the earlier article on Heritage taking big Google $$$, our conservative talking heads don’t always have our best intentions at heart.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      “John Bolton begged for the job and enlisted Sean Hannity and Mark Levin to get advanced recommendations.”
      There is a HUGE difference between what SD stated above, and what you claim: “Both pushed hard for Bolton”.


  3. FreyFelipe says:

    Suppose you were an war mongering, lying, back stabbing idiot. And suppose you were John Bolton. But I repeat myself.

    It might have been worth all that money the President allocated to send John Bolton on all those expensive trips abroad, except he keep coming back.

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  4. TarsTarkas says:

    Unfortunately his book will be used by Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi as grist for another run at impeachment. Bald-faced lies got us to within one vote of a permanent Senate investigation during the first impeachment trial.

    I’m becoming increasingly convinced they’re trying to do everything not to win the election, but to stop it from happening so that they can declare victory, depose Trump, and install DeMentia and then push him out in favor of Joe’s VP ‘pick’.

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  5. Debra says:

    Saw John Solomon on Lou say that Bolton was the rumor-monger for the WMD threat in Iraq — which he pieced together without substantiation.

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  6. Joe Blow says:

    The wolverine family pic is always a welcome sight. 🙂

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  7. calbear84 says:

    Wow. Navarro lays waste to “big lie” John Bolton!
    More importantly, he sings the praises of President Trump loudly and with great pride. Nice job.

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  8. citizen817 says:

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    • jimrockfish says:

      That video was great. Navarro is great. No tip toeing around etc. Just boom 💥 right back at Bolton. And the way he speaks about the President is awesome. Real respect.

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  9. Mike in a Truck says:

    Bolton was used to dealing with lawyers in the White House. Lawyers love war. They make money off it. Kinetic warfare is all Bolton and lawyers understand. Economic warfare is lost on them. Thats why President Trump is so effective, he understands economic warfare. Hell, he practiced it his entire adult life.

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    • DAVID C GALUSI says:

      Mike, speaking as lawyer and a conservative libertarian, your generalization is off the mark. Perhaps more than anyone, lawyers understand that there are many roads to victory, and many ways to wage war. In the case of lawyers, kinetic warfare would be most akin to going to trial. The overwhelming majority of cases filed in this country get resolved well before trial. Yes, we do not shy away from a good fight, and figuratively run towards the danger, but only when all other options fail. The threat of trial, or war, and the resources to carry out that threat, Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘big stick,’ is a useful tool, but like war itself, kinetic, or in the form of economics / business ( which is also likened to war, ), or any other of many forms,are just tools, that one needs to know how to use best. I oppose unnecessary use and sacrifice of our blood and treasure. Bolton was a war-mongering, Deep State, Neo-Con relic who is jilted because the Donald sent him packing and wouldn’t let him talk him into another unneeded war.

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  10. California Joe says:

    I’m truly amazed at the number of people hIred by President Trump and given the incredible opportunity of working in the White House who turned around and stabbed him in the back! What am I missing????

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    • Sharon says:

      You’ve just under-estimated the nastiness of those whose admittance into places of power and authority is dependent on deception of all kinds. It’s a common mistake on the part of those who are accustomed to speaking truthfully and, as a result, never see it coming when they are suddenly imposed on, directly or indirectly, by practiced, power-hungry deceivers.

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    • Eric C. says:

      Draining the swamp, gotta expose the swamp creatures.

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    • GB Bari says:

      You are seeing the trials of a man with not only a high degree of intelligence but also an inherently big heart where he tries to see the good in people and give them an opportunity to prove their mettle.

      Unfortunately many players in the DC Swamp have become experts at misrepresenting themselves and their objectives. They grovel at the feet of the powerful to get themselves a seat at the table but then once on the inside, begin to play out their true intentions and either gain more power for themselves or gain personal wealth via graft.

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        No one has exposed the DC crooks better than President Trump !

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      • Olivia Robbins says:

        This John Bolton was all about regime change. Regime change everywhere. Can you imagine how upsetting that is to the leaders of all countries who are within earshot of hearing that?

        He had no business appearing on television talking about the “Libyan Model” as if it were a tried and true method, especially knowing the outcome of that disaster.

        When Kim Jong Un heard what he said, it upset all the talks between him and President Trump. Supposedly he apologized when confronted by the President.

        I wonder if he wrote about this in his book. He’s an idiot. Look no further.

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    • Dekester says:

      You are missing nothing.

      IMO these folks are by and large just your everyday Sociopaths. Or fools that are being Blackmailed.

      PDJT, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and Ben Carson are not hence that they work well for all that is good.

      God bless PDJT

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    • MBB says:

      Either Deep State Actors or in “Book Deal” Bolton’s case Typical Military Industrial Complex shills. War is the lifeblood of the state. Always bad actors with a different agenda that us hit the president’s agenda. Clinton, Obama and Bushes were groomed and desirous snd came to office with a loyal team.

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  11. John Good says:

    ” The team consistency is because this economic team is achieving the desired results by following a plan that Donald Trump has thought about and formulated for decades. ”

    I was impressed with my mentor during the 80’s & NOW I am even more impressed by his forethought & wisdom! You Americans really lucked-out when Donald J. Trump defeated “the conniving Witch”.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      The conniving incompetent grifting greedy Witch. Who somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of inevitable victory against the opponent of her choice.

      Who threatened or blackmailed Biden into not running in 2016. Who might have won the election.

      Think about this: We right now could have been in the middle of a 25th Amendment deposition of Delusional Joe in favor of his VP.

      Of course there would have been no health lockdown (assuming nothing else had changed). And the MSM would have been singing the praises of the courageous valiant bureaucrats of the FDA and the CDC as they slow-walked expensive drugs and universal required vaccines for the New Flu.

      Sometimes I game out these scenarios in my head just so I can shudder at what might have been.

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  12. theasdgamer says:

    Just remember that it’s trouble to eschew little wars totally and embrace pacificism. That’s what America did between WW1 and WW2. The result was military unpreparedness and the Pearl Harbor fiasco. You need a little war every now and then to keep your military sharp. But not lots of little wars and not constantly.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      That was on Woodrow Wilson by trying to force the US into the League of Nations, after breaking George Washington’s plea for the nation not to get in foreign entanglements. The wrongheadedness and rapaciousness of the winning Allies disgusted Americans so much they were more than glad to turn their backs on the world again.

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    • VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

      No! No! and No!

      Say that to the bones of those who die in “little wars”

      Say that to the parents, siblings and all too often spouses and children of those who die in “little wars”

      Say that to the terrified citizenry of some far off “little country” for the toll inflicted on them for a glorified “Readiness Exercise” ?!?

      The concept of “limited warfare” and “surgical strikes” should be an anathema to us. To them that hold this consideration as valid let them be eternally condemned!

      War is the most consequential action a nation can take. Very much like a governor ordering a death row prisoner to his final justice. It is all violent, blunt force trauma with terrible costs even for the Victor.

      There is a reason the Constitution requires a Congressional Act to declare War on a mortal enemy of ours. They who would seek to destroy us have to get thru our Military first.

      Anything less urgent – try economic warfare, try diplomatic efforts and possibly containment, blockades and trade interdictions. See what that gets us and maybe see how the “bad guys” respond.

      Military sloth and complacency are not ok either, but with all other large human organizations, hold the leaders accountable for leadership and stay out of their business in the meantime.

      This is why I voted for President Trump. He won my vote when he explained why our invasion of Iraq in 2003 was one of the worst decisions our country has ever made.

      I thank God for his courage to say that to the Swamp. To the Military-Industrial Complex the 5-star General Eisenhower warned us about.

      At best, the MIC is almost an extortionary insurance policy that costs way too much, one you hope you never have to use.

      And I say this as a veteran and my dad raised us kids working for a defense contractor.

      And my son is planning to enlist in the USAF tomorrow. With my full support, blessings and my heart bursting with pride.


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  13. Daniel M. Camac says:

    For a guy who wasn’t a big tariffs aficionado (Peter conformed this earlier on one of SD’s blogs) he sure is a strong supporter of Our President and I can’t give him enough credit for standing up for what he believes is right. We need more Peter Navarros.

    He came around on the tariffs when he understood President Trump’s economic plan.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Hear, hear!


    • Guessed says:

      I used to be a believer in the (Milton Friedman) position that free trade is good for both parties. And, that every nation had some comparative advantage that they could exploit for economic gain. For instance, we sell food to the Southern hemisphere half the year, and we buy food from the Southern hemisphere half the year: win-win. But the comparative advantage that China brings to the table is the willingness to make its citizens work for a few dollars a day, fenced in work camps (Foxconn), with no benefits and abysmal working conditions. Further, Chinese industry need not worry about pollution of the air with smog or the water with hexavalent chromium salts; there are no EPA rules or Superfund sites in China. And, they manipulate their currency and steal intellectual property. Further, the proceeds of their industry go to the CCP to fund military efforts against us, which likely include development of bioweapons like coronavirus, whether they intentionally released it, or not. So, I have come around to the notion that free trade is not possible with China the way it might be with England, or France, or Chile, or Ghana, etc.

      Further, tariffs on NAFTA and NATO partners who exploit loopholes in trade agreements to facilitate subrosa Chinese imports, or shirk their defense commitments are justified, too.


  14. California Joe says:

    After destroying China and Xi with tariffs why would President Trump ask Xi for help with the 2020 election…and expect to get it??? It’s hilarious!

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    • evergreen says:

      It’s told because it’s what the anti-Trump element will receive to bolster its confirmation bias. They are capable of dissonance. Heck, not just capable, it’s how they live. Trump is supposedly simultaneously virulently anti-chinese, racist, and a total suck-up to China. Well, which is it? To an anti-Trumper, it’s both.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      It’s classic Leftist cognitive dissonance. Trump tried to wreck China’s economy in order for Xi to support his reelection. Trump is Putin’s stooge because Putin desperately wanted tighter economic sanctions imposed on his country.

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      C Joe, Yes. Apparently, the president is capable of schmoozing, charming, and seducing people into doing his bidding while he dismantles their strategic global influence. I suppose Nanbo and Goiter Boy were supposed to pick up on this and recycle the “It’s bribery. No, it’s extortion. No, it’s bribery…well it’s both…after all, this is Trump we’re talking about” narrative while Bolton’s book shot to #1, but it looks like Nanbo doesn’t want to play along. No telling how this maneuver plays into her long term stragety…assuming she still has one.

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  15. Jim in TN says:

    It was useful for Trump to have a big ape waving around a big stick. “Let’s talk. You really don’t want the alternative.” Trump could say while pointing at his big ape.

    But this big ape didn’t understand his roll. “Why No Smash?”, cried the ape. “Smash good. Talk bad.”

    You know, a couple of power hungry apes have used the job of National Security Ape to become Secretary of State. I guess those two were smart enough to understand talk is good.

    But I have never seen the NSApe rise to be SecDef, nor a SecDef fall to be NSApe. Most NSApes are smart enough to know that when the real smashing starts, that they are sidelined for the professionals who report to the President, not the NSApe.

    Seriously, how could someone so stupid rise to such heights? How could anybody have thought well of such a dumb ape?

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  16. Whenever a totally stupid statement ( The Libyan Model ) gets blurted out by an administration official…..whoooops. That is the tipping point for whomever does the stupid blurting. Just imagine Chairman Kim leafing through the photos of Khadafi’s tortured body and thinking “Gosh, this Bolton guy wants this for me?” The Libyan Model….wow. Dumb.

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  17. Stephen Parrish says:

    I’m gonna hire some real killers. He did.


  18. Jeffrey Coley says:

    I was genuinely shocked when President Trump hired Bolton.


  19. Blind no Longer says:

    It appears that in his arrogance, John Bolton thought he could get in there and “change” Donald J Trump into a neocon war monger with a thirst for foreign blood and world domination.

    Didn’t work…hence the book. Bolton is still trying to destroy people he disagrees with, even if he can’t use bombs this time.


  20. MaineCoon says:

    “Bolton had no way to open his mouth at the table because the economic team was speaking a foreign language.”

    Funny and so true.

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  21. HardyBrooks says:

    The previous post by Conservative Treehouse re:funding for Heritage and Federalist by Google is being blocked on my computer, and I have 3 different browsers.


  22. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    That’s what it looks like when a man tells the truth. The two bobble heads weren’t sure what that was. Very refreshing to see.

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  23. Cowboy79 says:

    Perhaps these 3 words describe Mr. Bolton: Dunning Kruger Effect


  24. net geek says:

    Sundance, I’m sad to say it but it’s worse than Bolton not understanding. He has gone activated sleeper agent for the Deep State cabal. Only a sleeper would be making up straight out lies. Only a sleeper puts out a negative book on POTUS before an election. Only a sleeper would published advances of a book that wasn’t cleared for publication. Only would a sleeper’s book be put out in alignment of a brewing Dem narrative for another impeachment. Bolton is a sleeper.


    • billinlv says:

      I am also astounded at the level of malevolence and evil on display by Bolton. This attack on Trump is really intended to be a kill shot. Bolton has assumed the role of assassin, he is all in, and expects to be the guy who decapitates Donald Trump. Bolton’s deceit and betrayal seem so profound as to suggest that he has truly sold his soul to the devil.

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      • butch cassidy says:

        Bolton ‘s got nothing.Trump knew who Bolton was when he brought him aboard. No way did Trump do or say anything in front of Bolton that would come back and haunt him. If Bolton had anything he would have testified in front of the house, but he didn’t, even threatening to sue if they subpoenaed him. And Bolton is not a threat if the house goes after Trump again because Bolton won’t go under oath. When all is said and done Trump, as usual, will come out smelling like a rose and Bolton’s career is over with. Who the hell would hire him at this point, except msnbc or cnn.


  25. Troublemaker10 says:

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  26. TwoLaine says:

    Thank You Peter Navarro!

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  27. A2 says:

    🔥🔥State Department readout of Sec Pompeo’ s meeting with Yang ‘tiger’ Jiechi in Hawaii. Sounds like some big red lines are being drawn and patience is running out. Madman Xi better check his notes.👇

    Briefing with Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs David Stilwell On Readout of Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting With Poliburo Member Yang Jiechi

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    • A2 says:

      So we are working hard. As you know, the President is not pulling punches anymore. He is basically doing what he has to do to protect U.S. interests, starting off with obviously the trade deal and the (inaudible) following through on that. But in areas of mutual concern, such as North Korea, we note the issues going on there right now. We would like to have somewhere we can find cooperation. We also are looking for their positive engagement in trilateral arms talks. China is a nuclear power, as are Russia and the U.S., and it would be good to – we encourage them and we’d like them to participate in these talks that prevent the – an unfortunate outcome.

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  28. El Gordo Loco says:

    Not sure if “revenge porn” is a clever comparison

    With revenge porn, the act took place and was supposed to be kept between the two

    Unless Navarro is saying Boltons claims are true but we’re not supposed to be shared?


  29. MAGADJT says:

    Must read article from the American Spectator about Bolton’s dossier.

    Pull quote:

    the moment he cites as the real “turning point” for him in the administration had to do with an attack on Iran that, to Bolton’s abject disappointment, didn’t happen.

    In June 2019, Iran had shot down an unmanned American drone, and Bolton, who has always championed what he proudly calls “disproportionate response,” pushed Trump to approve a series of military strikes in retaliation. You can sense Bolton’s excitement when he describes going home “at about 5:30” for a change of clothes because he expected to be at the White House “all night.” It’s therefore an awful shock when Trump decided to call off the strikes at the very last minute, after learning they would kill as many as 150 people. “Too many body bags,” Trump told him. “Not proportionate.”

    Bolton still seems incensed at this unexpected display of caution and humanity on the part of Trump, deeming it “the most irrational thing I ever witnessed any President do.”

    This right here sums up why Trump is the best Republican POTUS ever elected. How Bolton ever got a foothold in any administration is beyond me.

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  30. Chilidog says:

    Watching Navarro clearly defend and articulate the positions of Trump only reminds us of how few there are in the administration who actually support the MAGA agenda.

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  31. Kay123 says:

    Have to admit P.Trump has so much to learn about politics
    and the snakes in the WH swamp. Why he didn’t fire everyone
    leftover from the Bozo administration….I’ll never know.

    The votes are counted, handled, by cheaters. As we now know…hundreds
    of thousands of the votes were illegal, in so many ways…. dead voters,
    out of state voters, multi votes, illegal alien voters …..and on and on.

    Has anyone been a “banned forever” voter …. for cheating??
    I’ve never heard of any. A slap on the hand doesn’t work. Nope.

    In fact, they allow prisoners to vote. Those anti-Social dregs…
    who’ve long ago lost their ability to respect society…or laws.
    But, because they would certainly vote DemonCrap….since “their ideal world”
    is all about “breaking laws.”

    I understand G. Sorass “OWNS VOTING MACHINES”.
    Now what could (and has) gone wrong there??

    Nobody investigated before the last election…. probably nobody will
    investigate “before” the next one.

    Who is watching the watchers? Does anyone care?


  32. MAGADJT says:

    If POTUS wins re-election, first order of business needs to be firing of 80% of political appointees, and then, since he can’t fire many of the bureaucratic positions, reduce funding of personal in most departments by 50% and direct his head of those departments to root out and let go the anti-Trump employees.

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  33. wxobserver says:

    Didn’t Patreus plead guilty to mishandling classified info — sharing it with his biobrapher/lover Broadwell? How is this different…Bolton shared classified info with his publisher, proof readers and who knows else. Prosecute him.


  34. rashomon says:

    Wanna get really ticked off? Catherine Austin Fitts and Economics Prof. Mark Skidmore (PhD st Michigan State) just released an update on the $21 TRILLION missing from the DoD budget and it’s several trillion underestimated. In fact, it’s bigger than the national debt by far as the Army has simply been shoving in figures wherever to satisfy surface scrutiny. Where’s the GAO? Where in the blink is CONGRESS? Who’s in charge here? Whose sponsoring the (according to Fitts’ math) $65,000 paid by every U.S. man, woman and child to fund this slush fund?

    No wonder the military wants Trump out of office before he scrutinizes their secret money — the huge stash they have been using for years to start and wage unnecessary warfare so they don’t lose their relevance…as if they’ve every been anything but a tool for the Banksters’ Usary Cabal spported by all theor alphabet agencies that are suppposed to be protecting us. Sure. Ain’t no hanging tree high enough.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Stillwater says:

    “Bolton was the knuckledragger at the end of the table, useful as leverage, where Trump could point to him and say lets make a deal to keep the warmongers like this guy out of the picture.”

    POTUS knows how to find ways of using people even when they are antagonistic to his own objectives. Bolton was a useful prop to be pulled out and used when necessary. A scarecrow placed at the edge of a field.

    Reminds me of something Michael Pillsbury said early on about a Chinese ambassador(?) in DC wondering or being uncertain about who President Trump takes advice from. POTUS keeps many different voices in his circle and strategically brings one or the other to the forefront as needed for strategic messaging to our foreign adversaries.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Tiffthis says:

    So Trump uses economics to achieve national security- and the Dems via Dr F and Dr B close the economy to put America at risk- maybe it fills their pocketbooks too. I Can believable.


  37. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Bolton could never fathom how to be part of that economic strategy.”

    Perhaps now we can use his picture next to the cliche’ – “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Big Jake says:

    Peter “I’ll Stay In My Lane” Navarro is my favorite Wolverine.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Stinky says:

    Shaquille O’neal has stated that DJT is the only person he ever met that made him feel intimidated.


  40. avocadodipp says:

    I wish Navarro would come out of his shell and just say what he means. LOL!

    Bolton has been making what our dear James Comey calls “weasel moves.”


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