President Trump Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Race Relations With Prominent Black Supporters – Video…

Earlier this afternoon President Trump held a roundtable discussion on the topic of race relations with black leadership. Participating administration members included Ja’Ron Smith, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of American Innovation and Secretary Ben Carson, Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Joining the administration team was: Wayne Dupree, Host, The Wayne Dupree Show; Raynard Jackson, President and CEO, Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC; Sonnie Johnson, Host, Sirius XM’s Sonnies Corner; Lawrence Jones, Host and Contributor, Fox News; Pastor Darrell Scott, Chairman, Urban Revitalization Coalition, Inc; and Kareem Lanier, Co-Chairman, Urban Revitalization Coalition, Inc.  [Video Below]


It’s an excellent conversation.

[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. We’re with friends of mine and members of the African American community, and we’re going to be talking about law enforcement, education, business, health, and various other things.

As you know, tomorrow, we’re going to Dallas. We’re going to start our rallies back up now. We’ve had a tremendous run at rallies. I don’t think there’s been an empty seat in — since we came down in the escalator with the First Lady. That was with the future First Lady, at that point. It’s been an amazing thing to behold.

And we’re going to be starting our rallies. The first one, we believe, will be probably — we’re just starting to call up — will be in Oklahoma — in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A beautiful, new venue — brand-new. And we’re looking forward to it. They’ve done a great job with COVID, as you know, in the state of Oklahoma. We’re going to be coming into Florida — do a big one in Florida, a big one in Texas. They’re all going to be big. We’re going to Arizona.

We’re going to North Carolina at the appropriate time. The governor is a little backward there. He’s a little bit behind. And unfortunately, we’re going to probably be having no choice but to move the Republican Convention to another location. That’ll be announced shortly. But we’ll have no choice. We wanted to stay in North Carolina very badly. We love it. It’s a great state. A state I won. Many, many friends. Many relatives, frankly, that live there. And we’ll see how it all works out, but the governor doesn’t want to give an inch.

And what he’s lo- — doing is losing hundreds of millions of dollars for his state. But we’ll probably have no other recourse but to move it to another state. We have a lot of states that want it: Texas, Georgia, Florida. We have many, many states that want it. But we’ve given them everything we can — North Carolina, a special place — but I think we’re going to probably end up giving you an announcement pretty soon.

We are doing well in so many ways. You see what’s going on with Nasdaq; we just broke another record yesterday. Some good news came out of the Federal Reserve today, I think — some very good news. We’re really doing a financial comeback. The jobs numbers were fantastic.

Now, we’ll have some other job numbers come up over the next few weeks, and we’ll see how that goes. But I think it’s really good, and we’re on our way to a very big comeback.

I’d like to ask some of the folks that I’m with today to say a few words. They’ve been really supporters and friends of mine. They understand life. They understand, I think, the black community better than anybody I know. And I will tell you, Ben Carson is an example of exactly what I’m talking about. He’s been my friend from the first day we met, I think.


THE PRESIDENT: And we met — we were opponents, but we were never really opponents. Ben is a very exceptional guy. He’s done a fantastic job at HUD. But I’d like to maybe start with Ben to say a couple of words, and go to Darrell and the rest of us.

Let’s say a few words to the press, if you would, please. Ben.

SECRETARY CARSON: Thank you, Mr. President. We’re here obviously to talk about some of the concerns in the black community that have risen to a point that, you know, people all around the world are making their voices heard.

This is an opportune time to do something about it because this administration has already established a record of actually solving problems — problems that other people just talk about and then talk about for many years.

And I am delighted, Mr. President, that you have made it a priority to solve this problem. And we’re all going to be helping with that process. There are many others out there — people of goodwill. You know, there are some who just wait for anything to criticize it, but there are actually some people who actually want to see a solution. And I’ve had a chance to talk to many of them. We’ll continue to do that — put forward the kinds of programs that actually get people out of poverty, not things that just keep people stable in poverty and happy in poverty. We want to change that whole dynamic.

And I think some of the things that have already been done, we will get back to those quickly. You know, this was an intentional stopping of the economy — of an amazing economy. The fundamentals of that economy are still in place. We will recoup that and we will move further on.

And your philosophy, of course, has been that a rising tide floats all boats. And that’s why you don’t spend a lot of time with identity politics. We want everybody to be successful.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s right.

SECRETARY CARSON: And we’re going to do everything we can to help you do that.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, as I’ve been saying, Ben, I think that the economy will be — next year, will be maybe the best it’s ever been. You can already see it with the stock market, how it’s been going up, because you have a lot of smart people that are betting on exactly what I’m saying. The stock market is almost as high as it was prior to the plague floating in from China.

It was a plague that floated in from China. Now they’re learning that it may have been much earlier, which bears out exactly what I’ve been saying. You saw that word yesterday — that it may have come in a lot sooner than we were told.

A friend of mine is Darrell Scott. And he’s a great guy and he’s got a tremendous heart. At the same time, he’s a tough cookie. I think that’s what maybe attracted me to him, unfortunately. I didn’t get attracted to the good parts, but that’s a good part, too. (Laughter.)

Darrell, say a few words, please.

PASTOR SCOTT: We’re here today — and thank you, Mr. President, for allowing us to come — our nation is at a juncture where we’re facing another challenge, but this administration has become used to challenges. It’s been one challenge after another. And we’ve pressed pause, but we’re ready to press play now and continue in the positive initiatives regarding the black community.

You know, Mr. Trump called me in November of 2016, right after the election, right after he won. And he said to me, “What do you want?” And I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Well, I mean, you’ve been working real hard. Is there anything that you want?” And I said, “I want to be a liaison from the black community to the Trump administration and a liaison to the black community from the Trump administration.”

Since then, we’ve worked on criminal justice reform, we’ve worked on urban revitalization, prison reform, a number of initiatives that are — HBCUs — a number of initiatives that are proactive towards the black community.

And here we are now, and we’re facing another challenge, and we’re going to come up with some great solutions to these problems that are confronting this country. And I’m just glad to have a seat at the table and to have my input received.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, your input has been very important, Darrell.

PASTOR SCOTT: Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: You know that. And it is true: I’ve known Darrell a long time. He didn’t want anything. What he wanted was just to have a voice so he can make certain positions known. And he’s done that very well — better than anybody I can think of.

Another great voice in the black community is Wayne. Wayne, you’ve been my friend for a long time. Wayne Dupree. His show is a phenomena. It’s a great success. And people listen, and they respect what you have to say.

Go ahead, please.

MR. DUPREE: Well, my name is Wayne Dupree. I met President Trump when he was a businessman. As a matter of fact, he — he’s given me five interviews: two of them in person, three on the phone. And when you’re talking about somebody who is not with the mainstream media — somebody who just has a small voice but has a desire to make changes with his voice — to reach out to a billionaire in New York, and without hesitation, he gave me those interviews. And I think he’s a natural leader.

And I — I mean, honestly, I have supported him ever since he decided to run for President. As a matter of fact, we interviewed him the month before he came down the escalator, and he said, “Well, Wayne, you know, we’re going to have a big announcement next month.” And I said, “Well, you know, you can do it here on the show if you really want to.” (Laughter.)

But, I mean, I’m glad that he has changed things here in D.C. I just — but my daughters and my son and my family, they want to see a lot more positive things coming from the White House. They — they want to see your leadership, and they also want to see things change for the better in this country. I know you can do it. I know you can do it.

THE PRESIDENT: We’ll do it. We’ll do it, Wayne.

Go ahead, please.

MR. JACKSON: My name is Raynard Jackson. And thank you, Mr. President; thank you, Darrell, for inviting us to this roundtable here. I’m from St. Louis originally, and live in Virginia.

But what I’d like to say to you, Mr. President, is kind of
off the beaten path. I’d like to say to all the media assembled here that I wish they would quit lying about what you’ve done, specifically for the black community.

So you got radical liberal journalists, like Joy Reid from MSNBC, Don Lemon from CNN, Roland Martin, who are putting more poison into the black community than any drug dealer, who are killing more black folks than any white person with a sheet over their face. How are they doing it? Spreading these lies about the economy you had, Mr. President, before the virus, was the continuation of Obama. That’s just factually not true. I have a degree in accounting. I keep up with the economy. They’re lying.

So to all these folks on MSNBC, CNN, Roland Martin: What? Are you afraid to have real black Republicans who know what the hell they’re talking about? If you want to know the truth, if you want us to dissect the Obama economy, let’s do it. And I think, Mr. President, your record would win the debate.

Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. And, you know, it’s interesting you say that, but you go down the list of criminal justice reform and all of the things we’ve done — Opportunity Zones; the best unemployment rate in the history, just before the plague came in. And it’s going to be back again soon. I think it’s going to be back again, a lot sooner than people think. I think last week was a reflection of that — the jobs numbers.

But you look at all of the things we’ve done. We’ve now worked on prison reform — so important — and so many other things.

But when you look at the economics, when you look at how well the black community has been doing under this administration, nobody has done anything like we’ve done.

And a big thing is criminal justice reform. I keep hearing about, “Oh, criminal justice reform,” and everyone is trying to take the credit. And that one, I will say, we will take the full credit because they couldn’t have done it without us. And I’m not sure, frankly, that the previous administration tried. They may have, but they certainly couldn’t get it done.

And the people that came into my office really — really asking very nicely for help. These people that are supporters of mine. But once we got it, they took the full credit for themselves, and that’s okay too. But we got done criminal justice reform and all of the other things.

I think that one of the — one of the elements that people aren’t talking about are the Opportunity Zones that we did with a great senator. Your friend from South Carolina, right? We did it with Tim. And it was his idea. And it was a big idea, it was a bold idea, and it’s worked much better than at our wild — in our wildest dreams, we couldn’t have thought that that was going to happen.

So we did many, many things, and we’re going to continue to do many things. One of the elements that I talk about is — and I was telling this to Darrell before — that 42, 44 people would come to see me every year: the heads of the historically black colleges and universities. And they would come up here, and I got to actually know them.

And the first year they came, I thought it was a normal meeting. They were asking for a lot of money, which they were having a hard time getting from previous administrations, and we got it for them. The next year they came back, I said, “Oh, what are you guys back for?” He said, “Well, we want the money again.” I said, “Aren’t we working long-term deals?” “No.” And you got the money. And then the third time, I said, “I see. You come…” So they made you for years — many years — for decades, they had to come back, keep coming back, keep coming back. Not like a lot of others. “Will they get it?” And they kept coming back and asking for money.

And I said, “What’s this all about? Why do you have to come every year? Why don’t we make a longer-term deal?” And we made, I think, a 10-year deal. And they were all funded up, and they were all set. And that’s historically black colleges and universities. And they play a tremendous function.

I got to be friendly with some of them. I won’t tell you what some of them said — how bad it was about the past administration and past administrations. But they were treated very, very badly, and I treated them very good.

So they don’t have to come back. I said, “The only bad thing is I won’t see you people anymore, maybe for a long time.” (Laughter.) And they were okay with that. You know, they can — now they can focus on what they really do, which is education.

So we’ve done a lot for the black community, and we’ve done a lot for all communities. And it’s a great honor to have you folks with us. And thank you very much.

Did you have anything to say, by the way, fellas?

Please, go ahead.

MS. JOHNSON: So, my name is Sonnie Johnson. I’m the host of “Sonnie’s Corner.” I am probably the most Trump-ish out of everybody in this room, so you’re — you’re going to have to forgive me. The black community is not doing okay. Like, I understand the perspective and the desire to put out this talking point, but it’s not. Okay?

And I can do it in a simplistic way of just saying: What are the first things you did when you first came into the presidency? The very first things you did was, like, remove regulation and taxation at high levels. Think about the black community that has been under Democratic rule, progressive rule for 60 years. How many rules, how many regulations, how many different forms of taxation are on the books in those areas that are preventing our communities from actually being able to see sustainable growth that we can keep and get ourselves out of this (inaudible) of generational poverty?

We are not okay when it comes to thing like education because we are not able to get quality choice into our communities because we don’t have any position or power within our school boards to be able fight for those things, and not just to get charters in, but to also bring some kind of reformation to the public school system as it stands too.

So, yes, as well as criminal justice reform, and a lot of other things, as well as health and things we can put down on the list. All of these things have been under Democratic control for 60 years. And they are not going to change until you — we have a Republican Party that is willing to go into these communities and actually offer a choice to these people about how we can do things differently. Because the way it is structured now, the only choice that we get is “left” or either “further left,” and we’re not getting the opportunity to actually vote on what we look at as “conservatism,” equally applied.

The very basic economic principles that we, on the right, say are significant in our success and seeing the success in our country — those are not being offered at the local level in black communities.

So, basically, we’re asking to grow out of concrete because we don’t have the fertile soil in these areas to make everything flourish and bloom the way my generation would like to see it.

So I think the numbers and statistics about my generation are not going to be out for 20 years. You’re not going to see that we have started to change the dynamic within families, we have started to change the dynamic within marriage, we have started to change a lot of the negative dynamics that are still brought up in statistics today, involving us.

Our generation is working on making sure those things change. And nobody looks at us and sees the power we have to be effective in making change, this generation, and not just waiting for the next layer of statistics to come out.

So until we can actually get honest dialogue, on the right, out into the ether, then you’re going to keep on having, you know, the fake-news media spread lies because we aren’t there giving another choice as to how these things can be done. And it’s going to continue to go left if we aren’t there, given an option to make it go right.

And that’s, like, the biggest thing that we are having trouble with on the right, is, like, understanding how government works. We are a republic. That means local government has the most power over citizens’ lives, as well as how to take that and put it into a cohesive message that can be spread to the black community that will already engage upon what we already know.

And we looked at, like, the photos of you before you became President. And you were taking pictures with Snoop, and you taking pictures with all of the icons of hip hop. You did that, I think — and you can tell me if I’m wrong — but you did that because you saw capitalists, you saw branders, you saw entrepreneurs. You saw people that were willing to take a chance and make things grow. That is — that is us. That is the black community.

And I would like to see a challenge from you to see how many in the black community can put their names on the side of a building coming out of this. If we’re really going to reshape and reform the way that we do this, issue that challenge, because that’s what we need more now than ever. And we need it to be focused and centric on the black community, not into letting people come in and gentrify areas that are traditionally ours.

THE PRESIDENT: And you don’t need closed police departments.


THE PRESIDENT: Do you agree with that?

MS. JOHNSON: No, we — we need the police. But if you take a take a (inaudible), if you take a look at what happened in Ferguson — because Ferguson is, like, where Black Lives Matter really came out. I ain’t going to say it was born because, you know, people will fight about that. But if you go back and you look at Ferguson, the DOJ did a report on Ferguson, and what came out of that report was that the mayor’s office was using the police force as a taxation unit. So they were forcing interactions between police and the citizens as a way for them to raise money and bring money into the mayor’s office. That was causing over-policing.

So it is not the fault of the police, nor is a part — the fault of the citizenry what the legislator and the executive branches of city government are putting — are putting into legislative practice.

THE PRESIDENT: Very good. Well — well stated.

Wayne, what do you think? Good job?

MR. DUPREE: (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: I think a very good job. Good job. Thank you. Thank you, Sonnie. Appreciate it.

Fellas, go ahead. Please.

MR. SMITH: Well, you know, she — she said a lot of the things that — (laughter) —

THE PRESIDENT: She said a lot. (Laughter.)

MR. SMITH: — I don’t know if I can say it any better than that, but just that a lot of these things are systemic. I think what we’ve done, through your leadership, is start to break down that system and fight back. You know, Opportunity Zones, HBCUs, criminal justice reform, those are reversing some systemic issues.

vAnd — and through your leadership now, we’re looking at other layers of that, because we just saw what’s — what COVID shined a spotlight on: on access to capital. It shined a spotlight on health disparities. And then, recently, with the — the protest, how can we create better police and community relations.

But one thing we’ve — we’ve done over the last couple of weeks is listen to individuals, and now we have solutions. And those are things we’re going to continue to work through as an administration, because it’s about results. And I think a lot of people are leaning on you because you’re result-oriented. It’s not about just us talking here; it’s about what we’re going to produce out of this meeting.

MR. DUPREE: And you know what? That’s the thing: A lot of people that listen to the show, or calling on the show, they want to see those results. If you go into the black community and you tell — tell people a type of statistics, they go, “Oh, okay — yeah, great.” But if you show ground-moving, ground-shaking, things — things growing up from the bottom, you know, that — those Opportunity Zones, or more jobs — or more jobs than what they are right now — but if you start showing those things and, you know, a little friendly drive-through, “Hey, President Trump here,” they — believe me, there are many people that are on these online boards and, like I said, the call-ins and whatnot — they do support President Trump. They know what happened in the — in the Obama administration. They know what you’re doing. They also see what the media is doing to you. So don’t think that you are alone. It’s just that they need to hear more from you.

THE PRESIDENT: I agree with that. That’s true. It’s the only way you get through the media because the media is almost 100 percent negative. It’s incredible.

MS. JOHNSON: But that’s not the only thing that’s impeding the progress of the legislation that you put out. So let’s take Opportunity Zones: If the Opportunity — Opportunity Zones pass from a federal level, they then go down to the state and then are allocated on a local level.

So for us as black people to actually access the Opportunity Zones, I have to go talk to Democrats. And I have to be willing to do what they want to do under their agenda, how they want it done, for me to be able to have access to the Opportunity fund — Opportunity Zone funds.

So that’s where, when you see in our communities, instead of getting young blacks to invest and become entrepreneurs and become owners, you’re getting gentrification, because outside forces with more money and connections to these Democrats are able to come in and get this money a lot faster than the black people that it was actually intended to help.

And so you’re seeing this changing of our community, where at no point in time are we allowed in the process to become a part of it and maybe be the innovators of what the future could look like.

Because that is what you really have coming out of a black community: a desire to be an innovating force about what our communities look like in the future, where we have been handed policy or we have been handed government for so long, and now you now have a population that says we want to use the government as a republic, localized government to invent what our — reinvent what our communities look like.

And, yes, it will include police. It will include schools. It will include all the necessity of civilization, but it will also include more investment, ownership, and entrepreneurship from the citizens in those communities.

SECRETARY CARSON: You’ll be happy to know that this administration has recognized that problem. The community development, financial institutions, the credit unions, the local banks have been excluded from a lot of the dissemination of the funds previously. That’s been recognized —

THE PRESIDENT: That’s right.

SECRETARY CARSON: — and is in the process of being corrected right now.


MS. JOHNSON: And that goes a long way.

MR. LANIER: Mr. President, you’ve been nothing short of historic for black America. I don’t say that because I have to, because I can say whatever I want to say as a free citizen here in the U.S. You’ve been nothing short of historical. Criminal justice reform was historical. We were getting locked up at unprecedented rates. You undid the 1994 crime bill, and we are forever thankful for that. Even the Opportunity Zones, we can be critical of a lot of things, but the Opportunity Zones — incentivizing people that have money to put the money where we needed most, which are in these urban and rural neighborhoods. HBCUs. The whole — I can go down thing after thing.

The current issue that we’re having right now is police reform, which is so much needed. We did criminal justice reform, but police reform is the gateway to what we see as an unjust criminal justice system sometimes. Meaning, if a crooked cop, doesn’t do a terrible, corrupt thing with an individual, we never get into that bad system.

This administration has been marred by a crooked cop like James Comey, and others going after you, and creating — creating things that just were not there. The impeachment was — it was — it’s just not real, but they can do that. And our community has been affected by that in a way that it’s hard to explain.

I tell people this all the time, this whole situation with this policing, it’s not new to black people. We’ve been used to it. As a kid, I got harassed by the police all the time and I was a good — I was — I think I was a good kid. (Laughter.) But it was a part of — it’s a part of our community.

And so we do need some things to happen on the police-reform side, which will connect with the great things you’ve already done historically with criminal justice reform. And we know that you’re the President to get it done.

We know that we need some banking reform so that we can get more access to capital. We do also understand that we need some holistic approaches to create this ecosystem. Voting rights: Blacks have to go to get voting rights every 25 years or something.

These are things that are historic, and we believe that you are the President to get these things done for the black — the black community. You’ve done some great things for us already, and we’re relying on you, and we appreciate everything you’ve done, Mr. President. You’ve been amazing.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you very much.

MR. LANIER: You’re welcome.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s beautiful. Well said.

vYour friend, right?


THE PRESIDENT: He’s a good — he’s a good man, too. For a long time we’re known him.

Okay, thank you all very much. And we’ll see you tomorrow. We’ll see you tomorrow in Dallas. Thank you.


Q I wanted to ask you about tomorrow.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, we’re going to a place called Dallas tomorrow. I think it’s going be a great trip. Meeting some very good friends. And we’ll come back tomorrow night.

We’re going on Saturday, as you know, to West Point. We’re giving the commencement address, which will be very exciting. The cadets wanted that very much. So we’re going to have them a little bit separated, a little social distancing, but we have the full class at West Point. And it was postponed because of the problem. It was supposed to be a month ago. We’re going to do it. And that’ll be on Saturday.

So that’ll be very exciting. And I think a lot of you are going to be with us. And we’re going to pay honor, really, to those incredible students and cadets. And they’re going to be the future military leaders of our country.

Thank you all very much. Thank you.

Q When are you going to Tulsa, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Friday night. It will be Friday — Friday night.

Q Of next week?


Q Thank you.

END 4:32 P.M. EDT

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106 Responses to President Trump Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Race Relations With Prominent Black Supporters – Video…

  1. helmhood says:

    Sorry, dems, your nominee is a racist.

    But our President isn’t, and never was.

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    • nats1mom says:

      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ !!! Spot on helmhood!

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    • GB Bari says:

      This is so obvious to anyone with their eyes open.

      But I wonder how many blacks never pay attention to the tremendous message offered by any of the fine citizens who were sitting at the table with the President?

      My guess is these men and women in this round table are outnumbered and drowned out by the over-representation of hard left voices in both local politics and in local media.

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      • helmhood says:

        Remember when Hillary was planning to go after Donald Trump on women’s issues, and he shut her down by simply pointing to Bill Clinton and his history of misconduct and abuse. I think the President Trump can very effectively go after Biden’s own sketchy past on race relations. They want to have this discussion, throw it right back at them.

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        • grandmotherpatriot says:

          Biden voters are not willing to listen to any facts, or have a discussion about helping oppressed communities in any race , creed or lifestyle. The Democrat party is militant and anyone that stir the pot in their stew of hatred the MOB will destroy. Democrat politicians want power and money and they want you and I to pay financially as well as giving up our Bill of Rights.
          President Trump will be better off leading by example and making changes. Bringing back businesses that were destroyed by rioters that supply jobs for many would help. Fact is that everyone in America has the same opportunities to succeed yet, the democrats and media thrive on keeping these communities oppressed.

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          • jan lambard says:

            I say let the citizens that voted for this crap wallow in their squalor; & don’t give me that “but the decent, innocent people are suffering” bs;they need to get active & drive out the “leadership” that is causing all of it.

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            • grandmotherpatriot says:

              But they will not wallow and apparently you have never been under the thumb of the Chicago Political Machine , oh I’m sorry you have …. Obama and do see how hard is to get him or any of his cronies in Jail for spygate ?

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    • thedoc00 says:

      He has awards from the NAACP and other Black Representative Groups to prove it.

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      • sat0422 says:

        The NAACP has a short memory and they must remain loyal in public to keep receiving their monthly stipend for being good….You don’t think they pay them off? Think again.

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    • did you notice in all conversation not once someone said PC -African-American but – black americans….

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  2. refinedheathen says:

    Sadly, all of the men in this video are the wrong shade of black for Democrats. As Joe Biden would say, “They ain’t black.”

    Democrats are as racist as they come.

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  3. Mr. R. Jackson is an engineer on The Trump Train.
    That’a what I call a whistle-blower.

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  4. Name (required) says:

    Wow, great to see Wayne DuPree sitting at that table. I can remember listening to his podcast 4 years ago when he had maybe 200 listeners. Air Force vet, very smart, and as conservative as they come.
    Congratulations Wayne!

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    • calbear84 says:

      I thought it was a very interesting meeting with many passionate people voicing their views, including Mr. DuPress. It’s pretty clear that PDJT is going to get a ton of support from black voters this fall based on his accomplishments so far, and on what’s to come.

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  5. Whistling_Past says:

    🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 FYI 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
    The Communist-Demonrat Party just sent thousands of these emails out to Leftist Union members all across the Nation.
    This is Tomorrow. Please be prepared.
    “Sisters and Brothers,  
    Police brutality and an inadequate response to COVID-19 have led to avoidable death and emotional trauma in our communities. While we are on the frontlines fighting COVID-19, protestors are on the frontlines fighting racism and injustice.  
    This Thursday, 1199SEIU is staging a unionwide #WalkoutForBlackLives. Members around the country will walk out of their workplaces and protest in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time George Floyd was unresponsive while the officer’s knee was on his neck. Please check with your organizer for details.
    1199 is standing with protestors, victims of police brutality, and the Black women and trans people who face abuse each day, to put an end to the racism that plagues our healthcare system and our communities. To join us:
    1. Participate in the silent protest on your lunch break, post on social media using #WalkoutForBlackLives, and tag @1199SEIU 

    2. Tag your mayor in your #WalkoutForBlackLives posts and tell them to invest more money in OUR communities. We NEED to increase budget funding for healthcare, housing, and our youth. 

    In Unity,

1199SEIU “


  6. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Black Lives Matter activists are making dimwit white women bow and kiss their boots.

    Literally. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat in Congress took a knee, bowing their heads, and then couldn’t get back up.

    In the worst form of this, a police chief chose to lay down impotent for eight minutes for the mob.

    These cases of performative disgust all free people, but especially Americans.

    The essential truth about where our rights come from, God, and that all men are equal before God should be front and center in every citizen’s blood beliefs.

    Seeing Americans surrender to this dictatorial tactic, willingly, is gag-inducing.

    It’s bad enough to see powerless people forced into submission.

    What of the people using submission to enhance their own power, as Nancy Pelosi and her loons did in Congress? DO They take pleasure in pain and suffering?

    They don’t care about the black business and homeowners in burned-out cities.

    They use these people for their political ends. If black people and other minorities must live in devastated ghettos, it’s fine so long as they possess power.

    Bow for no man.

    There is One ultimate Judge, and He’s the one to whom free Americans must bend a knee. No one else.

    Liked by 26 people

    • Sharon says:

      I’m physically vulnerable, but know (and have informed my sons) that if anyone takes hold of me or threatens me, demanding that I kneel to acknowledge my “white privilege”, I will not. I accept that such action may cost me severely. That’s ok. There are things worth dying for, and my refusal to kneel for a lie is one of them.

      I would want them to kneel–to acknowledge their minority privilege. Of course, we don’t always get what we want.

      Liked by 9 people

      • Name (required) says:

        Sharon, please consider exercising your Second Amendment rights, and get the proper training and practice. No one should ever kneel to any man, only the Lord.
        There’s an old saying “You can’t beat a woman with a gun”
        I would be physically sick if I found out anything had happened to you in that type of scenario.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I Will Not Comply says:

          Name (required), Damn straight. I fricking kill them before kneeling to their nasty ass. I am sick of this shit!

          Liked by 1 person

        • Sharon says:

          I completely agree with your perspective. My son is very (very….) well armed and ammo-supplied. Two years ago, after I had completed 15 months of aggressive chemo, surgery, and radiation, (with very successful outcomes) he and I were all set to get me armed, licensed to carry, and trained. My hand and arm strength was simply not there. I still have significant neuropathy in both hands, such training is really not an option for me. But – again – thank you! for your perspective and your encouragement.

          Now, on the other hand, I have taken to carrying a a small 3″ screw driver with a small handle that fits my hand perfectly. When I am in public now, it is in my side pocket…always. It fits my hand solidly, and I would always intend to leave such a scene, however I may leave it, with painful marks on the other guy. And, if necessary, amazing defensive wounds on me.

          Because of family professions and exposure to reality, I have thought about this. I will do what I can to preserve life and limb……except kneel.

          Liked by 3 people

          • Sharon says:

            add to that – – – just measured my little toy — the shank is actually just 2 1/2 inches. The handle fits firmly in hand. The surprise factor (for them) would perhaps allow me a deep ripping motion into their gut or the side of their back (sort of where it might rip a kidney) or, if they have me directly in front them, a straight-up jam that goes clear through the bottom of their chin/throat and really surprises them. Obviously, I know I would just get one chance at these things, therefore, it would be go-for-broke.

            I think one of the great advantages that normal Americans have is a clear line where tolerance turns to rage. That kind of rage can be fairly useful if well-focused. And the numbskulls who are burning and breaking things HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING EITHER OF THAT LINE OR ITS LOCATION. THEY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE DROP-DEAD LINES THAT I, AND MILLIONS OF OTHER AMERICANS, CARRY WITHIN.

            Liked by 4 people

            • Name (required) says:

              Another potential non lethal choice might be a taser. I have a small flashlight with a taser built in on the bulb end. Just press the button.
              God Bless.

              Liked by 3 people

            • margaretjane1878 says:

              My goodness Sharon, where do you live that you have to be armed? I pray that you stay safe…


          • 🍺Gunny66 says:


            Wasp Spray……sprays long distance in a tight stream.

            Anywhere on their head they are gone

            JUst push the sprayer

            Liked by 3 people

            • Sharon says:

              Thank you,Gunny – I have some here at the house but will pick up some to have in the car and maybe find a can small enough to fit in my purse…

              Liked by 2 people

            • ms doodlebug says:

              That’s a tip received from a law enforcement officer when I decided to ‘see the country’ in my van. Totally legal ‘to carry’ in every State.

              Liked by 1 person

      • I am there with you. I will die first before I kneel in shame for my “white and/or Jewish privilege”

        Liked by 6 people

    • nats1mom says:

      Bravo! I am giving you a standing ovation Gunny 66.

      Liked by 1 person

    • These cowering and submissive acts of joining their idealogical dominators is a form of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

      Liked by 5 people

  7. alliwantissometruth says:

    Something drastic needs to be done about the radical leftist narrative based on nothing but lies

    That narrative is destroying the lives of everyday black Americans, is creating massive unrest which divides / balkanizes our nation and is instigating violence and the destruction of our cities, towns and neighborhoods

    When does this outrageously fraudulent narrative become a national security threat and a seditious illegal coup attempt at overthrowing our government, our laws, our society and way of life?

    That the legal authority in this country stands by and does nothing while our entire country burns and is on the verge of civil war is mind boggling

    Where is the court to shut down the fraudulent insanity taking place? Where are the adults?

    Trump can’t do it alone, and the righteous black leaders are being censored and shut out

    The left has a stranglehold on everything in this country, and how they do it is mostly illegal, but nothing is ever done about it

    Liked by 2 people

    • California Joe says:

      The hate narrative is driven by the six corporations that control virtually all the news media outlets in the United States and that narrative’s intent is to use the Black underclass as a proxy army to destroy White Christian America. Why? I wish I knew but the destruction has many prongs of attack including the legal system, education and entertainment industry but the proxy army is the violent one.

      Liked by 5 people

  8. mandy says:

    DeRay McKesson wasn’t there? Have not seen him around this time – is he still the love partner of twitter’s @Jack?

    Liked by 2 people

  9. TwoLaine says:

    Excellent conversation! I’d like to see Vernon Jones there sometime.

    Liked by 11 people

    • CNN_sucks says:

      Thank you. Who wants to get hit by a concrete ice cream? Equal protection.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kay123 says:

        Throwing concrete chunks is a “lethal weapon”
        meant to kill or maim is the same as firing a gun at someone.
        Maybe giving the jackals enough rope to
        hang themselves?

        “White privilege” excuse is getting old. Will no longer
        watch programs stations…with “blk lies matter”
        agitaters or those jackal “enablers” who fund their hatefulness.

        I have never ever had any “unearned privilege.”
        BECAUSE I DIDN’T SPEAK SPANISH. So there is that….
        So….to those agitators do you want some CHEEZE to go
        with your WHINE?


        • ms doodlebug says:

          Those who think whites are privileged, should go across town from the black ghetto where they will find the white ghetto. It used to be called living ‘on the wrong side of the tracks’.


    • scrap1ron says:

      Hate crime is a construct of government to control thought. Government should only prosecute and punish actions, not thoughts.

      Liked by 11 people

      • TwoLaine says:

        Vernon is a new TRUMP fan. A Democrat. He refused his party’s request to step down when he told them they were nuts and he has taken a lot of heat.

        I may not like all of his ideas, not saying I do or don’t, but I think he would be great fit at this table for the conversation.

        I think the courageous woman in Detroit, Karen Whitsett, would be great as well. The one who praised President TRUMP for saving her life. She also took major heat.

        I would much rather see people like them at a table with the President than jerks like Mark Cuban. UGH.

        Liked by 3 people

        • scrap1ron says:

          I agree with you about wanting people like Vernon and Whitsett reaching across the aisle. Using the left’s “hate crime” bs to hoist them on their own petard is admirable. However, it also legitimizes the concept of the statists deciding what is acceptable thought. A political system that has substantial control over social and economic ideas is skipping down the path to tyranny.

          The quote attributed to Voltaire comes to mind, ” I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death, your right to say it.”

          Liked by 1 person

          • TwoLaine says:

            It was being discussed on Rush’s show, by the guest host Ken Matthews. He says it is a hate crime, and he sides with Vernon..

            Are we talking here about hurting someone wearing MAGA/TRUMP apparel/signage? Defacing? Or just calling you names? What about intimidation? Condemnation? Public humiliation? You gotta’ get in their face and tell them they aren’t welcome here?


    • gingergal says:

      I’m a little nervous wearing my Trump paraphernalia but my husband wears his everywhere and we have bumper stickers now. You wouldn’t believe the reactions we get, or maybe you would. I always tense up, but so far no physical abuse, lots of triggered looks, and one time I was verbally abused, another time husband was confronted. They can’t help themselves, they have an emotional reaction like when a bull sees red.
      Nonetheless, the fact that i’m nervous wearing it and am tense is proof we need laws protecting our freedom to openly associate with a political party.

      Liked by 6 people

      • TwoLaine says:

        There are actually already laws for that. They just need to be enforced.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I am sure our President and team of Rally Managers and venue event planners are arranging massive show of protection. The coming rallies, assuredly will be a major trap for the punks to walk into. Law enforcement will not be compromised in keeping any Antifa rats far away from our coming rallies.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Kay123 says:

        We do. If people harass you or confront, you call the
        cops….that is against the law.

        BTW… that is the reason they want NO POLICE.
        It is all about CONTROL…. not race.
        They have to be the “victim” to scream “Racism “…OR make up a lie
        for sympathy to whine about it. That is all they have.

        Liked by 2 people

      • scrap1ron says:

        I wear my MAGA hat every where I go. I’ve received more compliments than stink-eye looks. After 33+ years as a Corrections Officer I’m used to dirty looks, verbal abuse, and more. I have yet to be verbally despised as a supporter of President Trump yet. If you show fear and act like a victim, the people predators will treat you like one. Being brave is not the lack of fear. It’s not allowing that fear to stop you from doing what must be done.

        I wouldn’t use bumper stickers, simply because I want the leftist aholes to confront me face to face; not wait till I’m in the store then vandalize my vehicle like the cowards most of them are.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. patriciaweir says:

    The Left keeps the country lurching from one crisis to another courtesy of their lap dog media. I’m wondering how many more national crises they can fit in to keep us spun up from now until 11/3/20. What’s next? The extended grievance tour/funeral is over. The Wuhan Red Death was vanquished as the country noted thousands of “shoppers” enjoying their new found freedom. Hey! If you use a key to open a store, you will be arrested. So, here. Use a brick or a sledge hammer instead. No problem.
    Cities are once again war zones but we have laid to rest the silliness of masks and social distancing. So now what? There’s still plenty of time for the Left and their media stooges to inflict a few more fiascos.

    Liked by 4 people

  11. FreedomNinja says:

    Donald Trump is only concerned about what good he can do for his country and how to make it better. And he doesn’t judge people by the color of their skin- he judges them by the content of their character. He is a perfect blend of the best parts of JFK and MLK Jr. We are truly blessed to have a president who has our back. We need to make sure we have his back in 2020 and beyond.

    Liked by 7 people

  12. maggie0987 says:

    While we are going after ‘guilty’ slavery connections, here is some food for thought??

    Liked by 5 people

  13. Patriot says:

    Sonny nailed it

    Liked by 4 people

    • Baby Hurley says:

      She was intense, definitely knowledgeable and passionate about what needs to be done…I hope she can get some traction with those ideas.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Patriot says:

        Sonny is boss. At first listening, she might sound intense, but I think she is deeply connected to the issues. POTUS would be well advised to listen.

        Liked by 2 people

        • steph_gray says:

          “POTUS would be well advised to listen”???

          He invited Sonny and was listening to her. This seems like needless “advice.” Sheesh!


    • fred2w says:


      Sonnie Johnson was on fire.

      Sonnie really broke down how layers of Democrat regulations on the local level negate the impact of federal policies pushed by President Trump. Thus, the GOP must engage Black people on the local level and demonstrate how conservative policies would improve their lives. In time, Black people would be willing to vote GOP instead of “left and further left.”

      I hope President Trump takes Sonnie’s wise advice to heart.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Patriot says:

        Agree completely. The others were good, don’t get me wrong, but there is something visceral about Sonny’s comments. I think she has the pulse and POTUS might want to listen.

        Liked by 1 person

        • steph_gray says:

          Again – he did listen, he was listening.

          One of the finest things about President Donald J. Trump is that he actually does have the open mind that the left has always lied about having.

          And he is also completely clear about making up his own mind based on all information from all sources.

          Sorry if I sound nannyish, but it just sounds as if this does not give him the credit he deserves.


    • MVW says:

      Lyndon Johnson said he would get the blacks voting Democrat for 100 years with his ‘Great New Deal,’ which was a hand out, free table scraps.

      But the local Democrats use regulations like slave chains, and without rolling back the local regulation slave chains, opportunity zones won’t break through the concrete ceiling of Gruberment. Sonny made that clear, something I had not grasped. The light is on now.

      But the Communist controlled media is keeping the serpent tongue slogans flying, and that is chains for the minds, that keep minds thinking like Communists, that the only way to get a life is to take it from someone else’s piece of pie.

      The Communist media is owned, the owners have only one agenda, use the black community as a destructive force, to keep thinking of black versus white for a share of pie.

      So I have to ask, who are the serpents that own the media? And I am talking about the faces behind the faces. Who are the spiders behind the spiders. And for a start we know who owns Reuters and AP that feed all the news and sets the trickle down narrative.

      Liked by 2 people

    • wondering999 says:

      Sonny taught me something. I had not known about the taxation issue in Ferguson, but it makes sense.

      I want to add that decent primary schools are a huge issue, with parent choice. Someone elsewhere commented on kids who don’t complete high school. The videos may have been removed in the meantime, but there used to be Memphis TV interviews with mothers who feared their offspring would be beaten or killed, every day they were in high school. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ANYWHERE and needs to change.

      Parent choice

      Liked by 3 people

      • Patriot says:

        She has a very unique perspective. Tough love and personal responsibility. She talks about getting out and truly engaging with the community. I’m agreeing. Her insights, not just with Ferguson, but also with the Economic Development Zones was insightful. Hopefully, POTUS listens.

        Check her twitter feed under “pray for me” line (just prior to the meeting). Amazing replies.

        Liked by 3 people

        • fred2w says:


          You zeroed in on what makes Sonnie Johnson stand out from the crowd: Love.

          She truly loves Black people in the community and wants them to enjoy the fullness of American freedom. Hence, she offers them conservative solutions to the problems caused by Democrat Progressivism (Socialism).

          This is why Sonnie gets a warmer reception from Black audience compared to a Candace Owens who calls them “slaves” or “chimpanzees.”

          I really hope Trump keeps Sonnie around as an advisor.


  14. nats1mom says:

    Thank you Sundance! This was “…an excellent conversation.” Love, love President Trump’s round table discussions. Real conversations, real people.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. TrumpPatriot says:

    I throughly enjoyed the remarks from the discussion…and boy wa I ever impressed with the lady names Sonnie. ( Did I get her name right? Did not have on my glasses and her nameplate was blurred). I would like to see her given a very public position in the government with significant responsibility and interaction with the inner cities. Very impressive presentations.

    I have been doing a slow burn all week. I came of age in a rural community in the south. I was taught to respect ALL persons, and all through my life I have never sought to harm a person of another ethnicity in any manner, nor has anyone I have known or had interaction. Persons in the mainstream who are not white have had the same opportunities I have. It seems to me the issue is with the inner cities and poor….and Democrats have owned that since I was born decades ago. At the center is education. Those who have received a good education, ( as I did even in a small rural town) have equal opportunity to achieve and succeed. A person’s own choice of level of achievement is the only difference. With equal education opportunity will come equality …period.

    I begged my mother to let me work in high school. We were poor and I wanted jingle in my pocket. She was steadfast in her refusal. She said I had a job. My job was to get an education for it would open any door I wished to enter.

    Liked by 5 people

  16. I Will Not Comply says:

    This is unfixable. Period!


    • David A says:

      I am very pleased our President does not share your view. The truth is thus all happened because he was succeeding.


  17. Mike in a Truck says:

    876,000 abortions in 2018. Black babies included. No riots. No burning and looting. No killing police. But one black junkie gets his neck kneeled on and dies so let’s blow up the world.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Kitty-Kat says:

    Dr. Carson is always eloquent on these matters, I wonder why he seems to have such a low profile.

    Liked by 2 people

    • David A says:

      He has always been understated, yet apparently he is doing a great job, as the MSM will not report on him, when, if they cared for the inner city black population they would praise and support him.


    • cattastrophe says:

      Dr. Carson has been present in many meetings concerning different things being done and always comments when HUD has been part of it.


  19. marsouin says:

    Now he needs to hold one for white people to discuss all the race hatred and violence that has been directed against white for decades including the racist “affirmative action” and “hate-crime” laws.


  20. sunnydaze says:

    Wow. @7:55 Raynard Jackson spits TRUTH at CNN and MSNBC reporters in the room for killing more black people with their lies than any drug dealer or white person w/ a sheet over their face.

    He’s right!

    They’re doing it to ALL Americans, but I’m happy to see it addressed directly to the subject at hand

    Someone needs to make a short YT of that 1 min. segment.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Todd says:

    I think the biggest problem is the public education system. Charlotte Iserbyt was right. They are deliberately dumbing down America via the public education system controlled by the public teachers unions. They are the roots of the racial and political divides in America today.

    America’s Public Education system is not interested in education, it’s a political indoctrination system that produces a lot of stupid malleable sheep.

    I was never taught that white slaves existed too. I was never taught about the Irish “white slaves” or “indentured servants” or the English, or Scottish slaves that got shipped to early America and treated like cattle. I was always taught that slavery was exclusive to black and brown people.

    I was lied too, intentionally by my politically correct teachers and professors. I can just imagine a young student of history sitting in class today and daring to ask the question: Did white slaves exist in early America, professor?

    Yes, they did. More than black slaves because they were cheaper to purchase.

    IMAGINE if every student in the US public education system was taught that simple fact, it would have changed history.

    The left does not want to teach history anymore, they want to tear it down or burn it, and “re-imagine” the future in their own crazy, deceitful and diabolical ways.

    Economic Nationalism unites all Americans, except the communists that reside here, for now. Since President Trump took office, all Americans that desire to work hard have benefited from millions of new jobs, lower taxes, and safer communities.

    We were on the verge of becoming a Big Happy and Rich Country again, and then the left had to tear us apart again. That’s just what they do. The left is never happy, never satisfied. Their lust for power is insatiable. They’re literally nuts, but I think they’re more evil than they are nuts.

    This isn’t about Black or White; this is all about Good vs. Evil and they both come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and there is a lot more of US than them.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. He needs to talk more with this woman Sonny Johnson.. She really told him what the issues are….like the opportunity zone…top down administration…she’s explaining that by the time it gets to the grassroots little is left and they end up having to bend down to Dems. He seemed a bit overwhelmed by her but she is who he needs to spend more time with. I know nothing about her…wow ,how did she get invited to this meetng…but if I was him, she is the one I would meet with more.

    Liked by 5 people

  23. auscitizenmom says:

    I was blown away by Sonnie Johnson. I turned it on as she was speaking. She has a very loud voice (not a criticism at all) and is very passionate. She also seemed to know exactly what she was speaking about and what needs to be done. I was really impressed.

    Liked by 4 people

  24. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Don’t doubt the collective audience of that group. Sonnie Johnson is a huge voice on Sirius. She has been sounding the alarm to republicans for years. She has been telling republicans we need to go into the black community. Go in there, work in there and STAY there. I will say it again. This is why demonrats and spooky dude have unleashed the thugs. They are losing. They are losing big…and they know it. clyburn, jackson lee, waters, cornell west and that sorry gang of posers are losing their grip on black people. Raynard Jackson is right its is the media who are killing black people. And they were made to broadcast it.

    Liked by 5 people

  25. mtk says:

    Yo Micheal how about take that 100 million dollar pledge and put it where it belongs in Black Communities.
    The people that spoke with the President are outling the top things that are absent for much of Black America to have equal and enable opertunity to capital resources.

    And the man they are speaking with is listening. Because what they are all really saying is his favorite word “JOBS”.
    Get it Mr. Jordan…Jobs, because at the end day that is the issue.
    You made your fame in Basketball, and you made your Fortune in the endorsment racket.
    Do you realize, stealing back the sneaker trade will easily put 50,000+ Americans work.
    I have done some basic number crunching on the subject. Cost to make your AirJordens $8-12 dollars.

    So where is the money going?
    When they sell for $140-200 retail.
    Cost to make the same sneaker in USA in my estimate is $17-22.
    Geewiz, it not rocket science, nor is basketball smack talk to say take some of that $100 million and do some basic price point research yourself.

    The IPO itself will double over night, whatever billionaire status you already currently enjoy.
    Next comes the multi hundred million dollar direct investments into opertunity starved communities.
    And, when it is all done there are those all families impacted by having steady paychecks. Able to what the rest population with a steady job take for granted, make their own decisions on what is best for their families.


    • mtk says:

      The IPO itself will double over night, whatever billionaire status you already currently enjoy.
      Next comes the multi hundred million dollar direct investments into opertunity starved communities.
      And, when it is all done there are those all families impacted by having steady paychecks. Able to do what the rest population with a steady job takes for granted, make their own decisions on what is best for their families.


    • mtk says:

      Come on, “How many do you know that say, “I want to be Mike and the closest thing to that desire is lacing up a pair branded sneakers.”
      How many would rather be saying, “I might not be Mike, but I certainly make them.”
      It is a no brainer, and is certainly something the professional athletes in your circles can get behind.


  26. Marc says:

    “MR. DUPREE: …If you go into the black community and you tell — tell people a type of statistics, they go, “Oh, okay — yeah, great.” But if you show ground-moving, ground-shaking, things — things growing up from the bottom, …but if you start showing those things and, you know, a little friendly drive-through, “Hey, President Trump here,” they — believe me, there are many people that are on these online boards and, like I said, the call-ins and whatnot…They know what you’re doing. …It’s just that they need to hear more from you.”

    President Trump needed to hear this. He needs to hear from Black voices not in his sphere of influence and administration. It’s like when people say women react to emotions stronger than facts.(pls don’t respond with ‘not me’) Well black people respond much stronger to personal experiences than they do statistics. You can spout numbers all day and it won’t mean squat. You won’t reach a lot of folks by just trying to prove your point and never hearing them out.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Galahad says:

    This is awesome. But hey snoop dog, f u 2!


  28. Lucille says:

    President Trump holds a meaningful and productive meeting with black Americans. Meanwhile, Biden is being his inadequate self….

    Biden Loses it During NAACP Virtual Town Hall When He’s Told Some Young People Don’t Like Him (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila – Published June 10, 2020 at 10:12pm – post-comments

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Rj says:

    Isn’t this racist ?
    Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, is planning to pursue 100 percent health coverage for African American residents of his state. The governor’s plan stems from reports released that show a higher number of COVID-19 cases in the African American community.
    What next full coverage for all Mexicans or illegals at the expense of the working people? This is just another form of vote for us and will give something to you and pandering left and right. How is this any different then accepting money for votes ?


  30. Spurwing Plover says:

    will Jackson and Sharpton call them uncle Tom over this all?


  31. Richard says:

    Even if Trump does manage to get reasonable numbers of blacks to vote for him, they are concentrated in the cities where their votes will be disappeared or submerged in fraudulent votes.


    • steph_gray says:

      Not at all statistically true. Many election-numbers experts have stated for years that if the DementoRats lose their stranglehold on the black vote by even a few percentage points, they are toast.

      And everything that’s happened in the last two weeks only proves that point. Even a couple of election cycles ago, the idea of an R President getting double-digit black support was unheard of. That 40% poll is making the decrepit DementoRat Party apparatchiks wake up nightly in cold sweats, I promise you!


  32. crikey9 says:

    I have listened to Sonnie’s Corner and have learned a great deal. I of couse holler at the radio on occassion but she has inspired me to do research and educate myself.


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