The Floyd Finale – The Biden/Clyburn Push To Capitalize on Last Floyd Funeral…

If you’ve been following the week-long, highly political, three state grievance tour consisting of five funerals and viewings timed and located to maximize a 2020 political narrative; today is the culmination of the effort. However, you might also notice a big difference between how the media announced the program to the final day events.

The media previously claimed funeral number four for George Floyd in Houston, Texas, would be a small private gathering of family and close friends and that’s why Joe Biden would not be present to give his remarks in person. As the Biden/Clyburn campaign explained to Reuters: “He is not expected to attend the service to avoid any disruption to mourners that could be caused by his Secret Service protective detail.”

That Biden/Clyburn claim was always transparently silly. As you can see today from the funeral dozens of congresspersons, senators, state and national officials were included in a large made-for-television, live-broadcast, event that was not the least bit “private”, “small” or reserved for close family and friends. Instead it was what we expected it would be; a Joe Biden political rally exploiting the death of George Floyd.

That said, there is also clarity of purpose behind the video that Biden recorded; and, as we expected, the video was carefully constructed for the candidate to read from a teleprompter, edited with sound enhancements and under careful control. It is likely James Clyburn was more concerned with Biden screwing up a live speech, thus the recording was needed.

The carefully constructed video message sets the stage for the media to hype and play the soundbites. Like all other aspects to the orchestrated plan, this recording was by design. Immediately the media jumped into action to use the recorded message to push the agenda of the Biden/Clyburn campaign.

YouTube Capture Showing Dozens of Simultaneous Media outlets Promoting

Every broadcast and cable news outlet is pushing the Biden/Clyburn script now.  Biden did not travel to Houston to meet the family and record the video.  The video was recorded from the Biden/Clyburn studio several days ago while the three-state Floyd funeral tour was ongoing.

It appears that Biden remains a very tenuous candidate with limited abilities to function when not under the strongest of controls.  As a consequence everything around Biden has to be carefully scripted for optics and to retain the viable candidate narrative.  It should be stunning how much the media is helping to protect his weakness; alas, it’s not.

Everything is by design.  All of this is a carefully choreographed series of events.

The U.S. media is completely allied with the Biden campaign to construct a false reality based on the manipulation of all forms of media.


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332 Responses to The Floyd Finale – The Biden/Clyburn Push To Capitalize on Last Floyd Funeral…

  1. California Joe says:

    The only thing missing is a Regimental Funeral with pipes and drums for Floyd’s saving the Black Watch from massacre:

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  2. Boston Bean says:

    Please tell me the Thug Floyd (f)artwork with the halo and angel wings is some Conservative meme prankster with questionable taste. What–it’s part of his official hagiography? NNOOOoooooooo!


  3. Shrike says:

    Would have been cool if all the democrats received envelopes like they did at GW Bush’s funeral

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  4. Reloader says:

    So when Biden miraculously recovers completely from senility, we can be sure that they have finally completed the digital replication of his face and voice. There won’t be any further appearances of him in public, not at the convention and not in the Oval Office, should he win the election.

    And who will be running the country? Perhaps the same people who were running it during the previous administration. That resident of the White House also did not have the competence to fulfill the office. Ronald Reagan was known for “delegating” responsibility, and keeping regularly short hours. I wonder how far back it goes since we have had a truly competent President.

    VSGPDJT really is the greatest President in a long time.


    • AustinHoldout says:

      I heard they’re planning to use the same taxidermist they used for RGB.

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    • Murray says:

      how will Clyburn avoid Presidential debates with Trump? Biden, as the only candidate for POTUS in American history to which the 25th amendment should be applied before the election, will get skinned alive by Trump


  5. 1nikao says:

    I think the Floyd funeral is the official DNC campaign strategy. This is Joe’s version of campaigning. Let the riot planners coordinate with Joe’s team and keep him lockd in the basement to show how woke everyone is by telling them that “riots ore the voice of the voiceless…”
    He can hunker in his bunker and ride it out with the DNC clunker!


  6. Contrast the plain pine box and old country church funeral for a saint like Billy Graham with the over the top PROPAGANDA THEATER FUNERAL for a thug that is an ABOMINATION before God and it becomes clear what is the distinction between humility and grace and genuine goodness and a
    NAUSEATING theatrical display of DECEPTION and EVIL and a REVELATION of those who ARE
    servants of HELL.

    Systemic Racism is a LIE. Empowering that DECEPTION are Satan’s Children who are NOT
    *actual* Christians but are pretended “aggrieved” Anti-Christ gangstas and thugs cut from the same corrupt cloth as a murdered thug that by hos “homies” was buried in a Gold Casket with such PHONY “religious” trappings and ceremony today as an Academy Award Winning Theatrical Presentation engineered to MAXIMIZE “white guilt”.

    If the cop who murdered the deceased had been a black cop does anyone actually believe that the 3 days of funerals and the over the top Hollywood Production would have ever occurred ? No ?

    Well then, it is OBVIOUS that all the ceremony today had nothing to do with reverently “honoring” the treasured memory of a deserving thug whose character and reputation was reverse engineered to become some suddenly revered kind of unforgettable “saint” only for a transparent reason of a deceptive litigious POLITICAL AGENDA exploited by RACIST inciters and rabble rousers.

    This entire debacle has to be recorded as the biggest civil rights ambulance chasing spectacle in all of human history.

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    • One of the primary and fundamental indicators of *actual* racism is how the women of one race are treated by another. Think about that one for a moment and check the statistics regarding interracial rape and strangulation murder for an enlightening “data set”.

      The rape of black women by white men is a virtually non-existent crime, it is so rare
      that it statistically does not exist as a meaningful number in the grand scheme of
      statistics because there is an insufficient number of cases to analyze for any societal
      context or meaning. But check the reciprocal scenario for interracial rape where the polarity is reversed, and then say where is found the EVIDENCE of “systemic racism”.

      Once that EVIDENCE is understood then the Big Lie about racism is FULLY exposed.

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    • cplogics says:

      Yes, with respect to Billy Graham, his life was his testimony. He never wanted earthly acclaim. When you bury a thug you better be sure you can give him a send off fit for a king lest people begin to ask questions about what his life was really like.

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  7. beach lover says:

    that was the biggest longest farce Ive seen in a long time. It just makes me sad for our country.

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    • cplogics says:

      I am sad for people in our country like those who contribute to this forum. I have a hard time being sad for a country so stupid that they went on television today, including members of The Five, show boating their grief and despair at the treatment of blacks at the hands of police when statistics show an entirely different picture. I wanted to spit in all of their faces as they pandered to the lies. I am sick of hearing the word “murder” when Fox recites how Floyd died. They are building a narrative which may not be born out by the facts in this case. The are as bad as all the other prostitutes who pander to the left.

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      • cplogics says:

        By the way, Greg Gutfeld was not on the show today. I think he is fed up. Kilmeade took his place and of course was pandering yet another quickly written book pretending to be a legitimate historian. The red haired twit with the deep Virginia accent was overwhelmed with grief as was Juan Williams. The entire program played into the most emotional aspects they could find including in Floyd’s last moments he called out for his mother. How about all of the other victims in this country who might have done the same thing for which Fox could not give a sh*t? It has taken me more than most who post here to come to the realization that Fox is full of it, but today was the last straw.

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        • Joe20 says:

          Fox sells news to conservatives . . . to gain your trust, and then to screw you.

          Remember when Fox sent Meghan Kelly in an attempt to blow up Trump’s campaign?

          The most dangerous news source is the one that gains your trust, so as to manipulate you.

          And that’s Fox.

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          • cattastrophe says:

            I see no reason to believe any news station is totally trust worthy. Why would anyone put aside their own ability to reason and leave it to someone else. What I am truly grateful for is that at least one national station still allows truthful content by some of it’s members .It’s really the most we can expect and in the present climate it’s proving to be very valuable.


        • steph_gray says:

          No mention of the 19 who have now died as a result of his death, eh?

          That’s a pretty big downstream effect there.

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      • Han Solo says:

        The Five was absolutely awful today…it was the first time I turned on the tv bc the Sharpton Clown Show finally ended, tho it took forever to get that limo and horse to the site. The pandering, faux grief, scripted talking points…give me a break. No one cared about this guy, especially those race pimps running the show. On the other hand, it will be the largest Biden rally you will see all year.

        Now that this circus is over, what’s the next hoax they got in store for us…this one already backfired big time and sentiment is in Trump’s favor, no doubt. Have they tried the flying, biting monkeys yet?

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        • Olivia Robbins says:

          April 20, 1999, two bullied teens from Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, shot twelve classmates and a teacher at the noon hour. A bomb failed to detonate, intentioned to kill 200 students in the cafeteria. It was an awful time. The town was quiet. There were funerals and a visit from President Bill Clinton. The site was filled with flowers and all types of memorials for the innocent victims. When an adult saw a teen on the street, there was sympathy. Everyone’s heart was broken. No answers as to why.

          This lasted for one whole month. Letters to the editor of the Denver Post included one from a trucker who said that he was going to change the way he drove. Wasn’t going to go through orange caution lights as a way to soften the blow. Interviews of the stunned survivors by all of the alphabet networks did nothing to soothe the pain.

          Fast forward to May 20, 1999, it was basically over. School was out.

          My point: This too shall pass. Without this kind of happening, The Five would be pandering their books and talking about their dogs and selling calendars.

          P.S. I am not making less of the death of George Floyd. The +Just Judge is aware of all circumstances in the lives of souls.


  8. mugzey302 says:

    Remember when the Democrat women showed up at the SOTU wearing all white, and now these clowns are wearing white to a funeral…What’s the message? (I guess you can’t wear black to the funeral if you wear it when you’re looting and pillaging.)


  9. millard fillmore says:

    How will the democrats do debates?Well not at all would be their preference.Perhaps a new public health crisis or terrorist act will ‘necessitate a remote debate’,where the candidates won’t be in the same room for ‘security’ reasons,and Biden will have a room full of off-camera advisors,teleprompters in front of him,to tell him what to say.Though he’s naturally robotic,in a fifties-robot-with-a-few-transistors-removed way,AI can’t replace him yet.The teleprompter reading gaffe’s would be hilarious.


    • Maybe you should spend a little time comparing speeches between Biden and Trump. Clear lines of thought, eloquence and an understanding of the issues will be revealed in stark contrast, since none of those will be found in Trump’s statements. He has succeeded in making the US the laughingstock of the world. That you, and all the other commenters on this thread that support him, speaks volumes about your acceptance of Idiocracy. Unbridled narcissism isn’t a strong character trait.


  10. Mr e-man says:

    Any respect I had for the Floyd family went right out the window. Instead of trying to bring people together in unity and use his death for a grander purpose, they are using it to divide and pander and to support a partisan political campaign.



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