Candidate Joe Biden Will Visit George Floyd Family Monday – Record Video for Third Floyd Funeral…

Yesterday the new black panderers organized a million Antifa march with the Black Lives Matter crowd in Washington DC.  Unfortunately, they fell approximately 990,000 people short of the million person goal; only about 10,000 marchers present.

The window of exploitation & opportunity is closing even faster than we expected.

Not surprisingly the media hyped the thousands that did attend resulting in a skewed reality that was/is disconnected from the actual result.  In media you would think there was a massive alignment of social interests.  However, if you look at the reception rate for the message, there’s a big disconnect.

Again, as previously noted, the downstream reception rate, the people who receive the message, take action on the message and/or join in the amplification of the message; much like the protest attendance rate, was very small considering the scale of the push.

We can debate what is creating the disconnect, but the chasm is undeniable.  People are just not as organically tuned-in as the media would have you believe they are.  The efforts of the social influencers are not yielding results; and you can see this reality in the way the media is increasingly desperate to keep pushing the messaging.

“Defund The Police” is not working outside the most severe leftist woke groups.

Perhaps people are burned-out with the constant demand for outrage; or perhaps people have caught-on to the manipulation.  I’m not sure what specifically is driving the lack of engagement; but people are just going on with their lives while the constant drumbeat of shouting voices is being blasted at them.  The drumbeat is loud, perhaps one of the loudest ever, but the drumbeat is also astroturf and not organic.  This appears to be part of the reason for the disconnect.

You could hold a free pizza party in DC on a weekend day and get more attendance than yesterday’s audience.  The Philadelphia march was large but fizzled quick.  The New York march fizzled even faster… folks are simply moving on.  This has to be very frustrating for the astroturf organizers.  They have every corporate and institutional apparatus in alignment right now, but there’s a shortage of people purchasing the program.

If you only looked at mainstream media you probably wouldn’t notice it; but if you dig down beyond the parts that are being forcibly pushed to “trending” status by the social-media engineers you’ll quickly see the facade.  It’s a Potemkin narrative.

Here’s where it gets really interesting.  The designers of the movement have been clearly following a script and a schedule.   After we watched the Ben Crump interview last week the schedule was clear.  The national script was supposed to culminate in coordination with the Floyd funeral schedule.  However, funeral #2 (Saturday) was a total flop.

Joe Biden is heading to Houston Texas for funeral #3.  A viewing on Monday and the final funeral/memorial service on Tuesday.  Biden’s attendance was predictable; however, even that is now sketchy and shows evidence of campaign failure:

(Reuters) – Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden will travel to Houston on Monday and meet with the family of George Floyd, two weeks after Floyd’s death in police custody triggered nationwide protests over racial injustice, aides said.

Biden is expected to offer his sympathies to Floyd’s relatives and record a video message for the private funeral service scheduled to take place on Tuesday in Floyd’s hometown of Houston, two aides said. He is not expected to attend the service to avoid any disruption to mourners that could be caused by his Secret Service protective detail. (read more)

Ignore the silly ‘secret service’ justification for not attending the service on Tuesday.  The campaign should be embarrassed for even attempting that.  If there was political value in the appearance, the campaign would shove his ass in the room.  “secret service disruption”? Too funny.  Laugh-Out-Loud, child’ please. As if the DNC would care about disrupting funeral services when there are votes to be gained. That’s precious, right there.

James Clyburn is the ringmaster.

Clyburn is working with Sharpton, Crump, 2-J’s and the new black panderers to position Biden for maximum racial grievance and political value.  Funeral disrupting?  Again, too funny.

So, despite the fact he is literally there, in Houston, meeting the family for the first time at the end of a week-long national tour; Joe Biden is going to “record a video message” Monday to play at the funeral Tuesday?  Weird.

Either: (A) Joe’s backsliding on the cognitive issues again and they need to control the optics of speech via editing; or (B), the video is needed because the campaign needs something, anything, to extract from the event that can be used to stir up the AME church network later on; or (C) part of the pre-plan has failed to come through; or (D) All of it.

[I vote “D”]

The Clyburn plan; and please don’t forget James Clyburn is the campaign manager and in total control of every aspect of everything; would likely have Biden meeting up with Obama and Bush in Houston.  The optics of ‘national healing’ and ‘political unity’ only made possible by Joe Biden was the goal.

The three panderers seated at the front of the final farewell show is the best optic; and most useful for corporate media to shape and push.  Everything was going in that direction until today.  Doing something less than optimal politics means something has changed.

Maybe the private polling around four funerals and a national grievance tour has shown signs of backlash.  Maybe the lack of organic interest has rung some alarm bells.

Perhaps the American people seeing thousands of people protesting while they cannot hold funerals for their loved-ones, open their businesses. or attend their own churches has found its way to the attention of those who review optics. Dunno, but something’s up.

The earlier racist comment by Joe Biden about if you don’t support him “you ain’t black”, could very well be a much bigger issue than the alliance is willing to admit. That would not surprise me at all…. Combine that with the ridiculous “Defund The Police” nonsense, and there’s two big roadblocks to any organic mass political movement.

Even limo-liberals eventually wonder: if you take away the police, who is Karen going to call when she only gets nine nuggets in her 10-piece happy meal?

What is clear, very clear, is the window of opportunity is closing fast; and so far, other than some very woke symbolism, the crew who coordinated this – has gained very little from it.


The internal racism within the “people of color” coalition was always the inherent problem for Obama, Eric Holder and Tom Perez (Team BLM), because the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party absolutely dislike Latinos.

Latinos lean heavily Christian; while the radical NoI and NBPP elements who agreed to align within the BLM movement are heavily influenced by Islam. This is why there are two internal black coalitions. BLM is influenced by Islam, while the AME coalition is Christian.

The media, especially the political media, are never allowed to talk about the internal ideologies behind the two camps: Team Obama (BLM – Islam) and Team Clyburn (AME – Christian); but the issues are very real and keeping the coalition together is not easy.

Watching Al Sharpton (AME team) deliver his racial narrative to the Minneapolis funeral audience last Thursday, but team BLM removing him before funeral #2 on Saturday in North Carolina, is a reflection of how important and tenuous the dynamic really is.

The BLM foot-soldiers do not like the lack of purity within the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton messaging.  Two-J’s and Sharptongue are both old-school AME members where religious worship kneels at the altar of money.  The DNC has the same objective, ergo historically the DNC and AME were in alignment. .

Those behind the BLM network are more ideological and they see the AME’s lust for money as a risk.  It’s a weird interplay and ultimately that’s why the two factions keep splitting apart.

Floyd family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, is more AME than he is BLM.  Al Sharpton was Crump’s mentor going all the way back to the Martin Lee Anderson case in 2006. But at the same time Crump, Clyburn and by extension Joe Biden, needs the BLM foot-soldiers to drum the social justice message in order to achieve maximum impact.

Bottom line – the Minneapolis opportunists, specifically the Muslim community, will benefit from the current anti-police narrative.  The Somali Muslim community wants Sharia-enforcement officers instead of traditional law enforcement. Ergo the Ellison/Omar agenda will benefits from recent events.

However, beyond the local benefit, the new BLM/AME alliance does not seem to be moving the national needle.  If you look closely it appears more and more people have caught on to the unspoken and divisive agenda.

The long standing issues between Latinos and Blacks is an important angle to watch; especially with 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden going down on his knees in favor of the BLM/AME network.

There is a risk 2020 Democrats might lose more Latinos than they will gain amid blacks.

This type of political calculation based on identity politics always carries a risk. We could be seeing -once again- the outcome of what happens when political ideology intersects with a very divided assembly of special interests.

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800 Responses to Candidate Joe Biden Will Visit George Floyd Family Monday – Record Video for Third Floyd Funeral…

  1. convert says:

    This is an amazing moment. People on my FB feed are posting flatly untrue stories that have been debunked (Trump saying that Floyd would be happy about the jobs numbers–didn’t happen. and Tom Cotten calling for military attacks on protestors –didn’t happen. He called for intervention in the rioting, destruction and assaults..

    And this same social media–Twitter and FB–will block things or take down anything that corrects these widely spread outright lies. How in the world can this go on? No wonder poll numbers are all over the place. When you have the media outright lying, faking and altering tape, omitting parts of interviews (like with the CBS Barr interview) the American people are being as manipulated as any people have ever been on earth.

    And it could only be corrected by PAID FOR air time, because the media won’t print retractions or corrections. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see both old and new media reject ads from the Trump campaign and other Repubs for the election cycle. What in the world will they do??

    People who are on social media sometimes forget that a majority of Americans ARE NOT on social media. All they know is what their TV tells them. And their TV is lying to them BIGLY. It’s so scary!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Beverly says:

      TWITTER is “disappearing” videos faster than you can post them. Candace Owens, for example. Gofundme STOPPED her campaign to help a looted black businessman who had vocally opposed the rioters. In comments, whenever a patriot tries to post a Twit video, half the time, it’s Gonesville. Gone.

      It’s full-tilt boogie, pedal to the metal all the way! To copy something online in a screenshot so you can keep the image in your files, do this: Cursor is on the webpage you want to copy. Then press the Ctrl key, and PrtScrn (top right of your keyboard) together.

      Then open up Word or Adobe, and press the Ctrl key and the v key. That will past the image of the computer screen when you were on that web page. And save it.

      We need to keep our own archives, friends.


  2. Sharon says:

    Those of us who have had funerals for family members over the years obviously missed the boat completely, in terms of windows of opportunity such as this.

    We didn’t think to riot. And, for the most part, it never occurred to us to have multiple funerals.

    I suppose it’s not too late to riot.

    I’m now seeing this phrase frequently: “White silence is violence.” And my immediate mental question in response is, “And what is black violenct??????????? HMMMMMMMMMMM???”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    In Colorado a mostly peaceful protestor shot a motorist in the head for slowly driving past their illegal human street blockade.

    After attempted murder lunatic fringe leftist attorney got out on $60k bail.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sharon says:

      A peaceful protester also murdered a retired (black) police chief in one of the midwest states. I saw details on it yesterday, and can’t relocate it today.

      Press conference just now going on – the Portland police chief has resigned and been replaced by yet another black police chief, who spent most of his time speaking about what an amazing chief she had been – – – which left me wanting to ask: So why did she resign?

      She had been the short-term replacement for the prior black police chief whose name was Chief Outlaw. Seriously.

      They have already promised never to have police officers in the schools again, which has to be encouraging for those who plan to commit crimes in school. Trayvon would have loved this.

      Liked by 2 people

      • jello333 says:

        Yeah, the retired policeman who was murdered was David Dorn… he was 77 years old. Shortly after it happened, there was a video online showing the him lying on the ground AS he was dying. The cameraman (who sounded black) is pretty upset, continually telling Dorn to “hang in there” and stuff, while at the same time yelling at would-be looters about what they had done. The video now seems to have disappeared from the usual spots (YouTube etc), but I’m sure it’s still out there somewhere if you want to try to find it. But honestly, I would advise against it… I wish I had never seen it myself. 😦


  4. KBR says:

    I noticed something odd in the photo used in this article.

    It looks like a picture of Shakespeare’s head near the back row to left of center.
    This head is a good bit larger than other heads in the same row.

    When I enlarged the photo to look at that, it appears that nearby slightly to left and slightly further back from “Shakespeare’s head”, is an object that looks similar to illustrations of the tomb of Christ and has a cross on it slightly to right.

    Once I saw these I could not unsee them.


  5. theasdgamer says:

    Why only three funerals? They could run this pony til Nov.


  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Joe Biden all mouth and no mind your typical liberal Democrat yes the Democratic Donkey is Stupid and beyond hope of ever recovering


    • Sharon says:

      As long as their base is more stupid than they are, the fact that they are stupid does not present a significant obstacle to political power.


      • jello333 says:

        The fact that these “protests” were, for the most part, much smaller than they could have been gives me hope. Based on the hype, you’d think every major city in this country would have shut down due to millions of angry (“mourning”) people in the streets. But if you do a little math, it’s obvious that even among Dems, only a very, very, very tiny percentage of them care enough to do anything. I’m hoping that means that even a lot of Dems are having second thoughts about what they’re seeing/hearing. Maybe not to the #walkaway point yet, but certainly starting to question things. No, I don’t expect a huge number of them to switch over to Trump… but it wouldn’t surprise me if many just throw up their hands and say “I’m out”.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Beverly says:

          I think a LOT more libbies are chickening out than you’d think.

          Example: my dentist. He’s in his 40s, so a millennial. He came to work last Monday after the Sunday night opening “Kristallnacht” by the savage Left and their looters/rioters, to find all the store windows in our neighborhood smashed, and looted right to the bare walls. He was severely shaken.

          This is a guy who has a Shepard Fairey poster (OBEY) in his office, and is a Default Liberal, like most white urban professionals in the Northeast.

          BUT: I told him how apocalyptic it had been the night before (he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two small children), and he kept shaking his head, saying, “This is NUTS.”

          That night, he called me to see if I was able to find ANY open drugstore for my meds. But really, he just wanted to talk. I could tell he was rethinking things. I told him I was seriously looking at moving out of NYC and back to my home state. He and his wife recently closed on a house in New Jersey, but he couldn’t believe how much lower the cost of living would be elsewhere.

          He’s doing some rethinking for sure. Especially with two kids. It’s okay to virtue signal when it’s cheap and easy and what all the Cool Kids are doing, but when you start to tear down the cities — a dad will have second thoughts.

          Liked by 1 person

  7. treehouseron says:

    I think there’s a backlash. As I left my house today and crossed over a highway bridge, someone had hung a ‘black lives matter’ poster from the bridge. I thought about turning around and taking it down…. but then I thought, this will probably make sure nearly everybody in my neighborhood gets out and votes for Trump. So I left it.


    • Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

      That’s funny, I was thinking about going to my demonrat congressweasel’s office and protesting FOR DEFUND THE COPS!
      That message will go over well in my district!!


  8. clodfobble says:

    but Noooooooo… NOT a photo op, I’m sure.


  9. enduringoak says:

    Non denominationally speaking, the question of who is behind the rejection of “defund the police” is clear to me. It’s God.


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