BREAKING: President Trump Vows to Veto FISA Reauthorization if Passed…

Moments ago President Trump tweeted he will veto the House FISA re-authorization if it is passed without first investigating and exposing prior FISA abuses committed against his prior election campaign and administration:

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote by proxy on the FISA re-authorization previously passed by the Senate.  No-one has any idea if the FISA vote will actually pass the House and it appears most republicans are positioned to vote against it.

Lou Dobbs discusses the issues with Representative Jim Jordan shortly before President Trump tweeted his intent.  WATCH:


These developments come on the heels of increased sunlight into the corrupt purposes and intents of Obama-era intelligence officials and how they weaponized their authorities to target the Trump administration starting with National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

[…] It was the FBI, not the NSA, that wiretapped Kislyak’s calls and created the summary and transcript, the former officials said. (link)

The FBI was conducting (FISA) surveillance on Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  When Kislyak contacted Flynn the call was intercepted by the FBI.  The calls were then transcribed and “tech cuts” created.

On January 3rd Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were text messaging about the intercept.  It is important to note these text messages have never been released; and were intentionally removed and hidden from the text messages that were released.

We only know about these specific texts from a Senate oversight committee paper that put a timeline together.

This January 3rd communication is critical so I’m going to explain it.  You will see why the FBI and DOJ and Intelligence Community have kept it hidden:

A FISA order, in this case on Sergey Kislyak, is referred to as “technical coverage” or a “tech”.  The FBI interceptors, staff doing the interception, then type up summaries of telephone conversations captured. Those are referred to as “tech cuts” or “cuts”.

The “CR cut” in the text message above is a “Crossfire Razor cut”, or a Flynn cut.

This is a summary of the call intercept.  This is the non-traditional intelligence document that FBI Director James Comey gave to DNI James Clapper to use for the briefing of President Obama on January 4th. There are no redacted or masked names because it is a raw intelligence document.

The Clapper briefing officially informed the White House of the existence of an open FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.  That briefing led to the January 5th “pull aside” meeting outlined in the Susan Rice memo.

The FBI was investigating Flynn and monitoring Russian communications to see a reaction to the sanctions imposed on December 29, 2016.  When Kislyak called Flynn the FBI legally intercepted the call because the FISA authority was surveillance on Kislyak and Flynn was also under investigation.

But there are more implications…

Peter Strzok  texts: “[Bill Priestap], like us, is concerned with over sharing.  Doesn’t want Clapper giving [the Flynn cut, or summary of intercepted call] to White House.”  All political, just shows our hand and potentially makes enemies.

Lisa Page responds: “Yeah but keep in mind we were going to put that in the doc on Friday, with potentially larger distribution than just DNI.”

Strzok Replies: “The question is should we, particularly to the entirely of the lame duck U.S. Intelligence Community with partisan axes to grind.”

The implication of the Lisa Page response about sharing the Flynn intercept, is the intention of the FBI to include the “CR cut”, the FBI summary intercept of the Kislyak call, within the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) which was being released on Friday.  The filter of their entire conversation was political.

We don’t know if the Kislyak-Flynn call was used as a part of the classified evidence within the ICA.  It sounds from Lisa Page’s text response that the issue was discussed and then a decision made not to include it:  “we were going to put that in”, implies they did not.

Bill Priestap and Peter Strzok have issues with the raw “tech cut” of the intercept being shared with DNI Clapper and White House.  Lisa Page downplays those concerns by saying: ‘hey relax, in context we were about to put that readout in the ICA which is a far bigger deal than just sharing it with the White House.’

Putting it all together.  The FBI intercepted the call.  A “tech cut” summary of the call was generated exclusive to the FBI.  James Comey gave that call summary including Flynn’s name to James Clapper; and James Clapper briefed President Obama.

Michael Flynn wasn’t unmasked in documents related to the call because Flynn’s name was never masked in the documents, the FBI “CR cut”.  [READ SENATE DOCUMENT]

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220 Responses to BREAKING: President Trump Vows to Veto FISA Reauthorization if Passed…

  1. MustangBlues says:

    As Sundance has reminded us: There are Trillions at Stake!

    So Politics is a business, big government is a big business; when one gets in as staff or elected management, it is the gravy train, big bucks and perks and permanent job somewhere is the business whether you do good or bad.

    Cushy life, and for the little mean hateful people who are power hungry, unfetter opportunities to work the rules to their personal satisfaction with no watchers to catch them.

    Ideal job and life, so cya is the kool aid drink one’s has with every meal.

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  2. Skidroe says:

    Sturm- I am implying that Graham could be exposed through his Ukraine dealings and Mitch McConnell Could be exposed through his China dealings. ETC. Hope this helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patriot1783 says:

      If that exposure ever does come to light, any congressman or senator who is obstructing the hearings due to their conflict of interest should be charged as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mikeyboo says:

        Any congressman or senator obstructing the hearings due to conflict of interest should be…..……… OK we’ll call it “charged”.


  3. samwise163 says:

    Please veto, Mr. President. They targeted your family. That’s unforgivable. That only calls for righteous vengeance.

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  4. teaforall says:


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  5. Bulldog84 says:

    Procedural comment: They are voting by proxy — isn’t that new? They’ve been writing legislation by proxy (aka lobbyists). Perhaps they could get the lobbyists to vote for them too?

    Substantive comment: Squash FISA like a grape.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Yeah, President Trump should simply say…. This isnt a Bill. It has not been voted on by the Legislature per the requirements of the Constitution. Until done, I will not even consider this bill for signing or Veto.


    • Doob McDubb says:

      Don’t stop there.
      Demolish the Utah data collection facility.
      Everybody got along w/o it.


  6. oldfiredude says:

    Americans should be more than OUTRAGED about FISA and blatant violations of the 4th Amendment. This power lead the Obama administration to spy on politicians and SC justices. This gave us Obamacare and GOD only knows what other blackmail schemes. If President Trump wants to GUARANTEE his reelection (GOD willing) he should not only VETO Fisa; he should BLOW UP the Utah Data center (and all the secret backup locations)!!


  7. SuzyAZ says:

    Different stories out there about how Flynn was tapped. There were no unmaskings of Flynn on the date that the call was made – December 29, not until January 4. So it appears he was never masked and possible it was a specific CIA operation to surveil him and intercept the call. In fact maybe the call was set up. Russians has been deported the day before by Obama (deliberate?) and Flynn was in Dominican Republic so easy enough to pinpoint the call. Kislyak may be been galvanized to call Flynn to find out why the Russians has been kicked out. Guess we’ll know sometime.


  8. Gary Lacey says:

    When was Trump Tower tapped and under what circumstance?


  9. hokkoda says:

    When Mitt Romney got pushed on us in 2011/12, that’s when I coined the term Conservative Inc. over at National Review. That was the first election that I truly got red pilled. A couple years later, they ran a movie review for the new Captain America film that basically trashed the movie, and I remember commenting that the reviewer clearly had no grasp of the problems at the IRS, Edward Snowden, etc.

    Flash forward 6 years, and you start to realize how prescient this movie was.

    FISA has been weaponized by traitors within our Government. It all needs to go.


  10. TwoLaine says:



    • twinkiethekid2 says:

      If we should be so lucky. 100% with you, but I don’t expect a fire sale on slightly used storage arrays in minimum quantities of 1 Petabyte and larger. Besides, how will HRC find the time to wipe them all clean with her special server cloth? 😉

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