Dragon Move – Chairman Xi Imposing Mainland National Security Laws Upon Hong Kong…

China is signaling they will drop the panda illusion and take a full frontal dragon approach toward Hong Kong. Chairman Xi Jinping is deploying, some say he has already deployed, the Ministry of State Security – China’s leading intelligence agency – into Hong Kong to begin formal control through national security laws.

The move appears to be a direct signal that communist Beijing will not longer accept or allow Hong Kong’s current autonomous status as a free democracy. Beijing signaling “enough is enough”, and Hong Kongers are rightly concerned.  If Xi follows through, we can expect to see even more protests and confrontations; and the possibility President Trump will remove the “special trade status” the U.S. gives to Hong Kong.

Right now Hong Kong is exempt from U.S. tariffs and other economic measures the U.S. has deployed against China.  If Beijing takes full control, that could quickly change.

(Reuters) – Beijing appears determined to stamp out any renewed rebellion against the Communist Party’s authority over the former British colony. China’s largely rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress, is preparing to circumvent the city’s lawmaking body, the Legislative Council, in drafting the new laws.

The fear among many in Hong Kong is that China intends to criminalize existing freedoms, including criticism of the central government and its policies. It is the latest and biggest step in a concerted effort by Beijing to assert control over Hong Kong and its 7.4 million people.

In recent weeks there had been widespread speculation here that Beijing was planning this move, described by some local commentators as the “nuclear option.” Thursday’s announcement by China nonetheless stunned pro-democracy lawmakers, business leaders and lawyers in the city. It was, they said, a historic turning point – the end of “one country, two systems,” the formula Beijing had promised would allow Hong Kong to retain its way of life and freedom for at least 50 years after the 1997 handover to Chinese rule.

“This represents a real demolition of the one country, two systems idea and also the idea of Hong Kong’s autonomy,” said barrister Wilson Leung, a member of the Progressive Lawyers Group. Leung said extremely harsh sentences had been imposed on dissidents, journalists and lawyers on the mainland under vaguely expressed but draconian laws. “These same vague concepts are now being introduced to Hong Kong,” he said.

Many details of the new laws and exactly how they will be absorbed into Hong Kong’s existing statutes remain unclear. But Beijing has openly expressed its intentions in recent months. It wants to end the cycle of mass protests that have thwarted successive post-colonial administrations each time they have moved to more closely align the city with China’s political and legal system.

[…] Hong Kong is a vital cog in China’s economy. While China still has extensive capital controls and often intervenes in its financial markets and banking system, Hong Kong is one of the most open economies in the world and one of the biggest markets for equity and debt financing.

China uses Hong Kong’s currency, equity and debt markets to attract foreign funds, while international companies use Hong Kong as a launchpad to expand into mainland China. The bulk of foreign direct investment in China continues to be channeled through the city. And many of China’s biggest firms have listed in Hong Kong, often as a springboard to global expansion.  (read more)

Prior to the Wuhan virus President Trump was positioning the confrontation between the U.S. and China based on economics and trade.  Within that dynamic Beijing had a weak hand and President Trump exploited their vulnerabilities with a geopolitical strategy to dismantle China’s one-belt/one-road expansion plan.

President Trump used access to the strong U.S. market to leverage multinational companies away from Chinese manufacturing.  Trump’s tariffs against China were extremely effective; and led to Beijing’s initial acquiescence.   However, it was soon evident that China would not accept their diminished economic outcome.

If Xi moves on Hong Kong, there’s a very strong likelihood President Trump will remove the HK special trade status which will have an immediate impact.

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283 Responses to Dragon Move – Chairman Xi Imposing Mainland National Security Laws Upon Hong Kong…

  1. jbrickley says:

    I feel bad for Hong Kong, they are between a rock and a hard place. But Trump isn’t going to back down and he will revoke HK special status initiating tariff’s and many international investors will pull their money out of HK as fast as possible if China continues. Some are already moving money. The combination one-two punch is going to hurt Beijing YUGELY.

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  2. Trent Telenko says:

    Hong Kong is China. It has been since Maggie Thatcher walked away from it.

    The issue at hand is the suppression of Democratic Hong Kong is Chairman Xi playing internal power games. He is doing it to maintain his power within the CCP Mandarin class with the post ‘rona economy.

    All the Democratic people of Hong Kong can do is to either choose to live on their knees or die on their feet…

    …and make the price too high for Xi to survive as CCP Chairman.

    The Hong Kong people forcing the CCP to go Tienanmen on them collectively and publicly before the American election will do just that.

    I will morn the passing of the Free People of Hong Kong.

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    • Ozzie Bowman says:

      Maggie Thatcher had no choice . The lease on the adjacent mainland area (The New Territories ) that supplied Hong Kong,s water had expired. China was then able to cut off Hong Kong,s water and intended to do so. Britain extracted the best terms that they could for Hong Kong , terms that preserved freedom. The problem now is China is breaking that agreement.

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      • Harvey Lipschitz says:

        I didn’t know about the water faucet.

        Breaking agreement is standard communism.

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      • Realist says:

        Nice to see that at least someone has the knowledge of the real HK situation, the ‘Lease’ was only on Kowloon and the New Territories HK island was given to the UK in PERPETUITY.


        • Maquis says:

          So China stole it by threatening their extinction.

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        • A2 says:

          No, it was the 99 year lease signed in 1898 on the NT that was due to expire. Kowloon was ceded in 1860. HK In 1842. It became an integrated urban area. No way was PRC going to extend the lease and over the years there was the constant threat of invasion after 1949.


          • Orygun says:

            Is there a good book on what happened to the Nationalist Chinese and I was always confused why we would have a cold war with Communist Russia and yet open relations with Communist China.
            As usual the history of our Country is always a series of contradictions.


        • Missy says:

          I didn’t know that. So HK Island is still British?


  3. free73735 says:

    This past week China had a very bad storm at 3 in the afternoon their time, making it look like night, with mass lightening accompanying it. The regular Chinese citizens, said it was a very bad omen for the CCP (Communist Chinese People). They were also gearing up for harsh circumstances for themselves. I would suggest those who can/would, pray for them during these times. Almost immediately, another Hong Kong protest started over the new security rules CCP is/wants to implement.
    Epoch Times is an excellent source for most things Chinese & CCP. They have many vids on youtube. I have subscribed to: CrossRoads, American Thought Leaders, Declassified (short vids) & Epoch Times. Right now youtube is hammering them, refusing to let them advertise. Xtreme strong connections between CCP China + youtube, twitter, Fb, & Google itself. Because one of the Epoch Times hosts, is Canadian( his & his wife’s families are Polish refugees) massive hit pieces are now on the web, supposedly, from concerned “Canadian citizens” They were founded (Epoch Times) originally, when Chinese citizens used them to get info out concerning the atrocities happening in China to the citizens. They also have a digital subscription for their whole news organization if interested. I subscribed to both digital & once a week paper edition. (I still like reading a paper).

    A recent prophetic word (from Pastor Mike Thompson, Nevada) saw a vision of a Dragon with missing scales and wounds. The Lord said this was the beast of the east; including the great Dragon CCP China. Directions were to pray against it even more, now that its wounded, that the Lord is in process of defeating it.

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      Epoch Times is an excellent source of current events and not just china coverage which hey als excel at. They covered the plot against PDT very well. Their graphics fbi/clintons/just-us/clinton “foundation”/clinton emails – all outstanding. Those of you who’ve seen them know this. You can take a very reasonable trial or more subscription and it’s well worth it for the coverage they provide. https://www.theepochtimes.com/. I saved the graphics as all the serpents became hard to track and ET has it all…. the originals you can see, but the updates are for subscribers though you can search up the originals which are so detail packed you have to use the zoom function to read them.

      ET is an extension of Falun Gong and have known real hardship by the CCP. They’re good people – we’d be damn lucky to have more immigrants like them vs the Muts we support.

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      • Maquis says:

        Agreed. I subscribe and enjoy their France based site. They have many languages and countries and do a credible job of national reporting around the world it seems. Good people. I met one of their editors a couple years back and got a fist bump in response to my affirmation of support for PDJT.

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  4. sunnydaze says:

    PRC is shooting themselves in the foot – or rather, HEAD- – with this move.

    All the talent will flee Hong Kong ….and I say we take ’em in with open arms.

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    • “All the talent will flee Hong Kong.” When it change hands two decades ago,there was a tsunami of talent and wealth that fled to Vancouver.

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    • TonyE says:

      The talent left HK a while back, the poor people left behind ( by “poor” I mean because their lot sucks and soon they will ALL be poor ) were Walking Dead.

      Just go visit British Columbia.


  5. paper doll says:

    When they want attention off Hong Kong, they let loose a virus. When they want attention off the virus, Hong Kong heats up

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    • unconqueredone says:

      My thoughts, more or less. At the very least, Xi is opportunistic to attack HK while a large portion of the USA is under lock-down by their governors or mayors. If Xi’s ideological kin in the USA can get away with it here, who’s to oppose him in HK?

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  6. Gary Lacey says:

    China is on the march, next, Taiwan. I hope Taiwan has nukes.


  7. Beigun says:

    Hong Kong flu killed 100,000 Americans and over one million globally. No shutdown, only Woodstock and Country Joe and the Fish. Our population was 205 million then compared to 320 million now. And we are still in a soft coup, a game for keeps where anything goes.

    We are watching Hong Kongers flood the streets, but where was the coverage of huge national protests in Spain recently, or a year of protests in France by Yellow Vests. What gives? Beware the media narrative!

    The quickest way to end MAGA is a war with China. For that matter, the quickest way to punish HK, Taiwan and Singapore is to sanction China. Add the pandemic and we are talking economic depression. Who gains?

    BTW, for those who want a Cold War with China, imagine how quickly the CCP can shift to 25% of GDP to the military like the old USSR. Instead of producing Walmart do-dads it will be missiles.

    How about the wisdom of Pat Buchanan….what is our national interest? Bringing Democracy to Hong King after we failed to do so in Iraq?

    Build Fortress America! Place tariffs on all NE Asia countries…it is not a free trade region and it is the home of single party rule—look at Singapore. Remember what Nixon said when asked if Japan could bring Democracy to China—“You must be smoking pot!”

    Haven’t we learned anything after ‘Nam, Middle Eastern endless wars and decades of trade deficits with NE Asia? Don’t swallow the Deep State bait, hook, line, and sinker!

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  8. jumpinjarhead says:

    This is no surprise whatsoever to anyone who has not fallen victim to the propaganda of the ChiCOMS.

    Incredibly, this false image (just like the panda metaphor SD used) has been parroted by our own government as well as much of the globalist corporate world, especially Apple and other tech companies and the US Chamber of Commerce so it is little wonder that so many Americans may be surprised by this otherwise very predictable move.

    Anyone who has done even a modicum of factual research into the ChiCOMS would know that they are a thoroughgoing, brutal and murderous totalitarian regime.

    As such, it simply cannot allow HK to have its historic “freedoms,” especially now that the mainland is (or was before COVID 19) managing to pretend it is capitalist and doesn’t need HK for foreign currency exchange etc. as much as it may have in former years.

    If past is prologue, the trials and tribulations of those trying to preserve “freedom” in Hong Kong will be brutally and totally suppressed. Thereafter, like Tiananmen Square, this will fade into obscurity to the point few even remember, especially Americans who are just too busy with really important stuff, what HK was like before it was fully “brought into the communist fold.”


  9. @ChicagoBri says:

    May you live in interesting times.

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  10. Publius2016 says:

    Hong Kong has 8 million people…China could replace them in 7 minutes and not skip a beat…

    Communists look at numbers and think people are replaceable…

    We need to understand clearly, China must expand externally because they do not have the imagination to expand internally…

    Globalists are playing the “Grande Game” and waiting to pick up the pieces as always…


    • Tim says:

      A friend of mine was in the PLA, he told me in China “people are worth less than a dog!”
      this story is a bit long but worth reading if you want to understand China.
      He was disturbed by the following incident. Two small villages of about 20,000 people each get into a dispute. The fighting escalated from rocks to sticks, to weapons stolen from the local armoury. So now they are shooting at each other with rifles. The Govt hears of it. The regional military commander sends a soldier to the villages to tell them they must stop and return the weapons. The first village beats the soldier up. The military commander sends and officer thinking “they will respect an officer.” The villagers chop the officers leg so he cant walk properly. The commander hears of this. He responds decisively. He surrounds the village with mortars and kills every living thing in the village, men, woman, children, and animals. The second village surrenders without incident. The national government hears of this massacre and promotes the military commander for his decisive action.

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  11. azgulch says:

    1997 the 99 year lease for Hing Kong from China expired from Britain. It has taken 23 years, but China has decided all good things must come to an end. Those with British passports should leave. There was a book by Grisom on ” Hong Kong”, laied out a good history.

    I can’t imagine what that city will look like in 5-10 years, but it will not be pretty.


  12. iswhatitis says:

    From A2, June 15, 2019: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/06/15/june-15th-2019-presidential-politics-trump-administration-day-877/comment-page-1/#comment-7109194

    It was approximately one year ago that Chief Executive Carrie Lam postponed a proposed extradition bill “after months of protest and criticism“, and said that the government is adopting an open mind to “heed comprehensively” the views of different sectors of society.

    I had said, in reply, “Is this their version of ‘We’ll boil the frog more slowly’?

    One-year later, it looks like the slow-frog-boiling days are over (and not just there. Here in the USA, and even in much of the so-called “free world”, it seems that way too).


    • YvonneMarie says:

      Absolutely true.
      Many people get furious when comrades do not wear the mask !
      It is shocking how quickly the sheep fell into submission.
      A lot of them belong to unions & the state.


    • A2 says:

      Glad you provided the link for the full comment. I was pointing out the sophistry of what puppet Lam was saying.

      I have written hundreds of posts on the PRC and Hong Kong and your remark was apt.

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      • A2 says:

        Furthermore, everytime I have warned about the PRC and the situation in HK over the years there are some here who criticise me, want me banned because they thinks it is irrelevant to the US or bizarrely, I’m a CCP stooge replete with name calling. How they came to that conclusion is a total mystery.

        But there are also many here who appreciate the fact I am trying to keep them informed about the ill intentions of the CCP. Go look at some of my posts in the President’s visit to Beijing for an eye opener. You can find it by using the search bar in CTH.

        So, regardless of the trolling, I will continue to post on the subject. It is important, it is relevant to US policy and most of all to free people everywhere.

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        • Missy says:

          HK is critical, to Taiwan, and access to the S. China Sea routes. Been there many times. Heartbreaking what is happening. Especially to the young people.

          The US betrayed General Chiang Kai Shek in his fight against Mao, and I think we have an obligtion to help his legacy, Taiwan, secure its future.


  13. ezgoer says:

    If the Dems take the WH in November China will be unstoppable. Dems will rescind the tariffs, reinstate Hong Kong, offshore the remaining U.S. manufacturing to China. Which will ensure China continues it’s economic destruction of the USA and becomes the most powerful country on the planet as the USA declines to become the new France. Trump had better win re-election.


    • YvonneMarie says:

      Does anyone really think four more years is going to stop the madness ?
      Americans really should buck up and support national freedom from bureaucrats.
      Elect better representation
      everywhere in this land…


  14. A2 says:

    Read this if you have any questions about what this means👇👇

    A 13th Procrastination: The Nuclear Option
    In which Beijing presses The Button


    ( source documents embedded. I have posted all of them here for those interested).


  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    And remember how them in Hong Kong were waving old Glory and not burning or walking all over it like they did at some of these stink hole Campuses here in America run by those leftists Liberal Professors and Administraghtors


  16. maxxheadroom777 says:

    Ahh, so what. It’s a sad thing but it’s life-ongoing in this presently good and evil world. When Her Majesty QEII handed Hong Kong over to the Communists, the clock started. I remember on the day of the Big Transfer, the Communists said, “The little dragons [Hong Kong & Taiwan] will soon return to the fold.” Does anyone with common sense think even for a minute the Chinese Communists have anything but their own best interest at heart. The xenophobic Chinese have lived behind some kind of wall for thousands of years. They think the rest of the world is barbaric and uncivilized. If you’re a U.S. big shot with a lotta coin invested in China, you did not invest there outta the goodness of your heart; you invested because the Communists promised you slave labor and a huge initial return on your “investment” which, no doubt, involved turning over substantial proprietary knowledge and property. Anything for a buck, right? Take a look at this hotshot, and then rethink your (obviously) bad plan: https://www.takimag.com/article/chinese-tribulations/


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