ABC Report – DOJ Official: “We Do Not Intend To Release The Unmasking List” – The Documents are a DNI Equity…

First things first: ♦Understand Obama’s Surveillance Operation HERE.  ♦Michael Flynn wasn’t unmasked, nor under a FISA (Title-1) HERE That’s the background.

After Acting DNI Richard “Ric” Grenell delivered a volume of declassified intelligence records to Attorney General Bill Barr it was reported that Grenell delivered a file showing the intelligence unmaskers from the Obama administration; pending Barr release.

Today ABC is reporting from senior DOJ officials “”we do not intend to release the [unmasking] list” that Grenell brought over to the building last week.”

Considering the content of the files likely delivered to AG Barr it is worth remaining patient.  No-one is more cynical than me about DOJ hiding stuff; but this ain’t that.

The declassified documents are not a DOJ equity, they are a DNI equity, the DNI can release them.  For the DOJ the declassified documents are evidence.

Kevin Corke and Adam Housley are both reporting the documents delivered by Grenell extend beyond unmasking; their reporting makes sense.  The bigger topic is political surveillance.  The surveillance encompassed numerous intelligence equities.

CIA reports would lead to (702) unmasking requests.  FBI investigative reports on counterintelligence would lead to unmasking requests; and may also include (702) unmasking requests.  FBI (or DOJ) investigative searches of the NSA database could lead to (702) unmasking requests; and would also lead to audit logs and audit trails of non-minimized extractions if 702 was not applicable (domestic surveillance).

There is a myriad of different intelligence audit trails depending on the agency and type of documentary evidence being reviewed: unmasking (reports), audit logs (search queries), minimizations (database extractions) etc.  It’s not only “unmasking.”

Additionally, remember former NSA Director ADM Mike Rogers said the NSA purged the non-compliant search results (erased them) but retained the audit logs showing who did what, how much, on whom, and when.  So those audit logs could be part of the declassified delivery to AG Bill Barr.  All of that makes sense and all of it needs to be kept in perspective.

On the recipient side (Bill Barr) of the declassified material the intelligence documents provide a basis for the DOJ to ask the “unmaskers” or “search query operators” or “intelligence officials” why the subjects within the investigative reports (searches etc) were being unmasked or non-minimized…. and who did they give the information to?

Who requested the unmasking (or minimization removal)? Who did the unmasking?  Who received the unmasked materials?… and Why?

The primary who and when is identified within the declassified documents delivered by Grenell.  The downstream ‘who’ also saw them, and ‘why’ was the request made, can only be discovered by asking the primary person who received the unmasked (non-minimized) result.

We want to know who the unmaskers were.  However, Barr/Durham also likely want to know why and what was the purpose?  Those questions can only be answered by going directly to the person who made the request and received the end product.  So a little patience is afforded here as those questions are likely being asked.

What we do know is that a seemingly trustworthy DNI Ric Grenell has assembled, declassified and seen all of this information… so there’s reason for some confidence it will not be buried like the James Wolfe stuff.  Plus, the assembly is public now (I don’t think that’s coincidental).

Additionally, those people who were unmasked (investigative reports) or non-minimized (investigative search queries) are also potential victims; so there’s some privacy elements that overlay the material declassified by Grenell.  After all, just because someone came into contact with Lt. General Michael Flynn, and ended up in some intelligence report, doesn’t make them a subject of the investigation.  So a little caution is prudent.

DNI Ric Grenell has provided the information; we know it exists and the DOJ knows we know it exists… so let’s wait and see what happens next.  If you have been following along with the deep dive research, these tweets from Adam Housley make sense:



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307 Responses to ABC Report – DOJ Official: “We Do Not Intend To Release The Unmasking List” – The Documents are a DNI Equity…

  1. railer says:

    There’s a lot of tails to this Grennell action. It’s a warning shot on Barr, who is Swamp and Deep State and is subject to bury all of this if he can. Trump’s telling him he has some measure of control here, and may even fire Barr after the election. It’s perfectly timed, too. Barr will likely go dark after July or so, as the election looms, so now’s the time to prompt him to shed some light before he goes dark, and that prompt is coming 60 days before the darkness comes on, plenty of time for Barr to act. It also tells Barr that Trump won’t likely respect Barr’s darkness, if it behooves him. He’ll make releases as necessary right up until the election, I bet. The Mother of All October Surprises may be in store for Bide… I mean, Hillary. This Grinnell release is a classic Trumpian move, lots of depth and breadth and complexity, but perfectly logical and right on its face, too.

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    • TRUTH says:

      Fire Barr AFTER the election? Trump better get his head out of his @SS, quit playing along with this charade, stop wasting time and move A LOT FASTER while Barry & Holder and manufacturing massive voter across the Blue Wall; Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

      Without the Blue Wall States – Trump loses – BIGLY.

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      • MustangBlues says:

        not truth/opinion: ”Trump better get his head out of his @SS,”

        Really?? Nice language, and it is “””President Trump”””.

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        • SEDeuceTER says:

          And, after surrounding the Deep State/Marxist Dems/Drive Bye Propaganda Media almost by himself, Our President has suddenly gone stupid?

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          • 19tballonboy says:

            What exactly has Trump gotten? The wall is only 10% built, the DACA people are still here, Mueller is not in jail and never will be. Between the Congress and the Fed we have just spent $6 trillion more on a virus that is no worse than a bad flu. Economically speaking without the payrolls, the taxes paid, and the consumer spending that is lost, the total even before Pelosi’s next wet dream, is closer to $!0 trillion dollars. Trump is turning out to be a chump. President Chump to be proper.


          • 19tballonboy says:

            What exactly has Trump gotten? The wall is only 10% built, the DACA people are still here, Mueller is not in jail and never will be. Between the Congress and the Fed we have just spent $6 trillion more on a virus that is no worse than a bad flu. Economically speaking without the payrolls, the taxes paid, and the consumer spending that is lost, the total even before Pelosi’s next wet dream, is closer to $!0 trillion dollars. Trump is turning out to be a chump. President Chump to be proper.


          • 19tballonboy says:

            What exactly has Trump gotten? The wall is only 10% built, the DACA people are still here, Mueller is not in jail and never will be. Between the Congress and the Fed we have just spent $6 trillion more on a virus that is no worse than a bad flu. Economically speaking without the payrolls, the taxes paid, and the consumer spending that is lost, the total even before Pelosi’s next wet dream, is closer to $!0 trillion dollars. Trump is turning out to be a chump. President Chump to be proper.


          • jefdavleo says:

            F2 the U!


        • President Trump darn well get his head out his arse. With out Grenell and Ms. Powell We’d have shit.Tic tock as in the 4 year term is in its final months and you get your rocks off from a 302 5 years old. We need winners here. Unleash the killers now.


      • WSB says:

        #NEWHERE ?

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    • Wethal says:

      IIRC Barr came out of retirement to be AG. I expect he’ll resign as soon as practicable after the election.

      Barr also has other people make moves that leave him looking like a bystander, when he might not be. He gave the Brady review to Jensen to do. He gave the Deep State coup to Durham; both men are respected prosecutors who are hard to criticize as political.

      Barr is institutionalist who has set himself the impossible task of restoring the reputation of the DOJ. He won’t air DOJ dirty laundry unless it serves that purpose as he sees it. The Brady move and dismissal was a sign of this purpose; one can only wonder about (and enjoy the thought) of Brandon Van Grack’s life these days at DOJ.

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      • Doesn’t AG Barr have four other attorneys besides Jensen doing “reviews” – or his dirty work to use another term?

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        • Wethal says:

          Yes, I believe per Judge Conyers’ order, all the questionable FISA warrants have to be investigated to see if they complied with all statutes and rules. Then the attorneys have to check to see how the evidence from those warrants was used, including if any Brady material was withheld.

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          • railer says:

            Correct, Barr was responding to court pressure, and likely wouldn’t have done anything without that pressure, as is his normal pattern.

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          • 19tballonboy says:

            What a huge waste of time. Of course, they didn’t comply with any statutes and rules. They were predicated on the veracity of the Steele dossier that had no veracity.


      • railer says:

        Why would Van Grack be worried? Barr’s prosecuted precisely nobody, and has let multiple felonious actors walk, notably McCabe.

        Sidney Powell was withdrawing that guilty plea the moment she came on board with Flynn. It’s only that that has triggered Barr to get off his fat butt. He didn’t want a massive new trial, which she surely would have demanded, with lots and lots of evidence pouring out into the open. Barr’s there to see that doesn’t happen. Have you seen those FBI interview forms that allegedly are proof of the lying charge? Think Barr will ever release them?

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        • Marilyn Shealy says:

          This is not over with yet, and you may think nothing is happening, but a good investigation is always kept very quiet. Watch out when the door slams, thats when SHTF. This is a massive number of cases, everything has to be done by the book. When it goes down we will all know it.


          • railer says:

            A good prosecution starts at the bottom, convicts somebody, gets somebody to plea, then rolls it up from there. So far, all the bottom feeders have been protected from prosecution. Even Wolfe, caught red-handed mishandling classified information, has been protected. Barr is providing that protection.


            • Marilyn Shealy says:

              There have been many add-ons to this story along the way, there are still people who are within the system itself that are trying to protect, the old system. We have to wait, the time is coming soon, but all of the pieces need to come together. Adam Schiff got Nunes information, after the mid-term elections. They had been sent out to be redacted, they took so long, that Schiff ended up with it. He had to be forced to release it. Mike Flynn, couldn’t be cleared because of information being used in another case, or it may of been what Schiff was hanging on to. Now this judge is holding back, in signing off on Flynn. Things are happening. There is probably a connection with alot of these cases, as they were trying to protect something major. What are they protecting, China, Russia, Ukraine. Iran. All of it. We all ready know that Many of them were involved in money laundering in Ukraine, probably Iran,China. There was much talk about Ukraine Biden,and the rest there. Not so much about what went on in China. Russia got uranium. Iran got pallets of cash. Finstein, and her spy driver, from China, Bidens son still working with China. What are they covering up that happened in China. Did someone pay China to release this virus on us? One move and I bet the whole house of cards comes down. The UN, CDC, WHO, FDA will go down, with this story. There part of the plan to take down this country. The media, the Vatican and crown are all part of it also. Then the CIA-FBI and how many other agencies. Hollywood all part of this.


      • JaiSeli says:

        Suspect Barr STILL IS a career Bush Crime Family consigliere and current “gatekeeper” for said. Anybody remember the mysterious notes delivered to the most notable CRIMINALS at the “Poppy Bush” funeral?

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        • 19tballonboy says:

          Barr said right before getting this appointment, that regardless of what the committee on recusals final opinion was he wouldn’t recuse himself. The fix was in at that point. Trump better can him as soon as possible. They are all stretching this out, with the hope he won’t be re-elected I guess. Barr is an insider and big friends with all of those under his thumb right now and is just trying to get them a decent retirement, probably without clearances.


    • f.fernandez says:

      So Barr is deepstate yet he appointed outside U.S. Attorneys to investigate Flynn case?! Obama is finally implicated as a result of Barr’s actions. That can’t be argued.

      The report that Grenell wanted to compile a list of unmaskers was a leak hunt. The list was already compiled and this latest ‘source’ the list won’t be published might be another.

      Be patient and enjoy ‘The Happening’.

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      • railer says:

        Who cares who Barr “appoints”? That’s just classic Swamp tactics. Talk, appoint… and do nothing.

        You ever heard of a guy named “Huber”, and his big investigation? Talk, appoint and do nothing, if I’m not mistaken.

        You ever heard of a guy named “McCabe”, an almost certain felon, fired for misconduct but now skating because Barr said he was free to go?

        You ever heard of Mueller, who Barr is personal buddies with and praised lavishly all along? Oh yeah, that’s right, Barr wrote a forward to Mueller’s report with some talk about how not every word in it was not precisely correct, so I guess that clears that all up, huh? All Mueller’s thugs can walk too, now that Barr has given his final word on their gross misconduct and thuggery.

        Has Barr prosecuted anybody over this, the biggest scandal in US history?

        By the way, yes, Barr is proven Deep State. You’ll have to do some research on his political and professional history.

        And no, Barr has little to do with Flynn’s case, that was Sydney Powell’s dogged pursuit and the certainty that a fresh trial would get WAY out ahead of Barr’s slothfulness, once real evidence had to be presented. Barry’s playing catchup, trying to get ahead of the train that others are driving. Fitton has done WAY more than Barr.

        And all the above is true because McConnell chose Barr for that job, and would have chosen nothing other than a Swamp creature and Deep Stater.

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        • Perot Conservative says:

          1. Barr tabbed Jeff Jensen

          2. Barr moved Jessie Liu. (Sundance: “Message received”?)

          3. Barr said spying occurred in his vetting interview, televised.

          4. Two pinpoint TV interviews saying he is even more concerned, things don’t “hang together”.

          5. Barr flew internationally with Durham to acquire intell & cell phones.

          6. AG Barr & Durham publicly rebuked the Horowitz conclusions.

          7. Barr just allowed the Flynn prosecution to be tabled.

          Elaborate con? (‘Hope porn’?)

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          • railer says:

            1. Talk and no action

            2. A personnel swap? Really? That counts for something? Is Rosenstein still in his job? Barr liked him too.

            3. We’ve known spying occurred since the moment Rogers went to Trump Tower in November 2016.

            4. More talk and no action.

            5. More talk and no action, and you don’t know what they acquired by the way. A convenient leak of a travel agenda, more typical Swamp behavior.

            6. More talk and no action.

            7. Barr didn’t want to face an open trial, which Powell would have demanded, because Powell would be talking and demanding evidence be presented, unlike Barr who’d rather it all stays buried.

            1 through 7 are typical Swamp and Deep State M.O.

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        • Laure says:

          Lest we forget Rod Rosenstein…sent off with fanfare…For me, “the jury is still out on Bill Barr”…I prefer “Balls to the Wall” “Don’t give 2 F’s” Ric Grenell


    • kimosaabe says:

      Wow. A lot of poppycock balderdash and jabberwocky in this wild conjecture. Way out there it is.

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      • railer says:

        So you’ve nothing to say other than rude blather? That’s generally frowned upon on this site, lad. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable elsewhere, where such behavior is acceptable?

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    • robindranoth says:

      This has outted Barr, now we know that our concerns have been well founded.

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  2. Thinker says:

    I want to see if Obama spied on other candidates for the 2016 election, like Cruz, Rubio, Bush, and others. Might really piss off some Republicans if they find out they were spied on illegally as well.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Thinker-I agree completely. Release the Kraken!

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    • jc says:

      If the other R candidates have not already assumed they were also spied on they are much dumber than I thought.

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    • Trygve says:

      Yes, Patrick Byrne revealed that this is the case. Many were spied upon. Not just Republicans. This is not about Dem vs Rep. It’s about Power.

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      • mugzey302 says:

        It’s all about the CIA. Remember what JFK said, and they took him out for threatening to dismantle it. Then they took out Jr because he intended to prove who did it. The CIA was created from the remains of a war-time organization with NO rules, and then added Nazis to the mix, and also populated our govt and universities with them. Hence the mess we have now.


    • trumpetter says:

      He did. Why have all that data and not use it. I i suspect that after he took the “shellacking” in 2010 Obama reverted to cheating on a much higher level. Remember the IRS scandal? Well the NSA was the next step.

      He spied on Romney in 2012. He spied on James Rosen, Angela Merkel and anyone he wanted to. He had the key to the world. And you can bet he is behind the attacks on Netanyahu too.

      I would love to see if he tilted any senate elections. Remember how he got his senate seat in IL? He got his opponent’s sealed divorce docs released.

      Cheating and bullying is all he knows.

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  3. Alli says:

    Hope a trap isn’t being laid for the amazing Grennel, he’s too smart for that but he may be dodging mined fields. Better for the DOJ to expose the bad actors once all the why, when and shows are vetted. Just my opinion and I may be wrong


    • Carly says:

      Ric survived cancer. Having faced his mortality, he’s likely unafraid. I believe God has Grenell tapped for this purpose precisely. With that said, may God protect him.

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    • swissik says:

      I have the same fear, although I am thinking more along the line of physical harm to him. Does he have secret service protection and food tasters? At this point I lost all illusions I used to have about our “for the people” government and equal justice for all.

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  4. alliwantissometruth says:

    Might be nice to step up the pace a bit instead of every step taking months. We’ve got about six short months before vote fraud removes the President from office and the entire investigation is shut down

    The only way to counter the massive voting fraud that, in my opinion, will occur is to expose the absolute truth that will finally open the eyes of the people

    The UniParty has been playing the “drag it out until after the election” the whole time, and you can be sure they’ve been working on their fraud techniques

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  5. Lou says:

    Transparency. The new normal.

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  6. Alli says:

    How”s not show oops


  7. arsumbris says:

    I pray that Barr turns out to be on the righteous side in the end. I still pray for that, though I no longer let myself feel hopeful. He has the ability to be righteous, on a historical scale. Keep praying for AG Barr.

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    • Pray is what I do first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Each prayer about the success and safety of Pres. Trump, his family and the few Patriots he has around him…..AND all you DEPLORABLES.

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  8. The Boss says:

    Here we are only 5 days after DNI Grenell was serendipitously filmed walking into the DOJ with a satchel, accompanied by some tough-looking armed security. And look at all the speculation even TODAY! Add in some mixed messages and new information, and we’re still no closer to knowing what Grenell and Barr may have spoken about.
    Did anyone film Grenell leaving the DoJ? I don’t remember seeing anything like that. At least we’d know how long he was in the building, though we wouldn’t know if he was talking with Barr or playing video games.
    Relax folks.

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  9. disgusted citizen says:

    LEVERAGE; POTUS has created leverage over all of them. Grenell walking over the ‘satchel’ to DOJ was a show of strength for POTUS. He now has the upper hand. The Art of War, The Art of the Deal … let the games begin.

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  10. thedoc00 says:

    There is another perspective to the “release dynamic” that has been forgotten here. We have discussed this before, when we all discussed normal release procedures a few years back.

    Consider, Director Grenell is following the “past and re-established” proper procedure of having a legal review of materials for release by DoJ before the ODNI does the actual release himself, by authority potentially granted (delegated) him by the President. After, as SD points out these are ODNI Equity.

    Either way the ball is in AG Barr’s court. There could also be a partial release based on the legal review.

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  11. jus wundrin says:

    Slightly off topic, but even the blind MSM finds a nut once in awhile:

    “So what did you know about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn and was there anything improper done?” Stephanolpoulos asked.

    “I know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn,” Biden said, before accusing Trump of using the issue as a “diversion” from the coronavirus crisis.

    Stephanopoulos followed up: “I do want to press that. You say you didn’t know anything about it, but you were reported to be at a January 5th, 2017, meeting where you and the president were briefed on the FBI’s plan to question Michael Flynn over those conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, [Sergey] Kislyak.”

    That seemed to refresh Biden’s memory.

    “No, I thought you asked me whether or not I had anything to do with him being prosecuted,” Biden said. “I’m sorry. I was aware that there was — that they had asked for an investigation. But that’s all I know about it and I don’t think anything else.”

    Fess up joe, you knew EVERYTHING.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      Lots of ppl people are going to be questioned. Many will answer “I don’t remember”. The only one who I might believe is China Joe.

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    • Cash says:

      Since he can leave his basement now he can go talk to the Grand Jury in Washington.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Fess up joe, you knew EVERYTHING”

      Emphasis on the word “knew”. In light of Mr. Biden’s recent cognitive decline, he might be having a hard time remembering his name.

      Give to the demoncRATS to exploit an old [dirty & corrupt] man for their selfish purposes. I guess his wife doesn’t care either.

      I don’t blame her, with all the nude swimming and walking around the house that occurred when she was not home. In front of the female personnel that were assigned to guard him when he was VP.


  12. MicD says:

    Last I heard the Head Honcho at the DOJ was given the authority to release declassified documents. Your move Mr. Barr.

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    So you make up a story one day and the next you walk it back with another story. Circular reporting?

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  14. AnotherView says:

    Do it Grenell…..release it all! Or we’ll never know who was behind it and what they did.

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  15. hokkoda says:

    A thought I had last night is that the dam has burst. If you’ve ever played sports or been in a situation where you need to get that “first win”, there’s always that huge pressure you feel. It can feel like it takes forever, and you have all the self doubt and worries. But you keep at it, persevere, work doggedly, etc. and grind it out.

    Then you get a win, and BOOM it’s like the floodgates are opened. I feel like that is what is happening here. Getting through the Flynn morass was that first real “W”. The Powers That Be finally had no other choice than to do what was obvious and launch it. Then the floodgates open, and your biggest problem is how to handle success.

    Grenell is an example of this. How long has this classification issue been stymied by Deep State players inside the IC? Years? Then you get a “W” and swhoosh! On the DOJ side, Barr tasks Jensen and Jensen finds things that Van Grack denied ever existed. I’m sure Barr is sincere when he calls Bob Mueller a friend. Well, Mr. Barr, your friend lied to you and Jeff Jensen found proof literally hidden in your friend’s office. Then you start finding lots of other stuff because now you know where to look and not to believe the people who work there and swhoosh!

    But now they have a new problem: how do you actually process all this stuff? From a legal perspective and just pure mental capacity to get your head around it. If what is leaking out is true, then what Grenell and the DOJ now have is a flood of information that Barack Obama and his toadies established a massive spy operation targeting American Citizens. And this was probably done in every sector of the economy, government, and politics. And then, having lost an election, weaponized it in an attempt to overturn that election. Where do you even start?

    I always say “It’s a good problem to have” in situations like this. But, they have to stay focused and process all this stuff in a way that doesn’t blow up their other investigations.

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    • regitiger says:

      you do it with 50-100 prosecutors.

      barr is short.

      barr is short 90 prosecutors.

      both of these two statements are factually true and accurate

      spoiler: anyone still seriously holding some ridiculous notion that AG Barr and camp will do anything more than a amateur hour cosmetology to this coup attempt and conspiracy and sedition, needs to go take a long walk and gaze at something other than their navels.

      this conspiracy needs a true champion of justice.

      barr isn’t it. here never was..he never will be.


      clear enough?

      hope holders: you are asking the wrong people to fix these problems.

      ps…look at the amendments that McConnel is advancing in senate this week wrt FISA…look carefully..don’t look away…pay attention…this IS NOT’s about clearly EXPANDING THE POWERS OF THE SECRET SPY STATE.


      what ISN’T Normal about any of this?

      that not one good american patriot has been willing to step forward and start making demands.

      it’s like watching those cows at the rivers edge…knowing their is better pastures just beyond….but will starve themselves out of fear that the water might be too deep.



  16. The Demon Slick says:

    I know we’re moving on but let’s not forget that there’s a lot more about the Flynn case. His lawyers helped him with his fara filing. That same filing was then held over his head as fraudulent. They said that he lobbied for Turkey. But Flynn said that he had no idea the company that hired him was owned by the Turkish government. His lawyers “helped” him with the contract as well. Eric Holder is up to his tiny rat eyeballs in this. Who set up Flynn with the lobbying contract? Hypothesis- The cia and/or fbi arranged for the Turkish company to hire Flynn. Holders law firm went along and hid from Flynn who his client was. Also, the company in question might have been a cia front rather than an actual Turkish company. Later when it was revealed that the company was “owned by the Turkish government” Holders law firm then had Flynn sign fara documents they knew were inaccurate but Flynn didn’t. This Flynn was also threatened with. To force the plea. I want to see ALL OF IT. I also want to remember everyone else who Mueller went after knowing that he had no reason. All the people who were dragged in and forced to pay huge lawyers fees to defend themselves. Mueller punished everyone who helped President Trump by torturing them with subpoenas and costs. They had to pay their own travel and hotel. Drop their jobs and go running whenever Mueller so ordered. They need to be remembered as well when justice is handed out.
    *Sundance! My phone doesn’t do paragraphs. Sorry.

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  17. bosscook says:

    As entertaining as Trump’s tweets are, I believe they are meant to be very specific messages…to both us, his loyal supporters as well as to his adversaries. When he writes TREASON, you better believe he already knows what happens at the end of #Obamagate. And they do too. And I believe, and not in a tin foil hat kinda way, that the extensive spying and blackmail done by the Obama administration is just the tip of the vile iceberg. I think assassination, murder, pedophile crimes, human trafficking, cash to and from enemy foreign powers…it’s all there. The spying on Trump is just the band-aid that is hopefully about to get ripped off the oozing pus filled cavity of wretchedness that has crippled this country for decades. THAT’S what scaring these demons. Of both political parties.

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    • bosscook says:

      PS….people may go “ho hum” about the political struggle (GOP vs DEM) but they’ll pay attention to crimes against humanity.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “the oozing pus filled cavity of wretchedness that has crippled this country for decades.”

      Don’t bother asking Dr. Fauci what to do about THAT.

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    • Sharpshorts says:

      No one is seeing beyond Obama as the head architect of the entire Spy-gate mess.
      Seems we might soon have some evidence of his complicity in it but it’s hard to imagine he has ever had the cunning to create such a plan…
      Who created Obama?

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      • Tim Glave says:

        Same question. Who created Bill Clinton from unknown governor to president.

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      • gda53 says:

        We know Obama would have petulantly moved heaven and earth to screw PDJT.

        But his master had to give him the OK before he could proceed. ValJar was the handler. Who was the master?

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      • GB Bari says:


        Who is up above controlling the strings by which Ozero dances?
        It’s likely no one in government.
        It requires wealth far greater than anyone in any position in the federal government. It’s likely the global cabal – the one that controls the top 6 international banks and that controls our intelligence, most of our congress and the federal reserve. They groomed and elevated Ozero, cleansed all available and traceable history on the internet, and sent him forth as their “Manchurian candidate.”

        But they don’t control President Trump and that’s what’s really getting under their craw.

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    • trumpetter says:

      I think there has to be a ton of money from foreign countries coming in. Why would Obama let Hunter Biden do that 1.5 billion deal? There will be payoffs on the investments in the hundreds of millions. He isn’t going to let all that money gobto the Biden family.

      Just my humble opinion.


  18. MicD says:

    SD ~ “This is not That…”
    This was an concerted operation (A Coup).

    Context is important for understanding who did what and when.
    This is that – A Treasonous Attempt to Overthrow our Vote.
    Judgement Day is Coming.


  19. hawkins6 says:

    Liked by 7 people

    • hawkins6 says:

      Great News if true!

      Liked by 2 people

  20. oldersoul says:

    Housley’s tweets confirm what others such as Sheryl Attkisson in more modern times have been hinting at for many years.

    This is much bigger than Flynn. This is much bigger than 2016. It is much bigger than Trump. This is even much bigger than the Obama era.

    Do not lose sight of the forest through the trees. But do not lose sight of the valley through the forest, either. What happened to Trump involved the valley. Or the Beltway if you prefer a more geographically correct image.

    This is an apparatus of surveillance and control that spans multiple administrations, as part of a self-perpetuating, self-filtering and self-protective alignment of institutions, transcending conventional political parties and branches of government.

    It’s been in place for a very long time. Some speculate that the ‘47 law gave the big opening. Others believe it goes back much further. The Patriot Act merely enhanced their tool box to do some things more easily.

    Long term history will prove Barack Obama a particularly pathetic figure. He was created and installed by this system, and was required to turn it against Trump as an outsider to it that threatens to expose it. I am willing to go so far as to say that George W Bush might have done the exact same thing. Perhaps even Poppy Bush would have, too. Or even worse. And I am sure the exact same system controlled all of them, too. They are all players on the same team, as PDJT himself has exposed for even the less astute by this point. We’ve not really had a genuinely honest national election in many years. The self-filtering of the system itself prevents it. A takes a lot of money, and it takes a lot more, too. Non-team players need not apply. To be a member of this team means knowing your place on it.

    I have no doubt that Nixon and Reagan, as retail politicians, were given various reminders of that fact, the fact of this overarching system. One that was there before them, and will be there after them. But Donald Trump is truly a revolutionary figure. Not only is he a complete outsider to this system, he has been able to overcome its self-filtering nature, and assume office. He scaled their initial defenses, and now occupies their castle. And now is a mortal threat to it. Not them. It.

    Remember we are dealing with a uniparty system wed to the globalist ‘new order’ (a concept that actually predates Agenda 21), a system that operates on institutionalized control, blackmail, and the minimalization and/or destruction of non-conforming outsiders, or those threatening the apparatus, and it all makes sense. It doesn’t matter if you are popular with the People who sent you. If you are against it, it will find a way to marginalize you, or eliminate you.

    The placeholders of government have built and maintained a system of surveillance and control over many years and generations to enforce its rule — the rule of the institutions themselves in loose confederation —using the various apparatus of government that they control. It is not unlike the Soviet model in that respect … ultimate loyalty is to the apparatus, the institution, the state. Sundance also points out this truth frequently here.

    And it was this system of surveillance and control that was turned on Trump, in protection of itself. Trump is not its first target, either. And therein lies the bigger risk that forced its use. Of course, Trump’s stated purpose of rearranging its carefully constructed arrangement of economic, monetary, and trade networks guiding trillions and trillions of dollars every year was a huge additional motivation. After all, the Beltway apparatus may be statists at heart, but they like to live well, too.

    If Trump exposes the abuses against him fully, then he exposes the institutional system and broader apparatus behind it. And it is the revelation of the latter that is truly terrifying and revolutionary to those involved within it. A crime or series of crimes by a group of actors can be rationalized away to the citizenry.

    But a fully corrupted governmental apparatus and system of this sort, extending over decades and spanning across multiple agencies and branches, cannot. That degree of rot is the fuel of revolutions and overthrows.

    In a far-flung institutional criminal enterprise such as this (and it is certainly contrary to all law and Constitution) time is not to the advantage of the marauding crusading reformer — it is another tool for the enterprise to utilize. Given time, they will construct countermeasures and elimination defenses, up to and including eliminating the reformer. It is the one disadvantage in Trump’s otherwise incredible breakthrough; he has by necessity or learning curve given them time.

    I suspect the information that the DNI toted over to DOJ involves the valley.

    So my advice is if the DOJ is delaying the release of this information, the DNI should just release it. Fast. The power of the information Itself and its resultant sunlight is stronger and more valuable than the tactical consequences of a ‘perfect’ or ‘correct’ disclosure path. And other actors, not necessarily involving DOJ, are feverishly using every second given strategizing ways to overcome this ‘breach’. And these forces will not adhere to being correct or proper in their methods.

    Again, this is not about the individual abuses of Obama operatives. It is bigger than that. It is about the mere existence of this entire apparatus, this system, and its purpose and broader objectives. If anything, the Obama people were clumsy and incompetent in wielding it, if history is any guide.

    This is about power. The raw institutional power of the valley.

    Liked by 12 people

    • maggie0987 says:

      Oldersoul – nice paragraphs!


    • Trygve says:

      Thank you. A bracing, cogent read.

      It is beyond the scope of me to understand how this problem can even be fixed. For starters, how can one conduct an institutional purge to the entire U.S. Justice Department, while simultaneously keeping it running?


      • oldersoul says:

        I will tell you what it may ultimately require.

        A catastrophe.

        Sometimes, only a remedy of Biblical scope will do it. Past a point, a corrupted system cannot reform itself. I think we are right about at that point.

        Donald Trump is its last chance. Not our last chance.

        Have courage. It has happened many times before. It has happened to nearly every empire in history eventually. Often it includes war. Rome was once a republic, too.

        Our founders gave us a system that requires a constant fight to maintain it. It was never a one and done thing.


    • KMD says:

      Sounds like someone knows about Albert Pike prophecy, the skullnbonzboyz, WWIIPaperclipnazis, their link with prescottbush, and that family’s ultimate ascention into the WH to tout “…a thousand points of light”, and “…a new world order”…

      JFK knew it.



      • steph_gray says:

        I thought of the 1000 Points of Light as soon as I heard the Chinese plan of the 1000 Talents described on the Dobbs show this week.


    • mugzey302 says:

      👏 Yes, the big club. The charade that our elected representatives actually have any kind of power, the blackmail by IC bad guys that keeps every one in line and doing what they’re told, the pedophilia (and worse) and trafficking (The blackmail evidence). Don’t drink the punch at that new congressmen party, or you’ll get a special messenger package the next day with eye-popping pix in it and a threat. The cabal knows how to keep the rabble in line. This goes on in every country of the world. This goes on at all levels of govt. Corruption and depravity that is gruesome and heart-breaking. The truth is NOT pretty, but we can’t close our eyes (they depend on us not wanting to know, not wanting to get involved). We have to take this country back from the filthy animals who pretend to be human. Suit-up and STAND!

      Liked by 1 person

  21. billybob says:

    Anybody arrested today ?

    Liked by 3 people

    • dwpender says:

      Did Sullivan grant today DOJ’s motion to dismiss the Flynn case, which he SHOULD have granted last Friday?


      • Wethal says:

        He entered an order allowing amicus briefs to be filed. Paging Adam Schiff.

        He is not granting the motion without giving the Dems the change to weigh in.


        • dwpender says:

          This is outrageous! Sullivan basically goes to great lengths to say “I can allow amicus briefs in criminal cases,” even though the Rules make no provision for it. Then he says “I’ll set a briefing schedule at an “appropriate time.”

          I predict briefing won’t be done till late June. Sullivan will then schedule a hearing for July.

          Whoever dreamed it would be so hard in American for a prosecutor’s office that admitted its case against a defendant had no merit, and should NEVER have been brought, to get its frivolous case dismissed?


          • Wethal says:

            He wants to make this an election issue. If he sentence Flynn anyway, Flynn would have to take an appeal, which could take up to two years. This keeps Flynn hanging in limbo.

            If Trump pardons Flynn, it becomes a campaign issue.

            Sullivan is a miserable SOB.

            Liked by 2 people

        • MaineCoon says:

          Lazy arse!! Can’t even do (or his clerks) the research to substantiate a Final Order of dismissal. Not worthy of sitting on a bench. So, he’ll let LawFare do it.

          Calling Judicial Watch!! Do an amicus brief!!!


  22. Merkin Muffley says:

    I told you there was more in that briefcase than just names!


  23. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO we have to believe Grenell understand that to take these perpetrators down he MUST show MASSIVE SPYING ABUSE that the DOJ sees as criminal in nature for indictments.

    So what things could Grenell declassify and show Americans while pushing Durham and Barr?

    1) The alleged CIA / FIB surveillance agreement that Sundance has spoken about

    2) The Massive alleged FIB / NSA Contractor Program where millions of queries were done each year on Americans.

    3) The alleged FISA Warrants frauds on the courts. We know about the four coupled with the 85% non compliant rate via Adm Rodgers 6 month audit so there could be hundreds of FISA’s warrants possible put forward to the court over the past 4-8 years under possibly fraudulent pretenses.

    4) Then the one I still think is the easiest to show abuse, corruption and spying because there are only 2 layers, is the Hammer Program were they flipped a Foreign Intelligence tool over to a Domestic Intelligence spying machine.

    Again read the article from American Report to familiarize yourself and please note how many names were involved then and now with Mueller’s Russia Collusion fraud.

    And remember Housley tweet that it’s about POWER.

    POWER comes from LEVERAGE and nothing screams POWER more than listening to what Dennis Montgomery describe about the purpose of the Hammer Spying

    “I produced 600 million pages. If you printed out each page it would be thirty miles high stacked one on top of another. The information is very sensitive information. They collected google searches, credit cards, phone records, images, pictures, anything and everything, and they did it for one reason: LEVERAGE. They didn’t know when, but they knew sooner or later they would need that information to use for those leverage against a person … The amount of information is mind-boggling, and I gave all of that to FBI Director Comey’s office.”

    So ask yourself if Leverage was what they were after in 2009, why is leverage not what they were after from 2012-2016? Same game just different tools IMO.

    Finally because Durham has brought in Anthony Scarpelli a Violent Crimes, Narcotics and RICO specialist suggests there could be more than just political spying.

    So could there be a connection with what Grenell is declassifying from Fast & Furious or Ukraine or the billions missing from DOD budget or even laundering of State Dept money via NGO’s

    Bottom line IMO Grenell is now our best and last hope for possible public exposure of documents while helping apply pressure to Durham and Barr with undeniable declassified evidence that the DOJ must act on.


  24. Zabadak says:

    Paging Dan Coats…


  25. WhiteBoard says:

    FARA was never used for FISA

    BOOGEY you know this — most on this site know this.. constantly bringing up the NSA DATABASE ABUSE.

    FARA was to clean up illegal activity if anyone ever got caught.

    Hence Flynns FARA event didnt start until 2016 – because it wasnt until then they needed to clean this up.

    SHOW US the actual FISA warrants. or is this another TRANSCRIPT of INITIAL 302 we TALK of but not one HAS.. but no one has,, but no one has,,, but no one has…. but no one has…


    • Bogeyfree says:

      Who said anything about FARA. IMO they were spying on Flynn back in 2014 most likely and it didn’t stop until 2017.

      My question is……

      Today Durham is looking at, was the Russia Collusion Investigation properly predicated which has led him to look a little pre Nov election and now post NOV 2016 election which is good.

      So can Grenell provide Durham and Barr with enough PRE 2016 (2009-2016) spying abuse to show this was their scheme to gain LEVERAGE and max POWER.

      Barr IMO was NEVER looking back beyond 2016 and now it has comes down to Grenell showing Barr the long term pattern of spying abuse and hopefully there is still time for him to act before Nov 2020.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        Yes Yes thats what i was going for. Ty

        if there is no audit, and the contractors are accessing it behind the query system… then they would of had to been caught with it on their personal computer ( the only evidence of a download via export) . This to me indicates the SECRECY of the laptop and server situations.

        I think they found FISA database exports on the weiner laptop, the lawyers laptop, the DNC server, etc… ” i caught them all”

        rudy had the nypd support (they seized the laptop initially via the child texting). Lynch had the Garner case over them to keep them quiet.

        The Mueller gang was trying to find out who entrapped Anthony Weiner with the underage girl to kickoff the NYPD warrant – Rudy. “I caught them all”


  26. BitterC says:


  27. Jack says:

    What does one expect from “the free press” NOT!


  28. Patience says:

    Regarding Flynn case:

    @Johnheretohelp (twitter)
    Sullivan’s friends who helped him cover everything up are gone. Cummings, RR, Pugh. And the new people, who have the same information, are not being nice about it


  29. T2020 says:

    If SD says to be patient? I think I can handle that…for now. Lol.


  30. William the Comptroller says:

    Ace of Spades has article on Brennan the crypto-Muslim pinko gargoyle: he used “contractors” to unmask citizens so it would not leave a paper trail…


  31. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:


    Liked by 1 person

  32. Johnny says:

    My take away is Mr Grenel has a mission given to him by President Trump.

    Mr. Grenel delivered the documents to Barr and said this is about to be released in a few days, consider this a professional courtesy of the heads up. The President of the United States Donald J Trump tasked you with a job to investigate the treason, and I have been tasked with exposing it.

    This is a 2 pronged attack strategy. 1. Expose all the coup participants dirty laundry. This will include a lot of congress people I believe. 2. Let Barr develop the cases for prosecution (I Pray).

    Of course all people indicted are presumed innocent until the trial is over one way or another. The American people have a right to know what their government is doing. If we have corrupt politicians the info provided allows the voters to make a decision based on the actions of the representatives not their promises.

    Bring on the Sunlight.


  33. WhiteBoard says:

    Hey everyone I Need Your Help.

    In the Collyer Report – Can you Find the part where it says People were acessing the database BEHIND/BEYOND the query system meaning no trail?

    Please this is important – Links to unmasking requests being another THROW/Distraction.

    —————- ( my Thoughts)————————

    if there is no audit, and the contractors are accessing it behind the query system… then they would of had, to of been caught with it, on their personal computer ( the only evidence of a download via export) . This to me indicates the SECRECY of the laptop and server situations.

    I think they found FISA database exports on the weiner laptop, the lawyers laptop, the DNC server, etc… ” i caught them all”

    rudy had the nypd support (they seized the laptop initially via the child texting). Lynch had the Garner case over them to keep them quiet.

    The Mueller gang was trying to find out who entrapped Anthony Weiner with the underage girl to kickoff the NYPD warrant – Rudy. “I caught them all”


  34. All Too Much says:

    For fun, think of the night those on the list had last night.
    All that wasted stress and horrible thoughts.
    But, they might as well stay puckered, because they now know it’s coming at them like an out of control freight train.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. islandpalmtrees says:

    If private contractors had access to ALL FISA related materials and I believe they do. Then what prevented these private contractors from making this same information available to people outside the intelligence communities?

    The Ric Grenell audit-logs, could reveal that these private contractors are selling this information. How many trillions do you think this information is worth on the open market? How many people would go to jail if this operation was exposed? How many people would die?

    Barr, may realize the potential, explosive nature of this information!

    What would you do?

    Liked by 1 person

    • railer says:

      This. That NSA database is valuable to global actors, investors, corporations, law firms, governments…. the list is probably endless. If you key on a major political figure, he’s touching all kinds of people including those the above are interested in. That’s a cash cow. Big cash.

      If Barr is a patriot, he exposes all of this and recommends this NSA data collection operation ceases immediately.

      Liked by 1 person

  36. dustahll says:

    Trump wants to use military courts, my view. DOJ out of the loop good thing, take it to military justice , National Security.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Summer says:

    If a “senior” swamp dweller says they are not planning to release anything, you better believe it.


  38. jus wundrin says:

    Looking at the docket entries (#201 not present), we suspect an amicus brief has already been filed.

    Perhaps by the former DOJ employees who want Sullivan to improperly proceed to sentencing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wethal says:

      He couldn’t accept an amicus brief without issuing an order granting amici the right to file. So he’s retroactively accepting the previously filed brief and allowing more.


    • goldvalkyrie says:

      The Deep State is using every tool and backdoor in their arsenal, kicking and screaming, to prevent the downfall of their kingdom – Flynn is the card to take the rest of the cards down, and this judge IMHO just impeached himself.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. Don says:

    Sure, releasing it now and the DOJ would lose leverage over any people it seeks to ask questions of pertinent to this matter and any other matters.

    People scrambling to lawyer up and get their stories straight. Who has flipped? At least one or two already have flipped is very likely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Perot Conservative says:

      Housley says yes, people have flipped, and the people prosecuting this case wish Trump would shut up (about relevant legal issues). See below.


  40. Betty says:

    ”we do not intend to release the [unmasking] list” that Grenell brought over to the building last week.” – Why?

    “senior DOJ officials” – Who are you ? What reason do you have for limiting access to information that is rightfully ours? Did we get too happy about finally getting some justice after 4 years of getting battered by every two-bit functionary who took a bribe to “leak” some rotten made up story and crush us yet again ?

    Did AG Barr send you out because the big dumb waste didn’t have the courage?
    Are you just like the FBI and think your not accountable to us smelly Wall Mart shoppers?

    I am so sick of these arbitrary decisions, when redactions are removed from documents we usually see that the redaction was to cover some favored persons ass. Are there any rules you asshoes have to follow?

    They make laws so they can do insider trading and screw all the rest of us, can tell flat out lies on the floor of Congress with no accountability, can use our money to pay off young people who they have molested and perhaps killed. They ram a filthy health care bill down our throats and exempt themselves. And now we know there is information that we are completely entitled to but some big dumb waste decided to with hold it protect traitors.


  41. Robster says:

    I see a lot of speculation that this is Grenell forcing Barr’s hand.

    How about a simpler explanation. Barr needed the evidence of what he suspected but it was the property of the DNI.

    Quick call to Grenell, Ric we need those documents, without them we’ve got nothing but hearsay and speculation. Sure thing Bill, I’ll be right over.

    Does anybody here really think the Barr team is going to interview any suspects without having the documents available to shove under the suspects nose and ask ‘what do you have to say about this’.

    It’s not Grenell forcing Barr’s hand, it’s Grenell and Barr co-operating.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Despicable Me says:

      This has been my thought all along regarding AG Barr and Grennel in much the same way I think AG Barr and Sidney Powell have been working hand-in-glove and have General Flynn’s case covered from both of the “opposing” sides which the DS has been forced to recognize, courtesy of EDMO USA Jensen (appointed by who…..why AG Barr!)……hence Judge Sullivan’s order to accept amicus curiae filings to bring in any number if unprecedented opposing sides as a(n) (il)legal flank attack.


  42. WhiteBoard says:

    I beleive the issue of this whole DECEPTIVE FISA Abuse of the coup saying we did a fisa on this! on that! no we did mask! no we didnt mask! …was THIS, was that, no wait its this….

    Is because:

    of the LAPTOPS that were CAUGHT during an arrest that had exported NSA Data on them..

    At this point the INTERNAL TEAM could not CONTAIN the issue

    Weiner Laptop
    Schultz Laptop

    Thoughts below:;;;;;;;;

    think they found FISA database exports on the weiner laptop, the lawyers laptop, the DNC server, etc… ” i caught them all”

    rudy had the nypd support (they seized the laptop initially via the child texting). Lynch had the Garner case over them to keep them quiet.

    The Mueller gang was trying to find out who entrapped Anthony Weiner with the underage girl to kickoff the NYPD warrant – Rudy. “I caught them all”

    thoghts done;;;;;;;

    WHY DO I BELEIVE THIS? the COLLYER REPORT – said there was querying beyond the audit trail CAPABILITY.

    Here is the link:

    Click to access 2016_Cert_FISC_Memo_Opin_Order_Apr_2017.pdf

    (thank you to the user that said check the foot notes)

    April 26 2017 Collyer Report FISA

    Here are the 2 important sections Page 21 and Page 24


    Page 21…

    its header for this section is titled ‘ 4. The January 3, 2017 Supplemental Notice and January 27, 2017 Letter’

    In anticipation of the January 31 deadline, the government updated the Court on these querying issues in the January 3, 2017 Notice…..

    ….PAGE 20… ‘some sytems that are used to query multiple datasets simultaneously required analysts to “opt-out” of querying Section 702 uppstream Internet data rather than requiring an affirmative “opt in” ….

    The NSA had not fully assessed the scope of problem: the IG and OCO reviewed “did not include systems through which queries aer conducted of upstream data but that do not interface with the NSA’s query audit sytem”.

    See January 27,2017 Letter at 5 (“NSA is progressing with its efforts to identify other tools or systems that analysts are using to query upstream data.”)

    Page 24 —–IN THIS SECTION 5. you see FOOTNOTE 24 that states:

    “Preliminary Notice (Mislabeling) (nearly ____ communications acquired through upstream Internet collection were “incorrectly labeled” as acquired from Internet service providers, and, as a result, likely subject to prohibited queries using US person identifers.”

    Again Page 24 – FOOTNOTE 25:
    “if the government intend to apply (the sequester and destroy of collected info) because THE INFORMATION IS NOT CONTAINED in an “institutionally managed repository”….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Despicable Me says:

      Hmmm, some good points there, WB


    • Beau Geste says:

      good work WhiteBoard.
      The hidden weiner laptop (including its rumored ‘Insurance File’),and the wasserman-schultz laptop also hidden, are surely rife with criminality.
      Especially because they are records of hillary’s close-up behavior and that of the DEM leadership.
      There are allegations that obama emails are also there, to avoid FOIA, which is criminal in itself, whatever the nefarious nature of those off-record communications.

      Be careful. Those with too much knowledge of the weiner laptop, such as the NYPD, seem to die.


  43. Perot Conservative says:

    Well, Housley has now tweeted 3 times that people are cooperating / flipped. And that we’re close.

    Liked by 1 person

    • CharterOakie says:

      All good. Except Housley’s final sentence in the third tweet is bunk. Trump has every right and perhaps duty to talk about it in the limited and guarded way he has been doing.

      Provoke and expose the shills and the various enemies altogether.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Well if Adam Housley and company would give the President just a single bit of tangible evidence something is being done, he would probably love to stop talking about it, to help them.

      3 Years later, mountains of evidence in plain public view, zero indictments, and coup plotters are ginning up a 2nd impeachment attempt or worse. Tell us again, how you’re helping and how the President is hurting the effort.


    • CharterOakie says:

      By the way: H. Ross Perot was a super patriot. A hero. Sort of “a voice crying in the wilderness.” And many of us heard him and knew he was right.


    • Beau Geste says:

      PDJT is mainly talking about “OBAMAGATE”. Why not talk about it? There is no adverse effect on prosecutions. There will always be a juror who would refuse a ‘guilty’ vote, but the public needs to be brought up to speed about obama evidence.
      The november election is the whole ball game. The evidence of corruption plus public prosecution is more necessary than conviction. As demonstrated by the General Flynn persecution, prosecution itself is a major punishment.

      A long-ago defense lawyer (can’t remember the name) said “my fee is penalty enough”


    • Beau Geste says:

      “republicans in congress who receive foreign kickbacks like dem congresscritters and the bidens are going to sit this whole thing out”


  44. Troublemaker10 says:

    Sara Carter reports that ODNI and DOJ are working through the docs Grenell delivered to DOJ. She said top Republicans have told her they believe docs will be released, but it is a matter of who will release them (Hannity says it is believed that ODNI will release them after consultation with DOJ).


  45. Despicable Me says:

    Love the photo of Grennel with the genuinely devilish smile. Has SD or anyone created a honey badger meme for Grennel as he has created for POTUS’s trade and finance team of wolverines? I would supply one if I had even a remote clue how to make a meme but alas meme making is not in my wheelhouse.


  46. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    “a seemingly trustworthy DNI Ric Grenell” Lessons learned.


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