The Peasants Are Revolting – California Rebels Defy Comrade Gavin Newsom…

The Rebel Alliance is pushing back against the insufferable and silly rules of the little blue dictators hiding amid their governor mansions. Yes comrades, the pesky red subversives have taken to the street and realized ‘hey wait, there are more of us, than them‘…

“Have Tar, Need Feathers” – If the COVID Compliance Ministry tries to stop the uprisings, there could be trouble. As a result, some of the little Blue Dictators are retreating to their safe space:

CALIFORNIA – […] Reports on Friday estimated that there were more than 500 people who turned out in Huntington Beach to protest after Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) closed Orange County beaches in response to massive gatherings last weekend that went against stay-at-home orders.

Orange County had previously opened its beaches, and even after the large gatherings drew a rebuke from Newsom, the city of Newport had voted to keep them open.

Protesters on Friday were heard chanting “freedom” and “no more Newsom.” Some carried signs lamenting the need for a hair cut, while others held signs calling to reopen businesses so people could get back to work.

Police officers mounted on horses were present to control the crowd, with most, if not all protesters, reportedly violating social distancing guidelines of six feet of separation.

Newsom said on Friday the state is “days, not weeks” away from reopening, but cautioned people to stay home until the all-clear. (read more)

The gathering was substantially bigger than the protest on Main Street two weeks ago. Huntington Beach Police Department spokeswoman Angie Bennett said there were no arrests or injuries, and estimated the crowd at about 2,500 people.

Julian Brudnick, 28, of Yorba Linda waved a black flag that had a snake on it and read “Don’t Tread on Me.”

“I think it all comes down to the same thing, which is personal freedom and liberty, and not sacrificing freedom for security,” Brudnick said. “I haven’t seen this many people not wearing a mask. I go into Home Depot, you cough or sneeze and people give you a dirty look. What they can make us do to each other is unbelievable.”  (LA Times)

Hey, we’ve been piling into crowded supermarkets for seven weeks buying food, yet for some reason if we go into a store to buy sneakers it will create an explosion of the virus… According to the Blue logic, apparently the danger is the type of purchasing you make.


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489 Responses to The Peasants Are Revolting – California Rebels Defy Comrade Gavin Newsom…

  1. Genie says:

    The La Brea tar pits could receive some offerings.

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  2. Joshua2415 says:

    Gavin Newsom: “The peasants are revolting.”
    Nancy Pelosi: “I’ve always thought so.”

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      “Yes they are. You can smell Walmart Trump voters everywhere.” – Peter Strzok

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      • TonyE says:

        Hmm… this is ORANGE COUNTY…. we have no Walmarts in my City. Maybe some in Santa Ana and Garden Grove, but this is NOT LA.

        This is Costco Land.

        I went to Costo yesterday, I wore my new ” Panic! at the Costoo” t-shirt. It was a hit. Got some TP, paper towels, prime beef, good wines… by the time I was, gulp! I was twenty bucks shy of a thousand.

        WHy is Strzok not in jail?

        We HATE Gov. Loathsome around here. We won’t even let the SOB kiss our a$$es$.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Now that the Fascists’ have shown themselves, where is Antifa?

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      • Peppurr says:

        Ironically, the same thing popped into my head!


      • jeffsn4 says:

        Hiding in their mother’s basement, obviously.

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      • Last night local Fox News 11 (KTTV) lead story was HB “Peasant Revolt” with headline “people defying Gov. social distancing order. Picture was from News Helo zoomed out to ant size people. Next video showed the one altercation with a number of antifa(?) beating up a man with a red hat (could not tell if it was a MAGA/KAG hat). As soon as others came to the man’s assistance Fake News 11 cut away.

        Daughter was there and she said it was peaceful and didn’t see any altercations.

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      • DaughterofLiberty says:

        WHO?????? Hahahahahah!!!! Hahahahahah!!! “Anti-Fascists”????? Hhahahahaha.

        They always were paid frauds. We know.


      • Vic Damron says:

        They don’t drive, public transit is down and their Moms said “no”, would be my guess.


    • Mrs. E says:

      Nothing like a good revolt! I loved seeing the pics of what went on in Michigan earlier this week! Great American action.

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    • rondonmonson says:

      This is their plan……they want it in BIG BLAZING LETTERS that signifies its the Republicans who wanted to reopen the Economy, so their bootlicking Media buddies can demagogue the DEATHS that happen after that as Trumps/Republicans caring more about Money than Lives. ADD IT UP…He does it only to Orange Co. All the Dem Govs form a coalition, even though Trump told every state to reopen on their own terms, so the unity is about saying, we were AGAINST IT.

      They are politics 24/7/365.

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      • rondonmonson says:

        And Pelosi will not reopen the House when the Senate does….its a damned strategy. Trump sniffed this out about 3 or 4 weeks ago when the sleazeball reporters kept asking, are you going to MAKE all the states reopen, they wanted to put all the future DEATHS on Trump like they are already doing now, but with an emphasis on an ACTION, he took. Once Trump go wise he was like, every state is different. The Dems then plotted to form a sorta UNIFIED FRONT. They are pure evil.

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      • LarryG says:

        Except that deaths resulting from any subsequent “spike” in cases, rondonmonson, will be directly-related to shutdown measures as opposed to people going back to work!


        • rondonmonson says:

          The MEDIA, however, tells the story, 53 percent of Americans still believe Russia colluded with Trump and vice versa. THEY DON’T CARE about the truth and neither did Hitler. You know the ole saying, tell a lie enough times and it becomes fact.


      • GenEarly says:

        Commies gotta commie, Comrade. Unvarnished Truth: democRats are Commie Maggots


    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      I think this little stunt will cost Gavin Big Time. There’s alot of $$ in OC. And we know that the mid terms results were bogus. We’ll see, Gavin. We’ll see…….

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    • randyinrocklin says:

      Let them eat ice cream.


  3. Nancy’s nephew was not duly elected. Cheaters, LIARS, criminals.I hope people are waking up.

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  4. zombietimeshare says:

    The peasants are revolting… and according to Newsom the smell is none too pleasant.

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  5. He looks like the guy in American psycho to me. Always has.

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  6. Broc says:

    California use to be a nice place. It’s time for the New California. Red State Radio has the plans.


  7. Mike in a Truck says:

    Here where I live in N.C. people simply disregard Dear Leader Roy Coopers stupid orders. Sure schools are shut down, so are salons. But everything else is open.Restauants are take out only. Pizza delivery booming. Even law enforcement has been cool. Hey we know where thire families live. They know we know.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      Same here in the Upstate of SC. All of the local sheriffs made it plain early on that they are not going to harass small groups of people who are not breaking the WRITTEN law. Small businesses and restaurants have adapted remarkably well. You can sit outside in your car and eat, and the waitresses will bring food and “adult beverages” right to your door. All they are lacking is shorts and roller skates to make it perfect!
      I think that most small businesses around here will weather the storm. The number of people out of work is staggering, but a lot of them are pulling in $900+ per week in unemployment checks. That’s like $23/ hr, which is more than a lot of them make on the job. They will be in no hurry to get back to work, and I can’t say that I would blame them. They’d be taking a pay cut. Sadly, that means that we won’t be anywhere close to normal until July at the earliest. And that’s assuming that congress doesn’t step back in and vote to extend super-federal-unemployment benefits until after the November election. Which wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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    • GH says:

      I live about 25 miles due north of Durham, NC. It looks pretty much biz as usual around here…and I consider it a blessing that our kids will not be attending school as I understand NC still doing Common Core and they won’t have to hear that America is evil, capitalism is racist and that there are (64) genders.

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    • Jay says:

      NC peeps need to come to TN. We’re open


  8. northwoodswatcher says:

    THE GESTAPO PLAYBOOK is what the demonRAT Party is using to try to condition us into thinking that GOVERNORS somehow, somewhere, in some way, have the legal authority to ORDER LOCKDOWNS OF SOCIETY.

    They don’t.

    They never did.

    Talking about what this governor is “allowing us” or “allowing business” to do is a TRAP.

    It is nothing less than a conditioning exercise that makes you think that what is going on is normal, reasonable, constitutional.

    This mindset of ‘watching what the governors allow’ is pure mind control.

    Mind control didn’t work on our Revolutionary forebears when Parliament (and the King) tried to persuade them that it was “reasonable” for the government to rule citizens from 3,000 miles and 3-6 months away. The Patriots didn’t go for any of the illegal erosion of American liberty that the British repeatedly tried to impose.

    Our Founding Fathers would have seen through the mind control game that demonRATs today are far more successfully imposing on America.

    We seem to be paralleling the early stages of the rise to power of Hitler. One of the key differences is that America’s communists, the demonRAT Party, enjoy a far, far, far higher percentage of support than Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party ever did — at least until late in the game. Growth of the Nazi party didn’t take off until 1929 and Hitler seized power in 1933.

    BTW — Don’t bother referring to Wikipedia for information about Nazism. This left-wing site describes the the Nazis as “a far-right political party in Germany.” As Jonah Goldberg noted in his book “Liberal Facism” (2009), communism and nazism are just two sides of the same collectivist coin.

    One of the sad facts of the Nazis’ meteoric rise was that it benefitted immensely from neighbors willingly snitching on neighbors.

    The Gestapo could never have been as ruthlessly effective as they were had not they been aided and abetted by so many German citizens reporting their neighbors to the secret police.

    The article below is one of many citing studies that document how German citizens were fully complicit in the Nazi regime.

    “Careless whispers: how the German public used and abused the Gestapo”

    “In reality, the Gestapo was a very small organisation. In 1933, it had 1,000 employees and even at its peak in 1944, its active officers within Germany numbered 16,000, policing a population of 66 million. In Düsselfdorf, with a population of 500,000, there were 126 Gestapo officers in 1937. Essen had 650,000 inhabitants and just 43. The same pattern was repeated in all the other major German cities. Most rural towns had no Gestapo presence at all. The Gestapo was underfunded, under-resourced and over stretched.”

    “It’s been estimated that only 15 per cent of Gestapo cases started because of surveillance operations. A far greater number began following a tip-off from a member of the public. Every allegation, no matter how trivial, was investigated with meticulous and time-consuming thoroughness. It’s been estimated that about 40 per cent of these denunciations were personally motivated.”

    While snitching has not yet taken hold across America, far too many Americans already have been complicit in a different type of Nazism, which is in accepting as constitutional the absolutely illegal-from-day-one Gestapo edicts of America’s demonRAT (and RINO) governors.

    Too many Americans have given America’s communists the power to dictate to us.

    We need to take it back.

    We need to push those governors out of office.

    We need to gut the state health departments that were complicit in this seizure of power.

    We need to instruct law enforcement officials that their oaths of office to defend the Constitution mean just that.

    We need to clean out the FDA, CDC, and other federal agencies also wildly complicit in this terrible Covid-19 scam.

    We need to smash the power of every government official who confuses being a public servant with being a communist dictator.

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    • 55praises says:

      While I agree with your assessment, remember that the reason for the Original Decrees was because of hospital overruns in China and then Italy. With China having bought most of the world’s masks and PPE, and with our dependence on China for much of the supply chain of everything including prescriptions, there was Trouble on the horizon. Our hospitals were not prepared, and if not for the actions first taken things would have played out here much differently.

      I am not saying lockdowns everywhere were warranted. The one-size-fits-all model the health officials and governors used and continue to use was ill-conceived. Knowing any misstep would be politically characterized as Trump Failed Us created a lose-lose situation, no matter what happened. That we were not prepared (intentionally??) made that situation our reality.

      We can now see what our governors and elected officials are capable of. I hope all remember come November.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        Lockdowns NOWHERE were warranted…. never did it before, should never happen again.. stupid decisions made by politicians drunk with power… we the people can make our own stupid decisions… Common Sense should have determined that this was a bad flu, care taken of the elderly as much as possible (which should be done in ANY flu epidemic, and let the immunity build up in normally healthy persons.

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        • prtomr says:

          Statistical models…ugh…just like poling, the left has used them brilliantly in this crisis for a dry run. What’s sad is that too many people believe(d) what the models said. Isn’t it interesting that the models were way off…again. The populace of our country is being conditioned. Too many people are giving up their rights and acting like sheep. Please pray for our great land.


        • JonB3 says:

          Good point ~ I agree !


        • Kate says:

          you are correct if we look at the state of South Dakota to observe true leadership to see how common sense prevailed and without lock downs, no tyranny displayed there.

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      • Excellent discussion between you and northwoods, but I think you’re both off the mark in different ways.

        First, you take it as a fact that “trouble was on the horizon” and that “if not for the action first taken, things would have played out here much differently,” which implies the troubles would have been much worse.

        Yet the authorities claimed those actions were needed to mitigate what otherwise would have been tremendous strain on hospitals, etc. In other words, if the virus was such a terrible threat, those actions could only hope to mitigate the threat, and we still should have seen at least moderate strain on our hospitals. In reality, most of our hospitals have been losing millions of dollars a day and furloughing staff (or paying them to stay home), with ventilators sitting idle and PPE in the closets.

        In response to northwoods . . . I agree that the threat to our liberties is very grave, which warrants strong opposition and resistance – that, yes, “we do need to take it back.”

        Unfortunately, the “we” who will resist and take it back are not monolithic. Only a relatively small group of Americans believe – like northwoods, me, many regulars at CTH, etc. – that many of these governors ought to be removed and the health dept. “experts” no longer allowed to dictate public policy and Constitutional norms. Even among the 500+ people protesting at Huntington Beach, only a certain percentage would believe that Newsom must be removed and health departments marginalized, even though those types of steps must happen if we are to have a Constitutional future.

        The problem is that we are not merely fighting leftist Democrats or even just globalist overlords with “trillions at stake.” We are fighting Cultural Marxism and leftism more pervasively. Moreover, we also fighting people’s faith in technocracy, which is connected to other phenomena above. Even many of our party/ideological allies place way too much faith in technocracy, which has been exposed during this fake “crisis.”

        Sadly, we will have to undermine faith in technocracy and the “progressive” state before we can have a society with sufficient support to “take back” our country. And we might very well lose.

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      • northwoodswatcher says:

        Studies recently released by researchers at Stanford University, by USC, by a professor at Tel Aviv University, and other statistical studies of the actual results show that the lockdowns had no effect in limiting the spread of Covid-19. NONE. NADA. ZIPPO!

        “USC Study Finds Coronavirus Far More Widespread In L.A. County Than Reported”
        “Israeli Professor Shows Virus Follows Fixed Pattern”
        “Coronavirus dies out within 70 days no matter how we tackle it, claims professor”

        By mid-March we were already aware that Covid-19 was wildly overblown and it was also apparent that the illegal/unconstitutional lockdowns were ineffective.

        Another study points out that lockdowns actually made everything worse.
        “Lockdown only made corona crisis worse, claim experts”

        So, bottom line: The “we have to save the hospitals from getting overwhelmed” message was just pure bullish*t all along. But highly effective bullish*t!!!

        Early on we had these key facts to dissuade us from the lockdown narrative that many were bringing to our attention — despite the best criminal efforts of the Criminal Leftist Media to cover it up, and despite the nefarious efforts of the corrupt CDC and FDA :

        • WE HAD THE CURE. Why even contemplate a lockdown for a disease that has a ready, safe, well-documented, and cheap cure? From day one we had the cure, which is also a preventative!!! We knew back in 2005 that it was highly likely that HCQ would work because it worked against SARS, MERS, etc. Why didn’t all of the quote-unquote “experts” who knew about the 2005 studies bring this to our attention earlier??? Despite that, advocates in early to mid-March were calling for treatment on an early-onset basis if not a preventative basis, which would have meant you could have taken the HCQ + zinc + azithromycin at home. No freaking need for hospitalization. No worry about overwhelmed hospitals.

        • WRONG DEMOGRAPHIC TARGETED. The lockdowns also were unnecessary because the only demographics that had to worry about Covid-19 were the ones who were ALREADY RETIRED and ALREADY OUT OF THE WORKFORCE. Forcing 18-year-olds to stay home was insane from the start. Beyond that age group, everyone under age 50 had a 99-plus recovery rate or didn’t even know they had the bug.

        • MORTALITY RATE LOWER THAN FLU. Also, it turns out that the the total deaths figures are being wildly padded. That is because it has become only too evident that Covid-19 will be less deadly than the common flu in terms of total numbers of dead. This is a major embarrassment to our vaunted medical community. This thing wasn’t the Black Death, wasn’t drug-resistant TB, wasn’t even the measles. This has been ONE GIGANTIC SCAM.

        • THIS WHOLE THING LACKS PERSPECTIVE. Did you know that while America is fixated on a disease that isn’t even as dangerous as the common flu, there is an actual epidemic in this country that no one gets excited about. It kills 440,000 Americans a year. AND IT IS ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE. What is this mystery disease? you might ask. The disease is HOSPITALS. Yessir, the folks upon whom we rely to save our lives are actually in the business of killing 440,000 Americans a year by the simple process of BONEHEAD MISTAKES. Our experts are so expert that they can get away with this slaughter without anyone — except ambulance chasers – raising a hue and cry. And yet this epidemic gets worse, year by year. Read anything about it recently? Heard about any calls for lockdowns of hospitals? No? Hmmm…. and yet the TOTAL ANNUAL DEAD FIGURE PUTS COVID-19 IN THE SHADE.

        Here is just one of several stories about this underreported epidemic:
        “The third-leading cause of death in US most doctors don’t want you to know about”

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        • JonB3 says:

          I agree Northwoods … But Trump is listening only to Fauci and Co., in spite of the efforts of Laura Ingraham, Rush. Mark Levin, Steve Hilton and others that are trying to open his eyes …

          I’ve been a big supporter, but I’m very frustrated with PT’s stubbornness and failure to expand the narrative given the obvious latest data … He’s an admitted “Germaphobe” and I wonder if this is effecting his clarity of thought. In any event, we should keep vocalizing our thoughts, concerns and feelings

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          • MustangBlues says:

            ”’He’s an admitted “Germaphobe” and I wonder if this is effecting his clarity of thought.”

            Really?? President Trump’s stubbornness???

            Lots of assertions, you make, wonder what brand of crystal ball you use; we all need that to see the future like you do.


        • Elle says:

          Well said and great links. I agree with everything you said but will add my opinion that this is all about the Benjamins. There is gold in them ther’ vaccines. When you look at it through that prism, it all makes sense.

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      • Kureelpa says:

        My question is, why would any advanced society follow China’s methods to control the Coronavirus – well I guess that we can be thankful that they weren’t welding up our doors, but the NM Governor is blocking roads & China did that?
        Where is Bill Barr now – or doesn’t he work on weekends?


    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Northwoodswatcher: “While snitching has not yet taken hold across America, far too many Americans already have been complicit in a different type of Nazism…”
      I have seen plenty of examples on FB of neighbors tattling on their neighbors. Shame on these dim govs who are acting like nazi a$$holes.

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      • northwoodswatcher says:

        You are right… my poorly articulated thought was only that we are not as far along as the Germans and Austrians were in Hitler’s Germany… or Stalin’s USSR… or Mao’s People’s Republic… or Castro’s Cuba… but I guess I also never imagined in my wildest nightmares that AMERICA would ever, ever set foot on the same slippery slope…I was born 10 years after WWII, or just three years after the end of the Allied occupation of Germany and Japan, and the “Good War” is so close to me — being brought up in an extended Italian-American family that really was The Greatest Generation — that suddenly I feel like that frog that’s slowly being boiled to death….


    • BigTalkers says:

      It’s a “conditioning exercise” alright, for the next time they’re able to seize control of the federal Govt. And you ain’t seen nothing yet, pardner!


  9. joeknuckles says:

    We need to tell Newsom “We’re opening up the economy. Whether you like it or not, it’s gonna happen”.
    Remember this? After the voters decided to ban gay marriage, the Democrats used the courts to overturn it and Newsom said this:

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    • BoreMole says:

      Who’s going to tell him? These morons in California elect Democrats over and over again in droves. let them choke on their own self-indulgent exhaust, for all I care.


      • joeknuckles says:

        I’m not even sure the Democrats have a majority here. It could all be due to voter fraud.

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Ballot harvesting in 2018 reversed a whole lot of R winners to the dims. Who’s to say it won’t happen again in 2020.

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        • David says:

          Unfortunately, ballot harvesting is legal so it will happen again. The republicans lost 7 seats in Cali because of that. In addition, other states have made ballot harvesting legal so I hope the republicans can get their act together and beat them at their own game.


        • TonyE says:

          Two can play the same game you see?

          For the first time in my life I put up a political sign on my front yard. Before the primaries… gave the 50 bucks. He won our primary, so I sent him another 50 bucks. Was talking to my neighbors yesterday, they also voted for him. They saw the sign and looked him up.

          This time around we’re gonna make sure that Commie from UCI doesn’t steal the election.

          As my neighbors were saying, we’re gonna make sure she’s a one termer.

          After all, Republicans out register the Dems in my district, even if you count every UCI student ( American or not) as a Dem.


      • crikey9 says:

        I do not believe californians are voting these nazis in. When they allowed mail in voting the state flipped hmmmm

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        • BoreMole says:

          I am quite confident there is vote fraud changing the CA results, but not by THAT much. A very large swing of 10% would still have the same net result, with a couple local exceptions.


          • OlderAndWiser says:

            I live in CA. My vote was NOT counted in 2016. No explanation given.
            They allow all kinds of chicanery to pad the D’s votes, and restrict R votes.
            Additionally, because people think it’s a lost cause, a lot of right leaning independents and R’s don’t vote.
            Moving out of this darn police state.


          • TonyE says:

            Really? Take a look at the elections in ’18… Look at The OC.

            They stole the election by bringing in truckloads of votes during the night.


            • BoreMole says:

              Yeah… I can see the pointlessness of trying to have a conversation while its emotionally charged, but here goes one more time….

              Not debating OC, either – we all see what happened. But that makes my point rather than the opposite. One need only search my prior comments to know I’ve been decrying fraud as the greatest threat to Trump’s re-election for some time now.

              Fraud changes election results, almost always in Dems favor, when its CLOSE. A few districts in OC were suscepitble because they’ve been close for a long time. There are about 50 other districts in CA that are not even sort of close. And the overall 2016 tally was nearly 2/1 in favor of the Dem. At congressional levels, half those districts were 4 or even 5 to 1 Dem. Even if you presume an extremely unlikely amount of fraud that swings something by 10% – the result is that CA, and almost all of its districts, remains exactly the same.

              I’ve spent a large portion of my professional and personal life in CA. If you think half of them are actually closet republicans, you do not know many Californians. They have a LOT of screws lose after decades of dip$#!+ery.

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              • TonyE says:

                My district is not close. Mostly, not everybody votes. I mean, we always KNEW we won.

                When we went to bed, our RINO had a 3+% lead, typical. I think this was a standard outcome, the Dems tend to be move into voting while Conservatives not so much into it.

                The difference this time is that the commies had mobilized and harvested enough votes to swing the election through the night. In my district we got UCI, up in Fullerton they got CSF. They can easily swing 1500 votes from those places under the harvesting laws.

                I KNOW my district, pretty much know my County.

                Nothing emotional here, revenge is sweeter in cold blood.


    • crikey9 says:

      Wow scarier than any Steven King character

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  10. old sneakers says:

    Bugsy Newsom is just the latest mob goon to run the golden state, there were many before him

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  11. Rick says:

    Where’s Jay Sekulo, Robert Barnes et al? These draconian lockdowns are unconstitutional, forced mask wearing is unconstitutional and unscientific. I want my civil rights back.

    And the biggest problem is on the horizon. Know this: the current corona virus vaccines have killed every animal they’ve tried it on. And now, I’ve been told our ‘played’ president has approved a number of measures paving the way toward forced vaccinations on everyone without an extensive trial period. Bill Gates vaccine company hasn’t been able to make one, not one that doesn’t kill test animals and they gave up. Now they are eager to test them on Us! I hope that’s not true.

    How have the pharma/doctor gods usurped so much power?


    • Sharon says:

      “…I’ve been told…”

      By who?

      I was told the other day that everyone should be forced to wear a mask before they are allowed to shop in any store. By a fear-filled neighbor.

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      • northwoodswatcher says:

        …amazing! Even though story after story reports that masks don’t work? Not even an N95 is effective against Covid-19. After all, it only takes one virus to do the job.


        • The “95” means the mask, if properly fitted — and that “fit factor” presents a big if — can filter out particles down to 0.3 microns 95 percent of the time.

        • A human hair is roughly 100 microns in diameter.

        • Human coronaviruses measure between 0.1 and 0.2 microns, which is one to two times below the cutoff for an N95 mask. Oops!!!

        • Several studies have shown that even surgical masks fail to prevent transmission of the much larger mycobacterium tuberculosis, which causes TB.

        • People actually increase their chance of contracting a virus (or bacterial infection) by wearing a mask because most people tend to re-use masks that are meant for a single use. In other words, they stick a breeding ground for germs up against their nose and mouth. Smart.

        • Most people also forget to wash their hands before they put on a mask, so it is contaminated from the outset. Oops again!

        • You can get infected through the eyes. Gonna wear airtight goggles that seal tight against your face too?

        One of the other things that bothered about this “experts” is that they said we needed to switch back to single-use plastic bags because the cloth ones pick up the virus.

        Well, uh, what about the clothes shoppers wear into a store? Think maybe those and your shoes might just pick up the virus?

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        • Sharon says:

          Exactly. Fearful people don’t think clearly about many things – apparently.


        • TonyE says:

          I’m getting a Darth Vader helmet. Worn with a clean lab bunny suit, booties and gloves. MIght even get a black cape.

          Now, if I could only find a working light saver I could enforce a strict ten foot distance about me.

          “Hey! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! Move away. No, I’m not sorry for your stupid hand!”


      • Kureelpa says:

        Sharon, In stores, Costco, nationwide & on Airlines AA from 5/11 & Southwest……just getting started unfortunately.


        • Sharon says:

          My comment was clumsy and therefore misunderstood. I know that all those places are requiring masks.

          My question was a request for clarification from the commenter about his report.

          I was (clumsily) trying to illustrate that any of us can say that someone “told us” something – doesn’t mean a hill of beans. I’ve got goofy neighbors telling me things that are complete nonsense.


    • Kureelpa says:

      They are already testing the vaccine on humans – look up Jennifer Haller, Seattle.


  12. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Last week in Las Vegas conservative talk show host Wayne Allyn Root organized a protest caravan on The Strip. He had everyone congregate at an empty shopping mall parking lot. Then they proceeded to jam the streets downtown. On very short notice some 8,000+ people showed up and of course the mainstream press totally ignored the event.

    First it was “Shelter in place for two weeks.”
    After that it became “Stay home for 30 days to flatten the curve.”

    Well, that month and a half is over now …
    … and people are ready to get back to work!

    Liked by 4 people

    • betseyross says:

      If you want this all to end, just pretend that it has and go about your business. I don’t go out that much in the first place for now, as I have a new puppy. We have plenty of room to roam around as I live out in the country. If I need to go into town, I just do it. My errands are located in a small area so I just go and get them done. I have a fantastic beautician who has cut my hair once and I have an appointment in a few weeks. She not going full strength, but is able to pay the rent.

      I went to get my cars serviced last week. They aren’t as busy as usual, but they are up and running. The women employees all had masks, the men didn’t. There was plenty of distance between the guys out in the service bays. Just not as many as usual. I had no trouble getting appointments even with some recall issues for my one car.

      The grocery stores are ridiculous. I try to get in and out of there with a minimum of time wasted. They have one way aisles that are just insane and almost everyone is wearing a mask. Not me. Just pretending there isn’t a problem, including breaking the one way rule.

      My only concession to the virus is that I have Clorox wipes in my car. I wipe down the handles and steering wheel as well as my hands after I get in from getting groceries. That’s it. I’m done with this insanity after that.

      I do need a dog groomer, though…..desperately. He needs the hair cut around his eyes and will not hold still. Pretty scary.

      I am ready to leave town and travel, but with so many rules that shouldn’t be and are inconsistent, I am hesitant . Projects at home are slowly getting done and I don’t live close to a beach.

      Liked by 2 people

      • antiqueiron says:

        I was literally attacked in a suburban grocery store three days ago. PA is mask mandatory everywhere. In an effort to avoid trouble, I had a bandanna over my mouth. First the store manager got in my face, then he sent the produce manager over & he called me every name in the book, threatened me verbally, threatened to call the police. He scurried off when I pulled out my phone to record his punk azz. This guy was half my size. My wife & I continued to do what we came for. The produce guy kept spying on us & I kept asking where the cops were. They never showed. But as we left, the little twerp got in my face again & threatened me once again. I kept my cool & didn’t lay him out. Meeting with my attorney Wednesday. I put the entire thing on my Fb page.

        Liked by 2 people

  13. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    It was a glorious day in Surf City USA! I guarantee you there were more than 500 people there, well over 1,000, not counting all the cars passing thru with families and friends packed inside, waving TRUMP 2020 banners and Recall Gruesome Newsom signs.
    This crowd was primarily Moms, Dads, and kids. Young and old. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian.
    Several women had signs lamenting the closure of churches. Kids protested the closing of schools, and EVERYONE hated Newsom.
    I spoke with a couple police brass that were there and to a man they all think policing people off the beach is BULL$hit. They said to a man at HQ, none of them want to do it. Indeed, there were people on the beach, some still surfing at the pier the whole time!
    This was a MAGA hat coming out party!! I’ve worn my hat in public many times and been the only one. Yesterday MAGA hats were everywhere!! I just hope the organizers of this event are using the data collected and the momentum gained from the crowd to build towards taking back our Congressional seats from HArley Rouda and his ballot harvesting Komrades


    Liked by 9 people

  14. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    And after Pritzker of IL (he of the wife who sneaked out of state during his lockdown) mandated that everyone wear a mask as of 5/1, it will soon be mandatory that you ‘tip your mask’ before entering a business establishment (especially a convenience store) so that the business owner can identify you as a sign of peace. How soon do we see video of a swarm of ‘youths’ with N-95 masks rushing the stores or the gunman robbing Mr. Seo-jun? But remember, “After you tip, you should wash your hands or sanitize as soon as you can.” Wasn’t it Alice who said, “Stupider and stupider”?–569907021.html?fbclid=IwAR3Q8WvPSFNqI59sRWEf-nrQX9jAkC0XSbTr_p4PW0akrzT4ELgz0rQWm94


    • thedoc00 says:

      Even my nearly a-political wife has taken to telling me new outrages on TV by the democrats.Yesterday, it was:
      Nancy Pelosi rushing into a group of reporters with her improperly fitted scarf “UP”, which she promptly pulled down around her neck to speak to reporters standing nearly in her face.
      Then on the NBC 6pm news, Clay Jenkins (the want to be Democrat Candidate for TX Governor, currently Dallas County Commissioner) did the very same thing when announcing he had to keep Dallas closed allot longer to save lives.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Due Gonzalez says:

        In a similar vein I noticed during the Coronavirus task force briefings, Dr Fakie touching the podium with both hands continually and touching his face (even watched him touch his nose once). Dr Scarf was much more careful with her hand placement, but even she touched the podium now and again.

        If this was a killer pandemic we would know it. What a sick hoax this has been and continues to be until we say enough. Hope more people open up their eyes.

        Liked by 3 people

  15. Bob Mc says:

    While there certainly were a few thousand there, there needs to be 10x as many of us if we are to let the despots know that our numbers are larger than theirs. The number of police there that they pulled out of the woodwork was shocking.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. sturmudgeon says:

    A LOT of people MUST bombard President Trump with the Truth… he is not getting it from the “experts”.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:
  18. Sandman says:

    What these tyrant wannabes don’t seem to remember of acknowledge is that, as sovereign, free people, we have the right to freely choose what it means for us to be safe. I, for one, refuse to wear a mask because I know that they are a) utterly worthless, unless a form-fitting, expensive mask that requires special training to use properly, b) even worse if they aren’t changed several times a day and sterilized between uses (if possible; not all masks can be sterilized) and c) detrimental to my long-term health as isolating from the outside world’s steady flow of bacteria and viruses compromises my immune system.

    Liked by 4 people

    • northwoodswatcher says:

      Masks are useless unless the user is also wear airtight goggles (or a respirator that covers the eyes); the virus also can enter through the ears; and of course it can get all over one’s clothes, so everyone would need an airlock at the entry to their house or apartment where they would strip, bag the contaminated clothes for washing, spray down with disinfectant, and don uncontaminated clothes… Coronaviruses are small enough to get everywhere — it’s like trying to live your life without ever getting the common cold — same size virus. In other words, it’s impossible to avoid it. So let’s expose everyone to it and we have the nearly 100 percent effective cure already in hand: HCQ + zinc + azithromycin. I believe I already had Covid-19 back in November — I had the symptoms, and it took about six or seven weeks to clear up. But one day it was just gone. I have asthma and am 64, and I have had worse bouts of the flu. It was like a very persistent bad cold and chest congestion, with a constant feeling of queasiness (never had the latter symptom before). This thing is not the bubonic plague, mumps, or chicken pox. If you’re young and healthy, chances are you will never know you even had it….

      Liked by 3 people

  19. Sterling says:

    I wonder what would have happened if the protest took the form of every one of those people we saw on the beach the other day actually being ON the beach yesterday; completely ignoring the ridiculous “rules”?… horses pathetically brought in to intimidate, but not enough to squelch several hundreds methinks… also, just a thought, but what happened to representative government? An Independent America began with action against “taxation without representation”… but we have “imprisonment without representation” – only executive fiat… King George missed the boat with not going with plague apparently… sarcasm aside… I’ve lately thought of the Battle of Brandywine Creeek and how all those fellows gave their lives for an independent America without ever seeing it… now, we accommodate tyranny so easily… hold up a sign or shout a few words then go have a beer afterwards bought while walking one-way down aisles and wearing a mask just as told… “Do we have independence?” asked the bystander to Ben Franklin. “Yes,” he answered, “if you can keep it.” A big IF these days.


  20. Alex50 says:

    The police in Newport Beach are not enforcing the beach bans. Many of them are local boys who love surfing and the beach. The problem is the gestapo police Newsom has imported to keep the people subjugated.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Bill Dumanch says:

    2 + 2 = 5


  22. jaolivertwist says:

    Ventura held an Open CA yesterday where several hundred came out to protest the lock down. It is good to see this type of energy.


  23. Newsom has a plan for these pesky patriots ..


  24. And here is Gavin Newsom’s 12,000 square foot home in Fair Oaks, CA – with a carbon foot print bigger than Dallas!!!


  25. Brutalus says:

    They have now closed the bike path that separates PCH and the beach at Huntington Beach…so people are just riding around the little barricade…the common concrete sitting area near the pier is yellow taped off, but some people are sitting there…you wont see the massive crowds today because last week was an honest reaction to the 90 degree weather and the fact people knew the beaches were officially open….parking remains an issue as all the lots are closed…the residents on the northeast side of PCH were complaining last week because it was a free for all

    The surfers are in the water and there are some people walking on the beach…i guess the authorities are dissuading people from sitting on the beach…but the police are being pretty lax…cars are honking on PCH

    It will be interesting see if any large scale protests break out today…yesterday’s was organized…i think the optics yesterday did the trick…i will update everyone later…Fight the Power!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

      I’ll be there this afternoon with my MAGA hat and Trump 2020 TShirt!
      (Gotta finish laundry first!!) lol!

      Liked by 1 person

    • TonyE says:

      We have a marine layer this weekend, so the crowds will stay away.

      Last weekend we had some hot weather inland. Heck it was 90 chez moi and we’re just four miles from the beach, over the hills. This weekend will be in the mid 70s.

      Loathsome knows he’s playing with fire. All it will take is on hot day and people will be at the beach, because we pay a sky high cost of living… to be near the frickin’ beach.

      But Loathsome is from San Franciskovich. Their weather, sucks. You have to be nuts to go the the beach up there. Sure, they got “beaches” but they simply do not match what we got in The OC.

      Regardless, for the first time, he’s being taken to court by Cities. He must make a deposition on Monday. Up until now he had a free ride.

      Oh, BTW, they are also making anti Loathsome noises at the Riverside County Supervisors.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. Nathan says:

    I just got done visiting family near Orange County and even citizens that’s are not political have woken up to the idea that this has been overblown and has been used as an excuse to control people and obtain power.

    Needless to say they have stopped listening and stated to free themselves and families from these mini tyrants like Newsom.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Brutalus says:

      I had a leadership class and the teacher described a principal who came into the science building and found his teachers congregating drink coffee all the time, so he had the bright idea of banning coffee cups in the science building….the next week he came in and found all of his teachers congregating and drinking coffee…out of test tubes and beakers…im guessing Gavin Newsom never took this class

      Liked by 1 person

  27. soozword says:

    Protest/rally event happening in Salt Lake City this afternoon:

    I saw in another video that the organizer is planning on taking the protests to other Utah cities later.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. jschmitt8657 says:

    It’s Derby Day in Louisville and the Mayor already warned people not to gather and he blasted out the snitch number so you can rat out your neighbors. Freedom Rally in Frankfort this afternoon and the Gov cancelled his world famous 5 o’clock presser because they dared interrupt him at the last rally. Indiana is opening up restaurants next week and both Gov and Mayor have warned residents not to go over and enjoy a meal. Assume both will have their cronies taking down license numbers and turning over to the local brown shirts at health dept similar to the church escapade at Easter.


  29. pochas94 says:

    Much as I like the spirit of the California beachgoers, I don’t think it represents any real change for California.


    • John says:

      Actually, the California beach is the perfect venue for this “revolt.” The beach is neither Republican nor Democrat. And in Southern California, there are tens of thousands of the locals who use the beaches routinely. When the weather is right, none of the governor’s forces are capable to stand up to this crowd. And a good percentage of the beachgoers are young and have a tendency to take risks, that wiser heads would avoid. Therefore, a significantly greater mass of “rebels,” against the “authorities.”


  30. John Corey says:

    Check out Hawaii, too. Hundreds in front of the state capitol. Governor had a big show of muscle out in force arresting people. Throwing them in the cruiser like her handler tossed the hag in her scooby van.
    Loser. Highest unemployment rate in the country, 4th lowest number of deaths (16/1,500,000 population) and he extends home confinement to May 31. It won’t end there. This wasn’t a surf rebellion. It’s not only our pride being stomped on, it’s a brazen display of suppression of individual liberty, and if people are on to it here, they’re on to it everywhere.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this makes my day. Unfortunately for Governor Newsome and other Democrats, this people would usually be at work and wouldn’t have time to protest. But since they have kept everyone locked down and out of work… this is what they get… people who usually aren’t part of the protest crowd have decided to show em what a right side protest looks like!!! And it’s HUGE 😂


  32. LarryG says:

    Are we ready for this?

    ” A Monday Morning Movement

    Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that, despite lingering concerns fueled largely by our experts and the media continuing to focus on misleading statistics and the dire predictions based on them, that the country is about to explode?

    With the knowledge we have obtained about the corona virus over the couple of months regarding a probable spread many times greater than predicted despite our efforts to limit it, a fatality rate very close to that of the flu we see every year and at least two treatments for serious cases showing success, a reasonable person would stop and reaccess the situation.

    Any reasonable person would look at the sinking economy, the growing tension and increasing numbers of desperate people hitting the streets and beaches and come to the conclusion that it is time to lift the radical restrictions that we have been living under. Particularly when there is also strong evidence that those measures might actually lead to more virus-related deaths than we would have experienced simply reacting as we typically do during flu season every year.

    It seems clear that we have gone beyond caution, we have moved past “the science” and have left “reason” behind. What we are experiencing is raw political opportunism and an all-out effort to destroy our economy, to gain control of our populace, encourage revolt, destroy our President and impose tyranny. There is no other way a reasonable person can interpret what we are witnessing.

    We are already seeimg unbelievable actions being taken to “enforce” emergency orders and to discourage resistance to them. How long will it be before the swat teams, police forces in riot gear and the National Guard are called up to control those wanting to go back to work? How long will it be until someone is shot for resisting these emergency orders? How many would have to be killed before the numbers outweigh the threat and fear of a virus? How many liberties are we willing to sacrifice for a false sense of security? It is time to stand, fellow Americans!

    With reason and science left behind, the continued pressure being applied by some governors could easily be interpreted as an effort to create chaos and to generate more justification for extending “emergency powers”… even declaring martial law.

    Scattered protests can be easily dealt with and put down. What we need are not normal protests and marches around capital buildings, but rather a peaceful, simultaneous, nationwide return to whatever vestiges of normal life we can recreate in our respective communities.

    On Monday, May 4th, at 8:00 a.m., let’s simply go back, enmasse, wherever we are, to what ever we were doing before the imposed shutdown. If you have a business, open it; if you have employees and are able to do it, invite them back. If you don’t yet have a job to return to, you might volunteer at a non-profit that has been shut down. If you are a sun and water lover, hit the beach. If you are a golfer, grab your clubs and hit the course. If you are a church goer, organize a Monday morning Bible study. If you are a walker or cyclist, get out and help fill the trails! Everyone get organized with a group near you and just get back out there and live!

    For now, I hope all would leave their weapons at home. Let’s try the Gandhi/MLK method of passive resistance and see first where that gets us. Regardless of how frustrated and angry many of us are, we REALLY do not want a war.

    So start planning and getting organized…and thinking about the fact that you could likely encounter some resistance…and possibly from more than one group. Figure out now what your response will be.

    Obviously, if you are sick, stay home. If you have health issues that might make you vulnerable, stay home. Please respect those not ready to get back out there and protect our elderly and other vulnerable citizens.

    If you agree with this idea, please forward it to everyone else you think might want to get involved. I hope to see you Monday morning! If you miss Monday, any day after that will do. “


  33. jleonard14 says:

    Why is everyone so up in arms? The benevolent leader has said that he will allow people to go to the beach to watch the sunset. You can’t be more compassionate than that. Of course, next up is the requirement to have a picture of the Dear Leader on a wall in your home.


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