Pelosi Uses Senator Ben Cardin to Block Additional Small Business Relief Funds….

The initial coronavirus relief funding package (CARES Act) included $380 billion targeted to small businesses as part of the larger congressional relief package.  Within the SBA section small and medium businesses can apply for loans to cover payroll (75%), called payroll protection plan (ppp); and expenses (25%).  If the PPP funding is used to keep employees on payroll the loan is forgiven.   Thousands of businesses have applied.

Due to the success of the SBA targeted funding, the $380 billion may run out before all of the applications are covered.  Treasury Secretary Mnuchin asked Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader McConnell for an additional $250 billion infusion into the program.

Senator McConnell framed a bill to provide the additional funds and asked for unanimous consent to advance the legislation.  However, speaker Pelosi doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to add pet project (constituent funding) to the bill.  Speaker Pelosi instructed Senator Ben Cardin to object to the unanimous consent request and block the funds.

WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican push to unanimously pass a bill to put $250 billion more into a loan program for small businesses devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

With only a few senators in the Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to approve the measure by a unanimous vote. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., objected to the request, stalling the legislation.

Speaking on the Senate floor, McConnell said he was not “talking about changing any policy language” the parties negotiated last month as part of an unprecedented $2 trillion emergency spending package. He urged Democrats not to “block emergency aid you do not even oppose just because you want something more” — tweaks to the small business aid program and more emergency funding for hospitals and states, a proposal Democratic leaders outlined Wednesday. (read more)

..”Forget the stupid proles…. Our plan must include destroying the economy, if I am to retain control over the gavel.”…

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185 Responses to Pelosi Uses Senator Ben Cardin to Block Additional Small Business Relief Funds….

  1. Michael Hennessy says:

    Come November nobody will remember this if the President doesn’t restart this economy ASAP.

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    • Rileytrips says:

      Really?! You think millions of Americans won’t remember being forced to “shelter in place” for 6 weeks or so (with their kids) as they watch their savings, future and rights drain away?

      I think we will all remember. And we know who and which political group is pushing the hardest for this shutdown to be extended. And we know they lie.

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      • striket1977 says:

        Yes Really! We all know Pelosi is garbage and will exploit any opportunity that arises. That’s a given. The bigger issue is our economy being sunk because of this massive fraud that is currently going on. The longer this goes on the greater chance of business’s going kaput where they can’t hire back the temporarily laid off workers. My question is, where is the push back to these death numbers that they’re rolling out? A person who dies with Corona Virus is counted the same as a person who dies from Corona Virus. That is a big problem. So a 75 year old man/woman with stage 4 cancer who just so happens to catch Corona virus passes away he’s labeled as having died from Corona Virus.

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        • Georgia says:

          We’re seeing the biggest Fraud in US History (911 Part 2– “The Sequel — Invisble Terrorist Everywhere Forever”) rolled out before our eyes– the problem is NWO Psychopaths are thoroughly networked into, if not actually “running”, everything– WHO, CDC, Gov., Vatican, Media– and all are working together now (Bill “depopulation” Gates seems to be the “point man” right now) to roll this out (with the NWO ChiComs) and the Sheeple are clueless generally and fear dying so much they cheer losing all Rights and are good with closing Churches and being forced by a newly instituted Police State (“Medical Martial Law” has been planned and “gamed” for years now) to sit in a room and obey whatever draconian Order comes next from the “Experts”…it’s most depressing to see the level of stupidity and cowardice to which the country has fallen….

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          • Super Elite says:

            it’s most depressing to see the level of [evil] to which Speaker Pelosi has fallen…. Is there no end to her hatred of this country and the evil she perpetrates on our President?

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            • MaineCoon says:

              It is depressing and, no, there’s no end (don’t shoot the messenger).

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            • patrick healy says:

              Super Elite,
              As you probably know today is Good Friday, the day Jesus – an innocent victim – was crucified for our sins.
              Be in no doubt that the great deceiver satan,is active especially today.
              Pelosi Soros and all her allies are without a doubt satans little helpers.
              So no – there is no end to their evil intents, as they have moist likely sold their souls for power.

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        • American Heritage says:

          A doctor from Minnesota was on Tucker Carlson last night saying that he was told by the Minnesota Health Department to list all deaths of those with Corona Virus as that being the cause of death, despite the patient having other conditions — such as pneumonia, which actually killed him/her, or pre-existing debilitating disease that would have killed them anyway. He explained clearly that this is not the accepted medical standard for recording cause of death.

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          • Doug Amos says:

            88% of the deaths in Italy listed as Covid, indeed were not. It is also true that lives are saved by NOT going to a doctor or a hospital. This is Covascam and the President of the United States is their target. Find 1 fool that is not all in; hook, line and sinker.

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        • littleanniefannie says:

          And obviously Cardin is her puppet much as Chucky is!

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    • lieutenantm says:

      Speaker Pelosi instructed SENATOR Ben Cardin…..

      What’s wrong with this picture?

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      • Fools Gold says:

        Agree, he Entered US house in 1987 as a liberal party COC rep. from Maryland. Still there but now as US senator globalist golden club party member.

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    • Ono says:

      Almost 12 years after the Oct 8 2008 market crash (where I had to shut down my business) I cannot forget that day and the following eight years of Barry and his QE’s to Global Corps. How many times did he bail out AIG (and four)? how about the One trillion, seven hundred billion in 2008 and 2009 alone? all to world corps.

      Please don’t include me as nobody.

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  2. lackawaxen123 says:

    I used to think that Pelosi worshiped the Devil … I now realize I was being unfair … to the Devil … turns out he worships HER …

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  3. dallasdan says:

    I anticipate Pelosi will again succeed in holding the President hostage with the next stimulus legislation, and he will sign what lands on his desk for the good of the country…unless it includes unlimited mail and online voting.

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  4. SW Richmond says:

    I want to be sure I have this right.

    1. Crash the economy by ordering everyone to stay home and stop working.
    2. Print a few $Trillion at literally no cost to you.
    3. Loan the new $Trillions at interest to starving small businessmen trying to stay afloat.

    I owe my soul to the company store.

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  5. William Warburg says:

    Every GOP member on every single program should call out this horrendous woman for playing chicken with their lives.She is as disgusting as the feces strewn on the streets of her riding. Dear God – please take her now so she can join McCain in hell. When I read how terrible these politicians are (including the ones who have imprisoned us in our homes) I really believe – you voted for them – live with them. God tested the Jews before Moses delivered them from Egypt. Makes Easter all the more important for mankind. Pray for President Trump and his faithful helpers.

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  6. John-Y128 says:

    Mitch do what Nancy did to you last time, pass it in the Senate and send the Senators home to their home districts, so the House can’t alter the bill, without having to call everyone back to DC.

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    Meet Be Cardin. Sucking on the teats of gubt since 1967.

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  8. Mike Robinson says:

    Dunno … I’m not sure I really want “$250 billion dollars” to “pass, just like that …” 🤔

    If it really should pass, we should at least be able to talk it over first, aye? After all, there are only 100 of us.

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  9. hawkins6 says:

    Pelosi is enjoying the power she’s yielding over the nation. Wielding this power over many millions of American families and even the President is intoxicating for this vengeful, selfish, reckless woman.

    She’s gambling the future of the families of the millions of newly unemployed on the belief that destroying the economy will ensure P Trump loses in November. She will likely continue to oppose any new monies in the Stimulus Bill unless the paper ballot clause is included to further ensure that she retains power and defeats the man that dared to challenge her power.

    The GOP members that are in the shadows must reappear and fight against her by getting the word out and shaming and naming her Dem Reps and Senators that agree with her. Being unemployed for a few weeks or even a few months is not catastrophic for an individual if a new job comes along soon and normalcy returns. But when 16 million and more do it at one time, the long term harm that can be done to an economy is impossible to calculate so reversing the trend ASAP is crucial in determining the outcome.

    Pelosi is the vilest and most reckless politician in memory.

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  10. Lucille says:

    Economic Illiterates Are Running Amok
    By Kurt Schlichter

    One particularly terrifying consequence of the Chinese Bat Soup Virus that is not yet getting the attention it deserves is how this situation is making already stupid liberals even dumber, especially when they sound off about economics. In the wake of this pandemic, we’ve been subjected to a series of mind-numbing insights from the pinko blue check brain trust that reaffirms the clichéd but true observation that our elite is anything but elite. Leave it to our liberal betters to take a bad situation and seek to make it exponentially worse.—p–n2566660?utm_source=schlichterdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=584da6ab6e9f239432be75eaee4ccd71&pid=372ba110-5303-48c6-ab3c-eb63378183c2


  11. jonhabart says:

    I’ll buy a basket of gavels for Pelosi to “retain” control over after her and the freaks in the House are voted out of the majority and hopefully retired in November.


  12. Jim Raclawski says:

    how long will we continue to deny that the TIMING of this “pandemic”…..

    THE WUHAN V …. brought to us by a godless CHICOM genocidal world domination seeking regime – aided and abetted by an eager co conspiratorial conclave of globalist stooges & dupes ….

    provided this gaggle the “perfect storm” to register their re-engineering of the Republic into a MORE perfect society… more manageable… better lead and provided for…. so how did THEY do this? monthly&quarterly secret meetings&communications ? or are they just of a certain “group think”-sharing overlapping ideologies driven by a SECULAR “religion” that denies God and must therefore be open to “guidance” and encouragement by the ” father of all lies”?


  13. USA Citizen says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a EVIL old witch and she made trouble for President Trump so people won’t vote for him. She doesn’t want to help the American people that lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 virus. She wants to support worthless things but not the people that are suffering because of the virus. I hope Nancy Pelosi gets that virus to learn her lesson.


  14. Philip E Adair says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the most evil witch I have ever seen in politics. I am 75 years old, so no spring chicken, and I have seen many liberals in government over the years. I am used to the shenanigans of liberals. But, never have I seen such a blatant disregard of U.S. interests and well being of the U.S. citizens, by the Speaker of the House! But, what else can you expect from such a person who RIPS UP THE WRITTEN COPY OF THE SPEECH WHILE STANDING BEHIND THE PERSON WHO IS GIVING THE SPEECH — THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED THE VERY NEXT DAY!! SHE IS A DISGRACE!!


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