Maria Bartiromo Questions 3M CEO Mike Roman About Selling Healthcare Masks To Foreign Governments…

Everything you would ever need to know about a slimy multinational corporate executive is laid out in this interview with 3M CEO Mike Roman.  While answering questions globalist Roman tries to hide what 3M is doing by stuttering and stammering around cover words.

Keep in mind, 3M is a U.S. owned company doing manufacturing business inside China. However, Beijing took control over 3M and nationalized their manufacturing facilities.  But Roman doesn’t want to admit what happened. Listen carefully at 03:00:

“we have produced millions of respirators and now we have arranged to import more masks from China.  We have an agreement to allow us to export ten million additional masks a month out of China”…

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207 Responses to Maria Bartiromo Questions 3M CEO Mike Roman About Selling Healthcare Masks To Foreign Governments…

  1. FofBW says:

    Somebody is in BIG trouble!! 😁

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  2. CC says:

    key words….”agreement” and “allow us to export…from China”……that ten million masks…are they the assembly line rejects? Asking for a friend….

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    • dougofthenorth says:

      Yeah, I think my opinion of a once great Minnesota company has just gone out the window. These corporatists really really do suck. I am going to buy my glue, tape and….masks for somewhere else from now on.
      There motto was always, make it by the mile and sell it by the inch, and their prices were always high. Now their prices are still high and their new motto is now, make is somewhere else, lets screw America.

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      • nats1mom says:

        Agree! I will no longer purchase 3M products. They sold their soul to the devil, like so many other corporate moguls.

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      • Skidroe says:

        I will never buy or spend one penny on anything made in China or 3M again. Wish someone would publish a list of other companies that sold out America. I wouldn’t buy their products either. AMERICA FIRST BABY!!

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      • John Good says:

        When I was apprenticing in the Sign Trade in the 70’s & when I had my own Sign Company during the 80’s, EVERYONE used 3M products, because they were of such good quality that they had no competion! For example ALL the Body Shops used 3M Scotch Brand masking tape, as it was the ONLY masking tape on the market that paint would hot “bleed under”. If you don’t have to do a job over again, it’s worth the extra cost.

        Nowadays, I see that Frog tape is popular amoung the trades, BUT 3M is still the best on the market.

        To all you young people out there, you will never learn stuff like this at your Liberal Arts Universites from your Communist Professors! Maybe just maybe, young people will realize that you are at a hell of a disadvantage starting out life with a $100,000 student loan debt & a degree that you or your parents paid $100,000 for, that may not even get you a job in your chosen field. It will be hard to pay back that loan, when you have to say “Do you want fries with that”?

        Yes, I know that Sign-Painting is a dead trade, BUT after this China Virus Scam is over, there will be a great demand for Skilled Trades that pay $50,000/yr. just to start RIGHT AWAY! Think about that & keep in mind that Plumbers make house-calls to lonely housewives whose husbands are not there!

        I hope that 3M will learn from this experience & get rid of all the Globalists on their B of D & tell CHINA to go Fuk themselves & return to America.

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    • frogtongue says:

      they are the ones that a young Chinese “worker” was wiping on the bottom of his shoes . . .

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      He knows full well people who lost manufacturing jobs to China watching. Weasel words most necessary.

      Pants down! Don’t shoot!

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      • amazed treetop downlooker says:

        I think you misspelled “should be EXECUTED in the USA “… fixed it for ya, Patriot maragite1 !
        So true stripmallgrackle, that they WOULD be watching, if they could…BUT like a COWARD WUSS, Conmunist Effhead Offissa Roman interviewed by phone, too scared to show his slimy evil face !


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  3. NJMAGA says:

    A perfect example of why America hasn’t come First in the past 30 years. Just like the swamp, he thinks we’re stupid too. And to have the audacity to show your face on national tv. Sit down and shut up, the jigs up, we’re onto all of you.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Exactly…America is onto these Wall Street (Multi Nat’l Companies) Companies.

      Hey Mike,
      You claimed to do everything you can…Liar….
      You claimed you are not playing God…Liar
      You refused to answer Maria’s questions directly…we saw and heard that.
      You merely beat around the bush….because you hate us Americans
      America is onto you and we don’t want your business here anymore.
      After we get back on our feet then we want you to…. Get Out of our country.
      America has no room for Traitors who puts America Last.
      You need to change your company to 3BM

      Thank you, Sundance, for posting this..I did enjoy watching Maria nailing him to the wall. Those were questions I would have asked him, too, and presist til I got those answers.

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  4. Lanna says:

    And here’s their Open Secrets donation page: Money was going to Mean Amy, Bernie, Pocahontas, Mayor Pete and Yang as well as both dem and republicans congressional and Senate campaign committees.

    Note that in 2019, 31 of their 38 lobbyists previously held government jobs.

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  5. Ellie says:

    He sounds nervous. I wonder why?

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  6. thedoc00 says:

    To think this guy could have gone to the President and even gone public to “truthfully” explain, China Inc ate our homework but we are repurposing facilities in the US to help the crisis. All would have been forgive and President would have given him a star stamp on his wrist as well as some public cover until production got going.

    Wonders how the truth can be so simple and easy when applied.

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    • ATheoK says:

      Which part of Roman’s statement, “agreement to allow us to export ten million additional masks a month out of China” are you misunderstanding?

      Roman was keeping production in China.
      There is nothing in Roman’s statement that indicates a current effort inside 3M to physically manufacture N95 masks in America.

      Roman’s insistence upon the “agreement” is to distract people from the fact that China nationalized 3M’s manufacturing plant in China where Roman expects to get his 3M N95 masks for America.

      How long does it take to set up a production/assembly line to assemble N95 masks?
      3M should have the fabrics and ventilators on hand.

      Cutting the fabrics to size should be easy to set up. Especially if 3M already has or can lease fabric cutting lines.
      Putting together N95 masks is not rocket science!

      Basically, there is no reason 3M could not do exactly what MyPillow did, on a much larger scale.

      Quite likely, Roman is strictly an administrator.
      Leadership or risk taking not required.
      If Roman did anything it was to ask direct reports for analyses on options and what the investors think; all while thinking how to downplay China nationalizing industries to those same investors.

      Meaning, Roman was likely weeks away from getting those reports and from the board meeting where decisions are made.

      Odds are that the next 3M board meeting discusses replacing Roman.
      Failed to respond timely to America’s needs.
      Failed to prevent China nationalizing 3M manufacturing facilities.

      A nationalization possibly triggered by Roman or his representative stating something about 3M’s agreement with China to export N95 masks; when China came calling to get a higher proportion of the masks.
      China can be infuriatingly patient when pursuing their plots, yet exhibit zero patience when China is in a hurry.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        It’s no longer “Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing”! It’s now China Mining and Manufacturing! Call a spade a spade!!!!

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      • dougofthenorth says:

        Next time I go to the hardware store I am going to post a sign on the dust mask hooks in the store to advise ppl these masks are made in china, home of the wuhanflu! Buy another brand!!

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      • CET says:

        Agree completely. At least let’s hope the board steps in. I’ve felt for ages that PRC owns most US multinationals, and their brass. Particularly Mary B. Lord, please don’t ever let me be put on a GM ventilator.

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      • Joe T says:

        Wrong mask. He is calling the N95 a respirator and that is what they make in North American plants. The other mask and gloves are 100% overseas production.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        What part of tell the truth and repurpose a line do you not understand??

        So smug, so superior if only you would read for opening your yap.

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      • coltlending says:

        From the sound of connection, I got the sense Roman was calling from Geffen’s yacht.

        I read somewhere when you produce in Chna part of the agreement is it’s China’s property when you really get down to it and you’re only allowed to take so much product and profit out of China.

        You get the picture? China First.

        Maria didn’t ask about cash sales.

        What a cluster fark. We rely on a county that probably biologically attacked us for just about everything we use and which we once made ourselves.

        Those cheap Chinese producers may cost everyone their jobs and a lot of People their lives.

        Cut the cord now.


    • jeans2nd says:

      A wise and profound statement.
      Yet Swamp Creatures always lie, when the truth works out so much better for all.
      Says quite a bit about Our Ruling Elite vs regular old Americans.

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  7. lansdalechip says:

    I spent my career on Wall Street.
    Why don’t I believe this guy?
    Don’t give us smoke and mirrors: give us hard numbers and results.

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  8. LibertyMatters says:

    Talk about being stuck between a rock and communist…this is going to get ugly for 3M Shareholders fast given DJT is involved and the DPA has been invoked….

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  9. Chieftain says:

    Listen at 8:00.
    American company manufacturing in Red China sees China diverting American owned goods back to China irrespective of contracts.
    Foolish CEOs made America dependent on factories in communist controlled country.

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    • LibertyMatters says:

      CEOs sure but don’t forget the Corporate Board and Shareholders…WallStreet

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    • FrankieZee says:

      At the end of the day, China is going to wish they never messed with Trump as well as the D RATS.

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      • bea12gle says:


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        • El Torito says:

          Our agriculture needs the customer for now.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          To get back some of the $500B that they steal from us every year in trade!! Dah!

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        • joebkonobi says:

          Because he was/is pushing a “fair” trade deal as opposed to the “American giveaway” deals made by the previous five administrations. China cannot survive with reciprocal trade deals. They survive by stealing from everyone else.

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        • There is nothing wrong with making nice, AND MONEY with all nations of the world, IF WE ARE SMART ABOUT IT. And our President is smart as the dickens about it. They simply do not realize, and you must have missed it too bea, they have no idea what they are messing with.

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        • mimbler says:

          Sadly, China would bring this country to its knees overnight if they quit sending us product. There are darn few products that can be made in this country without Chinese machines, components, electronics, etc.

          So PDJT is making a trade deal to give the US a better deal, while we embark on the decades long task of decoupling essential manufacturing from overseas.

          It sounds incredible, but we can’t currently make our warplanes without Chinese components.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      CEO’s sure but don’t forget the State Departments of the preceding administrations who signed all those Export Licenses and License Renewals that sent US Factories to China and elsewhere. Let’s not forget all the preceding administrations who heaped taxes and regulations as well as allowed foreign governments to raise tariffs on these companies making it cost prohibitive to survive.

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  10. booger71 says:

    I don’t plan on wearing a mask anyway, but especially wouldn’t wear one from the Chinese Communist Party

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  11. rah says:

    Listened to it all. That guy didn’t help 3M’s case one bit. In fact his obvious failure to be straight up front and honest just hurt them more. People can tell when a guy is trying to walk a verbal tight rope and that whole conversation was a great example of just that. It is also quite obvious he knew about the price gouging and didn’t do a damned thing about it.

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    • Sharon says:

      It’s always a tell when they won’t answer a yes/no question with a yes or a no.

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    • Workwithus says:

      I agree but I think it is much worse than that.3M admitted they sold to other markets and these distributors in early 2020 to Maria.Then tried to justify it because it happened before DPA. Are you telling me the company who had direct connections to Chinese authorities and had their Chinese plants nationalized didn’t know what was soon coming to American shores? My TDS radar just went off.Is it possible 3M was working to undermine our president and support the resistance? Is this why president Trump pulled DPA on 3M? This sends a strong message. Don’t mess with our president and the American people.

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  12. Carly says:

    Too bad he wasn’t on-camera at 4:26.
    Roman spent considerable time boasting how essential they are. That’s a call for a competition, perhaps small manufacturers, with government assistance. 3M makes a lot of medical products, and it would be nice for several diversified manufacturers to take a big BITE out of that market share.

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  13. Simon Says says:

    WW II IBM sold computing equipment and cards to Germany for census and tracking data. US State Dept was laison between US and German Corporate entities during the wartime.

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  14. Simon Says says:

    WW II IBM sold computing equipment and cards to Germany for census and tracking data. US State Dept was laison between US and German Corporate entities during the wartime.


  15. booger71 says:

    The whole idea we were sold when the Mega Corps went into China to build factories was to sell to the 1.2 billion ChiCom market, not to buy their crappy made junk from them after shutting down the US factories.

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  16. I Hear You Now says:

    Mark Cuban (who even had kind words for PDJT in this interview) speaks of the 3M issue at ~14:45 on this interesting video from March 30 2020.

    By the way, Mark Cuban talks about this on the video: Mark Cuban and others are running to help get legitimate, quality N95 masks to Health Care Providers who need them.


    Project N95:

    The national clearinghouse to connect healthcare providers with critical equipment

    We get personal protective equipment to frontline medical workers across America. Items like gowns, gloves, ventilators, and masks. Our team is coordinating with manufacturers and suppliers across the globe.


    I know of a pharmacist for a big chain grocery store who had not been supplied one as of a few days ago and was not happy about that.

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  17. not2worryluv says:

    Another American Manufacturing Company that went for cheap Chinese labor and now has to figure out how to get the Chinese Handcuffs off.
    I remember as a kid they use to sell Chinese Handcuffs as a novelty item. I doubt too many of today’s CEO even know what they were – and they were the. Made in Japan.

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  18. trapper says:

    Oh screw this. I can’t even finish it. Seize the entire company, 3M, disband the board, arrest Mike Roman, and put the military in charge of production and distribution through FEMA. Do the exact same thing to every single one of 3M’s distributors. Do it all today. Don’t waste time investigating who’s good and who’s bad. Take them all over. All N95’s for America. Let the Canadians wear their scarves, like we’re being told to do.

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  19. John says:

    It could be worse, all the manufacturing of M95 could have been in China. We can thank them for that. This can be sorted out without the public tar and feather.

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  20. mostlyogauge says:

    Anything coming from the chicoms should not be allowed in the country.

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  21. hocuspocus13 says:

    The Light at the End of the Tunnel…
    a BIG manufacturing BOOM in the USA

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  22. Carly says:

    (Inspired by the outspoken Hong Kong’r): 3M and Mike Roman is asshoe.

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  23. Jimbo says:

    Check the Canadian news. Trudeau and 3M are working together right now to oppose the end of shipments to Canada. And to oppose the DPA.
    Trudeau has partnered with companies to produce other equipment but he has refused to partner with a Canadian company to make n95 masks. Instead he is trying to out bid US states.
    Now all the Canadian media is running orange man bad stories when they should be running stories on how Trudeau didn’t do his job to produce masks.

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    • AloftWalt says:

      Canadian media are all state controlled, shouldn’t be a surprise.

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    • John Good says:

      I am Canadian & our “Socialist-Twit” of a White Obama wanna-be PM Justin Trudeau is hated by most Canadians, because he is nothing but a puppet for the Globalists & when they ask him to jump, he says “How High”?

      And, the Canadian MSM has always been Anti-Trump! Hell, I was run out of the Liberal hood’ where I lived for 14 yrs., because I am a Trump Supporter!

      So, here I am in hot, sunny Sebring FL & most of them Liberal-Loons are in freezing, snowy Canada.


  24. rah says:

    One other thing. Trump has been reluctant to use the DPA unless absolutely necessary and the very fact that they have against 3M kind of says it all. Early on the leftist press and democrats were screaming about declaring it and applying it but it’s turned out that so far that where and to whom it is being applied is not what they imagined. GM and now 3M. It really would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

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    • waterthelibertytree01 says:

      2 of the biggest US companies to be turned into Commie-cratic-globalists. So f’in sad.
      But there are hundred of others that need to get it together and get out of China.

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  25. Patience says:

    ….”we are expanding capacity” is NOT an answer to Maria’s question.
    >Actually it is.
    No loyalty to the USA
    No (no) control over an ‘American’ company

    Enough already!
    >Make what America NEEDS ~> in the USA

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  26. bcsurvivor2 says:

    I’m hearing in his voice an “OH SHIT” moment…oops I’m screwed……hope you have some bucks stashed somewhere buddy, ’cause you are about to lose your job.

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  27. Richie says:

    Must be nice being able to prevent the spread of disease and stuff….CDC telling everyone masks dont work while hoarding them all for themselves doesnt help either.

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    • John Good says:

      I should mention that these “particle-masks” DO NOT really work, as anyone who has used one in a dusty environment can attest!

      We used to use these when sanding & you would always be spitting dust out after because it is impossible to seal properly with paper against your skin. And, blowing your nose after, really exposed the uselessness of these particle-masks!

      I have to laugh when I see a “fitness-fanatic SJW” wearing one of these (before this Chinese Virus Scam), thinking that she was not breathing-in the polluted air while jogging.

      I realize that the idea is not to spread your Chinese Virus around, so I may have to resort to wearing one myself, just to make others feel more at ease.


  28. Sun Yat Sen says:

    CEO of one of the largest companies on the planet and he sounds like he is using a shoe phone. Lack of the 5 “p’s” Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Or of some Boy Scouts — Be Prepared. The folks in charge of these sorts of preparations like the ones that told Cuomo he needed more ventilators dropped the ball somewhere along the line. Perhaps they did all they could and the media didn’t listen.

    More likely, the American companies don’t want to have large quantities of items in stock, “just in case,” because of the extra expenses. Property taxes on storage facilities, personal property taxes on inventory, and spoilage to name a few. Time to change the taxes that certain items of emergency preparedness should be exempt from taxation. Let people build up reserves without fear that they will have to pay more than the initial cost.

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  29. Rgt says:

    Never forget

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  30. wondering999 says:

    As late as mid-March, the Department of State (as Trump would say, Department of Deep State… and then Fauci would laugh into his hand) … was shipping PPE to Thailand and Kyrgyzstan

    “Friday, March 13, 2020 USAID Weekly – March 13, 2020
    “USAID Weekly Wrap Up

    ” USAID continues its response to COVID-19, providing personal protective equipment to Thailand and the Kyrgyz Republic…..
    Administrator Green stood up a COVID-19 Task Force to coordinate USAID’s response to the global pandemic”

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    • wondering999 says:

      According to Politico, USAID was responding to requests for PPE from American doctors and other medical people in Thailand; which would lead you to believe that these medical people had not received the first two boatloads. Are there warehouses someplace where our Department of State (or *whoever*) has been shipping PPE?

      While meanwhile, a highly skilled nurse in Knoxville TN quit, and called the media, because she was being asked to re-use masks multiple times, directly against instructions she had been given weeks earlier as best practice.

      Dr. Zelensky is absolutely correct, you don’t want to end up in a hospital if you can help it. Hospitals have infection control problems, and they don’t have sufficient PPE for staff who may be infected also. What a cluster.

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      • bonkti says:

        There are some warehouses in Puerto Rico that recently opened some space,. I believe State sent them emergency supplies a couple of years ago, IIRC.

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        LA TIMES last week – Critical

        California Businessman / Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was sickened at the difficulties he saw in other states regarding Emergencies & lack of emergency equipment. Ergo, he acquired 3 major mobile hospitals and supplies- including 23,000 beds & 2,400 ventilators.

        In a budget shortfall, Gov Jerry Brown (aka Moonbeam) dispersed the equipment & some was sold off – reportedly to save $1.5M a year in rent & maintenance.

        Gavin Newsom traveled to Central America to promote illegal immigration & suggest Central American surf tourism (?), but apparently never increased his emergency supplies.

        Oh yeah, Cali currently has a huge surplus, and spent Billions on a Green slow Train to Nowhere.

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  31. MaineCoon says:

    He references it would be a humanitarian issue for 3M to not deliver to Canada & another country. A few minutes later he then in passing swings back to the humanitarian issue only this time he credits Maria with originally bringing it up. The 3rd time he speaks about the humanitarian issue, he again states that as long as everyone realizes the humanitarian issue that will arise in Canada if 3M doesn’t deliver. Maria (on top of it as ever) asks him….what about the American HCW who will suffer without the N95s. This arse repeatedly says he is glad the Defense Act has clarified and basically made the decision of 3M.

    This guy & 3M have no loyalty to USA. In the future 3M needs strong competition in the area of N95s. I’m sure The Boss is on it.

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  32. Whistling_Past says:

    Money, Money, Money.

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  33. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Towards the end 14 minute mark…maria has the side eye glance of our suspicious cat…. wish I could save that.

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    • rah says:

      Stop it at the place you want then open up the snipping tool and use it to save to your images.


      • bcsurvivor2 says:

        thanks RAH
        i will have to call my brother , who is my IT guy…. it’s beyond this old lady I could figure it out but I kinda don’t care too…….my stepson isn’t here right now otherwise I’d be golden with tech


        • Randy Blain says:

          In the bottom bar type “Snipping Tool”. I usually only have to finish the ‘S” before the app pops up in the Seach Panel. Open it. Select “New” from the toolbar. Your screen will overlay with transparent white. Click and drag your mouse from upper left corner to bottom right corner. When tyou let you mouse up it will show hat you selected in the Snipping Tool app Save it where you want.

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  34. Johnny Bravo says:

    11:20mins is where Maria squeezes his balls 🎾 🎾 ouch. Great interview

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  35. Brant says:

    Selectively using DPA is calling out/showing the malefactors for what they are. Nationwide DPA would allow hiding in the weeds and thickets just like the dims want. This way each individual case is identified…….and my pillow is shown for it’s value.

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  36. Rami says:

    “Please don’t blame us, it was our middlemen. But look, we got permission to export our products from China into the US. Isn’t that good enough?”
    Don’t know about you, but I’d feel safer using products made in the USA.

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  37. Linda K. says:

    We never got caught before.

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  38. rjones99 says:

    Word salad responses to simple questions. Just fire him. If his resellers are screwing us, he should have immediately terminated their contracts. I could give one crap about when those resellers got their inventory.

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  39. franuche says:

    Let’s see, a “US company” whose manufacturing plant is in China employs Chinese workers, and is managed by Chinese management… is arguably a Chinese company; therefore, the US CEO of that Chinese company says “We have an agreement to allow us to export ten million additional masks a month out of China.”

    “allow us to export… out of China.”

    “Allow us.”

    Who owns whom?

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    • waterthelibertytree01 says:

      these companies gave away their corporate charters to the Chicoms….it’s that easy. You give us X to let you in to get X cost savings………….USA bled dry for 35 years…………

      Time to close down China as a commerce partner. Period

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  40. Jerold Hodge says:

    Maria B is the best live journalist in the USA. No softball questions and she follows up when they aren’t answered.

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  41. The GREATEST scam on the world by the Red Communist Chinese Army by weaponize virus and then selling the test kits, mask, gloves, and medication to the world.

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  42. mg says:

    Meanwhile in R. I. at a municipal golf course the police arrested 2 Ma. men for playing golf. Sign said for R.I. residents only.
    Would love to have that stake out on film!

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  43. TradeBait says:

    If you did not realize there are multiple scales of justice in this country, you should have by now. It is disgusting.

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  44. SarahB says:

    So, NOW you people are saying “no more 3M for me?
    When Mpls became the Somali capital of the US and 3M is a major employer of unskilled assembly labor, who did you think 3M was hiring?
    When I returned from Vietnam, most business didn’t want to hire veterans because they didn’t want to be associated with “that” war.
    I got a job in electronics assembly because it was what I could get and in those days you had to pay your own bills rather than get a gov’t subsidy.
    They had a large group of Vietnamese refugees working there and when we cashed our checks at the local store, I saw that the Vietnamese were making 50% more than I was.

    When I asked about this I was told that their pay rate was the same but the company gets a subsidy from the Fed gov’t for hiring “under-employed refugees” and has to pass it on to them.
    I’ll bet big bucks (I didn’t stay in that line of work) that 3M has been getting a Fed subsidy for hiring all these Somali that have destroyed Mpls.
    I’d like to see what 3M pays Iraq and Afghan war veterans compared to the Somali.
    Our gov’t has been corrupt for a long, long time.

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      SinisterSomaliSlime ALL need to be deported…Every. Last. One.
      “We are going to take you over”, promised that Somali city council cretin….
      WAKE UP MplsStPaul& America, to the enemies within !



    • woodstuff says:

      Welcome Home, Sarah!


  45. Skidroe says:

    Sold all my 3M stock today wish other Americans would do the same.

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  46. Rose says:

    I restore antiques and I often use all of 3M’s products not anymore, listen to him stammer his way through the interview where was he in China kissing the Dingdongwong’s backside? China has taken control of his business does he really think they’ll just let him take control back once China has nationalized it? China will make Russia look like a pussy cat when they’re done stealing private industry to meet their greed and need. Remember when Russia took control of American businesses and they could do nothing to stop it, well that’s the future for American globalist businesses.

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    • sDee says:

      Yeah he is full of crap about the US standards.

      Last month I ordered 2 cases of 3M orbital buffing pads, at a premium price over the ChiCom ones available locally. When they arrived – absolutely identical to the cheaper ones I bought locally. 3M box labeled made in China.

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      • woodstuff says:

        All too often, sellers fail to print the country of origin on products. This is especially true in advertisements. Otherwise, for products that can be seen, China or whatever is in really fine print, if at all. When I see an established USA brand name, a red flag goes up. “Made in USA” means something. I will accept stuff made in Taiwan or other places if nothing domestic is available. Otherwise, I will just do without or wait.

        Liked by 1 person

        • John Good says:

          During the 80’s, a friend who owned JB Distributors ( an Industrial Tool & Equipment Supplier) pointed out to me the difference that he saw between his China & Taiwan products.

          In his Bench Grinders, the Chinese were use sleeve-bearings & the Taiwanese were using ball-bearings with races. Jack said at the time, that the Taiwanese were starting to up their quality, compared to the Chinese.

          Nowadays, look at where the best-quality higher-end products are from in that part of the World, & they always come from Taiwan, not China!

          I think that this may be the main reason that China & Taiwan don’t get along.

          Liked by 1 person

  47. sDee says:

    well, listening to that was painful. An empty suit put up on that post by the globalists – he has all the “multinational” talking points now falling in around him.

    Crystal clear example why the globalists and central bankers banks love to control markets, create monopolies and manufacture in China. All was poised to take America down for good, until Donald Trump and his Deplorables.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. noswamp says:

    He is your typical globalist tyrant. Worried more about humanitarian problems in Canada and Latin America than his own country.


    Liked by 1 person

  49. Newtoni says:

    Corrupt Globalist! Let him hang!


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