Cincinnati Joins Growing List of Cities Suspending Police Response for Burglary, Theft and Assault…

Cincinnati Ohio joins a growing list of cities who have modified their police enforcement efforts in response to the coronavirus effort.  Cincinnati is suspending all calls for police officers when the suspect is no longer present.

The police will no longer respond to property crimes, robbery, burglary, theft, and assault without hospitalization, amid a new set of law enforcement priorities.

OHIO – […] Police will no longer respond to assault reports, unless a suspect is still present or the victim requires medical attention, breaking and entering reports unless a suspect is still present, menacing reports “unless suspect is expected or threatens to return or is part of the elements of domestic violence” or theft reports “where there is no possibility of immediate apprehension.” (link)

Gee, what could go wrong?…

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154 Responses to Cincinnati Joins Growing List of Cities Suspending Police Response for Burglary, Theft and Assault…

  1. Greg says:

    They are either stupid or want to watch the world burn. It’s like we are living in Metropolis.

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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      What a bunch of BS the states are pulling!

      So Here’s something to cheer you all up from a friend of mine

      Heard a Dr. on TV saying in this time of Coronavirus staying at home we should focus on inner peace. To achieve this we should always finish things we start and we all could use more calm in our lives. I looked through my house to find things i’d started and hadn’t finished, so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiumun srciptuns, an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how feckin fablus I feel rite now. Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum. And two hash yer wands, stafe day avrybobby!!!


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    • lieutenantm says:

      Are all these cities full of communists or are they just all run by Demonrats? [same thing]

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    • Joe says:

      We have always been living in Metropolis. Most people didn’t know it before.

      We had a home invasion thirty years ago. We made the mistake of calling the police and telling them the intruders were armed.

      The police arrived three hours after being called. They expected to find the dead bodies of our family.

      Many police aren’t willing to be shot at to save a stranger.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Mix up some sugar and water and throw some food color in it. Tell them you think there is a chemical spill. They will be out In a jiffy.


      • Dutchman says:

        NOT that I reccomend this,…but if your life is forfeit otherwise, ya do wut ya godda do.
        Call 911. Say location. Say “shots fired, officer down!” And hang up.

        I believe you WILL get a rapid responce.

        Personally, I have never had a problem with slow Police responce as a citisen.
        As a burglar, in my earlier life, they always seemed plenty,…responsive.

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        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          “Say location”

          Nowadays the dispatcher looks at one of the screens, which the GPS units would show there were no officers nearby. So the false information might be misinterpreted as trying to set them up for an ambush.


  2. littleanniefannie says:

    This is locally authorized vigilantism! As a business owner or homeowner, Cincinnati has just announced that they won’t help if the perp isn’t there. That means if you want the perp arrested, he/she/it must be rendered incapable of leaving. Looks like shootings will increase in Cindy!

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  3. Must not have enough chaos yet… for their “new world order” globalist masters to take down the man they are not going to take down, President Trump!

    Watching in amazement, and betting the third quarter this year is ROCKIN! Despite the evil release of covid-19… and just in time for the landslide… 😉

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  4. Suzy Jules says:

    Gee, deadly physical force during any episode where I fear for my life. Hear kitty, kitty.

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  5. booger71 says:

    Would the police come out if the suspect was no longer breathing?

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    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      Yes, but they won’t run the lights or sirens.

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      • Daniel M. Camac says:

        Linus, Body parts are important so it’ll just be an ambulance, no need for LEO.
        Saw it on an episode of Max Headroom way back when.
        That show producer actually was pretty far ahead of his time. Look around.


  6. jeans2nd says:

    Police in Cleveland are arresting people for violating stay-at-home orders.
    They’ve no time for silly things like robbery, rape, and murder.
    No doubt same for Cincinnati.

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  7. TradeBait says:

    Citizen militia here we come. This is going to be like the wild west.

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  8. I live near one of those cities. I carry IN the house. I pity the poor fool who tries to walk in, uninvited.

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  9. starfcker says:

    He should ask himself, before he makes these kind of big decisions, what would former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer do in a situation like this? Oh wait, maybe that’s what he did do.

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  10. Genie says:

    Is a dead suspect considered “still present”? Maybe “present, and still.”

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  11. Linus in W.PA. says:

    To a degree, are they not kind of saying ‘in between the lines’ to protect yourself??


  12. mugzey302 says:

    Sky Net drones will be next.

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  13. Screwtape says:


    Already in my neighborhood the garage and car break-ins are spiking. Luckily the weed shops and liquor stores were re-classified as “essential businesses” during the “stay at home” order. So we have some time before things get vibrant.

    A lot of forces are converging in the 2-3 week window. Helicopter money is still weeks away.

    Its quite tranquil at the moment. Families together, kids playing in the yard, neighbors stopping their walks to chat, families on bikes. Warm spring air.

    Maybe its the calm before the real storm. Or maybe there are many silver linings to come.

    All I know for sure is that I’m not going to make money for a good long while and I won’t see a penny of that $6T.

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    • Are you sure about that? Our VSG President said he wants to put America back in top gear by April 12th.

      Why wouldn’t he do what he said? He’s not afraid of the derp state traitors, I’m not either. I’m buckled in though, for one hell of a ride. Sh!t’s about to get real.

      It has to. There is not much time left before the election.

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    • X XYZ says:

      The government check promised to every person looks good on paper. But wait until you read the fine print. Unless you are destitute, you won’t qualify, and you’ll be getting nothing.


  14. allenrizzi says:

    We have finally achieved total PC – And it only took a virus. Imagine that?

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  15. HardyBrooks says:

    Cinncinati, another bastion of liberalism, where people are taxed to the limit to pay for police to not hurt the feelings of the criminal element. Here is a novel idea, leave the incapacitated perps where they fall, or drag them to the nearest pay phone that still works and make an an.onimous call reporting a dead person is in the middle of the street. All their “investigators” and meat wagon will have to respond, make sure you call the local lamestream media as well to make front page and 6pm news cycle, screaming vigilantiism, maybe some of them will get the idea it is not in their best interests not to respond. Where I live there would never be a news story of perp found that tried any of the listed felonies, but then I live in the woods of Alabama, we do protect each other from thugs and wannabees.

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    • John Bosley says:

      Ya know, I think that’s what they want, lawlessness.
      Then when all heck is breaking loose they will charge in like the calvary to save the day.
      Except they won’t really.
      They will crack down even harder and remove more civil liberties under the guise of saving you from the total anarchy.
      What they want to usher in is a fascist technocratic police state.
      They have been telegraphing it for years in their Hollyweird sci-fi dystopian movies.
      V for Vendetta, The Purge, Johnny Mnemonic , Metropolis, etc, etc.

      Can not let them achieve that at any price.
      There will be blood.


  16. cathie says:

    Guess I will have to use my .357 and rottweiler to guard my 2 rolls of toilet paper.

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  17. GB Bari says:

    Cincinnati was once a very heavily German-American immigrants town with lots of local breweries and a great spirit. But the city went steadily downhill after consistently electing DemonRAT mayors and majority city councils.

    What could go wrong in a city that once chose Jerry Springer (of TV wack show fame) as their mayor?

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    • CM-TX says:

      As a kid, I met Jerry a couple times. He seemed a very nice man back when… before he went the way of hosting insane people on TV.
      The city was once a nice place. Of course this was back in the 80’s, so…


    • Rj says:

      All cities have been “Transformed” for just this kind of situation.

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  18. CM-TX says:

    Oh look, “The Purge” is about to begin…
    Everybody locked down in their houses makes it so much easier.

    Unfortunately for those who’d dare to try it, a LOT of America subscribes to “stand your ground” type thinking. Any potential Trespassers probably should rethink it.

    I’d say it’s time to get the economy/country back up & running– NOW. Seems there’s some State Politicians who want to play dangerous games with their constituents’ wellbeing. 🤨

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  19. fred5678 says:

    Here in CO the governor just announced direction to stay at home as much as possible starting at 6 AM tomorrow — Thursday– we’ll see the wording tomorrow.

    I wonder if the criminals will be staying home???


    • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

      Im sure all the recently released just went right home. This is insane. Ive yet to hear any jail or prison have a problem but hell with it. Let them iut!


  20. ms doodlebug says:

    Criminals should be advised Ohio has a Castle law.

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  21. Serpentor says:

    Meanwhile, their food warehouse is totally empty and the stores are going to online order/pick-up only since they’re basically out of food.

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  22. AnotherView says:

    Anarchy. We’re on our own now.


  23. RedBallExpress says:

    I think its time to drop the turkeys.

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  24. lisabrqwc says:

    This feels so deliberate… like one more thing to kick the legs out from under an orderly society. Cops not going to help. Pandemic. Hey, how about we wrangle the homeless to rec centers in residential neighborhoods and house them in a big auditorium. But, at the same time, let’s release thousands of convicted prisoners so they won’t be housed all in one place and end up getting sick. Oh, and cops not going to help.

    It’s like they’re following some sort of recipe for anarchy. What’s the next ingredient??

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  25. Todd says:

    Buy lots of guns and ammo and don’t worry about theft, burglary or assault.


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  26. frankmystery says:

    What in the world!? There HAS to be more to all this then simply chaos to hurt Trump. It’s truly beyond comprehension. I can think of too many terrible reasons this is happening. Im watching friendships dissolve online while they fight the few people willing to ask questions about overreach. People are calling out anyone not observing whatever social distancing they feel is correct.

    I can’t help but wonder if they’re laughing in thier ivory towers at how easy it is to get everyone to fall in line. 400 millions guns in the US and all they needed is a health crisis to get past that. Everyone is being conditioned to accept government shelter in place routines. When “wave 2” happens closer to election it’s not hard to imagine where this is headed.

    And yet after everything I doubt it’ll change Trump’s numbers much. Burn it all down so they can cheat elections? Are they going for a huge push for globalization by taking us down? Desperate last push? The sheer amount of people out there doing everything without question and even asking to be locked down is scary. Trump has his hands full on this one, no doubt.

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    • frances says:

      I think the Deep State’s primary goal is to keep the “sheltering in place” baloney going up until November to push through online voting. Given their controls I see them stealing the election under those conditions. If he delays the election, or if congress does, they will go insane:)
      The chaos, the lost wages, the increase in crime from releasing convicts is just frosting on the cake. They need to get rid of Trump, a second term and what he might do terrifies them IMO


      • J says:

        Revolutions require chaos. Simple as that I think.

        They havent gotten around our guns. When its time to move, Patriots will move. Dont doubt that for a second.

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  27. lilann2012 says:

    Tell me again, what do police do? And we are paying them for…?

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    • booger71 says:

      Draw chalk lines around the bodies.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      lilann2012, You hit the nail on the head. Maybe someone should ask these Governors, Mayors, Leaders? the same question.
      I’m in southeaster PA but travel to Northern De every week to gather mail, shop, etc.
      Today I picked up my mail, stopped to get a cappuccino and breakfast sandwich at my fav local spot. CLOSED. Long story short, the market I went to later had a line outside and I spoke to a few people as we waited to go in. They were positive and just wanted things to get back to normal (and it’s only been 2 weeks here). One lady was in healthcare and worked the graveyard shift. Everyone around her gave her kudos to show our appreciation. She had funny stories about all her family being home when she came off shift and saying she just wanted to chill and how they are invading her “space” when they should be at work like they usually are.

      I wonder what LEO’s say when they get home and their spouse’s ask, How was your day or night? Hmmmmmm. “Well we just sat around while thugs mugged, raped and killed honest citizens, just another day in ANARCHY!”

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    • unconqueredone says:

      I’ve repeatedly heard that they are not responsible to protect and serve the people. They protect and serve the “law” which is no longer of, for, or by the people. May God grant them wisdom and insight.


  28. CMCALLM says:

    ….and let’s publicize it put out a press release telling everyone what we will no longer enforce or show up for. Hey everyone, we are no longer enforcing these laws and businesses that are already closed and private citizens are on your own. I wonder how long it will take for certain Athletic Shoe Stores to be broken in to and totally cleaned out. Better get your own security guards and be ready to defend yourselves!

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  29. Fools Gold says:

    I know a former retired cop who lives there. Hope they hit his house or property. It want end well for the perpetrator…

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  30. 335blues says:

    Unwritten is that the police should likewise not respond when law-abiding citizens
    defend themselves, their families and their property including the legal use of weapons for self-
    defense when necessary, and criminals/assailants cry out to the police
    for protection against citizens defending themselves.


  31. Police are underpaid and unsupported by city govt. .. NYC / Baltimore prime examples. For years I’ve been advising friends to leave the urban jungles and seek out modest-sized communities. They all claim a desire to do so but .. their jobs hold them in place. It’s a tough call.

    This virus disruption is minor compared to what will happen when the grid fails.

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  32. Elric VIII says:

    Looters are to be shot on sight.

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  33. One of the very easiest ways to seize away a nation’s liberties is to declare that they are “in danger.” Some of history’s very darkest chapters began in just this way. This unexpected chapter began with what is very literally a cold virus, and has quickly been pushed at every level.

    “The virus, itself, such as it is,” really isn’t that much. It certainly isn’t a legitimate justification for the social experiment that has just now been done. The doctors who are now preaching that the entire nation should shut down merely said to “be careful” when a far more virulent contagion, H1N1, was circulating a few years ago. No, this virus was really just a pretense, and the response to it really has no foundation in the public health.

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  34. Mike in a Truck says:

    Then citizens must set up vigilance committees. Citizens should also refuse to pay property tax for the services they dont receive.Lastly if the police refuse to provide service than they are no longer welcome in the community and that goes for thire families too.Grow a spine people or get used to having a boot on your necks.

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  35. Zabadak says:

    My question is, Why ANNOUNCE it? It’s like saying to the criminal element come and have at it. We condone your lawbreaking activity and the hell with law abiding tax paying citizens.

    Gee, are you cutting your pay for your lighter workload? I think not.

    “To Protect and Defend.” I think not.

    Maybe we are finally getting all of the government that we are paying for. I think so.

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  36. paper doll says:

    Oh and they are never go back to actual policing. This the Dem’s shot at becoming San Francisco, on mass


  37. paper doll says:

    We saw the beginning of this when police were ordered to stand down at Trump rallies in any Dem city.

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  38. Judith says:

    What kind of a picture is that Sundance? Do we really need clown 🤡 nightmares again?


  39. M. B. Lamar says:

    The misery and evil these petty kings inflict on the peasantry to glorify Satan. We need God’s help! He takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it for good. Gen 50:20.

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  40. Todd says:

    Absolute lunacy. All we can do is pray that God delivers infinite wisdom and guidance to those in need of a giant wake up call.

    Pray for the weak, afflicted souls that have been suffering under democrat control for far too long!


  41. CM-TX says:

    Please watch this video… it’s NYC, but start *near the end* [47:00] the guy filming comes across 8-9 officers standing/sitting around. He asks them some direct questions, having noted the past several days that Police have become a rare sighting in the city.

    He gets a very interesting response as to their current priority.

    FDNY/EMT’s [10:00] also gave some unexpected responses.

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  42. Technerd says:

    I live in the suburbs and anyone that would vote for a mayor with any sense lives where I do.


  43. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “The police will no longer respond to property crimes, robbery, burglary, theft, and assault without hospitalization, amid a new set of law enforcement priorities.”

    Ecclesiastes 8:11 KJV

    Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

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  44. Ira Berkowitz says:

    Hamilton County, Ohio (that’s where Cincinatti is) has 48 (“FOURTY EIGHT”) confirmed cases of Covid-19. Pretty drastic…suspending police services at this juncture….NO?

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  45. Criminals have but one thing to fear and fear it they should: armed citizenry


  46. TheAbidingDude says:

    And everyone’s about to learn that the police ain’t there to protect the public–for the most part, we’ll do just fine.

    They’re really there to protect the criminals–specifically, to protect them from overzealous, enraged citizens.


  47. Joe says:

    My NorCal City has some bad azz cops. It’s a “diverse” city so they don’t harass people over petty shlt. Too busy, and they take their job seriously, so they apply their efforts to those who most deserve it. I really like them.

    Today, a backpack landed with a loud thud outside my home office window, I immediately went out to investigate the sound, saw the backpack, then noticed the man who threw it over my fence walking down the side the sidewalk. Clearly he had dumped it. While deciding what to do, two cop cars raced after the same man and finally tackled him several blocks away. So I arrived and explained the backpack and they came and grabbed it, they were able to link it to the suspect via a prescription inhaler. There were tools for car theft/break in, weapons, including a gun in the backpack.

    Cop said he won’t spend the night in jail for even one night. But these guys, knowing that, are STILL aggressively doing their job, he explained that it was the way the cops on the street need to perform so it doesn’t become chaos. Think about that. They could see this dude again tomorrow and they would be just as aggressive, Instead of throwing their hands up, they are cranking it up a notch. Great PD.

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  48. X XYZ says:

    A few months ago many here were predicting a “civil war”. Civil unrest is now upon us, perhaps inevitably. Maybe this is not what some had in mind. That prediction was insightful, but the term was not. We are living in “interesting times”. America has withstood such civil unrest before, but not recently. Read some history. It might put things into perspective.


  49. Yy4u says:

    Dear Editor
    I have an idea for a novel.
    Twenty years into the future.
    Evil men have governed the world for decades but their rule is threatened. The English people voted to leave the European Union they control, the French puppet president’s popularity is falling as French protestors take to the streets. The powerful United States elected a man who threatened to cut off the pursestrings. Italy flirts with a populist government. The German chancellor will not run for reelection. Hungary and Poland resist new world order and refuse to knuckle under. China is rocked with protests threatening the dictatorship there.
    To save their power and fortunes, they release a virus and convince the world population if the people don’t give up liberty everyone will die.
    The ending isn’t written yet. Are you interested?

    Dear Writer,
    Sorry. Interesting but too far fetched. Nobody would believe such a story mis possible.

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  50. Unknown says:

    Step 2 of the 7step plan to destroy the United States. Create fear and unrest in the populace. Release criminals from prisons. Do not prosecute so create a lawless society. Only prosecute your enemies. ( part of the gs strategy for the prosecutor program- kimm foxx and jessie smollet example. General Flynn example. Liberal judges let go their friends but hit their enemies hard roger stone ). Alinsky strategy to rub raw issues of conflict to create riots, etc.
    Step 3 is to institute marshal law to control the populace and subjugate them based on the lawlessness and violence. Looking at the democratic governors in New YoRk, Nevada, California, Washington, and now Virginia, they are one crises or riot away from step 3.

    By the way, step one is to crash the economy. Put millions out of work. Dependance on government. Limited freedom.
    The ultimate goal is an oligarchy who will institue step 7 which is extreme depopulation to create the utopia of a twisted world where there are the self chosen few in power who think they know better and the limited number of serfs to do their bidding.


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