DNC Wants Bernie Defeated This Month, Well Ahead of Milwaukee Convention…

A couple of recent data points highlights a purposeful plan where the DNC Club wants Bernie Sanders crushed this month, well ahead of the Milwaukee DNC convention.

Last night the New York Times posted a blistering expose’ on Bernie, complete with journalists traveling to the former Soviet Union city of Russia, to dig up opposition research they could deploy framing Senator Sanders as a comrade to Russian interests. The Times research team presented an 89-page “Bernie Dossier” of sorts.

NYT […] The New York Times examined 89 pages of letters, telegrams and internal Soviet government documents revealing in far greater detail the extent of Mr. Sanders’s personal effort to establish ties between his city and a country many Americans then still considered an enemy despite the reforms being initiated at the time under Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the Soviet general secretary.

[…]  The documents are part of a government archive in Yaroslavl, Russia, which became the sister city of Burlington. The files are open to the public, though archivists there said that, until now, no one had asked to see them. (more)

Interestingly, Comrade Sanders was a presidential candidate in 2016 competing against Hillary Clinton; but the New York Times didn’t feel the need to track down the records during that campaign?… But they did in 2020?…

The most simple explanation for the lack of curiosity in 2016, and the decision to take the deeper, targeted dive in 2020, relates to the prior race holding a pre-determined outcome.  However, this year, Bernie Sanders was/is considered an actual and viable threat to the interests of the Club itself.

Based on the abject scale of the media rallying around Joe Biden; and based on a very familiar lack of curiosity by those same media when Biden seemingly disappears from all visibility (like today); and based on the transparently visible assembly of all allied club forces against Bernie Sanders, well, the intents, motives and purposes are quite clear.

The Club wants Bernie eliminated with extreme prejudice and they want it done now; much sooner than could organically be accomplished.  The end goal as it currently appears is total capitulation by the Sanders campaign quickly; and all forces are being brought down upon the candidate to achieve that goal.

In many ways it makes sense for the Club to attempt this now as they will need the maximum amount of time available to heal wounds and herd the unwieldy Bernie coalition into the tent of Joe Biden.  Capturing and controlling Sanders’ grassroots enthusiasm the Club needs to achieve their November objective is a very challenging task; and a DNC Convention battle against progressives is the worst case scenario.  It simply cannot be allowed.

With that in mind another Club move today highlights a similar purpose.

The DNC Club, in coordination with their media allies, have been ignoring the final female candidate in the race, Tulsi Gabbard.  Today the Club again changed the debate rules to ensure that Gabbard is not permitted any visibility or voice in the March 15th debate.

WASHINGTON DC – The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Friday announced new qualifying standards for the upcoming Arizona debate that will leave only the top two contenders on stage.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) did not meet the single qualifying factor: earning at least 20 percent of the delegates awarded as of March 15.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden are the only candidates who have qualified for the debate, which will be hosted by CNN and Univision on March 15 in Phoenix. (more)

Notice the next debate is CNN.

Given the Club’s prior use of CNN debates to leak advanced questions to Hillary Clinton in 2016 you can virtually guarantee the apparatus will go all-in to set-up Bernie Sanders in Arizona.  The scripting and manipulation will be transparently obvious; and the media will ignore it completely.

Everything is pointing to the Club’s intent to destroy Sanders between the Tuesday, March 10th primary races in Michigan (125 delegates), Idaho (20), Mississippi (36), Missouri (68), North Dakota (14), Washington State (89)…. and the March 17th primary races in Florida (219), Illinois (155) and Ohio (136 delegates).

The Club is pulling out all the stops -targeting the psychology of Bernie supporters- to get rid of Sanders via complete campaign capitulation between March 10th and March 17th.  That puts the debate on March 15th as a key inflection point.

Since Bernie’s bone-headed praise of Cuban communism his support in Florida has dropped to a tenuous 12% total.   That’s not a typo, that’s 12 percent total support for Bernie in Florida… and that is below the 15% threshold for any delegates.  Fidel Sanders might do slightly better with Warren out of the race, but that same poll has Joe biden with over 60 percent of the Florida Democrat vote.

Polling less than the minimum proportional threshold, with 219 delegates at stake, in a two person race, portends the possibility of a crushing defeat is possible on March 17th.

The Club wants Bernie gone now, this month, and the Club has the planets aligned to do just that…

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287 Responses to DNC Wants Bernie Defeated This Month, Well Ahead of Milwaukee Convention…

  1. Diane Stress says:

    I hope Bernie doesn’t cave to Biden like he did Hillary and instead tells all his supporters to stay home on election night! But then he would have to give up the freebies he’s going to be offered and i guess he would never do that!!

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Bernie gets lots of money and perks to cave. How do you think he has become rich without working a lick in his life? Except the DNC Club – he takes them to the cleaners every year.

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    • dbobway says:

      I wish, I believed that Diane,
      I’ve had this feeling , Bernie doesn’t really believe, he could be President,
      But he sure has fun, acting like it. It is his legacy. Maybe he is the beginning of the end.
      He will play nice and support, Sleeping Joe? His core supporters will still stay home.
      A very bad candidate, and a tear in the DNC, sounds to good to be true.
      I don’t know what these evil people are up to,
      But the ‘devil’ is in the details.
      I don’t trust em’.

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      • tacocat43 says:

        Leftists always have something up their sleeve.

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        • As a Man Thinkth says:

          Yes they have something up their sleeve…Perhaps Bernie will settle for VP and go along with sleepy Joe …that way, the dems can semi unite their voting base…

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        • dbobway says:

          Joe Biden is not a source to help generate power of any kind
          Sleepy Joe is either a diversion or a sacrificial lamb. I pray for the latter.
          Democrats are a long game, planning group.
          They may just ‘want’ to hate the President, 4 more years. That means
          Ruth is going to have to survive, 4 years
          The Democrats believe they can win the Senate.
          Or neither one, I’m not in a class with their deviant nature.

          The other scenario is we haven’t seen the candidate who they want to run to win.


    • Sparky5253 says:

      Bernie doesn’t want to be president. He’s running just to get a big payoff from the DNC for dropping out right before or at the convention. It’s all a game for him and one he’s been playing his entire life. Bernie is the ultimate shyster.

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      • trapper says:

        All leftists are shysters. Takers. Thieves.

        You can work your entire life building something, and they will tell you you did NOT build it and try to take it away from you to give to someone who spent his entire life sitting on the porch. And when the revolution’s over, after they took everything you had, you find that the leftists kept most of it, gave pennies to the porch sitter, and he’s still sitting on the porch. The only thing that changes is that now the leftist is in your house and you are on the porch collecting pennies with the other guy.

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      • mikeyboo says:

        I was in total agreement with you for some time. But I’m beginning to think, Bernie has come to believe he is the messiah his supporters imagine. It seems to me he is imagining himself as (his hero) the dictator, Fidel Castro, rather than President Bernie who is required to deal with Congress and the Courts.

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    • Shrike says:

      Pretty rich considering the NY Times and Walter Duranty’s role in whitewashing Soviet atrocities in the 1930s

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    • Shannon O Woodcock says:

      Bernie will cave at the Convention like last year. He will take the $ and build another Dacha while his Bernie Bros will seethe

      Dems already beat Sanders by preventing him from running as an Independent.

      In 2016, Hillary was the presumed President Elect and Bernie was a speed bump. When Hillary showed that she sucked as a candidate, they cheated “Hi Donna!” and used the Super Delegates to guarantee Hillary had the nomination. And Bernie FOLDED like a cheap lawn chair. Hell, he folded at the 1st debate by saying “I don’t care about her emails”

      $100 says in the next debate Sanders will say “I don’t care about the Ukraine, Russia should take them over” or some variation thereof. 😉

      Bottom line, Bernie will not fight, why should he? He will pocket a ton of $ & play the cheated martyr.

      Joe goes on to the convention where I hear it will be prime groping & sniffing territory and then proceed to get his arse kicked by Trump in November.

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    • kittylenoir says:

      Nope. He was out there in Michigan today telling his followers that he likes Joe and will support him if he wins, the message is Orange Man Bad and must be defeated. You can see the writing on the wall. But why should he quit, Jane is getting wealthy from campaign ad buys and they will be handsomely rewarded.

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  2. GGHD says:

    Bye, Bye, Bernie soon to retire to his countryside Dacha in Vermont. … Will he take the money from his cronies and comrades in “The Club” once again. … At 2016, at the Democrat Convention, Bernie looked as angry as man can be [this side of violence], when The Hillary Fan Club said, “Sit still like a good comrade, Bernie.”

    Bernie is a very smart man for a communist; I’d bet he will take the money from The Club once again. [Of course, it’s really The Club funneling the ~taxpayers money to The Club membership and chosen minions.]
    As was famous said to ordinary citizens once, ‘Politics is a Big Club, and you don’t belong.’

    Vote Trump in 2020 and pray for his safety. The Club wants Trump gone too!

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  3. Skidroe says:

    Wow! How can Bernie Bro’s vote for Biden in November ? “Screw me once it’s your fault, screw me twice it’s my fault”. Bernie will NOT run as a 3rd party!

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    • Bendix says:

      Some of the non-radical Bernie supporters, and they do exist, would not ever support Joe Biden if they knew of his key role in locking so many Americans into the Student Loan Debt financial scam.
      Name one other debt Americans cannot discharge in bankruptcy? People who defaulted and are now struggling to repay are making payments that don’t touch the original amounts they borrowed, only the interest and fees.
      Of course, Republicans were in favor of this as well, so there was no alternative when the Democrats did something bad for Americans.
      They’ve (the Uniparty) has been playing this game for years and years. Unfortunately, President Trump is bearing the brunt of the Republicans’ well-deserved reputation for only caring about the rich.

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      • William M. Bell says:

        Borrow money because you want a college education, and then not be willing to pay back your debt? Who, then, is the scammer?

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          Not a good setup. Banks are not lending their own money.

          Student borrowers don’t care if it gets paid back, bank don’t care, politicians don’t care.

          Taxpayer smiles and eats a ship sandwich, happy to keep up with the Jones, as his kids party away for 6 years and eventually get a degree in education- easiest path out.

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        • Bendix says:

          I know many, many people who fully intended to pay back their loans, and also fully expected, because they took the “right” courses for the “right” degrees, they would be able to land jobs that paid a living wage. They did not anticipate the financial fraud and crash, which caused so many companies to shed jobs. They did not anticipate their jobs going to China, or having American companies replacing them with foreign workers.
          They did not anticipate being unable to afford housing, insurance, and even food on their salaries.
          They ARE paying the loans back, but they will never be able to repay the entire amount.
          They will remain slaves to their debt until they die. Unlike any other debt.
          But keep on repeating the Uniparty talking points, it makes it so much easier for them to divide Americans who should be on the same side.

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          • mugzey302 says:

            Once again, the real fault lies with the re-education camps called schools. Pushing worthless majors, telling everyone to go to college/university. Tradesmen are still working in America! And these colleges/universities charge exorbitant rates. Because of the guaranteed loan, they charge whatever they want. And give politicians honorary degrees for pushing a bill that guarantees whatever they want next. We need to start with the re-education camps to clean up the depravity and the corruption. Enough of the gay and Feminazi activists running this country! And, libraries who have cross-dressing men rolling on the floor with children during “story time” should get a visit from CPS, and “story time” shut down. This programming and indoctrination must stop.

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      • testpointwp says:

        To answer your question, most federal tax debt cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Just ask Willie Nelson. Any taxes that are not at least three years old cannot be discharged. Any tax debt incurred within two years of filing cannot be discharged. Even if you meet all the criteria, if the IRS claims that you made an error on your return or did not file timely your claim will not be considered for discharge.

        Student loan terms are well established and since no one is required to take a student loan or go to college, it’s hard to consider student loans a financial scam. It is also possible to work, earn and pay-as-you go.

        Fundamentally, the issue is one of entitlement versus responsibility. If the person who takes a loan does not repay it, then someone who did not receive the benefit the loan provided will have to repay it. The debt does not disappear in bankruptcy. The debt is transferred to other parties.

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  4. nyckers says:

    The most disturbibg question is what happens to Biden during these disappearing acts? What medications is he taking?
    Based on his appearance, his cognitive impairments, and his weakened speaking voice, there is something seriously degenerative going on with Biden. It would seem he is the Manchurian candidate for the DNC – the figurehead with name recognition to implant their actual choice as VP, with Biden either stepping aside and acting in his familiar limited role as VP in all but title, with the VP making all of the decisions and handling all the major interactions with leadership, or stepping down, making Nancy Pelosi the effective VP to Hillary, Liz, or whomever the Club has chosen to be President if Duncel Biden can defeat Trump.

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    • gregc77 says:

      My guess is Crooked will be announced as VP choice and then forced to step in when Joe’s neurological impairment is sadly “discovered.”

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      • tacocat43 says:

        She’s more unlikeable now than in the last election. I just don’t see it. Plus,if they do this knowingly, wouldn’t this be election fraud?

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        • George Hicks says:

          Or even WORSE, Hillary’s impairments are sadly discovered as well…then guess who?
          I think Hillary’s health is quickly declining too and would be more apparent when she started appearing more in public as VP/Pres.

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        • gymcy81 says:

          it so, the investigation of the dems, would be slow walked…(and uncovered by the media)

          Does that sort of obfuscation, double standard, sound familiar?

          [ was Roosevelt in a wheelchair…?]
          [ was Russia or Ukraine involved in collusion with dems..? ]
          [ why did the investigation of flight 800 take 20 years? ]
          [ Benghazi? Sec.of State private server? ]

          [ meanwhile, others get railroaded with relative lightning speed… Herman Cain …DeSouza… Roy Moore…Kavanaugh… ]

          …unalienable rights.. equal justice for all …
          (that is not likely in the marxists playbook…
          if it is, it is written as another illusion, a ring of a bell …that, similarly, Pavlov’s ‘trained response’ dog would (hopefully) salivate …. ironically, with no real treat.)

          Love thy neighbors…

          “Is all it takes for evil to prevail,
          is for the good, to do nothing.”

          (have fortitude, humility, truth..)
          “I AM always with you.” Matthew 28:20

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      • MACAULAY says:

        Respectfully disagree.

        I think its Big Mike Obama for VP.

        If that works, they will deploy the 25th Amendment by late summer or early fall in Biden’s first year…and Barack will effectively be back in charge of the Government.

        Joe will never see it coming. His wife Jill will, but she will go along because she gets to be first lady, and she will be given a little influence.

        This is Conspiracy Theory, yes, but not tough a one the failed coup against Trump with no one going to jail.

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        • gregc77 says:

          A definite possibility, but I don’t think he wants to work that hard. He and Barry are happy to help destroy the country, within reason, but mostly they’re hedonists. I think they would only be interested for the satisfaction of taking out Trump, which is not really looking like a sure bet. Losing is not a chance they want to take. Plus, it’s hard work.

          The problem that I see with Biden is that Trump will destroy him. Plus, you’re seeing the legacy media go after him now. Either some of them are suddenly becoming moral or there’s something else up.

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      • As a Man Thinkth says:

        My guess…someone from Hollywood with instant name recognition and long standing with the academia elites…maybe a Tom Hanks type…Someone that understands the character they are to portray, remember the script, quick witted and natural smile…

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    Solution to Dimms: Biden Bernie Ticket!

    The Odd Couple!

    Notice Hannity release of Sleepy Joe 1973 comments met with crickets!

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  6. Bernie will settle for $10 million or so and retire for good. Mini Mike will supply the payment. Bernie’s supporters, realizing that they’ve been used, will stay home or not vote in Nov.

    Bernie is corrupt, just like the rest of them. IMO he ran last time to keep his wife out of jail, just like qp Joe is doing now. I am surprised that so many people can be so foolish as to believe what he says. PT Barnum was right but he underestimated the numbers.

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  7. Zorro says:

    Remember the Bern Bro’s are betas and need big totalitarian government to be their parent and take care of them. They will get over Bernard as he prefers to be called.

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  8. Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

    Commie power brokers are ultimately in it for themselves.
    Bernie will take Door #2 while he still has leverage

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  9. DanJ1 says:

    I predicted that the Dem Convention was going to be a bloodbath, literally and figuratively, but it sounds like it will happen earlier. Bernie has been gratious to Joe up until now. Joe has a lot more skeletons in his front yard (nothing is in the closet with Biden after 50 years in the swamp) that everyone has been giving him a pass on. Not anymore.


  10. Eric says:

    The same weapons used against Trump are now being used against Bernie.

    Not so funny anymore, is it Lefties?

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  11. Whitehouse Clown says:

    Bernie wants control of the Democrat Party. That would lead to a purge of Party elites and elders. The radical Bernie Bro’s would be running the DNC.


  12. Bendix says:

    Speaking of planetary alignment, I tried to access this site last night because of the New York Times’ story, and one other piece of information, and I could not do so. I kept getting switched to a screen with phony information about my browser or something.
    The other piece of information I wanted to mention was that Twitter just decided no one can mention age or infirmities. I’m not sure that’s the word they used. Just when some are starting to speak out on a presidential candidate’s obvious mental decline, it becomes forbidden to say that on Twitter.
    It’s bad enough the entire MSM has taken a vow of silence on this.

    You know, millions of Americans of all political persuasions used to be against these giant corporations gaining control of so much American media. Long before the era of Trump, or even Barack Obama. If any still are, we are no longer allowed to hear of it.
    This was something that President Trump’s man at the FCC should have done something about.

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  13. ltravisjr says:

    How much does Bernie hate the possibility a second Trump term? I say this because couldn’t he threaten to go third party? In other words, “if I don’t get a chance neither of us will.” Is that risk worth it to Bernie and how would the club respond?


  14. rjones99 says:

    Being “bone headed” is one way ti explain bernie’s Fidel hug. Coupled with his unwillingness to go on offense, it looks to like he’s been told not to win.

    Another theory that might fit the facts is this: Dems need the energy of bernie’s followers and they desperately need unification. So, maybe they’re getting ready to sneak betnie onto the ticket as VP? Perhaps with a potential plan to remove Biden via the 25th if Biden’s dementia worsens?

    The biggest difficulty with this theory is cutting out women and gays altogether. Two very old white men is probably too much to swallow.

    I continue to believe the dems only real shot at winning is to enter the convention contested and pop out with Gabbard as the shocking, surprising, moderate, attractive, military vet, hope-of-the-never-trump winner.

    Neither Biden nor bernie has ANY hope of winning. Dems cannot be blind to that..


    • They are desperate not to lose the SCOTUS, so imo they may try a hail mary with the VP nominee. Time will tell.


    • Bendix says:

      I’m leaning toward they brazen it out with Joe until Bernie is done, then at the last second they bring in someone totally new, and that new person picks Biden perhaps as his VP.
      This gives Biden the “political rival” cover he needs to maintain until the day after election day.
      The new person will not be so new that he doesn’t have swampy baggage he needs to keep un-investigated.
      This will give the low-info voter somebody not obviously demented to vote for.

      This fits with Sundance’s observations that they just accelerated their desire to get rid of Bernie, as of yesterday.

      BTW, many people think Andrew Cuomo is done, but Andrew doesn’t see it that way.


    • Gabbard? Has she even received 10.000 votes across the entire country so far? She’s a non-person!

      And what kind of “military” record does she have? A real one, or one like Petey Buttajug’s?


  15. unconqueredone says:

    Bernie IS a real member of the big club. They don’t care what label a candidate wears as long as the candidate is committed to elite power, control, and getting rich off the proles who allow them power.
    Bernie’s entire purpose is to get the American public (frog) used to the communist pot and start to warm the water up a bit. The leading D’s are all communists at some level of public exposure. The elites just realized Bernie turned the heat up a little too fast for public comfort, so they’re pretending to pull back a bit to “safe” Joe. Bernie didn’t make a mistake, he did exactly what he was supposed to do. Now he’ll take the payoff and play the game as he’s done repeatedly.

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  16. AnotherView says:

    The fix is most certainly in on Comrade Sanders this time. His supporters sure won’t be happy.
    I expect to see looting, burning, and violence.

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  17. rojobirds says:

    So the DNC media arm, NY Times, is colluding with RUSSIA to influence the 2020 campaign? “Mueller, Mueller, calling Mueller”; or is it “Ferris Mueler’s Day Off”?

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  18. islandpalmtrees says:

    Who are the people behind the curtain?

    I would like to see a law enforcement organization (IC) in this country that can be trusted to find the truth and prosecute. And, does anyone really want a feeble old man at the controls of several thousand nuclear missiles(Biden) or a open socialist(Bernie) as president. Yet we are expected to accept the so called Democrats as anything other than a poor joke on the American people.

    Is this the best they can do, then why have an election? Because only the foolish would want a “man” that can not remember what state he is in, as president or another who thinks that the communist style of government is great. My money says “In God We Trust” not “In Karl Marx”.

    DNC Wants Bernie Defeated; The DNC Wants Us to Believe That Russian’s Hacked the DNC

    Unfortunately for the Mueller gang, if Crowdstrike is saying that they did not confirm Russia’s actions after they ‘hacked’ the DNC, then the Mueller gang itself must come up with evidence that this occurred. If the Mueller gang is unable to provide this information, then they lied.
    It looks like Roger Stone has a reason to ask for the government’s evidence in the Netyksho (12 Russian Officers) case after all.


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  19. Noble Patriot says:

    It’s all about HRC. The DNC knows full well that Biden doesn’t have the mental faculty to win/be president. Therefore, they will either pull the bait-b-switch just before the convention or HRC will be the VP with hopes of ascending to the throne soon after the inauguration. She is behind this whole thing – count on it . . .

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  20. thedoc00 says:

    The Democrat Primaries have always been about having a tie in the end. if this is true, now they can chose to keep Joe on board and assign the 2024 Candidate or do the Democrat Party’s version of the 25th Amendment and remove him for another selection.

    Bernie has already committed publicly to his willingness to support the Democrat nominee, if he looses. So, his loyalists have been warned. Look for him to make this statement again to avoid a Chicago 68 scenario by his followers. BLM, Antifa, and the like are not Bernie’s to control as they are actually Party Level Brown Shirts.

    Since Bernie relished his (I-VT) moniker with the ability to be a temporary democrat for the money, the democrats have likely shown him the bloody head of his successor in VT if he balks.

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  21. islandpalmtrees says:

    Democratic Strategist Talks About Biden’s Deteriorating Mental Health: ‘Clearly Not All There’ (VIDEO)
    by Aleister March 7, 2020

    Democrat Strategist Justin Horwitz: Joe Biden Is ‘Mentally Deteriorating’

    Democrat strategist and backer of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Justin Horwitz said during a Thursday appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight that Joe Biden (D) is “mentally deteriorating” and that it will be a “disaster” if the Democrat establishment’s purported efforts to “shield” the former vice president prevail, leading to a head to head matchup with President Trump.

    Horwitz, an outspoken Sanders supporter, spoke with Tucker Carlson Thursday night and discussed the Democrat establishment’s purported efforts to “shield” a “mentally deteriorating” Biden from the public.

    “He is a candidate that is mentally deteriorating. People in the Democratic establishment say, ‘Oh don’t say that.’ They really believe that they can shield Joe Biden from public scrutiny and the reality is, they can’t,” he said.

    “We all see what’s going on here and it’s going to be a disaster if we nominate Joe Biden,” he added.



    • mugzey302 says:

      Of course that’s true, but then why is Pelosi, who can’t form a sentence, introduced with the title “the most powerful woman in America” ? (You know that pissed Hillary off!! lol)


  22. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    Beware the Snides of March.

    Picture this. Sleepy Joe and Milquetoast Mitt run together on a DNC-sponsored National Unity Ticket, massively funded behind the scenes by Bloomberg’s Billions.

    If it happens this way, Joe and Mitt will be known forever after as the NUT candidates for President and Vice President.

    And the unity ticket’s policy platform will be known to history as the NUT case for their election.

    On the other hand.

    A Biden/Romney Uniparty Slate might limit the damage to the Democratic Party’s and the GOPe’s chances in 2022 and 2024 if there is a Trump blowout victory in November 2020.

    A DNC-sponsored NUT ticket might also allow Michael Bloomberg to avoid the bad optics of spending two or three billion dollars in an attempt to buy the 2020 election for the Uniparty globalists.

    If this strategy resulted in the Democrats keeping the House and taking the Senate, with the tacit consent of the GOPe, the 2021 Congress could then be rightly labeled as Bloomberg’s NUThouse.

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  23. with biden losing more brain matter by the day.if bernie can hold on til the convention he might just get the nomination by default.

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  24. islandpalmtrees says:

    Clearly the Club does not expect Biden to be anything other than a puppet given his current mental condition. Who will be Biden’s vice President, since it seems likely that this person has already been chosen too by the club to run the show?


    • Bendix says:

      It has to be someone who has dirt they need to keep a lid on.
      Not Michelle Obama, because she just isn’t going to do the work associated with being a figurehead VP, let alone be a shadow president.
      If they tried to bring in Hillary, Bernie supporters would riot for sure, even if he told them not to.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        They are probably thinking about a woman hungry enough to follow orders?
        Elizabeth Warren

        You don’t suppose – Paul Ryan

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        • Bendix says:

          Ryan’s claim to fame when he ran for VP was he was going to get all those old ladies off Medicare, so I don’t think they could use him, even if he is enough of a creepy jerk to switch sides.

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  25. islandpalmtrees says:

    Could Biden’s wife be the real President? Or is this the point were we see Hillary Clinton again? Someone must run the show.


  26. islandpalmtrees says:

    You, know this would be a great point to start seeing pictures of the Club. Clearly they want to remain hidden while retaining control.

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  27. mugdiller says:

    Does The Club know that Biden will never make it to the Nov. election due to deteriorating health? Is the plan to first clear out Bernie, then “encourage” Joe to drop out and throw his support to another? Who?

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  28. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Hopefully Bernie stays in until the DNC can steal it from him in Milwaukee. Bernsters say they will burn it down. That makes for great TV and would certainly damper the Democrat turnout on Election Day. No one would play the two sides against each other tha You Know Who👍

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  29. Perot Conservative says:

    Roger Stone offered to Sara Carter (podcast?) an interesting idea.

    Warren should be the VP ticket for Sanders. That could serious slow the Big Club progress.

    Stone said his insider said Buttigieg was 100% in. Four hours later, The BC (multinationals, Wall Street) had him stepping down.


  30. Gary Lacey says:

    Well shucks, the Bern out this month……were in the heck is Donna Brazile when she’s needed to give Biden the questions in advance……Donna is @ Fox News cussing out the GOP chair.


  31. Sigh2016 says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but I keep having a sneaking suspicion that Biden will name Hilarious as his VP. As in, this has been decided by the powers that be.


  32. leighdiaz3973 says:

    The club might get what they want – but this time I wonder the Bernie supporters will be just verbal in their response- Bernie and his team are trying to get ahead of that – but they have created a monster they cannot control- and his supporters have already threatened havoc at the convention if Bernie is “cheated” again
    it also might make them start to see the real Bernie- a man who surrenders/betrays his base for money instead of continuing to run – he did it before and they ignored it -this time they might not-

    Liked by 1 person

  33. so if by chance biden gets propped up and gets the nomination.whoever is set as v.p. will assume the pres position shortly there after.joe is just there to weed out bernie.so the club needs to come up with a new pres/v.p combo and after the convention joe drops out.


  34. Meremortal says:

    Bernie isn’t a fighter, and made that obvious in the last election. He will fold quietly, his supporters may be a bit different.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. trapper says:

    “In many ways it makes sense for the Club to attempt this now as they will need the maximum amount of time available to heal wounds and herd the unwieldy Bernie coalition into the tent of Joe Biden.”

    Unless …. Companies will often hire a hatchet man, someone to make mass firings and structural changes, after which they get rid of him because he has created so much ill will, and hire the person to manage the newly rearranged company. Perhaps the idea might be for Biden to take out Bernie, utterly destroy him, then abandon their hatchet man Joe in favor of a different candidate to “unite the party” at the convention.

    Actually, it makes no difference. The democrats are so tone deaf and out of touch I find myself watching just to see how they will screw it up. And Joe is just one meltdown away from universal ridicule.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. valleyj says:

    Bernie will bow out with barely a whimper. After all he knew the club screwed him and did nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. ChampagneReady says:

    What they are going to find out is that Hair Sniffer Biden is going to be charged with selling of the VP’s office. He won’t be a candidate for anything except maybe head of the shop where they make license plates in the prison.

    He’s being squeezed now from THREE different and separate frronts — the US Attorney in Pittsburgh that Barr assigned after getting the materials from Giuliani and OAN, the Ukraine has begun their own digging into his corruption and last but not least Ron Johnson who (I’m convinced) has enough information already to make a criminal referral.

    And the Homeland Security and Government Oversight investigation where Ron Johnson has been delving into the crimes for months is only going to get MUCH worse when they get Telezhenko’s documents and his LIVE testimony. He is a first-hand witness to everything.

    I don’t forsee a 15% chance that Biden won’t be the target of a grand jury and indictment. There was a flurry of 4 phone calls between Biden and his butt-buddie Poroshenko of Ukraine only a month after Shokin had started his investigation of Burisma. And right in the crosshairs was Hunter Biden.

    Those phone calls are going to be gold. Once the transcripts or tapes are obtained from the NSA, Biden is in handcuffs. There is no doubt in my mind that those calls were Biden and Poroshenko discussing the bribery exchange,

    NONE. No doubt in my mind and I bet somebody is securing those phone calls right now.


    • Komrade Retslag says:

      Obviously, the Democrats are trying hard to shut out Senator Sanders. But, they probably don’t really like Joe Biden as a candidate either, with his cognitive issues and exposed corruption. As a weak campaigner, he has a very low chance of beating President Trump.

      A more likely outcome will be a series of “events,” in which the Super Delegates and powers that be find another candidate. But who will it be? Is Hilliary Clinton really a viable choice? or Michelle Obama? Conventional wisdom is that Michelle is not interested in the job.

      There are two wings of the Democrat Party: Clinton and Obama. For the Obama wing, other likely “selections” might include Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, John Kerry, or possibly even Chris Matthews.

      For the Clinton wing: Terry McCauliffe and George Stephanopoulos could be possibilities.

      What do other Treepers think?


  38. Jerry Joe says:

    PotusDJT has not only caught the last adminstrations’ hands in the cookie jar, but exposed the missing jar. Biden is no more capable of running a country than any other senior citizen in need of an adult guardian. Poor Joe is getting his well earned comeuppance and merciless sacrifice in the DNC’s effort to prepare its defense of holding the jar labeled ‘Foreign Aid’; credit the DNC with pawning out CFPB Chief Warren, mini-mike, Blizzard-cold Amy, CIA Pete and Heels-up Harris to splinter Fidel Sanders. The DNC rightfully fears 63 million pissed off, capitalistic 2A Patriots.

    Once the Bernie children figure out the DNC had to surreptiously squash their hope for student loan forgiveness, free health care and minumum wages commensurate with Burisma board members because the stolen jar is now empty, they’ll turn their support to PotusDJT.

    PotusDJT offers jobs in the working world. They’ll remain angry upon realization our post-secondary educational system provided little advantage over their ‘uneducated’ peers with similar intelligence. Eventually, they’ll thank him for their Awakening.


    • guest4ever says:

      Jerry Joe—Would be nice, but I can’t begin to imagine the Bernie children having that kind of brain capacity, mental tenacity, or wherewithal to actually work.


  39. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    The Democratic National Committee on Friday released new guidelines for the next debate scheduled for March 15th. The last woman standing, Tulsi Gabbard was planning on attending that debate since she had met all the requirements. However, the new threshold dreamt up by the Bidenites now requires each candidate to have at least 20 percent of the delegates that have been awarded thus far.
    That little trick keeps Representative Tulsi Gabbard off the stage.(D-HI).

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~


  40. There has to be a PLAN b (Actually plan A) If the club pushers Biden across the finish line , it is obvious both sides see Biden’s. mental issues. Whoever is VP will obviously be the club’s choice for pres. MO?Hopefully whatever scam that will be pursued will still result in a crushing win by President Trump. The press has obviously avoided what is clear as day as instructed.


    • Cam Heck says:

      Hillsabub is a dud- not even Dems like her. With MO as VP however, this would be a very tough fight for POTUS. Dems would flock to her like, well, flies to the SH*T that is the Democratic Party. Maybe never Trumpers too, and certainly blacks, immigrants and even young voters. I sincerely hope POTUS is planning for this. Obama and his Presidency must be tarred with everything from Burisma, to Fast n Furious, to Backfire Hurricane. Everything and all of it- especially the illegal stuff (Seth Rich for starters) Barr’s gotta go and be replaced by a real fighter who likes to get down and dirty. The Club and the Media have hit the ground running since Joe’s resurrection and we need to throw up road blocks.


  41. Tom says:

    Bernie will soon start shopping for curtains ahead of acquiring another beach house. As for Sleepy Joe, even with the debate questions and answes provided, there is no guarantee he may not have a brain fart and forget the script on stage. Could he use a teleprompter during the debate? Sarc…


  42. namberak says:

    I’ve thought from the moment I heard about it that Bernardo praising Fidel in FL of all places, was a deliberately suicidal act, rapidly followed up by slamming the knife in his own back, again, within just a couple of days. I would posit that he deliberately signaled his willingness to be bought out by doing so– throwing away a rich electoral prize– and he did it because … hey, he’s lazy. A grown man who never held any kind of a steady job until he was almost 40? And has never really had a job of any kind in his six decades of adult life? That guy really doesn’t want to be president, I don’t care what anyone says.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Cam Heck says:

    I feel a POTUS campaign ad coming on…..


  44. i see this morning amy was at a rally in michigan and let it slip.sounds like she will be dementia joe’s v.p.


  45. mike diamond says:

    Communist,bernie,and dementia,creepy joe! That’s why we need 4 more years of TRUMP!!!to keep America,stable!


  46. Paul Cohen says:

    oooh now Bernie criticizes DNC drones and DNC pushes back:


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