Senate Judiciary Calendar Empty as FISA Reauthorization Deadline Approaches…

Previously Chairman Lindsey Graham promised to hold public hearings on reforms needed to the FISA process prior to any reauthorization vote.  However, with two weeks remaining until current FISA authorization expires the Senate Judiciary Committee has yet to hold a single hearing, and the senate calendar is empty.

In November of 2019 buried deep in the congressional budget Continuing Resolution (CR) was a short-term extension to reauthorize the FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], all parts of the Patriot Act.  As a result of the FISA CR inclusion the terminal deadline was pushed to March 15, 2020.

The Senate is scheduled to go back into recess on March 13th.  Additionally, the DOJ/FBI response to the FISA court order (due February 5th) has still not been made public.  At a minimum the DOJ/FBI response to the FISA court needs to be made public prior to any reauthorization by congress; and to better understand the scale of the issue, an explanation of the the DOJ/FBI sequestered evidence needs to be made public.

Representatives requesting FISA reform prior to renewal include: Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Jody Rice, Devin Nunes and Steve Scalise.  Additionally, Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul are trying to force reform or let the current version expire.  However, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, along with AG Bill Barr, want a clean FISA renewal without public hearings….

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269 Responses to Senate Judiciary Calendar Empty as FISA Reauthorization Deadline Approaches…

  1. Brant says:

    Reauthorizarion and Trump sign? It will be 0.01% of a jillion page omnibus bill of some sort and Trump can’t line item veto. There are reasons for jillion page bills.

    All bills should be stand alone, but we know that hasn’t happened in decades.

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    • DiogenesVindicated says:

      In addition to term limits, this should be added to the objectives for the Convention of States.

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    • Issy says:

      Just one of the dirty tricks congress uses to shove unpopular laws down our throats.

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    • Tulips Moran (@tulipsmoran) says:

      And both parties use that strategy. What’s the point of a legislature if legislation is complex, convoluted and not read by those voting on it?

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    • bodieisland says:

      You’re right! POTUS will sign it with some other excuse. Last one gave localities veto power over border wall (even on private property), wide open doors for flood mgt, butterfly veto, massive spending. I could go on but this is the one thing I object to about POTUS. #NO FISA AT ALL-GO TO COURT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE


  2. ChampagneReady says:

    Graham, you’re as useless as a pit bull with no teeth in a junk yard.

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  3. Chip Doctor says:

    It baffles me why Maria and Sean insist on trotting this guy out once a week to lie to their audience. Even CNN new when to pull the plug on Avenatti. At this point it is their credibility that is on the line.

    For that matter, those that keep buying into it need to see a doctor. The guy is a serial liar.

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  4. Retired USMC says:


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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      The last time this massive waste of oxygen did something useful was at the Kavanaugh Beach friends sequel hearing.

      After getting it right by discrediting the Beach fraud he’s 0 for everything since.

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      • gueppebarre says:

        Yes, but just getting loud and blustery in front of everyone cost him nothing.
        He didn’t fool me for a second with all that blustering – they can say whatever they want in chambers and not be held to account for it.

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  5. thedoc00 says:

    And … Lindsey still has not answered maria B’s question. When??

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  6. Woodworker says:

    Here’s my e-mail to my Congressman & my 2 Senators. I will be re-sending it to them everyday until they ‘steam roll’ us or there are full and complete hearings. I also called their offices and basically told them the same things. I asked to speak to the legislative staffer but, as you would expect, they weren’t available but would call me back. I’m still waiting. I’m calling back today, tomorrow and next week, if I need to. I hope others on this site have done and are doing the same. Otherwise you’re just all talk and no action. Anyway, here’s the e-mail text which includes a few sentences from Sundance’s article:

    As your constituent I am demanding that you DO NOT vote to reauthorize FISA provisions unless and until the FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], without a full public hearing and vetting of the abuses that have taken place for the past several years. There have dozens, possibly scores to hundreds, of abuses by government officials in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Department, private section FBI contractors and/or the Intelligent Community writ large which were significant, severe, and UNLAWFUL. SPYING on private American citizens unlawfully must STOP. Unless there is a FULL public hearing and vetting of these abuses, no assurances from the DOJ and FBI (who committed the UNLAWFUL abuses) that they will revise and enact policies and procedures to prevent future abuses are adequate. The above agencies, Knowingly, Broke-the Law. These very agencies have done it before and the assured the FISC they had taken actions to prevent future recurrences. Then they UNLAWFULLY SPIED on the 2016 Republican Presidential Campaign. And then spent 3 years trying to cover it up. So much for their assurances. The FISA laws MUST be re-written to prevent futures abuses by including provisions to ensure American Citizens 4th Amendment Rights are fully protected. And, if they are violated, the persons who violated them are required to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. NO more resigning or firings. Make no mistake. That happens too. It happens right before the person(s) are arrested, charged, and tried for breaking the law, they swore to uphold.

    DO NOT vote for re-authorization of FISA without a full public hearing and vetting of the abuses that have taken place for the past several years including the FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)] and then changes made to FISA that prevents future violations and HARD TIME for those who decide to anyway.

    I also sent an e-mail to the President through The White House website imploring President Trump not to sign any FISA renewal prior to full and complete FISA hearings in both houses of Congresses and appropriate changes made to prevent future abuses.

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  7. Brant says:

    Hey, I saw this above. “The Senate is scheduled to go back into recess on March 13th.” Really really really (as it regards appointments?) 🙂 or not really 😦

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    • Paprika says:

      Nope! Just a “state work period” with pro forma sessions every 3 days to keep it from being a true recess.

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    • Jim says:

      I wish President Trump could have a heart to heart with Senator Paul about voting to put the Senate in actual recess. My understanding is that it only take one senator to object to staying in session.

      I’m sure McConnell would take away everything from him though.

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  8. But let justice run down like waters And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. (Amos 5:24)

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  9. StanH says:

    A fun exercise is to imagine if the democrats had control of his committee. I wonder what their schedule would look like?

    Lindsay is the epitome of a swamp rat and we now know for certain by his inaction where he stands. Sucking up behind John McCain for all those years, he has a black heart and a member of the coup.

    South Carolina, we have a country to save, Lindsay’s gotta go.

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  10. Bogeyfree says:

    Sometimes you just have to take a stand and say no more and just jettison some people.

    IMO that is the case right here and now with Lindsey and McConnell who are two faced to MAGA supporters.

    Case in point:
    1) Who never allows the President a recess appointment when you are suppose to be from the same party? (Note did you know that PT is the first President over the past 30+ years without a single recess appointment?

    2) Who promises to get to the bottom of the Russia Collusion fraud and then demands Biden’s Ukraine communications and then demands FISA abuse investigations and delivers ZERO on these alone?

    My point is it is time.

    Time to either organize MAGA supporters in SC and KY and vote in Linsey’s and Mitch’s GOP primary opponent or if that is not possible at this late date we simply don’t cast a vote for these two in the general election and they both go down.

    IMO they are a cancer to PT, to MAGA and to honest hard working Americans as they play their never ended manipulation games in DC.

    It is time to stand up to this BS and vote them out come Nov and send a message to all RINOS to cut the crap and get on the Trump Train.

    I believe PT will pick up 5-8 new Republican Senate seats in Nov so now is the time to dump these two faced back stab ears IMO.

    It’s time to rid Congress of this RINO cancer IMO.

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  11. Paprika says:

    I see the Senate Judiciary Committee has now updated it’s hearing page. Although the full Senate Committee hearing schedule does not show the update.

    There is a 10am March 4th Crime and terrorism subcommittee hearing titled ” Dangerous Partners: Big Tech and Beijing”. I’d rather see one called; “Dangerous Partners: Congress, DoJ, CIA, and FBI in Cahoots”! (Grin, yeah that will happen!)

    And there is a full Judicial Committee Meeting on March 4th at 2pm for a hearing on some of PT’s judicial nominations, but does not list the nominations or whether this hearing is to consider more nominees or to vote on those that have already had a committee hearing. Backlog is starting to build up with over 30 judicial nominees waiting for a hearing or vote out of committee.

    But no judicial committee hearing on FISA listed for March before FISA renewal yet.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      By the hand of God, America may yet make it’s way out of all of this corruption. But at this point, we will need his undivided attention.


  12. PT needs to just leave this on his desk and not sign it.kinda like pelosi and mcconnell do.then tell em to remove the fisa renewal from the bill and bring it to him separately no other fluff.why oh why did they get rid of the line item veto.

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    • Child of Morning says:

      Just imagine that you, your family and your friends have been relentlessly attacked by enemies using powers “granted to them” lawfully. Now imagine that a day comes that you are given power to revoke those” lawful powers”utterly.What would you do?

      The silence from the WH is deafening.

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    • Issy says:

      So exactly this type of chicanery could force through laws like fisa.


    • Brant says:

      I may be wrong. Some states have line item veto, but I don’t think Fed gubmint ever had it.


      • daylight58 says:

        The Feds don’t have a line item veto.

        However, the President can do (dredging back to ca. 1976 high school civics classes) a ‘pocket veto.’


    • rayvandune says:

      Obviously, in order to give Congress the power to AVIOD a Presidential veto, rather than have to override it!


  13. One might think the Dems would be all in on reducing the powers of FISA given that in theory the entire system is ostensibly in Trump administration control, and therefore could be used against them. But of course that would be admitting abuse occurred during their time of control, and which is still occurring given the deep Dem state, so that sort of answers the above.

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  14. IGiveUp says:

    Hey Dobbs. Did you get this? Do your thing if u can but it looks like the fix is in.


  15. gueppebarre says:

    Are any of y’all shocked at this news? Yeah, me neither.

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  16. 335blues says:

    Lyndsey Graham never gets tired of lying.
    He tries his best to associate himself with
    the popularity of President Trump,
    but his lies just keep getting in the way.
    No issue exposes the duplicitous lies
    of Graham, McConnell and Barr
    more than the renewal of
    FISA spying on American citizens
    was the brainchild of marxist TED KENNEDY,
    and signed into law by one of the worst Presidents
    in American history: Jimma Carter.
    Think Barr, McConnell and Graham want what’s best
    for America, and you and me?
    Think again.
    The lies just keep getting in the way.

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  17. GGHD says:

    From the US Congress, it’s typical Swamp Creature behavior to hide in the murky water and muck of the Washington DC. Swamp. … Lindsey The Snake in the Swamp displays his Forked Tongue. … …. President Trump has to contest against ~both the quisling Democrats and the duplicitous Republicans.
    Lord have Mercy on the USA.

    Supposedly, Honest Abe once said, “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.” [Internet]
    Now days, it seems that a lot of Americans just want ‘Free Stuff’ from the government and NOT necessarily the Truth.

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  18. John-Y128 says:

    Outside of these 3 items mentioned above, PT has already re-authorized FISA’s renewal in Jan 2018, it expires in 2023.

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  19. Lindsey is a Skunk with crooked ties to McCain’s foreign-affairs-related corruption (including Ukraine). ANY ‘investigation’ that Lindsey claims he is taking charge of, is done with the intent to stifle and hide evidence, not expose it.

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  20. Senator Graham would not realize the truth, honesty and integrity if they were to hit him directly in the face.

    His ranking on my list of sphincter orifices in the Senate is 3rd – behind McConnell and Romney – traitors all to the Republican party, United States Senate and the American public. SAD.

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  21. aProvider says:

    Jesus, I am shocked. Not by the morons in DC, but by the people who actually believe there would be any legitimate discovery and publication of criminal activity.

    The game is fixed. Why is that so hard to understand?

    As I have said numerous times, The splendid reporting done here is nor going to change anything until the Democrats are removed forever.

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  22. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    Graham Cracker is going to investigate the fbi, cia, dni, etc…it’s just taking him several years to get the info together. Just wait….
    I picture him wearing the last dress McCain gave to him and talking out loud asking “what would my love John think of me?”

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  23. George Dixon says:

    While I can accept that FISA has some reasons to be reauthorized I have a problem with the oversight as well as the lack of consequences regarding the Chief Justice (SCOTUS) and FISA judges.

    “Chief Justice Roberts is the one who gets to appoint judges to the FISA court”

    Roberts has yet to explain how the judges he appoints (without Senate confirmation) went so far astray enabling Comey and Co. There has also been silence about the criteria of ‘oversight’ which is employed by Roberts. There needs to be a public consequence for a secret panel’s actions when those actions are shown to be political as opposed to National security oriented.

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  24. leslievb3 says:

    Growing up my grandmother would say to me, “Your actions are speaking so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying”. I know this is true of most politicians, however, Lindsey is the biggest perpetrator of “all talk and no action” that I have ever seen. I wish Hannity/Maria/Fox and Trump would grasp this and stop featuring him as a Republican. This is merely a ruse for the 2020 election. By November he will be back to his immigration for all, and let me grab your gun.

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  25. AnotherView says:

    Never EVER trust Miz Lindsey. She’s a lying SNAKE.

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  26. Bendix says:

    Lindsey is stuck in the enlightenment stage of battered woman syndrome. Remember, he didn’t choose to leave the relationship, it ended before he got to that stage on his own.
    This makes him psychologically very fragile.
    I am only half kidding.


  27. Bendix says:

    Once again I am reminded of why ‘they’ keep trying to kill Rand.
    Old Commie Bernie hasn’t really answered the question as to why he hasn’t denounced the behavior of some of his supporters.


  28. ezduzit63 says:

    Jim Jordan mentioned something I have not heard …adding a Citizens Advocate which would be great for all Government Branches…but the FISA Court is a Political Animal that is too easily manipulated for blackmail and subversive activities…Burn it Down…no more Secret Courts..
    Thank you Sundance..

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  29. islandpalmtrees says:


    You have a corrupt David Kris put in place by Corrupt FISA Judge Boasberg who was put in place by a Corrupt Chief Justice John Roberts. But wait their is more – David Kris and Judge Boasberg are tied to the CIA. Now they expect you to not notice but to accept their continued corruption.

    Judge Boasberg announced in an order that he appointed Obama-era national security leader at the DOJ David S. Kris as amicus counsel to review the reforms the FBI will be making to its FISA application process..

    Presiding FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer to Step Down Days After Rare Public Rebuke of FBI – Will be Replaced by Obama-Appointed Judge
    December 20, 2019, by Cristina Laila

    JUST IN: Reps Jordan, Meadows Send Letter to Judge Boasberg Demanding Answers About David Kris’s Appointment to Oversee FISA Reforms
    January 16, 2020, 2:48 pm by Cristina Laila

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  30. waicool says:

    I just sent this article to my US Senators, you should too!


  31. islandpalmtrees says:

    Was the FISA sequestration done to hide their guilt? Look at the people involved.

    Sudance writes:
    “DOJ/FBI sequestered evidence needs to be made public.”


  32. Brant says:

    Here is my bet of what they will do. They attach FISA to the coronavirus money bill in some way. Will Trump refuse to sign that? Can you imagine the MSM/dimwits when he doesn’t sign/vetoes? Tinfoil hat says there may be some link between coronavirus and knowing FISA renewal was coming due. I wouldn’t put it past them. I mean, doesn’t the whole world leadership “benefit” from FISA snooping results?

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    • Just Beachy says:

      My thoughts exactly. Especially since the dems seem to be taking the bizarre stance that Trump is not asking for enough $$. Since when does that ever happen? Perhaps they need a bigger number to make the needed splash when he threatens to not sign it. Hopefully, the low $$ request means the game is obvious and Pres. Trump won’t be playing.
      Putting Pence in charge is bothersome – wasn’t he also put in charge of the transition? Hoping Pres. Trump is using Pence as a firewall to block blowback when the dems inevitably try to impeach Trump for this.


  33. Rose says:

    President Trump should hold up the renewal before the slime stream media cameras and tear it half like Piglosi did to his speech. Then tell the media never again will unelected corrupted snivel servants and judges be allowed to spy illegally on Americans. Make a great campaign ad. As for Lindsay when is the last time he honored a single pledge to hold hearings? Dudes as useless as tidds on a bull.

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  34. Barr is conducting a deep state one time/single day FISC abuse amnesty day for the greater DC area… The judges were all in the front of the line camped out in pup tents.


  35. TwoLaine says:

    Turtle put Lindsey in as the Chair. He knew he could count on him not to do anything about anything and to work the clock. And to stay close to the President while pretending to care.

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  36. Miss Lindsey will do nothing that could possibly implicate his buddy John McCain in the release of the Steele dossier, or his friends on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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    • OhNoYouDont says:

      The interesting part of the article is at the end. The infamous PDJT quote applies here as well … “we’ll see what happens.”

      No more Congressional oversight of Section 215 if you allow it to expire?

      Even though the NSA’s Call Detail Records (CDR) program was announced to be suspended in 2018, the NSA believes the program can be reinstated within it’s authority.

      In addition, as far as I know, Federal Judicial review of Section 215 in regards of violations of the US Constitutional Bill of Rights has not been established.

      FISA Reform Delayed Over Alleged Poison Pills
      Posted at 10:41 am on February 27, 2020 – TAYLOR MILLARD

      The internal change suggestion by Barr bothers me because it gives more power to the executive branch. I realize people will argue he’s the attorney general and should be able to define Justice Department policy, however, it could allow any future modifications to stay in the dark without ever becoming public. It’s not worth putting more power in the hands of bureaucrats, regardless of who’s in office.

      An even bigger debate is whether Congress should let the programs all expire without any sort of re-authorization. It’s a perplexing issue. One can’t help but wonder if having rules on the books presents some sort of legislative barrier preventing abuse by government agencies. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments are supposed to protect Americans from illegal search and seizures, secretive warrants, and the security of documents (ie emails), but U.S. Supreme Court rulings occasionally say otherwise. It seems judicial review only goes so far when the rulings aren’t exactly constitutional.

      The FISA items are set to expire on March 15th.


  37. dwpender says:

    Secret, ex parte courts are entirely inconsistent with our Constitution.

    The problems with FISA cannot be “fixed” by any “reforms.”

    Let the present “short term” provisions expire on March 15. Repeal FISA and the Patriot Act completely ASAP.


  38. pochas94 says:

    Maybe there are reasons for waiting until after the election to deal with FISA.


  39. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Will Grenell and Patel have some influence on this in the next couple of weeks?

    Patel was on the front line of the Carter Page FISA and was chief author of “The Nunes Memo”
    He now has a seat at the big table or at least very close to it.


    • OhNoYouDont says:

      The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has the ultimate authority over the “closely held secrets” in the US Government.

      In regards to Section 215 and other FISA related matters, the ODNI oversees NSA.
      The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is the United States Government Cabinet-level official required by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 to

      – serve as head of the seventeen-member United States Intelligence Community

      – direct and oversee the National Intelligence Program

      – serve as an advisor, upon invitation, to the president of the United States and his executive offices of the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council about intelligence matters related to national security

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Sounds like someone the Prez may take advice from on matters related to FISA perhaps.


        • OhNoYouDont says:

          That is why the swamp in the beltway has been displaying it’s displeasure about Grenell.

          On “Meet the Depressed” last Sunday, Hugh Hewitt compared the ‘political Grenell appointment’ by Trump as acting DNI to Obama’s pick of Ben Rhodes to the United States Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications to stump the ‘F Chuck Todd’ led panel.

          Of course, Grenell has vast intel experience in roles at the UN and as Diplomatic leader that shares PDJT’s worldview.

          Ben Rhodes is a political writer.

          The Patel appointment has, somewhat, flown under the radar.

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  40. Just Beachy says:

    My concern is democrats are getting a twofer: China can’t have Trump win again in Nov. Dems can’t beat him and can’t compete with his success with the economy. Impeachment didn’t work out well and the recent Russia 2.0 trial balloon sunk like lead. This is how they take him out.
    FISA is just another prong. They keep spying and spinning, all while tanking the market.


  41. OhNoYouDont says:

    Thanks to Krashman Von Stinkputin says:
    February 27, 2020 at 6:41 am

    House Judiciary holds hearing on Oversight of the Foreign Intel Surveillance Act
    Sep 18, 2019

    House Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ 5th) runs from 1:32:05 to 1:37:15
    Rep. Biggs uses his entire time in regards of Section 215 of the PATRIOT act.

    Mr. Brad Wiegmann
    Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice, National Security Division

    Mr. Michael Orlando
    Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counterterrorism Division

    Ms. Susan Morgan
    National Security Agency
    @ 1:33:10
    Biggs: … In 2018, the government collected the information of 214,816 unique accounts but had only 60 NSA surveillance targets?

    Morgan: Sir, just to clarify, I assume you are referring to the numbers that was reported from the, for the NSA CDR?

    (Note: The NSA’s program was replaced with a more narrow Call Detail Records (CDR) program to ensure that surveillance was targeted.)

    (June 28 2018 – NSA press statement announcing decision to delete all USA Freedom Act call data records (CDRs) acquired since 2015)

    Biggs: Yes

    Morgan:: OK sir. So I think its um, two things that are important when you think about those numbers. One is putting those numbers into context. So, every day in the United States there are millions of telephone calls made a day which can generate multiple records. So we had about 500 million over the course of a year.
    The other thing I would want to highlight, is that when we get data, or when we were getting data under the program which is now suspended, we were authorized to get historical data that telecommunications providers held, in addition to ongoing data for the period of the court order. Additionally, I would like to highlight that under the CDR program, which again that we are no longer using, we’re authorized to get up to two hops from the …

    Biggs: Right

    Morgan: … so that as you can imagine will extend your number exponentially.

    Biggs: So do you, does NSA believe they have the authority to restart the program?

    Morgan: Sir, currently we believe that the authority exists.

    Biggs: OK, and do you have the authority, um, the collection authority that’s replicated under any authorization or any other authority. (pause) In other words, is there some other legal authority you think allows you get the same information.

    Morgan: We don’t have another legal authority that will allow us to reinstate the re-existing, the program that as it existed.

    @ 1:35:00 *** Funny look from NSA Morgan and long pause from Rep Biggs ***

    Biggs: I’m not following that. So, so, you believe, so let me get this back. I’m, if I am understanding is the answer to the first question is you believe you do have the authority to restart the program. You don’t need new authority to restart.

    Morgan: Yes, sir.

    Biggs: And, and if you don’t restart that program, is there some other legal way that you can use to garner the same, uh, information?

    Morgan: There is no legal authority, whereby that is we could establish the program that we recently shut down.

    Biggs: OK, very good, thank you.


  42. Miya says:

    Graham is a tool. I’ve met him on multiple occasions and fail to be impressed. The fact that South Carolinians keep letting him stay in DC speaks volumes to an uninformed or apathetic electorate. Anyone who thinks Trump will be a landslide victory resulting in a major US change needs to take note.


  43. CM-TX says:

    | Ex-FBI unit chief blows whistle on Comey, McCabe over warrantless spying

    Retired agent says bureau’s Obama-era leaders ignored privacy, cost warnings, may have retained program for ‘political espionage’ |

    ” … Asked why the FBI would keep a program that was not producing any terrorism leads, Youssef said: “It was a way to say, you know, it’s an *insurance policy* to show that we’re doing everything we can, when in fact it wasn’t giving us anything of what we hoped it would get.” |


  44. Vic Anderson says:

    Better Stand And DELIVER, Linseed !


  45. Ned Zeppelin says:

    I’ll just throw out the possibility Barr wants to keep full-blast FISA powers while he gathers evidence for the Durham indictments. I can hope can’t I?


  46. dallasdan says:

    “However, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, along with AG Bill Barr, want a clean FISA renewal without public hearings….”

    To the surprise of no one anywhere who reads and believes, as I do, SD’s commentaries.


    • litlbit2 says:

      This time it is different as Mr. Barr, China Shipping Magnet, Hidden Coup supporter wants transparency?🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤧🤧

      Anyone still think Durham will rock the system?


      • Jeffrey Coley says:

        Ummm … it’s all a big deception. 4D chess. Let all the little stuff go, and then let all the big stuff go, because there’s something REALLY big coming down the pike that will completely destroy the Deep State!

        QAnon said so, it must be true.


        • litlbit2 says:

          It’s been coming along time will exposing so many as nothing more than living off the Taxpayers dime living a life of Pinocchio! But hey wait up Bagpipes on it🤧🤧


  47. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Oh, oh! I know the answer to this one! Tick tock boom standard response #1:

    “Senator Graham isn’t holding hearings on FISA abuse because he’s planning to hold hearings later on the REALLY BIG scandals.”

    Remember: Don’t believe your lying eyes, trust the plaaaaaaaan!!!


  48. Ray says:

    Graham is the enemy,he has the odd thing that is in line ,no more no less.
    People can be just as easily manipulated on the right as left. Impossible to convince.


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