President Trump Remarks During Business Roundtable in India…

During a mid-afternoon session at the U.S. embassy’s Roosevelt House in New Delhi, India, President Trump met with U.S. and India business leaders. The president cancelled his prepared remarks to the business investors, instead he took questions from roundtable participants.

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16 Responses to President Trump Remarks During Business Roundtable in India…

  1. Terry says:

    Hindsight concerning virus

    Article where S. Korean church members where hearing Wuhan rumors in Nov.
    The baltic index which is a good pulse for the world economy.
    The Chinese knew…

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  2. Top_10 says:

    PDJT is so functional and confident that he can discard canned speeches (easy way), and transition to taking questions (much harder) and does not miss a beat! We are blessed to have this man as POTUS,..!

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  3. NC Mom says:

    This was amazing! What a genius President we are blessed to have. What stamina, what mental acuity! Having had contact at business seminars with execs from India while I was attending the LSE, that he threw away his speech to interact with them was a stroke of brilliance. It was also a sign of POTUS humble respect for them! I am gobsmacked!

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  4. SEDeuceTER says:

    How many Presidents would have even thought of saying “screw the speech, let’s go freestyle”?! I can only think of 1, maybe two with Ronaldus Magnus. Talk about being comfortable in your own skin and with your ability to handle any question. The only thing missing was a roving mic so we could hear the audience speaking more clearly. His staff obviously needs to be prepared for that in the future.

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  5. bluecat57 says:

    I’m betting 500 points up in stock market tomorrow on potential trade deal with India.

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  6. Rudy says:

    President Trump is always so impressive talking to Business leaders. He’s also excellent when he holds cabinet meetings on occasion. An excellent grasp of the situation in both cases. Those investment numbers mentioned here were staggering good news. Tax cuts and regulatory burden reduction mentioned as well. I am one of those crazy people that watch these often on YouTube. I never saw a GWBush or BHObama meeting where ANYTHING was discussed that wasn’t small talk and photo op chatter. No matter what happens from here out I’m so proud and happy to have lived to see him as President. There’s still decades or more of work to do, the Wolf is always at the door, but he’s done so much already. I hope he gets his second term and I can be around to see it!

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  7. paper doll says:

    This is the hardest working guy on the globe!🌎

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  8. Can you imagine the BOON to the Indian economy, and the improvement of the standard of living for the Indian people IF a trade agreement could be achieved that REPLACED CHINA as the major maunufacturer of goods imported by America?

    WHAT IF everything we currently use that is stamped with “Made in China” said “Made in Mumbai”?

    WHY do we provide economic success to the one country (China) that is poised to be not only our greatest economic rival, but also our greatest military threat?

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