Two-Tiered Justice – DOJ Informs Andrew McCabe He Will Not Be Prosecuted for Lying to FBI Investigators (3 Times, Under Oath)…

The Department of Justice has informed former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe he will not face criminal prosecution for lying to FBI investigators.  The lawyers for Andrew McCabe shared the DOJ letter:

The DOJ inspector general had previously sent a criminal referral based on the OIG investigation of Mr. McCabe leaking to the media and then lying to FBI investigators four times, three times under oath in 2017, about his activity.  [OIG Report HERE]

During an immediate appearance on CNN the former FBI Deputy Director criticized the Department of Justice for putting his “family through this experience.”  McCabe said it was an “insult” and a “disgrace” for the DOJ to put him through this for two years.

Lawyers for Mr. McCabe released the following statement:

As a reminder, this was the previous summary from an investigation carried out by the Office of Inspector General:

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840 Responses to Two-Tiered Justice – DOJ Informs Andrew McCabe He Will Not Be Prosecuted for Lying to FBI Investigators (3 Times, Under Oath)…

  1. Like Comey’s leak charges which were dropped in July, this is only acceptable if John Durham brings the real indictments–and soon. The failure to do that is my Personal Fort Sumter.

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  2. Mean Old Man says:

    Again, I say this all the time on here, and it sounds like a broken record but Bill Barr is a snake people. He is not on the side of the American People.

    President Trump can not win this alone. At some point we will have to start shooting people in the face.

    But until then, the FBI (every one of them), DOJ, CIA all the other 3 letter institutions are our enemy.
    Buy yourself an AR-15 and start stocking up on bullets monthly.
    if your married… buy 2

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    • GH says:

      I’ve been on CTH and other websites for 2 years saying:

      Bill Barr is as DS as they come

      And I’ve been called a “Negative Nellie” (and worse) for doing do. When no indictments from John Durham is made official (I knew that when John was appointed) what will all the people claiming they are “keeping their powder dry” do then?

      They’ll do NOTHING-just like NOTHING was ever going to be done. Making repeated empty threats, especially when the threat maker knows full well the threat is empty, is a very unflattering look. There’s another word to describe that but….

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  3. Scotched_Urth says:

    Message to future FBI Directors and Deputy Directors and Political Hacks at all Federal agencies: Do whatever you like.

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  4. Retired IG says:

    Two tiered “Justice System” indeed. Felt like I ate a big boulder that hit the bottom of my gut when I read about McCabe. But with so much going on with others accused by the FBI lying for “lying,” I’m with Dan Bongino on this.
    Stone – DOJ requests new sentencing for Roger Stone. And for General Flynn, a new outside Prosecutor to review his case. The common denominator in all of these cases including McCabe, ad nasuem, is that the FBI have been trying to prosecute people based on a lie. It’s weak. What we used to call TESTIMONIAL EVIDENCE..
    SHUCKS, feel like this is starting to get very interesting.
    And McCabe, I am so, so, sorry your poor family has been suffering for TWO WHOLE YEARS.. What a simpering, whimpering child. I am going to save my pity party for you McCabe until I see bats in my attic again. Scoundrel, hypocrite, and back stabbing .LIAR.

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  5. Beau Geste says:

    I posted this inSundance’s Chaff-countermeasures” Topic, so apologize for extra posting if yo uare offended.

    PDJT is not “helpless” as President, despite the lilliputians tying him down.

    Here is a suggested draft outline of a very simple, proposed Motion in the crooked FISC, under the Constitutional duties and authority of the President. It would be filed by the Office of the President Counsel, on behalf of the President. The Motion would NOT be classified or “secret”, because it can rely only on public information and IG Findings. There is plenty of caselaw to support withdrawal of improvidently granted motions bases on unethical practice, and discipline of malfeasance and misfeasance, fraud on the court, etc.

    The Motion would be public. Denial could be publicly presented to the Supreme Court. PDJT could declassify all necessary records so the public could follow the proceedings.

    The FISC and Supreme Court would be hard pressed to deny “standing” of the President, as Constitutional President defending civil rights of US Citizens to intervene, because of the Constitutional requirements and duties of the President, and because the President himself was under illegal surveillance from this fraudulent warrant.

    This would be a useful motion instead of “tweets” objected to by AG Barr. PDJT supports the civil rights of the People. If refused, the public would have to confront the fact that the FISC and DOJ deny civil rights and protect illegal political spies and illegal political l spying.

    Sidney Powell could do a much better draft for public understanding, but here goes:




    Motion to Withdraw Improvidently Granted FISA Warrants and Extensions.

    Motion for Hearing to Discipline DOJ and FBI Personnel for Ethical Violations, Misleading and withholding relevant information from this court including fraud on This Court, and Denial of Civil Rights under Color of Law.

    This Motion is made by the Office of White House Counsel on behalf of the Elected President of The United States, Donald J. Trump, under authority and duties of his sworn Constitutional Oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.

    The founding purpose of this Foreign Intelligence Suveillance Court is to protect the civil rights of US Citizens, including those of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution that
    “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized,” to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    [discussion of flaws and malfeasance/misfeasance, failure of duty to verify, failure of duty to immediately advise the Court of “new” evidence, false statements and oaths….]
    [This court’s extra-heavy duty to protect the integrity of its proceedings because defendants are not represented. Malfeasance and misfeasance must be severely disciplined]

    The FISA Warrant may have authorized political surveillance on thousands to millions of US citizens associated of communicating with the Republican Party or its Candidates. Unwarranted secrecy only protects fraud, illegality and embarrassment of the DOJ/FBI. There is no legitimate reason to classify or withhold from those surveilled, notice to them of their surveillance under this FISA Warrant or extensions, or the nature of places or persons searched or seized relating to each such person.

    Relief requested:
    It is requested this this Court Order:
    1. The immediate withdrawal of its FISA Warrant of XXX and all subsequent extensions thereof, nunc pro tunc (now as then), as if they had never been granted, so that they cannot function to protect or authorize any surveillance.
    2. Notification of each and every US Citizen who has been surveilled under this FISA Warrant including its extensions, so that such persons can seek redress for violation of civil rights.
    3. Hearings to determine and impose appropriate discipline for malfeasance and misfeasance by DOJ and FBI personnel relating to the authorization, preparation, representation, support or presentation of this FISA Warrant or its extensions to or in this Court.

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  6. kleen says:

    POTUS should RIGHT NOW, give Barr order to start declassification process for public release.

    The process takes time, so, start now. Tell Barr it will be released by this summer.


  7. kleen says:

    Well, we now know the swamp will skate free. It’s a pattern by now. CLEAR PATTERN.

    So, let’s just go with that as reality, let’s be realistic based on what we know for sure and not hope and dreams.

    So what now?

    The swamp skates free and laugh at us…

    What can POTUS LEGALLY do?

    Order the Declassification for public release. At least the world will know how dirty they are and next time they try to entrap somebody, at least people will know…

    They will have ZERO credibility around the world. Perhaps the game will tune on them and somebody will entrap them.

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  8. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    So what can mccabe get another job in government to jump back in the resistance now? Its like tag your in, hittem hard Andy.
    Bill barr do your damn job!
    Im sick to my stomach with all this crap. Trump needs to make the guillotine great again & start lobbing some heads. The coup needs to be stopped! Sooner the better. If you think nancy or chuck wouldent do the same to the entire trump family your naive. Like hillary says #resist


  9. NC Nana says:

    Shameful and disturbing!

    Just when I think my opinion of the FBI and DOJ cannot go lower this happens.

    They recommend sentencing for a politically active man of 7 to 9 years for lying because he supported a candidate they didn’t like. Then turn around and excuse one of the heads of the FBI for lying multiple times. Since he was a policy setter and leader by example for 35,000 people I think there is no recovery. The FBI and DOJ must go. Let the locals handle the investigation and the justice system.

    This proves there are two justices systems. One freewheeling, no accounting for liberals and another system of strict, excessive treatment for conservatives.

    I don’t see recovery from this.

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  10. Linda K. says:

    It is possible Trump’s tweets about MCCabe tainted a potential jury pool….this Barr’s comments yesterday and McConnell as well.

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    • Parrot says:

      That would certainly be the case in UK, Australia etc.
      However, to be in on the joke you have to understand no matter what, McCabe was never going to be prosecuted by his DoJ per group. Neither will any other DoJ alumni.


    • kleen says:

      What about McCabe on TV being paid to lie and claiming to be innocent while disseminating false info?
      A defendant hired as credible source, accusing Trump of crimes?


  11. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    I assume Roger Stone will get the same treatment along with Col Flynn?

    F Barr and his corrupt to the bone department. Just another in you face move by the swap. Hope Barr chokes on a chicken wing at the golden corral.


  12. kleen says:

    If you are struggling to understand why oh why, I can help you:

    I think it was Nunes that said on TV this week that “we have a DOJ inside the DOJ” running things.

    So, I came to conclusion that, Barr runs the superficial DOJ that is just for show. Not a real DOJ. His job is to act.

    The REAL DOJ belongs to the swamp and they have their own set of rules.

    Now things will start to make sense once you digest that. Everything makes sense. Including the crooks laughing on TV and promoting their books, getting rich while Flynn is bankrupted and fearing being thrown in prison.

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  13. AccountabilityPlease says:

    Let me cheer all of you up with one question: Would it benefit you to prosecute Andrew McCabe for lying IF you intended to use his testimony to prosecute ring leader John Brennan?


  14. Eric says:

    Call me a troll now.


  15. Hurricane Hunter says:

    Widespread jury nullifications– Government lies — can not be believed


  16. Concerned Patriot says:

    Dear Mr Barr,
    Whether, in the future, the Republic stands or falls, historians will look back at this time in history and either give you credit for saving the Republic by upholding equal justice under the law and standing against the corruption of the time; or, blame you for destroying the rule of law by supporting a two-tiered justice system and thereby ushering the ultimate demise of the Republic. The choice is yours. Grow a pair.
    Concerned Patriot


  17. Sean says:

    Word is the DOJ presented their McCabe case to a grand jury a year or two ago. The grand jury most likely returned a no true bill. Meaning they did not indict. I believe this is the reason, and the only reason, McCabe was never indicted and charges dropped today. In conclusion, the grand jury system in DC acts as an immunity for deep state actors so they can never be indicted. Durham will have a hard time having a GJ return indictments on brennan, comey, etc.


  18. OpenMind says:

    In RICO cases (and conspiracy cases generally), venue is proper in any location where any overt act was taken by any member of the conspiracy. EDVA, SDFL, and SDNY are all in play for all of these jokers. McLean is a liberal area, but is the entire EDVA as absurd as DC?


  19. davidsstones says:

    Sorry to hear this. I wanted McCabe to have to sell his house, empty his bank account, max his credit cards, tremble when his phone rang, move in with his Bimbo and drink Latte’s in his undershirt while reporters camp on her sidewalk.


  20. davidsstones says:

    Sorry to hear this. I wanted McCabe to have to sell his house, empty his bank account, max his credit cards, tremble when his phone rang, move in with his Bimbo and drink Latte’s in his undershirt while reporters camp on her sidewalk.


  21. davidsstones says:

    Sorry to hear this. I wanted McCabe to have to sell his house, empty his bank account, max his credit cards, tremble when his phone rang, move in with his Bimbo and drink Latte’s in his undershirt while reporters camp on her sidewalk.


  22. MD says:

    If they are going to bring other more serious charges soon, then why send out a letter saying he’s not getting prosecuted for lying? Why not just hold off until the more serious stuff is put out. Nothing getting done and I don’t think it ever will.


  23. Paul says:

    Bill Barr appears to be a bust. Same ole same ole. He is just dragging things out long enough to make the appearance of providing justice while time goes by. Nothing will come of Barr, Durham or any scam investigation. It is all rotten through and through.


  24. 100% YOOPER says:

    The country will not end if these crooked bastards from DOJ on down to a Congressional aide get put in jail for crimes committed. If half of DC goes down, we’ll get over it, we’re Americans after all.


  25. Mr deplorable says:

    This is why I’m staying home in November. Does not matter who wins, they all protect themselves, and we get the shaft. If dems win it all, maybe they will find a way to imprison barr, priceless.


    • Andy1 says:

      Agreed, hard to vote for a system that is thoroughly corrupt. The campaign finance system, which is nothing more than legalized bribery, ensures corruption. In Watergate, there was an effort to achieve transparency, so that the people would know what their government did. Here, the effort for over 3 years has been just the opposite: hide as much as possible, stonewall, obfuscate, confuse people, what little information comes out comes out in drip and drabs that the average person cannot put together. The ultimate goal being to protect the establishment, not to clean up government.


  26. Pokey says:

    If not Barr, who does PDJT have to go after any of these guys? I hope that Barr is planning a big legal battle once he gets all of the ducks in a row. PDJT cannot release any of the documents until Barr has finished filing charges, in any event. Since this is an ongoing fiasco with new evidence popping up almost daily, we have to just wait and see what happens. I am frustrated beyond belief at what I see coming out of the Swamp. Here we all are, no?

    The only thing we can do is hope that Barr decides to cut to the chase soon, AND re-elect our President and everyone he supports in the House and Senate races to help him! If Trump has majority support in both chambers, there is some real irreversible stuff he can accomplish. Otherwise, he will lose everything he has accomplished by Executive Order to the next President who uses Executive Orders to rescind his Orders, leaving us with a net of zero. Let’s focus on what we CAN do to help PDJT.

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    • Bob Guzzardi says:

      What do you think of Sidney Powell, Esq. as Attorney General?

      Her book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice demonstrates not only her insights, her skill, her intelligence, her deep experience but her righteous commitment to the Rule of Law.

      MAGA is ready for a “Texas Lady” as Attorney General; Sidney Powell, Esq. strikes me as a “hard-ass bitch who can get things done.”


  27. Gary Lacey says:

    Lou Dobbs has it right, if McCabe gets off for lying, why did William Barr let Roger Stone be tried and convicted?

    PDJT, this smells to high Heaven!

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    • Andy1 says:

      Why the difference between Stone and McCabe? The DOJ/FBI accused Stone of lying, a crime. They accused McCabe of “lack of candor,” not a crime. They both lied, but only Stone is charged with a crime — because Stone is an enemy and McCabe is one of the good ol’ boys. Word games.

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  28. Andy1 says:

    You can see here again how the FBI provided cover to one of its swamp rats. Horowitz’ finding on McCabe was that he “lacked candor.” That’s a euphemism for lying. Now the statute requires “lying.” By saying McCabe “lacked candor,” Horowitz let him off the hook criminally because “lacking candor” is not a crime. This is how they protect their own. Just like Comey saying Hillary was “extremely careless” in her handling of National Security information. The standard in the criminal statute is “gross negligence.” “Extreme carelessness” is the same as “gross negligence.” But “extreme carelessness” let her off the hook criminally, while “gross negligence would have resulted in her being charged with the crime.” Word games is just one of the techniques the establishment uses to protect its own.


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