Elbow Room – AG Barr: “President Trump Tweets Make It Impossible For Me To Do My Job”…

An interview by AG Bill Barr today is making a lot of headlines. Within the interview Barr indicates that President Trump’s style of communication makes it more difficult for him to do his job.

Here’s the captured interview without pundit opinion. Watch the full interview yourself and decide:


Here’s my take…

It seemed possible yesterday, when AG Bill Barr agreed to testify to the House Judiciary Committee on March 31st, that one of the motives for Barr to coordinate a schedule two months in advance was to gain elbow room.

There never has been any coordination between President Trump and AG Barr on the agenda of the DOJ. However, by placing the testimonial date publicly on his agenda Barr seemed to be stating to those in/around the White House his intent for a disconnect from contact pending questions from highly partisan Democrats.

Given the nature of the highly partisan scrutiny; and considering the rabid media waiting to jump on any narrative engineering opportunity; and with the John Durham investigation outcome looming closer on the horizon; it makes sense for AG Barr to try and create an openly visible disconnect.

In essence Bill Barr is working to emphasize there’s no undue influence, and also emphasize the appearance of no undue influence.  The problem, however, is that the media will create the impression of influence even if, and despite the reality of, no Trump influence.

Nothing Bill Barr does and/or says will stop the media from falsely creating a narrative that says President Trump and Bill Barr are colluding to target their political opposition.

With that reality in mind, the answers in the ABC interview as delivered by Bill Barr only pour fire on a furnace of media intent to controversialize President Trump’s communication approach.

Barr’s intention may have been good (albeit selfish), but declaring that President Trump’s free speech and opinion as an impediment to Barr’s ability is just nonsense.

The emphasis is on the wrong syllable.

President Trump has the right to express his opinion and share his views with The People, the American electorate, who put him into office.  The President may do so in any form, manner, venue, method or presentation that fits his needs. Period. Fullstop.

It is not President Trump tweeting that makes Barr’s job more difficult; it is the DC beltway response and media apoplexy directed to the AG that makes things more difficult.

If lawyers have their feelings hurt; or if the sensibility of judges is wounded; and if the judicial system of the U.S. government is so tenuous as to be affected by words and criticism; and if AG Barr cannot simply address the issues therein by appropriately positioning a mirror to highlight that nonsense; well, that is not President Trump’s issue.

The consequence he describes, the issues underpinning Barr’s expressed concern, only further emphasizes President Trump’s point about how the justice system is being compromised by politics and media. The simple application of law is being ignored; and the system, of which Bill Barr is the apex participant, is corrupted and diminished by man-made manipulation based on politics and other factors…

If President Trump saying “this case sucks” via Twitter is enough to collapse the institutional objectives of a modern judicial system… and impede the ability of the U.S. Attorney General to do his job, well, what does that say about how weak and compromised the guardians have allowed that system to become?

Then again, that level of institutional compromise explains exactly why a fraudulent impeachment attempt was even possible.


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  1. Mark Levin’s show tonight covers the topic quite well. Recommend a listen.

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  2. David R. Graham says:

    So if Bill cannot do his job as he sees it to do, he resigns. Main error of his logic I see is that he wants to carve out an area of DOJ operations (president’s political enemies) where the president has no authority. That is deep state hegemonics. Too bad, I like the man, but I suspect he is not long for DOJ. POTUS knows how to crack a whip.

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    • Dan Everest says:

      I think you are right. It would be a shame. But I interpreted his comments as a threat; stop the tweets or I can’t do my job. If it wasn’t for the tweets, we would be in the dark and let’s face it the DOJ hasn’t done ONE THING in years to prosecute anyone. So we are starving for news – and Trump fills that gap.

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      • coltlending says:

        Yep, AG Barr’s comment there is his out for doing what he should be doing to stop the rot in the DOJ & indict the coup plotters.

        Now Barr gets to do what he’s evidently been doing to that end, nothing, and put the jacket for that on POTUS.

        Very Deep State of him.


  3. Paul says:

    AG Barr: President Trump Tweets Make It Impossible For Me To Do My Job;

    President Trump should double his tweets “Acknowledging Criminal Acts” (Coup) starting tomorrow until there is Justice.

    PDJT has a Sworn Duty to Manage Barr and make sure he implements proper investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures.

    1. The Constitution states Attorney General reports to the President not Congress.
    2. The Constitution does not say the DOJ/FBI is an independent agency (Like Comey, Hoover did and how congress implies).
    3. The Department of Justice and the FBI are Entities that serve at the Pleasure of the President.
    4. Congress can’t pressure Attorney General into agreeing he/she doesn’t serve the President because the President would not be serving the people according to the Constitution.
    5. The Constitution gives the Congress oversight powers, they could fund, inquire what an agency is doing, they do not appoint people to the agency and people in the agencies do not report to them.
    6. The President has the authority to talk to FBI and the Attorney General about Crimes and Investigations, what-ever the Oval Office “Wants”. If Congress doesn’t like this, they would have to change the law (Constitution).
    7. The DOJ and the FBI are part of the Executive Branch in which the America Voters appointed the President to oversee all of the DOJ and FBI.
    8. The Certificate for both the Attorney General and the New FBI Director -there is only President Trumps Name, not the Congress.
    9. If PDJT believes the Constitution is at risk as a result of corruption and there is a paper/digital trail of evidence that PDJT sees and the American People sees; PDJT has a sworn duty to make sure the DOJ/FBI are doing their sworn duty and prosecute those criminal acts if the standard of evidence is within normal prosecutorial guidelines.

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    • gnome says:

      He has the authority to direct Barr, but doing so by tweet may not be the best use of his authority. He is also hamstringing Barr by insisting that oh bummer and slick willie (and probably hillary) be left untouched.

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      • Paul says:

        What PDJT has gone through of allegedly being Framed by the FBI/DOJ etc….he should continue his tweets.

        We are in the middle of a Legal Civil War; Tweets Acknowledging criminal acts is a weapon and PDJT has that right as a citizen to use that weapon.

        The criminals use fake facts, fake laws and a Globalist Constitution and we are complaining about PDJT tweets!

        Never give up your rights (weapons) to win the Legal Civil War.

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      • Paul says:

        In Fact; PDJT tweets regarding is a hedge used against Barr;

        President Trump is telling/pushing (directly/indirectly) Barr/Durham the time is now; what is happening with Comey, McCabe, Page, Strzok, etc…get the job done or I will take over the FBI/DOJ.

        President Trump stated in a news conference Yesterday:
        They treated Roger Stone very badly they treated everybody very badly, and if you look at the Mueller investigation, it was a scam, because it was illegally set up, it was set up based upon false documentation, of false documents you look at what happened and how many people were hurt, their lives were destroyed, and nothing happened to the people that did it, is such a scam, were is Comey, what is happening with McCabe, what happening to Lisa Page,

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      • aumechanic says:

        Has he ordered them 2 be untouched?


      • martyb59 says:

        I hope you are wrong, re: Hillary, Obama and B Clinton…


  4. fred5678 says:

    To paraphrase a famous retired constitutional part-time lecturer, who has been mischaracterized as a professor, “I don’t know all the facts, but the AG acted stupidly.”

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  5. Johnny Dollar says:

    I think the guy asking the questions deliberately lead Barr into criticizing Trump.

    And Barr , knowing that, nevertheless went along with it.


    Message to Trump? I don’t think so. Sure the tweets complicate his life; but, he’s been a big boy in the Washington scene for along time and knows the score.

    More likely, Barr is catching a lot of flack in the press and congress right now because of the Roger Stone punishment.

    What better way to make friends out of his critics than to publicly admit he doesn’t agree with Trump.

    I think that is what this amounts to – a head fake.

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    • Scott B. says:

      IMO, Barr’s statement is the equivalent of, “please don’t throw me in that briar patch!” as Sundance mentioned earlier in the post on Barr’s upcoming appearance in Congress. It is chum in the water to keep the democrats circling for the kill, as they await the March 31 hearing.
      I suspect (hope?) that Barr will have “caught them all” by that point.


  6. Rynn69 says:

    Good analysis, SD.


  7. coolmamie says:

    I can understand how Trump’s tweets make Barr’s job impossible. Does Barr understand what the DOJ has done to try and make Trump’s job impossible? I suspect he does.

    That said, though I defend Trump’s right to tweet as he pleases, if he tweeted more intelligently he would be 10-15% higher in the polls. Sad.

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    • oldumb says:

      10-15% higher? what orifice did you find that number? You think you know how to tweet more intelligently? Hmmm. First would would have TO KNOW HIS GOAL, WOULDN’T YOU? I think. you conflate intelligent with polite. I still choose POTUS real tweets over your hypothetical.

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      • coolmamie says:

        How rude you are to a southern lady who would walk across hot coals to vote for Donald Trump. I am desperate for him to be re-elected, but I call ’em like I see ’em. Intelligent tweeting does not mean being polite. It is about being impolite more cannily.

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        • Despicable Me says:

          I’ve never met anyone who can be more cannily impolite than a southern lady. 😉

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        • Linda K. says:

          I enjoy Trump’s tweets but sometimes we all have to be politic, especially regarding sensitive legal issues. Trump needs to have confidence in Barr, although I can see how he might worry. McConnell is telling him to play the game. These politicians smile at you and sink the knife in your back…but so far, Mitch has had Trump’s back. It really is silly, all about style. We don’t need another tantrum impeachment trial or Nancy ripping up the State of the Union. These Washington people are shallow and power hungry, a bad combination.

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        • scruffyleon says:

          You lost the strength of your point when you played your gender card. Just my opinion.


          • coolmamie says:

            And you lost the strength of your opinion when you referred to my orifices. One might think your manners were lacking, but I am sure it was just a momentary lapse.


        • oldumb says:

          The southern lady make up numbers. I disagree that he should “cannily” tweet. That is fake crap. POTUS 45 is straight up.


          • coolmamie says:

            It is my opinion that Trump would be 10-15% higher in the polls if he had tweeted more judiciously. We can argue back and forth about it, but in the end, we will both be voting Trump 2020 and encouraging others to do so.

            Frankly, I do not know of any relationship that can survive 100% honesty. That Yankee sitting in the recliner next to me thinks he is the sexiest man I have ever known. That lie, among a few others, is why we have such a happy marriage.

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    • Rhi says:

      “That said, though I defend Trump’s right to tweet as he pleases, if he tweeted more intelligently he would be 10-15% higher in the polls. Sad.”

      Pearl clutchers gonna pearl clutch. They tried to DESTOY him and his family, the constitution and this Republic. People who don’t realize this, to me is what is sad.

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  8. John Andrew says:

    AG Bill Barr is the best cover-up guy for all these spy vs spy m-peach-mint criminals.
    Barr was GHW Bush’s IRAN CONTRA cover AG – gave ole Reagan jelly beans to eat.
    Terry Reed’s book – “Compromised – “Clinton, Bush and the CIA” – the outcome is clear.
    God Bless PDJT and Rudy for trying but the outcome may not be good.
    They will discredit Rudy. These political criminals will not be prosecuted.
    Barr slow walks it ALL for these political criminals. So “fuhgeddaboudit”!
    The “ball-of-worms” is too complicated for Joe 6-pack to connect the dots.
    Sorry, too many political snakes to kill – they all go free – think about it!


  9. Bogeyfree says:

    Maybe PT should just retweet every day Sundance’s threads with a simple comment like…..

    This is a whopper or Amazing or good read or I didn’t know this………

    After all we seem to have Sidney, Lou and even Rush joining in of late!

    If Barr thinks his job is impossible now, Imagine when the 30M PT followers read PT’s retweets of Sundance’s posts everyday?

    Tee em up Sundance!

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  10. gunrunner03 says:

    Bill Barr. All bagpipes, no balls.

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  11. Rynn69 says:

    Hmmmm. Methinks it only makes Barr’s job harder if he is trying to keep a lid on the obvious crimes.

    Everyone knows it takes a little time for justice to be rendered – but not nearly 4 years. Give us all a break. The crimes are out in the open. Heck, a lot of them are on video during Congressional hearings. Barr himself has been in place 1 year exactly. Not a dam$ thing has happened.

    What America sees is injustice occurring at lightening speed through corrupt practices manifested in edited 302s, illegal spying, entrapment schemes, violations of attorney-client privilege, SWAT team raids, dirty judges,and solitary confinement, but real justice never happening to the real perps. THAT IS WHAT AMERICA SEES.

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    • Despicable Me says:

      If Barr is trying to keep the lid on the obvious crimes I would agree with you, However, It seems to me that Barr is truly trying to keep the lids on actual investigations. I am as anxious as the next person (except perhaps POTUS who has borne the brunt of this assault) to see results but honest to G-d unimpeachable investigations take extraordinary amounts of time. All of those things you list in your last paragraph about what America (that is, anyone with integrity which would appear to leave out a larger portion of Americans than I care to contemplate) sees is the mere tip of the iceberg of what Barr is overseeing and directing. It is what you, me and the rest America (who aren’t participants in the corrupt machinations) don’t yet see that is the bigger part of what Barr and his designees (Durham-Spygate and now the States Attorney’s Office (USAO) Western District of PA (WDPA)-Rudy Ukraine information) are addressing. IMHO, as bad as the things that we know and see are, the true depth and scale that will be revealed is going to be much worse.

      The type and scale of corruption that OAN and Rudy have detailed regarding Ukraine didn’t occur in a vacuum and is not limited in subject to the Bidens (or others whose names have been publicized) or in geography to Ukraine (or China). Good grief, the shakedown efforts probably aren’t even limited to America and Americans. As SD is fond of saying when discussing trade, “This is complicated business folks“ and as AG Barr has said, “These things take time.” But, based upon the increased frenzy and disarray of POTUS’s adversaries, I don’t think we (and they) have too much longer to wait before we start seeing results. This isn’t meant as hope porn but an acknowledgement that we are now just a few weeks from the beginning of spring and consequently a few months from summer which is the time frame identified by Barr last year to expect to be hearing fro Durham.


      Regarding the US Attorney for the WDPA, the DOJ website identifies him as Scott Brady. Brady’s bio reflects that he is a Trump appointee and worked at an iron foundry to pay his way to Harvard and upon graduation worked at a faith-based and relief organization in Europe, the Middle East and Asia focusing on emergency relief work with refugees. Also, Brady served as the Head of Litigation for Federated Investors in Pittsburgh, where he oversaw all domestic and international litigation and internal investigations involving Federated Investors. Unfortunately, Brady also previously worked for Reed Smith which ironically is the firm representing the Russian company Concord Management and Consulting indicted by the Mueller SPC for interference in the 2016 and 2018 US elections (ugh….I can hear future MSM breathless claims of conflict of interest!)


      • Rynn69 says:

        I understand what you are saying….but you are missing one big thing. Take the supposed “Spygate” investigation out of it. Injustice is happening on Barr’s watch regardless of the “Spygate” investigation. Jussie Smollett (low-level disorderly charges after he perpetrated a hate hoax on the country and stirred up racial animosity), Epstein “killed” himself per Barr with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Assange being held against his civil rights in a British jail to keep the lid on the Swamp’s deeds, no opening of the Seth Rich case, coup orchestraters still employed at the DOIJ, etc.

        No one said it would be easy to rid key American institutions of the filth that penetrated it. If Barr needs more outsiders to investigate, there are plenty.

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  12. Ludo says:

    I am confident Durham will take out Barr.

    Barr praises Wray. Barr is one of eight people in the world who still thinks Epstein offed himself. Barr criticizes Trump’s right to free expression of speech. A horrifying Barr quote is featured in the book “The 2001 Anthrax Deception”.

    Barr is a swamp creature. When will you guys wake up? Barr is bad news.

    Durham was not appointed by Barr. And Durham will take Barr down. You’ll see.

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    • stenwin77 says:

      Who did appoint Durham? Frankly, not much has happened from his office either.


    • Firefly says:

      Yep- Barr is trying to gag a president – like the judge gaged Stone. Barr says the prosecutors were overzealous- but accuses Trump of undercutting him.

      I’m beginning to wonder if Shea was ok with the 7-9 years. Then when Trump and everyone was outraged Barr realized how unfair it was. That could account for why the prosecutors got so ticked they resigned. Barr is more mad with Trump for tweeting the truth than with his own people he says went behing his back – but covers for them by calling them overzealous.

      Something isn’t jiving with Barr’s story and attitude. Then mcconnell says there try’s not to let Trump get impeached (thinly veiled insulation next time they might not be able to stop it) not a good situation.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      AG Barr enthusiastically endorsed by McConnell, what does that tell you; and Mitch running to FoxNews to concur that PDJT should listen to the AG.
      If the AG was working the Hoax, Coup, FISA abuse a little harder he wouldn’t be seeing the Tweets he claims are making his job harder.

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  13. rayvandune says:

    Uh… Billy, the President is not tweeting to YOU… he is tweeting to the PEOPLE, to try to get past the propaganda barrage the MSM lays on them 24/7. What you should tell the media when they moan about his tweets is “Just pretend he’s Obama and I’m Holder, and STFU, okay?!”

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  14. stenwin77 says:

    So what is your job, Mr Barr ? Making speeches, doing media interviews and playing bagpipes? Trump doesn’t seem to be interfering in any of that.

    Little less commentary, a little more indictments, please.

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  15. stenwin77 says:

    So what is your job, Mr Barr ? Making speeches, doing media interviews and playing bagpipes? Trump doesn’t seem to be interfering in any of that.

    Little less commentary, a little more indictments, please.

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  16. Firefly says:

    In the beginning of the video Barr states he was going to file an update to the 7-9 year sentence recommendation by prosecutors that undercut a Barr. Then Barr says after Trumps tweet he had to think whether he should do what’s right or pull back on filing the update. Then later in the video Barr states he would always do what’s right and not be bullied or affected by press, congress or Trump.

    Barr goes on to call the prosecutors to just be overzealous. Yet Barr states Trump’s tweets are undercutting him. It’s the prosecutors who undercut a Barr. I think a trump may have tweeted to Getz Barr to do his job- embarass Barr that his own DOJ people undercut the AG.

    My reading of Mcconnell is he’s saying the senate is trying to back Trump preventing impeachment – but might not the next time impeached. Barr saying he was thinking abut not filing because of Trumps tweet was a dirty tactic- especially when he later states it wouldn’t affect him.

    Barr and McConnell are bullying Trump to shut up. This doesn’t bode well.

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    • rayvandune says:

      Trump needs to remind Barr and McConnell exactly what their jobs are, as opposed to the job of the President. They seem to be lacking clarity here… or balls.


    • evergreen says:

      I don’t think Barr’s conflicting words were calculated. I think he spoke comfortably and honestly at first then cleaned it up afterward with false bravado. Translation: he’s a tentative man. FBI and DOJ will not be cured by such a man. His openness just betrayed his weakness.

      A man like that can be led. Just find his pressure point and press; he’ll wince under duress of having to make a conflicted decision. Prosecutors will push limits knowing Barr is a by the book deferential guy. Too harsh? “Well, you know it’s not my position to say, but well, maybe it’s a wee bit, maybe. Let’s ask George. Let’s defer to Bob.” (Trump, meanwhile: f&$@ yeah, it’s harsh!”). Good luck relying on that guy to put his finger on the scales to counter the numerous thumbs already present. “Why, that’s not fair and proper.”


  17. Richie says:

    In my opinion, Bag Pipe Barr is rolling out the red carpet for a corrupt judge to find an excuse not to convict the coup plotters. Fits in nicely with the Stuck Stroke Smirk lawsuit. So Barr will look like he did his job but everyone knows no one will actually be punished.

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  18. Bogeyfree says:

    We may be hitting the point that PT’s best option is to Declassify It All and let the American people be the judge if many within the DOJ, FIB and CIA didn’t plot and attempt a coup on a sitting President.

    Then declassify and expose all the spying done on Americans since 2009

    Then declassify and expose the Money Laundering in Ukraine and if it includes many in Congress.

    I say Mr. President, it’s time to expose it all and take it directly to the people because the sweepers are never going to expose their own so at least get the evidence and the truth out while you can.

    Declassify and unredact everything.

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  19. evergreen says:

    I had more faith in Barr when Sundance pegged him for Bondo. In the interim, my trust in Barr started strong but has ebbed and restored numerous times. Prior to yesterday, Barr was at risk ignore losing my trust. Yesterday, Barr being scheduled to talk to congress bucked things up. Today, hearing his own words about impossible work and being undercut constantly and not being bullied by even the president…well, those are not the words of a fearless man. Barr strikes me as being earnest to APPEAR neutral, even if it may take the real edge off of actually being neutral. That’s a scary trait. Barr’s not faced with massive repercussions for making an honest decision; he’s faced with political rumormongering for honest decisions. One cannot be an honest broker if he’s overly concerned with that particular crowd; they are never satisfied until they own you. If he doesn’t know that then he’s toast. Don’t expect FBI or DOJ restoration under his leadership. That requires really taking it square and hard on the chin, and his chin isn’t sticking out right now.


  20. Beau Geste says:

    A criminal defendant such as Roger Stone has the right to a fair trial and equal treatment under the law. . He did not have a fair trial, with a biassed pre-selected judge, and a biassed Trump-hating jury facilitated by the biassed judge, and refusal of requirement of proof (eg, that Russia hacked the emails). And extremely biassed Trump-hating prosecutors who staged an unconscionable midnight raid on an old helpless man posing no threat of violence of flight, with cameras rolling to prejudice the jury pool and intimidate the defendant into lying about PDJT, who were urging the biassed pre-selected judge to impose a 7-9 year sentence, compared to a 2-month sentence for super-classified leaker Wolfe and no indictment for comey or mccabe.

    The prosecution was carried out under the President’s Constitutional requirement that he uphold the Constitution and Take Care that the laws are faithfully executed. The DOJ has not been faithfully executing the laws. PDJT has an obligation to stop bad DOJ miscarriage of justice.

    The Defendant has the right to a fair trial. The remedy is a new trial before a different judge, with an unbiassed jury. If PDJT tweeted or otherwise interfered by seeking a guilty verdict or harsher terms, this could entitle Roger Stone to a new trial. But criticism of the DOJ which operates under Presidential responsibility DOES NOT ENTITLE THE DOJ TO A NEW TRIAL BECAUSE THEIR BOSS CRITICIZES THEIR TRULY UNSCONSCIONABLE BEHAVIOR CARRIED OUT UNDER PDJT’s CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY. The constitutional protections are for the defendant Roger Stone. And Roger Stone would welcome a requirement for a new trial in any event, which shows the ridiculous nature of the “interference” claims.

    What is really happening is that PDJT is again forcing the media to cover the crooked prosecution of Roger Stone, all day, all the time. Which they would not otherwise cover. This coverage of DOJ-hatred is still consuming all the oxygen from the dem primary clown car. Voters now know that a deep-state staffer responsible for classified material security, James Wolfe, gave a top-secret records to his mistress and lied to the DOJ/FBI, in exchange for a 2-month sentence without a brutally intimidating midnight raid covered by CNN, and that the same DOJ wants to kill old man Stone in prison “because Trump”.

    So, whi not give the DOJ a new trial in a different jurisdiction, despite not being entitled to it under the Constitution because the DOJ is not the defendant. With new prosecutors, and a fair judge and jury, and a requirement for proof that the russians hacked the DNC enmail, because DOJ unconscionable bias and hatred was “interfered with” by the President telling the public about it !!!

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    • evergreen says:

      So how come Barr can’t say this? Or even see it?


      • Beau Geste says:

        Barr certainly understands this. And Barr’s response is entirely and completely predictable. PDJT gave Barr an opportunity for some distance and some “pushback” (which is good ‘corporate’ management practice anyway). And the whole topic of “interference” with “overzealous” (eg, crooked) prosecution with a biased jury stays in complete control of the news consumed by the public. Barr predictably says “no communication with PDJT at all”. They do not need to talk. PDJT spokesperson says Barr’s pushback doesn’t bother PDJT at all.

        Importantly, the debate about the tweets assumes as fact without discussion that the prosecutors and jurors (put in place by a biased judge) were BIASED AGAINST Stone because of political party, and that the DOJ was BIASED FOR Wolfe because of deep state membership. The discussion is about whether PDJT should tell the public that the prosecutors and jury were biased based on political party, or PDJT should be impeached for ‘abuse of power” for telling the public about it. That discussion is probably worth about 5% voter increase for PDJT.

        McConnell and scared, crooked, kick-back-receiving, lobbyist-bribed, rich-on-congressional salary congresscritters predictably threaten possible impeachment as their only defense. But they know it is too late. PDJT is starting to activate a preference cascade which permits people who have been scared by threats and bullying from expressing their opinions, to now attend rallies and tell crooked congresscritters that their perfidy will result in election loss. PDJT’s support will remain high.

        And Sander’s support is the flip side of the same anti-crooked-congresscritter coin, so there is no upside for the crooked congresscritters pressing impeachment. .

        If the corona virus threat or crisis does not dominate, we can expect increasing revelations which dominate the news cycle with criminality revelations.

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  21. John-Y128 says:

    Curiously, AG Barr went to ABC News to cry about his boss. I think both PT and the AG need weekly one on one face time in the Oval office, Barr isn’t putting 100% into the Hoax-Coup of 2016.


  22. ZurichMike says:

    Barr had to say that because there is a fiction (created by the Dems and amplified by the media) that the DOJ (DC institutions in general) are sacrosanct and run independently as 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th . . . branches of government.

    So Barr’s remarks could be interpreted as (1) legitimate frustration with Trump’s tweets or (2) showing how “independent” DOJ is, trying to show either actual or feigned agreement with the fiction.

    If Barr stated the obvious — “I serve at the pleasure of the President, the DOJ is part of the Executive branch and of course he has every right to manage that branch and communicate about it”, the media would scream: “TRUMP IS A DICTATOR!”

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    I trust the President’s judgment in this.

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    • evergreen says:

      An appropriate Barr response is “the president’s opinions are not directives for my professional judgment.”


    • The Boss says:

      Notice how Barr abruptly clarified his “yes” response to the question “So you don’t have a problem with the tweets?” What followed was IMHO an opportunistic, deliberate redirection of the dialog to give the appearance of “impossible”. Barr knows that Trump believes “impossible is just a starting point”. I pick option 2.

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  23. noswamp says:

    I am VERY frustrated with Barr. And what he said about Trump was unprofessional.
    That being said, he has done some things that truly has impressed me.
    Handling the Stone matter.
    Wrapping up Mueller. (VERY IMPORTANT).
    Supporting Durham’s criminal probe.

    Plus Rush still supports him last I checked.

    The blatant illegality of the DOJ is really on display for all to see. Mueller misconduct, judge refusal to dismiss despite over the top biased juror in Stone case.

    Barr needs to start intervening more in my opinion. He is not appreciating how corrupt the DOJ truly is. We are rapidly losing the rule of law in our country. Two tiered systems of justice exist in Venezuela, Cuba, and other third world countries. But in the USA? Barr needs to be a bit pro-active here and not so old school. Or Trump should just fire every AG in the country and ask them to ask for their jobs back. Either way, the DOJ needs a serious shaking up. The people have awakened and seen the corruption, Barr can no longer act as if no one knows. WE ALL KNOW how corrupt the DOJ is!

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  24. HecklerDon says:

    Well well well…everyone likes to play Monday morning quarterback when it comes to PDJT…”Trump should do this…Trump shouldn’t do that…this is presidential, this other is not presidential. Oh I think that’s ‘improper.'”

    Except they all forget one key thing: If anyone else in the world would have run for president in the last election, our democracy would have ceased to exist by now, at least as we’ve known it our entire lives…whether anyone knows it or not, this is fact. As we see, four more US attorneys went rogue in the Stone case and simply ignored their chain of command. They gave their bosses the middle finger, filed their recommendation (which was not representative of the U.S. Attorney General’s decision, and promptly resigned. Fine and dandy. Four more deep state scum bags drained.

    But it’s just so comical that everyone has all the answers and all these critiques, except for the fact that none of them have put their very freedom as well as their children’s freedom on the line for this great nation. They haven’t borne this weight, which, let’s be real about it, no other man on the face of the planet could have withstood. They haven’t worked the economy into such a bull market that the stock market has broken the all time record something like over 100 times in the last 3 years (most recently, yesterday). They haven’t overseen the drop in unemployment for Asians, African-Americans, and Hispanics, not to mention women, to an all time low in modern history. They haven’t built the wall. They haven’t tamed the deep state much less drained the swamp. They either don’t want that to ever occur, have no clue how to go about doing it, or are too scared to even try. Bottom line: They don’t know squat about what they are talking about. Period. They kid themselves, with their unending hubris, that they do, but they very clearly do not.

    Now folks have turned on Barr. But my take is that this is yet another example of President Trump’s [ultra stable] genius. The President has positioned himself as at odds with AG Barr in order to take the heat off him in terms of those who are out to destroy him. IMHO, this is by design from the President’s perspective, regardless of whether anyone else is in on the secret or whether it’s something he is keeping all to himself. If the latter, he also may very well simultaneously be slowly ratcheting up the pressure on our AG, although I tend to discount this likelihood. But the fact remains, it’s always PDJT who takes the heat for us all. It’s PDJT who carries the water, at the end of the day, because no one else can. Always.

    Thank you Lord God Almighty for answering the millions of prayers of the righteous and sending us President Donald J. Trump. An incredible example of God’s sovereignty and what occurs when someone is blessed by God’s providential touch. Truly a miracle.

    Liked by 6 people

  25. Thomas Henry Nickerson says:

    It is “impossible” for me to be AG because PDJT tweets. Because PDJT tweets that Stone’s proposed sentence is too long. What a whining weakling ! No wonder there are no INDICTMENTS !
    Barr is in the same mold as Vindman,trying to run things his way

    PDJT should bring Barr in for a written joint statement of who”s who and what’s what, OR Barr should go. No INDICTMENTS says it all.


  26. armie says:

    I suspect he also knows what’s coming down the line and wants to assure that jury pools on the big cases don’t get polluted by White House heavy footing, thus making those cases unprosecutable. The first thing we’ll hear when those charges finally get filed is that the defendants can’t get a fair trial because of Trump’s comments. .

    Liked by 2 people

  27. jat says:

    Barr saying stuff like this is very disappointing. Media is NOT our friend so saying this only adds fuel to the fire and gives them more ammo to bash the President and continue the narrative that his people are against him.


  28. DB says:

    This was strategized by the AG and POTUS beforehand. But as stated above, nothing they say or do will placate the hyperventilating, and insatiable hatred-for-everything that this Administration does.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. David R. Graham says:

    If Bill believes he cannot attract good lawyers to DOJ if POTUS/Electorate really expect DOJ corruption to cease, or if he believes POTUS/Electorate’s demand that DOJ corruption cease is fleeting, his radar is returning false positives.

    His demeanor in the video is that of someone being less than candid and knowingly not in control of either his self-confidence or his duty.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. ATheoK says:

    ” Within the interview Barr indicates that President Trump’s style of communication makes it more difficult for him to do his job.”

    Well Barr, you do an excellent job of polite political speak while whining that you don’t like to be publicly reminded by your boss of your responsibilities…

    Aww, gee; we Americans have endured far worse and that by bosses who were not telling the truth.
    So, forget any sympathy from us workers.

    Now, let’s summarize.
    DOJ is still out of control. Liberal prosecutors freely setup and prosecute anyone they choose; which just happens to be Trump supporters. A. G. Barr does nothing.

    Unjust imprisonment, prosecution, biased judges, liberal tyrannical despotic justices freely abuse and reject Judicial law, precedent, the Constitution and Amendments while destroying people’s lives. A. G. Barr does nothing.

    Corrupt anti-American agents still work for the CIA, FBI and DOJ. All apparently believe that they are above any American law. A. G. Barr does nothing.

    SDNY, an entire branch of the DOJ, is appallingly biased and abusive of Conservative lives. Democrats can murder and get off scot free. A. G. Barr does nothing.

    Judges across the nation freely imagine their own personal opinions of what laws should mean and then force them upon Americans by over-reaching judgements. A. G. Barr does nothing.

    Lawyers across the nation believe they have the right to literally represent evil, refuse all cooperation with legal authorities, throw out charges against people they are biased for and throw the books at conservatives and people they dislike. A. G. Barr does nothing.

    At this point, no conservative believes in law or order as practised by the DOJ, FBI, CIA and most urban/suburban Law Enforcement Agencies. A. G. Barr does nothing.

    DOJ is a bad joke.
    FBI are the Keystone Kops brought back as evil imitations.
    CIA are the most evil of agencies that causes Americans to despair.
    A. G. Barr does nothing.

    All of this before addressing the rampant flagrant corruption throughout the Senate, House of Representatives, Government Departments, Government Agencies and News media.
    A. G. Barr does nothing.

    Then there are the tyranny worlds created and ruled despotically by the Tech Giants.
    A. G. Barr does nothing.

    Sure, this is all a massive mess. Corruption is systemic throughout the legal and law enforcement realm along with all of the other rotten to the core groups.

    You’ve been in your position for a year A. G. Barr.
    How many senior and high level DOJ personnel have you; a) rebuked and corrected; b) read the riot act; c) rewarded for doing right; d) fired?
    From our perspective, you can count the number of all of the above on one hand.

    How many Prosecutors have you assigned to start cleaning up the rampant corruptions?
    We know of Durham, working on a small portion of DOJ and FISA. Who do you have investigating the rest of the DOJ, FBI and CIA?

    What about the Senate? House? IRS? EPA? NASA? Department of State? Customs? BATF? HHS? HUD? Transportation? Army? Navy? Marines? Air Force? State Attorney Generals?
    Or do you think people like the Vindmans should be how military officers should act?

    Who do you have investigating all of the malpracticing lawyers in every job they have? Hosts of evil acting lawyers should be disbarred and many prosecuted for their abuses of American Jurisprudence.

    Yes A. G. Barr, you can feel slighted for President Trump pointing out the truth… The truth is, you are sitting on your can too much!
    By now, you should have commissioned and delegated a host of honest prosecutors and teams to start weeding out the evil doers.

    By now, you should have fired or reprimanded or demoted a host of misbehaving DOJ and FBI officials across the nation.
    Fear of your catching up to DOJ officials abusing the law should be preventing more injustice forced upon Americans!

    By now, you should have identified the honest hard working DOJ/FBI officials and rewarded and promoted them.
    Instead, we get people like Jessie Liu whom everyone knew was protecting deep state officials while hammering innocent people hard for over a year…

    If you can’t do the job properly, admit it and resign. Like President Lincoln eventually getting General Grant; eventually President Trump will find a DOJ official who works for the benefit of Americans, not deep state haters of America.


  31. Ackman419 says:

    If AG Barr is just gonna whine about tweets, instead of prosecuting seditionists, he can go kick rocks.
    PDJT is the only one I trust in this whole mess. And God.
    We want accountability. Nothing but jail time for the resistance will satisfy the people.

    Liked by 2 people

    • HellInAHandbasket says:

      @Ackman419 <<<< Indeed friend, indeed, indeed, indeed!
      I trust N O O N E in that swamp, except for our guy, President Trump.
      (to include his immediate family … and as you've said, God of course)

      Liked by 1 person

  32. TigerBear says:

    Seems to me Sir, you aren’t doing the job. An entire year since your appointment and here you sit on your duff rebuking the president while your DOJ is crucifying all those associated to President Trump, and other corrupt criminals are still walking freely with no threat of consequences!

    What I hear Sir, is you saying to our President..,.,please stop exposing our corrupt two tiered persecution system as we want it all behind the scenes and quite opaque to the American people!

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Countrywatch says:

    Media and Dems falling for it hook, line and sinker:


  34. HellInAHandbasket says:

    {{{{ waaaahhh }}}} Suck it up Billy Boy – There’s a New Sheriff in Town #MAGA


    • jello333 says:

      Oh, that is cool… and sad. We used to have a regular here who, whenever there was a post of an animal, used to say “Precious baby!” She’d just melt away on this one. 😉


  35. J says:

    This Barr hate is utterly ridiculous.

    Barrs comments were coordinated with the White House. Havent you people learned yet to wait a couple days before you jump all over news reports? You only had to wait a couple more hours for Stephanie Grisham to tell you PDJT is not “bothered’ by Barrs remarks. Barrs work has to be seen as non political. Barr knows this, PDJT knows this. And this is what happened here.

    Just because things arent moving how you think they should doesnt make Barr a black hat fixer.

    Once again, Barr haters are utterly ridiculous. As ridiculous as our enemies. I am disappointed that some on our side act exactly as the lefts peanut gallery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HecklerDon says:



    • OhNoYouDont says:

      @ 1:45 of video provided
      Barr: “The President has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case”

      The media and Democrats are desperate to delegitimize Barr and DOJ in the expected upcoming indictments by US Attorney Durham.

      Of course, the media and Democrats are continuing to use the same playbook of “President Trump is corrupt”.and he is directing the DOJ for his own political gain.



    • ATheoK says:

      It has been less than 24 hours later.

      Step 2 in the DOJ attempts to embarrass A.G. Barr has been enacted. DOJ officials sent an official letter to Bromwich, McCabe’s corrupt lawyer to inform them that they are dropping all charges against McCabe.

      And you believe A.G. Barr is in control?
      That you believe A.G. Barr coordinated these debacles with the President?

      A.G. Barr has barely scratched at the surface of systemic corruption in DOJ, FBI and CIA.
      Offhand, it appears that Barr believed just his presence would cow the corrupt cops into alignment.
      Barr believed that the DOJ and FBI would become loyal to Barr and the President through inaction.

      Instead, Barr gave the corrupt apparatus plenty of time to cook up more resistance, sedition and coup strategies. Time that the President does not have!

      It is not “hating Barr”!
      It is a simple summation of facts and reality.
      Barr has been a better A.G. than Sessions; but that is the lowest of low standards.

      Any Cabinet leader worth their salt would have reorganized and eliminated obviously corrupt staff within a couple of months.

      Yet, here we are 12 months out from his confirmation and not only has their not been elimination of corrupt DOJ and FBI officials, they are setting the stage for returning the corrupt one eliminated before Barr was appointed.


  36. railer says:

    If it’s “impossible” for Barr to do his job, then he should resign immediately.

    I notice the White House statement gives Barr the infamous “vote of confidence”, so the countdown just started on his firing. It’ll probably happen after the election, or prior to it if Barr keeps screwing up.

    Barr might be Swamp and Deep State, but that won’t protect him from getting fired, and he better figure this out soon, or he’ll be standing there griping alongside all the other Swamp detritus Trump has fired.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. TwoLaine says:

    Five words:
    “If I had a son…”
    ~Barack Hussein Obama

    Then his entire DOJ took over the city of Miami, just as they did in Ferguson, Baltimore, and so many other towns and cities, and under their watch let them be burned to the ground, many repeatedly.

    Three words:
    “Not a smidgeon.”
    ~Barack Hussein Obama

    IRS finally admits they targeted conservatives, but he sure kept a lid on it until after he was gone, and hey, they are a scandal free. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  38. gvillewill says:

    Quit dragging your feet Bill. Make the other side start defending it’self and you won’t have these problems.

    Liked by 1 person

    • namberak says:

      Q.E.D. If the tweets don’t let him do his job, then he should quit. Or PDJT fires him and finds a different one. As soon as he sailed through the Senate, the president should have known he probably had the wrong guy for the job …


  39. Gray Brendle says:

    It makes perfect sense to me that the AG would prefer that his actions not fall under the direct unconventional critique of the real-time observations of the President. The President is like more than a few of my older relatives. The President says what he thinks and could careless if you agree, disagree, or are offended. He is rarely wrong.

    I do not believe that the AG thinks his criticism will stop or even slow down the President. I think that the AG’s comments were for others more than the President. I would be shocked if the President even responds to them.

    AG Barr is the one on the hots seat not the President. Let’s see some declassification and some indictments!!


  40. Anna says:

    I think Barr’s comments could be one of three possibilities.
    1) President Trump always talks about how this is a game of chess and that he is out thinking his adversaries. Could this be a FF, purposely giving an illusion of a chink in the armor of his knight? Giving false hopes to the other side maybe thinking Barr is approachable now?
    2) Possibly a signal to others, I could see it being a quick and easy way to reach the world of players without having to give away who or where they are. How fast and wide spread did this reach, think outside the box.
    3) Barr and Trump aren’t getting along to much anymore.


  41. Conservative_302 says:

    “Show me the money” Barr. Time is precious.


  42. Angus D says:

    Barr is very very dirty. His deep state father (CIA) originally recruited Epstein


  43. dawg says:

    Sounds to me like Barr is saying something to the effect of,

    “If POTUS would stop tweeting about DOJ criminal cases, it would be a lot easier for me to do what he wants me to do, which is what I want to do anyway, since its the right thing to do.”

    Liked by 1 person

  44. dawg says:

    This is such an excellent post by sundance and a very important one because I think it addresses and refutes the number one criticism of PT by many people who tend to support him. His tweeting.

    “It is not President Trump tweeting that makes Barr’s job more difficult; it is the DC beltway response and media apoplexy directed to the AG that makes things more difficult.”

    This same point applies to any of PTs tweets and words in general, on any topic.

    It is not PTrump’s tweets in and of themselves that are problematic. It is the medias hyperfocus and faux outrage over every one of them that causes the drama. They are so intent on sensationalizing every word he says that they just wait with baited breath for him to say anything that they can spin into something controversial.

    Trumps tweets arent divisive, its the media and his enemies who have a singular purpose in life to controversialize anything he says, and thats who and what ends up being divisive.

    What he tweets is no different than what he says. PT would verbally say in any nationally televised interview anything that he tweets. So what if there was no twitter? They would just be attacking the things he “said”.

    I think its time to hammer this point by sundance over and over again anytime PTs tweets are brought up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • railer says:

      Good post. If Trump doesn’t say these things, then they won’t get said by anybody. And they definitely need to be said. If we had honest media, they would be said, but we don’t and they’re not.

      Trump is getting his message out. He’s got 65M people attached to his tweet machine, and that’s a prime tool to get his message out. The Swamp and Deep State despise that he does this. Good. He should keep it up then.

      And his regular media questioning opportunities are glorious. No president ever has done this. He recognized how poisonous and distractive were the daily WH press room briefings, how media idiots were using them to confuse and degrade his agenda, and he destroyed the very ground underneath them. Brilliant.

      Liked by 2 people

      • HellInAHandbasket says:

        @railer <<< I agree about the WH PRoom briefings. Because of that one action of ending the circus, he took away a YUGE part of their power over him. That day when the President publicly chastised Acosta for being rude during a press event, he also made a loud father-like chastising of how horrible Acosta treated Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the everyday media degeneracy toward her really bothered him. Sarah didn't strike me as a warrior type, I wouldn't doubt a few tears were shed by Sarah after those briefings and DJT was having none of it. Ending that event put the ball in HIS court for media contact.

        I've got to say, in my almost 61 years walking this earth, I've never seen a stronger man seated in power, than the strength coming from our guy, President Trump!


    • dawg says:

      Its almost the perfect example of the George Orwell quote:

      “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”


  45. Ellis says:

    Keep an eye on Barr for sure, but I think his interview yesterday blew up the activist press narrative that he is being too political. How funny that the same media outlets calling for his resignation a day earlier were praising him yesterday? The predictable Lawfare stunt was essentially diffused in one tweet by the president and one interview by Barr.

    March 31 will be a telling day. The house GOP and Barr have a golden opportunity courtesy of Nadler. They need to take advantage of it in front of the American people.


  46. spmi says:

    DOJ. What total bull shit is this.
    R E A L L Y. Bill you better grow a pair and tell the absolute truth and defend protect and resolve our President DONALD J TRUMP


  47. Angus D says:

    Barr is just another deep state snake, in need of a guillotine


  48. 100% YOOPER says:



  49. I said on another thread that its possible Attorney Durham has found more FBI-DOJ-CIA wrong-doing than AG Barr anticipated and perhaps he can’t handle it.


  50. Robert Smith says:

    Barr and Trump are two very intelligent people with a clear idea of the games swamp denizens play. I am SURE that Trump and Barr never talk about specific things. I am also sure that Barr know very well what Trump desires and that Trump will change out Barr if he doesn’t get done what he wants.

    That said, I am with Barr & Durham.


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